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Where is Chattahoochee National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Chattahoochee National Forest IN Georgia

Tropical Garden

Beautiful forest with well maintained hiking trails that will lead you to the most amazing waterfalls!

Earl Cylkowski

Beautiful. Picturesque. Waterfalls. Hidden away from urban world.

DaynaLynn Bermudez

Great hiking all the way to top of Blood MTN. Met very nice people along the way. Strenuous hike but the view is more than worth it.

Andromeda Galaxy

A peak experience for my family and I. Can't wait to go again. So much to see and do. Part of the Appalachian Trail so you could arrange to meet someone to hike with. One of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in the southeast.

valerie fondaw

My husband, father-in-law, and I love it there. There is a camp grand there for people to go camping, yes there a parking lot for people to park their RV's, camper's, and trailer's too, there is a another parking lot for cars, trucks, and other vehicles to park up on the hill, there is a playground for 5 and 12 years old up to play on, there is no life guard on duty just swim at your own risk, there is are men's and women's bathroom for them to use, there are picking tables there for anyone or everybody to sit at, you can also grill outside there at the beach, yes there us trashcans there to throw away your trash, there is handicapped stops for the handicap people, you can go fishing there too.

Swapnil Vasant Kadam

Stay wild at heart! Experience the nature at Chattahooche National Forest

Ted Schellhas

Nice place to hike with family or friends. Great place to relax and connect with nature. Not a lot of people around (at least when we went) so it was a very relaxing environment, and a great getaway from the city. Also a great place to go and look at the local flora and fauna, or just sit down and meditate.

Packaged Phallus

They be woods and trees and such tranquil one might say

Teresa Walker

Wow. We love our parks!

Michael Martin

Beautiful outdoor scenery & lots of nice hiking and walking trails, highly recommended if you're ever in the area!

Tom Elliott

The Forest is well maintained with easy access to camping and includes a section of the Appalachian Trail.


I really like the Chattahoochee wonderful place to spend time

Martin Wright

Always great to be out in God's country. The Chattahoochee National Forest is truly a great place. Right now all of the spring blooms are blooming, the water is flowing well in the waterways, the temperature is perfect, the fish are biting. Do yourself a favor and unplug and get out into nature for a while there's no way you'll regret it.

Krishna Avva

Great waterfall hikes so close to Atlanta

Robert Drake

The trails are good and some are even wheelchair accessible! There is lawn space and a boat ramp. If you're coming often, get an annual pass.

Okinawa P

Took a short hike here. I would give it a 5 if it was not for all the bikers. They rev their engines and ride in large groups making it hard to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Erica Davenport

Cades Cove is a BEAUTIFUL place to visit

Tony Wilhoit

I didn't see the river. I was looking at a beautiful property for sale. It's such a beautiful area! No nightlife to be seen. Shopping is a distance to drive, but overall it's a beautiful property!

Shatisha Wilson

Absolutely beautiful and serene. A great mini escape for families and to incorporate self-care.

Carson Olds

It was great til my mom got me lost then dad had to save us

Steven Waling

Stunning forest, mountains, and creeks... but best of all is that the cell signal is pretty rare up in this area... cutting the busy world out for a few hours or for a few days is the best medicine for people these. I am not really a huge country music fan, but there's one song that kept running thru my head, "this is God's Country". Whether hiking along the Appalachian Trail or trout fishing or just getting away for a little while... this is a stunningly beautiful place. Every time I come to Georgia, I make my way up here... it brings me right back to being a kid and wanting to hike, play, and just smell the clean mountain air. I love this pace!

Saadi Tahmid

Great place to visit with family and friends! We try to make it out to the forest every few months for camping and hiking, it’s a great way to bond and make memories as a family. There’s guys you can find on Google with common wilderness that you can find in the Chattahoochee national Forest, one tip would be to make a list of all of the different creditors that you’re likely encounter and see how many of those you actually do cross paths with. It’s a fun game to play with family, especially if you have a lot of little ones!

Sheila Durrance

So many beautiful waterfalls. Our home away from home.

Jeremy Bayone

Lots of fun adventure spots. Beautiful area.

Mick Spic

My battery is dying, I'm down to 5%. I loved the Chattahoochee National it was beautiful

kciray Gonzo

Georges place to sightsee..relaxing

Donna Kay Cothron

Great Trails, picnic tables, rest areas.

Bt 26x

I love the Chattahoochee national Forest because it has so much to offer if you hike, ride mountain bikes, adventure bikes, street bikes, tent camping & overlanding! The list goes on. It only takes me a little over an hour to get there from Acworth, so I like being able to get away for the suburbs in an 1.5hr & have 100s of miles of trails, backroads & forestry roads at my disposal. It’s a beautiful place and worth taking your family up for the weekend or just a day trip Especially now that fall is here!

sam ddine

Great view i go hicking there its just beautiful place

Rebecca Ayers

Beautiful Country! Must take care driving and be prepared for some twists, turns & switchbacks.

James Adams

The river was running. It was funny watching people that had been there a while rush back to their cars to pay the $3 parking fee before the ranger could write them a $75 ticket. I was a good and unexpected spectator sport. I should have made a blooper video for YouTube. Anyway, it gave us something to do besides watching rafters and hiking. Its just a good place to get outside and enjoy nature.

Tanisha Triple Threat

I go here for a quick bite to eat after getting off work as a hairstylist. Spicy and mild toppings for me and always to go. Thank you.

Stephanie Phillips

I really enjoyed this beautiful place my fiance has came here all his life an camped with his grandfather. Wonderful to get back into nature.

4 HIS Glory

Wow, beautiful. Great place to drive through for beautiful scenery and overlooks, hiking, picnicking! Beautiful curvy roads looking out over the mountains!

William Dailey

I love being able to enjoy the outdoors but I am worried that our present administration will sell off more and more of our land. They have already sold a lot of it. Including land that have beautiful waterfalls on it. They are letting our parks get run down so they can sell them off. The future for our children looks bleak. Makes me sad.

David Hall

Birds sings and lots of wings these are the things I like the most with barbecue sauce in a cool Toast like Bagels beagles.. Oktoberfest and a little zest... with Baby Mama walking down the trail damn girl

Brittany Gould

Everything was absoulty wonderful. Great camping area and view. Great beach area also. Adults and children around there are pleasant and very respectful of others. Someones always riding around making sure the place is safe and everyone is taken care of during there stay. Defiantly would camp there again!

Ryan Paige

super duper beautiful. I loved the experience

Eric Snipes

Great place to hike trails, even better for kayaking! Had a great time with friends , even in the sun it was still nice!

Josh Anderson

This place is awesome because I live here!!! When I'm not here I believe it disappears until I get back, or maybe it just gets boring, if you don't like me your a retirement home that homeless people wouldn't live in hater

Gene Monse

Great weather, beautiful scenery and minimal traffic. Also the trout fishing was awesome.

David Suddath

Love this place! So serene and peaceful! Great place for us photography lovers to get wonderful shots!

Suanne Mosson

Gotta love having the Lifetime National Parks Senior Pass. Never pay to park and camping is half priced. The parks are well maintained, friendly camp hosts, and great hiking trails.

Jami reddish

It’s a favorite place of ours to get out in nature. Beautiful areas one should not miss out on

Brenda Harcleroad

We have a Cabin neat there. We love walking with our dog on the National Forest property.

David Martin

Pure nature at it's finest. Attendants were friendly and the shops and restrooms were clean. Good place for a nature hike.

billy lawson

Happy there is so much National forest to enjoy. Many times it's rugged , but it holds so much beauty and recreational opportunity. It is truly an inheritance!

Christopher Williams

Absolutely stunning experience and view. It's best to go early as it's a 4 mile hike. A little challenging, rocky terrain throughout the hike. Outs also alotof uphill hiking since you're going up the mountain, but the view view is breathtaking.

Paul Wallace

It was quick and easy hiking. Love the double waterfall. It has a cool breeze.

saved sinner

Great trip there. Was on the top of the highest mountain in Georgia. Definitely will visit in fall for the color change. Recomend to anyone to visit specially Georgians!!! I'm a Georgian. Get out to see our beautiful state mountains.

Kristina Koerner

Smith Creek Trail from the Unicoi campground to Anna Ruby Falls is a 10 mile round trip, out and back, beautiful shade covered trail. The trees, ferns and multiple creek crossings made for a delightful afternoon in the mountains. It is a moderate trail with the first half being mostly up hill but a nice workout and the falls and downhill return make it worth it. The falls were super crowded but we only stayed long enough for a few pictures and decided to head back on the trail to have lunch away from the crowds. The falls are pretty amazing. but I would suggest going during the week if you can.

Linda Cumberland

Hiked Raven Cliffs, a favorite, and pretty family friendly. My 6 and 8 yr old granddaughters loved it, especially splashing around at the foot of an accessible part of the falls.

Carlos Jimenez

Nature with it's Wonderful spectacular shows I can't seem describe Nature's beauty since we it's different in everyone's eyes.our day was Grand!

Lish Renee

Beautiful water flowing over rocks & gorgeous waterfalls.

Jeri Ward

Beautiful. I wish the falls access was open before 9 AM, so that I was able to see it. The area is beautiful. The cottages look cute and cozy. Places like these, rivers and forests (and I’m sure the falls), are the reason I’m still alive. If I felt like I didn’t have a will to live, now I do. If I could experience this beauty and peace every day for the rest of my life, I would never need anything else.

john Sapp

This place was gorgeous! Definitely worth an 8 hour road trip.

Fanny Kuhn

Beautiful area. A joy to drive through and explore. It's a pretty large area, but all roads are well maintained, even the gravel roads within the forest.

Jeffrey Hackett

Great little trout streams, Coopers and Rock Creeks. A must for trout fishermen. My son and I caught 4 a piece

Sandra Ellis

Beautiful countryside.. serene peaceful waterways.

Sonya Tidmore

I live here and it's great wildlife is beautiful

R Isaza

Tried the Bear Hair Trail-a 4-mile loop the overlook at Vogel State Park. A mild, steep incline followed by am equally steep downhill walk. The trail is covered for almost all the loop bit some sun squeaks through. Could use some better trail markers.

Steven Thomas

There are large swaths of land in the US which are designated as national forests - doesn't necessarily mean you are actually in a forest. We drove several hours to get to a place in North Georgia along the line of the eclipse, but we had no idea where we were actually going to have a chance to observe it from. Luckily, we happened upon a farm field along the main highway - US 441 at Cathy Road in Mountain City - where the owner (I assumed) was selling spaces for $20. It was a perfect, treeless spot! This was me with my eclipse sunglasses and my homemade shades for my cameras, awaiting the celestial event.

Grim Reaper

Love it!! Just great to be in God's beauty!

Alexandra Louie

The walking trails were well taken care of. Not a difficult walk.

Naomi Martin

One of the most beautiful places in the world and for people in and around Ga. it's in their back yard!

Nicole Swanner

Fantastic area. We stopped here for a late afternoon picnic and enjoyed it so much. Can't wait to go back.


It's God's beautyb that He creates for us to admire and enjoy!

Damien McCue

A huge expanse of wilderness ready to explore! Don't be afraid to get out and go somewhere new. The summers are great for swimming in creeks and the winters for gazing at frost tipped mountains.

Sam Jenkins

Loved it, we love living here.


Awesome place to go hiking. They have great trails and there is always some nice plants growing. There is a lot to look at while your hiking. The views in some areas are also great.

Denise Talley

Had a good time, the weather was perfect. Starting new memories, hopefully better ones

Mark Vann

Very clean hiking area, great trout fishing as well.

N.Thomas Deaton

This is the most perfect wilderness in the USA except north west. The people are very polite so don't freak out if strangers say hello and open doors for you, it's the culture. Very clean , pack in pack out anyway wow great rangers and staff

Malina Xiong

It was quick and easy hiking. Love the double waterfall. It has a cool breeze.

Braxton Bragg

Only place to have piece with one self I think. Beautiful sences everywhere your eyes can see.

Stephen Strong

Beautiful piece of nature. Camped all week and not a single mosquito bite.

Quinton King

The set of Falls in this park is absolutely stunning and the work that went into the walkway from top to bottom I believe it was close to 500 stairs amazing amount of work went into it well worth the visit

KEKY A&P Mexican

best time of my life... whata relaxing place. especially for trails and camping.

Jason Castille

Always a great time. Took a trip to the top of Blood Mountain with my wife and loved the awesome views.


National forests at their best best! So great that Allan Jackson wrote a top hit about it. Google Way Down Yonder On the Chattahoochee for more on this place!

Christopher Jones

Maintained clean beautiful scenery great little day drive

Noel Spain

Beautiful scenery! Love the great outdoors!! There's nothing like it!

James E. Crosby

Just beautiful. Clean and naturally beautiful

Annette Ali

I was here riding my motorcycle with a group of friends. We even had a local lead us through so many great roads! Love it here!

Jay Allen

Lots and lots of area here to have fun. Forest service roads, walking paths, small camps. Bad news is there is a lot of trash. Some of the forest service roads get to a point that you would need good ground clearance, tires, and 4x4. Despite all of this you can find plenty of places to fit your desires.

Douglas David

Beautiful, diverse forest, spring-fed trout streams not far from Atlanta's 6 million population.

Kathy Fagan

AMAZING! So beautiful. Love the trees, creeks, mountains and more....

Butch Jones

Very peaceful and screne with very little traffic today!

Michael Jackson

Love our national forest and nature playground! Very well maintained trail system.

Christie Berry

Love it! So beautiful. Looking forward to my next visit.

Joseph George

Simply breathtaking. Love this place.

Bill Campbell

If you like the outdoors and want to get off at a beaten path this is a great place to visit and explore. There are availabilities for primitive type camping fishing or just seeing sites.

Alie White

Love this park space! We play frisbee golf here often & the creek is beautiful!

Kelly Stubbs

What's not to love when it comes to nature? Absolutely beautiful! Clearly marked trails. A nice trek to the summit of Springer Mountain. Keep going on the AT or go back down and hop on the The Benton MacKaye trail, it is stunning! Various terrain and vegetation along the (just under) 5 mile hike. 3 water crossings. Abundant Mountain Laurel was in bloom. Plenty of elevation changes. Take lots of water. Enjoy!

jeremiah ballew

I have lived in this area for most of my adult life, pristine forest and wildlife abound. The people are very nice true southern hospitality can't be beat. Tons of places to explore including multiple hiking trails and waterfalls.

A.D. Allen

Great back country spot to park when you are on the TAT! Trail to creek and small falls.

Jacob Dohm

Love the beautiful, clean trout streams. Visited Dick's Creek a week ago and got lucky to fish the day after the river was stocked with rainbow trout. We has a great time as we always do. Good hiking as well.

Jesse Blackmon

Beautiful place to visit, very relaxing.

Courtney Elise

Beautiful place, cant wait to return! So many things to do that more then one trip is definitely a must!


Such a awesome place to hike and breath taking views

Larry Brooks

Love it great place to Bike...

Brandon Roberson

Been coming here for years. Always Amazing! Kids love it too!

Michael Coon

Gorgeous camping spot along FR 44. I found a great little pull off with a couple of perfectly spaced trees for my hammock and a little fire ring and didn't see another living soul all day. Fantastic time.

Jill Holloway

Beautiful place. My family loved our visit here. We hiked to the top then enjoyed a picnic lunch by the parking area.

michael tichonuk

Wonderful location! Biggest black bear I ever saw was in a dispersed camping site foraging what people left behind. Massive! We, my canine Miss Susie, and I fished Wildcat Creek this trip. Observed some mighty big hogs too. Whew. I can never fully thank Forestry Dept, DOA, Ga DNR for performing such outstanding service! Incredible Individuals I've met. Only issue is locals continually leave beer bottles and liquor bottles at dispersed camping sites. Most take their trash out but some just dont care about anything but themselves. Lines, hooks, lures left behind along banks to hook dogs, children and adults. Pack it in, pack it out. Please.

Lee Stone

Was Bauitful and you can walk through the park and ride .Was great everyone we meet there where nice .

Donald Vice

No better place to visit in the summer time.

Austin Jensen

Great place to get out into nature without getting too out there. Very well upset trails and viewing platforms. Plenty of shade and a very enjoyable walk along the river.

Desiree Cross

Corpsewood Manor was awesome!! Just be careful what you drive as its a very rocky road. Lots of deep holes too. The walk in isn't to bad but so many forks in the pathway remember stay right. ;)

Anthony Haufler

Nice park with great bike trails! No power for camping.

Deborah S Plunkett

I'm sure it's very nice place! Its been a long time since I've enjoyed anything! Have good time!

Adam Milam

Panther Creek Trail is a lot of fun but when we went the last part of the trek down to the bottom of the falls was very difficult and would not be made by a small child or pet. Aside from that the 7 miles round trip was a very nice relaxing hike in the woods.

craig lee

Just driving through. Its beautiful. Incredible views. Waterfalls if you feel like hiking

Tammy Sullivan

Great adventures today. Love the area

Joshua Young

Awesome hike, is definitely difficult but 100% worth the climb. Bring food and water.

mark yaun

Chattahoochee National Forest covers pretty large area start anywhere you are in the forest or near the forest there are beautiful views of Mountain Streams Rivers cetera worth taking a trip to a destination it takes you anywhere near through Chattahoochee National

Nathan Fair

A wonderful place to go hiking or hunting for Bigfoot. Just kidding. Lol. Deer hunting.

Chris Flanery

Love it, love it. You have to go see this amazing place.


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