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1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Botanical Garden IN Georgia

Georganna Brown

It was beautiful! My husband and I loved watching, and playing, with our son in the children's garden. They have the cutest little water area. I highly recommend this for everyone, especially families!

Ben Carr

What a treasure this place is! The park is beautiful and large with plenty of paths to get lost on and even a whole section dedicated to children. So many exhibits, all of them beautiful and well looked after. Highly recommend for families.

Daniel Wood

Absolutely a must during a visit to Atlanta - far exceeded expectations. Everything was very well kept and the living art was something else. Will definitely go again the next time we are here

Shyra Hayes-Williams

We went for the Alice in Wonderland cocktails in the garden exhibit and it was awesome! I'll definitely recommend it as a date night. I plan on visiting it again

Ashley V

I enjoyed my time here, it was a fun way to spend my day. Not to expensive to get in, easy parking access, great place for the family and kids. If your an outdoorsy person this is the place for you, lots of nice shady places to sit if you get tired, lots of places to refill your water bottle (definitely bring your own), and lots of public restrooms throughout the park. I spend about nice hour walking around and it was nice. If you hate the hot, or to much sun I do not recommend this place.

sutanuka B

This was a great experience and we'll worth our time and money. Locals should pan on taking membership if they are planning to visit more than once. They were already getting ready for holiday lights.

Ronald Ricardo

The staff is amazing. The type of place where you're walking around and if by chance you ask a question out loud and a park attendant is nearby they pop out and answer with great insight. It's really beautifull and they currently have an exhibit not to be missed. Huge sculptures covered in plants and themed to Alice in Wonderland.

Yolanda Rodriguez

Bought a membership a year ago and it has been worth it. No matter what part of the year you will get your moneys worth. You even get tickets for family members which come in handy if they decide to visit you.

Trenton Adamson

Hard to not enjoy this place. Come early, and come in the fall, it's hot and crowded in the summer! The Alice in Wonderland theme was impressive, especially the "earth goddess." Overall, it's a great family fun experience with a good amount walking. The kids area is really well done, complete with a mini park, building sites, a play fountain area, and group activities.

Dan Tilstra

Definitely a well kept secret. Extensive beautiful well-kept grounds interesting displays lots of flowers! We will go whenever we can when we visit Atlanta!

Stephanie Cammon

Our family had a great time! We love nature and even though it's the hottest time of the year we walked the entire place, signed up for the yearly membership, and already planning another trip there! Beautiful!!!

Fee0 0

This was my first time at Atlanta Botanical Garden. I went to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibit. To my surprise, there was much more to enjoy! The edible garden and Japanese garden was my absolute favorite part of the journey. The maps are very useful when trying to find specific points of interest. Although, things look bigger on paper than they do in real life. I won't spoil it for you, but it is truly amazing.

Destinee Harper

Went on Valentine's day and it was set up beautifully. It was romantic and intimate. My husband and I renewed our vows their that night.

Kaitlyn Seagle

Absolutely breathtaking. I was worried about spending so much on a garden exhibit as I'm from a small town and our botanical gardens is free, but it was MORE than worth it! I can't wait to return and take our little one. It was truly a wonderland

Manfred Mann

What can you say? The gardens are beautiful. At Christmas the light show is top notch. My favorite place is the orchid house and indoor tropical garden.

Mary Ann Hofmann

We were lucky enough to visit during Orchid Daze--what an awesome event! The Orchid Center was dazzling with an amazing variety of orchids! The entire grounds are spectacular, with a wide variety of exhibits. We got in a lot of walking, and enjoyed every minute of it. Would love to visit again at a different time of year to catch the later summer flowers.

Jack Eng

any time of year this is a lovely place to chill with the family or friends. depending on the time of day or year there are lots of happenings. check out the schedule for the best time to visit.

Stephanie Dunn

The Alice and Wonderland exhibit is wonderful! The rest of the grounds is meticulously designed and a real treat for locals and tourists alike. If you enjoy the outdoors and plants you can't miss this experience nestled in Atlanta.

Brittany H.

One of my favorite places as an Atlanta native to visit with my family. The exhibits are colorful, inventive, and always beautiful. Never miss it at Christmas!

Ludivina Villasana

This was an amazing experience! Beautiful flowers, plants and wonderful sculptures made our of plants! The weather that day was great. So clean and well preserve the paths, the gardens. I love it and I recommend it. Great for the whole family.

Greg Hanstedt

My wife and I love the gardens. We purchased a two year membership back in July 2018, plus some parking. If you're a frequent visitor, that is the way to go. Overall, a great place.

Zaiah Calvin

This was a pricey adventure but well worth it in the long run!!! We paid $21.95 per adult and $18.95 per child (children 3 and under are free). They have an Alice and Wonderland display right now and it is just beautiful!! There is a lot of walking involved but I am telling you this is worth it. You do have to pay for parking but it is not outrageous. They have beautiful topiary statues, an edible garden that is really neat to see and supports a great cause, the Alice and wonderland exhibit and my nieces loved seeing the frogs and Chipmunks while exploring the gardens. They do have a gift shop but it is definitely for a more mature crowd.

ashley r

Beautiful gardens!!!!! A sweet splash area for kids on hot days. A nice restaurant and exceptional orchids! A Must See! Esp when there's a theme. This time was Alice in Wonderland

Tina LaVorgna

Beautiful place to smell the flowers. The garden sculptures are incredible. Absolutely wonderful place to enjoy.

Thomas George

Great place to visit in the city to relax and forget that your in the heart of the city. The Alice in Wonderland exhibit pieces are amazing pieces of art. Worth the day exploring this attraction in Atlanta.

Kathleen Raftery

A must if you're in Atlanta. Try to go when it's not super hot! Parking is affordable at about $2 per hour. Or take an electric scooter. They have them all over Atlanta!


Absolutely beautiful. Some very unique and creative set pieces. You will definitely need a drink if weather is hot, not every cafe or outside eatery was manned when we went. Not too busy, and you're able to get plenty of good pictures. This place is a gem.

cheral davin

Went to Atlanta botanical gardens from Florida with my family,it was so much fun.there was a nice restaurant on the grounds and we saw the Alice in wonderland exhibit.all the exhibits were nice.the sun was brutal.i stopped by a side cart and purchased a cute hat for about $18.tip do not buy any hat from the gift shop at the entrance they cost $49. Buy from the little cart near the garden center.overall great experience.

Johnny Araya

Certainly a must go when in Atlanta. Beautiful gardens and exhibits. Easily accessible and several stands with refreshments. Plan to be here at least 2 hours and use sunscreen and other sun protection.

Ana Valles

Spending a May day at the botanical gardens was, as expected, like taking a leisurely stroll inside an oven. However, the staff at the garden did everything possible to mitigate mother nature's unforgiving extremes. They had beverage stations sprinkled throughout, shaded passageways, water features, and during the hottest part of the day, you can walk through the orchid conservatory. The lady at the ticket booth helped us find the most wallet friendly way to buy all the tickets were needed, and of course, the garden is actually beautiful and constantly hosts events and new exhibits.

Grant Guttschow

Wonderful gardens and manageable crowds even when busy. Mostly outdoors with a few miles worth of walking so temperature will factor in to the day you should go. Parking is extra, but affordable. Definitely would recommend including as a priority in your Atlanta visit.

Christina Kim

So pretty! I'm happy to have seen the Alice in Wonderland exhibit (I believe it's until October 27). It was also cute seeing pop culture scarecrows along the path for autumn. I was worried that parking would be a hassle but it was very easy to navigate.

Schonda Carey

Do you love plants? Do you love happy hour? Well, the Botanical Garden has a happy hour and wonderful walking trails full of exotic and local plants. You can’t beat coming here to enjoy both. Plus they have a restaurant on site if you’d like to dine in on some of the plant based meals. So much to see and do here it so beautiful too. Loved the Alice in wonderland show too. Put on some comfortable shoes and go see everything while it’s still in bloom.

Atul Shrivastava

Beautiful and amazing botanical garden with host of edible plants,orchids rare specimens from across the globe and exotic plants in tropical and desert environments! Though it was a pricey adventure but well worth it. There is a lot of walking involved but again well worth it. Plenty of plant sculptures to see. Make sure you see all the beautiful sculptures. The garden is well maintained and clean with many photo opportunities. Try to avoid going in summers, it’s too hot. Recommended for three to four hours to roam and explore it.

Ashlyn Gaillet

I visited here this past July. Hands down this is the best botanical garden I've ever seen. Now I haven't been to many but I am from Texas and have always believed it's bigger and better in the Lone Star State, but not even close! I made sure I covered every bit of ground there was to see. I was impressed beyond belief with the Alice in Wonderland theme that was being presented at the time. Now that I have family in Georgia I cannot wait to go back and make a stop here with every visit!

Emilie Gille

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is always a treat. Their themed exhibits and beautiful gardens are a wonderful sight to see and a great educational opportunity as well. The restaurants in the gardens are amazing and when you’re walking around you can’t even tell you’re in the heart of Atlanta. If you’ve never been before, it is certainly a must see.

Tiffany Wright Bardhan

My family loves this gardens. It's worth your money and time, as year round - it never disappoints! They have small snack bars and a very nice gift shop... But my new favorite place is the Children's garden! They have a tiny water park for …

Benito Duke

Each time I visit, I am more impressed with the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. This time they had a "Alice in Wonderland" exhibit which was not large but about 5 or 6 pieces of topiary. The grounds however were spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed the canopy area with its massive trees and suspended bridge. This section is natural and peaceful. The grounds around the conservatory are pretty especially the succulent / desert collection. The orchid house is great, as is the tropical/rain forest collection.

Kenton Essinger

Really nice natural outdoor space that's right near downtown. It's peaceful and relaxing with barely any noise from the city. It's also part of Piedmont Park which is just a nice.

Sherul Brown

I can't wait to see what is next! Had to rent a scooter but I would do it all again, it was my birthday June,30,2019. It was Beautiful flowers!

Avi Ginsberg

Incredible botanical garden! Many gorgeous sights. creative sculptures. Nice layout. Friendly staff.

Lydia Abdulahi

One of my favorite places in Atlanta to visit! So many beautiful exhibits to see and so much to explore. You can spend hours here! A few things to know: entrance is a little pricey and parking is a separate fee. Or if you are feeling adventurous you can find parking around there and walk to the garden. I recommend getting a map when you first walk in so you can make sure not to miss anything. It does tend to get hot in the summer in Atlanta so definitely bring a fan or some kind of sun protection! An excellent option to take out of town guests as well. Plenty of skyline views and instagrammable moments! Don't forget to check out the giant greenhouse in the back of the garden. Be sure to follow their social media or newsletter so you can know about their special exhibits!

Ser Ramírez

This is the best place in Atlanta, I really enjoyed walking through this place, if you like nature, there you can find a huge amount of flowers, trees and plants of all kinds, in addition to the sculptures that are beautiful, you can also enjoy of the food in the restaurants inside the botanical garden. Finally, visit the gift shop, there are incredible pieces to take home <3

Jackie Smith

Serenity, peaceful, beautiful, majestic, just a few superlatives to describe Atlanta Botanical gardens. The various themes that are displayed seasonally through out the garden, adds to its intrigue and gives you a reason to come back year round. The park includes a children's garden, for fun to be had by all.

Hannah Overton

This place is breathtaking. I could easily have spent all day wandering their grounds, Georgia heat and all. This is a charming choice no matter what your age or interests. I'm a nerd about plants and nature and constantly surround myself with them. This was a treat to say the least. They have whimsical features for your inner child. We saw visitors of all ages, from an older couple by themselves to a family with young kids. It would be fun if they had some sort of greenhouse where you could purchases plants and gardening supplies, but it was a fun trip regardless.

Wenbo Zhi

Very family friendly. The kids love it there. Will definitely visit again in different seasons. Get the family membership if you have more than 4 people and it is tax deductible too.

L Lugo

As always, a wonderful visit! Theme was Alice in Wonderland and the topiaries were magnificent! Staff is always friendly... themed souvenirs to align with the exhibit were too good to pass up!

Cierra W.

Very beautiful and we'll put together...I definitely recommend going. Anyone who love the outdoors and especially flowers is going to love this place. It was my first time here and I came specifically for the Alice and Wonderland exhibit and was not disappointed.

Marcus Mclean

Amazing topiaries!! I ran a half marathon in Atlanta and came to the gardens afterwards, primarily out of convenience, and was not disappointed. The orchid garden is great as well, and there are nice views of the city skyline.

Tina Motway

Love the Botanical Gardens. It's such a wonderful garden and experience. They host fun events and the walking paths take you through so many different adventures. Well worth the annual pass. Love coming here.

Erin Whitty

We renewed our membership for the second year in a row- we love this place! Seasonal events and concerts provide good value. The restaurant is good and there is also a cafe that provides snack bar style food. The children’s garden has an amazing playground!

Ryan K.

Absolutely love this place! So many fun areas to explore: Alice in Wonderland, Orchids, Cityscape Garden, and much more. Lots of pretty colors, enticing smells, and plenty of area to walk makes this particular botanical gardens a must for anybody exploring ATL.

Anna Shakirova

Great place where everyone will find a perfect activity or place to enjoy. The garden offers Thursday social events with music and drinks. Their imaginary world exhibits are awesome. They have a separate area with splash pad and playground for kids.

Valerie Craig

One of the most peaceful, pretty places you'd find in the city! My kids couldn't stop taking pictures & the staff were really nice, even allowing us more time to explore seeing that we came later in the day. It was worth the ticket.

Randi Chapman

What a great day! This botanical garden is off the beautiful and creative. Spending the day here with my family is a memory I'll forever cherish. We bought the year membership and plan to visit again. The year membership also includes the Botanical Garden in Gainesville! They give lectures about various topics concerning plants. I so wish we lived closer! Even so, we will be back.

Robert Koschnick

I can't say enough about this place. Its amazing. So much to do here. Tons for the kids. You will not be disappointed. Bay far the absolute best I've ever been to. Kept absolutely beautiful. I will return again and again.

Rikesh Subedi

Beautiful gardens! Hot as hell in the summer, but that's Atlanta for you. They usually have an interesting special exhibit during different parts of the year, so it's worth coming back to every so often. Expensive for a pedestrian activity, but worth it with a membership if you plan on returning (the membership covers you and a guest, as well as entrance into other gardens around the country). All in all, the gardens have a tranquil atmosphere that can be enjoyed casually with friends or family.

Anita Parker

I love this place, it's relaxing and good place to go for a nice walk. They also have good food at the restaurant. Will definitely come back!

Kevin Goolsby

I am a photographer and I tried to plan a photo shoot there, each time I called they sent me to a voicemail for a week, no one ever called back no one seem to care that I was trying to plan this "special event." This is one of the most unprofessional establishments I have ever dealt with.

Izabel Alvarenga

It is a beautiful botanical garden, despite the drizzling I enjoyed it a lot. It is a place where you can appreciate the flowers and the several live sculptures they have there. I often go to to city’s botanical gardens when doing tourism and this one is definitely worth the time. I would come back.

Himadri Palikhe

Spacious, green and creative mosiac! Good food options once inside. Takes sense to get the annual membership if you plan to visit at least twice in the year!

LV Moore

We loved wandering about this place. The kids were ecstatic over the children’s play area even though I wouldn’t let them go near the misty canyon like splash area (didn’t know it was there, oops, maybe next time). The grandparents enjoyed exploring too especially since there were plenty of shaded sitting areas sprinkled throughout. From young to old we were all thrilled by the earth goddess sculpture and the 18,000 plants it took to make her. This is a great way to spend a lazy day.

Peggy Ballard

This is an awesome asset to Atlanta and a wonderful place to spend the day. It is always changing; different things to see at different times of the year. My favorite exhibits are Imaginary Worlds & Chihuly; the spring tulips and orchid daze are also a must see! Wear comfortable shoes; it is a very large place and they are still growing!

Aaron Weeks

One of the best botanical gardens I've been too. Love the cooking demos

Heather Constant

Gorgeous! We spent a couple hours walking around the grounds. Beautiful does not do this amazing place justice. We then enjoyed a wonderful concert in the amphitheater with the backdrop of the ATL skyline. The best time!!!!

Aron Wohl

Beautiful spot for a wander. Lots to see. Great parking and if you're local the season or family pass makes a lot of sense

Jonnita Stubbs

This is a must see !!! A very beautiful , good walking paths. Lots of vegetation, flowers, etc. to see. The sculptures are amazing. Only bad thing? The prices for food and drinks are outrageous and you can't bring it in with you. We were there a better part of the day and the parking was only $5.

Jackie Jiaqi Tang

I think it's one of the unique attraction in Atlanta. The park itself is not very big, it probably takes an hour or so to get through it. The plant sculptures are interesting, good for photo takings. But some of the sculptures look smaller in person than in the pamphlet.

Westley Hollamon

An amazing oasis in the heart of Atlanta. Staff was helpful and friendly. The trails are well marked, as well as the plants that you pass. We went during the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, and the features were stunning! (Dragons, camels, scenes from the book, and more all done in plants). The greenhouse was full of tropical plants, and made you feel as if you were not in Atlanta. The orchid room was cool too. So much to do and see! There are restaurants and snack bars on site. No outside food or drink is allowed. The price is pretty steep, I felt it was a good value, but others may not. Also, you have to pay for parking. Definitely want to try one of the cocktail nights next time we are in town. Very cool and worth a visit.

Kyle Brewer

Pretty cool place but should probably go at night. I went during the day just to see a bunch of guys climbing poles and stringing lights on the exhibits.

cheri hart

Absolutely beautiful place! Lot's to take in. It is handicap accessible, the even provide ride on scooters, for rent. Wide variety of plants, ( both local and exotic), they have two restaurants, but are very expensive. They have A small splash pad, for the younger children to play in. There are sculptures, and green houses to explore as well. We will definitely be back!

Madhan Ramachandran

Nice place to spend the day. But go when the weather is nice. You will get the most value from it. Tickets are expensive. With parking and food, it's a month's worth of eating out. However, it's is a relaxing experience. Don't miss the orchid exhibit.

Merranda Kairn

If you can, get the membership! This place is amazing. There is tons to see. If you have kids, there is a water play area, along with a dry play area. The whole family loved it.

Drew Atkinson

I went with some friends to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibit there-- breathtaking. I've also been there for the winter holidays and it's the most magical experience. So it's safe to say that this is the place to go day or night, summer or winter.

Brooke Gorham

Beautiful place to visit alone, on a date, with friends or with family. So many different areas to see, all with their own specifications. I recommend that you grab a map upon entry so that you make sure you’re not missing anything.

Nancy Alvarez

Although we did not see many flowers, it was nice to walk around. A great hike! Next time we will go in the spring not during the fall season.

Luke L

Much larger than you would think it is from the outside. My favorite part was the high altitude room. It's a smaller room but the plants in there are really cool!

Rosenelle Pierre

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this place ; ) So many beautiful flowers, plant & landscapes. I felt at peace in this place & would have definitely stayed longer if I I didn't have my little ones w/ me when it was the hottest during midday; but even they enjoyed themselves. This is a DEFINITE MUST SEE if your ever in Atlanta GA.

Abby White

The gardens were absolutely stunning. We went for the cocktails in the garden event and it was so much fun. The parking was easy and the gift shop was adorable.

Iris Shpak

I attended an evening networking event there and it was very nice. It has changed a lot over the years and will be worth a proper visit in the future.

Alex Kogan

This botanical garden features some amazing places like the 25 foot sculpture of the Goddess as well as the canopy walk and the children's garden. We have been to many botanical gardens in various cities and I can say that this place is truly beautiful and unique. This is a must visit.

Krissy W

Very relaxing stroll through nature on a humid day but worth it. The guy who offered the map was very informative and kind. Don't want to share too many photos because you should go see for yourself.

Andreaskij Kuhnerisko

Wonderful Garden, very clean and in good condition. Everywhere nice shady places to rest. You can spend many hours there even with children.

Anna Hwang

Always a great time here whether it's christmas light show or the garden exhibits. This time it was Alice's World theme and it was so cool. To the Cheshire cat and the Mad hatter hat with the rabbit in it, I enjoyed every piece! They also have an orchid garden and couple other gardens that are enclosed for climate control. First Family event as a whole family since married. We all had a great time

Michelle Morris

My first time visiting here. If I lived in the area I would visit regularly. The plants and flowers are well tended. The walking was easy as I was having some difficulty that day but made it to all the areas of the gardens. Besides beautiful flowers and water features there are changing exhibits. While I was there, it was fine wooden carved bowls inside and Alice in Wonderland outside.

Savannah Berry

Absolutely beautiful! We didn't get to see the entire garden (we were attending a show), but what we did see was gorgeous. We can't wait to go back and explore the whole thing :) The garden beer was delicious, and the turkey sandwiches we picked up from the snack bar were fantastic! Such a lovely venue

Justin Ortiz

A very nice and peaceful walk. The living sculptures are fun to look at and find along the walk. Each area has something unique about it.

Louise Cook

Everyone knows that I love the Botanical Garden. Time I go I see different plants blooming or showing their best sides. There are many wonderful special membership events. I love the blooms in Spring, the summer cocktails in the Garden, Halloween competition, and the holiday show of Lights.


Went to a wedding. Was very nice and the catering was good. Will definitely visit again.

Erica Nicole

This nature driven attraction is relaxing. Provides a great deal of exercise with the amount of walking within the trails, but it is worth every step. The park provides a new theme and even has the layout on a map to make sure you get to see each feature

Robert and Pam Cunningham

Plenty of plant sculptures to see. All grounds were well maintained and clean. This time of the year the earlier you arrive the more pleasant time you will have. Make sure you see all of the sculptures. The rest of the gardens are beautiful with all plants identified. Harry was a pleasure to speak with, quite knowledgeable about local trees and plants. Check website for hours and activities before coming. Closed on Monday. Surprised at how many children were here and their enjoyment level. I recommend this to anyone with two to three hours to roam and explore. Bring your camera. A great place to bring a date.

Christina Mosier

This was a pricey adventure but well worth it in the long run!!! We paid $21.95 per adult and $18.95 per child (children 3 and under are free). They have an Alice and Wonderland display right now and it is just beautiful!! There is a lot of walking involved but I am telling you this is worth it. You do have to pay for parking but it is not outrageous. They have beautiful topiary statues, an edible garden that is really neat to see and supports a great cause, the Alice and wonderland exhibit and my nieces loved seeing the frogs and Chipmunks while exploring the gardens. They do have a gift shop but it is definitely for a more mature crowd.

Kujbus Zsófia

My son and our friends visited the Botanical garden and I have to say it was magnificent! Everything was beautiful the plant sculptures as well! The staff were extremely friendly and helpful! Definitely a kid friendly place and it gives them a lot of opportunities to walk and learn about the plants! Definitely recommend to check the garden out if you are in Atlanta!

Xavier Atkinson

Beautiful garden! I absolutely loved my time spent here. Was visiting Atlanta for a weekend and decided to check this place out and it was well worth it. Very tranquil. Was a beautiful walk around the grounds for great views and conversations. If we can get back to Atlanta we'll surely go back again when new areas open up.

Demian Combs

I really enjoy their exhibits. I'm not a flower guy, but it's still amazing. The cafe is expensive but very good. If you've not been to the festival of lights during winter: go, don't ask, just go. Similarly, every time I think the new additions might be lame, I'm blown away.

Lawrence Hall

Very well done city Botanical gardens.. I've been to a few... Lots of things that are original. Loved the tree line canopy walk.. the mega topiaries.. greenhouses... Overpriced beer and wine though... Oh well.. My kids liked it..

Chester McCooper

Terrible concert venue. 1. You can't bring in any water and they promote a free water station if you bring your own empty bottle. Well there is only one of them and it is a sensored water fountain. I waited in line over 40 minutes. Then it trickles out. Did I mention this is August in Atlanta? 2. And the most for the concert itself? You can't see sh*t! It's very small and the grounds don't tier downward. Add in folks that decide to stand and well, I repeat you can't see sh*t!

Daritza Herrera

A very beautiful botanical garden with so many exotic plants to admire! It’s plants and trees were all well maintained. Quite large so be prepared to walk a lot! Also, it might be too hot for summertime. I visited during the Alice in Wonderland event...and I expected a little bit more. Coincidently, it was their scarecrow event and those displays exceeded my expectations. Staff were friendly. Parking garage is available and you pay by the hour. Would visit again to experience other events.

Shannon Norden

Nice venue for an outdoor Concert. The parking was super easy and reasonable. The garden was beautiful and we will return to see more when the exhibits are open. Will update review after follow on visit.

MJ Jones

Beautiful place but not the best place for a concert. It’s against the rules to stand or dance unless asked by the band to stand and dance. Everyone sits in lawn chairs and it’s a bit odd. The place is beautiful and I’m sure it is fantastic for anything other than a concert.

Phylliss Shrader

I had such a good time today. The Alice's Wonderland exhibition was lots of fun. It's been several years since I visited and all the changes made were very nice. We had lunch at the Longleaf restaurant. It was very good.

Alex Horvath

I love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Summer Concert Series. We saw John Butler Trio last night and, as always, the whole experience was incredible. The open sky, amazing volunteers and unbelievable musicians playing make for a truly special evening!

thatfishchick kat

Very lovely gardens. Great diversity in displays, so there's something to see any time you go. My mum in particular loved the edible garden, while I really loved the conservatory and orchids. Plus, the recent topiary show for "Alice in Wonderland" was awesome (even if the actual Alice/Cheshire Cat display was much smaller than the adverts implied. Only thing is it's paid parking on top of a $20+ admission price. And the parking lot can get packed on busy days or when there's an event going on in Piedmont Park.

Priscilla Torres

Went there for the Alice in Wonderland exhibit cocktails after dark, and absolutely loved it! The sculptures were super cool, and their set up was really nice. Flowers were gorgeous and despite a lot of people going for the event, it was still a very chill atmosphere.

Just Chris

Always enjoy myself here. The kids enjoy the kids garden as well as the tropical house, the way it's set up is like 8 different attractions in one. The food and drinks are about on par with other attractions in the area, but they do have plenty of water fountains and water bottle fill up stations in the park. Also if you park in their deck you have to pay to park but I've never worried about the security there. Always top notch! Keep it up Tina!

Andrew Metcalfe

Beautiful well designed Urban garden. Great for a half day walk. Bring a camera.

Ros Shim

I mean come on. Who’s not going to like their experience here? As long as everyone there is in a pleasant mood it’s amazing. The views, smells, and set up are such a treat. Love this place, highly recommend it.

Oriel Wiggins

So much variety of plants trees and flowers. The orchid greenhouse is worth the trip. Will definitely be back to see it all when I have more time to take it ALL in! Would be a great place to take in a concert if you're into the lineup.


Amazing! A must see! View the pictures if you don't believe me! When we first got there, I was a little skeptical about paying $47 for two people to see some flowers but let me tell you... Worth every dollar! They're plenty of rest spots, a cafe, shade spots, etc. This creativity is so much more than some flowers in a park. It is art at its finest! Beautiful!

Ebony Watson

Very beautiful and relaxing! A must see if you enjoy nature and outdoors. The staff was friendly and accommodating. So glad we went!

Shannan Davis

It was very nice to just stroll around and talk while seeing all the pretty flower arrangements. Will definatly have to go back to see the Christmas lights.

Brandon Mattew

Beautiful botanical garden, lovely layout and design. The greenhouses are very impressive, with a phenomenal collection of interesting orchids and other tropical plants. I did find the areas of manicured gardens to be slightly more limited than other gardens I've visited, though one area was closed for a private event, so that may have influenced my impression. Overall, a lovely garden to visit.

Rahatul Choudhury

They have events every few months to change things up which is great for people who go multiple times in a year. I highly recommend going during Christmas when they have lights around the garden. It’s a little expensive but it’s pretty much worth it considering everything you get to see there.

Michael Scott Novilla

I've traveled the world and seen many incredible, wonderful Botanical Gardens and Atlanta stands tall and proud with their fabulous gardens. I spend about 2.5 hours, leisurely wandering around, enjoying everything from edible plants, tall trees, orchids and rare specimens from across the globe. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a must see while here in ATL. Enjoy!

Richard Phillips

We just love returning to this garden as often as we can. Tonight we experienced a great cooking lesson and music on the main lawn. Atlanta Botanical Gardens is always changing and adding new events and attractions to make each visit special.

Shane Urman

Plenty of plant sculptures to see. All grounds were well maintained and clean. This time of the year the earlier you arrive the more pleasant time you will have. Make sure you see all of the sculptures. The rest of the gardens are beautiful with all plants identified. Harry was a pleasure to speak with, quite knowledgeable about local trees and plants. Check website for hours and activities before coming. Closed on Monday. Surprised at how many children were here and their enjoyment level. I recommend this to anyone with two to three hours to roam and explore. Bring your camera. A great place to bring a date.

Gabriel Kalel

Went last summer and thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy themed displays. They put together a lot of wonderful plant statues that were absolutely gorgeous. The indoor gardens were stunning as well with so much variety in the small plants throughout. Definitely worth a visit anytime you want to have a relaxing walk and enjoy an afternoon out. Also highly recommended going again every time they update their theme.

Jekia Ford

I LOVE this place! Fantastic customer service and the garden/attractions are beautiful. The Alice in Wonderland sculptures were nice and I did expect something my larger. Nonetheless the most memorable sculpture was the Earth Woman.

Brian Wilson

Beautiful, perfect for young children to run around. Play area with slides, splash area with fountains and maybe 8 inches of water, and nice wide trails to run down. My 3 year old loved it and napped the afternoon like a champ. Bring some sort of bug repellent, the bracelets made a noticeable difference.

Laila Netus

The restaurant here is amazing! Nothing is overpriced and everything is delicious. Garden sculptures are beautiful and there are plenty of seats and water fountains around. Will definitely come again!

Joseph Halstead

This was a lot of fun but the entrance price is a bit high. The displays were very cool and the activities for children were very fun.

Dakota Lee

A great walk through experience. Bring sun block and wear cool clothing if you get hot easily. They do have wine and beer (certain brands). It's kind of easy to get turned around in some paths but the scenery along the way is beautiful.

Everson Moura

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is the most beautiful place to visit in Atlanta. The ticket is not cheap. But, it worths paying for it. The whole experience of the visit is amazing. The flower statues are unforgettably beautiful. The tracks throughout the gardens are very nice and clean. The same to installations. If you go to Atlanta, reserve about 4 hours to spend on the Botanical Garden. You'll not regret.

Carla Gonzalez

Love it here! The garden sculptures are amazing and beautiful! During the day you can look forward to enjoying a nice walk through the trees on shaded paths taking in all the beautiful flowers and greenery, and on special days that they are open at night you can enjoy the lovely scenery all lit up and glowing. There is plenty of seating around the garden where you can sit in the shade soaking in the peacefulness and beauty of the garden. Well worth the visit!

Jackie Escobar

There is so much to see and do here. The gardens are absolutely beautiful. There is also a large area for children we enjoy. Look into getting the membership to enjoy year round. For us it was cheaper than 1 day admission.

tina fontaine

Beautiful awesome amazing photos of the gardens great sculptures of all kinds of trees & amazing views very clean & all the people are very helpful & nice, It's a must see place me & my sister traveled all the way to Atlanta to see these gardens from Rhode island just to go here & well worth it we will definitely travel back to see again!!!

Tyrell Lee

Enjoyed our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Well worth the price. Got up there early before the sun made it to hot. Extravagant Alice in Wonderland display

Charlie Jenkins

This is the best botanical garden I have ever been to. I love the variety of species of plants and the way they they build sculptures out of them. In addition, the architecture of the buildings is stunning and I found myself starring at the bridge as much as at some of the plants! It is expensive, but I would definitely return.

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