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Where is Andersonville National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Andersonville National Historic Site IN Georgia

Philip Japikse

Very knowledgeable staff. Definitely take the free audio tour. It really helps if you don't know the history of the POW camp. Also, the DVD of the movies they play is very inexpensive. Buy it, even if only to support the museum.

Ernest and Kim Bell

A very good visit and the history!! Town is small, and no events going on while we were there. Sucked that the small museum was a " 5 dollar donation". Look it costs $5 to get in, just say so.

Robin Gibbs

It was a very emotional place. Very Serene and beautiful. It is tasteful and very important to our history. The amount of soldiers graves to the number of unknown graves is so amazing!

Pam Franks

The adventure of being back in time.Andersonville is a quiet little town.Springtime the town is peaceful no bustle of this chaotic fast past world we live in serene back to nature

Laura Harrington

Always a great experience to see the history of this park. It's sad but something that we need to see and remember.

Steven Wolf

If you are into Civil War History you must visit this place. The Prisoner of War Museum is literally packed with history on all the prisoners of all wars. The gift shop is fantastic. May all who suffered and died here and all other POWs everywhere...please rest in peace.

Nina Dickey

Very interesting. There is one in the north that the Union used for Confederate prisoners.

Kevin Campbell

This site is beautiful and it's amazing to think about how horribly the Union soldiers were treated at Camp Sumpter. The POW museum is very interesting and has great displays and artifacts. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The CD driving tour is well done and interesting too. We really enjoyed our visit.

James Bradin

The POW museum needs better lighting. Otherwise it is educational. It is sad what Americans did to each other during the war.

Sarah Nupen

This park was easily accessible and nice to walk around. The park has an interesting (although tragic) history and the signage is very helpful and you can get comprehensive audio auto tours from the desk inside for the park and the cemetery. The park is pet friendly and you can take your dog around an approximately one mile loop (or you can drive) around the perimeter. I highly recommend the Junior Ranger program inside the museum but be aware the Prisoner of War museum is intense.

Erin Foster

The memorial day service was wonderful. It is an honor to be on these hallowed grounds.

Clyde Sandford

I didn't realize the prison was essentially an open field. Still, a place I'd recommend visiting to learn more about the history behind POW camps during the Civil War.

Beth Stella

So much more than a Civil War historical site. This place is a ways off the beaten path, but I assure you it is worth the trip. The National Prisoner of War Museum was incredibly moving, and the exhibits were executed on level with the Smithsonian museums in DC. We planned on spending an hour here and ended up spending more than three. Due to the sensitive nature of the museum exhibits, I wouldn't bring younger children here. Overall, an incredible place everyone should experience and a must-see for lovers of American history, military history, and the freedoms we enjoy every day.

Gary Crum

It was a breathtaking experience & not in a good way. To see the boundaries of the stockade and know the #'s of prisoners that were held there was a shocker. It is a must for everyone to experience.

Bobbie Reynolds

Looks so much better than I remember it being, when I was younger! So rich in history?

Brian Jackson

Monuments and markers layed out in a way that allows one to visualize what happened here.

Jacob Thomas

Great park, lots to see.

Jim Osterman

If you need another reason to see how awful war is this site will humble you. It also honors POW's from all wars. Time well spent.

Jervon Hale

First time ever going and was impressed by how well it has been preserved. The museum there was one of the most engaging museums I've experienced.


Wonderful place. I come here once a year to place flags at the grave for memorial day.

Denise Winter

Second visit to this National Park, Cemetery and historic site. Such an incredibly moving experience as you take a self guided tour through the history of our countries POW's. An extremely well done exhibit and tour that at several points had me moved to tears. My appreciation of the men and women that serve our country with their lives and often with the risk of capture, torture and imprisonment has given me a renewed appreciation of the sacrifice and honor they bestow upon our great country. The recorded driving tour of the Civil War stockade prison grounds and Cemetary was easy to follow and imparted a great deal of historical information. A definate must see free National Park that rated a second visit from this guest. All the park employees were most friendly, helpful and more than willing to share their passion for our countries history by sharing their knowledge.

Kevin Moore

All of Congress should be made to walk around here to remind them of what can happen when we don't get along. And during this heat wave we have right now might even help drive the point home!

Larry Brown

If you're a history buff and love to read about the past awesome place to go

bls txi

This is a fascinating place. Moving and quite humbling place. The adjoining POW Museum and Andersonville cemetary are incredibly well done and give a great perspective on a much avoided subject.

peaches Mann

Love it really nice to go see how it was back then

Larry Fountain

Sobering to visit this place and realize what actually happened here

Tim Flanagan

This place is awesome!

David Coldsnow

The P.O.W. museum and the film that is shown with P.O.W.'s from different wars should be shown in every school and football stadium. Handicap accessible and great layout for buses, motor homes, etc. Thought it was great you can put a CD in your car and drive the areas. Someone was really thinking. Can't wait to go again!

Carey Lowe

A Very Moving & Sobering Museum. The display of the stockade grounds and cemetery are gorgeous and maintained immaculately. As Americans We Owe to keep these historic sites, parks, and battlefields as well as all memorials to all of our history as reminders of where we came from and where we should never return to.

Brach Morin

Love it..words can't describe the feeling I get there

sandra young

Bitter piece of history, but Ms. Cynthia Storm-caller is an amazing and knowledgeable tour guide! Please visit here.

Brandy Gipson

Its absolutely an eye opener. Its amazing how many died for this country and are still serving. Thank you to everyone of them. I'm a proud mama of a soldier. This place is a place of remembrance.

Doug Yarn

One of the most illuminating experiences I never heard of.

kevin roe

Love the history here and that they honor all pow's

Lynne Rupert

This is National graveyard. Very mature subject. It is not Disneyland


Such a serene place to visit now knowing of the ravages of war this ground beheld. I wish everyone could visit the National POW museum here and tour these grounds. All Americans need to see the sacrifices our military men and women and there families have faced. And the blood, sweat and tears our military has shed to pay for our freedom. It is so dad that in today's American culture we take for granted our freedom and are so quick to give our freedoms away in the name of socialism. Our forefathers have paid to high a price!

Marty Graul

Very beautiful and peaceful place. The POW museum and the cemetery were well worth the travel time.

Mariela Mendez

Very informative and fun to visit

Kerry Waldron

Beautiful place. Always clean. God bless the falling. An the soilders. That r fighting now.

Bruce Rickert

Great historical site,shows the brutality of the civil war, the war between brothers

Gregory Stiller

The Rangers and Volunteers were so kind and thoughtful here

Tracy Donald

Enjoyed my visit. Really makes you think of the sacrifices the soldiers made for what they believed in. But heartbreaking to see the roles and roles of graves, some unknown of soldiers who never made it home and couldn't be returned to be buried in their hometowns. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in our country's history.


We enjoyed the history that it had. And the museum was amazing. We plan on coming back again.

Larry Taylor

Lots of history about the POW camp and the Union Troops held there. Cemetary is a very solemn place when you think about all those who are buried there. The Cemetary is still active because of being a National Military Cemetery. The theater is a little hard to find but movie is worth it.

Anthony Ross

Very humbling experience worth the time snowglakes should visit and see the sacrifice of others

Robert Harris

This is an important national park with 3 components: the POW museum (dedicated to POWs of all wars), the historic civil war prison, and the national cemetery. The cemetery started as a burial ground for the Union prisoners held in the prison, but is still an active military national cemetery. There are monuments throughout the cemetery and fort. The movie in the museum is excellent and sets the mood and explains the history of Andersonville. It is not a happy place to visit, but educational and moving.

C munson

What a great city that tells the story of our history. The cemetary is very well kept and the old prison area. The monuments do a great job paying respect to our military vets. Plan on going back to take it in more.

Michael Yoder

It was really good the history of this place is breathtaking

Rajeev Saxena

An incredible place to visit. The site is very nicely preserved and maintained. We really enjoyed our brief time there and recommend others to visit.

Ryker Jones

Very nice...amazing gut wrenching history of America at this place

Nicole Butler

Beautiful place alot of history

Ben Kov

Great historick place to visit, air conditioned museum. Lots of info .

Kimberlee Mullins

Great tourist attraction.

Brandon Williams

One of the best National Park sites in Georgia, very touching and moving stuff and a great lesson can be made exploring this place. Also very easy to get around the park by car and it’s very close to Jimmy Carter National Historical Site. If you’re a civil war buff or just love your parks then then you’ll love this location

Giacomo Como

I did this historic hike with the boy scouts of America and it was amazing however they should pay more attention to there fountains because while we were there we found a dead bat in the spring fontain

Johnny Durrance

Big and nice place to rest. (Lol)

Renee Burk

My family loves history and really enjoyed this visit, disturbing though the subject matter was. Heads-up, though. Our 10 yr old son was freaked out by photos of starved prisoners at the end of the video on the museum. We let him read instead of going through the museum.

Becky Wyble

We liked this place. We just happened to drive by and stopped. Very informative.

antony johnson

If you are a history buff you will love this place I would recommend it my wife and I enjoyed it very much. It is a beautiful place!

Taylor Linquist

Truly awe insprinig to see the grounds and conditions that housed 45,000 union soldiers ultimately leading to the death of more than 1/4

T bird

Great place wifey and me a good time staff very nice and friendly

Janice Stevenson

Beautifully eerie. Makes you stop and think about things in a different light.

Fred Morgan

Fantastic and sad place. Museum to Prisoners of War. Be sure to visit the Town west across street from park exit.

Don Luis Garcia

World class facility. Our tax dollars going to a wonderful and vital cause. Everyone should know this historical place. Makes me proud to be an American!

Andrew Irwin

I loved the prisoner of war museum but the Andersonville camp sire it’s self could’ve used a self-guided audio tour.


Emotional, staff was very informative.

Mr. M J

Educational, very well kept, great history

Sherri Force Ellington

Go. Just go. It's a powerful and moving experience to learn about the trials POWs go through. There are ghosts here.

Alfonso Rodriguez

Really enjoyed lookong at all the history of our pow's

Sean Miller

Ghosts still walk these hills and meadows. A beautiful, but tragic place to visit. It’s amazing how cruel men can be to one another.

J Carey

A sad historical place to visit but very interesting. All wars are terrible and horrible but that's part of our history. I do recommend going to see this place though.

K. Mathis, Kcdawg

If you love history you will thoroughly enjoy this place. Not strictly a historic site related to the Civil War prison camp but also The National Prisoner of War Museum that chronicals the plight of all American POW'S in the many wars we have experienced since the Revolutionary War.


I love this place im a reenactor about the war love it so much

Ricky Thompson

The museum was small but filled with interesting artifacts. The grounds of the fort were very well kept and beautiful as well as the cemetery. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you love history or want to learn a little more about it. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well.

Vance Heffern

Very solemn and mind-numbing to realize the horror of Civil War POWs, both in southern and northern prisons

Ruth Newell

Excellent historic site exhibit tucked off the beaten path.

Robert McDerp

A touching place with views of everything from where the kill line was for prisoners trying to get out of the camp, to where the bathrooms were. The history is more rich than it seems, and is certainly worth however long the drive may be. Souvenirs are little pricey, but worth it for the historic value that they help demonstrate to all who know where it is. Great for everyone, and more mature kids who are able to grasp the concepts of what happened here. Memorial wall to where the hospital was, it's all told very nicely and respectfully. The audio tour only helps to enrich the experience. Highly recommend.

Tim Smith

This museum is not just about the POWs in Andersonville. It's also about POWs from other wars that America has been involved in. Museum was poorly lit, and some the computer displays didn't work, but it was free. I guess you get what you pay for. Not bad, overall.

Paulette McCarthy

Part of our history no matter how sad the circumstances were. Can learn a lot from our past.

Jesse James

My daughter and I went down Veterans Day 2018 to the Parade of Flags. I have been coming here since the early 70’s when I was a young boy. The drive is enjoyable, and the park and cemetery are beautiful. The history here is very important. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. It’s always clean and well kept. Recommend

Kevin Ord

A must see if you are interested in our country's history.

Sharon Browder

Informative. Nice displays. Enjoyed the short film about Andersonville during the Civil War.

Caroline Fielding

Beautiful grounds and monuments. A reminder of the cost of war.

Tom Warburton

Extremely well kept site and interesting museum covering POWs from the last war

Sarah Whedbee

Wonderful piece of history great town and people.

frank Jones

.Well kept Veterans cemetery,great memorial day service

Cecilee Shull

Somber place well worth the time to visit. Go inside the visitor center and get a CD to play while you do the drive around outside tour. So informative and sad what war does to people in all sides. So many interesting facts that the general public is unaware of. Staff at center was very helpful and they had a small gift shop too. In the summer I suggest going as early in the morning as you can to avoid the heat/humidity.

Suzanne Randall

Very interesting site. Gives a real insight into life as POW.

Tammy Arnold

Beautiful surroundings, serene ..and a great tribute honoring the soldiers. Must see

Carolin Pollock

If your into Civil war history ,this is an excellent stop. It's a bit off the beaten path, lots of monuments and signage. Several nice picknick areas, the replica was not open when we went . The museum area had a lot of information and displays.

Lou Brooks

The grounds were immaculate in the cemetery. The museum was very well done and interesting.

Tony Calloway

History and legacies preserved.

Barbara Sponsler

A family member died at Andersonville. We were able to find his headstone. The story is so sad. History to remember, not for small children.

Joseph Miller


James Lecours

Great for day out went to Civil War reenactment great old fashion fair. Once yr. Then go to M.I.A museum. & Andersonville St. Park & cemetery. Every kid should go to honour vetrans

Greg Crane

Very somber yet beautiful park. The POW Museum is something everyone should experience. My boys and I are grateful this exists.

marie martin

Husband is a WWII POW veteran, we were visiting Warner Robins, Ga., with a trip to Andersonville as part of the trip with the Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Ride Home Program. We absolutely enjoyed our stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Warner Robins and seeing the surrounding areas on our trip to meetings. Thank you for a joyful time . The Martins.

Keith Edwards

Very moving experience, both in the POW museum and at the POW camp. Plan on spending plenty of time at both.

Jerel Johnson

A somber mood sweeps over you when you turn the road and enter the site. The museum features numerous artifacts and documents from prisoners of war. I will come back as there is so much to view.

Geoffrey Walker

A great learning experience! Be sure to bring insect repellant if going in the summer!!!

Michael Hodgson

A somber but very real trip into my family's history. My great grandfather was a POW here and to see what he survived makes his later achievements that much more real to me.

Bernie Black

Very moving and eye opening. My wife found the grave site of one of her relatives.

Yolanda Markham

Andersonville National Historic Site is very rich in history. We learned about many things while there. Make sure you take the time to walk, read and listen to the storys they have to tell.

Scott Tucker

It makes you think about what heroic things our men and women have sacrificed for our country.

kevin From bradenton

Very thought provoking experience, both the general POW museum and the stockade / cemetery. Sad. Park is well maintained and easy to experience. Audio tour available. Very remote location.

Paula Dacus

Sobering. A must see! Informative rangers. Check out the P.O.W. museum! Please support the NPS.


An old Civil War Confederate prison camp for Union soldiers. Somewhat disheartening, however, well laid out and chock-full of informative history. Definitely visit the inside of the museum as well. Make sure to check out the soldier cemetery of all those who died while at the camp. The drive around the prison camp is wonderful for place to pull out, stop and take pictures. Highly recommend!

Sally Benson

Love what they do for our heros

Lee Murphy

Went there for family reunion and saw briefly the POW Memorial very interesting! All true Anericans old and especially young need to visit highly recommended!! I will go back soon!


Unable to fully enjoy because of shutdown. But Cemetary was very interesting. Somber and something I was unaware or forgot in my history classes.

Colleen Danielson

It was a very interesting and sombering place to learn about our country's history.

Ed Hollingsworth

A place to reflect on what it means to be an American. You will shed tears here.

Waleli Ragan

4 generations have visited here in my family

Ian Michael Rogers

This site is a must visit if one is in the area. The former Civil War prison is now home to the wonderful National Prisoner of War museum, the historic grounds of Andersonville prison and the cemetery. Each part is beautifully maintained and offers visitors an opportunity for deep reflection on what it means to be a prisoner of War and the sacrifices Americans have made for our country. The cemetery is particularly moving as the graves are so close together and the thought of nearly 13,000 Americans never leaving Andersonville alive. The visitor center and museum is a must stop and has a nice small gift shop. Plenty of easy parking and restrooms.

Ursula Johnson-Macon

My uncle is buried here. Such a peaceful, well maintained place.

Frank Moseley

The Prisoner of War Museum is very informative, with displays of items, photographs, videos. The video of the Andersonville Camp is sobering and moving. Well worth the viewing. You can take a walking tour of the Andersonville Prisoner of War Camp area or drive tour with a free CD narration (return CD after tour). Many monuments to look at. Photo marker signs at 8 points explain what you're viewing. The National Cemetery is also worth visiting.

Thomas Wiczek

Major episode in our Nations history. POW museum compliments Civil War atrocity. You are not leaving here with a dry eye. Prison is minimal. That's ok. You get the message with what is present. No need for full mock up. Heat & humidity help you understand how miserable this place was. Educational. All must see.

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