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REVIEWS OF Universal Orlando Resort IN Florida


The best experience ever! If you're a Harry Potter fan as me you'll love it! I strongly recommend get a ticket who includes Hogwarts Express as many times as you want so you can enjoy both parks and have the complete Magic experience possible.

Mia Mcgrath

Loved the place. Took a walk through the whole park with my family. The only thing that killed the mood was the food at Hard Rock Cafe. It took too long to receive our food and it was cold also.

Cynthia Hart

We went for my hubby's company picnic. It was really nice! The kids had a great time playing in the kiddie side. Besides people wearing really small bathing suits it is a good family water park.

Austin Weinberg

Halloween horror nights is always super fun, the lines are not, but what can you expect without popular it is. Despite me not being the biggest fan of this year's video game theme, come on, I mean what's possibly scary about a LED chainsaw? The houses were scary, and involving especially The stranger things one, All the actors looked exactly like in the show.

nisha princess

This August was my second trip to universal..last time i was there in December 2014 it was amazing with live shows and different kind of attraction for all ages from hulk roller coaster to Jurassic park ride from fear factor live to stunt show ride but unfortunately this time they just moved rides to universal island of adventure and because of limited item i didn't get a chance to go there my 2014 visit it was all in one package which includes roller coaster rides to different live show kind of rides and actual shows, now it's just all about 3D to 4D effect which was all same after 3-4 rides. only show was animal show..probably not visiting there again :(

Terence Beebe

Fun time between both parks. Besides the wait times, I have not a single complaint. Just can't wait until my next trip so we can go on the new Harry Potter ride Hagrids Motorbike Adventure.

Derek Jones

Absolutely loved this park. Would come here over and over if I could. They have really created something amazing. With the fast past, we didn’t wait longer than 20 minutes for any ride! Food is top notch as well. All things Harry Potter are phenomenal even if your not a huge fan. And the Mummy ride, even if it’s older, is still one of the best.

Adrian Martinez

This was an amazing visit the kids love the the park is big lots to do you don't wanna do it all-in-one day will recommend to use 2 days a universal and get a park to park pass to make sure you can get on the train and get the whole experience. Even though a rained here and there we still got to enjoy the whole park.

Laura Camacho

Having the premier pass helps, we get to Universal @ 8am do all the fun rides eat and are gone by noon! The crowds start piling in then. Perfect time to go 10 miles back home!

Sean Devlin

Much better than expected with well maintained attractions and grounds. Only issue was my express pass not working on the new ride which was not working half the day. But all in all, an enjoyable day.

Bree & Neay

Fun place! I would definitely say go to the Adventure side as well if your looking for more roller coaster rides vs. 3D and 4D rides. Harry Potter's portion of the park was fantastic and serves ice cold butter beers!


universal studios is an absolute blast every person should experience this theme park before they died. I hope I get to come back here another hundred times with my kids with the rest of my family so I can enjoy it and really just soaked in all the fun and magic that this place has to offer.

Morgan Robichaud

One of my favorite theme parks. Plus it has Harry Potter world which makes it all the more magical. I recommend getting tickets that allow you to visit both parks so that you can utilize the train. Even if you dont like Harry Potter, it will allow you to travel to the other park more quickly and then you wont have to walk all the way out of the park and back in the other.


My first vacation trip out of Houston with Universal Studios Orlando! I'm filling Very Very Very Happy

Melissa Howard

Great day!! The Mummy was very fun and probably the best ride there! Cold Duff beer tasted fantastic on a hot day.

Lee Posniack

Had a great time at both parks over two days. Great assortment of rides for both young and old. Liked that the rides for the young ones were pretty appropriate. Also nice knowing what the wait time would be; if you want to spend the extra money (over $130 for one park for one day), you may find it worth it.

Stacy Niessing

A side from being an amazing place to experience, their customer service is excellent! I had to change the dates of an upcoming trip due to the death of my mother in law. I had purchased tickets for an event that were non refundable. I …

Shaun McNeill

Loved the new Fast and Furious ride this year, they really have done a good job of revamping the old earthquake ride, which we loved as well, we do so miss the Jaws ride though, it is such a shame these Old rides have to be retired. Still the best park for grown-ups and older kids.

_Official Watson

It is very crowded and somewhat expensive, BUT they do offer great deals and easy transportation methods if you do not have a car. The longs are sometimes long and you are in the heat, but they have fans that spray water and other ways to keep you cool. The workers are nice sometimes, but overall great experience!


Beautiful! It was like your were there in that country. Love the Vespas here and there. Great photo ops. Boat ride. The people were so accommodating. Food was great. Breakfast was so delicious. Lots of choices. Omelettes made to order. First time using the pool. It was great. Shade and sun spots. Loved the slide! Went down it six times! Definitely will be back again soon!!

De Mac 316

City Walk was Amazing. I didn't actually go into the theme parks ... even though everyone else said it was awesome ... I went just to eat at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium which I will say the food was exceptional the service was top notch and the dessert options are out of this world. It is expensive but so is every other table service restaurant in the theme parks. I had no regrets spending for the quality, quantity and service we received. This place is a must do for anyone vacationing in Orlando.

Kim Michels

Best vacation for older kids & adults. We’ve been twice in 3 yrs and will be back! All the rides are fun! Get a park hopper pass!

Brittany Burleson

Everyone should experience Universal!!! It was absolutely magical!! Each part of the park is themed and very detailed. Even down to the ride operators uniforms. They are all costumes paired with the ride. We were able to ride every ride in both parks in one day. We purchased the flash pass and it was worth EVERY penny spent. We started comparing our wait times to what the signs said and we were always a 1/4 or less than non fast pass holders. Longest wait time for us was 15 minutes. Seriously buy the passes. Our kids are older so we didn't do kiddie land type rides. My husband hates rides and went on everything but the Hulk. The rides are so interactive and trigger every sensory and emotion that if you don't like ride you forget you are on them. The park is spotless! Staff everywhere and ready to help. I was absolutely mind blown over the parks size and offerings. I could return every year. The day we were there they announced a fourth park and we can't wait to return for it!

Nolan Tonucci

Very clean park and great staff. I must say I was absolutely blown away from Halloween Horror Nights. Definitely an amazing experience. Only complaint I have is that there are too many virtual rides in the park and not enough coasters or animatronic rides. But overall it was a great vacation!

Steven Allsopp

All in all a great experience, Clean and safe. Staff is very polite; even when the guest a are not so polite. Roller coasters are getting dated. Only new rides are Harry Potter section of the park. The rest of the park has changed little in 8 years right down the the merchandise sold in the stores. On the bright side old favorites are plentiful. Yes, they sell stuff beer in Simpson land. To visit both Harry Potter worlds you need to get a multi park ticket. The attention to detail is outstanding. Highly recommend visiting Harry Potter world at night to see the light show at Hogwarts.

Paul Tom

First time with older kids to this themed park. Well organized, fun rides, decent food. Only detraction is the long waiting lines. Best to get there early and get the rides you want, and then take your time to visit the different sites and stores.

Nick Anderson

As always, Universal goes all out for Halloween Horror Nights. The houses are fantastic and there are some very well designed and interesting scare zones that were pretty entertaining. The academy of villains show was probably the weakest point of the night, which is saying something because it was still really good. A must go for any fans of horror.

Adam Miller

We've visited Universal Orlando resort when my son was staying at Give Kids the World Village. I have to say that Universal beat Disney World hands down for taking care of my son. The staff was compassionate helpful and kind. The park itself is amazing loads of fun. Thank you Universal Orlando. You made our cancer Journey just a little bit better.

Jose Junior

Best park for teenagers. It’s a bit different concept from Disney, however, both parks are like a dream for the kids. The lines are so big during the weekend and holidays it’s recommended to get express passes or plan your vacation in low …

Pete Flowe

Always a great time. I love Disney but if you want something a bit more adult and kid friendly this is gonna be more your speed. In fact this last trip I bought a season pass that how much I love this place!

Erik Simper

The park was entertaining and fun. However, don't waste sleep time on the early entry as it only gets you into one park early with 2 rides open. Also as you may have guessed, the food is mediocre quality with exorbitant prices. The drink cups are a good purchase if you spend multiple days at the park. I would also recommend going during the off season as our longest wait line was only about 10 minutes.

Frank Najafi

Always A-blast! And yes the lines are still very long. Food is expensive but it's a great time with your son or other children. Good bonding experience. You can have a lot of fun if you have a great attitude.

Angela Elzey

Always an amazing experience here. There is literally something for everyone. Crazy rides, delicious food and wonderful entertainment plus photo opportunities at every turn make this one of the must see places in Orlando.

Hezi Bosmi

We visited Universal Studios park and it was just awesome. We arrived pretty late but managed to do all the attractions thanks to the ExpressPass we bought. The waiting times were pretty normal, however, we arrived on Halloween party so the park was closed at 5PM The Halloween Horror night is a MUST. I have never experienced such a high performance event. Don't carry big backpack as it has to be places in small locker before boarding to some of the attractions. Really enjoyed the place.

Shawn L.

Amazing theme park with a lot of amenities. Friendly environment, and lots of rides for both kids and adults. Halloween Horror Nights is also amazing, extremely well done and rather realistic looking.

Adrian Joyce

So much fun! The rides and theme are great. Many of our favorites are there. The food and drinks were great. We never had a bad meal or snack. Harry Potter world is awesome. There are also so oldies but goodies. The kids area was so much fun with the foam ball room. The staff is helpful and kind. Much better than a coaster park.

Rosa Anderson

My 1st Experience Because I Was On Vacation Celebrating My Birthday With My Friend Anissa Williams. We Are From Georgia & The Park Was Everything We Thought & Than Some @ A Very Reasonable Price! When We Thought It Would Cost Us $110. Are More, It Only Cost Us $67.99...YES! The Rides, Haunted Houses & Water Show Was Amazing! Hope In The Future I Can Visit Again. Thanks

Joshua Stock

Love this place. People say Disney is the happiest place on earth, but that is no longer the case, as they have a tie for first place. There is so much to do at Universal, tons of great rides, great shows, and places to eat. Go enjoy yourself and ride until you can't anymore!

Alistair Gray

Choice of 3 fantastic theme parks and CityWalk for shopping and dining. The whole resort feels really chilled out with an amazing choice of rides, shows and dining experiences. I think the parking charge (currently $26 per day) is a bit steep but other than that prices within the resort are very competitive. Queue times for a couple of rides were so long we didn't bother but generally we didn't wait long to ride most attractions. Themed lands are amazing especially Harry Potter which is a family favourite area. We also visited the Blue Man Group show which is really good; the kids loved it. Overall Universal is my favourite resort in the Orlando area.

William Lumpkin

Fantastic place to vacation, and amazing staff. A special shout out to Jean. He was an amazing guide for the Halloween Horror Nights tour. Thanks again for a great vacation!

Chrissy McKee

Great rides and roller coasters. Clean theme park. Harry Potter worlds make you feel like you're really there! Get there early in the morning and experience the park with light attendance. Express passes are definitely worth it!

Varrick Nunez

We had an amazing day at the park! My son-in-law is disabled and the staff really took care of him throughout our visit. Although quite warm, there is plenty of shade and fans going, many with misting rings. We had a nice lunch at Dagwood's in the cartoon-land area of Islands of Adventure. The rides were well-done. We will be back!

Cecily B.

So much fun!!! The Harry Potter rides were the absolute best!! Having the refillable drink all day was perfect and I enjoyed my entire day ❤️

Mustafa Gatollari

Get the express pass no matter what you do. If you're doing it with just adults, you can pretty much do Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure in just one day, make sure you get a park to park pass. Express can be used on all attractions except for Hagrid's motorbike ride, that's about a 2 hour wait regardless, so maybe plan that for after you eat. Such a fun time, definitely worth the money!

Sarah Vazquez

This was the first real vacation I had been able to take my kids on in over 10 years. Our vacation planner was excellent. We loved the parks and the wide variety of attractions and rides. We adored Harry Potter World, and the memories made can never be erased! The melting pot of races, creeds, ethnicities, languages, and persons who were guests at this resort truly made my heart happy. One world. One love.

Cris Musni

This isn't Orlando's "other" theme parks. It's a thrilling destination that will make you smile. You'll discover a side of you that you probably thought disappeared long ago. Go enjoy the thrills and let your daily problems take a few hours off. You deserve it.

Katlyn Nolan

I enjoyed Halloween Horror Nights, but without more rides being open the houses are just too long of a wait time. If you can't afford a premium pass, you might get into one house. Also the scare zones need more actors, when there are so few it becomes boring. Now this year's Vanity Ball was great! Best part of the whole place, def creepy and fun.

Michael Kleban

Where to start. Harry Potter world was something else. Buy a wand and explore. The map that comes with the wand helps but I preferred searching for the interactive wand spots. I could spend all day in Harry Potter world. Make sure to get butter beer and treat yourself to the amazing food. Souvenirs were great quality too.

Glen Moore

This was, beyond a doubt the highlight of our recent trip to Orlando. Park was clean and not very crowded. Minimal wait times for all of the attractions. The city walk area was a great way to end our day with a large selection of restaurants and unique shopping options. Will definitely return on our next visit to town.

Kristi Mitchell

The best theme park experience in Orlando, however it is very expensive. Package deals with a room and tickets are definitely the way to go if you are staying for over three days. You can save a lot of money buying a package. The resorts that include the express passes are VERY much worth it- I can’t stress this enough! These hotels are Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel and Royal Pacific Hotel. For the best experience, if you can afford it, stay at one of these hotels.

Dawn Woods

The water park is top notch. This was the first real vacation I had been able to take my kids on in over 10 years. Awesome place. Staff are really friendly and helpful.

Emilie Howard

Love love love Universal. The park is SPOTLESS. The staff is exceptional and always go above and beyond. There is not a park in Orlando that I like more than Universal. I’ve had season passes for many many years.

James Chanda

Universal is an A+ park with their thrill rides, a huge variety of kid rides, shows, very good food, clean parks, security, and just that overall wow factor. They have been updating then park over the past 10 years and now offer, in my opinion, a better value and more action than Disney. Though the Jimmy Fallon ride is ridiculous

Eva Celestine

Not bad for a Tuesday night with friends. Free parking and club entry at The Groove, free bathrooms with no crowd. We had a blast at City Walk. Recommend.

Christian Gastrell

Wonderful place! It got me back to childhood and favorite movies for hours! I got there for Horror Nights and it was fantastic: horror movie sets, zombies on the streets (scary yet respectful), incredible rides. The sound all over the place gives an extra immersion feeling and you are always on a movie. Excellent rides and shows (the projection on the water was epic!)

Patty Storevik

Horror nights was awesome! I wouldn't go without the front of the line pass. It was well worth the money.

Ashraf Obaid

Great rides with variety for ages and heights of kids. When busy well worth the express pass, only downside is the expense as for 2 days for a family of 4 will set you back well over US$1000.

Joanne Beagan

My family went on a Disney and Universal trip, 2 days at each of the parks, and I have to say that Universal Studios met and went beyond our expectations. Our son has severe anxiety issues and refuses to ride anything, so when we wanted him to go on a few kid-friendly simulators, the staff was able to calm him down each and every time. We will definitely be coming back. Disney was disappointing because the staff did not seem like they were trained well enough to be as calming to my son. I love Disney, but Universal was much better!

Brandon Hebner

Connor in guest services was great! VB was an amazing park and we will most definitely go there again!!! Such a relaxing environment they have created while still being entertaining and fun!

Liza G.

Loved it, completely out of this world. Super fun and relaxing. I also stayed at one of the hotels and the experience was great. Would definitely do it again.

Megan Gibson

Amazing rides, unbelievable events, and you can even find good food which isnt always easy in a theme park. A little research before you go can really make it so much easier than you think! There is seriously something for everyone!

Nitin Goyal

No matter what your age is, Universal is way better than Disney. At least that's what my entire family thinks. We enjoyed a lot during our 5 days experience

Thomas Crymes

For my money (pretty much all of it) Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are the best Orlando has to offer. The Harry Potter areas are the best themed areas in any theme park. Gotta have 2 park pass to take the Hogwarts Express.

Mike Maples

I love Universal way more than Disney. It feels much more modern, sleek, and caters to fans of all ages rather than gearing the majority of the experience to children only. That's not to say that children won't have a good time at Universal; both of mine say that this is their favorite theme park as well.

Leonardo Sanchez

AMAZING PLACE. lots of places to go and just in general amazing but please I'm warning you to bring comfortable shoes because if you want to get what you paid for. Your gonna stay there the whole day like me and your feet are going to hurt

John A

We did two night Halloween Horror Nights Through some of the Horror houses where not as good as past years, but as always they are well put together. I also found the street zones not as good as pasted years, it is still a great night out. The live show “ villains of Academy” was where the price, best show in years,

Michael Shurtleff

The attractions are well-planned; but if you are an average American over 30, you won't be able to ride any of the Harry Potter rides. They were designed for people with no extra pounds. Other than that...

Wadood Bilal Sheikh

We had a very great time there with family, we spend five days there but looks we did need to spend more time there , “theme park “ great rides , great characters, friendly peoples, it’s expensive though but worth it my kids sad when we left but they tired , all the rides included in ticket price, water park also very nice but the lockers and parking is very expensive, do not bring your car and valuables there , the first buy a free refill drink cups it’s worth it. Five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️,

Jennifer Eaton

First time we’ve been and we loved it all. The water park is top notch. The other two parks are awesome as well. Universal Studios has more indoor attractions than Islands of Adventure, so we chose that park on mostly rainy days. It rains everyday, usually in the afternoon, so get an early start! Bring ponchos to wait out the rain. Heed the warnings about loose articles! They offer free lockers for those rides that throw you around. My husband had his phone in his pocket during Men In Black and at the end of the ride it was gone. Apparently this is a common occurrence on certain rides, and each night they sweep the attractions and turn in loose articles. It took two days, but we did get the phone back. It was helpful that we could track the phone with our GPS, and also we made it ring during the time they were sweeping for loose articles, which we believe helped them find it. They also charged the phone while it was in lost and found, so that helped us keep track.

Tonia Peters

I love it here. I've been multiple times. The level of detail in each of their different worlds never ceases to amaze. The employees are always eager to help and so so friendly. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is more magical than Disney.

iqra khan

I would like to thank Jordan who works as seasonal for helping me get a new pair of shoes with some hallow magic. Someone stepped on my sandals and ripped when I went for Halloween Horror Night and she helped me get a new pair. Thank you so much Jordan.

Amanda Imbalzano

Super fun experience I have been wanting to go here for a while. Harry Potter world was everything I'd hoped it would be. They have an app to get wait times and it was mostly very accurate.

1st 420

Probably the best place in Florida to visit. The lines can be long and it can be hot but the entire family had an amazing time. My only suggestion is to take your time and visit everything in the park. The memories that I have with me and my family are amazing. Thank you universal

Wally Anglesea

So much to do in one day. Sadly, we only had one day here this time, but our queues were not long, about 20 minutes maximum. Obviously we came on a quiet day. Didn't feel tired at the end, even though we walked the whole area ( we didn't do Volcano or Islands of adventure. Highlights for us were especially the Transformers ride, Revenge of the Mummy and the Horror make-up and special effects show. Obviously, Harry Potter is a big drawcard, and the whole Hogwarts area was crowded, but terrific. Make sure you look in the various shop windows to see the various stuff, such as the books in the bookshop. You could wander in here for most of the day if you are a Potter fan. Make sure you stop for breakfast BEFORE you enter the park, as we did. It gives you a good start. Parking was no issue at all, and it's cheap and not far to walk.

John Walton

It was great. Quite expensive for a 2 park/1 day pass really, when you will never have time to see all of it, but still a very enjoyable day. Some of the rides are a little tired, but on the whole it’s great. They could have one or two more indoor rides given the likelihood of thunderstorms in the summer months, which closes the outdoor ones. The Harry Potter stuff is very well done, even though I’m not a fan I appreciated it.

Cole Allen

I loved Universal Studios. I had a blast! The employees, for the most part, had great attitudes. Biggest complaint was the price of water! $5 for a small bottle of water. Water is cheap and critical to life. The other prices I can understand, but not water...

Colin Aldrich

Good rides but at £100 to get in they should be. Plenty of junk food at high prices. But all in all a worth while visit

Zoe Harris

Loved Universal! Obviously most of these pics were from Harry Potter world because obviously Harry Potter is awesome and this whole area makes you just reminisce on the movies and feel like you’re there. I do wish it was bigger because it’s literally the busiest part of the whole resort but every are was nice and fun! Universal is always fun for all ages but definitely awesome for us younger adults. We had a great time. Get the fast pass!!! We went through everything multiple times!

Neil DeCamp

One of the few places on earth that an old man can be young again. Been here many times with my children and grandchildren. But I have more fun and never melt down from fatigue. Well, almost never.

Ben Gardner

Fun-filled from beginning to end and something for all ages! Even when bad weather hits, and they have to temporarily suspend outdoor attractions, there are plenty of things to do and rides that are indoors. Buying a pass is the best bang …

Rebecca Long

Overall I had a very fun experience at universal my favorite ride was the revenge of the mummy!! Gives lots of thrill and a great story line. The fast passes are really nice for pretty much all the rides. I wouldn’t buy the meal plan because many of the cards don’t count for nicer meals. I also wish there was breakfast in the hotels (not the market where you have to pay for donuts and bagels).

Mia Lovesss

This place was so much fun there were many rides such as my favorite The hulk and many more. This place was very clean and nice me and my family of six went to go enjoy the rides of universal and we had a blast thumbs up I I recommend this to anybody who likes roller coasters

Melanie Smith

Fantastic! Today was day 2 of 3 at Universal Studios, we choose to visit Volcano Bay for the first time. We had so much fun! The lines went by very quickly, sometimes faster than the "wait time" sign predicted; the life guards were super attentive, interactive and helpful; the water in all of the pools and slides was clean and clear looking. Such a great experience!!

Frank Sepulveda

Always an awesome time with the family. You can do both parks in one day especially during the slow times which i great. Went for HHN and such a great overall experience. Cant wait till next year!!!

Juan Herrera

This place is amazing. We had a great time. We came the 3rd weekend in August and it was not as busy. Wait times for rides averaged 15 minutes! Score! Download the app it helps tremendously! Harry Potter was amazing!!

Amanda Ferguson

Had a great time with my family at Universal Studios Orlando! We all enjoyed Harry Pitter world especially! Really wish we had more than 1 day at the parks.

Karen Peacock

Fun day!! Lots of walking (wear comfy shoes) and fun simulated rides and a few "real" rides. Nice day with lots to see!

Sam M.

This incredible and magical theme park provides for all ages and interests, from Jurassic Park to Harry Potter, Fast & Furious to Transformers! Split into two parks, there truly is fun for everyone, if you're looking for the bigger rides, I'd suggest taking to the Islands of Adventure, although there is fun for younger ages too. If you're into shows, and 4D experiences, then I'd advise Universal Studios. A personal favourite of mine, and one to look out for, The Blues Brothers show was worth watching! Enjoy your vacation!

Sylvianne Gonzalez

At 11pm we couldn't find a single ride still open (park closed at 2am) because they "needed to do maintenance for the morning opening", and after making long lines for the scare houses, the attractions were closed. Steep price for so many closed attractions!

claudia nuncio

I love Universal studios! Never a bad experience. They're always great deals online. My friend and I went for Halloween Horror nights and we loved it. We're definitely making this a yearly trip.

Kristin Friedenberg

Awesome rides! It's good for families, friends and everyone. Everywhere you go for food they have good portions and it tastes great. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the bar has a one of a kind beer that you can only get there. We are 6 times annual pass holders and we love coming over and over. Never gets old! ❤

Dawn Spencer

Loved Harry Potter!! The detail they put into it is amazing. My kids and I had the best time! The rest of the park was just ok. I would go back for the Harry Potter parks.

sean baber

This theme park was amazing. Great employees who seem to love their jobs. Bathrooms were always sanitary and clean. Food was decent for a theme park. Drink deals make getting a souvenir cup worth the money. Not once in 10 days did I feel like I was being extorted of my hard earned money, which has happened at other parks.

Nora L

First time we’ve been and we loved it all. The water park is top notch. This was the first real vacation I had been able to take my kids on in over 10 years. Awesome place. Staff are really friendly and helpful.

Paul Hawes

Awesome place. Staff are really friendly and helpful. Car parking is slick and you wouldn't think you was exiting the park at the same time as thousand's of other guests (Not like trying to get out of UK multi storey after an event!)

Chris Gundry

We enjoyed Universal as usual, although I wish there were some more new adult rides. The Hagrid ride is definitely worth waiting for and is very different to other rides, but I am glad the queue was only 90 minutes, not several hours like we did see it at times.

Isaias Rivera

Great place for family outing. From start to finish we had a great time. Be prepared to walk and enjoy yourself. The staff here was supper and helpful with any questions we had. If I would have a minor complaint it would have been to have a little more cooling stations because when we went it was extremely hot. Otherwise great time!!

Robert Marks

universal is a very cool theme park with lots of things to do I went for Halloween Horror Nights this year and they did a fantastic job however two things that could use improvement: #1 almost every sound mix in the park is at dangerously high levels which can cause permanent hearing damage. #2 not the permanent fixtures in the park but the many of the temporary installs for events lack simple finish work and look cheaply made and tacky. However I work in entertainment so I may be looking at things I shouldn't be. I will that I am really impressed with Universal Studios and plan to return in the feature.

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