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Whitehead St &, South St, Key West, FL 33040, United States

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Where is Southernmost Point of the Continental US?

REVIEWS OF Southernmost Point of the Continental US IN Florida

Srizan Gangol

Great place for a picture!! Arrive early to get a shot or might have to wait in line. There usually is a cart with coconut water and pin-a-colada; maybe a good idea to hydrate while waiting. Also, would highly recommend renting a scooter to visit this place to avoid long walk or parking.

John H.

I mean, it is what it is. The big touristy lump of concrete. The real actual southernmost tip is nearby on that navy base, but obviously the Navy won't let you out there. it's just a bit of a bummer that you can see land sticking further out South and you can't get to it. it was nice, though, because even though this was a moderately busy touristy area even very early in the morning on a Sunday, everybody lined up peacefully and calmly and the person behind you in line took your picture with your phone and everybody just took turns.

Dave's Workshop

If your in Key West, you will make your way to this point. Granted we were there at the end of May, but it was a scorcher and only one vender close by selling $3 small bottles of water. We had to wait in line to take a picture, but everyone was friendly and helping each other by taking pictures. If you just want to walk by, then no waiting. It's worth taking the time to go see it if you are in Key West, but probably not something you would travel days to come only for it.

boston Daino

This is a neat attraction, but the crowds are thick, the lines are long, and the traffic moves very quickly through this small street. If you have small children, take care during your visit.

fortniteboywll crazy man

It's nice but the water was brown and smelled like sewage...

Rabel Racing

Its a pretty amazing place and quite beautiful. One issue was the long line to take a picture with it but that's alright. I highly recommend taking a day with the family to go check it out!!

Tony Black

It is not the eiffel tower, it is very touristy, you will probably have to walk to it, nevertheless it is a great place to take a picture with family and friends for the trip album. If you don’t care to have the memory or ability to be able to say you were in the southernmost part of the continental US you might pass on it. I think it’s a cool moment to capture if you’re with the right people.

Sarah Kozma

If this is on your bucket list then the 20 minute wait is worth it. Otherwise, it is at least 20 minutes in an unshaded line to take your picture. On the upside, everyone in line is waiting to do the same thing and is very cheery and accommodating in helping to take each other's pictures. So while the wait might be long, you get to meet some interesting people.

Tammy Velez

We came here from Texas in June. We were here for a wedding so decided to visit the most southern point in the keys. It’s close to the downtown area which honestly for me was a been there done that experience. Especially in the humidity and heat of June this was not enjoyable. The most southern point is literally just a sign near the ocean where you wait in line to take a picture. Half of our kids walked away because they weren’t interested in standing in a line for that. There is a fence that goes around the edge of the ocean so there’s no beach or ocean access. And it’s not exactly a pretty sight at all. I guess for the most part everybody knows what to expect from Key West before they go there. We were staying in marathonSo decided to go ahead and take the drive down to Key West. Again I wouldn’t bother to ever do this again. Especially in the heat and humidity of summer in the keys.

Dewey B

Very cool tourist stop for photos! There is usually a line to take pictures all day long, but nobody was there at sunrise!

Sam Farley

Awesome photo location. If there is a long line and you dont mind others in your photo. Stand out in the street and take a quickie

Yang li

Crowd people waiting in a line to take photos with the big tank. The sunset is beautiful but it’s short(5 mins). You can see the sea gull flying with the wind breezing, cruise moving from one side to another. It’s totally like a portrait with the warm sunlight.

maria gonzalez

Florida Keys were amazing but Key West was super amazing we enjoyed it the family and friends and I hope the people are read this enjoy just as much as we did..

Guillermo Cortés

The place does not really offer anything other than this landmark where tourists flock to have their pictures taken. There is not a shade or anything to keep from the sultry the heat. 90 miles to Cuba, but don't even think you can see Cuba from here.

Sebastian L

It's in Florida. It's very warm there. This monument means nothing. To anyone. At all. Good ice lollies nearby, though.

Roshawn Banks

Not sure if this is "actually" the southernmost point, still key West is relaxing during the day, and just beautiful at sunset! If you like to party, there's that in the evening.

Kenny Parker

Go early, a very visited site avoid the photo line anyhow i drove 500 miles and crossed that off my bucket list

Saavik Boomgarden

Definitely a must see and take a picture next to it when you are in key west. There will be a line and it isn't very fast moving! Be prepared during your wait, meaning plenty of water bottles. Also, be kind to your neighbors in line. You take pictures of them on their devices and then they will take your picture on your devices. A selfie won't get everything in it.

Ken Wilkins

We visited the Southernmost Point early in the day when the lines were shorter the two times that we vacationed in Key West, Florida. This is a good location to take pictures to include the sign, proving you were at this famous site. Otherwise, it is best to move on to your next destination since there is no place to linger in this small location.

Jennifer Whiting

Fun! Took lots of pics! Beware of heat and a line for photos. The pictures are great once you wait

Deambre Floyd

It's the Southernmost Point of the US! A beautiful, hot tourist attraction that will quickly form a line for pictures.There is even a coconut drink stand around the corner. Trust me you will need a cool drink in the Keys.

Panchumarthy Deepthi

Very scenic spot overlooking the water and the landmark makes it a fun spot to check out. There is a line of people that forms to step up and take photos next to the landmark. Don't let the line discourage you. It moves quickly.

Kami S

Fun tourist attraction. Enjoyed watching people line up and take turns taking each other pictures. See, we can work together!!!

James Reed

It's a normal tourist landmark you have to visit in Key West. Needs to be cleaned from all the people touching it. But was cool otherwise.

Chris Cook

Free place to visit. Technically not the southern most spot, but still a fun picture to have. The line was long when we went in the morning. We were glad we went in the morning, because the spot was packed as we passed by a few times later in the day on multiple days. There is no formal line and the line was literally in the street when we got there. The sidewalk and street was a little flooded on South St. People were courteous while we were there.

Greg Logan

This was a really cool experience being at the most southern most point in the United States. We are from Ohio and it was January and a very cold 5 degrees at home the day we was here enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean on a hot sunny 84 degree day. This was our first time to Key West and it was everything I thought it would be.

Olga Tepliuk

Amazing place. Good vacation time. Always cool pictures

alok sahu

You can easily spot the point but may or may not find a public parking near the point.You can find a queue to click the snap. No shade or other places to explore. But when you’re in key west then definitely no point to miss the spot Only 90 miles from Cuba. Fresh coconut water is available but depends.

Ann Preece

This is a place every American should visit in order to get perspective on the immense size of our great nation. Key West is a beautiful, well kept, family-friendly historical place to visit. A "must see"!

Dave galottis

Cool to see if your in key west. Wouldn't go out of my way for it. Had to wait in line 15 mins for a pic.

Robert S

When in Rome....... Oh wait this is Key West

Clay Dowling

Much southern, very south. Not as southern as the Naval Air Station next to it, or the public park on the other side. But southern.

Nitin Jain

Overcrowded during warm summer noon... No place to even sit, no public facilities. Historically important. Can spend time elsewhere, consider it if don't have no other place to go.

Tim Ruprecht

So where else can you park opposite the tourist attraction you are visiting? Just drive rightbup to it and park on the street (pay station will be close) - if you lucky you will be able to park in the same street as the....tor. 15 min in self managing queue.

bill duffey

Must see place. The line moves fairly quick, but watch out for the line cutters & car, bus & scooter traffic on the corner as some people think they don't need to wait in lines like us common folk have to

dawn Jackson

So good to finally get here. Touched it. Pictures too. Another tick off my bucket list. A must if you come to key west

Jennifer M

Wow. So beautiful. You have to wait in a long line but it's worth it. Other people are nice about taking your picture for you.

Abby Goldsmith

Welllll we went on a weekday, and the line to take a photo was too long for a hot summer day. So we ended up taking photos from across the street. Also, good luck parking anywhere nearby. There are expensive trolleys and bike taxis, and walking is an option.

Hao Liou

It’s a good landmark to take a photo with. Because of so many people waiting in line and crazy sun light there, prepare your sunscreen lotion or umbrella before going there.

Amber Hanselmann

Great place to take a photo :) You'll most likely need to walk to this, as there isn't really much parking - and be ready to wait at least 10-15 minutes in line, too (very sunny). There's a neat statue and plaque right beside the main marker, a large weather radar nearby, beautiful view of the ocean, and if you look through the fence, you'll spot tons of large iguanas sunning themselves or running around.

Ken Krajewski

Cool spot. Awesome photo op. Expect to wait in line for your opportunity to take your selfie.

Kameron Ainsworth

This place was cool to visit but super crowded. We opted to take pictures at the back instead of waiting in the long line to take pictures in front with the sign.

Ramprasath Tharmarajan

Nothing to see or enjoy here. May just take a photo. But just for a photo which would not be a memorable place on peak hours you need to wander to find a parking space on these narrow streets. Even just for a photo we were in line which we realized later that we would have spent time in somewhere to explore key west. Visit if you really have nothing to do in key west or if you find lot of time. Enjoy.

Rajeev Saxena

Long time popular tourist spot for taking pictures. Lots of folks were there and the line, though long, did move quickly. Everyone was polite and respectful towards all.

Barry Greathouse

Pretty cool attraction. You have to pay for parking on the street to see this if you park close. Be prepared to stand in line to take a picture there. I highly recommend going early in the day because the line gets long... and it's hot there!


Went on a Monday late morning. A line of people waiting to take a picture at the marker. Lots of tourists who had the same idea. Lots of people walking around only to have a numbers increase as the day goes. Heard about the Sunset celebration but decided to head out of the crowd. Lovely area. Wear sun block

chris allen

I can confirm that coming early is your best choice. Later in the day will have you standing in a line for a quick photo opportunity. On the upside you can cool off from the heat with a fresh coconut or a snow cone at the vendor a few feet away.

Cherian Mathew

Tourist spot. Small Line for taking pictures but people are nice, wait for your turn. Park a few block away for free parking. Must visit

Carole Lorfing

Drove all the way down just to have to wait in way too long of a line to get a decent picture. Guess i should have read the reviews first! Checked off the bucket list BUT in my opinion this was somewhat disappointing. I did enjoy the Key West area.

Kausar Zaman

You will have that feeling that you’re at somewhere else all of a sudden when you go near it. Surrounding neighborhood is different than usual. You will like it. That huge waves hits the wall and makes some noise

Jacob Priego

Other than finding parking and waiting in line, a nice monument. While you're in the area, stop by the local food and shops. An enjoyable experience.

Esmeralda Aguilera

Very cool place, love the audios on your phone. The story of the Conch man is very interesting. Something that you just do, don’t forget to pay for parking though.


Very beautiful area for selfies and photos. However, you might better get there a little early if you want a selfy with the southernmost point marker. The line of people waiting for a photo with it is almost always pretty long.

Henry Katz

Cute marker which drew an orderly succession of patient picture takers braving the spray coming over the relatively slow sea wall and easily limiting street and pedestrian access as small lakes formed. A quick reaction time on your phone's camera can prevent a long wait if you're satisfied not having to prove you were there.

Angela Taylor

This place has been amazing for years every time I go I have to go by there it hasn't changed in years

Emperia Lux

Very nice place to visit. Not sure how people live there to be honest its not very hype as people make it out to be. But if you enjoy peace, quiet and calmness. This is the place for you. Overall, food places here are good, plenty of stores for the shoppahaulics. And plenty to visit.


We didn't line up to take pictures because the line was too long and it was too hot. The children couldn't hold out in line. It's also good to photograph the scenery. It's hard to find a parking space on the side of the road. It's $4 an hour

Jo Ann Grode

Loved it! Beautiful place with so much rich history, fabulous food and drinks. Owner Michael and server Madison were tremendous. So was Larry the pizza eating rabbit!

Mike Preferred Mechanical

Great photo spot everyone is there for one reason and waited patiently for there turn to take their picture

Pierpaolo Occhino

Nice place. the roads are all beautiful and full of surprises .. the only flaw is the beaches, super dirty and full of algae / sponges .. you can not swim, many prohibition signs. otherwise the place is magical

Imani Sankofa

You must use GPS to locate this place. Limited street parking $5/hr. There's a line to take pics. Lots of water splashing... Enjoy!

Ramces Chirino

My wife and I visited this location. It is interesting from the standpoint that you are at the very southern part of the country but don't expect much more. Also, if you expect to take a picture at the spot, be prepared to stand in line. We went very early and skipped the picture because there were about 50 people already lined up.

Raffaele Rialdi

Travelling to Key West is a really long trip. The western islands are more enjoyable. I expected to see Cuba from this point but it is definitely still to far away (90 miles). Once you are thee there are a couple of cafe, beaches and restaurants. Enjoy!

Jeff Allen

You can't come to Key West and not visit this historic spot for a photo. Go early in the morning before the cruises stop in port so you don't have wait in line for the iconic Key West Kodak Moment that just received a fresh coat of paint in mid September 2019

Rahmaan Thomas

Cool place. My son enjoyed it. Nice spot to take photos. Was a few people there. Lot more as we were leaving.

Sean Kinney

Fun to stand and listen to people talk to each other and how everyone sees something different in the story of being here. I watched a wedding party, a group of German tourists, and a husband wife. We all do the same things but it's a different story for each of us.

Lin V.

A must do in Key West. We got there kind of late, I think 4ish on our first day. And the line was super long. We went back the next day while walking to get our morning coffee. We saw that no one was there. Perfect photo opportunity for us. Not sure if it’s like that all the time but go early to skip the lines. Hope that helps.

Llama Does

Check those tourist boxes. It’s free. It’s a great photo opportunity. Walk or ride a bike here. Parking is limited. You may have to wait in line to take your photo.

Ty Hagy

Nice place to visit as it seems to be the southernmost point you can drive to within the USA. So many people were there, long line, but everyone was friendly and were willing to take each other's pictures. Enjoyed walking down Duval street to make our way here.

Daniel M

Great to visit later towards the night. Less tourist better pictures and what's better than enjoying time at the southern most point with out lines and tons of people. A must stop spot in the keys.

Deirdre D

Very scenic spot overlooking the water and the landmark makes it a fun spot to check out. There is a line of people that forms to step up and take photos next to the landmark. Don't let the line discourage you. It moves quickly.

Ruchir Verma

This landmark makes Key West special. It should not take more than 30-45 minutes. It's a nice place with scenic views around. You would see long queues waiting to get a picture with the landmark, however it moves real quick. Parking is paid and a little difficult to find but with some wait, you would definitely get a paid parking spot. There's a museum, cafes and a small Beach nearby to chill out.

Drew Poole

Cool place, postcard pictures but dont let it fool you, we waited in line for 30 minutes to get this shot! Luckily folks were pleasant enough to get out of the way and let each group take their pictures

Ashley Klingel

Blistering hot, and we had to wait in a long line to try to get a pic with the attraction. Unfortunately, the line was too long so we just took some photos of it. Gorgeous view, and very gorgeous houses leading up to it. A few blocks from the trolley stop.

Aline Eclair

It´s a nice place and an iconic place in KeyWest because of the location. It´s cool to take a picture at the monument and we had to wait a bit on a queue to do that. There were some statues around that you should also take a look. Terrible to park around, so go walking if possible.

Cescilie Calvo

This an iconic spot to visit if you are in Key West. I will warn you though, there is always a wait to take a picture. If it's your first time, make the wait and take the picture, but if you are returning like me, I just pick up a coconut from the local vendors and take a picture from far away. The local vendors also have ice cream and snow cones.

Brian Miller

Fun tourist attraction. You can say you did it. Love wasn't too bad. Lots of selfish parties taking tons and tons of photos holding up the line, frustrating others. If you have the right demeanor you'll see the comedy in it.

filip gult

Cool to see the point. Busrides on the key are free to the public which is a big plus. But I can not recommend going here in too hot weather since the key requires a lot of walking

William Hoadley

Expect a line espcially if the cruuse boats are in. Line moved quickly spent 20min in line.

Ankita Agarwal

This place is famous for the best view of sunset as it's the southernmost point of the continent. People can drive from Miami to Key West and enjoy the evening view and sunset as well. Beaches are clear with white sand around.

Shane Blocker

It was cool. It was way touristy but it is what it is that's why we go. Lots of people from around the world. Warning there is a line. We went on a Thursday at about noon. Waited about 10 min in line. It was cool people ahead let people behind take the pics, so it was interesting seeing different cultures come together for pics.

Philip Keithley

This is a fun visit if you happen to be in Key West since it is such a notable and popular landmark. It is very busy making it hard to get a good picture without standing in line but it can be done. Easy to find and I am sure all the tours will take you past it. Great picture oppurtunity!

Diana Houck

I didn't think I would like Key West but I fell in love with it. Cobblestone streets and so touristy but if I had money I could live there. Lots of bars and unique souvenirs and lots of history. I recommend taking the hop on hop off tour. You will learn so much and it's fun.

Josie Hatley

Honestly nothing much there but was a bucket list item, there was a line to take photos with it but it’s just at the end of the road, mostly housing around. We walked from around Mallory square and in about a mile we hit “mile 0”, the Hemingway house, and the southernmost point. Was a nice little walk to get in the sights, but remember that as you go towards it you’re going away from the restaurants, bathrooms, banks etc.

Saifadam Pathan

Other than the photo oportunity, which is a nice to have for memory... the lines are long so be prepared to wait your turn. The houses around r pretty. Nothing more to do here.

John Foster

A very cool landmark to visit! It's located on the Atlantic side of the island, so a short walk over that way from Duval Street..but in the heat, some may opt for a ride or to be dropped off. There was a line, probably took about 15 minutes to get to the monument and take our pics. We visited after a night of fair rainfall, so lots of large puddles and flooded streets, where cars passing had to go slow. Scratch this one off the bucket list

Grayson Gersten

Cool location, but so busy. There were lines to take pictures near the marker.

Anne Jo Lee Harvard

Surprised there was a line these days to take a picture here but I do love Key West and this is an iconic location to get a photo!

Scott Mackenzie

When visiting the Fl Keys put this stop on your bucket list. Youll have bragging rights.

Jimmie Ragsdale

Nice just plan on spending some time. Line is long but moves very fast. Great place to see.

Shad Smith

A must do but very busy and hot not to mention many jerks on the road not yielding to peds. Can be extraordinarily busy so go in off time. Before we went I have seen over 30 people waiting in line. We went right after sunset and it was very pretty.

Joshua Tam

It's cool to see. A mad house of families scrambling to take photos. Kind of frustrating but was fun to bring the kids too.

Mark Tremel

Kitschy. Okay, get a picture of the rock, but don't wait in the line. Also, if you take the hop on hop off bus, go here first to get a shorter wait. The real treat here is the southernmost house which is now a hotel and café. Go ahead and get a slushy drink and some key lime pie and bask in the views and the people and the beautiful old house.

Darsh Nathwani

A good place in Key west. You feel cold breeze and fresh vibes.

Rosa c

If you go to key west. Go to the southernmost point. It's the main attraction there. Apart from its beutiful. Streets

Julie Kelley

When in Key West, you have to visit here! Its not much to see but it's a cool spot to get a photo op. There were also lots of iguanas around the corner that were neat to check out.

Celeste W

Great, low-budget family outing in Key West. We went around 8:15 on a Tuesday morning while it was “relatively cool”. The crowd was low and we were able to locate a disabled parking spot a few yards from the point. It was easy to unload and roll over to our photo-op. We now have a cherished photo.

jmike 45acp

Stopped in Key West on a cruise. Visited the Southernmost Point buoy to get a picture. The line was long but moved fast. Definitely a great, memorable experience!

Martin Davis

A great place to visit. Bustling town. I wouldnt recommend driving there as a day trip as it takes longer than anticipated. The good swimming beaches were few and hard to find. However we did enjoy our day.

Joseph Lopez

When in Key West you must go to take a picture on mile marker 0 Hiway 1. Theres usually a line during the day that takes about 15 minutes depending on the group in front if you. It is hot and humid and an umbrella does help. Parking is a challenge. It's best to drop someone off to get in line then find parking. I enjoyed it for sure.


Ok it’s a cool place. To say you have been at the most southern point of USA. But you have to wait in line to get picture. We were late I. Evening had to wait 15 minutes. Later we drove by and there was about 50 people waiting. Would guess it would take an hour for pic.

Kyle Rutledge

Would have been a nicer experience if it hadn’t been pouring rain the whole time

Lamar Thomas

Nice Destination Location. It has to be the most photographed spot in the Florida Keys

Luiz Fernando Keller

Not a big thing, but it's awesome to think how near you are from Cuba e how far from entire USA.

Dani Corum

Cool to say that I have been here and got a picture but the line was really long and it was really hot.

James Williams

I don't really know what I was expecting, to be honest, but even so, this still fell short of my expectations. If you're the kind of person who has to visit places for the sake of saying you've visited them then you'll probably love it. The queue can stretch for two blocks but when you reach the front you'll get to stand next to a sculpted lump of reinforced concrete which marks, supposedly, the most Southern point of the United States. You can then walk behind the lump of concrete and go a little bit further South, but not much. It smells a bit funny around the monument-like there might be a poop pipe nearby.

Jeffrey Barbieri

Nice spot for a photo but on a Sunday at noon there were roughly 100 people in line...but it's ok if you're on island time. Parking can be tough to come by. Visit earlier In the day if possible.

Heart of a Mermaid

Definitely the thing to do when in KW!! Expect a line, and I recommend walking or biking as there is very little parking. The nice thing about it was everyone in line was so nice, and the people behind you if asked are nice enough to take photos for you!! Best time to go is early morning before it gets too warm and the line is small.

Brett Buchanan

Waited in an informal line along sidewalk to take a but nothing much to do there but that.

Stuart Crocker

Very much a tourist attraction. Line up if you want a close picture with the 6 foot tall marker. Southern most point that a civilian can go in the continental US

Michael Hudson

It is ok because it is there, but with that comes virtually every tourist in south Florida. But it is a check mark on many people's bucket list...There is line and patience becomes a virtue. Easy access for the pedestrian, impossible parking for the vehicular traffic...

Susan Saltos

Just a statue to take your picture at at the southern most point. You have to wait in a line not managed by anyone at all. But people respected each others place in line and was orderly though no one at all was organizing the tourists. The Tourists all were friendly and helped each other out with taking each others pictures so they could be in the picture with their family and friends. There were a few rude tourists that sat on the wall behind the statue while people were taking pictures. But they moved when asked. We waited maybe half hour in line, but I've heard other people who visited that said they waited 2 hours. It's not worth a 2 hour wait. Half hour, fine.

Dannny Ramos

Cool to visit all the way down south. There was nothing wrong with the place but nothing fun either. Just cool to look at and people enjoy taking pictures. They make a line to take pictures which really allows everyone to get a shot.

Nick Drew

Meh? Not sure how else to describe this place. There was a long queue for those who wanted to take a photo there. It’s probably more exciting if you’re actually from the US.

Edward Ray

Great place to go--- in the winter. Went in December and the temps were mid 70s. You don't want to go from May to October unless you got the trip for free. Even the locals move out for the summer. Not an awful lot to see but lots of bars and nightlife mixed in with some really good restaurants, easy to navigate and pretty much closely spaced for those who don't mind walking. Again, the weather is what makes or breaks this destination. When we went to the "furthest U.S. point" buoy the line for pictures was 3 blocks long. We went early the next morning while everyone else was passed out and no one was there. I'd definitely go back again.

Sam Rogers

It's a big tourist attraction telling you where you are, you get exactly what you expect! When I went the crowd had self organised into a queue and helpfully taking each other's photos, hopefully you'll be as lucky! Came back an hour later and it was very busy - get here early!!

Brook Goddard

It's one of the more iconic tourist attractions in Key West and, as such, draws a crowd. We went during the off season in August but there was still a line over 100 feet long of people waiting to have their picture taken. It was extremely hot and humid as you would expect it to be at that time of year so we just took a selfie from across the street with the marker in the background which was good enough for us. A tour guide told us the line gets much longer at other times.

Douglas Kirschbaum

An absolute must see location if visiting this great little island.

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