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REVIEWS OF Magic Kingdom Park IN Florida

Maddi Schuster

This place was so magical and amazing. Every aspect of the park has been thought out and designed really well that it all just makes sense. We found the best place to eat was Pecos Bill Tale Inn and Cafe. We ordered beef nachos and tacos. Both we're made well and had plenty of toppings to accommodate. Nice cheap food makes the day more enjoyable. Every encounter with staff has been wonderful, everyone has been helpful and happy doing their job. Definitely recommend everyone to come here at least once!

Davey Loot

What's not to love about Magic Kingdom? Three Magic Kingdom fireworks show is the best in the world. They do an amazing job every night. The food, the ice cream, the rides, it's all great. The castle is majestic. My wife and I love this place, of course our kids do to. The parade is great. I do wish they had more options for alcoholic drinks. Currently you have to be dining at a select few restaurants to get a good alcoholic drink. But other then that, this place is amazing. Everyone should experience Magic Kingdom at least once in their life. More if possible.


Spectacular attraction; but hampered by two things - extreme heat of Florida in August and the amount of time once has to spend staying in the queues. The Disney parade was great fun and most of attraction is almost like a page right out of a Disney fairytale. Really friendly and helpful staff. Good spread of rides to satisfy all ages. The number of shops probably match the number of activities. Overall it's a great day out, especially if you plan the time of your visit well!

Gerard H Labarre Jr

I, have not been in years and with the Disney app and Fast-pass times; where you see rides and their wait times, allowed my friend and I to plan the movements around the park in a less frustratingly panicked rush to see how long the ride was going to be, we had our scheduled rides for the day and had knowledge of our surroundings, we did not use the mobile meal app. The lines were pretty decent and were moving quite quickly, but we felt we saw more and did more just planning your day and not to mention getting there at gates open to stroll through the many shops and eateries on Main St. USA, 30 min before you are allowed to ENTER THE PARK. It's great cause you get the "I need to see what's in here". Out of the way for the remainder of your visit. Crowds are minimal at this time.

jean gutierrez

We had the best time at Mickey's not so scary Halloween party! The staff was very friendly and helpful. We had the best time ever! Definitely going back. A must for kids of all ages include babies!


Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Event was awesome! First time I went with my family and we had so much fun! Lots of candy and we got on all the rides. No more than a 20 minute (mostly 5) minute wait for all the rides. Had some great snacks and drinks throughout the night! Definitely will come back next year!!!

Carol Buckingham

Magic Kingdom is terrific for the kids and adults that are young at heart. This park has the most rides and shops plus alk the eating places fast food and sit down restaurants. Weather the past 2 weeks has been in the 90's everyday and only a drop of rain so you have plenty of time to run around all over the park besides you want to have plenty if fluids to drink. You need them. Really enjoy being here and having loads of fun. Employees are very friendly and helpful. Ask them any questions and you will get your answers. I could go on and on but I think I have said enough for the time being. Ask me later I know plenty about Disney.

Fide Andre

Amazing park. Beautiful fireworks at night. I would not recommend to visit during hot Florida weather, best time during hot weather may be when the sun is not as heavy, perhaps after 2pm. Fast Pass option is great, go on the Disney app to reserve 2 rides. They do a good job about updating the wait time for rides on the screen placed on waiting area. I was kinda disappointed for the lack of a Disney characters, I had the notion that you would walk on the Main Street by the castle and you would find several ones. I would highly recommend to wear sunblock, hat, sunglasses, rain poncho, drink plenty of water, wear comfortable shoes and be patient because there will be a line for rides. Commuting between parks is free. It is a safe and clean place, many food options. Definitely an entertaining place to visit. On your first visit or any occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc) stop by guest services and they will give you a free pin. The Enchanted Tiki Room is a must do! Also plan ahead an check events, they have parades, food festivals, etc.

Ashley White

A fun place for all ages and lovers of Disney. The parks are very well designed and whimsical, however it can be extremely busy and hot so make sure you plan for that. Food choices are limited for those with dietary requirements and what options there are, are quite expensive but the park has no issue with you bringing in your own food and drink. All round a really fun day.

Ryan Morton

This was the 1st time I had ever been to Disney World but my god what a fantastic place it really was. Was never really into Disney and the idea of going but myself and my wife thought it would be nice for our 4 year old daughter. HOW WRONG WAS I. The place is truly AMAZING!!! I really do miss the place a lot and hope to go back, such a magical place for children and adults of any age. There are plenty of things to do and see outside of the attractions withing the park. There are a huge amount of restaurants and snack areas. We visited the park about 6 times and to be honest we still did not cover the whole park, it is absolutely use. I don't think words can describe the place and a review just would not do it justice. Magic Kingdom is massive with rides and attractions to suit all, old and young. We had a rainy day just once but it didn't matter at all it was still magical. Hard for words to sum this place up, I was not a Disney fan before I went but now I just want to go back. Just go, you will not be disappointed and trust me, you will remember it forever!!!

Joshua Collins

We took a family vacation here and had a blast. The entire family enjoyed the park. If staying in a resort you get extra time if a different park each day of the week which is nice. Also you can use 3 fast passes per day which shorten the wait time for even the busiest rides. Planning is key do some research on what you want to do and the best times of day to do it as the lines for some attractions can get rather long. Also it took our LO a bit to warm up to the character's as they are bigger than most kids expect but he did warm up quick. All the character's we had interaction with were great and went out of their way to make it a special memory for our little one. If your looking for somewhere to take the family on vacation this is a truly a magical place.

Barbara Rhoads

Had so much fun with my family. The shows out number the rides, but they are really good. If in your budget send the extra money for the meet and great dinner with the characters. My daughter loved it as much as I did.The photo pass package is so worth the money, make sure to ask all the people if they have a magic maker so that you get a character in your photos too. And take the time to watch the shows.

Julián Garzón

This is still heaven for fun. No matter if you are young or old. Went to the Halloween nights. Totally recommended! New show with the castle as a screen, music and fireworks. Absolutely amazing!

edward tse

Magic Kingdom is truly full of Magic here. Classical Disney Style, all you have is probably all you want. As a big FANS of Disney, you can't miss it! And don't miss the dinning experience in "Be our guest" restaurant, it need reservation in advance but it is totally worthy!! I Love Magic Kingdom, thanks Walt Disney!!

Mattie Whitney

I don't think Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the other Disney owned parks and attractions would be what this place is know for if it weren't for the professionalism, dedication and love of all of its employees. The rides and everything makes for a good time, but hats off to every Disney employee who goes to work with the smile on their faces, and show all visitors a good time. It is a beautiful thing when we get to see how everybody is transformed into a little child even before we cross those gates, and seeing little faces light up when they see their favorite characters is priceless. My children have enjoyed visiting Disney, and so have we.

Anthony Gioielli

Great place but if you have little ones figure on making it a 2 day event to see everything. Went to the not so scary event and it was awesome. Ride times for splash mountain and thunder mountain were 5mins. So worth going because of not being so crowded or killer hot because it's from 7pm on.

Gustavo Davila

Had a really great time here with the family, kids of course loved every second of it. The three fast passes were great l, we got to ride most of the rides and take pictures with a lot of the characters. The employees were extremely nice and the park was pristine and beautiful. Will definitely return. Only real complaint was leaving, although they had 5 methods to exit the park it was still hectic and crazy.

Michael Pasacrita

Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing park, but it's just too popular. We went in July, and I feel like it was a massive mistake. Both EPCOT and the Studios were way easier to navigate, shorter lines, and more fun. They need to improve …

Iago Rosa

The Most Magical Place on Earth is a well earned and deserved title for this place! The Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite Disney World parks till this day, featuring so many quality rides, events, beautiful structures and much more. It's incredibly beautiful with so much to do and see throughout the day. They put in so much effort in this park and it shows with the rides and structures being so incredibly detailed, everything is incredibly well made and outright beautiful. With many fun things to do, beautiful and interesting things to see and absolutely stunning lights and fireworks show at the end of the night, Disney's Magic Kingdom easily places itself as one of the most gorgeous and fun parks I've ever been to in my life. If you ever have the opportunity to come to this park, make sure you take it, it'll be an experience of a lifetime that you will not regret.

Emma Harlow

We love magic kingdom! The park is so special, and all of the cast members make sure to make you feel like a princess/prince when you walk in and are there. My favorite ride is the haunted mansion, my husbands is pirates of the Caribbean. We try to come at least once a year, but all we do when we’re away is think about coming back. If you’re trying to decide if it’s worth the money, it really is. I promise you.

Yunny Hou

Always love to snack on this adorable Mickey pretzel whenever I visit the magic kingdom park. Comes with a side of nacho cheese dip, but personally not a super big fan of the cheese dip because it tastes kind of artificial and a bit too salty with the pretzel. But the Mickey pretzel itself is pretty nice, sprinkled with coarse salt on top, and soft texture. Great to grab and enjoy when lining up for rides. Available at lots of stands in the park, this one is in storybook circus pretzel stand. They also have a lot of cute snacks like caramel apple inside the souvenir shop in storybook circus too. Mickey pretzel with cheese dip - $7.00

Sean Ogrady

I LOVE Disney! My wife and I came with our 8 month old daughter for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. They are VERY generous with candy. The lines were quick and efficient. Sadly, we only stayed until 8pm because our daughter was ready for bed. We will definitely come again when she is old enough to remember our visit!

Flutie Cutie

Magical, amazing, incredible... just the few words that I can use to describe this extraordinaire place. A few tips though. 1. Make sure to get the wait time app. 2. Get fast passes, but don’t waste it on simple rides like peter pan. 3. The best time to do rides that normally have a long wait is during fireworks or parades. Have fun!!

Bruce Laird

Had a super time... Much better than before... Using the app for fast pass a d info is a must... They really need to improve the food! Hey check out the Monsters inc laugh show.... It was funny! We hit a bunch of shows when the weather got too hot (around 230 pm to 4) killer... But managed to stay till the fireworks... Well worth it.

Terrence King

The Main Attraction. Magic Kingdom has something for fun lovers of all ages. From the Roller Coasters to Virtual Rides MK's a full day of fun. A must do is the Nightly Fireworks Showcase along with the Character Parades. You will not be disappointed if you visit. You ensure you plan on spending the entire day to have a chance to experience everything Magic Kingdom has to offer.

Josue Sierra

I love this place. Makes me feel like I'm a kid again (except when paying to go in and buy food). We were only able to spend about 4 hours there because of the rain. Wish it was a little more affordable and we would go more often. Still a great experience.

Hezi Bosmi

Magic Kingdom was just awesome. We visited here during our honeymoon (we are 28 years old) and we still had great time here. It's recommended arriving early as the lines are pretty shorts. After that you're gonna spend long time at queues. Use wisely you FastPass and assist the Disney experience app to see waiting times and closed attractions.

Will Schodowski

Born and raised in Florida and my father was a welder for Disney we're almost 20 years. Grew up going to Disney all the time. Although wearing Disney products and flaunting Disney is very much not me still I refuse to take for granted that …

Eric McDermott

Magic kingdom was magically. Although it was exhausting with 2 young kids....we now have a lifetime of memories to look back on. There are so many great rides and things to do at magic kingdom. I enjoy eating at Tony's Italian and my favorite quick service was Columbia Harbour house. The kids loved the haunted Mansion, small world, Peter pan, railroad ride and many many other rides.

Joe Arnold

Great visit, classic Disney World. Employees and cast members were excellent and entertaining. The view of Cinderella's Castle is breathtaking; I can definitely recommend taking young children here for all the character greetings. We were also able to watch the horse-drawn carriage set up near the entrance gate. I will definitely be back.

Elaine Ingham

I love Disney theme parks. I don't love the long lines for the rides, so do the fast tracks as much as possible. Sometimes you will want to get fast tracks weeks in advance, maybe months in advance for the new attractions. We actually managed to ride Rite of Passage three times in one day this year! That's where you ride a Banshee on Pandora, and you don't want to miss that! It isn't a roller coaster, your stomach doesn't get involved, but everything else about the experience is so real! Amazing ride! Can't wait to go to the new Star Wars area... Millennium Falcon and light speed, here I come!!!!!!!


Went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Disney has their trick-or-treating down with a nice variety of goodies for those with a variety of allergies. They use a coin system and you redeem them at special sites. Also this is the one time adults can dress up in the park. So much fun! Also there are parades, a firework show, and a Sanderson Sister show. It was a great time.

Jeremy Clark

I came here with my girlfriend for Villains' After-Hours. It was a great experience! The park was a lot of fun, the shows were entertaining, and the ride lines were cut significantly shorter. I highly recommend attending these special after-hours events if you are only going to be able to be in the park for a day or two. They allow you to get the "Disney" experience, but allow you to explore and experience the park in less time by spending less time in the queues. Disney always does a great job of keeping the parks clean and safe, and bringing new attractions and shows to the table to keep their guests happy.

Aaron Laudermith

What's not to love. Great for children of all ages. My 7 and 5 yr old loved it. Great time at the royal table and crystal palace. I'd pass on the country bear jamboree unless you're looking for an excuse to get out of the sun.

Nathan Howard

Disney World is indeed a magical place. Disney World has fun rides, fun attractions and if you go to the better restaurants, you can get some awesome food. I cannot stress enough to plan ahead. Plan for rides, plan for food, and plan on fun. Buy tickets early, if you are staying at a Disney World resort take advantage of booking fast passes earlier than those who are not staying on the resort. These folks get to schedule Rides like the newer Seven Dwarfs roller coaster. And there is a chance that if you are not staying at a Disney World resort, you will not get a fast pass for this ride. Eating plans can be made 6 months out, and if there is a place you really want to eat at, you should make those plans way early. You are going to be standing in line bring sunscreen and battery pack for you phone. Bring bags that seal closed for electronics and bring an umbrella. It rains in Florida. employees are supper nice and the place is super clean. It is mind blowing that a place the has so many people go through each day can stay so clean.

J.D. Sawchuk

This is a fun place for children of all ages! Plan ahead, don't go in without a proper list of what you want to do. The my Disney app is super helpful you'll be able to see wait times before you get there to kinda help prioritize things.

Rachel May Espinoza

This is the classic Disney park that you expect to come to. The best rides are any of the mountain rides and it's easy to get fast passes because they're all on the same tier. I especially enjoy splash mountain. It's a long ride and well worth the wait, plus you get wet and the water can help cool you down on a hot Florida day. The feeling of this park is quite magical, but expect large crowds here.

Stefanie W

Loved the night show Happily Ever After, and was probably our favorite out of all the parks! Even though this is usually the busiest parks of them all, it's a must go! Lots of things to shop, to eat, to play/ride. Also, would definitely recommend the Be Our Guest restaurant at the beasts castle!! Food was great - we had the lamb chops and seared scallops (scallops were cooked perfectly! ❤️) our waiter was awesome, great service and went above and beyond! Disney is home!

Sandy Santoro

The prices at Disney and all of the parks are ridiculous. You better hit the lottery before you go. You pay more and get less. The restaurants are very limited with their menu and serving food that I would not give away. I don't know what happened to the all American food that everyone enjoys. A ham and cheese sandwich ,2 slices of ham 1 slice of cheese, $8.98. I had a $16.00 margarita. I visit every year and I'm not planning to go back next year. The changes they have made are definitely not for the better.

Dawn Woods

Mickey's not so scary Halloween had an awesome show of laser lights at the castle. You can get in as early as 4Pm for the Halloween party but it starts at 7Pm. My son had his first haircut that came with a certificate for his first haircut . Memory maker was good if you want lots of pics. You have to go meet character at the breakfast or lunch, dinning restaurants. Overall awesome time.

vanessalee's floridabreeze

My mom used to take me here all the time when I was a kid. We only lived 70 minutes away. I have so many fond memories of the Magic Kingdom as it changed through the years. My favorite rides being the constants. Carousel of Progress, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, etc. Every time we visited it felt like the first time for me. That's the magic! Fast forward to 2019. I'm now 21, working hard for the money, and so... I treated my mom to a day at the Magic Kingdom, and at the end of the night we both turned our one day tickets I bought us into Silver Annual passes. I can't wait to walk into the parks whenever I want. Each time feeling like the first. Here's to never growing up. Here's to the magic we make with our loved ones. Here's to Disney.

Ellen Linsen

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party was awesome. Lines were short, cast members were very nice and friendly, and we got tons of candy! The Descendance was a lot of fun for my granddaughter, who is a fan of the Descendants movies. DJ was phenomenal, and the cast members made sure everyone had a good time. It was better to go to the evening event than at regular daytime hours. I'd do it again. The only reason I gave the MK a 4 not a 5, is that during regular hours, we paid a lot of money to spend a lot of time waiting in line. If you can plan your trip enough ahead of time to get Fast Passes for your 3 top rides, it would make your visit better. Disney is pretty pricey for normal family vacations. If lines are long, I'm not sure the value is there.


Such a magical place! Loved every minute of being here! Cannot wait to return. Worth getting the park hopper ticket to come and watch the fireworks every night. Happily Ever After fireworks are absolutely amazing and made me so emotional every time. Lock in fast passes as early in advance as possible.

Shree Eberly

Magic Kingdom was definitely a magical day!!! Had great food! Fun rides! And many friendly faces! It was extremely hot while we were vacationing there and you could just ask for a FREE cup of water at most food stands. Spent 2 days at the park and you definitely need that much time to cover most of the place. The night time fireworks display at the castle is amazing! Definitely a must do! Even though leaving the park afterwords is a mess with all the people going for the exit. Strollers flying over your feet and people arguing about getting to close to them. Dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern was fantastic! Found the hidden Mickey inside the George and Martha room


The 1st Disney park most people will go to, plain a's great, easy access for wheelchairs, push chairs (strollers). Lots of toilets and changing rooms, the isle's in the shops are wide. Staff everywhere to help you. Yes the rides and shows (light shows etc) are great, the queue times seem to be exaggerated in my experience (use an app like touring plans lines). The restaurant's are there are very varied with their food selection.

Wilver Quilca

Great experience, had an awesome time, very polite staff. Mickey's not so scary Halloween had an awesome show of laser lights at the castle. You can get in as early as 4Pm for the Halloween party but it starts at 7Pm. My son had his first haircut that came with a certificate for his first haircut . Memory maker was good if you want lots of pics. You have to go meet character at the breakfast or lunch, dinning restaurants. Overall awesome time.

Mary Eastman

It never gets old going here I've been going since I was a kid. Three days ago I got to go by myself without my children and it was such a great experience. I got to see so much more and do so much more and eat more. I was just able to do …

Cindy Adams

For me it's more if a once and a very long while kind of place. Everything is really breath taking to see for the first time. The rides on the other hand is a another ball games, the lines are hours long unless you are lucky enough to score a fast pass and to me these rides are not worth that long of a wait. am I glad we came ? Yes. Would I suggest others to visit? Yes.

Kirk Williams

This was by far our favorite for many reasons. It is the largest park, and has the most rides. Whether you are there during the day or in the evening Magic Kingdom really is a magical place. If you time your rides out right, you can get all your rides in and go back and do more. We did this park over 2 days, doing one half one day and the other half another day. This allowed us to experience all the rides and different activities (parades, plays etc) each day. Even with all the rides we were able to go on and things we got to see and do, we know that there are still many more things to do. The fireworks in the evening are amazing and worth standing in the crowd to see. We will be back to this park for sure.

John Orlando

We had an excellent time in the park! This was our second visit and sure won’t be the last! If you use your fast pass you can get on almost everything! Some of the lines were long but they move fast! There is lots of dining and food to which the food was great in every place that we ate at!

Lou C

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party was, as always, just fantastic. While we've been to the Party 4 other times these were the largest crowds that we've experienced, as ride wait times were much longer then we've encountered before (people must be discovering how much fun it is). This and the Not So Scary Halloween Party are must do's if you can make them. The parade, the seasonal fireworks and the free hot chocolate and cookies are all worth the price. We also added (for an additional fee) the dessert Party too (with the outside garden private viewing area for the fireworks). They also added a special menu and parade viewing area at Tony's Town Square (additional fee also) and guests were allowed to stay an extra half hour at the Restaurant after the Party ended (previously the parade viewing area was included with the dessert party in addition to the separate fireworks viewing area but I guess Disney needed a tad more revenue so they rearranged who did what and where;). But the Very Merry Christmas Party is so much fun we're already planning another visit for next Christmas. This is truly becoming our family annual Christmas Tradition:)

Max Wheeler

Disney does an amazing job making your experience wonderful. The cost is the one thing keeping them from a solid 5 stars. The cast members do a great job making sure you are helped and making sure the park is clean. The food offered is sub standard but that's my opinion as there are others out there who think it's wonderful. Their transportation department is doing their job flawlessly getting you in and out of the parks and resorts. The real problem with any of the Disney parks are the guest. Some people have no respect for anyone and some parents really believe their kids are perfect. News flash.... their not. I get that kids are excited when they come to Disney but that shouldn't mean that parents let them act out and interfere with other first the way they do. So in summary I don't need to pay the Disney premium to be around children whom have parents that are unable to parent and the other rude people in general. If neither item is much of a concern these parks are a great place to visit.

Justin Cook

Park is lovely. It is clean, and during the fall, quiet. Our longest queue was around 90 minutes and our most expensive meal was 60 for a family of 5. What I'll miss most about this place is that it really feels like they have attempted to create the happiest place on earth. The magic kingdom is a lovely theme park with a few staple rides and some beautiful views.

Antoine Peterson

Had an awesome time coming here with the kids. Some of the rides were only about 20 to 30 min wait. And the others were 75 to 90 mins+ (space mountain), but over all a fun experience. One tip though try to eat before going or bring your own snacks and sandwiches because everything is high. Bottle of water is like $4 or soft pretzel $5.50 and it's not even that big.

Tina Mathie

I love Disney. I've been there a number of times before. My only real complaint is that they need to figure out a system for the fireworks. People just crammed into spaces and then if you aren't willing to grab your spot and stand for a couple hours once they place the tape you will be herded around like sheep but never actually reaching a place that you can watch the display. "Keep moving up front, places to view, keep moving..." I don't think there was ever a place to cream into. I know there's a ton of people but sheesh. Then trying to avoid being trampled after the show is over. I miss the electric light parade. That was my favorite!

Nolan Erickson

For n atmosphere with exhilarating rides. The first firework show at 9am is great. The second (not worth the hassle) to leave the park and head to the parking lot once you get pat the gate can take over 1.25 hours. As tens of thousands flood out to take boats. Absolutely terrible way to get people to the parking lot in masses.

Diane Hernandez

I so enjoyed Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween! It was my granddaughter's first visit and she was jumping around as would a toddler does. I know Disney has there characters but alot of the guests out did them. Just watching them in costume was part of the fun! I'd go again!

Brett Ragland

What can you say? It's Disney. You pay a lot of money to stand in line all day. All part of the Disney experience. The shows are always fun and the fireworks display is amazing. I think I would have liked it better if I had more days and could come and go rather than trying to pack it all in as quickly as possible.

swaggologist 509

In my opinion this the best theme park of all besides Animal Kingdom. There's so much to do there in one day. Unfortunately the lines are ridiculously long but it worth the wait for some of the rides and shows. My son loves the parade and fireworks. Can't wait to go back again

Blue Moc

Always a great time, and the staff somehow stays helpful and friendly through all the crowds and weather. The special treats are amazing that can be found though the park. There is disney merchandise you cant find anywhere else in the world. We have been coming for decades and it never gets old. You have to try one of the special events like Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. It's for all ages. The show and the parade are great and the desert party is a must try!

Jo Ann Shayhorn

The Mouse does it right! Even though Magic Kingdom is always the most crowded of all the parks, the staff remains friendly and helpful. The custodian staff keep the place neat and clean even with thousands of visitors every day. And of course I love all the attractions!

Thomas Dodson

Great park. Make sure to get there early so you can enjoy all the rides. The park doesn't start to get super busy until 11am. Don't waste your fast pass too early


I love to take my 5yr old here, especially for there Halloween Party (Mickey not so scary) Lots of Candy and the wait time for the rides its about 10 to 25mins Not bad. My little one had a blast. By the way this night was a SOLD OUT and it was not that crowded as it is in a Regular day.

Santino Crisologo

Amazing! I’m an annual pass holder at California Disneyland & this park exceeded my expectations! Yes it is very identical to California Disney but obviously a lot larger & some different areas/rides! Food was great, stores for shopping …

Nicole Baker

I wish I could give more than 5 stars this is awesome park! There are so many beautiful classic rides here and They are continuing to upgrade the park with new inventive rides. The fireworks show is amazing and I can’t say enough about how great the service is here they always keep everything so clean and safe for everyone. I honestly could go on and on about how magical this place really is where dreams come true

Korbin Mauger

Awesome week, we made it to the Mickeys Halloween party as well as an additional day and got everything we wanted. I highly recommend finding a seat for the parade or fireworks display 30 minutes early. Use the MDE app. Stroller parking was great at every ride, you can bring your small bag with you to place on the ride with you at every ride, characters weren't out like I remember but they were inside a lot of areas for lines and comfort I am sure. Would recommend at least once visit all the parks with your kids. There was so much to do that we pretty much skipped most shows, but we enjoyed every ride that our kids were capable of riding. Oh, and the wait times on the app seemed to be either accurate or less than listed so that was a plus.


I’ve been to Disney a lot and I have to say, on a good day, magic kingdom is the best park in the world. Going on the weekends is a hassle so try to go Monday-Thursday. Seriously, you’ll be waiting at least 40 minutes every ride on a weekend. The variety of rides here is amazing. They have slow rides that go through a story for younger guests such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s flight. There’s also some more intense rides such as Space Mountain, big thunder mountain, and splash mountain. Also, magic kingdom is home to some of the best foods in the Disney parks. The dole whip and spring rolls are my most recommended things. Just like every other park the cast members are very nice and understanding of your situation. And to top it off Magic Kingdom has the best castle ever and a great photo option. Definitely a 5 star if the price and lines went down!

Joanna Nix

Love this place. Halloween party tonight, crowded great candy and lots to do. New shows for kids all ages and always pristine!! Truly magical, people are getting a little more thoughtful

Michael Gardner

Disney is always a good but expensive time. We came for the "Not Scary Halloween Party". It happens after they close the park. It was not the best event I've been to at the park. They advertised the main parade at 9:15. It didn't start until 30min later. This wouldn't be so bad if it was earlier in the day. With the time the park opens for the event it was late enough that my two younger daughters were already stretching their day longer than normal. Still Disney has enough for kids of all ages to enjoy. Adults also dress up so there are a lot of families doing a theme and running with it.

Allison Johnston

Magical place. We loved it! So many people! The rides were fun, the atmosphere was electric. The fireworks show is worth staying late for! Have a plan of action for leaving the park after fireworks. It gets really congested really quickly. It would be very easy to lose someone!

LeAnn Matrazzo

There is something magical about this place. You can't help but to feel anything but happy. We had very little wait time on the rides. All the staff was friendly, but Fredrick who works at Space Mountain is most exceptional! Plus you can still bring your own food in. My family had an awesome time and can't wait to go back.

Jonathan Valentin

It's Disney. Do I even need to review it. If you like Disney you'll love Disney parks. Price are what they are but if your a fan then that's not gonna stop you. Fun for all ages as long as you are a Disney fan. The weather was unpredictable but that's Florida. Went just before labor weekend so lines were not bad at all. I don't know if that is normal for the time of year but it was the case this time. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Though I have been there in the winter and it was a far more comfortable experience.

Behemoth D

Lovely place. Lots of fun for kids and adults. Better be careful pick weather and time visiting down here. Could be really hot and humid in summer. Besides that its amazing!

Brittany Merritt

My husband and I just visited Magic Kingdom this past Tuesday while on our Honeymoon. Earlier that morning we visited Hollywood Studios. So when we left and went to Magic Kingdom, we paid for parking... again. We didn't know you can show your receipt for same day if visiting another park. The lady told us to visit guest services in the City Hall right when you get into Magic Kingdom. We stopped in and spoke with Megan and explained what happened but we weren't upset, just wanted to know if there was anything she could do. She was able to refund our money onto a Disney gift card (totally acceptable since we wanted to do a little shopping). As we are standing there talking, we explain how it is our Honeymoon and how much fun we're having. She then takes these badges, writes our names on them and "just married". Everyone in the park was congratulating us which made us feel that more special. We were also asking about this Halloween party that they were having because we would like to purchase tickets if possible. Megan asked for our Hopper Passes, we weren't sure why but handed them over. She does something on the computer, hands them back and says "you're all set for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween"! What? I could have jumped across that counter and hugged her! My eyes were filling with tears of joy. This sweet young lady had just made our Honeymoon that more magical! We had a fantastic time and just wanted to somehow show our thanks to her. We can't wait to come back!

Liz Butterfly

MK has Be our guest restaurant and it's phenomenal! Must try the French dip sandwich it is delicious... and of coarse dessert is a MUST "the Gray stuff cup cake. I highly recommend families with dining plans to do lunch it's well worth it for 1 quick service!!!!

Jeremy T

Just possibly the best vacation we've been on. My 9yr old daughter will never forget this trip to Walt Disney World. We were able to squeeze in Magic Kingdom twice, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, with poolside Cabana at the Contemporary Resort every other day to recover and relax. Awesome! Truly is a magical place. You forget for a moment and an employee will remind you how magical it is without fail. I was thoroughly impressed at least 5 times with how the staff operate here. Nothing like the real world, as designed it seems.

Leslie Hawkins

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is such a festive event. People dressed up in such inventive Disney themed costumes, or maybe just Mickey ears. But everyone here is ready to enjoy the Halloween mood! And candy!!


Great family attraction for all ages. Easily accessible, great rides, good food, helpful employees. Parking is plentiful, shuttles and monorail make getting to and from each point quick and pleasant. Each ride is marked very well telling heights and restrictions. There are many shops covering souvenirs, clothing, etc... If planning a trip to Florida, this is a must see!

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