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5825 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States

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Joseph Gardiner

I have been to Old Town plenty of times, I have never even knew this place was here, I look forward to pain a visit and checking this place out perhaps maybe bringing my son along with me and letting them have the experience of shooting an AK47 fully automatic, Or perhaps something even more exciting. I have lived in Florida for about 7 years now in don't get home much because of my job I have to travel all around the United States, I get home about 1 or 2 days out of the month and I look forward to coming here and I will most certainly post some photos and a wonderful review but for now on all the reviews I am reading and watching the photos I'm going to give them 5 stars I will most certainly update my review after I visit this place I have had over 4 and a 1/2 million views on my photos I am a top level guide for the state of Florida.


America the beautiful! What's not to like! Red white and blue where you can live proud and free. Responsible people with plenty of range room lots to like here just look at the place makes you stop and pull over. Not sure if there's parking in the back seems like enough in front. Friendly trained staff. Go here enjoy especially if you are from a Commie state that takes your rights, exercise them here. Be a patriot!

Ian Williams

Such a great day. Scott and axelis took care of me with helpful advise and guidance. Nothing seemed to much, from setting up an interesting and assorted target display , to understanding the importance of zeroing a weapon without counting that ammo as part of my allotment. The shop even went the extra mile to hire me a gun not carried by the company (.50cal) worth every penny. All I can say it money well spent and made some memories that will last me a life time. Thank you.

Brandon Borello

Had a totally awesome time here! Staff and safety officers are professional, super friendly and informative. I shoot my own guns back home but nothing full auto so this was a great experience. I went with the man card which is a great deal for 12 guns with most double ammo. I got to shoot several iconic guns including the mp40, Tommy gun, British sterling, m16, FN FAL, Scar 17, SAW, M60 and MG42 which were all awesome guns to shoot. I can't wait to see what they add to thier arsenal by the next time I come to Orlando!

Jared Delvalle

Aside from the nearly hollow internal appearance of the shop, the representatives seemed to ignore my family and I for a duration exceeding 20 minutes, we were never even greeted or asked if we need assistance. The only true price that I could see was a $12 bottle opener. At first seeming as though they were busy, but then, for some odd reason, one of the representatives took the group that was behind my family and I and proceed to help them immediately. Bewildering, to say the least. My family and I made the decision to not pay their outlandish prices, for their "experience". The overall experience that I received was extremely unwelcoming. And that's saying something, considering the multiple different ranges I've been to have been the exact opposite. Their machine gun gimmick isn't worth your hard earned money. They're just a regular tourist attraction.

Anthony Goodwin

Fantastic experience. Went here whilst visiting from england and was one of the highlights of our trip. Staff were so friendly and helpful and made sure we had a great experience. We are both disabled but they didn't let that stop us having fun and were very patient. Great giftshop at the end of it and actually I think good value for money as well. Will be back next time we are in town.

Jersey Guy

Had a blast today Steve my RSO is a great guy! Any negative comments about this place are people that are only happy when their complaining.

mark macklin

Had an hour all so with my 2 boys 17 &13 today. We shot 12 guns in total lost the amount of ammo we used. Had a really good time. Staff and our instructor Suzanne was amazing very helpful and her knowledge was ace. Thanks Again MGA

Alex Moncada

Had an amazing time! The instructors without a doubt knew what they were doing! Staff was very friendly and gave very helpful advice!


It's a nice place, they offer a variety of firearms that you don't see at other ranges such as the M1919 Browning, the M4 chambered in .50 Beowulf, or the M60E4, but their prices are extremely high at $110 for just 40 rounds through the M60E4. It's obvious that the whole place is designed to suck the money out of tourists, so you'd be better off looking for a gun range used by residents and saving some money - unless of course there's a specific gun your really want to try that they have.


Nice friendly abit expensive but worth it

MaryBeth F

If i could give more stars i would ! My 13 year old had a blast, Shot 4 different guns and well trained by the instructor (sorry forgot her name) Since we are only in Florida till tmr we are going back again today ! Well worth the price you pay, very happy.

Graeme Gibbons

Here visiting disney world and wanted a break. Friendly, safe and knowledgeable staff. I wouldn't say prices are too high because back home you would pay just about the same to shoot a pistol. So if you want to shoot full autos I highly recommend you try this place. Would definitely come back if I'm in the area again.

Constantine Wolski

I have been to multiple shooting ranges and would not recommend coming here. No one greeted us or asked if we needed anything while visiting and we walked out about 10 minutes later with no assistance. I also saw two signs upon entering stating no personal firearms so it appears you can only rent here... Who knows though since no one felt the need to assist us.

Jebidieah Richardson

Good selection but 25 rounds is not worth the money

Danie van Antwerpen

Very good and weel organised. The staff is professional and safety is good. You will find most well known automatic rifles and several side arms/hand guns here. Worthwhile but do ask your safety officer to put the weapons on semi auto.

Antbliss '_'

It had a lot of weapons and a shooting range, also has a display of the world's biggest alligator shot dead by a handgun, it's really really big. And the shooting range is so cool

Terry Tulak

Carmella and Max(our range safety officer) made the day. Bucket list item now complete. Thanks so much!

mark anthony

Way to over priced walked in walked out don't even bother wanted a shotgun in the package they only give you 5 bullets and the package is 160 ok no problem how much is more amo. 30 bucks plus tax for 5 additional bullets what a joke I rather hand my money out in the street then waste here

charles achoa

Great place, great staff and great experience. Only complaint is the price is pretty high but in the end it is worth it for the experience and excitement. Be warned that it is very different from shooting a semi-auto but that is a good thing.

Alvin Cadlett

First experience was last month while visiting Kissimmee. I saw the sign on a billboard and decided to try it. OMG. IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME.!!!! I am here again and will visit every time I travel to the area. I dont want to own one but the selection allows me to try something different every time. Its worthit.


05/29/17 I came with my family to Orlando for vacations and I randomly saw MGA, i went inside and chose a full bodie Ak-47 and after completing all the waiver agreements i was ready to start shoot , but when i get inside of the shooting polygon , they appear with a body only ak-47. Disappointed because I didn't get what I expected, one of the guys in the deck try to explain me that was a better model :( No next time.

Tyler Schmitt

They will definitely make you feel comfortable and appreciated.

David Sanchez

1st thing: This is not a normal gun range. It is as they call it: "An Experience" The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all patient. This was my first time in a range and I took my sweet time. Is it pricey? For me it was, but worth it. It is a safe environment with knowledgeable instructors who taught me how to handle and use the firearms and rifles. Couple of things to keep in mind: You do not bring your own firearm or ammo, you do not buy any firearms here. You strictly rent their pieces and shoot their ammo.

Daniel Nolan

Brilliant for first timers like myself who was visiting from the UK doing the Disney trip with family. Took a visit, didn't need to book in personally. They sat me down and whilst keeping the experience enjoyable professionally walked me through everything and booked me on a great package that for me shooting a handgun, shot gun, and two automatics. It was absolutely great, really loved it. Their advice got me shooting pretty accurate fairly quick too. Not cheap but an experience with doing!

Bazza Spark

Good service and the gentlemen helping me (Jay) was really friendly. Took pictures of me with the gun. Great experience.

Ron Barrett

Top shelf. Very professional, very safe environment to experience firing fully automatic firearms.

William Whitehurst

Definitely the largest selection I have seen by far. Large and clean facility. Staff is excellent. Why go anywhere else when you can go here.

Darrell Pierre

Absolutely the most professional range I've ever been to. Spotless, great ventilation, wide choice of guns to have fun with.

Karla Martinez

6 of us went and we all enjoyed our time the young lady that attended us was very nice we got the 24.99 per person and we're vary satisfied and the gentleman kyle was very nice and patient with everyone overall was a good experience

George Long

You pay money, they let you fire machine guns. They charge you for it too. They are highly professional, so much that I got little sense of the yuppie ka yay the ads seem to promise. I handle guns on a regular basis and I know they are serious but gaw #! $@, it ain't a funeral.

Burton Media

Great experience, staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Lots of parking around the premises.

R Ricker

Wow! If you have ever wanted to shoot a machine gun please DO NOT pass up this chance! The folks in Orlando were very nice and ultra professional in appearance, demeanor, and knowledge. The range is very clean and there are other guns to shoot besides the machine guns but really....machine guns!! We hope to return to Orlando next October and I am already saving for mags!!!!


Prices are laughable

Lucas Marshall

Ok so i was and still am 12 when i went there, and if i had the choice i would definitely come back, and i am Canadian so these are things i could NEVER do back here at home. When i first went in there were people in the range firing, as you would do at a gun range, and they let me sit outside and think for a minute, because it was 160 dollars, (i think that now it's 180 dollars) for the pick 3, in which you pick 3 machine guns and then shoot. They have a waiver which may scare some, but trust me they are SUPER protective of anyone who enters, giving you safety goggles and noise-cancelling headphone-looking things, and those REALLY helped with noise, but anyways i chose the pick 3 option and then chose the 3 machine guns of my choice, so i chose the M16A1, the Little a** kicker (a modified M4A1 to be brighter, faster, and louder) and the AK-47 because it's an AK-47, and where else will i get to shoot one? (According to them, Vegas) They also put you there with a very nice range safety officer, i don't remember the name of mine but he was very nice, and they're all either ex-law enforcment or former soldiers, and they are very good and it's funny to watch the video because if his hand wasn't placed on my back like it was, i would've likely fallen over using the AK-47. Anyways, i really enjoyed my stay and would do it again. 5 stars.

colin holden

Totally enjoyed experience at machine gun America. Staff were excellent friendly and totally professional and gave good advice about procedures. Safety was paramount. The range supervisor Kyle was excellent. Very helpful with good advice throughout my time there. Very professional but maintained friendly manner.

popsi Kiemkodogo

Great place for a fun shot Maxine fun is a place for you come check get your gun and start shotting hahhahahahaaha i didn’t say it but come check it my review is here. Like and comment or message or best google local guide YouTube #popsidk

Happy couple Barrett

Well if the young trashy lady wouldn't have flirted with my husband directly in front of me I would have purchased two admissions. Yeah honey, his eyes aren't the only thing that's beautiful. You won't be able to ever see that...

Ian Williamson

What an awesome experience! Did a bunch of full auto and topped it off with a .500 S&W. Alexis was a a sweetheart and a consummate professional as a range officer. Highly recommend!


The staff are very friendly and professional, and prices are reasonable considering the variety of weapons (and they’re fully automatic). :-)

Pigeon Playz

pew pew yummy food. Hey guys its ya Boi Ali-A here, today we will be looking at the cheese flavoured legendary chug jug! and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED...!!! (ali-a intro...) Cheese is tasty yummy.

Tru3 North

The assortment of firearms is great. The staff is polite especially considering the number of window shoppers (self included). I only gave it 2 stars because the cost is crazy $200 dollars for a few rounds down range. Maybe that's what they have to charge I don't know but WOW that's allot of money.

Brian Kloosterman

So I googled “shooting ranges near me” because I was on vacation. Sadly this is only a place to rent firearms....not a place to bring your own.

Ben McCardle

This range is awesome. Very well set up with a viewing window into the range itself. Great selection of weapons. The instructors are well trained and very attentive. I had a great time.

George Kelly. #GKSAYS

I had an awesome time there 2 years ago in 2015 and I'm going back to day 2017


Had a great experience at machine gun america. It was my first time in a gun range. The instructor was really friendly and told me step by step what to do and what not to do. There are plenty of weapons to choose from. And different packages to choose from with vary price range.

Matthew Windows

A great experience. Not cheap but to be expected as it's mainly for the tourists. But Suzanne the instructor was excellent and both myself and my Daughter loved the range Went Mid Aug 16

Chris Parsons

Very safety oriented gun range with fantastic instructors, great place to try if you have limited knowledge of guns.

Alex Arroyave

A great place to experience some cool guns! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Suzanne was my RSO and she was excellent with gun safety and technique. It was a 'blast' shooting the M14 and AK-47!!

Leonora Collins

I was apprehensive about doing this but I went in asked loads of questions. The girls behind the counter showed me lots of different options and explained things in detail. There is a big viewing window where you can watch a few others shooting first and this helped me decide I wanted to give it a try. My instructor was called Max, he was fantastic! He explained everything clearly and assured me it was very safe. I was a little scared but Max helped coach me and reassure me and I was able to conquer my fear. It was an exhilarating experience! I would recommend for anyone who wants to try something a little bit different. I'll be back with my older brother so he can try too!

Neil Clark

Came here with my 10 year son whilst my wife & daughter went shopping. We by far had the best time. Both of us still talking about the experience. Nice that you can take your own pic/video without having to pay like Disney! Take your targets home with you as well. Nice memory for the games room wall.

Nancy Howard

Amazing. Staff is very professional. Safety first is really #1 on the staffs agenda at machine gun America. I own Nancy's taxi and when I drive by machine gun America I talk it up. This is not my first time at machine gun America and it certainly will not be my last. Thank-you so much for bringing your business to us here in Florida. I am a Floridan and proud to say Machine Gun America is close to my home.

David Haro

Walked in wanting to try out some full auto guns. Their selection is stellar and staff is super friendly. Had a great time. The facility is well kept which is a plus for ranges!

pascal du Val de Marne

nice staff, wide choice of weapons, very safe with individual range master coaching, ideal for family experience or trial of rare to find guns

Harry Harris

Yeah that was definitely better than Disney and universal put together I mean it werent cheap - haven't found anything in Florida that is to be fair - and the cost is why only 4/5 star. It was such good fun though and well worth it as a one off. Safety and professionalism were paramount throughout our visit. I'm unlikely to ever get the chance to fire an Uzi, ak47, 44 magnum etc back in England. The staff were really friendly and helpful especially Ivy on the front desk who was charming and courteous, and they weren't even her two best attributes.

Steve Everest

A great place where the staff are very pleasant and very professional. Took my son who was looked after very well...I was aloud to go onto the range with him and film.his session. Just a heads up I found that it had become a lot more expensive than last yr. But there are still some affordable packages

Jason Mcknight

Fantastic place with friendly and highly professional staff, safety was top class as well as my safety instructor, for me it was highlight of my trip to Florida, highly recommend

Bernardo Zaragoza Hijuelos

I went yesterday very excited but guess what, I never found the $24.99 advertised everywhere. They staff ask $160 per person and if you want to shoot a handgun you need to get first the $160 package I guess that was the reason for the emptiness of the place, very sad a shooting range so silent.

Melissa Acquefreda

They have everything from uzi to ww2 rifles ... really fun

Daniel Ramirez

Myself and my girlfriend had a amazing time the experience was very good, exciting and all about safety the instructor SUZANNE was amazing and very informative even stelling us how the weapon would feel when it was shot and what way it would pull. if you go there please request to use her she is great at her job and has great customer service skills, my girlfriend was actually afraid of guns prior to going to MGA but now when we go to las vegas she wants to do it again.

oliver hayes

Advertise $24.99 everywhere, when you arrive that's the child's price, it's it's actually $49.99 for adults. Reply - perhaps you should tell your staff to explain that then, that isn't what I was told

Brandon Jeffreys

Had a great time, everyone was very friendly and helpful. My daughter's first time shoot and they really made her feel really at ease.

bryan arnold

Was a very good experience, and I had fun, prices are just a bit high.

Ken R

Great experience, a way toshoot full automatic MMG and SMG!! My boy got to fire off a real Sten and M1 Carbine and then he took the classic M16A1, totally cool!

Alex Bell

Visited Machine Gun America back in 2017 to fire some various fire arms which was a great experience as firing fully automatic weapons is not something you can easily do in the UK. Checking in was a easy process, asked to sign a weaver for safety and legal reasons. Once all the boring stuff was out if the way you then select what guns you want to fire. I chosen an HK .45, FN P90, An M4A1 and an M1 Garand. Once I finished selecting, I was greeted with a safety officer named "Matt" who was a great, knowledgeable and pleasure guy to speak with. You get provided with safety equipment such as eyewear and hearing protection. Once you're escorted to the range. Get the guns brought out to you. You get a demonstrated on how to hold the weapons correctly so you handle the recoil correctly without hurting yourself/anyone else. Once the shooting has finished then you get some photo opportunity and get to keep the paper targets that you have destroyed, a great memento peice! Anyone that wants a slice of the American experience should definitely come over to MGA to squeeze some rounds. It's an expensive experience but it's worth it. Only one improvement I would like to suggest would be to have 2 reloads with each weapons that you choose, I understand that ammo obviously does cost a lot of money but it would certainly offer better value money and give the customers an extra adrenaline rush for reloading! (And better value of their money!)


Brian was rude and unwelcoming. For the the ridiculous price you pay at this place you would think they would have a friendlier service. Would not recommend to anyone. Not worth it/overrated/overpriced. There are other much better ranges in Orlando. Never coming back to this place

Drew Ward

Absolutely the best experience that I could have ever asked for. Time from arrival to shooting was about 15 minutes total. That included picking my guns, doing waiver and meeting my range guy. Incredible. A bit expensive, but worth every dollar based on experience and easiness of process. Will Be Back!!

Sante Womack

Kyle my instructor was great only regrets not bringing a group to shoot more I'll be back tho!

Chris Cruz

Great place highly recommend

Sydni Bailey

Awesome place. First time and had a blast. The people are very nice as well!!

Mandy Collins

So awesome!!! Must go! Everyone is friendly and it’s a great experience

Tyson Yeager

This place is awesome! The safety protocol is excellent. Our instructor was very knowledgeable. My son and I have shot guns before but never fully auto. It is a blast. Literally. It’s not cheap so go expecting to pay a fair bit. The price is reasonable though considering the cost of the guns, ammo, insurance, employees, rent etc. I will go back and do the 2k package next time. I recommend this to anyone who has some extra cash and wants to have a good time

XadomX .

Way overpriced... great selection of guns but you are looking at $180 USD MINIMUM per person regardless of what they say on their advertisment.

luke bickerton

Visiting from the UK and first time firing live ammo guns, had a blast while there and would recommend this place to anyone who wanted a great experience, team there were great and a pleasure to meet, special thank you to tony who took me through the packages and Suzanne with help on the range, will be back again and this time for my man card.

matthew dennis

Visiting from the UK and on our last day decided to go and see what it's all about. The staff were very helpful and my father and I went with a package where we had a choice of 3 guns to shot. Amazing fun and the staff were there with help and advice on the whole experience. Give it a go you won't be disappointed.

jiaying wu

It's our first time for the gun range, the price is higher than I thought, but the service was excellent, Alexis helped us, we spend around $130 for each person for 50 rds, overall we enjoyed a lots, it worth to try !

Jan Bicker

Had a great time there, back in September '15. Very nice and helpful staff, actually so much so, that they talked us into shooting some guns there. Originally we were a bit shocked due to the high rates (Colt 1911 + 2 magazines at 7 bullets each is almost 50 bucks. If you want to shoot several guns, including rifles and/or shotguns, you could easily spend north of 200 bucks here). Anyway, it was great fun and a really nice experience.

Joseph Marquez

awesome place lots of gun choices and really great people

Richard Dharyanto

Load..... aim.... fire..... its amazing moment, first time holding and triggering the weapon. Fells like movie star

Andrew Rubin

ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! I go to UCF in Orlando and me and some buds were driving by this place the other day and we stopped by just to check it out thinking you had to be 21 to shoot and we are all 18 or 19. Man were we wrong we had the time of our lives getting to fire an M16 and an AK 47 with Mike showing us how it is done. If you are in Orlando and looking for a place to go stop on by it is a BLAST!!!

Eric Arturo Martinez Maass

Great experience, great professional working there also a lot of nice products and weapons. You can take any photo o video you want. It's expensive, but it's worth it.

Elliot Fitzpatrick

!!!!!!!READ!!!!!!!! Hi, it was a bit of a rubbish for a first timer not because of staff or the actual shooting itself but how much you pay for the experience. $90 it cost me just to shoot a rifle with 40 rounds (9mm) Also if you want to shoot a pistol on it own you can't you have to get it as an extra so it will cost you even more money. I might say starting a $24.99 on there billboard but nothing cost that for shooting, maybe for a cup or something. They want you to buy an experience. Seems abit of a con to me.

Robin Lentjes

It wis pretty nice but way to expensive, I would suggest Shooters world Orlando way cheaper and better service.

Irvin Chen

Check groupon for big discount package

David lugo

Wow came from Philadelphia on a load to Orlando seen the billboard sign on 95 had to get here the staff was 5 stars great place to shoot a full auto weapon great experience if you come to Disney leave your kids and enjoy your self or bring them there they will enjoy it loved it

Isaac Stevens

Shooting a commando in full auto is fun. Steve explained things clearly. The cashier Shayna was extremely nice

Rhys Gallagher

Machine Gun America is amazing! I'm for the UK which means I have very little gun experience but going straight in and firing a Glock and MP5 was awesome, I'd recommend double downing the ammo though! It goes quick

Judi Mcqueen

Staff was beyond informative and friendly, not to mention supportive of our excitement...treated us like the most important customers...the complete experience was 100% perfect!

Nikk Spiert

Only in Florida.... SUPER fun and reasonably priced! Love the staff!

Kim Nielsen

I just tried a single machine gun since its was a bit pricey but it was a fun experience. Had the family with me and I asked how old children should be to try. The instructor said that they once had a 2 year old trying out a machine pistol .. Only in a America!

Lisa Parlas

We decided to experience shooting a machine gun. Friendly staff show you an iPad with differnt guns available. We picked out a gun and heard a high price. 160.00. I then asked for the cheapest. 50.00 per person. 4 guns was 330.00. I think we would have been interested in 3 guns for 160.00 per person package. But didn't hear of this until we were in the shooting range. Each price includes renting of the gun, protection glasses, ear protection, paper target and bullets. There's a viewing window that I took pictures through the glass. My husband and daughter loved it. They hand you the gun loaded with the safety off. The gun rangers stand close with their hand on your shoulder. You shoot. Then give them the gun and they put the safety on and put down the gun. They give you the targets and remark about the shots. They role up the poster and leave the range. If your not shooting you stand behind the red line. Everything is painted black. We bought shirts from the gift shop. We didn't try the simulator or have pictures taken. We would go again.

Chris G

Had a blast with the family. They have an awesome selection of guns to choose from and the prices are decent being my first time. I choose the Lil ass kicker, commando and scorpion.

Christy Smedley

Fun little adventure! I was very happy to go with my dad and husband. Staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. Each group gets their own range safety officer. Like everyone else reviewing, I wish it was a little bit more inexpensive, because I would like to return more often to try other firearms. It is reasonable for the expierence. I will recommend this place to others.

Gale Stovall

The staff was very professional nice facility. It was a lot of fun. The whole experience only lasted a few minutes. The price was very expensive. Glad I did it enjoyed it. Dont know if I will do it agian.

Marc Allen

Good fun for sure - BUT to advertise on their leaflet saying, "Prices starting at $24.85" is damn near criminal. It certainly would not be allowed in England. I ended up paying about $215.00. Yes, you COULD possible pay $24.95 IF you were with a group - and a child wanted to fire one round - but to suggest that would actually happen is a joke. If you're reading this MGA, just be more realistic with your advertising.

Stephen Johnson

Thanks Steve for the brilliant day, we will be coming back soon thanks again.. Steve & Kieran Johnson

Lonny Con

Was in from Halifax Nova Scotia with the father-in-law and want him to try out an automatic weapon. The group there was great from Carmella in sales to Kyle who ran the firing Line. Although there is no discount for Canadian military they hooked me up with an extra mag which was much appreciated by the father-in-law. He had a blast and the grandkids and family got to see it from behind the glass. Little pricey but worth the experience.

Don Gulling

Great experience, friendly and helpful staff - well maintained machine guns and a wide selection. Recommended to anyone looking for a thrilling ‘full auto’ gun experience. Range has great air handling so it’s never too hot or too much smoke in the air. Easy to make reservations and easy to pick the guns you want. Very, very clean - cool decor while you are waiting but we really didn’t have to wait at all, even on a Saturday afternoon. I’ve been to several of these types of full-auto gun ranges in Las Vegas and Miami and this one is just as good.

Conservative Aspie 00

Shot an uzi an m16 and a ak-47.Staff and range officers were very friendly and helpful. It was my first time shooting a machine gun.The best time I’ve had in a long time.The best attraction in the Orlando area!

Vibow me

Friendly & safe staff. 15 year old son wanted an experience with shooting the M1 Garand rifle from the War world 2 / Korean War erra. We swung by after driving past the place. They let me take pictures and video during his turn. Slightly expensive (he chose pic 3), which was expected with being in the tourist district. Not a typical gun range but an opertunity to shoot something different.

Stoney Slaton

This place is amazing! My son did the Cadet experience and had the "best time ever" according to him. Going back soon.


Machine gun America is conveniently located on 192 close to i-4. It is a place where you can shoot fully automatic machine guns. It is an adrenaline attraction. They are across the street from old Town and have parking for you from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. they're also immediately located next to world food trucks and the visitors flea market so just come into this location will give you plenty of time to do so many more other things come check it out!

Ash Kitchen

Thanks guys, and girls for our experience, me, Andy and Brendan had a great morning with you shooting some incredible guns, prices are high but then again everything in Florida is, bar the fuel

David Margolin

We came to this place after reading the reviews and I was a bit unsure of what to expect. But the staff was nice and informative and my range officer (Nilen) explained everything and made the experience better. There are a lot of guns to choose from. The only downside was the cost. To shoot 25 rounds (in each gun) using 3 guns costs 160 dollars. Its fun but quite expensive!

marc easdon

$160 for a AK47,P90,M14 for my son and got three toys what a joke of a place if you let people know before that the rounds are not the real ones the three he had were very small rounds dont know how small but not even close got a vid and looked back shocking for that price

Douglas Benayon

Everything was good, the activity was funny, the instructor was very professional and we felt really safe. I was with my wife and she felt the same way. I should also say that they are tourists friendly. Unfortunately, you can't choose only one or two guns and buy the ammunition. You have to choose one of the packages offered and the cheapest includes 3 guns and the bullets (25 for each gun if I'm remembering well) for US$ 160,00 (+ tax). My wife decided to change one of the machine guns offered for one handgun, which was given with less bullets, but the price was the same. I asked to the woman that explained us the rules and the prices if they have shotguns and she offered me the possibility of including one shotgun with 5 shells for more US$ 25,00, so I accepted, but when the shooting time has come, they didn't include the shotgun, so I asked the instructor about it, but he said that it would cost me more US$ 40,00. Despite of the price and this misinformation, the experience was awesome and I do recommend the MGA.

James Bull

Was ok but just strickly fired a mag on three guns and got charged a fortune and was over so quik orlando gun club is better

Alexander Keefer

Went for free gun safety glass was a few fun informative class instructor was very good at explaining everything and took time to answer all questions from class gun range was nice Rang Safty Officers were great and very friendly over all a wonderful time recommend to all

Josh Emond

Whats more fun than disney? How about fully auto machine guns- guaranteed smile.

Timothy Jesse

This place is perfect for amateur shooters to get their hands on iconic guns for a relatively good price. I will never own an AK-47; however, I can now say I have shot one on full auto and I'm now a better person because of it.

Carlos Delgado

You can not pass this experience. It is a indoor range. When I entered the door was greet by Mike. He was very polite and explained to me the different gun packages. Since I was on a budget he arrange a gun package that was best for me. After the paperless form ( all forms are done on tablets) I have the honor to meet Dan (ex-US Marine, but we all know there is no such thing) and have him has my instructor. He was very proffesional in every way both in and out of the range. I will defenetly will go back when I have a chance.

Jon Wiggo Solberg

Exelent for us as tourist. A great experience. Helpful staff for them that was not to familiar with guns. Down side, short range and expensive.

Steven Valentin

I was told a price that satisfied me and then was given a completely different price in the end. To shoot a total of 25 shots I paid around 1000 dollars all because an employee there lied about the price just to make me happy.. It was by far the most disappointing experience I've ever had


Great experience I loved it I took the 3+ package and chose the knife and teddy bear as well as m4,mp5 and the scorpion the service was great we got suzanne and she was THE BEST!

Funk Republic

As the main thing I wanted to do when visiting Orlando, I was not disappointed. Huge selection of guns, friendly staff and very accommodating for all skill types. Its not the cheapest place you will visit however it's easily accessible and massively enjoyable. Would do again.

Adam St. Laurent

I came to the facility to obtain my firearms safety certification and was unsure what to expect. I could not recommend this establishment anymore in order to receive proper training. I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind and that it was going to be very monotonous, but I was extremely mistaken. The class portion was exceptional and the instructor did an excellent job at keeping us alert. Everyone there was very professional and I truly feel whether you go out and purchase a firearm or you are interested in learning more about this topic, it is well worth your while. Great job guys and thank you for all of the hard work! I know I'll be back!

Anonymous Name

I genuinely never want to go back and will not advise anyone to go anywhere near this place. The price was beyond horrendous. We paid for two people, one firearm each. $160+ for two people, using 50 rounds of 9mm, both guns jammed several times, the staff rushed us through the motions, though I'll give them that they conducted safety properly. Thank God. But a box of 9 mm, and it was the cheap ammo, goes for $18 for 100 rounds. Rentals elsehwere it's about $50 to rent the gun and you can pay for a box of bullets. They also don't accept the flyer unless you get a package which seems a bit misleading but I'll admit I should have read the fine print. WhigW translates to a "too good to be true" view. It's extremely expensive, it felt very rushed, the guns jammed, and honestly the air filters could use some work, and we were the only people there. I can't say I would ever go back and I can't say I could recommend to anyone else. At least not to an experienced shooter.

Derek Villorente

A place where you can legally fire a fully automatic machine gun or assualt rifle. Nice selection of firearms. From scorpion sub machine gun to a thomson 45 cal. A qualified gun instructor is with you to make sure that no accidents happen and will give you instructions on how to use the firearm of your choice.

Marshall Fulmer

Way to much money. We had a great time would of loved to shoot more but it was just to much money. Staff was friendly Gun selection was good.

Shiny Pig

Advertised on billboard for $24.99, even on the website, yet going to book it the cheapest available is around $150? Joke

Reinder Jansma

Had a great experience, friendly staff. The only thing that bothered me was that non shooters have to pay $25 to get on the range with you. Otherwise you have to take pictures through the glass, which by the light inside isn't really good for picture quality. But nevertheless a good spot to do some shooting!


So on Friday we actually went and Shot. I thought the police was unbelievable the instructors telling you what to expect when it comes to doing fully auto was a great help I've never shot anywhere else so I don't know how to compare the price but if you want to have a blast and you're down here in Orlando and you don't care for the theme parks in the sea worlds in the Disney World this is the place to go have fun. Tony was full of good information he gave us lots of great information for choosing our weapons and choosing which package deal to do. Even shooting AR-15 and hunting rifles I kind of did not expect the rifles to do what they did when going full auto max did an exceptional job at explaining what was going to happen how to hold a rifle to make sure you leaned into it. BOTTOM PART OF THE REVIEW IS 3 DAYS BEFORE ACTUALLY GOING TO SHOOT. I only did 4 stars this time because I did not go in and do any shooting yet the staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable more than willing to help was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. Wished I did the review for them that day. Google Maps to go ahead and find out exactly where it is before I trip over there. I stumbled onto the place 2 days prior because of a humongous advertising sign on 192. Felt bad after reading some of the reviews because I thought the staff was very friendly and very courteous. As far as the price goes I've never complained about price at any shooting Range there's a huge amount of liability that they take on to their hands for letting complete strangers come in that may or may not have knowledge of firearms before getting in there because anybody can lie and say oh yeah if shotguns before I'm sure you sign a waiver making them not responsible of what they're still a large amount of emotional risk that each of the employees takes when letting strangers come into a range to shoot fully-automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons or single-shot weapons.

Javier Sulbaran

It was good but the problem is they take my ID and they didn't give it to me... I need my ID

Martijn Bakkes

Amazing experience. Really made my vacation.


Came here on vacation first time shooting automatic guns. The staff is verry nice and takes there time to explain. For 160 dollars you can shoot 3 guns (choose from like 40, and if you ask you can choose a pistol to). You get free ear and eye protection. You need to be 18 or have someone 18/21+ with you. They will explain all and stand with you when you shoot. They will reload your gun and put safty off. Your friends can film from behid a line and you can take pictures with the guns you use. I dont think you can bring ur own guns tho. Ur allowed to take some of the empty bullet sleeves with you. They have a gift shop where i got a nice t-shirt.

Caolan McDonnell

Great Experience, easy to get set up and friendly staff. First time shooting a gun and staff were accomodating. Would highly recommend.

Ian Tudor

Very friendly staff. Great experience

samantha hare

Amazing went there today with my family , wee sister didn’t like it that much so they let her out early which was good but then they also let her back in once we finished to take photos with the guns. All staff were very friendly and had good customer service and had an Amazing time was so happy when I came out .

Matt Santos

Went there, first time ever shooting a gun. Safe to say that the experience was a blast.

Vince Severini

My 15 year old son had a great time. He shot 5 guns and 100 rounds. The range officers were knowledgeable and courteous. Very good instructions for the kid. The place is emaculate. We played on the simulator while we wanted for a lane to open up. I had a blast. Some say it's a bit pricey, and at first I thought so too. But after the experience I found it to be well worth the $250.

Bryan Davis

This is revolting. Folks, if you aren't knowledgeable in firearms and want to try them there is a better way. Go to a normal range. And don't think this is the only place that has full autos. The prices here are unbelievably absurd. They have a location around the theme parks and resorts and then try to rip off as many tourists as possible. I would be so embarrassed to own this place. A. COMPLETE. SHAM.

James McIntyre

Had a great shoot today!!! It's a bit pricey but worth it... All the range officers were very polite and knowledgeable and the place was immaculate!!! Highly Recommended, just think the price point could be a little cheaper but it is a tourist trap... GREAT TIME

Jesse Frith

Had a great time on my honeymoon. They had many different types of guns to fire, and even had a modified m4 w a muzzle break that shot a 2 foot fireball. It was badass.

Ronald Obas

It's was really fun, the children and I enjoyed it, love it; real guns, live fire experience. The staffs are incredible nice, certainly we will be back next year.

Kenan Mahmoud

best shooting experience ever and the range officers are great people and are there to assist you and ensure your safety. They as well have one of the best guns you can ever shoot. great place and great guns overall I highly recommend people who love shooting to come here!

Travis Hopkins

Absolutely as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!

luis bmx bmx

Best place ever ak 47 glocks nice treat people

Neil Lamour

I must say the staff very professional & the simulators to accommodate the non shooters were a plus. (According to my 8 Year old)

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