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REVIEWS OF Kennedy Space Center IN Florida

Sb Bs

Fabulous! The 3D show blew me away. There are other shows too, but the show about the shuttle was most outstanding! Well worth the expense. A day I'll not forget. Quite cool indoors, so take a shawl or something to go over your shoulders.

Ana Moreno Noda

A very interesting place. Worth a 2 days visit if you really want to see and enjoy it all. One of the best I have visited in Florida

CMB Caspanello

Love this place, it does take more than one day to experience it maybe three days if you take it all in. We bought the pass so we have gone twice and still have some more to see. Take your time and do the extras, including the paying tours. I love the set up, now one to see the other two space shuttles.

Scott Akam

Great place to learn about space. The space shuttle exhibit is pretty cool. It was busy the day we were there. The line for the bus was almost 2 hours to get out to the Apollo exhibit.

Peter Bowen

So much history and future in this place. Going there is such an interesting experience. The bus tour is very recommendable and includes nice details about the buildings and rockets. I would go there again!

Blair Galloway

Space , the final frontier !!! Been 6 times since 1998 , every visit to Florida has to include a trip to KSC . Staying in Orlando it's only an hour and a half easy drive in your hire car . The Saturn V rocket is a must ,but the Atlantis exhibition and the blast off experience are amazing. If you can , book Lunch with an Astronaut , really inspiring , includes closer access to launch pads and other area not accessible on the normal tour , worth the extra dollars!

Paranormal Society

Place is an amazing place to see and visit and we a good trip here. The views you see and the things you learn here are amazing. There are alot of great tributes and monuments to all those people who gave there life. What an honor to see this.

Michelle Murphy

We had a great time, we were able to go watch a rocket launch, and visit the complex. Definitely a great day trip.

Ankur P

We all had an amazing time here. The best experiences were Atlantis, the many interactive exhibits and the Apollo Saturn center. It was hot & humid but our kids were too excited to rest. They could improve the food options a little.

Tammie Jann

Truly amazing, interesting and fun. It was like walking back on in time. Yet with the current activity 3 active launch pads the future right in front of us. A nice break from theme parks.

Ascencion Gomez

Tons of fun. I saw so many rockets and we took the guided bus tour. My driver was in depth and gave us good and interesting info!

Susan English

Very good lots to see I suggest you get there early or 2 day visit if you really want to read and see everything that's there. Staff great with lots of informations and happy to help with anything you ask. Food we have was tasty and not to badly price considering other places

Amethyst Landsberg

Had a great time with 2 nine year old boys and had plenty to do and keep the interest for a full day of fun! The buildings are nice and cool and food is theme park quality. Very educational and inspirational.

Michael Noerr

Way overpriced. For my wife and I to go and see the exhibits, the launch pad, and the rockets was nearly $300. Capitalism at it's finest. Additionally, the information desk staff are rude and inconsiderate. Both of them looked over at my wife and I multiple times and just continued talking amongst themselves. As much as I'd love to see what they have there, it's not worth $300 to me.

Justin Mazur

Really cool to see how space travel got to where it is today. I spent most of my time at the Saturn rocket exhibit and only some at the space shuttle. I'll have to come back again and maybe get to see a launch.

Doug Bush

My eldest son took me here for my birthday. It was the first time I had been there in over 20 years and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The displays were awesome and memorable and we even got to watch a SpaceX launch from about as close as we could get. I will remember that day forever.

Rahul Jose

Awesome place for some wholesome fun and interactive experiences. Very family friendly! Also do not forget the try out the Atlantis shuttle experience, this is a must for any NASA enthusiast's.

Steven Maxfield

Kennedy space center was great. There are too many things to see and to do. Best to take 2 days and go slow probably. It is very interesting, informative, and even emotional. Don't miss this.

L Percy

Amazing place for adults and kids. So much to learn and really great exhibits! Kids had a ton of fun - spent all day and didn't get to see it all!

Jennifer Thompson

The next generation of space exploration has begun! SpaceX and Blue Origin both have launchpads, and it's pretty cool learning about what's on the horizon for space travel.

Brad Mack

I love this place. It's a little over three hours from Miami. Purchase tickets and parking online. Print out the tickets as it will take less time to go through ticketing. Head right towards the bus tour and then spend time in the areas where they drop you off. There are giant rockets, the moon rover, movies, the central control room, space suits and Moon rocks.

Kevin Black

This is one of the gems often overlooked. It's a great place for families with lots of hands on activities and attractions. For me the highlight is 360 degree views up close with Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Shaun McNeill

One small step for a Geordie on holiday... What can you say about Kennedy Space Centre... If you're going to Orlando do you have to visit here, I can think of no where on earth that has had so much impact on the world we live in today, it is steeped in history and is a symbol for the pioneering spirit of Man, and they have a cool gift shop as well.

Tom Adamczyk

Definitely out of this world experience. Too many thing to list but I would certainly get familiar with a map and schedule of this place to maximize the day. The place is massive and so are the space ships.

Joshua Smith

This place was a blast and a great place to bring the kids! I would definitely plan least four to six hours here. You Could definitely spend more time but that would get you through most of it! Great visit!

Sharon Harkness

We love going here to drive by the big birds and alligators. The best time is early spring. The birds are eating some kknd of shrimp and are pink. Lots of ducks. Love the mangroves. So tropical.

Kevin K

Amazing to see the history of space travel up close and personal. Park was informative, interactive and overall a good value for the price. Lots of attractions included with a general admission ticket.

Sam Wilson

A great day out! There's plenty to do if you enjoy science/space and even if you don't. The bus tour takes you up close to the pads, which is a good experience. Hadn't been for 9 years since my most recent visit and a lot has changed. Would recommend!

ron sch

Great day with my family! Educational and inspiring. Our space program and our astronauts are real true life hero's. The human mind's intellectual and physical potential is limitless. This is a must see for every human being. God Bless America!

John Parks

Honestly I was slightly underwhelmed by the whole experience. The flight simulator was definitely 5 star+ . Don't get me wrong, it was an enjoyable experience that I got to share with my son. Seeing the journey that the shuttles had to take in order to get to the launching pad was pretty cool. The food at their restaurant is surprisingly good and was reasonably priced.

Dankowski Detectors

Great place to visit. My daughter and I got annual passes, been twice already and STILL haven't seen it all. Not cheap, but where else has this kind of history?

Skelton Josue

I have always loved Kennedy Space Center. Things will never be the same since they shut NASA down from launching Space Shuttles! Truly a marvelous experience back in the day!

Rudy Tucker

It’s a great attraction. I wish I had had more time to see everything. Definitely worth a visit. It’s both educational and fun

Toni Parfitt

Knowledgeable staff on hand here that really make this place absolutely fascinating! Great selection of things to see and do that can take more than a day easily

Chad Cerutti

Love this place, there's so much to do that you can't fit it all into one day. Great place for children, space fanatics, and everyone else!

John Coniglario

This place is awesome. Good place to visit if you are interested in the US space race and space exploration. Definitely need several days to see it all.

Andreas Clemenz

We went there with our two small kids, 2 and 4, and it was a cool experience. A lot of things to do for all ages. Pretty impressive to see, like a Saturn V rocket or the last space shuttle, Atlantis, which all can be seen up close. A lot of fun stuff for kids, too.

Karl Bush

Fun for the whole family. Fantastic exhibits. So much to learn.


Great service awesome experience. Amazing interactions for both kids and adults. Definitely plan ahead. There is so much to do here for everyone and schedules are various. Great job always updating and evolving to make fun.

Calvin James

Amazing place for aspiring astronauts and even casual space enthusiasts. A ton of movies, informational videos, sights, and classes. I don't want to give anything away but the Kennedy Space Center is one of the, if not the best place to visit in Florida. I highly recommend the year pass. 5/5 amazing place.

Ivan Barinas

I ton of fun. I have lived in Flordia for 35 years and had finally visited the Kennedy Space Center. What a wonderful experience. I will be back.

Giovanni Bonanomi

What to say, the best attraction so far! You can spent the whole day there to see the major attraction: Apollo experience, shuttle Atlantis, hall of fame, the bus tour through the facility! Everything is great. Also check on the website the incoming space launches before booking the ticket!

Raymond Ojeda

So much to see. A excellent design of all displays. IMAX was fabulous. Seeing Atlantis up close is truly awesome.

John White

great place to visit take the family with you plan to spend two days there is so much to see and there's a bus tour places to eat. Great experience. Get there early.

Kyle L

Lots of things to see and interactive exhibits and multiple 3D IMAX shows. More than you can see in one day. Worth a visit! Seems like everything is very new and modern as well.

Hassan Cheaito

A must visit if you have young kids. The amount of learning, history and professionalism is unmatched. The kids had a great day of learning and fun. The adults had their fare share too. Don't miss the Atlantis showcase, you will feel definitely part of the mission! Worth the 75min drive from Orlando to spend the day. You need at least 6 hours to cover it all...

Ian Morgan

Enjoyed the day. Good drive out to get there. Parking was good. Got on the bus tour early and that worked well for us. Seems a lot of cinema type items which gets repetitive but would still recommend.

Robert Brugger

Super fun experience. Was very interesting. I would go back any day. I love it. I went on the tour of the launch pad and learn so much about them. I got to learn about all the different rockets and some about space x. I would recommend anyone to do this!


Definitely worth a visit, but you will not need a full day. I think for families this place is amazing, but for adults only it’s not as great. Sadly there are either only simulators or films, so it seems like little effort for a lot of money. Also, one of the bus drivers we had seemed a little reckless. A must do is the bus tour with the Apollo control centre! Highlight of the trip there.


Amazing place, historic site. Occasional launches are always great, many historic spacecraft and small museum areas. Definitely will go a third time.

Kaska Howard

What an experience! Lots of cool exhibits for anyone. I highly recommend behind the scenes bus tour in addition to the regular bus tour. It actually let's you get out of the bus and take some cool pictures. Rocket launch simulator is a must do also

Chris Killgore

Super cool place to tour. So much to see, could take 2 days. Pretty cool to see this after having been to Johnson Space Center 15 years prior.

Ronald Ross

This place is amazing. Our visit was amazing. There is so much to do that a day doesn't cover it. The staff are also friendly. Better customer service than Disney to be honest. Prices are great for admission, food, and merchandise. To be educated and to be entertained is a plus for the kids. As an adult, it was awe-inspiring and a place for reverence. Absolutely go if you have the opportunity. It is worth skipping one of the Orlando parks for a day or two!

Robert Dinsmore

This was by far the best shore excursion that I have ever been on for any of my cruises! Entertaining and educational!


I think it would be nice to take kids who like rockets. It's better to go and look around slowly in the morning than in the afternoon. You must go on a bus tour. I can see a big rocket. Most of the rest are watching videos. We have a five-hour kids experience program and we need to sign up in advance. It's worth a try, but don't expect much.

Nicholas Friemoth

Just amazing. Would definitely go there again. My family and I went on the Cape tour and the tour guids were really good.


I enjoy history, technology, and the space programs, and this place has all that and more. There were some disappointments though. Make sure you do some research and plan your day prior to your visit. The entry price is quite high, so you want to arrive early and have a plan to make sure you get the most value. We paid an extra $25 for the extended bus tour which takes you out to drive by the launch pads. This could have been interesting, but we had a very poor tour guide who really didn't have much to say. In our case, the extra fee wasn't worth it. If you get a good guide this could be a good experience. Also, there are only a few stops that are made in the field so it's important to be on the correct side of the bus - the right side, so you can see the buildings and other facilities. Unfortunately, we were on the left side! Note that it also takes a lot of extra time where you aren't going through the other exhibits. Another disappointment was the attitude of some of the service personnel. Definitely not a happy welcome to the park. Other than this, it was a great day.

Kaite Lenaburg

Pretty fun place to go. I went for a launch, recommending going to the museum either before the launch or on a separate day cause it get really crowded.

Тарас П'ятковський

If you like rockets and Space this place is for you. Bring your kids and explore all the rockets built in the US. There are a couple of simulators so you and your kids will be able to try some orbital maneuvers like rendezvous of two spacecrafts. I failed mine but it was fun.

nishita mehta

Amazing place. Must visit for kids and family who love space and like to know more about it. Explore, Mars, Mars 3d and Apollo are must shows to watch.

Rhonda Johnson

Great time. Relearned a lot of history and where we are still making history in science, medicine, and lots of other areas.Need to come and visit.

Eddie Ho

Great experience throughout the space center. Don't let the size of the space center fool. One can easily spend the entire day in it.

Xeno Group

Great place for education about space and for kids OK selection of food very long line for the bus we were there over 30 minutes to an hour and coming back maybe 15-20 minutes for the bus to come back. Beautiful drive to get there. Proud to be American and inspired and recommend go there early

Gloria Morgan

3rd visit here in 41 years. Every visit brings reminders a new information. Had a great day my grandson. Recommends to everyone.

Rebecca Duchild

Be sure to plan to spend the whole day here, you’ll need it. Seeing the Space-shuttle Atlantis was awesome. Highly recommend for the whole family!


This place is jaw dropping and a highlight of our trip to Florida. So much to see, be prepared for some queuing for the coach out to the Apollo museum, well worth the trip once you get there. There are lots of fun for both adults and kids. Outstanding. A must for everyone.

Cindy Altenberger

Awesome place to see an adventure with family. Clean organized. Loved the bus tour. So pleased we went

Dan Meinhard

Expensive... would not honor my military / veteran discount with USAF ID. Two days here would be better than one, but one was all I had and it was a great experience. Children under 10 may have a hard time, our 8 y/o did and it just made it difficult to enjoy at times due to not being interested in some things.

Melissa Kendall

Amazing. A little something for everyone. Hall of Fame, memorials, bus tour, walking tours, theater exhibits...we spent all day there.

Jimmie Clark

This place was awesome!!! I enjoyed seeing the look on my son's face when we arrived. Everyone here was very polite, the bus tour was cool and the Atlantis exhibit was well done.

Rogue Malinois

If you love space, then this is certainly the place to visit. Educational and inspiring. Definitely spend 2 days to see and experience all the exhibits without feeling rushed.


Fantastic day out with a mix of historical and educational exhibits. The Space Shuttle Atlantis is on display complete with re-entry scorch marks and the massive Saturn V rocket. There was a great informative presentation by astronaut Mark C Lee on the day we visited. I thoroughly e enjoyed the day and would recommend it to anyone


Amazing place if your a space enthusiast, get to see launch pads and rockets that sent man to the moon! Incredible place full of history. Food and drinks are theme park priced same with admission but well worth the trip to see!

Andrea Boehme

Really fun. We went on a special tour of the Cape. Tour was educational and fun. It was also very accessible and the tour bus had a chair lift. There wasn't much walking to it would be good if you have a hard time standing for long.

Ben Baker

Very interesting exhibits. The domestic staff - cleaners, food staff etc - could really use an attitude adjustment. Otherwise the store clerks and tour guides were great.

Daniel Fonseca

It's just an amazing experience. Now the only bad thing that can be said is that a single full day might not be enough if you're the curious, detail-oriented type of person. Check the astronaut activity, you don't need to pay (lunch with), there's a daily session. Absolutely loved everything about this place.

Melissa Miller

I completely enjoyed my day at Kennedy Space Center! There was so much to see do and learn that you literally can spend the entire day there and still not see it all! I loved the educational history !

Jessica Lavine

So happy I got to visit. The park wasn't busy at all (went during the week) and everything is easily accessible. It's nice you can go at your own pace but there are staff all over willing to answer any questions.

Nawaf M

Great place to spend time with the family and gain a lot of information about what is going around us in this universe. The only thing that made us all tired is waiting for the bus tour as the weather was hot and the humidity was high at that day. Other than this it is a highly recommended place to visit

Danny Roberts

Legendary place to be living life. Despite its location in debatably the worst state of the Union, Kennedy Space Center is where humanity made strides to become the greatest species to walk our planet, and perhaps other planets soon. I am luckily enough to be an intern here and participate in projects that push humanity towards great accomplishments. #Artemis

Alan Perkins

Wanted to visit here for years. Wow! It was worth the wait..... booked the early years tour & spent the afternoon with the most amazing tour guide. Humour & humility throughout, our 15 year old put away his phone & listened eagerly. The bravery of some of the astronauts was amazing .

Angela Mcilroy

Excellent place. Advise to get there for it opening, you'll be able to see more. If you're interested in space you'll need a full day to explore although you could do it in less time, but I would suggest that could feel quite rushed.

Rickell Sheppard

Such a cool place to visit. Wish we could have spent more time here. You need 2 days to see and do everything. We will definitely visit again.

Nicholas Kiage

Amazing place! Definitely stop by if you're in the Central Florida area! They really are doing amazing things here! The tour is fantastic and well worth it! A great visitor center to a extraordinary station! Will return again!

Anica J.

A must see for everyone. Its a very historically rich place with something for the entire family to enjoy. Its a bit of walking between buildings but its not too bad. The bus tour they have is very informative and interesting. I would definitely go again. Each visit seems like it'll present something new.

Flavio Villanustre

Great exhibits on american contemporary technological achievements. Extremely polished setup with very interesting tours and documentaries. A must see!

Andy Lohaus

Very informative with many great sections of the park to explore. Kids loved it, we easily spent the entire day on site. If you have any interest in space or history, make this a destination on your vacation.

Courtney Kruse

Our kids are big into space. We weren't sure if the expense was worth it due to their ages (3 and 6) however they had a great time. Our daughter was super excited to get to meet and get an autograph from an astronaut.

Sue Johnson

So interesting and formative. Seeing a space capsule, where the astronauts sat was amazing. Learned so much.

genevieve sobieski

I think this would be really fun for children, we went with overseas friends who really loved it. I’m not much of a space buff myself so found it a bit boring. Many documentaries in the form of attractions, but neat to see once

Jackie Joyner

Great day with family. Alot to do. Best time of the season to go. Lines & crowds were minimal.

Nichole Stone

Amazing, amazing, amazing! We will be investing in season passes in the future. The history and education is wonderful. Seeing the operational launch pads, the VAB, and the crawler was so cool. Atlantis was by far my favorite thing to see, and my daughters loved the interactive portions of the exhibit.


What a fantastic time here, fulfilled a life long dream of visiting here and was not disappointed. Beautiful exhibits from the past and future. Guided tours provided plenty of information. Bus tours and volunteers were fantastic with narrative on the history of this site.

David Hyndman

So good I loved every minute. Lots of interesting exhibits including a couple of jaw dropping ones. If you've any interest in space at all then I'm sure you won't regret a day spent here. The veggie burger at lunchtime was a disaster but that was nothing compared to the whole experience.

Steven Husak

It truly is rocket science. I turned into that little kid that wanted to grow up to be an astronaut some day. A great value and so incredibly educational, looking to the future and also nostalgic.

weber luo

Very fun and educative, good for 3yo up to 80. Nice facility and lots of things to learn. Prepare your time for more imax movies.

Mike Knolinski

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FACILITY!!! AND PEOPLE WORKING THERE!! I was blown away today as was my son on how awesome this place is!!! Thank everyone there for an amazing day!!!


If you like science and want to have a reality check from the dreamy world of Disney and other amusement need to come here. I believe in telling my children that there is no prince charming who would come to rescue them from peril but if they are well educated, they would be capable of rescuing a prince in distress instead

Amaury Fernandez

One of the most impressive and emotional place in Orlando, you not only learn about planes and aerospace ship, you also spend a good time with family, we spend the night at the hotel and we see there lot of people who work for NASA . Very excited moment

alexander hope

Amazing place everyone on earth MUST see. Incredible adventurers and much more to learn, be part of and be surprised by. Simple wonderful and awesome...

Rennie Milici

Bus tour was great we viewed launch pads and vehicle assembly building.Then stopped at the Saturn 5 building. Viewed real Saturn 5 moon rocket, lunar lander and Atlantis space shuttle. Much more to see and do.

Hemel Llinas

Great park if you like science, space, engineering marvels. Free tour of the platforms included. It’s really not that busy so it’s always a great time to go.

siew penn

What an awesome place. The incredible people who were involved and who work there now. They are so passionate and dedicated to the mission. Needs the government to invest in them to continue and keep up the good work. And their prices are so much more reasonable than the Disney and Universal theme parks. Definitely value for money and so much more educational.

Thomas Jones

I watched the early lift offs as a child, and I loved it here. Our bus driver was named Noble. If you are lucky enough to get him, you are lucky enough!

Shai Adler

What a place, if you come to Orlando this is a must. It is hard to imagine the effort it took to put 2 men on the moon until you actually see this amazing piece of engineering the Saturn V Just 1 hour drive from Disney World. Don’t miss it

Amjad Aziz

Fantastic day out - lots of science packed into a great day out. If you are visiting Orlando, then this is a must visit location. The Saturn rockets and the space shuttle make you stand in awe.

Donald Peck

A fantastic place to visit. A hands on history lesson. Plan on a full day to really appreciate it. Handicap accessible with wheel chair rental available as well as electric wheel chairs.

Adrian Grigorita

Excellent visit. Love how they keep Improving and adding to the site. Manage to see a launch while there (by accident). Check the launch schedule before you visit - you might get lucky too - there are a lot more launches than in the past

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