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REVIEWS OF Fun Spot America IN Florida

Lizbeth Reyes

Great deal for the kids to go all year round but man some of the teenagers that work there look miserable and have poor basic communication skills. I would never hire them at a place where people go to have fun and to be happy.

Ashley Jackson

Didn't excite me as much since I like big rides that take you pretty high in the air but it is a great place for children 2 years old and up. I still enjoyed my time there with family. The line to buy the tickets wasn't long when I went.

M.P. Wells

Its a cool place. Good price for what you get especially with what the surrounding areas entertainment cost. I would go after 8pm or 9pm on a week day not to many people short lines and no hot sun beating down on you. Takes about 3 hours to do everything a few times.

Graham Stiver

It's a nice little place to spend a few hours.I do think that the tickets are a bit overpriced, and if you plan on riding more than a few rides, the all inclusive wristband is the way to go. White lighting is a fun little GCI.

Daris Fajar Ramadhan

Very great spot to spend time with family and friends. You could enter it for free to look around or you could buy ticket package for one day access. The options are $50 and $60.

Liveevil Mod

Great place to go if you've already been to Disney or hate the lines there. Waited no more than 5-10 minutes for each ride. First time here and the family loved it.

Kimberly Tirado

Could not ask for a better staff at fun spot Orlando. My husband and I went to the park with our three oldest daughters and a friend to celebrate my daughters 10th birthday. Shortly after arriving at the park, my 8 year old daughter and her friend were waiting in line for the fun slide when the ride attendants noticed she looked pale. While one staff went to get her water, the other staff started to walk her to us. My daughter was dehydrated and was on the verge of passing out, unable to talk or see anything. The staff acted quickly bringing her ice and Gatorade. We cannot thank the staff at fun spot Orlando enough for their close attention and fast reaction that saved our little girl. We will return to fun spot with no doubt and continue to spread the word of their heroic actions.

Jennifer Pettay

I think it’s the best and most affordable option if you have toddlers. We have an annual pass and I think it’s perfect to just come here for a few hours of fun. There are so many options for our 3 year old and some rides allow a parent to get on for free with the kid pass.

Cristina Beno

Very nice place! The 4-course go kart tracks are fun & classic. Rides are great for kids! White lighning is fast - definitely a must do! Unlimited arm bands are the best value! Carnival food - delicious! Makes a fun family day

Rigo M

Great place to have fun. Prices are reasonable. I appreciate there're rain check deal. We went and it started to rain within 40 min. Not a cloud in the sky and then blam! Rain. So at least we were given an opportunity to come back without paying again. My only concern was some of the arcade games were not working well. The air hockey table was basically falling apart and maybe not safe to play. The rides are great. Staff was very friendly and everyone made us feel welcome. I still enjoyed myself with my family while it was raining.

Shelli Harris

Was just OK this time. I've gone several times over the years and now it seems it's only best to go if you're in need of "Kiddie Rides" or big on go karts. The ticket prices are simply OUTRAGEOUS for just a "Carnival Setting " when you could easily go to Sea World for 60 more bucks and spend all day and have tons Of variety for all ages in your groups. There's no ferris wheel and the only thing there that interested me and the teens in our group was 3 rides...... the rest is literally for small kids or walking around and spending more money on snacks like drinks, funnel cakes, fries etc. I highly advise going to one of the larger amusement parks if you want to get what you paid for in rides but......I suggest you go to fun spot and simply pay to go to their gator spot. You can feed the gators, take nice pics, get a tour and interact. It is always fun and a great learning experience.

Lauren Londono

They have 4 go kart tracks, ferris wheel, a flying roller coaster and much more very great place

Chris Glick

Rides are simple but fun, perhaps not worth normal admission unless you have kids. Done in about 2 hours. Have cash ready for funnel cakes, carnival games, and frozen slushie lemonade. 4 Rivers BBQ truck onsite is a bonus.

Katie Dilley-Fetty

Fun Spot was highly recommend by our father! He lets us know that they were having a special for Fun Spots Birthday!! We were able to get tickets to both places for $25 per person instead of $50!! Only down fall was that I also purchased the refill cup on line for $5 but somehow it didn't show up on our receipt and had to pay $7 per cup! All 7 of us that went had a wonderful time!! Fun Spot has rides for Adults but it is truly geared for kids under 15!! But still a TON OF FUN!!

Jessica Gonzalez

Family loved it. Thank you Joel Hernandez for the fun time in your tracking department.

Doug Stewart

It's a fun little place with some good rides. Numerous go-cart tracks with minimal waiting in line. My major issue with it would be they expect toddlers to pay the same price as an adult. But are only able to ride a few rides. They should offer a kids or toddler band at a reduced price.

Rick Mason

Great place to spend family time. Good rides. Decent prices.

Danielle carter

My kids love the one on Orlando side. They had a blast


A very good amusement park a little high though but still great the children like it a little laid back but still great

scott simmons

Fun spot for kids to ride go carts a rides with little lines,

Kathy Eady

Good deals on passes in the evening! Nice place to take a date or your family.

Darby Jones

Such a great value! Fun and dangerous at the same time. Definitely go with the go karts. The best value youre gonna get for the price and the experience. The Kissimee location has a good wooden coaster, Mine Blower.

Kristy Johnson

Amazing place !!! My husband and I took our 5 year old who is around 46 inches and he was able to ride most rides including both roller coasters. The staff was super friendly and they had really clean and air conditioned bathrooms. I really like that you can leave and come back with the wrist bands that are all day unlimited. We will return !!!!

Shane Huth

You can usually find discounts associated with other attractions. It's worth looking into. This is an easy way to spend several hours.

Dana James

AMAZING STAFF! As a mother of an autistic daughter I appreciated the care the staff took to make sure my daughter had the same experience as the other guest. I purchased a yearly pass in the way out. Highly recommend this park

Christopher Kennis

Super friendly staff, for a small off the theme park option a lot the employees are happy. Encountered a girl at gator land that sang to a bird on her shoulder while the bird danced to karaoke being sung in the background. The place is very clean. If you want something fun to do away from the parks this is the spot for you.

April Woods

We came down for a little family vacation. It was actually a good park. Everyone there was super nice and friendly. We went at the beginning when they open and they also let us come back later after the heat died down. Kids loved it. We never waited longer than 3 to 4 minutes to ride. Its adult friendly and kid friendly. And also free parking which was nice since alot other places charge and arm and leg. If we come back down for another this place will be our spot from now on out. Glad we considered it and went. We was very pleased

Us Guzman's

This place was fun. Wish they had more rides for little ones. Other than that it was a lot of fun for the older kids (6yr old and up) and adults.

Joshua Coolidge

The park is pretty clean. The staff a really friendly and polite. The prices are not really that bad. I would recommend using one of your Go Orlando passes if you are you using that service. The park was family-friendly. A good place to spend a couple hours.

Joshua Colon

They have four different go-kart tracks - apparently the green track is the fan favorite. Yellow is the longest and red is the fastest. Forgot what the difference is with the blue track...

Kristin Horie

Fun place to go without spending a lot of money, took a toddler and bought him a unlimited ride wristband, then got a chaperone pass for free and was able to take him on any ride he wasn't tall enough for free


Games, rides, karts and more! I have an AP to Fun Spot and I enjoy both locations, they certainly differ in ride offerings and kart track layouts but they're both great. They occasionally sell their passes for crazy cheap (Black Friday!) If you're a local, pick one up and you'll always have two destinations that are nearby, fun and usually pretty quiet early in the day. They also have a refillable cup!!

James Hughes

Great place for my preteen have fun and not wait for 2 hours for a single ride

Sandy Kimsey

This is one of the cleanest amusement parks I have ever visited. I did not personally ride anything, but my family rode many rides and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We used our "birthday celebration" tickets we purchased in June. Every June they put tickets up for sale at discount prices to celebrate their birthday opening. And this was our third year of purchasing the discount tickets. You can buy up to 10, and they are good anytime before December 31 of that year. The "unlimited refills" bottle available for purchase can be saved and used for every visit until December 31 as well. I highly recommend that purchase. A good way to spend the day and evening.

Heidi Chanthamany

Great family fun with multiple rides and awsome go kart speedway. Unbeatable price for all day fun. Definitely recommend as a family must.

KC Keeby

Great fun for a date OR to bring the family. I've done both. It's a mini amusement park with go-karts, an arcade and great shopping within walking distance of free parking. What else you want??

Nicholas Limongi

Fun Spot is one of the better attractions not related to a major theme park. The go-karts are fun but a little old. The roller coasters are newer but are short. If you buy one of the unlimited wristbands than you can definitely get your moneys worth in a couple of hours.

Christian Combes

A pretty fun place to visit if your willing and wanting to get out of the rat-race and just visit for a few hours, rather than a few days a different kind of amusement park. Much more basic, smaller and much less busy or hectic than the traditional amusement parks in the surrounding area. A great way to get some cheap thrills (compared to other sites) but yet amusing and some rides even very thrilling.

Jeanie Pearson

Fun little theme park. I liked White Lightning. VERY quiet on a random Wednesday evening in October - almost no one there but the park is still open, so you can ride everything however many times you want.

Arielle Payne

Soo much to do! Tickets are pricey but its worth it! Unlimited rides and go karts ... cant get any better than that. You can literally spend the whole day there.

Frank Clark

Clean, good rides for the kids, inexpensive, no admission if you don't use the rides. Free parking. You can get a season pass for $100 for the year, no waiting to get on the rides, save money and frustration compared to Disney our grandkids love it.

Jancie Brown

Fun stuff for the whole family... bands good all day and a variety of stuff to do including go karts. Plenty of seating in the kid area for adults to watch their babies ride their hearts out

Eliarny Arias

Very fun place to go lots to do the staff is very nice and humorous. The food here is great aswell as the Desserts. For me the Normal price of the pass to get in the park is a bit much but if you plan to come here you should buy your tickets in Groupon. Overall I had a wonderful time here at fun spot.

Jeremiah Mackey

Always a joy to visit. An affordable alternative to the larger attractions. I always feel welcome and appreciated by the great staff. Virtually no wait for the rides. There is plenty to do and see to fill a day.


Absolutely loved fun spot. Had a bunch of fun and thrilling rides there and wasn't disappointed at all. Loved the day they had free drinks after purchase

Eddie murphy

The park itself is rather small, but ride lines are small and quick if you go later in the day. The price you pay doesnt seem worth the few attractions and coasters that they do have, but the mulit-level go carts tracks were amazing and fun to ride for a few hours. The employees also seemed to make every ride enjoyable and make sure people liked their experience.

La-la Lewis

Great place if your seeking a cheaper route than Disney, Universal, and Sea World. I'd definitely go here than going to Sea World. If you are just looking to have fun with your kids, family or friends on a budget Fun Spot is definitely the place for you.

Ezra Jarrett

Our children have so much fun there. They love it there especially the go car on the track. Which we have something like this in New York.

Diana Cruz

Always a fun place to come with the kids! They will enjoy the 4 go cart courses they have as well and the roller coasters and all the other carnival rides they have here. Not to mention the huge arcade!

Erin Brooks

Great fun! You can go on the rides/go-karts as often as you like and even leave the park and return within the same day (as long as you have your wristband). The alligator section is a great addition, especially for those who don't like rides etc. The queues aren't long either :)

Sisterly 3

1st time visiting, my whole family loved it. The longest line in the middle of a Sunday only lasted about 20 minutes. The all-day wristbands included access to the gator spot where we fed the alligators. Our family of six were able to move very easily through all the areas. Admission is free so go in sit down have a drink and watch the kids play. Staff was great at keeping the crowd in check.

Derrick Johnson

Great for kids of all ages, or a date night. The customer service here is beyond measure. This is a place we go for family time and date nights when we want to leave the kids at home and brace the go carts. Last time there we had a vehicle issue and the car would not start. The manager there Chris came and help and stayed there the whole time going beyond his job requirement. This is customer service you can't get nowhere else.

Sharon Wallace

No queues, no fee for entrance free parking, what more can you ask. My family thoroughly enjoyed their day here, at, Fun Spot America. You can hire a wheelchair or scooter for the day. We paid €30 for electric scooter. Rest room was clean, and accessible for disabled. There was a large cafe with air con, so we could cool off. The food and drink where fairly priced, but the fries where cold. I wouldnt hesitate to return.

keion parrish

Love this place. Will be back again. Age appropriate rides. No long lines. Good prices were high. Not a gun/ or any weapon friendly place. You have to enter into a metal detector.

Adrienne Tyson

Absolutely awesome thanks to some great customer service from the employees who work there. Kind and courteous and clapped our family of six thru every ride mo matter how many times we got on. Thanks for a great evening.

Sunshine Ladies

We have passes to the other big parks, but we sometimes go here if we come across cheap tickets. The kids have fun because it feels like going to the fair. The lines to get in are crazy. And if you have an annual pass, you still have to wait in the ticket line, which can be up to an hour on busy days. If they had a better system like scanning the annual pass at the rides, instead of the wristband and waiting for it, I'd might consider being a pass member. The staff are hit or miss, some are amazing and others not so much.

Tim Pieloch

This place is so much fun. It got crowded after 6pm. Before that it was perfect. Great rides, my kids had a great time. We can't wait to go again soon!

Lucena Nicolas

Upon opening there were hardly any line. Towards the early evening people started coming but the line was not bad till closing. Compared to the larger theme parks this was a better experience by far

Milton Rosado

People worry about Universal and Disney but it's so massive that you lose the fun in family time. Fun spot is perfect for family fun and memories I recommend it to any family on vacation looking for a great and affordable fun!

Joy Perry

The staff is incredibly friendly and energetic. The rides were fun I just wish there was more of a variety like some water rides and bigger roller coasters. The rides are perfect if you dont want anything too scary but I'm a thrill seeker. Had fun and positive time though.

James Coppin

I love this place, we used to come here all the time even before they had rollercoasters and the other rides they have now, used to be just gokart racing and bumper cars, now this place has really taken off and is incredibly popular. If you come early you can enjoy being the only ones in the park but by the evening it starts getting really busy. There's also a game arcade and other cool things to do while your in between rides

Kimberly Felten

I love this place. It's perfect for families because entry and parking is free, only pay for who is riding rides. Staff is awesome and cheap beer!

PlayStation Gamer

Very exciting and fun place to go to if you visit Orlando. It’s a much cheaper option than the universal and Disney theme parks and myself and my family actually prefer it over the Disney parks to be honest.

Rashad Zeigler

This was my first time going and come to this theme park and I had a blast can't wait to come back and it's not expensive at all.

Rizwan Mohammed Abdul

Amazing experience for the whole family. Better than some of the other theme parks we visited in Orlando. Staff was friendly. Most rides stayed open during rain allowing those who wished to continue to have uninterrupted fun. It is open until midnight which is another advantage for tourists.

Bill R

They have a variety of great go-kart tracks! They have some rides, mostly geared toward smaller kids. have older kids so we specifically went there for the go-karts. Fun was has by all. Free parking. Also, buy your day passes online and save $5 from the gate price. The food was good and reasonablly priced considering what other theme parks charge.

Toby Clark

Great fun at a great price. A lot of rides and atmosphere for the money. Great for families. They even had 4rivers BBQ available from concessions. The go carts are fun and the staff are taking good care of the park. A great place to have fun.

Kayla Collins

My husband and I went and had a good time! It's definitely for more teen and younger ages. We're in our mid 20s. I don't think it was worth the $100 for the both of us. But we didn't have a bad time! The wooden roller coaster and the large swing were the best rides! I'm plus size and I was able to ride almost all the rides. They were a tight fit in a couple. I've seen fairs with more rides. BUT again it was fun for us when we didn't have the time or funds for Disney or Universal.

Joseph M

I love it so much because my kids love it, and seeing those smiles on there faces. Priceless. What makes it even better is the Great & kind staff.

Simi Fuchs

We went in the evening around 9pm. We did not have to wait on a single line. Got to do most of the rides in less than 2.5 hrs. Staff was nice and friendly. Grounds were spotless clean. Overall a great experience. Would definitely do it again

Kyle Pandrea

I come here to Florida every year to come here and I always have an amazing experience but today I didn’t have a very fun time a kid on the go karts was in front of me and stopped and tried to RAM me an me and my uncle were both on and he hit so hard when we left he threw up and passed out this kid was annoying but I LOVE THIS PLACE I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND COMING HERE better than Disney world SO MUCH FUUUUUUUUUUUN IF ANYTHING THIS PLACE

Stoops 2no1

We are annual pass holders and love coming here. We mentioned to them before about how hot it gets during the summer and the lack of covered areas. They listened and put a few more coverings up. Unfortunately there are still some rides that have no shade for the queues. We were there today and temp real feel was 102°. It would be awesome to see more of the misting fans over by freedom flyer and white lightening. Well pretty much through out the park. And some in the covered areas. That's the only down side of the park.


My 5.5 & 2.5 year old had the most wonderful time at this park. The staff is exceptional and exceeded our expectations. Everyone was very friendly and safety focused. The staff are well trained and consistent. Lots of shade, benches, clean bathrooms, stroller friendly. And no admissions fee for those who just want to watch the kids have fun. There was no waiting or a very short wait, and the ride attendents would let my kids keep riding a ride if no one was in line. We were very happy to spend our money here rather than at large corporations. Special shout out to Angela who was smiling and happy ever time we saw her and for making our kids feel special & safe. And to Ronnie for giving my littlest one extra attention in a way that made him feel like he was one of the big kids. Skip Disney and go here!

yvonne learningtolove

I like this fun place. I had just enough rides to give you the feel of an amusement park without all of the big lines. I didn't have to go to Disney World and I didn't have to spend a lot of money. If you get the go Citi Card you get a sampler pack for the same part and the upgrade is just $20 more. You are able to leave the park if you want to eat in your car and return without any fee. This is a place that you could spend all day and still leave with money in your pocket.

Gaming With Jordan

It was nice, clean, and affordable family fun. Even though it decided to rain, the party kept going through the arcade. NOTE: Arcades, food, and game booths are an additional charge outside of your wristband purchase.

Carlos Morataya

Good times, free entrance, fun rides, big arcade. It has a great family carnival feel.

joanna cade

Wonderful time. Staff was friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed how rides were tailored for children. Park was not too big. Children and adults will enjoy!

jessica phillips

Came here for my birthday to ride the ferris wheel but it was closed I was so upset but thankfully rashawnda (hope I spelled it right, sorry girl

Jerrol Nara

Unlimited rides for around 50$ each person. Except for the tall swing. 4 go cart rides . Great rides for adults and children.

Case B

Went at night time with no sun and had a nice, cool breeze. Waits in line weren't too bad at all; rode within 15 minutes or less. Staff were energetic while performing their job, and alert regarding safety (sometimes double checking patrons to make sure everyone was safely secured. This place gives you just the right amount of rides without the empty pockets, long lines, and overpriced food. Definitely a great place to go with the family, even if they don't get on rides.

Zachariah Cannon

Kids had a blast here! Very reasonably priced and no long waits like the 2-3 hours at the major parks! Definitely worth the price!

Asheley Rodden

We have been to Fun Spot 2x's and both times the Customer service and the ride attendants have been NOTHING LESS THAN AMAZING. This time we visited the candy shop on our way out. The Prices are very reasonable and the kids loved the Chocolate dipped Oreo.

Crystal Boutwell

This is one of the best places ever! Very affordable and great fun for the family! Lot's of great rides for kids and adults. The refillable drink cup is a must have for the free refills all year long.

Allison Moreland

Of our 7 day Orlando visit, this was my foster boys' (9/11) favorite day. Mine too. Reasonably priced and a day of fun. Compared to the typical parks in central FL the pricing was very fair. The park was clean. The employees were friendly. AND THE FOOD WAS FAIRLY PRICED. that's a big deal for my family!! Every week long vacation with my foster kids we spend one day at a big park and a wild card. This will be our go to wild card for every trip to FL. Thanks Fun Spot for making my foster sons vacation one they will always remember! Tip: go early before it gets hot, before it gets busy, and before the rain starts. We had no wait from 10-12 on most rides !!!

Jacob Mathews

This place had a lot of rides alot of things to do and it was reasonable in price and if you come after 8 you get almost $20 off which is a real deal. You even have the option of paying per ride. I feel like this is a real value for fun. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because there was only 2 roller coasters.

Stephen Garnier

Small amusement park. Nice for a quick stop except for the per ride price. Unlimited rides is a much better deal. $10 to ride a small coaster. It's a nice ride, but the price is steeper than the roller coaster.

Laura Williams

Fun Spot is cheaper than all the theme parks in Orlando. It a fun place for families. The staff was friendly. In the kiddie area the workers clap for the kids as they exit the rides. We had a great time at Fun Spot. They have an arcade, a couple cafes on site. Fun!

Tisha Stigler

The park is very clean. (including the bathrooms) The employees clapped for the kids and encouraged them, as well as answered questions. The rides are awesome!! We suggest going in the morning and getting the day pass. It is reasonable and it something for the entire family to do.

Crystal Bryant

Saw a commercial and remembered I had purchased their birthday special the year before. Found my tickets and they literally expired the next day. Went and had an absolute blast! Rode all the coasters at least 3 times each. They serve beer! Felt about 10 years old in the line for bumper cars and loved it! Lines were fast, service was great, and you can leave and come back as long as you have your wristband. Definitely going back!

Stephanie Robinson

We had a blast, stopped by so the kids could check out the go cart tracks! Wish we would of had more time to ride some of the other rides.


Buys the all you can drink cups. Little shade here and there you will need the liquids. Go carts are a blast just avoid them during May and Sept as the Love Bugs are in full force attracted to the cart exhaust and oils.

Lorraina Zamudio

We went on a Monday and that was the BEST day to go. Short lines, and lots of fun.! The roller coasters are AMAZING and my kids loves the kiddie rides, gocarts,and arcade.! If you are in town I highly suggest going here.!

Tricia Johnson

A great place for children and teens. There were a lot of rides for the younger children and also for young adults. The place was very hot though not even covering for the summer heat and a lot of hard concrete pavement.

Cheavaun Coke

Great place for kids, just a little over price I don’t think kids should be paying same price as adults that’s just my opinion.

Elisa A

Amazing family fun place in the heart of Orlando. Took my 2.5 and 4.5 year old here in March. There are actually 2 locations but the one in Orlando has More rides for both kids and adults. We bought the Groupon passes for the kids and saved $23 bucks! We also got Free Passes to ride with kids on certain kid rides, which is a great perk that comes with kid passes. There is over 10 rides for the kids including Tea Cups, Swings, Mini Roller Coaster, Play Zone and a nice size ground floor arcade! As far as food goes there are tons of different Kiosks and a main cafeteria style place right in the middle between the kid rides and main entrance. Hub got a burger and fries and I shared a tender and fry basket with kids. Tenders were great, hub said burger was a hockey puck. We also purchased the Souvenir Cup, which is prices very reasonable, and you get free refills all year! It’s a good buy especially on a hot day, we had 3-4 cups of lemonade and several cups of water for under $10. Overall I would recommend this place to all and say if your in the Orlando area for an extended amount of time, this place is a must do :)

A San

I gave this place a 3* because unfortunately one of the managers Craig was unreasonable. Yesterday I took my son and his family (from New York) along with my sister in-law from Canada to have some fun at the FUN Spot. We were until the thunder and lightening with a downpour started. We bought tickets for unlimited rides. There were several rides we did not get to go on because we were told they were closed due to the storm and the representatives told us to speak to the manager about getting back a pass for another day. I spoke to salesgirl who said she couldn’t do so because we had already gone on many other rides. I asked for the manager and to my disappointment she brought Craig who said he cannot honor for us to come back another day. He told me that we had gone on rides that totaled what the tickets cost. I told him I bought tickets for UNLIMITED rides so it was ridiculous that he would say that, because if it is unlimited how can we exceed the rides. It just proves that some places are worth going to and there is better customer service. We had gone to Universal Studios over 6 years ago and there was a storm and the manager was very courteous and gave us tickets to go back another day. We had to return to New York the next day. This past February (six years later) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS honored those tickets. I learned my lesson. I will never take any of my relatives to the FUN SPOT again. A zero star for Craig - ☹️

Todd Balmer

I rarely write a review but this park earned it! Rides were fun and a great mix for a family of 5 with different ranges in height. I could go on and on about how friendly the staff is and they go above and beyond to make it a great experience. Andre(manager) was extremely helpful in working out an online issue. Next year we plan on buying a pass and doing Orlando one day and Kissimmee another day. If you’re looking for a break from an overcrowded park and fun for the whole family, I recommend Funspot.

Heather Miconi

Lines are pretty short compared to other amusement parks in the Orlando area. The only downfall is everything is outside and it is very hot. Looking forward to the splash pad opening.


Great place to go to kill a few hours. The bumper boats were closed when it was blazing outside which is a negative but the rides were pretty good and the go karts were amazing


Lots of things to do and it's really fun.i would highly recommend


Went here last year and it was a blast, had lots of fun. Costs are a little high in some parts but you can use your ticket for other fun spots that day. Love this place, family friendly


Was great for our seven and five year olds. There wasn't long waits. We went on a Sunday at about 5:30-8:30. I wouldn't recommend it for younger than five though. Our five year old twins were just tall enough to ride the rides in "kid spot".

Krystal Vargas

For the price this park is fun. Would of given a five star but my only 2 issues are the windows for tickets I have 4 annual passes and still have to wait in line with everyone who is getting their daily tickets. Also one of the benefits that come either the annual pass is preferred parking BUT they don’t give you anything to prove you are a annual pass holder so anyone can park on the parking spot for the annual pass holders.

Sarah Crystal

Park doesn't look the most well kept but I really enjoyed myself here. Great go kart tracks, nice variety of rides that are a lot of fun

Margie Money

We visited today for the first time and we have a blast! I wish there were more shops to walk through and purchase items. Every single employee was top notch! Love the fact that you have security screening. Thanks for making my 51st birthday great! This was on my bucket list so I can now cross that off. We will be visiting the Kissimmee location next.

Celeste W

This park is a deal for a day or afternoon of fun! We did not pay parking....WHAT?! We only bought a ticket for the one person who was riding rides....SERIOUSLY?! And the crowds were not ridiculous. There are a variety of concessions and drink counters including slushes, ice cream, fair food, and meal combos. All the employees were courteous and the park was clean. Additionally, guests can pay by the ride or purchase a day pass which is good at both locations. AMAZING!

Kim Raimondi

If you love go karts you'll have a blast, great value for the money, food prices are reasonably. The day pass is your best deal

Hunter Raye

My family and I attended for the first time this past Saturday and had so much fun! The kids and adults alike enjoyed the variety of rides and other activities. The staff were accommodating and did a great job facilitating the best experience. We definitely plan to be back!

marc marcy

Great fun n rides. Go carts are awesome. All day pass let's u come and go as u please


Compared to the high dollar amusement parks around, this park is a shining star. Friendly workers, short lines, strategically placed facilities, and refillable drinks make this a must for families!

Maggie J-Mazing

this place is great. slower paced and a lot less visitors than some other parks. the go karts are the best part, not many places let you ride as often as you want for one price and there's 4 tracks! you can definitely keep yourself busy without spending a too much money or too much time waiting in line. highly recommend, will go back again and again.

Sarah Biondo

We love Fun Spot!! Free parking, practically NO lines (if you go during certain times) and the staff is #1!! Every staff member we came across was smiling and saying hi, enjoy your day, etc. You can tell they really enjoy their jobs

Julia Fogleman

I’ve lived in Florida since 2012 but this is first time that I’ve been here! My girlfriend took me and we had a blast. I would definitely visit again! The food wasn’t too expensive and neither was the souvenir cup! All in all it was a great trip!

Sharon Johnston

Plenty to do with fun rides away from the hustle and bustle of the big theme parks

Hayden Denholm

Ready cheap and lots to do as a cheap alternative to the bigger parks. Absolutely class for go karting and don't even get me started on the thrill seeking Sky Flyer! Absolutely boyo that l

Connie Curran

This is an affordable alternative to the big theme parks. Lots of fun things to do here for all ages. Kiddie rides, arcade, go carts and roller coasters as well as thrill rides. You won't spend hours in line either.

Paul Mack

Great one day destination. Good rides with short lines. Great staff. Bring the whole family

Kim Daugherty

Good hit with the grandkids. No lines and fun time. Needs more rides. But still not a bad place to go

koi muigai

Great place if you do not want to spend much money in the parks No long queues best in the evening not to hot

Jesse Roberts

Great amusement park if you are looking for something more budget friendly then Orlando studios or Disney but the park is not that big and it may not be worth an entire day.

Marie Rollins

We are season pass holders and likely will be until our kids are too old and bored lol. We try and go once or twice a month. When you buy your cups just bring them back each time you come for free refills! They also sell beer cups you can refill for a great price! As you can see from the pic, one year difference, my kids are right at home at Fun spot!

Kim Kiser

This is a hidden gem. It was a really nice little place for kids that like thrill rides but hate lines. They have a pretty good roller coaster. If you like go carts you in for a treat. Compared to other attractions in the area the price was great and the food was affordable. I would definitely go back again.

angela rohr

Forget Disney! Free parking free entry here. Pay per ride or get ride pass for unlimited rides. You dont ride you don't pay. Lines are fast if at all. SUPER CLEAN BATHROOMS. Visit a short time or all day. Enjoy going at night with all lights. They do check bags and these days that's a plus.

CC True

This place is a fun spot for a relatively affordable price. There's plenty to do and offers a lot of enjoyment for the kiddos. Nice staff was very helpful. Great location close to many shops. It can get pretty packed so keep that in mind.

Megan J Pagán

Fun Spot is a great place to visit. Fun Spot is reasonable on all of their pricing throughout the park from Tickets/arm bands to the food etc. There's something for everyone from toddler's to the adults and every age in between. Will definitely be back next time I'm on vacation in the area.

Chesney Moxey

A nice and friendly fun park for the whole family free parking and lots of fun activities to do everything from go-kart rides two old wooden style roller coaster now that's fun job well done Fun Spot

Francisco Farfan

This was a really nice place to visit to bring your own family and kids to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Krishnarine Hardyal

A very very very clean and great place to take your kids from toddlers to 13 years old..the best deal is the unlimited rides deal which my kids rode each rides over 5/6 times each and they didn't want to leave and even with the unlimited ride you get a free chauffeur if your kid is short to ride a a little expensive 8.99 for 3 chicken tenders with fries..the go carts was nice which I went on 4 times with my girls who needed an adult...the amount of rides my kids did if I paid for each ride for my two kids would of been over $200 but the unlimited single day pass for my two kids is $95 with tax online $100 plus tax at the park and also free parking...they also have a bar in the diner part for adults who just want to relax while kids do their own thing if they are old enough...the staff was long lines maybe because we went on a monday... would definitely recommend for kids under 9 years

Helaman Zeron

Really fun place if you go on as many rides as possible per the tip we received at the front desk. Go-Karts are especially more fun and the yellow, blue and green are the better ones for a good little competition.

Dulce Perez

Place is clean, staff is friendly, and not a long wait in lines during weekdays, not sure about the summer. Over all great place for kids and not overly priced. If I had to say anything negative it would be that all day the registers were down and only cash was expected. I was told this happens often, so I would recommend bring cash or pay the ATM fee.

W Bishop

Our kids love this place. Not really crowded with a good selection of rides for the smallest visitors and older alike. Purchase the souvenir cup with the all you can drink option, well worth the price and plenty stations to refill at.


Put it this way... my husband and kids would rather go here, than Disney! This place is really great! From the little kids area to the big rides, awesome time.

Sara Albright

Very friendly staff and a very fun affordable park! Bathrooms were nice too. If your child(ren) is under 54" take advantage of the chauffeur pass (free) where you drive them on three (blue, yellow and green) go cart tracks.

Michael Quiles

All accessed wristbands are the way to go. Rides are short but fun. Lines move fast. Big parking spaces. Will go again.

Tia Hayes

The go karts are amazing and awesome. Would definitely visited the place again

Chinonye Olumba

It was a lot of fun!! I especially enjoyed the different Go karting tracks. Highly also recommend the giant swing if you’re not afraid of heights.

Rachael Biehler

Always a fun place to take the kids! Never crowded and the people that work there are very friendly!

as ap

All good besides having my purse searched & metal detector b4

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