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REVIEWS OF Epcot IN Florida

Isaac Ireland

Nice experience, clean place, unique, wonderful. If you plan ahead you can get a lot done, I recommend finding someone that knows the place well and planning where you are going and do far passes carefully!

Davey Loot

Been here many times. This visit was our first time at food and wine. My wife loved food and wine. It's not really for kids though, obviously. But my family loves Epcot. The few select rides they do have, they love. We love drinking and eating here. Great drinks. Great food. The fireworks show is .....lacking. But they are redoing that soon. The character meet and greets are great too. Wreck it Ralph and Baymax are here.

Shayla Bell

The food and wine festival was a lot of fun! Lots of different wines and small plates available to purchase once you get into the "countries" area of the park. There aren't many rides in the countries half of the park, so this is definitely more of a cultural exploration than an "exciting thrill ride" park. That being said, of the rides that were there, my 6yo nephew was tall enough to ride them all and really enjoyed himself.

Vern Rogers

Epcot is great for adults and kids alike. It is the best place for folks looking to take pictures with Princesses. It's also the best place to go to spend tons of money on adult beverages.

Kyle Smith

This is a great theme park. Lots to do and also educational there is a few good rides in The Land. Such as soarin this is a flight around the world the living with the land ride is a little behind the scenes of what Disney are doing with the food they serve you. The walk around the late will take you around an hour to complete they are very good designs with the only let down being United Kingdom. The fireworks at night are great to watch and the light show too.

Cesia Vasquez

My family and I visited the 'Food & Wine Festival' and it did not disappoint. All the foods and drinks we had were amazing. Epcot's food is usually great but this just raised the bar even more.

Mary Ellen Nigh

We had a wonderful time at EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival on Tuesday. Lines were fairly short and trying the various foods was wonderful! Even though the fireworks didn't go off we still left pretty happy with our day.

Hermoine Macura - Straight Street Media

Absolutely amazing place! Try to stay at one of the resort hotels so you can get 'after hours access' to beat the crowds. Also, if you are able to go without bags you can also beat the lines. Lots of people everywhere but Disney team are amazing at dealing with crowds to reduce the wait in the lines.

louis amato

Its Disney. Awesome as always. Went during the wine and food fest. Too many people for my liking. And as always, not being able to smoke in the parks sucks!

Kat Calvo

Epcot is Disneyland for adults. If you're looking for rides galore, you're better off choosing a different park. But if you like to kick back, relax, and have a drink or two (or twelve!), this is the park for you. You get to try the different liquors, cocktails, brews and coffee styles from more than 10 countries around the world. We had a great time and will definitely be back.


Epcot is a great place for exploration. Their multiple places for food. Around the world welcomes you to an experience of travel. It has few rides, but all the rides are well done. My only issue is that a lot of places at the park smell like feet.

Theresa Miller

Awesome park with something for everyone. Absolutely love the nightly show in the center. I'd rate it higher than the nightly show at the Magic Kingdom park. The future technologies building is fascinating but really could use some upgrades. Everything in that building is the same as it was in the early 2000's which mostly consists of home automation. This type of technology is not only currently used, it has far exceeded the "smart" capabilities that are displayed here. There are many other areas of this park that are interesting.

theaverage _guy

Epcot is definitely my favorite park of the Disney parks. And yes, I know everyone has their favorite, but Epcot is just wonderful this time of year. The Mrs and I have annual passes so we go with our boy or friends all the time, especially during food and wine, festival of the arts, and the flower and garden show. I basically go for the food because the portions of alcohol are a little small for the price, but to each own, really. The rides and features of the park are currently being updated, and definitely needed it here and there, so bare with Disney for the time being. Just go and enjoy what Epcot has to offer you!

Fide Andre

Good times, plenty of opportunities to have fun, I would recommend visit Living With The Land. The monorail to transfer between parks. At times it did felt a little bit dated, but nevertheless a fun time. Please drink plenty of water, wear comfy shoes, bring a rain poncho if you are visiting during the Florida Summer.

Tony Vo

It was nice. The festival was fun with a lot of great food. This is the best park at Disney World Resorts

Jazz Lund

Epcot is the best when it comes to all the extra food and drinks they offer during whatever festival they are going through. The fact that there's maybe a handful of weeks that there isn't something going on is fine in my books as that means I get to try out so many items I normally wouldn't. Right now it's under mega construction but that's ok can't wait to see all the new changes.

Michael Szubrowski

I have been to the other Disney parks but never have been to Epcot. It was a very enjoyable visit and wasn't overly crowded. There is some more educational and there are plenty of places to eat. In a future visit I would look more at eating at the international food places. There are plenty of places to cool off on a hot day.

Lauren Hahn

This was the best Disney park, in our opinion, along with magic Kingdom. Lots is inside, so nice and cool, and keeps you out of the sun. There is lots of hands on stuff for the children to try out. The test track was great fun, definitely worth doing. And soaring around the world is excellent. The only complaint was the bag searches at the entrance, because the queues were massive and really slow, because each bag was searched so thoroughly. The first day, it took us forty five minutes to get in....

Ethan Lethers

It's okay, got a couple good rides. Great for old people and walking around to see the different places. The other parks are a better option if you're looking for a roller coaster type of visit.

Ashley McClure

This has grown into a great place for kids! Not only is there a lot for adults but kid cot and the agent p game is a great way for the kids to interact and learn about the different cultures! I suggest making your own passport! My boys loved this! If you are going during the food and wine festival make sure you do the ratatouille scavenger hunt! Don't miss turtle talk with Crush!

Ron Burt

The only better time I've ever have Was when i delivered my 2 children. It was unbelievable.. Both of them i will never forget And i love my wife for both of them.

Rex Barrong

Epcot was a blast, especially the food and wine festival where you can buy $5-7 small plates from all over the world. The wines and beers at each place is also great for sampling different areas of the world. Epcot as a whole needs some updating, as the rides are rather few and far between.

Lawrence Allgood

The food was great in Mexico. They have a soft slow boat ride within the restaurant and shops as well. It's themed outside shopping had a night setting with dark purple skies and dim lighting. Very crafty! Loved it.

Vanessa Ayola

Of all the Disney parks this is one of my favorites, specially when it’s not that crowded, I’m talking about out of season nor summer or when they have festivals going on. it’s a nice place to stroll around, I have toddler so she cannot really go much into the big rides, we usually walk around the different showcases and when it comes to meeting the characters this park is more accessible to the them compared to the big one Magic Kingdom. Having a small child I’m all for strolling and enjoy it the scenery, and of course for the grown ups you can always try the drinks from around the world.

Lauren Brigman

While we did have a good time enjoying the countries, we found too much of the park to be under construction or closed. It’s maybe not the best season to invest in traveling to this park. If you enjoy the festivals of the countries, those seem not to be affected by all the change so your experience will be the same. But the front half of the park is either very dated or closed.

Brandon Yawn

I love ❤️ Epcot and Magic Kingdom overall. I have seen a lot change from the late 80’s to now. I would like to see some changes with regards to crowd size. No matter when I go now it’s to the point that it isn’t enjoyable anymore waiting in lines for hours. Yes fast passes help but even then sometimes there is a wait time and sometimes you want to ride more then 3 rides. Definitely room for improvement.

Warren Jackson

Um, it's like visiting a time capsule of what people in the 80s thought the future would look like. There were a couple rides that my toddler enjoyed. Besides that there isn't a lot here. This was supposed to be the park for adults. But I don't really see the appeal. On the whole this place is in need of not only a renovation but a reinvention.

Patrick Tisdel

Always fun and full of food and drinks (and Lord knows you need some hard drinks when dealing with other people's children). I'm more interested in the sense of global community and human progress here than the character-centered rides elsewhere, so it's kind of sad that locations like Norway and the Illuminations of Earth are becoming less globalist and more commercial. Still a great night show, but find a spot about forty minutes early.

Alex Fulton

Epcot is my all time favorite Disney park. There is so much to see and do all around the grounds. The world showcase is my favorite part because you really get to feel like you are briefly journeying through each of the represented countries and experience a bit of different cultures, even if it may be not fully authentic. Wanna bring the kids? They're is tons of interactive rides and games on top of the world culture experience. Wanna spend a day without the kids? You can walk around and enjoy some really good food and drinks and take in the sights. It really is awesome everywhere you go.

Terrence King

Epcot appeals to kids and adults. Epcot has rides for fun and educational opportunities from countries around the world. The food's first class and they have something for even the pickiest eaters. If you are looking for a relaxing day this is the park for you.

steve nesmith

This entire park is great, but mt favorite has got to be the world showcase. You can experience a small part of several different countries by walking around, but if you want to immerse yourself stop and talk to the cast members, for every country they bring in people from there, they address amazing.


Obviously it's Disney so it's done right. We love coming here and just meandering around the "countries", listening to the music of the culture, having a few is just so pleasant being at Epcot. And you've got to love Frozen...such a dramatic and sweet ride :)

Stacie Edmonson

If you enjoy a unique culinary experience, the Food and Wine Festival is for you. It can become expensive quickly though, so plan your visit before choosing a kiosk to try. If you have kids, go to Epcot early because there are obnoxious drunks that you may encounter later at night.

Michael Lewis

Looking forward to the changes happening across Epcot over the next few years. Food and wine festival is incredible, thanks for adding more and more vegan options. Epcot continues to innovate and it looks like it will become what Walt wanted, an experimental prototype community of tomorrow.

Dan Alves

Epcot is a great park to visit as you meander through World Showcase -stopping in for food and drink representing different countries around the world. Most cast members are from the countries they represent, helping to solidify authenticity. If one visits during the annual food and wine festival, additional kiosks representing more countries are positioned throughout and the offerings (between $5 and $9) are tapas style -which allows more sampling without getting too full.

Greg Belkiewicz

This place had a couple of cool rides and things to do. I'd ever came back though I would not visit. Three food and wine world tour is a fantastic idea but the food wad terrible, and were didn't try the wine. However the ride SOARIN' wad great.

James McVay

Great place to come and see the world. Some decent rides... to numerous to mention dining options. Great booze. Oh they have Mickey ears too.

Patrick Kalaboke

Love Epcot! Snack around the world that's what I call it... Nachos in Mexico; Steam Buns and Egg Rolls in China; Pizza, Cannoli's and Espresso in Italy; Pastries in France; you get the picture... but it's fun, and you're walking it off as you go... don't forget to shop for colognes and perfumes in France, and I'm excited to see the upgrades coming.

Steven Szabo

If you have little ones, this park will be worth your while. Choose between aquariums and gentle rides for the family in the front of the park with plenty of interactive and air conditioned attractions. Then indulge around the world while they are napping!

Laura Maynard

I love Walt Disney World especially Epcot. It's a wonderful place to take the family. The staff are great and it's a magical place to go.

Brian Burke

Epcot is awesome... The cast members were great with the kids! Park was super clean! My little one loved Mission space green mission but Test track took the cake :) thanks to everyone for making memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Sam D'Agostino

All of the Disney parks are great places for the entire family. My favorite part is how my toddler can ride so many rides. Her favorite at Epcot was the frozen ride. The Food and Wine festival is happening right now, and the options are so varied and fun. More vegan options would be better, but the cafeteria at Epcot has options for vegans!

Pete DiPaolo

Epcot by itself is fantastic. With the Food and Wine Festival, it is absolutely amazing. Having an opportunity to sample the food, drink, and culture of the represented nations is one that you cannot pass on. This is one of the best times you can have at Epcot. Not going should not be an option. If you've thought about it and haven't done it, stop thinking and do it. You will not regret it.

John Hofsaess

Rhis park has a ton of eating choices, numerous shows and a couple of rides. The international area are basically all shops and eating. The future east and west areas have a few ride type of attractions, including flight (land area), test track and a space expedition (simulates rocket take off). If you are looking for a place to eat and relax this may be a good option. Also during the food and wine fair event those that like to drink alcohol, can take an alcohol based tour by country (beer and wine type options, but you have to pay for your beverages at each station -- the drinking crowd really seemed to enjoy that feature). If you looking for ride type of attractions there are limited options, constrained to the future areas of the park, so you probably won't want to spend much time here if that is your preference.

William Morris

French restaurant was decent. Was worried about the trout but it was great. The Grenache/Stray blend was good after it opened up. No nose nor taste until about 30 minutes after receiving it in the glass.Dessert was great! Service was attentive. Vinaigrette dressing was delicious as well.

Bob Witte

Our last trip was for the food and wine festival. It was a fun trip around the world show case tasting different foods and wines from around the world. I highly recommend going during food and wine. Yes even adults can find Disney fun and still have that magical Disney experience.

Magdam G

Food and wine festival is amazing it took us almost 3 full days to finish the entire park, and enjoyed every second of it. Also the weather wasn't humid this time so that was a big plus. The French and Moroccan pavilions were out favorite.

Brenda Beach

Can't go wrong. Spent the whole day exploring each country. Shows and videos were interesting and informative. Food in Italy was delicious. Plenty of shopping, food, beverages, and restrooms were easy to find.

Rebecca Pullen

Of all the Disney parks, I would say this is my favorite. All the rides are cute, but there are no roller coasters. So if you're looking for excitement, I wouldn't recommend going to Epcot. On the other hand, if you want to go to a park and ride classic rides. I would totally recommend Epcot.

Jeffrey Cave

Epcot is my favorite park. Well, EPCOT was my favorite park. I really miss the way it was. Horizons, Universe of Energy (not the Ellen version), Body Wars, original Imagination, Innoventions, you get the picture. It was an amazing place to learn and have fun. It still does that, just in a much different way.

maxine allen

Very enjoyable park. The park is clean and the staff at the park are very friendly. I had a good time walking around the different worlds there. The shows and live music where amazing. The different area's are interesting, land and sea. There are not many rides here but the ones they have are so good. Good place to visit .

Dawn Woods

Our timing was perfect for each of the rides we wanted to go on. Hardly any waiting. Everyone was polite and cheerful. We will definitely come back.


Oh, Epcot. The best part of Disney World. Start by riding Spaceship Earth. Take this little trip back to the past, relax and just enjoy. Then, head on over to Soarin' and fly around the world...feel the breeze, smell the flowers. It's all so wonderful. Now...take a stroll through each of the countries on the world side. You won't regret it. It's an incredible park with breathtaking views, wonderful rides and amazing food. I loved my experience there and can't wait to continue to go back.

Michael Penrod

A little dated but still fun. Soarin is a must as is Test Track. Little kids and parents will enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush... teens maybe not. Wear good walking shoes!

Sheema Laguerre

What’s not to love about Epcot, as an annual pass holder I go almost monthly just to have a beer in Canada and a snake bit in England. I love the slow seasons because our group of friends are always able to just enjoy the park for what it is without being swarmed by tourists. Epcot is the reason I keep renewing my pass!!!

Jordan Haider

Fun place. International food and wine festival was goin on when we were there. Lots of awesome food for around $5. Also, smash mouth was playing when we walked by.

Ryan Hart

An absolutely phenomenal park! It has been a family tradition of mine for years to get fish and chips and watch the fantastic night time fireworks. I love the variety in attractions and food. If you love eating, this is the park for you. It's a quick trip around the world! Be sure to check out journey into imagination! It's a very cute ride with a cool mascot! We love Figment. The Voices of Liberty has to be my highlight though! They're just so good at singing! Be sure to stop by on your journey through the world showcase!

Matthew Breheny

We just went for the Food and Wine Festival and had a great time! We didn't ride anything, as a few things were closed and we weren't really there for standing in line for rides all day, but the environment was still great, even with all the construction. Staff is always lovely and the food at the festival was delicious! The only real drawback was the heat!

Lou Larson

Epcot is my personal favorite of a the parks. I love the diversity of all the different countries you can visit. You can still goold school in France and see the visions France movie on the white screen. Test track, and planet Earth are fantastic.

jorge gutierrez

Incredible experience every time we go. Food and wine is a must every year! Have a plan when you go, otherwise it's easy to miss out on so much the park offers. Definitely download the Disney app so you know all the details of wait times and show times. Enjoy

Karl Matless

Not the best Disney park for the kids but there are some really good rides here. Test track was great for mid level thrills, and smaller kids will love the figment ride and the character meets. Hands down the best attraction was Soarin'. Not for anyone afraid of heights but the sensation of flying you get is hard to beat.

Laurence Richardson

Epcot is my personal favorite Walt Disney World park. The park itself is always entertaining... add the special event (like Food and Wine Festival) and EPCOT is... in a word... SPECTACULAR!!!


Epcot is a great place for people of all ages! Family and friends alike! There is so much to see and do. I also love that they have learning opportunities. The seasonal changing festivals are always a good time too! The fireworks are a staple. Great food and drinks in the world showcase. Fun rides as well! Definitely visit Epcot if you ever have the chance to go to Disney World!

Margaret Myers

Food and Wine Festival in full swing, the Park was crowded. Temperature of 94. Had dinner at the Hacienda San Angel for the first time. The meal was good. This restaurant would provide a view of Illuminations fireworks show. Construction is going on at the front entrance.

Elliot Bevan

Epcot was more of an adult park but I enjoyed the futuristic feeling of the park and attractions. However it was more interactive than having rides like Magical Kingdom. You can easily see it all in half a day so why not take your time and enjoy cruising around at your own pace.

Rayme Lacy

EPCOT is a great place to visit during food and wine festival. Great food a d drink is sold all over the park. There is cooler weather and nice conditions.

Ben F

The best Disney park in Florida second only to Magic Kingdom. The rides are so creative and, should you want to purchase a magic band, Mike in the shop from New York is incredibly helpful. The World Showcase is, however, in a league of its own. It is absolutely fantastically constructed and maintained, with the Mexican restaurant serving delicious shrimp tacos. The World Showcase opens after the park proper, at 11am. The fireworks are underwhelming, surpassed easily by those at Magic Kingdom.

Johnathan Durr

After all these years, Epcot is still a blast. Disney is making some timely changes to the park itself though, which should bring it a little more into present. This was our first trip during food and wine - it was incredible! We completed our entire passport over 3 visits. We pretty much stuck to the world showcase for most of our visits. Test track and soaring are must see rides at the park too.

Kirk Williams

Epot was so much fun to explore. We spent an entire day there. We did the rides during the day, and then walked through the different "countries" in the evening under the lights and then watched the amazing fireworks. there really is no bad place to sit for the fireworks since they happen over the water in the middle of the park.

Doug Young

Plenty of neat stuff to do but very hot even I'm October. There's a lot of cement but not a lot of overhead coverage which makes it worse. Make sure to bring plenty of water!!

Zachary Dyer

Love Epcot. It's great for the world showcase, you're able to try lots of different foods and experience a piece of different cultures. Rides like test track, mission space offer some thrills, and for the kids you have Frozen ever after and the Sea rides with Nemo and Crush. I've never had a bad experience at Epcot. Flower and Garden festival is my favorite time of year to visit. It's easily the experience park I enjoy most as an adult.

Nicholas Kiage

Great place to literally spend the day taste testing! From testing coca cola from around the world, to fine dining in Paris and all the shops in between from Germany to Mexico, this is truly an amazing park! Not to mention the awesome futuristic rides, as in something only seen at the world fair! A for sure must if you're visiting Disney, you must visit Epcot!

Zulfia Dicanova

Love the atmosphere and fireworks. WE try several pavilions. African was very good food, Moroccan was not fresh at all, Brazilian cheese bread fantastic, Chinese noodles were superb, German's very poor menu these year but the beer was excellent, Italian only desert was really good. A lot of things to improve. This year drinks were better than dishes. Special thanks to William Billy Cheatham, he cook a very delicious Lamb for us he was very customer service oriented . Thank you and good luck

Jessica Wong

Epcot is bit old and dated, probably won't be back for a while until there are upgrades. More restaurants than rides! The cool aspect of this place is the feature of the different countries but other than that there aren't many things to do here. The food is not fantastic either. The rides are more educational which was very interesting and I enjoyed that bit. Fireworks were great!

Joshua Bailey

Disney's Epcot is utterly fascinating! Every year that I come back, I find something unique. The country around the world immersion is incredible because there truly is something for everyone. My favorite of course is the Coke around the world and Soaring. The park is clean and the cast is friendly. The architect is gorgeous and the rides are captivating. I would recommend Disney's Epcot to my closest friends and family and I will continue to come back.

Grayson Geike


Thomas Dodson

One of the best parks in Disney. Make sure to stay for the fireworks show at the end. It is unlike any other firework show you will ever see.

Santino Crisologo

This place is seriously a dream come true! Talking about it doesn’t do it justice! The park is full of different countries/cultures with shops, stores, and restaurants unique to those countries! (Japan, China, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, etc.) Also very authentic! It also has a couple of cool futuristic rides! Spaceship Earth & Soarin’ are my favorite. Mission: Space was a very intense ride where you sit in the cockpit of a rocket ship & take off to Mars, it was an awesome experience, but a little too much for me! The G-Force Turned my stomach and I got nauseous. Not so say it wasn’t an awesome ride though! Loved it here, I can’t wait to come back.

Kathy Cao

Favorite place of all 4 parks it is beautiful place like you can see the whole world in 1 place.. i love magic kingdom but way too crowd. 1 slightly issue that this park need to stay open a bit later.. a few attraction attractions closed at 7pm..


A Great theme park to visit. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Lots of walking to see everything. Beautiful outdoors, restaurants, shopping, music, late night fireworks, and more. Monorail runs between here and Disney World. Great Scenery.

allison nielsen

I love Epcot. This park is definitely suited for an older crowd, but I remember still having fun as a young kid when I'd go here with my family. There are plenty of places to explore and countries to see as well as amazing choices for food here. Epcot is a park you don't really see too often. Yeah, Disney is fun, and so is Universal Studios, but I basically have never seen any park like Epcot, well, ever. There are plenty of rides at the park and the Spaceship Earth ride is a total classic. Test Track is also at Epcot and it's pretty fun. Epcot has a pretty good food and wine festival every year that I've been dying to check out. Ultimately Epcot is pretty low-key, and I think that's what makes it so great.

Henry Edvard

Very enjoyable park. The park is clean and the staff at the park are very friendly. I had a good time walking around the different worlds there. The shows and live music where amazing. The different area's are interesting, land and sea. There are not many rides here but the ones they have are so good. Good place to visit

Kari S.

Rides were great! Loved how it was more educational than just roller coaster rides. Love what they are doing here. Everyone that works here was amazing.

Mark Roberts

My wife and I had a wonderful time. Our timing was perfect for each of the rides we wanted to go on. Hardly any waiting. Everyone was polite and cheerful. We will definitely come back.

Yoann Lussier

Going to the Disney Parks is quite an experience for the family. The Epcot Center is packed with great rides and fun-filled activities. Lines are a bit long but manageable since there is always something to see. One will want to sample cuisine from around the world since they have houses where each cuisine is prepared by savvy chefs.

Nawida Hussaini

Definitely a more adult friendly park. If someone is spending only one day at Disneyworld, Magic Kingdom or Epcot are the way to go. However, Epcot gets pricey very quickly. There's a lot of food stalls with international food and they're hard to resist.


This place is lively, fun and full of energy. I enjoyed most of the diorama's and rides. But, EPCOT needs an upgrade and more innovative way of engaging the Generation Z.

Carl Fyffe

Epcot is an ever changing experience. There are people and exhibits from around the world to give you a taste of what it is like in different countries. This month they are hosting a good and wine festival which brings foods from a wider range of countries from around the world for you to try. Also, many of the views are just breathtaking. All of the rides have an educational bent, but they are far from boring.

Claudio Artigas

An awesome place to spend the day. Always remember about fast pass, because the rides are amazing! Park is clean and well organized. Food it's delicious anywhere you go. The different places/countries are so realistic that you will believe you are out of the States.

Raven Ford

This was a fun time. I enjoyed the Frozen ride. They put a lot of effort into some of the countries and less in others. Universal Studios is better. Some of the art is weird.

Frederick E Stidam Jr

As this was my 1st time at the park. I think it was unique and pretty good place to visit. Those of u that like to try different foods of an international flare this place is for you during certain times during the year. Epcot is great for families of various ages. To me it's more laid back park not that intense. Epcot is a must visit. Definitely like to return. Highly recommend it.

Andy Kourpouanidis

Love this place. Enjoyed Food and Wine festival today. Got there a little earlier so we can enjoy some small plates around the world

Ewan McInnes

Food and Wine Festival is Fantastic! Loved going from Country to Country and sampling everything. Especially that steak in Canada! And the wine in Italy! And did I mention the Steak in Canada? WOW!

Aletha Smoak

Loved the fact that it wasn't as crowded as the other parks even though it was Saturday! I always love the Crepe's in France, the shopping in Japan and Mexico! My grandson loved the Sprinkler Pad. We spent about an hour there

Kyle Dettman

In my opinion the best of the four parks at Disney World. As of right now it is undergoing major renovations, but if you'll excuse the mess you'll find a lot of great stuff. Unfortunately, due to construction the Future World section is a bit lacking but you'll still find great attractions like Mission: Space and Test Track, both high thrill rides. In the World Showcase section you'll find unique shopping and dining experiences all staffed by natives from the respective countries. Finally getting their is super easy as certain resorts are within walking distance and the park is serviced by the monorail.

Mond Chen

Awesome “around the world”. The countries felt very real, just miniature size. Food was surprisingly good, just wish the portions were a little bigger. Would recommend the space and soar ride!

daniel stace

A great place to explore, it is a welcome change of pace from the other parks with a focus on food and drink and culture over rides and thrills. If your looking for that something different it is worth a stop, if it's rides your after other than the mission: space ride which is awesome this park isn't for you. The park like all the others is spectacular once the sun goes down and looks completely different , the illuminations on the lake are well worth the wait.

Vava Roy

Great for Adults. Loved the rides, food, activities and cast members. Lots of fun here! Lots of walking. Recent changes in smoke free park makes it hard for families. It would be nice if they could make 4 areas out of sight away from walkways for smokers. To keep families together. All other theme parks make it work. Loved this park and excited to visit again! MUST RIDE SOARING!!!!!

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