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REVIEWS OF Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park IN Florida

Brittany Wilson

Pandora has a great river ride and a 3D simulation of riding a Banshee. That was really cool. The Festival of The Lion King sung its rendition of The Lion King soundtrack and amazing talented gymnasts, singers, and some special acts! Africa and all of Discovery Island was amazing! The safari was fun as well! 10/10.

Marshall Smith

The ride "Flight of Passage" inspired by the movie Avatar, was probably the best ride in the whole theme park. It is all in 3D and have a virtual reality feel to it. You can actually feel the Banshee breathing as you are riding the giant bird like creature. I give this ride 5 stars....a must do while at Disney

Perrie King

Despite very long queues we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, loved seeing all the animals on the safari and in the enclosures. We stayed late for the light show on the lake which was stunning. I think it may need another major pull factor besides Avatar for us to visit again. Has great eateries and helpful staff throughout the park.

Stephen Cudworth

Amazing place to visit. By far the most attractive of all Disney Parks, so much effort has gone into every attraction on the park. Pandora is a must see if you're visiting Orlando and Disney Parks. Flight of the Passage is the best ride we have EVER been on!!

Kristina Tamanini

We came just at opening. Only for the Avatar ride (as we park hopped) our experience there was amazing!!! Loved the whole avatar experience. From the ambience to the ride right down to the staff. Disney did a fantastic job with this one. Will be looking forward to our next Disney vacation!

Kurtz Baratier

I want to give six stars specifically for one ride, but overall the park is fantastic! I highly recommend eating at RestarauntOSAURUS if you want something quick and affordable; they have amazing food and beverages- definitely worth the $11! I got a number 7 which was chicken, shrimp, and fries- I also got a Coke to drink, and the cup was Halloween themed which was really cool. I went on a few rides too, some with fast passes and some without them. But ONE of the rides, as I mentioned earlier, seriously made my day. Quick note, I was never really into thrill rides and have never really rode on a big coaster; just wanted to try it out for the sake of my father wanting to see the yeti. If you get the hint, you might know which ride I mean. I went during the night, around 8. The wait time was below 5 minutes so it was perfect; when I first arrived, it was 20 minutes so either way it was still perfect. On the ride, I felt my adrenaline pumping as I went down, it was awesome. I got to scream and say some forbidden words which felt even more therapeutic personally. Definitely coming back someday. Huge fan of you, Expedition Everest! I had a magical time at my first ever Disney park!

Claudia Santamaria

✨ definitely a magical place! My favorite ride is Everest, one of the best from all parks!

Susan Halpin

My grand daughter (12) and I (70 years young) had a Magical Day!! Our favorite RIDE was Avatar Flight of Passage !!! It felt like we were really flying and the movements were so smooth. It was excellent. This is a "can't miss" ride! Get a Fast Pass 6 to 8 days before your expected arrival at Disney.

Denise Perez

The animal encounters are one of a kind; the Pandora Ride felt so real it was an amazing thrill ride-so unique! The staff was very courteous: I had delicious barbecue chicken bits mixed in with fried potato chips prepared like nachos-it had the right amount of heat and a good portion, also ordered Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks--well made my favorite drink, however, not good that rewards cannot be redeemed at their store. My main complaint would be the flyer of the list of shows is in tiny print and a little hard to follow.

Helen Gabara

What to do when you saw all of the four parks and ridden so many times, and you have another day left on your pass? Go get all of the stickers at the special tables in order to become a Wilderness Explorer. The Safari is great! I could not get over how authentic everything in the whole park was. I never have to go to Asia or Africa now.

Juliana Diaz

Animal Kingdom is lovely, it has a Safari that let you meet a lot of fantastic animals that were used like reference for The Lion King movie, try to go to the safari when the sun is setting down because it gives you the chance to watch more animals like lions that are nocturnal or when is more cold. Go to all avatar attractions in Pandora, no matter the wait time, go to Avatar Flight of Passage, it is an incredible experience. Check the show time of Festival of the Lion King and try to watch it, is like a mini broadway show and is fantastic. Kali river rapids is a nice way to refresh you if you go in summer and Expedition Everest is a ride that you need to experience, it has a nice surprise.

Victor Fanelli Sr

A must stay for a unique Disney experience. Fantastic facility with lots of activities for children. Great restaurants and bar. Introduced to African wineries, now in my wine cellar. If that's not enough, the majestic animals are right outside your room window. Your still reading this? Go, make a reservation.

Adnan Mustafa

Disney’s Animal Kingdom was a great experience for me, a florida resident for over 15 years. Workers were all super friendly and the theme park was overall a very fun and entertaining experience. Kids will love Animal Kingdom! Come down to Florida and create an everlasting memory for you and your kids. Remember to bring lots of water and snacks!

Karen Morrison

Love love love this park!! So much fun. A good time for young and old alike. The exhibits are awesome and the rides are so much fun!! Great time. Will be back.

Sam Gettman

Awesome park. Not as many "big kid rides" as some of the other parks but some very fun ones. Get a fast pass for avatar. 260 min wait at 8am. Fun park and a bit more relaxing than the other parks.

Paula Shaia

Great ride on safari truck, saw so many animals out on a cool day! Fun water ride and shows are fantastic! Plants that have incredible blossoms and fruit! Shade in many places when it's hot, which is MOST of the time in Florida!

Fide Andre

This is an amazing park, plenty of attractions, staff is really nice, I would recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, bring a rain poncho. Sometimes the Florida sun during summer time is very strong. I would say after 3-4pm in the summer it gets better.

Ashley White

My favourite Disney park this has a more fun/educational theme about wildlife, nature and different cultures. There are some better (and healthier?) food options here I found than the other parks. It has some thrill rides but most are a bit more relaxed.

Emily Wheeler

Animal Kingdom has a lot to offer! Be sure to take in all the details while you’re there. From the bicycle tracks in the road, to the power lines in Africa, you can truly feel like you’re in a different country. Rivers of Light is a wonderful night time show...don’t miss it! Eat at Tusker House and Yak&Yeti. Both delicious! If you can’t get on to Expedition Everest, go right before the ride closes (usually 9:00) and walk in right before they close the rope.

Grady Tripp

Of all the Disney parks, Animal Kingdom is my favorite. The safari adventure gets better every year. The animals now walk right up to your safari jeep! The rides are great and there is plenty for all ages. The park is full of shaded areas (many more than the other parks) so it helps for a hot spring or summer day not to be too exhausting. Definitely get one of the dole pineapple ice cream drinks (which there is an adult version) - if you haven't had it you're missing a treat.

Rebecca Steele

If you like animals do not skip this park. There are exciting things around every corner if you look for them. Kilimanjaro Safaris are never the same twice the animals make sure of that. There are trails to go on and see more animals like underwater hippo viewing and silverback gorillas in Africa, Tigers and bats in Asia. The new Pandora area is open and the banshee ride is breathtaking. You can feel the animal breathing under you.

Michael Brown

Disney's animal kingdom is an amazing and spectacular theme park. I highly recommend it. Although there are excellent rides and shows, wandering, looking and exploring. Food is good especially for a theme park. I especially recommend the Nomad Lounge in Tiffin's for amazing snacks and drinks.

DC Warren

My daughter and I visited for the first time as a high school graduation present to her. We had an absolute blast here! All of the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. The rides and the food were perfect! I do suggest getting fast passes, they made all the difference for us! We really enjoyed the Africa region and spent our whole afternoon there. The food, music, African dancers and shops were so lively and authentic! We will definitely come again.


Not as many attractions as Magic Kingdom, still the long lines, but that's to be expected. August is a very hot month and is considered "off-season", but don't let that fool you. There's never an off-season with Disney. ~ Pandora is a FABULOUS 4D attraction and well needed for this park. If your child meets the height requirement, they will also enjoy, I'm sure. It isn't scary. Night time, the area illuminates.

Samuel Marrero

Animal Kingdom has really matured over the years. While Dinosaur and Mt. Everest are still a blast, the new Avatar area, Pandora, is beautiful and not to be missed. The new Flight of Passage ride truly is impressive! Keep in mind there was a 2 hour wait by 10:30am today and that's with Hurricane Dorian spooking folks this weekend.

edward tse

Pandora, lovely Pandora! A place you should not miss in Animal Kingdom. It makes you an avatar and get a ride in the Air. Also the environment and animals around this park will definitely purify your soul!!! Great place to visit

Chris Human

This place has come so far since the last time I was there. If I had realized I would have budgeted more time to spend at this park on our trip. The Avatar ride is absolutely unreal. By far the best experience on a ride that I have ever had.

Don Campas

Of all the Disney parks I like Animal Kingdom the most but trust me all the parks have seemed to have slipped tremendously. It almost seems as if they do not update anything to cater to the foreign crowds that have never been here before. No where near what it used to be as a whole. On a side note, do NOT use the Disney app. It seems like it was developed by a 2 year old. Classic bait and switch to make you think your getting 1 thing but no where near getting what you would think or expect. All the billions Disney makes and cannot even develop an app. to work correctly. Sad.

Mark Benton

Best Disney park I think real animals to see. I couldn't keep my mouth shut all day loved it all here. Africa was awesome all the dancers and singers loved it here most of all. I wish I was related to Mr. Walt so I could give all to my kids just once.


Being a former zookeeper for 10 years, I am amazed at the environment and the steps taken to keep these animals happy and healthy. The rides are informative and I'm still shocked at how they make the Safari seem so open and free. Such a good job with the park. Oh, Expedition Everest is a must do while at the park. Be sure to take on the Yeti!!

Evan Thorson

This place is awesome! I'm not a huge Disney guy (unlike my wife and daughter), but I loved this place. The different themes of the areas are very cool, as are the animals. And then there's the Avatar Flight of passage ride...... That thing is..... Well..... Hard to explain and totally mind blowing! If there's one thing you HAVE to do here, it's that ride

Rosemarie Sanchez

I have to say, I truly enjoy this park over the rest. We began the Wilderness Explorer scavenger hunt. It was so much fun and made the day more enjoyable. I love that they sell "adult drinks" but it remains a family park. The kids love seeing the animals. There is just always something new to do and there is much more shared areas in this park during the year (since summer is most of the year in FL)

Daisy Brown

The Lion King theatre was an icing on the cake. Very nice and brought out good childhood memories of the Lion King. So many events so many wonderful events... love love love the Avatar and I still can’t believe I went up the Everest expedition

Charles Shapiro

This place feels so authentic. They really did evrything they could to get every little detail into each of the lands to allow the guests to feel Immersed and as if they were actually in another country. The safari ride is a lot of fun just note that you might get the occasional no show from some of the animals. Expedition ever eat is one of my favorite Disney coasters in Florida. And there are so many other great rides as well.

Hans Müller

Great shows like the Lion King and the Nemo musical. Pandora has way too long waiting times (most of the times over 180 minutes). The safari ride is great as well. Ponchos are a good choice in case of rain or riding the Kali River Rapids ride.

Tony Li

Queue early or late for Avatar. It doesn’t matter. It comes to about 1 and a half hours for late comers to about 3 hours for good planners who have walked into the ride when it’s half broken. Brilliant park. Lots going on. Watched the lion king show that was very good and the Everest expedition when it started raining that was a surprise as it was quite intense.

Guillermo Sanchez

Nice park great rides but the lines are torture. The fast pass system is in a bad state it should be something you pay for I would charge at least $100 per person. The problem is they let in all the fast pass people first and then let only 1 family in the regular line. If fast pass had to pay a hefty fee all lines would progress much faster and it would be a better experience for everybody. Disney step it up charge a fee so everyone can be happy. I've been in line 2 hours :(((((

mark hoxie

Great place to go on a hot day. Lots of shade shows to see and rides. Love Everest and Pandora. Pandora is worth the wait of 90 minutes of less. But stay focussed if there are specific things you would like to do.

Eliza Aleksandra

Me and my daughter love this park! It's by far our favorite of all the Disney parks. The scenery is beautiful and there's trees everywhere, its simply a beautiful place to walk through. The train ride to the petting zoo area was by far our favorite attraction there. There's lots to do and of course plenty of animals! ALTHOUGH, to see some of the more exotic larger animals you need to go on the safari ride, and the wait time was almost 2hrs for most of the day (time we were not willing to stand in line unfortunately) But despite the regular downsides to any crowded Disney park, I would recommend checking this one out.

Force Trooper

Another one of my favorite Disney parks. Expedition Everest and Dinosaur are always a blast! I love the free roaming birds and animals. Flame Tree Barbecue is the best restaurant! It always seems to rain when I'm in the park, so they should really consider adding some more places to find cover. Kilimanjaro Safari is incredible! The first time I road this, I was close enough to touch a rhino!!! I didn't, but it was very tempting! Festival of the Lion King is also really cool! You have to see this place!

Gustavo Davila

Definitely my favorite park on the property. The river is transformed and the different areas are really detailed and beautiful. My family had a blast, we really loved the Everest ride. We also got to meet goofy and Scrooge which was awesome. The safari was amazing, and the animals are beautiful. Really loved the performances. The service was also great!

Claudio Artigas

Always a great experience at this park. Pandora ride was great, mount Everest was out of service, so my fast pass was lost. And no other fast pass were available... This path has live music and nice places to eat. They also have mini shows at a few sides of the park, pretty neat. The rides are awesome as usual. The Avatar ride was awesome and realistic. The end of the day show is a must, but you need to plan on getting there earlier to get a good seat.

David Crosby

First time to this park and it was a great visit. Everyone was so very helpful, exactly what would expect at Disney. Rides were fun and exciting and it was a great day of firsts for our child. First time to a Disney park, first roller coaster ride, first super expensive ice lemonade, etc. Fast pass was a little hokey but we got the rides we wanted today. Definitely a place to return to in the evening for the night shows.

Darin Ayler

So awesome. The cast is amazing and the park is clean and we'll taken care of. Every experience is above and beyond. The Safari is my absolute favorite and the knowledge of the drivers is always extensive. Disney does a great job at making the experience magical. If you don't have a great time then you didn't have the right mindset. Come prepared for crowds but keep your joy, and don't get in a hurry letting every one take that from you. Expect people to walk slow or stand in the middle of the walkways. It's all part of the package but if you just enjoy and take everything in you will have so much more fun and enjoyment.

Alina Gordon

Most unique and mystical park at Disney. Any animals kept at AK have hot the lottery because they do so much to keep them happy and healthy that I don't even think they know they are being held captive. The safari is so beautiful and the attention to detail is so impressive. Additionally, Pandora is like entering a whole new world and Avatar Flight of passage is like no other ride.

Sarah Lindley Farnsworth

I love this place. It is possibly one of the most beautiful theme parks ever created. Every part of the design was well planed, and it seamlessly integrates with the nature around it. The staff is super friendly. There is plenty for families to do with all ages. From playgrounds, to simple rides, zoo like walks, and more complicated roller coasters, it is a wild time. The safari ride, my favorite, allows people to get close up encounters with animals that they might never see.

Luke Mckend

Good 2/3rds of a day out. Without a fast pass though 90% of your day would be spent waiting in line, so really important to pick your rides early, or arrive super early of you want to do rides like Expedition Everest without a fast pass. Also be prepared for crowds, very little free space once everyone is in the park. Avatar rides are extremely popular = long wait times.

Jeannette Lompart

We enjoyed the safari at night the best. You can go in the day but at night you get to see the lion and lioness who mostly sleep during the hottest part of the day - so we were fortunate to see them out just lounging and the giraffes plus some wildebeest. Pretty cool. It's just rainy season and very humid. Make sure to be prepared for a torrential downpour at any moment. The lion king show was really colorful and well put together. It can be a full day or just a few hours to get a taste or what it's like. You'll find something you enjoy.

Keu Reyes

Great park. Definitely Disney clean and fun. It's way more than your average zoo. Small children will love it as well as adults.

Mascaraeyez 315

Pandora area is beautiful. Avatar Flight of passage ride was breathtaking! Everest and Dinosaur were also 2 great thrill rides.

Eric McDermott

Animal kingdom was awesome. The kids had a great time checking out the animals and then letting loose in dinoland. The Safari was our favorite. The Pandora ride was incredible. The bugs life show was really good and also the Lion King show.

Kimberlee M

Magical as I would expect from Disney. Rides, food, atmosphere...all perfection! Highly recommend being there after dark to enjoy the Tree and Pandora.

Brandon Perkins

Great food! The Bugs Life ride was more intense than expected. Flight of Passage was incredible! Navi River Journey was pretty cool. The Kilimanjaro Safari was a great break from walking and sun.

Heather Frederick

Over all absolutely amazing! What killed me was the music in the street ways was to loud and a lack of in line entertainment. Even though we played Disney play while waiting in line, it only provided minimal entertainment... I could see some big potential for entertaining with education to go along with it.

Alistair Gray

Best Disney park in the Orlando resort. The park is beautiful with tropical landscaping and hundreds of exotic animals. Highlights include the Kilimanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest. The new Pandora area is amazing, Flight of Passage being the best ride in the park. Na'avi River Journey is a bit disappointing and is not worth more than a 30 minute wait. Prices for food and drink are too expensive but consistent with the other Disney parks. A trip on the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge for a meal is a great way to break up the day. I enjoyed the nighttime show bit it did get stopped near the end because of a rogue lily pad. Overall a great day out.

Cool Head

Perfect place to see animals and enjoy Disney. My second favorite to Epcot. The animal safari is the best. The drivers tell cool facts about the animals which is a nice touch! Most animals are out in the morning or during the evening.

Bill Bates

Great Place to see animals in settings that are "life like." More than a zoo, it offers a chance to see them & learn about them, in a wonderful Disney park. Very large area, lots of walking, & more restaurants (we love the Yak & Yeti - Pan Asian - wonder Gluten Free food) to choose from. The Tree of Life has carvings of various animals, intertwined & wrapped around it, the longer you look at it the more you see. Plan on a full day to see it all. Soon to be reached by the Sky Car network, you can now get there by auto, bus, or the water network that links Epcot to hotels & Animal Kingdom.

Misty Danielson

So much fun. Ride the Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. This ride felt so real. I had a smile on my face the whole time. When it was over I don't know if the tears were the fact that it ended or the happiness in my heart. What an awesome imaginative wonderful ride

John Hofsaess

Combines experiences generally found at several other parks. There's an African safari, Yeti ride that is similar to Disney California's Matterhorn, a dinosaur area (centered on the younger crowd), and a river rafting experience. Even when not during the busy season you could easily spend the day here.

Iago Rosa

Till this day, Animal Kingdom still remains an amazing Disney Park with some beautiful sights, a lot to see and some fun stuff for thrill seekers, Disney has gone above and beyond for many of the attractions here and it shows. The new Pandora area they made with the floating islands is absolutely gorgeous, you'll be at a loss if you didn't go and take some photos there. The new Avatar rides are really nice and fun to experience as well but I doubt you'll get a huge thrill out of them if that's what you're looking for. I'm happy with how far Disney has gone with Animal Kingdom over the years and all the effort they've put into this park.

Fernando Alfonso, III

We had one day to spend at a park and immediately chose this one. It's one of Disney World's top two parks, by far. The attention to detail and park design are incredible. Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage are well worth the price of admission. If you're hungry I suggest eating in the Avatar world as well. It has numerous dishes to choose from outside of just burgers and fries.

Ethan Lex

Oh boy animal kingdom. Yeah it's fun but wish there was more. The really only good rides are the pandora rides and mount. Everest. The tree of life has to be the best addition adding in the lights so at night it glows. It's a good park but obviously not the best.

Kim Howard

Disney Animal Kingdom was wonderful. My favorite is always Its tuff to be a bug. The staff are always helpful and polite. The park I clean. We ate at Yak and Yeti. The food was amazing! I had the ribeye,mashed potatoes and stir fry veggies. My husband had lobster with garlic noodles. We both thought it the best meal we have eaten in our years of visiting Disney.

Nikko E.

First time visiting Disney and I think the Animal Kingdom was my favorite park! Expedition Everest was my favorite ride, and Pandora was amazing! We ended our night with Rivers of Light, and it was beautiful. Make sure you download the app and plan your fast passes out! We can't wait to come back!

Sarah Beth

Out of all the parks this was one of my favorites! Shows were amazing! We loved the Safari and animals all throughout park. My 8 year old loved earning the Wilderness Explorer badges throughout the park also. Flights to Passage is has also got to be one of the best rides out there!

Rebecca Pullen

I absolutely love animal kingdom! The rides are so fun and the park is very clean. My favorite ride is the Safari. It's different every time and I would recommend it for any age

Jay S

The park has had a lot of updates and renovations. Pandora is great and the new Yak and Yeti is amazing... If you can get a reservation! Overall a really great park to spend a day. Lots of family shows and events, and enough fun thrill rides to keep everyone happy.

Richard Macik

Magically fantastic. Good was good. Rides were good. Avitar banshee was great. Get a fast pass if they have them or expect 2 plus hour waits in line. Expedition Everest very good as well. Lines are very long for most rides! Expect 1 hour as quick lines and 1 1/2 hour waits as average times. Safari expedition ride is very nice, especially if a lot of animals are out and you have a fun enthusiastic tour guide driver.

Tracy Matyiko

I love Disney and going to all the parks. Animal Kingdom is setup with lots of shaded areas which makes it very nice on hot days. The safari ride is alot of fun. Be sure to visit the new Pandora section. The Avatar ride is awesome. The food at Yak and Yeti is really good as well.

Stefanie W

Absolutely loved the Avatar Flight of Passage ride, that we went back a second time to line up again first thing in the morning. Usually a longer wait but definitely worth it! So if you weren't able to find a fast pass for it, go there first thing~ Also loved the caricature artists here and of course seeing all the animals! The night show was nice, but probably our least favorite of the night shows of the 4 parks.

Owen Bligh

Though probably one of the least popular, definitely one of my favorite parks. The theme is on point and array of animals you can see is absolutely breathtaking. Excellent rides (Everest and Pandora) and plenty to do to fill a whole day.

Dawn Woods

The safari adventure gets better every year. The animals now walk right up to your safari jeep! The rides are great and there is plenty for all ages. The park is full of shaded areas (many more than the other parks) so it helps for a hot spring or summer day not to be too exhausting. Definitely get one of the dole pineapple ice cream drinks (which there is an adult version) - if you haven't had it you're missing a treat.

Ryan Bullock

Awesome atmosphere, went with the entire family. Some lines can be long but if you get there early ride a few of the big ones first then do some shows in between then everyone has fun and you stay busy. Also has lots of good places to eat at

Aaron Pingel

First time ever going to Animal Kingdom even though I have lived in Florida my whole life. My wife and I went, and it was a very nice park. The Pandora (Avatar) area was so well done. All of the intricate detailing that went into the decorations around the area is really impressive. The rides are really immersive. Be forewarned that without a fast pass, the lines are incredibly long. 3 hour and 15 minute wait for the most popular ride in that area of the park.

Sam Fleming

Would rather have traded this day for another at universal. Not a good place to be on a hot day, limited seating in air conditioned areas. Really this park is designed to make you walk a lot with little entertainment. Everest was a good ride, but we would not wait 130 min for avatar. The plants and Pandora area were really well done , but other than that really a wasted day.

Paul Garcia

This our second visit to Disney World. Our last trip was was in August about four years ago. The weather is much more tolerable this time if year. We began our Disney vacation at the Animal Kingdom. There was a little rain but not enough to ruin our enjoyment. We were able to get on all our favorite rides to include both of the Avitar rides. We also enjoyed Dole Whips, something that we usually get at Disneyland or the Dole Plantation in Hawaii.

Michael Penrod

Expedition Everest is a lot of fun. Flights of Passage is arguably the best ride in any Disney park. Finding Nemo show is incredible - Broadway quality. Lion King is a great show for kids. The Bug's Life "experience" on the other hand makes a lot of kids cry. I sit away from the seat back as one of the effects hurts my back. The Safari is a rough ride sometimes but worth it. Go at different times of the day if you can to see more animals.

Edna Caraballo-Gonzalez

I love the new Avatar section. It was great. The flying of the Banshee ride was amazing! Highly recommended.

Stephanie May

Fun to explore the continents/countries and experience the land of Pandora (especially at night). Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest are great rides, Safari is always fun, and when warm enough Kali River Rapids is great (bring a change of shoes, or ones that can get wet). Overall it's not our favorite park, but we enjoy spending most of a day there.

Zoe Herzig-Daines

This is great for younger kids. There's so much to do! They even have a playground where you can let your kids play without worrying about them getting lost since there's always someone working at the front gate. The Safari ride is a lot of fun and they have a huge variety of animals.

Amanda Carlisle

I love animal kingdom. I am an annual pass holder and go often. I have a 1 year old and have been bringing him since he was about 6 months old. They have rides that are suitable for him and several shows. He really loves the safari and different animal walking treks. My sister LOVES Kali river Rapids and would ride it over and over if wed let her. Expedition Everest is a lot of fun too. And Pandora is AMAZING. My son really likes the river ride and the rest of the family loves the flight of the banshee ride. The entire pandora experience is amazing. Animal kingdom is definitely my favorite park.

Matthew Heslor

Very fun, nice and happy staff. Good shade so it's not too hot. Rides are fun, careful with anything 4-D for nauseating purposes. LOVED the atmosphere of the Avatar world.

Kayla F

I do wish this park had more rides but the ones they have are definitely enjoyable. Worth spending at least half a day here and I highly recommend taking the time to see this park at night. Pandora especially is a sight to be seen

Christopher Sucharda

This park is not only a park, it's an accredited zoo. Be sure to take some time to explore the many animal habitats available to the public. Everyone goes for the rides but be sure to see the animals and talk to the experts who are on site. They have more info than you would ever want.

Talena Hill

Pandora was the best part of this adventure and my son was super excited to get an avatar made to look just like him in less than an hour. Great people and memorable times . The rainforest Cafe was also right inside of a dinning experience like no other.

Alexandra Torres

Awesome World of Pandora! How can you not love it? Flying on the back of Ikran or floating in a boat through a beautiful World of Avatars drinking their specialty glow in the dark drink... It's a must visit if you are a fan of Disney like my family is!

Chad Shorey

Absolutely amazing. I could go here all day everyday. The avatar ride was incredible along with the safari tour

Modinat Hassan

Amazing place to take kids to see the wide variety of animals they have. I would most definitely recommend the jungle Safari located in the Africa portion of the park. The wide range of animals is amazing the the rides definitely rise above expectations. Plus there are many shows that they perform from the different parts of the world.

John Danielak

Love this park! So interesting to see the amount of detail! Rides are so well themed. Bring and drink a lot of water, its is HOT! Flame Tree BBQ had very good food, and the shaded eating area down by the water is a great place to rest and cool down a bit. Was even lucky enough to see one of our favorites, Kevin!!!

Anthony Smoke

I've been here threeenow and I enjoyed it more this time than before. Pandora was beautiful, especially at night. The safari is a must. Did it twice and you see and learn new things every time. There are not a lot of rides, but the 2 musicals are exceptional and there are lots of trails to see lots of animals like tigers and gorillas. The night show around the lake was amazing.

Linda Bates

This park is fantastic. I could spend a week here. The animals are so wonderful to see in a natural habitat, not in cages or enclosures...unless it was to keep them safe and protect them. There are so many of them to see up close. Our grandchildren love this park. Between the animals, the rides and shows, and the incredible is probably my favorite park now ! There are so many things we just ran out of time to see or do...or EAT !!...,,we will just have to wait til next time !

Cindy Drainville

Love this and all of Disney Parks. I have to say though I'm very dissappointed with the upkeep and cleanliness of the parks. They used to be pristine clean any are now showing age and are not being kept up to Disney standards.

andy price

Wait times for avatar are always at least one hour, check wait times through the day and join as soon as you can it's worth the wait. Get out of the sun and watch bugs life 3d. Go on safari, different experience every time. Yesterday we were held up by rhino's not wanting to get off the road, great photo opportunity. Don't forget to make use of the Disney photography professionals, save and download your photo's so you don't lose them. Have a great time.

Kirk Williams

This was a fun park to experience, but we didn't find it as fun as the other parks. There just weren't as many rides here as the other parks. But we enjoyed the live shows and plays. There is a lot walking in this park, but lots of things to see. It was interesting seeing all of the different cultures represented in the park.

Luke Bramley

Animal kingdom has to be our families favourite of all the parks. Love Expedition to Everest and thought the Kilimanjaro safari was really good. Pandora is amazing and the Na'vi river was a nice ride for all the family. Sadly the queue for flight of passage was always 2 hours and over, so waiting in line when you have two small children just wasn't an option. Maybe next time!

John Cannon

Would give no stars if possible, Dinosaur at The Dino Institute has an employee named Justin who is not very helpful. Saturday was able to ride Mine train and Thunder Mountain Railroad with our 3 year old son who hits his head on the 40 inch measurement device. Come Sunday to the animal kingdom and the day is ruined because for some reason he doesn't measure correctly there and Justin and the supervisor are not willing to help with a proper measurement. My family has annual passes and we come to Disney and stay the weekend about 8 times a year and have been doing this for years. This by far is my worst experience ever at a park and I hope Disney can fix the problem and be consistent with all of the parks...

Austin Gentry

Use to be on of my least favorite but now it's one of my favorites. Avatar world is unbelievable. The ride itself is amazing and worth the wait if you can't get fast passes. Other parts of the parks are beautiful like the Safari. Great beer options are also offered as you walk around.

Corey Lehman

Another one of our favorite parks. We enjoy learning about and seeing some of the animals as week as some of the interesting ways we can help support our environment at home. There are a few rides and some good shows. There are also some tours that interest me, but I haven't been able to partake in yet, but they seem like they're more geared towards those learning about the animals a little more in depth as well as allowing you to get a bit closer to them. They still have some of the veterinary procedures shown as well as a new (to us anyway) animation show where they teach you how to draw a Disney animal character. The park is spread out and large, so be prepared for a lot of walking. I also think that this park is still Disney's best themed park as the lands they are presenting blend almost seamlessly, unlike most of their other parks (like Magic Kingdom where they seem to have almost abandoned this concept for unknown reasons).


The new addition of avatar makes it more interesting. Don't think it will take a full day. Suggest come in the morning and hop to other parks after. More out door events. Get kind overly hot by the afternoon.

Asa Waterstraut

Animal Kingdom is easily the most peaceful park on Disney Property. Technically you can avoid almost all lines and crowds and just chill and look at animals. If you have fast passes, of course, anything in Pandora is amazing, including just standing in Pandora. The remaining coasters and areas are sufficiently entertaining as well.

Shanne Williams

My personal favorite Disney Park!!! For those young and beyond. I have a 16yr & 14yr old. They absolutely love it as do I and Dad. Safari is a must, Mt. Everest, and the Avatar flight

Anisa Hosein

Amazing park! Love the Pandora Flight of Passage right, absolutely worth the 85 min wait (try to get a fast pass if you can in advance). Mount Everest is another favorite, but all the rides are great for adults and kids :)

Evan Rodriguez

Wow! Literally one of my favorite parks to go to besides the other three! Animal kingdom is the place to go to if you want to have a great time with a group of people! Kilimanjaro Safari, the Kali River Rapids and the Dinosaurs ride is phenomenal for a group of people! Besides that, Desiree and Avery were so hospitable towards our group right around the corner of the UP! stadium, and was extremely accommodated to us to the future and beyond. They were so amazing to us, and they deserve a shout out for sure!!!!

Jade Phoenix

My favorite of the parks. The animals have a lot of free roaming space. You can ride through in a multi passenger safari vehicle and see the animals grazing and moving about naturally. There is a lot of good information to learn and many different areas of the park corresponding with areas of the world... With themed hand-made goods and food.

Karl Miller

Amazing as always. So many new things. Quick tip, before you go on vacation buy an insulated backpack and some soda refreezeable ice packs. It saves a ton of money considering even a bottle of water is at least 3.50 inside of Disney World.

Rebeca Soto

We loved that Avatar ride so much we waited for it TWICE in a day! Probably a total of 3.5 -4 hours and the experience was so worth it. We ate a yummy and healthy meal at Harammbe Market - way better than any amusement park food I’ve ever had! The river raft ride was so fun for the whole family (all 12 of us!) - don’t forget to use your free fast passes (:

Casey Phillis

We enjoyed the park a lot. The Safari ride was incredible. Our guide stopped the vehicle and just sat quietly with us listening to all three lions roaring. It was awesome. My three year old daughter really enjoyed it.

Santino Crisologo

Great park, I’ll be honest though, my least favorite of the 4! The area is very swampy & that combined with Florida humidity isn’t the most pleasant! A lot of the animals were hiding or not out because of the heat, so I only saw 2 monkeys and 1 tiger the whole time. Visually & aesthetically though, the park looks amazing, and is very authentic. I saw some iconic characters walking around the park. Wait time for Avatar is insane! I only went to Disney for 3 days but the wait time was at least 2 hours each time! I loved the shops though, I got a really nice Animal Kingdom pin. I will be back!

bravesheart Poteat

Can't say anything bad about this park. It was my favorite that we visited! Loved seeing the animals on the safari ride. Food was reasonable and really good. Drinks were a bit more pricey. Would love to visit again!

Ida Wallace

Lots more to see than last visit a few years ago. Weather is beyond perfect. Moderate crowd size, not bad at all. Really enjoyed the day.

Mike Villaggio

Typically Disney. Pay lots for a little. This is the best of Park, in my opinion, of all the parks I visited. Unless you find seating on a ledge or rock, you're standing the whole day. The only relief comes when eating average food at way high prices. Save your money here and go on 3 other vacations to reasonable places.

Henry Edvard

We had one day to spend at a park and immediately chose this one. It's one of Disney World's top two parks, by far. The attention to detail and park design are incredible. Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage are well worth the price of admission. If you're hungry I suggest eating in the Avatar world as well. It has numerous dishes to choose from outside of just burgers and fries.

Nicole Bolling

Hands down my favorite park given the smaller crowds; beautiful plant life all throughout giving good sun coverage & reducing the feel of the August heat; the interactive dance shows all throughout the park inviting us to join in; and awesome multicultural experiences that exceeded those at Epcot! Staff genuinely seemed nicer & happier here as well. We were able to get in more than 12 rides/shows where other parks were closer to 8-10 due to long lines. We'll worth it!

Tomiana Guerra

This was my favorite of all the parks! The safari ride was so fun, being close to all of the animals was very magical. The Pandora boat ride was also amazing the details that went into it are like something I've never seen before. It is a long wait to actually get on the ride but they keep it well shaded and have fans so you're not that hot. Just the whole experience at Animal kingdom in my opinion is pretty much a good time.

louise mills

So much to see and do. We went, a group of 8 people, all from Orlando. We have done this many times as we are all pass holders. We went just for a few hours, and did the Lion King Show, a must see. Also the safari, and the light show on the lake at night. Had a great time. Just way too many strollers. Really wish they were banned!

Joseph Irizarry

Overcast morning safari 8:30-9am was the best viewing I have ever seen in over 6 visits. Coolness and lack of direct sunlight heat allowed lion, lionesses and cheetahs to be out in full force. Great pics!! I also have to give kudos to the new Avatar Flight of Passage ride. Although wait may be long without fastpass, definitely worth it!!

Anne Harry

We LOVE Animal Kingdom, educational for the kids, impressive attention to detail for adults, entertainment exceeds expectations down to a street dance party in the middle of Africa where they invite your kids to take part and join in. Be prepared, it's HOT! Not as many A/C options you can jump into to cool off as compared to Magic Kingdom so bring fans and hydrate. Plan to spend extra time in Pandora especially at night when it comes alive, it's fantastic!

Darrin Gordon

Always a pleasure going to Animal Kingdom! My favorite Disney park! Flight of passage is amazing and the Kilimanjaro Safari is very educational and fun. Food at both Africa and Asia, especially Tusker House/ Yak and Yeti, is phenomenal! You'll have a great time there!

Mallika's intro R

Really transports you to a different place. Stunning. Good rides and shows. Do safari in the AM before it gets very sunny/hot. Have buffer character breakfast at tusker house in Africa after that. So worth it! Take your time exploring Discovery Island and Asia too. Pandora is truly remarkable. Some interesting rides in Dinoworld plus a carnival and DJ dance party to wrap up the evening. Loved everything about Animal Kingdom. But do avoid the little snack stands. Not worth it


Very cool park. The animals seemed pretty happy or at least more content than most zoo animals. Staff really seemed to care and enjoy their work with the animals. Good food options and fun rides throughout.

Lisa Council

The Lion King show was awesome as usual we had a good time. The only thing that needs work is the cast members should be more diverse when selecting individuals to participate. When you have cast members walking pass black children to pick others (white, or any with the appearance of white skin) , I think it does the meaning of the song/story line injustice. How can we teach our children to be inclusive when things like this continues to happen. I hope this does not fall on death ears. I have been a faithful, dedicated yearly visitor since 1990.

Abi Curtis

I think this was one of our favorite paid, but it's tough to say. We were here 3 times and had a different - always great - experience every time. Pandora was seriously beautiful and I thought the food and drinks there were good enough to go back for. Our group also really liked Flaming Tree and Yak and Yeti for food. We went to the shows for Lion King and Up and both were great! Very entertaining for kids and adults. Plus, the air conditioning for Lion King is awesome! While Everest is an old favorite for rides, our group really liked the safari and Flight of Passage. Make sure to grab fast passes!

Dan Parker

Animal Kingdom was great, but has always been one of my lesser enjoyed parks, personally. That's not to discredit the park, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in it. Maybe it's because I've been on all the rides since I was a kid or that being more of a zoo than a pure theme park just doesn't grab my attention as much anymore, but I'm still glad I got to visit again.

karbri Jzb

Pandora, flying experience is absolutely AMAZING!!! If you can't do the fast pass, be ready to wait for 2 hrs. But it's worth every single second! All the park have so many fun things to do! All family Love it! 100% recommended

Beth Patil

We had a two day trip to Disney world. Animal Kingdom is where we spent our second day. First let me say, this place is so gorgeous. They spent a lot of time and money I’m sure into making this place what it is. The tree of life is so mesmerizing and Pandora was breathtaking. The rides in Pandora were also very one of a kind. Flight of Passage was a group favorite.

Steve Sweeney

What a place. There wasn't the crowds that we were expecting which was a bonus. First fast pass was for Expedition Everest which didn't disappoint, and none of the other we went on throughout the day did either. The tree.. What a great peice of design and characters everywhere. We'll be going back to finish off the things that we missed later in our holiday and to go on Expedition Everest again!

Kyle Dettman

Animal kingdom is perhaps one of the most unique theme parks out there. It combines the aspects of a world class zoo and classic Disney park. Be warned though, it is both the most isolated and largest park on property, so be prepared to hike when you get there. The park contains what may be the best ride in Disney World, Flight of Passage, just make sure to get a fast pass.

Danielle Johnston

There were only a few rides worth going on. The animals were awesome, but you could go to a zoo for half the price and get a similar experience. The most disappointing thing was all the alcohol. Every restaurant sold it. Some had non-alcoholic versions of the fancy drinks, but that seems like a bad idea when you have tons of thirsty children running around. At one shop in Pandora they had these really awesome looking slushies. Out of 3 different options, only one didn't have alcohol. Kind of a bummer for a pregnant lady... At least that one option was good. Food is ridiculously over priced and not that goo, but that it all theme parks. All in all, you could probably see everything in a few hours especially if you have fast passes, but those are also a joke compared to Universal Studios.

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