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1486 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, United States

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REVIEWS OF Disney Springs IN Florida

Debbie Mix

I enjoy walking Round here with family and friends. There are lots of fun shops and overpriced but good restaurants. Wish they would add rest facilities and have better directions to find them

Lauryl Edmonds

Wonderful area of Disney! Great place to start introducing the husband and kids to the crazy excitement of Disney! Lots of photo opportunity for the kiddos as well as a splash pad. Fun exciting restaurants our favorite is the rainforest Cafe. Free parking and there is no entrance fee. It's Disney shopping and dining at its best for no extra cost. The toy store is so much fun too! Bathrooms were very clean and there are plenty around!

Maurice Herbert

Just popped in for a quick look but it's not a quick visit as there's so many shops to look at. Went into Fit 2 Run and Justin served us.... fantastic service. Justin recommended Blaze Pizza as a place to eat.......amazing place. Highly recommend a visit here.

Lilly A.

Friendly, very entertaining and informative. Good accessibility

Michael Bolton

Really cool place with some very nice shops. It stays open later than the parks, so it definitely adds an avenue to continue the party if that is your desire. I'd definitely visit again.

Isaac Loveland

If you like tourist attractions, nothing beats free. Accommodating shopping district, exemplary restaurants, thoroughly enjoyable entertainment interspersed throughout the entire area. Quick and easy parking. Fun to take your friends.

Glenda Peterson-Forbes

We had dinner at House of Blues. The staff was very nice. My meal could have been better because I have eaten there before. My meal at my other visits was good. However my husband enjoyed his meal. The dessert however was good.

Albert Torres

Amazing outdoor mall with a touch of Disney Magic. You will feel you are in a little town of Spain by a lake. By night is magical, lights, music... Unique restaurants, upscale shops and the world’s largest Disney store!!! ... and free parking! Love this place! :)

Melissa Gautreaux

It's a nice place to go and walk around, see all the different stores, merchandise, the beautiful landscaping features they've created and different statues from the stores. There's lots to see and do. Something fun to do for the day. They also have many different restaurants. But I definitely love going into all the different Disney stores, seeing the new merchandise and of course doing some shopping.

Richard Harrison

This is a great place to wander around and get in the spirit of all things Disney. You must try the restaurant T-Rex, though you will have to queue for a table unless you book many weeks in advance. The shops are stocked with all manner of Disney and other related merchandise, Lego store is huge with some great models. Ghirandelli ice cream shop is fantastic and worth a visit.

kendell crawford

I was crying looking for a decent burger spot in disney, but then I found it. Mouthwatering burgers, I took a bite and was fairly impressed. It was savory and juicy to my liking. If your wondering about service, it was on point because you know, workers are brainwashed by lord Walt Disney to be great.

Aaron Anleu

Probably one of our favorite place to hang out. So many amazing shopping and dining locations to choose from, not to mention top notch entertainment! We love to hit the AMC and then make a stop at Dockside Margaritas for a Tangerine Margarita! If you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, this is your stop! Don’t forget complimentary parking and so many things to do!!! Bring the whole family and have an amazing time

lexington_ dreamer

Very nice. No tickets or passes are required to visit the Springs. A couple of friends and I walked around to window shop and eat at the restaurants. Though we didn't buy anything from the stores there, it was still a fun experience to walk around with good company and appreciate the scenery. To elaborate further on one of the restaurants: Blaze Pizza was very good at accommodating to food allergies and still making the food taste exceptional. Very satisfied. The place itself was very clean as well.

Krystal Louard

Had a nice stroll out here with my husband. They need to fix the amc dine in online info. It's very confusing and almost messed up our night once. It has the whole theater listed as dine in now that they merged the two. But only a select …

Deanne Walker

I have only just begun to explore Disney Springs, but it's been a beautiful experience so far! For starters, it's super easy to get to. Disney's signage game is strong. I love how everything is clearly marked! Parking is free and it's a breeze. There are so many things to see and do! Tons of niche shops. Loads of restaurants. Beautiful design and it's so clean! They even have a bowling alley! The House of Blues is a great venue to catch shows. I really enjoyed the two concerts I have attended there. It has a chill vibe. I'm looking forward to visiting more and getting familiar with what Disney Springs has to offer. I recommend that you check it out!

Kae Queen

I hadn't been to "Downtown Disney" in probably 10 years. I was so impressed by how much has changed. The whole atmosphere is now inviting and magical. There were tons of great shops and places to eat. The staff was all extremely helpful and kind. I will definitely be returning on our next trip to Florida.

Jennie A

Disney Springs is an excellent place to visit whether you are visiting the Orlando area or a local. Excellent atmosphere all around, designers did an impressive job taking into account all details of the guest experience. Great shopping, I love that they have pieces that are unique to Disney and Orlando at most stores, best place to get any Disney gear (a decent range of price points for all). Great restaurants with excellent variety in price, atmosphere, and food choices. Most restaurants are great to bring kids but make sure you plan with things for kids to do especially if you are going to a higher end sit down restaurant. Bars are fun with amazing atmospheres and have excellent tasting drinks but be prepared to pay high end prices if you bar hop. They often have special events, and some great bands come through at house of blues. The down falls come with being a world renowned tourist destination. It is pricey and expensive at most places. Traffic and parking can be absolutely horrible and frustrating. Getting a reservation last minute can also be tricky and frustrating. .

Alyssa Ross

I always find what I need in this place and I love the improvements. The World of Disney has lots of space now and more sections. I also love that they carry items from the theme parks and if you want something from Hollywood Studios but you forgot to get it at the park, Disney Springs usually carries that said item. Best part is that you don't need a ticket to go here!

Adam Young

Different than I expected, to me it's almost felt like a Disney park but no rides. Lots of different clothing, jewelry and various types of stores to shop at which is cool. Also lots of places to eat. It was pretty busy for not being a park. Merchandise is priced the same as the theme parks I believe, I didn't see any sales or discounts. Overall it was a great experience and nicely laid out. I'd visit again.

Eric Tunstall

Disney Springs has something for everyone. There are many different shops with all kinds of merchandise. Also several food venues from quick, casual to upscale.

Sami Dawn

Such a wonderful place to shop for your favorite Disney movie merchandise, brand name clothing, and more! It's very clean! It's free to get in. On the weekends there are great live music events. Food and ice cream places and more! As expected things can get a little pricey, but it's to be expected. You really get a great experience while you're there! I would absolutely recommend!!!!

Joshua Collins

A must stop place while at Disney for any shopping your wanting to do. Great selection of stores along with penny press machines for the collectors out there like us. Also some really good food choices here from some fairly big names in the food world. Download the Disney app to help you find your way around and you will not be disappointed.

V Alessandra

I've been going since I was a kid, spent many nights here in High school with my friends, and now I bring my whole family. It's always a great time visiting Disney Springs. 10/10 recommend the Wine Slushies!

keziah kott

Hella overpriced but what else to expect from Disney? Good drinks and a great place to meet up and chill on a Saturday night. Really friendly service but we wanted to close out the park but everything pretty much closed 45 minutes prior to closing. Still a fun place to shop and enjoy oneself

Rikki Pugh

So many things to do. So many places to eat. So many places to shop!! Love coming here. They have the best Zara...ever!!

Ashley McClure

Great place to eat. Fun experience all the way around! The dessert even smoked! All the Dishes were themed and the "catagory 5" was a very Pleasant surprise a very fruity drink.

Carl Edwards Jr

What can I say, just simply amazing! We loved it and the experience. There is so much to do and it seemed like we just didn’t have enough time.


Very nice. The old Downtown Disney has been fully transformed into something I didn't even recognize. Its amazing. With more stores and shops than you can check out in one day it seems. A must destination while you are vacationing.

anthony sangenito

You have to love Disney springs!! A great night out for anything that you might be looking for. Restaurants, bars, movies, bowling, free entertainment, free chocolate. Something for everyone in the family to enjoy a fun day or night

Sarah Setta

The better generic shopping destination for disney stuff. If you want something specific, best to go to that park. But if you want souvenirs for the family and friends back home, this is it. Its like an street mall with stages and a few cool things lining the pedestrian roads. Be mindful of designated smoking stations and drop off spots, but other than that, shoot for the "orange garage"

Brandon Williams

Awesome place to shop and find good food. It's a nice way to get away from the parks for a day. A lot of the shops are a little on the high end though. So be prepared to spend a little extra for things that aren't souvenirs. Also do yourself a favor and head down to the end to The Void.

Melinda Morency

We had one destination when we visited Disney Springs: the Lego store. Parking in the Lime garage was super easy. We loved having the parking space indicator show us an open space, rather than driving endlessly around, searching for an open spot. From our parking spot, it was a quick walk to the Lego store. I don't know much about the other stores and restaurants, but the bathroom beside the Disney store was clean.

Truong Nguyen

A great evening out with the family. There's many shops and restaurants to select from. Depending on the schedule there is live music and public outdoor stage featuring shows. The ambience is nice especially with all the lights in the evening. There is also a hot air balloon ride where you can have a fantastic Aerial view of the Disney area. The parking is free.

Leslie Hawkins

Disney Springs is always so much fun! Good shopping and excellent food! We ate lunch at House of Blues. Food was delicious - I had the BBQ chicken pizza, as did several in our group. Our waiter, Aaron, was friendly and helpful at recommending especially desirable items. My family always makes time for Disney Springs!

Desmond Thomas

I’ve always had a great time when I check this place out with friends and family! Really fun atmosphere and a lot places to check out for good food and drinks! Everything is a little pricey but that is to expect with it being Disney. If your in the area make sure you check this place out.

Neil DeCamp

This place is cool. So much going on it's hard to do justice. But many great restaurants and bars. Great music and entertainment everywhere. Shopping is a bit expensive. But this place is fun for all. Has Disney class. Free parking.

Maritza Rodriguez

So many options, people from all over the world, great ambiance, different music genre as you walk, all types of fine food and shop galore or tranquility by looking at the water or dining on a boat. Plenty parking and FREE ADMISSION, definitely a great place to visit.

Pamela Otto

Disney Springs is a really great place to go if you want a touch of Disney but can’t pay the high price of getting in. If you are visiting I highly suggest checking it out. The food is really expensive, that being said I have never had bad food from there. Great stores. And of course Disney customer service. I do warn that there is a cigar store that smells. So if you have Like super bad asthma or something ask a cast member where it is so you can avoid it. I go every few months and just get in some steps. For sure a good time and a lot to look at especially if your a window shopper like me. I went when Lion King opened and that was fun they had a nice set up.

Mark Goodwin

Great selection of shops to visit! Personally I would avoid the Disney store as it was rammed when we visited. However, if you have children then it has to be done! Buses seemed quite frequent although on one visit we had to wait for over an hour before we were able to get one back to our resort (Port Orleans Riverside) we left around 21:30 so it's peak time to leave the area. On the other hand there was a nice boat service that went to our resort but once again try and avoid leaving at peak times!

Kyle Nisson

Went to Terralina, last night with my wife. We had a great dinner. Sat outside our bartender was Nicole and she was tremendous. We are moving down to the area and Nicole was so helpful and insightful. Would definitely recommend for service and dinner! Will be back !


The only reason I didn't get this place 5 stars is because I wish it had a little more to do. It has tons of shopping but unless you're an adult that can enjoy the night life, and you're not a little kid who can go on the couple rides, there isn't very much to do. There's a movie theater in a bowling alley but nothing you couldn't find local to you probably. Definitely see this as a place to go to for the food, but I just wish it had a little more activities. An arcade would be awesome. Maybe some shows would be cool to. But it was still very fun exploring the shops, and some of the amazing restaurants. Would highly recommend visiting.

Cathleen Davis-Whitmore

I love coming to Disney Springs. So many opportunities top purchase Disney paraphernalia. Great restaurants from the casual to more formal. I enjoy walking around and listening to the live music and watching the performers.

Billy Burkes

This place is awesome! We spend half a day here to "get in the mood" of Disney. Food of all kinds, people from all over the world, and live events. This place is definitely worth visiting. It's pricey, so take a boat load of money. We love visiting all the shops and eat at several of the restaurants. Just a great place to hang out.

Dan Alves

Over the past six years or so, Disney Springs has transformed into a haven of diverse restaurants, bars and shops that are a must visit. The re-branding and complete remodeling is a success that is not only welcoming, but maintains an attracting “force” that drives repeat visitation. Our family visits Disney often and the Springs makes the agenda for every trip.

Angel Diaz

This place is gorgeous. Went to a Mexican place to eat and the food was way too pricey for what I got but it tasted good. The Gelato there was a amazing and would recommend 10/10. They have a good amount of things to do and live music in the evening.

Julio Delgado

Not much to do besides eat qnd buy clothes. It is a nice place to make a stop but all stores feel like they sell the same. The restaurants are nice but lacking in theme. This place is relaxing and can be a good place to hang out with friends. There's live music everywhere which is always nice.


Nice place to hang out. Kids will enjoy. Many restaurants options are available. Fine restaurants have longer waiting time. Shopping place is okay. I find Disney kingdom has more variety. One time visit.

William VanHorn

Warm and an attendant lady at the Disney store formerly from Wisconsin. She was so nice and informative. Great time and great people. Also went to fix a screw up on our reservations and got a free day at Epcot for our anniversary...Loved every minute at Disney Springs.

Abby C.

It has been renovated with an additional section for those that have not been there for more than 5 years. You will need the whole day to walk around and eat. You are able to catch public transportation to all 4 Disney theme parks

Tuan Truong

Got here 13 minutes early. Ruth smiled and asked do I have reservations?. Jonathan cut in and said in deep unwelcome tones" we are not open in 13 minutes" and walk away. Got the table, Rose is our server, she smiled and ask me for allergy?? anyway that's good for cautious. We ordered crab cake sandwich. Crab cake was cold but it was delicious. We had good time and nice view on deck patio's table.

Nisha Juicy

The address is gorgeous. Manicured all around. Nice get away if you live in another part of Florida. Lots of Restaurants, fairly close to universal and international drive


Usually crowded so expect nothing less. (Its a nice surprise when it’s not.) The new parking garage is definitely an added bonus! Fun for the whole family. Lots of shops, restaurants and nightlife entertainment. If you are a pass holder be sure to ask for the discount on purchases (obviously it varies) Decorations for the holidays are always worth visiting for, especially if you have a little.

Alice Cromwell

I really liked the amount of options I had to go shopping and eating with the family. Lovely live music performances scattered all throughout and gorgeous lakeside scenes. I highly recommend you try out Terralina for some fantastic Italian food or Raglan Road for some killer fish and chips.

Robbie Atkinson

I can't believe how much this place has changed since I was at downtown Disney many years ago. There's so many great places to eat and drink and the whole area looks beautiful. There is plenty of shops to enjoy and I especially like the Christmas shop and the Lego store

Ronald Ross

This is a great day to spend a day in Orlando, whether a local or when vacationing as a break from the parks. So many places to eat and dine. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful. Two staff members in particular, Raymond and Orlando, were able to deliver the customer service for which Disney is known. They made us as guests feel safe and welcomed. Definitely make the trip here and be sure to go to Blaze Pizza for the best dining experience and pizza.

Jasmin Barone

We went for my birthday. Our party got dressed up and the place was amazing. The drinks were great. The show was awesome. I wish the music were a bit more themed and less "single ladies". There were people dancing, but nothing we could dance to. So we had a drink then left. But it was nice for what it was.

Jason Whitfield

Disney Springs is very nice and I enjoyed walking through the stores and restaurants with my family and friends. Disney pays a lot of attention to the small details. Parking was so easy and stress free. The stores and restaurants have different themes and eye catching details. All the staff were super friendly and helpful. Thank you Disney for making every experience fun and enjoyable.

Pranjal Nautiyal

Disney Springs is an excellent place to drink, dine, watch a movie, do some shopping or just to walk around. I have been to the area on a number of occasions, the place is always extremely clean, well maintained and has something to offer to the visitors of all age groups and inclinations. I once spent an afternoon watching a movie in the AMC theater where they also serve food! There are some good bars with live music. You may also see some performances in the open stage area, like I did (a concert) when I was roaming around one fine afternoon.

Christina Thomas

Hidden jewel. Looking for something fun to do while on a business trip w my hubby. We had a great time, wish we would have got there earlier to get the full experience

Twisted Sixs

This place is amazing. You have to visit all the shopping you can handle. Safe well lit and nice people everywhere.

Anthony Benway

A great night to get out of the house without spending a million dollars. Just walking around is a fun time in and of itself. Restaurants and shops can be pricey but, there are affordable options everywhere. Highly recommend for a casual evening out.

travus Leroux

A great place to go to with your family when they are in town or to go to with your friends any time. I wouldn't recommend shopping but there's lots of shops to go to. Lots of places for food and drinks, I would say there is something for everyone.

Roget Smith

We stopped over at Disney Springs and enjoyed walking around and listening to the music for a few hours. There was entertainment playing in several locations and they permitted alcoholic beverages to be consumed while walking around on the premises. Did I mention everything was free except for the food or drinks you consume. I highly recommend this location to visit.

Jolie P.

I love this place! You do not have to pay to get in!!! It's so big with loads of places to shop and eat, as well as some small excursions and entertainment (like paying to ride a car that drives on water or arcades). There's some pretty neat stuff to look at and it's beautiful all lit up at night. The staff is so friendly and yes, you can find alcohol here unlike Disney World!

Ally Sil-Wo

Always packed..... harder to maneuver with a child in a stroller . Over all have a good amount of restaurants some you do need reservations for. The Disney store is nice but the customer service is not great. Lots of rude sales people. But I guess with the amount of consumers each day no one really cares.

Kelsea Altman

The improvements and changes they've made to this place are wonderful. I love coming here! Hopefully, they'll bring Disney Quest back one day.

Cheryl Thomas

Our food was great! I had the Meteor Meatloaf and it was a huge portion. My son had the panini and tomato soup. Also good. Sample appetizer was a good size for 4 people. Prices were typical Disney prices. Very fun for kids. Has a play area too.

Cindy Starcher

Disney Springs is fun place to shop and dine. Great restaurants with fine cuisine and fun themed venues. We ate at T-Rex and the food was excellent. The restaurant was a fun dinosaur themed atmosphere. We sat in the ice cave which was fun. …

Casey Ward

Lots and lots to do and eat. Great for kids and adults of all ages. They are great at separating you from your money and ensuring you are happy about it

Jeremy Findlay

Great to check-in baggage into Virgin Atlantic drop off area. However we couldn't then do much shopping as we only had hand luggage - great idea, but not fully thought through..... Great shops and a lovely place.

Johnny Buchignani

I absolutely love Disney Springs in every way! Growing up in Orlando,FL, our family, Aunt’s,Uncles and cousins would go to the original Walt Disney Shopping/Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village almost every other Two weeks (Friday’s, after supper, and after our kitchen was nice and clean) to look around and pick out a cool souvenir and a small dessert treat. All through the 1970’s and 80’s! Those special feelings and very special memories are felt every time I step into Disney Springs! And, knowing that it’s part of the Walt Disney World family makes it that more special! And, eating lunch at Wetzel’s Pretzels before a movie is always a real treat! The cast at the Fossil store really rolled the Red carpet out for me!! They almost knew the exact beautiful watch I wanted to buy before I bought it. Great service and professionalism!!! Thanks again!!! Johnny B.

Jeremy Greer

Two Words... The Edison. Drinks are amazing. The food is amazing. Disney does not do anything on a small scale! The whole thing was just cool. These improvements to Downtown Disney have been great so far!

Ted and Marlena Krugel

Relaxing and laid back. Plenty of souvenir shopping prices are a bit higher but no pushy sales people. Plenty of places to eat and drink. The Rainbow Cafe was one such place we had drinks at. You can walk the whole are or their is a boat that will take you to the various sides. Overall not a bad place to spend part of your day or evening

Susan Edward

This place is such a wonderful place to stroll to. There are a lot restaurants around the place. Some are expensive but some are just right price for the food. The staff around Disney Springs are polite and kind. They answered all my …

Uachit Petchkong

Love this place.. full of live music in each corner, a street shopping with beautiful view, a lot of thing to eat, also for drinks. A good place to hangout with friends, family, n couples.

Roberto Ortiz Yi

I love going here as parking and entry is free and lots of nice stores to shop at. This includes the collectibles that is offered on the parks without the need of a Disney Park Pass. Lots of good restaurants and all around just a fun place to walk around and be at. If you are looking to just stroll through a nice place with plenty of things to do and you are a Disney fan. Then I highly recommend this place. I will say that all of the larger/popular restaurants do require a reservation and I suggest you do it before getting there. They get booked rather quickly and are worth the experience.

Bill Shaw

Disney Springs can be fun. They have some a great job making it inviting and interesting visually for all ages. Disney had certainly mastered that trick. I usually come here for special events or to walk around. Prices at most of the stores and restaurants are pretty high. Be prepared to drop some coun if you decide to eat at a restaurant or get drinks. Fortunately, parking is free.

Itz Garcia

Plenty of options and restaurants to eat, love the decor on holidays and special events they have through out the year. It’s full of music and performances at night. The place can get busy but with the new parking garages it is possible to get a parking spot. Also love all the stores where you can to buy souvenirs for your self and everyone else.

Indigo Blue Dragonfly

Disney Springs offers a very unique experience. From the traditional Disney gear for sale to upscale brands there are many shops. The range of restaurant is incredible. The Nightlife atmosphere there is very festive with a wide variety of performers. Just go it's great

KDD Life

A ton of shops mostly upscale l, some I recognized and others I did not. A ton of eatiries. Movie theatre, several live bands performing in different sections. A beautiful walk way over a lit bridge. We came our last night. I would suggest doing this when you first land and on your last(earlier in the day). A lot of people so be prepared for the massive amount of people that come to these locations

Kyron Arambula

Fun to come still around, grab a bite, do a little shopping, and enjoy some entertainment. Parking is great and well thought out like you would expect from a Disney property. Makes for a great afternoon or evening.

Cory Friedman

Highly recommended. I have been to Disney Springs several times. While it can get busy, the venue is very nice with lots of stores to go to. The Lego store is always one of my stops for my kids, but the food in general is real good, lots of shopping opportunities, and they have an excellent movie theater. A big parking garage makes it even nicer. They also have live entertainment at a few of the restaurants, and someone who is very skilled at the guitar tends to play in the evening.


We really enjoyed wandering around. Lots of restaurants, my daughter loved the Lego shop and a volcano that periodically erupts. There are a couple of rides which we didn't bother going on as we'd done the parks. Just be aware that the taxi drop off point is a fair walk away from the shopping centre..

Brendan Henigan

Disney Springs is perfect for shoppers and international tourists. It has something for everyone. My favorite is the Coca-Cola building. The drink bar on the top level has delicious offerings to please any cocktail conesseir.

Narkis Golbandi

Very good place to spend time with friends and family. A lot of Disney world stores, live music, great restaurants and food trucks. Vacation vibe

PerryKari G

Fun place to go with the whole family. Lots of shops and restaurants to bands at night and solo artist sprinkle the walk way. Our favorite family restaurant has to be the Polite Pig. Delicious food ..pork...bbq chicken etc..all done with a southern touch. Decent portions as well. A more casual ambience. Order your food and pay at the till before being seated. Expect line ups but it goes pretty fast and its worth the wait!

Tim Kunkelman

Just arrived here about an hour ago. There is so much to do it's amazing. So many stores and things to see. We are eating at the Rainforest Cafe and the service is great food is amazing and the atmosphere is electric.


We have been to all of the WDW parks before. So, this time while visiting friends in Florida, we decided to pass on those big parks and hit a few other popular area attractions. Still, wanted to get a bit of the Disney thrill. So, we went to Disney Springs for a day. It is a great place to experience the whole official Disney vibe without spending a fortune to get into the parks. Free garage parking, free admission, and plenty of fun for everyone in the family. Prices are still the higher Disney level for average food, souvenirs, etc. But at least you have many choices and many cost options here. We highly recommend it.

Jean-René Prévost

There's a great beautiful tomorrow indeed! This place has a really fitting name. Everything looks gorgeous. The seminal Disney experience I wish to anyone. Splash Mountain and the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor are great highlights. The Carousel of Progress was stupidly charming. Peter Pan's Flight was a big letdown considering the name of the ride. The Happily Ever After fireworks show with incredible projections on the castle will give you everlasting memories.

Stephane Cheramy

My kids love to meet with friends there. They get get drinks and food and enjoy the concerts and the scenery. It is peaceful, beautiful, clean, safe. Crowded but not loud and overwhelming. Parking is easy. Lots of stores and restaurants.

Brittany Harrison

Really great place to have dinner and walk around at night. Lots of great shops that are open really late (11:30) and tons of entertainment sprinkled throughout. Tons of restaurants at a variety of price points. Many require reservations which you can book on Disney’s website. Parking is plentiful and free.

Alan Davis

Disney Springs is nice but with Disney prices. Just paid $4.50 for a bottle of diet coke. During the summer, it's probably best to visit here at night. On the plus side, parking is free and plentiful

Ken M

I mean... what do you expect? It's a mall where everything is overpriced because Disney, Marvel, and tourism. It's a nice place to walk around but... I'm not paying $100 for a plastic infinity gauntlet or $60 for a T-Shirt. Its a nice place to walk around but I wouldn't spend much money here. You can avoid spending money on food by carrying a double walled water bottle and a backpack full of snacks but feel free to grab a drink or eat with family if you can stomach the tourist mark up. It's a nice area with plenty to do, plenty to buy. You just have to be willing to spend the money for it.

Tom Lemrow

Excellent place to take the family to escape the parks for an evening! There is so much to see and do here you won't be bored. Lots of exciting places to eat and entertain the little ones at the same time. Or get a great dessert while out walking around. The sunset is beautiful over the trees as there is an unobstructed view from the bridge.

Lindsay White

Amazing Disney-themed area without the park entrance fee. Dinner at Raglan Road was fantastic - I highly recommend going when the dancers are scheduled. I also loved that you can carry alcoholic drinks around throughout the Springs rather than having to stick to one location

Ciara Martin

I love Disneg Springs! It's a nice place to go hang out and spend time with family. They have nice gifts and souvenirs, and they have many restaurants that's nice to go to relax and eat food.

Natalie Williams

Absolutely one of my favorite places to be. The evening entertainment is the best! Never disappointed. The restaurants have vegan options, there is usually always room for my group to sit together. Local hangout for sure. Lots of shopping options that changes. 2 Starbucks!

Daniel Pate

For the amount of people that get crammed into this place its honestly very impressive how very well organized and non-frustrating everything is. Of course the food and shopping is pricing but its upscale and Disney... So everything is delicious and a lot of fun! Park in Lime garage on level 2 and always use the overhead parking indicators to find spots.

Jaclyn Russo

This is a great way to get a touch of Disney without the price of park admission. Its full of shops and restaurants. I enjoyed walking around. Its a cute place no matter the age.

Henry Edvard

This place is awesome! We spend half a day here to "get in the mood" of Disney. Food of all kinds, people from all over the world, and live events. This place is definitely worth visiting. It's pricey, so take a boat load of money. We love visiting all the shops and eat at several of the restaurants. Just a great place to hang out.

Janna Rolfe

When ever we are in this part of the Orlando area we have fun going to Disney's Springs. They have so many nice shops and good restaurants and pubs. It can get VERY busy. At times the parking lots can be full and you may need to wait an hour or more to get in to a restaurant. So, just be prepared for having to wait for things here.

Aaron Brooks

Considering this is nothing more than an outdoor shopping mall, the attention to detail and care put into keeping things feeling like Disney is incredible. I could enjoy just walking around in the atmosphere for hours. Really fun place to spend an afternoon.

Leslie Coffield

We love Disney Springs. We usually have a great time. This time my husband and daughter had a less than good experience buying their candy apples. Poor customer service and messy apples were the special of the day unfortunately. Other than that I highly recommend walking around.

Haley marie

Awesome place. I got some really freaking delicious (kinda expensive) chocolates, coffee and cigars. There's such a wide range of things to see, eat, buy and visit. The rain forest cafe was really cool too. We spent a good 2 1/2 hours just exploring. (But we definitely could have stayed longer)

Samantha Huston

Disney Springs is an amazing place to duck into if you want the chance to grab some official one-of-a-kind Disney merchandise without having to hit a park. I always like grabbing dinner at The Polite Pig while I'm in town and seeing the new seasons merchandise. This place is easy to get into with a Lyft or parking your own vehicle. Definitely will be stopping here again next time I'm in town.


Wasn't my vibe. It was way over crowded and just felt like a glorified mall. Food options were great but shopping wise did not offer any brands or companies my family cared for. My daughter did enjoy the live music and Lego store. The overall atmosphere was pretty cool but you could skip this in your trip if you're not into high end shopping.

Cynthia Jeanty

It was a great cool weathered night at Disney Springs. We were strolling and shopping a bit....nothing major. The music offerings were a nice touch especially the talented saxophonist, Don Black, that was playing by the Under Armor store. Overall a nice and enjoyable evening.

Carole Preen

Great place to hang out in the evening with Happy Hour before 6pm. Lots of nice restaurants and live music. The area is free to visit with free entertainment and free parking. The restaurants and shops are pricy but as you would expect. All in all, well worth a visit and we will go back.

kevin From bradenton

Surface parking is pretty far from stores. Use orange garage for closer parking. Stores are stocked with Disney merchandise at retail prices. Pretty location on the water. Be prepared for outdoor sun and heat. Walkways are all outdoors. Lots of theme restaurants. Maybe better at night. Good for people watching.


I love coming here. Nice place to walk around, shop, and grab some food. There is also little rides around the area and some live music performances as well. This place also takes safesty very seriously. I saw groups of office and even K9 dogs too. Thumbs up!!

Sandra Patty Donahue

Awesome. My first visit and loved the atmosphere and service was good. I love animals and they were so life-like. Loved the occasional storm. A bit expensive but a must-see at least once.

Amanda Hank

A must do here at Disney World. We started out at the springs after we flew in and checked in at our resort. For lunch it was off to Chicken Guy. It was a quick service dining credit for us and it was totally awesome. You get 2 sauces for each meal. We opted to not get the fries with our meal and get all tenders and a drink. We could have shared this lunch but we really enjoyed trying the different sauces. The buffalo and BBQ was my favorites. After lunch we went to a few shops. We love Disney springs they have great dining and shopping.

Zaydee Santoyo

Hard to choose where to eat as there are so many great places to choose from! You are able to use your Disney Dining Plan at most places, which is an added plus! Music everywhere to cater to different tastes... relaxing atmosphere, good service, and a place where you can spend the whole day if not careful! However, I truly am very sad that they did away with DisneyQuest, as this was a great place for kids and families. It was place my kids had a blast and loved.

Kelli Johnson

Great food and fun at The House of Blues. We were there on a Monday evening there was a great band playing. The only negative was when we stopped at The Coke store. When making our purchases we were asked if we were Annual Pass Holders so we could get 10% off. The answer was no so we asked if they have a military discount the answer was no. On a positive note Stance sock store very quickly gave us a military discount off our purchase there.

John R

Great place to spend the late morning and afternoon. Lots of shops to go onto. Be prepared to spend money. Even if you think your not going to , you will. That's the joy of Disney they do a great job to entice you. Overall enjoy your day there.

Claudio Artigas

Very nice decorated, nice stores and good people working there. Good for options and other stores that will keep you walking all day long. The boat takes you to a few resorts near the river. At night the lights are decorative and very neat. The place is clean and well maintained. Great place to be shopping at Disney. Huge store where you can buy and trade pins. Even a few of the cleaning staff has pins for trade. They have a Christmas ornament store, which offers many choices of ornaments and even handmade ornaments, which are made right there and you can watch being made. You can ride the carrousel, eat some good food and have a great time. Some of the seats are under the tree for shade. At night the volcano for the restaurant now flames and smoke, imitating a real volcano

Kyle Dettman

Really cool shopping area that is very accessible from any Disney park or resort. Even here Disney works their magic, crafting a story for this fictional town full of shops and the effort really shows. Great variety of shopping and dining even for hard to find retail locations like Uniqlo or Columbia.

Juan Guillen

One of the best places to be with friends or with Family.. As simple as Enjoying some ice cream and listening to good music. There's events for any occasion.. ☺

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