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Where is Art Deco Historic District?

REVIEWS OF Art Deco Historic District IN Florida

khushbu pote

It is as if you're walking down a street in Scarface. The colors, lines and character of each building is unique, but creates a uniformity you won't see anywhere else on earth. With the boardwalk just across the road and the beach on the other side of the dunes, you cannot find a more picturesque spot to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Serena S

Stunning. Some of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the world can be found on Ocean Drive, South Beach. The buildings are in stunning pastel colours by day and lit up in neon lights at night.

Christopher Rodriguez

Amazing place. Amazing cool looking cars and boats. Or ships. Whatever you want to call them.

Maggi Hall

A must see when visiting Miami. The architecture is high quality. If you admire art deco this is worth a visit. 800 art deco buildings. Most have been restored and sparkle with their classic colors.

Elizabeth Guzman

The art deco buildings are great portal thru time. It's so different that current buildings around other places in Miami. Loved all the sitting places to have a drink and the vibrant atmosphere. Non stop activities!

Patryk Rados

South Beach Art Deco Dist something to see after flying in before checking in or going up North.

Carol Murphy

Yes it is amazing, not even the “not do cheap” places in Ocean Drive can falter the Historic Distric. The Art Deco buildings (almost 800) just appear one after another in Ocen Drive and Collins and Washington and the little buildings and the enormous hotels all are there to tell a story. The Art Deco buildings are the most striking feature of Miami Beach.

Greg Sanchez

Simply amazing with every high end store your heart can desire!

Analia Occhi

Unique place to appreciate art deco architecture

Anita Russell

You shouldn't need a reason to visit Miami other that it being Miami. The architecture is fantastic, beach beautiful and a really good vibe. Felt very safe and found some great places to relax. Always worth a trip to the Bay to see the Miami Heat and when you can get a seat for $25 what's not to like. That the city bus is free around the beaches and shops is great and I'd recommend using the airport bus as its only a couple of dollars.People were friendly and with a trip to the Everglades and the alligators within an hour from the City this the part of Florida has something for everyone.

Stephane Cazenave

Awesome place to visit. This art déco district has been preserved from eager promoters in the 90ies, and today it's one of the most famous urban settings in the States. More than 1 hundred buildings, from the glorious art déco thirties!!! For photographers, South Beach buildings are better to be shot in the morning sun, because the facades are exposed to the East. And more generally speaking, the night shots and the "blue jour" give awesome opportunities to shoot the buildings!!! That is my 4th stay in Miami Beach and I'm ready to come back!!

Ifelunow TV

I absolutely was thrilled, amazed, surprised but it all felt like hugs in your own neighborhood. The Art of course was breath taking and inspiring. So much loved the free taxi rides. It’s a must see!!! The Art Distric. -Amazon Author Sherrée “JOY” Wilson Producer of You Tube Channel: google ifelunow tv Amazon Book: “My Best Selfie the V Factor” Motivational Life Beauty World & Business Book. Subscribe to our You Tube Channel ifelunow tv

Elizabeth Butler

I am a great fan of art deco and it is rare for me to see this many examples in one area. We stayed in South Beach for a few days and could explore some of the smaller streets each day. It was great fun seeing who could spot an art deco building first. If you are an art deco lover this is the area for you.

Encuba Online

This is one of the places you can not forget if you visit Miami. Of course, if you like good architecture.

jennie frank

South Beach is such a fun place and staying in the Art Deco District is a must for your first time visit. The nightlife is bustling, the air bnbs are decently priced, and make sure to go to Naked Taco on Tuesdays for $5 margaritas and $3 tacos. Bring some spending money because the drinks everywhere are expensive. But try the rum at News Cafe and watch out! You may run into someone at the bar who is fun and friendly!!

Metal Scar

Miami beach is just sooo amazing. It even looks better than on TV. It is so amazing. The ocean is perfect to take a swim. The beach is very clean and there is enough space. Right next to the beach are all kind of shops, bars, restraunts etc. so you got everything you need. There are also public toiletts and they are clean as well.

Elaine G

Ocean drive is one long nighclub each with alfresco dining, some with massive outdoor TV screens (thing movie theater size) and loud music. Definitely geared for the younger generation. However, if you are an ARCHITECTURE ART DECO lover, this is the place for you. The stretch of "old" hotels is stunning with its pristine architecture. But don't limit yourself to Ocean Drive. Many adjacent streets are overflowing with beautiful structures in all shapes and sizes. It is a feast for the eyes! There are daily tours, you can register at the ART DECO MUSEUM (1001 Ocean Drive) and will not be disappointed. At times you will feel you have been catapulted back to the days of the original 'Rat Pack'. There are several parking garages in the area, and you can also take the trolley or bus from other areas to here. Keep in mind that parking is a premium.

Gill Allen

Ocean Drive is well worth a look. Our guide took us down Washington drive. The main part is definitely Ocean drive.

Nadine Whittaker

Interesting to see the difference dramatic off in the world; better than the movies!


Beautiful to walk around. I understand why the hostesses at the restaurants are SO pushy, because there are so many to choose from but I wish we weren't hasalled to eat somewhere every ten feet.

Omar Shaddad

Artsy walls and a whole bunch of venues to eat and club all around in wynwood. You'll have a great time starting here

Christopher Moore

Good food. Good drink. Attractive people in various states of undress. All surrounded by interesting architecture, pink sand, and warm blue water. What more could you want?

Elaina Martin-El

Loved all the colorful building. Reminds you of Miami Vice.


The buildings are really cute and it’s great to see. Since I love Art Deco I enjoy this area but I personally don’t find a ton to do on Ocean Drive. It’s very touristy and you’re not bound to find a lot of locals in the area. Like I previously stated the buildings are nice are they are beautifully colored. If you have never visited Miami before you should check out this historic district but go elsewhere and enjoy the beaches and restaurants.

wzone wzone

It is not something very special there. Please don't make a confusion between Art Deco & Design District.

Nicki Spence

So much stunning architecture, all within an easy walk!

kim jordan

This were we stayed for anniversary nice condo

Mario Tonndorf

Lovely architecture and flair. As good as it gets in Miami.

Bonnie Watt

Great area to walk around and explore. Wish more of the buildings were open to the public, but based on the interior of the famous post office I don’t think you miss much just seeing the outside. I walked around on a Thursday and spent most of my day there. No trip to Miami is complete without a visit.

Eric Cluzel

What a great experience to simply walk by these buildings during the day and have a look at the architecture. You must also come back at night to see how the streets change and check out the neon lights. Beautiful!

anne derbyshire

I went here in the early 1990’s it has been renovated extensively since. Beautiful buildings with not so beautiful crowd visiting them. However it was good to see and to visit the add deco museum.

Tony Li

Lively and expensive. More ladies than men out and about. Perfect for you single gentlemen.

Ted Massad

A really great deal in South Beach. Had problems with noise, the smell of marijuana, stinky smell in room and plumbing, mostly backed up toilet. But as you can see I gave it four stars it is probably like a one-star hotel and normally would never stay in a place like this but it is in the perfect location one to two blocks away from everything that we went to go do three blocks from the beach. The real big deal. This place is location location location and price. The first day we stayed here I said I would never come back to this place. But all we did was sleep and shower here. It was totally worth the money I would consider finding a little bit nicer place in the same neighborhood next time.

Lisa Sjoblom

I mean if youre after life and all this is the place to go.

Laura Miller

Not really all the hype cracks it up to be. Pretty played out. For real.

Tutoring by Mallori

This part of Miami Beach is so beautiful! Highly recommend.


A few blocks of art everywhere. Go to the Wynwood Wall to view these paintings and it's free. Love love this place. It's a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes or take a stroller. There is street parking and a parking garage.

Akhilesh Shah

With south beach on one side and a thriving Art Deco styled restaurants and homes on the other, this is a must visit in Miami. The atmosphere is is amazing especially during happy hours. It has a great vibe. Versace house is an added attraction.

dawn Jackson

What can I say, just loved it

Angelo Aversa

It's mandatory to come here and take a look at the best buildings in all the Florida. Beautiful in daytime, but it becomes amazing in the night.

Giovanni Bonanomi

South beach at its best! Suggestion: go there during sunset/early evening to appreciate the colours and the neon lights.


Nice place to drink and walk. Enjoy this area.

Natalia Mantini

LOVE THIS AREA, the true Miami of the yersterdays still shining

Brittany Wagner

Great place to walk around. Lots of differents shops to get food from, whether you are 21 and up or a child. Bars, cafés, various shops, etc. There are also a few places to rent bikes to ride. However, just know that if you rent bikes the sidewalks are not a good place to ride, so you will be forced to ride in the street. It is a very pretty ride and nice place to be!

Ricardo Oliveira

Good place in south beach. They have really good options of appetizers as well of draft beers! The service is also very good so I definitely recommend this place!

Rafael Gaddini

It's an amazing place, with lots of events going on at the same time. The only problem is that its full with people and cars. Don't even think about trying to drive down the avenue, you will spend hours on traffic.

Kofi Kyei Mensa

Closer to the shores of South beach & has all that u need around. Room was very neat & staff was courteous


Its nice but a lot of restraunts push you for their lunch special "happy hour"

Brandon Williams

Very unique buildings in an amazing location ! This is worth a trip just to see the buildings but on top of that you have south beach close by ! Do explore if you’re in that area


Great place to be, even if you people watch...and there are all kinds of people there.

Mario Ortiz

Great place to unwind, enjoy the beachfront and authentic Cuban food. The tourist vibe might be a turnoff, along with the higher than normal prices, but it's definitely worth your while.

Thomas Sentle

Public library, quiet, clean, can find everything there. Total history of Miami. Amazing!

Thomas Roberts

Beautiful buildings, and if you love nightlife it has all you could want and more.

Brock Whittaker

It’s not nearly as as it used to be several years ago. Don’t expect beautiful fashion models anymore. They are serving the impossible whopper at Burger King there though!

Kristoffer Nesbak

Take the free guided tour! Really awesome tour guide. Lots of interesting stories about the area. Lots of cool buildings to see.

Pamela Dahlin

A National Historic District, visit very early in the morning for the best views of the Deco buildings. It'll be easy to park and breakfast specials (under $6.00) are everywhere. Download a walking map and take a self guided tour.

James A Bauer

It's a very lively atmosphere. Music everywhere, people everywhere, traffic...everywhere. Get here early if you can and I suggest a $10 all day parking garage. They're almost hidden so keep an eye out. The beach is a 5-15 min walk depending on where you are. The sunlight can be extreme so bring cover or skin protection. Great place to relax on the beach or bring the family to a nice restaurant, see a museum nearby or just go for a walk.


This is a great place to wander around. We parked the car on the front for a few dollars and walked up Ocean Drive, stopping in a restaurant for coffee and ice cream on the way around. The people are great to watch and the buildings like well preserved works of art. It's certainly worth spending a couple of hours here.

Melanie Jackson

Awesome place to hang and grab some good food, great beaches to relaxe!

Angel Dust

It's a loud and vibrant place, timing is key if you want to avoid it being too busy and raucous

Tiffany Smith

Lots of cool shops, had fun just walking around and looking at stuff

Ran Rai

It's a very nice area to visit A lot of cool small business

Andrea Stockman

I enjoyed all of the beautiful art.

Chester Dziuba


Antonie Cuerrier

Great for shopping souvenirs, lots of huge stores ! Also the perfect place to grab a quick bite or simply to find a table at a reasonable price (Ocean Drive can be expensive). Fans of museums and galleries will be delighted. Also, there is beautify walks on the many pedestrian bridge over the canals. Parking is not safe


Trendy cool place at night during the weekendsand during art Basel lots of hipsters an artsy people but difficult to park

Emilio DL Roy

A great place to walk, eat and go the beach. People are mostly kind and you'll surely find good food. Parking is usually a nightmare but try spending a little more to pay for the valet parking, definitely worth it and is about 20-30US. Access to the beach is easy and paved, bathrooms are available at any of the entrances as well as showers for rinsing off sand and sea water.


Was there two weeks ago for the annual Art Deco Festival. This place he's one of those that makes me glad I live in South Florida. Went with my wife and my six-year-old grandson. Walked up and down through the booths and had lunch in one of the hotel restaurants on Ocean Drive. Was an enjoyable day.

Aussie Aussie

Nice area to visit. Caters to tourists ... value for money is often debatable.

Sean Broderick

I absolutely loved this area. Every single restaurant I went to was EXCELLENT. Try Havana 1957, Newspaper Cafe and Pizza Rustica. I will never lead you wrong when it comes to great food. Also... go to the PALACE.

Tim Kojevnikov

Art deco central. Ah-maz-ing! So much to see and learn here about art deco architecture

sagar shah

I believe that Miami is over hyped and entirely commercial. The beach is good and so is every single beach in Florida. Miami is much more crowded just because of it's popularity for no good reason. You'll always be dealing with traffic when in Miami. The art district is okay for me since I am not a lot into art but I think it's isn't any extra ordinary stuff that I'd like to spend my time when I am in Florida. Personally, I won't recommend this place if you have limited time.

Stephen Curtis

A cool place to visit but it seems kind of overrun with rough people. It’s not nearly as as it used to be several years ago. Don’t expect beautiful fashion models anymore. They are serving the impossible whopper at Burger King there though!

Tonia Knight

Enjoy the sites off the Cruise Ship for the Day


I love the beach

Stephen Taylor

Oh boy. The best collection of art deco buildings in the world. Will be back.

Judy Rowe

Beautiful art deco buildings!

Jackson Vu

Hard to find parking but beautiful places

Michel Hilani

Definetly worth it to walk around and checking the art deco buildings.

Stefan Winquist

Lovely vibrant place in south beach Miami, a must see and do

Jan C

Architectural types will love the buildings. A number of them are being remodeled to match the era. Be sure to watch where you’re going...easy to bump into sidewalk strollers while you’re looking up at the details.

Runar Pettersen

Very nice district we a lot of cool buildings and history.

Mark Welpman

Wonderful old Miami feel. Great people watching. Great restaurants and hotels.

Disco Ephoria

This is Travel to 80-90s))Coool

Abdel Rassi

Love art deco. The ice cream rolls place was fun.

Elvis Santana

A classic spot with timeless architecture. Extremely popular destination. Get ready for long waits.

Karen Hutchison

Great Deco Party...... enjoyed the exhibits and the entertainment.

S Torres

This was an awesome place to visit and has a lot of history, I enjoyed see the old cuban folks enjoying playing dominoes it's a special place! I enjoyed it a lot

Whitney Penrod

One of the coolest things Ive ever seen in my life is Ocean DR in South Beach. The Art Deco buildings are spectacular. They have kept them up so well that they look absolutley stunning today. 1930s Art Deco is awesome!

Kimberly Edwards

I love the atmosphere in this part of town!! I had a ball, went to the beach, and enjoyed the sand, sun and surf! Lots of different restaurants, bars, and people to watch. Its A wonderful outing for family or just a single romp. Much fun to be had.

Kitty Stonehaven

The building facades were cool to see but all the restaurants calling out "$5.95 Happy hour menu and buy one get one drinks" was a bit ridiculous. Couldn't walk down the sidewalk and have a conversation without being interrupted by wait staff trying to sell us on the same stuff as every other restaurant. As a whole the district was okay and would have been stellar without the barkers.

Reynaldo Serrano

So so hot !I loved it great adult hangout.

Pam Rich

Sadly the Deco district has become too much of a tourist trap. This return visit was a huge disappointment. Sidewalks are narrowed by cafe tables crowding them out and people follow you trying to drag you into the restaurants. Not the upscale SouthBeach I remember.

Metlapalli Venkata Sravanthi

Art deco historic district.. a nice stroll along the road. Peculiar features of building are nice to note. And it's near South Beach..the most happening place in Miami with lots of restaurants. Don't forget to enjoy food here.!

Moshe Ezer

A must go place. Try to go on weekends, in which a colorful market is taking place, adding to the holiday atmosphere. Spent some time study about artdeco architecture before visiting, the buildings will have more meaning.

danish siddiqui

Decent walk and happening area of the city.

Константин Мирза

Nice, if stay in the city have to visit

Peter Frew

With the beach there u can spent a day there just pay for a car park

Mike Muskat

Best part of Maimi Beach. If you love interesting architecture, this is a must see. At night the neon lights are stunning. Lots of great restaurants and bars along the way.

Sheena Laggis

This is like the main drag in South Beach ( Miami Beach). So much history, especially during the drug war. Also, home of Versace, now a restaurant. Muscle beach, such beautiful and colorful architecture.


This is such an amazing location! The ocean drive, has great views, right next to the beach. Plus the people that you are surrounded by are all very friendly and excited about life. I would really recommend coming here, there are a ton of restaurants! I would be careful about ordering the $100 drinks. and you can typically get the people to lower the prices of the food.

Aur Merin

Great atmospheres. We did a tour with the art deco reservation foundation and our tour guide was great! All of our group learned a lot and really looked at the whole city differently.

Cindy Robinson

Had a really good visit enjoy my vacation

Erika Gonzalez-Lima

Interesting view of Miami Beach through its buildings and decorative features.

Josh E.

Definitely worth seeing while in southern Florida! I'll probably go back someday if I get a chance.

Candace Wu

Amazing colors, went to the art deco museum to learn about the history of it too! very cool

ITzYaGurl Nai

I loved this place because it was so inspiring and beautiful pictures of true art

Maria Paula Bessio

Cool place. I went a day super crowded but nice to walk around and have something at a bar or restaurant

Steve Owen

What a great place to visit. Only wish I had more time there. Lots of restaurants, great atmosphere, and coincided with a classic car rally. Awesome!

Shubham Jain

Must come in the evening and stroll around and eat somewhere around the beach

Jaco van Wyk

Due to a petition from the 1970's the Art Deco buildings in this district, mainly Ocean Drive, has protected and we should be grateful. It is as if you're walking down a street in Scarface. The colors, lines and character of each building is unique, but creates a uniformity you won't see anywhere else on earth. With the boardwalk just across the road and the beach on the other side of the dunes, you cannot find a more picturesque spot to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Art Deco Museum is a good spot to get some more info on the area's history.

Ben Alexander

A unique experience and atmosphere. Great for photos.

Jack Ibarra

I am a big fan of Art Deco (and prairie-style architecture, but that's another story). We stopped off in the South Beach district during our Big Bus tour of Miami and spent over an hour just drinking in the architecture. I thought I'd died and gone to Art Deco heaven. While some buildings are still a bit derelict, so many others have been rehabbed that there is so much to see everywhere you turn.

Dan Gray

This is the main office to get the map. Great walk with great architecture.

naturally natie

Didn't notice alot of art, but the Miami vibes were lit lit!

Jaurez Guillermo Naranjo Gonzalez

It's nice to walk and trying the restaurants but some times you have to deal with people that don't care about nobody else than themselves and their behavior it's not good. Smoking weed or tobacco in a public place with kids and theey don't care at all.

Eddie Suarez

Come see history. And buildings. This is where parts of scarface were filmed. You'll see girls in bikinis too. And dudes in tank tops. And the best of sobe douches! Bring your sense of humor.

Justyce Grant

Ehhh...depends on your taste really nice souvenir though.

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