Reviews of William V Roth Jr. Bridge (Tourist Attraction)

Middletown, DE 19709, United States

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You have the reviews of people who have information of the products and services of William V Roth Jr. Bridge (Tourist Attraction) in the state of Delaware.

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This Tourist Attraction corresponds to the category of Bridge.

Where is William V Roth Jr. Bridge?

REVIEWS OF William V Roth Jr. Bridge IN Delaware

mike Appello

Easy rider

Kimberly Kirkley

Kaden Green

This view was great. Its very nice to look at. Lots of fish

Lynn Forsman

Pamela Taylor

William Wright

Wonderful sight

RC Workman

It gets you over the water????

Kevin Bazzani

Nice view

Barry Zias

Good looking bridge.

Robert Bellone

Stavros Katsopulis

Great bridge My grandfather drove over a bridge back in Greece and it collapse, he car plunge into the water. Rip This bridge no do that. Delaware build a very nice bridge, you should be very proud to drive over it.

Salvatore Nuzzo

Kiya blake

Virginia Vaughn

Beautifully designed and easy access.

gracie nicole

I been on this bridge I go on it every day

Jordan Annunziato

Great Veiws, great blend of modern architecture and beautiful beaches

Shawn Adams

It's a bridge.

Markus Ruiz

Shaybraham Centeno

Beautiful bridge

Dennis Carter

Luis Beltran

Beautifully bridge

Mr Chuck

I haven't fallen into the water yet? Engineering success I gather.

Alan Weber

It's a bridge why did I rate it?

Bri Smith

Cherylene Newson

Mike Bela

Amanda Reed

Susie Paine

Great way to get over the water

La Tonya McDowell

I was just traveling and happen upon this bridge with family and friends and was surprised to see how long it was, don't travel it much...but wow

Beth Aguayo

Clarence Mac

Eric Schwartz

This bridge is the best and newest bridge that spans the C&D canal. Time your trip right and you might see a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately there's no fishing off of the sides. Also, no pedestrian or bicycle pathway. So if you're traveling on Route 1 in Southern New Castle county you might find yourself actually using this amazing bridge.

justin whitaker

Amber Ferdinand

Gina Lauterio

Republican bridge It is yellow so it's cool See this bridge today. Haiku by Brian and Gina

Rouel Jones

Mike Golebiowski

Great bridge, great view, great fun. Love the triangles.

Jeremy Blomquist

Definitely made it easier to get across the water.

charles stevens

And bridge that holds cars, is a good bridge in my book. Haha. It's a smooth riding bridge without all pothole patches

dale branch

Very pretty bridge. Has a toll and increase rates on weekends.

Princess Barbie

Unique & cool bridge

Joseph medicis


James Binder

William Timmons

Comedic Meep

9.5/10 too much holding up the road to save lives

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Capt. Gerry Hare

When you play your cards right a night Moon and a passing Ship can add to your photography

Fallen Feathers Hunting Group


Great architecture

Alba A

Justin Hodges

This is simply a bridge and not an attraction. By the way if there is an accident in the area you will go no where!

Sporadic Travels

Relatively new bridge with bright funky yellow color and cool design. Tolls are higher on the weekends and during beach season (FYI).

John Teye Baptist

Christopher Elston

Pretty bridge.

Timigen Khan

Rob McCrea Jr.

Usually smooth sailing but the only have 1 lane open at this time if night going towards I295 north in Jersey

Katie Mesich

This bridge is really pretty and not too much traffic.

RW Kim

Very impressive looking and wide and smooth ride on this bridge. It has nickname of yellow bridge or Route 1 bridge, and another official name is the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge, built on Dec 9, 1995. Paved trails can be accessed for all day long road/mountain biking.

aviation 2003

Love this bridge it does a great job getting you over the water and gets you over in gip

Daniel Martin

George King

Beautiful bridge

edward Fletcher

Sale Boat Bridge

Amanda Lebeau

Beautiful bridge

Art A

It was OK I guess, it's a bridge


Andrew Bagner

Yeah, its a bridge... Would be alot more interesting if it did something other than hold the road up... Pretty boring.

Gerard Ott

Reggie Carter

Julio Leonor

Danielle Rose

Evan Piet

Tim Granata

A nice change of the view on this road. Pretty unique design.

Ivette GONZ

Henry Nalence

Very cool design.

James Williamson III

Just a bridge filled with drivers who can't drive

Salahudin Bin-Yusif

Ali Francis

Certainly not the right bridge to support during an election year--but gorgeous spokes cast eerie shadows across the cars as they whip across during sunset. Could have been a tad longer, but all in all a great bridge. Short and sweet.

James James

it looks exactly like the sunshine skyway bridge

Jules 6022

Beautiful bridge!

Kevin Thomas

Thank God it is 3 lanes wide, unlike Route 1. They have shifted the lanes when Route 301 was connected, now it's time to put the lanes back instead of riding on patches

Chris Kendall

no room for error, uncle had a blowout tire and had to drive the entire bridge until the local exit ramp, not that 13 is in any way shape or form better. that bridge is literally falling apart. Some of the pylons dont even hold the bridge up anymore, catwalk is gone in places

Sonia Ivette Jimenez

Josh Kirk

It's a bridge, how do I rate a bridge?

Candice W Millones

they should put solar low dimm lights under the bridge like the ones in philly on kelly drive

Oscar Alexander

Kathleen McNally

Gerald S

Beverly Winter

It's a very pretty bridge, with nice wide lanes. You feel very safe.


it's a rip off of the sunshine skyway

Frederick Zirin

No guard rails on sides. Could be dangerous. SCARY! Almost like the GW bridge in NY. My opinion !!!

Michael Miller

An excellent bridge based on an excellent design. A little piece of Tampa (and Richmond) right here in Delaware!

Pete Gordon

Nice bridge named for a great Man and defender of the people of Delaware and the United States of America

chilly d

Looks cool

David Dimov Official

Juan Leon-Ruiz

Carol Walther

Walk Michael Castle Trail and you are under the bridge BEAUTIFUL

Daniel Fetterolf

The 2nd most beautiful bridge in Delaware! Only behind the Indian River Bridge!

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