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1000 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

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Where is Rodney Square?

REVIEWS OF Rodney Square IN Delaware

Louis Frank

Great music as always, cannot beat the best free concert in the USA

Alex Afedzi

The square host in summer jazz event and is in the heart of Wilmington De business offices.

Shannon Bruno

It was the Clifford Brown jazz fest. I bought a beautiful set of earnings. Lots to peruse, lots to eat, and great music!!

Sharlene Love-Waters

Had a Great time at the annual Earth day celebration. Gathering information for how I can help with keeping the Earth Green. Best of all it's free! Come and join us next year!

arnold brown

I love to see my people together like that God

Debbie DeSantis

Lots of construction but def improving their appearance! The live music is a wonderful addition.

Debra Martin

Under major rehab in late 2019. More accessibility and a spray fountain expected next year!

Jerone Holmes

Well policed area

Brenda Thongvong

Jazz festival is this weekend. Cone on out everyone.

Theenda Tate

Jazz festival was great in this location

Tyra Person

It was nice what the city of Wilmington did for the kids. Good food and good vibes!

Luzy Ferrara

Where buses goes through to almost all the direction.

Kelice Woody

It was very nice

Lashayla Burton

This is where I grew up and always played since I was younger me coming back to visit it's still as beautiful as I remeber

Glenn Lang

Great time at Clifford brown jazz fest

Kerry Smith

Nice place to visit you can take public transportation to almost every where

Michael Reynolds II

Its a very clean, fun meeting place for family and friends before a day/night on the town.

aron evans

Nice little park with Deldot bus hub as added bonus.

Sean Rodriguez

Its a great spot to chill

John Antinucci

Pizza was delicious, fast, great prices, and a good staff. Loved it.

L Hill

Historic Park. Inner city transit hub ! Several buses can be caught here, to get you to most any place in Wilmington, as well as places from Claymont to Dover !

Brendon Urbano

Gives me that feeling of being in a larger city without actually being in a larger city

Virginia Vaughn

Meeting downtown. Beautiful area.

Jose Gill

Something more needs to be done, It looks tired.

Nicoe Poteat

Very relaxing place to set eat and enjoy the outside.

Matthew Holman

Nice greenspace but bring back the historical fountains!

Shawnae Phifer

I went to the city's Jazz Festival at Rodney Square it was very delightful.

Mark Thompson

Great food truck Wednesday

William Austin III

This is a popular place in downtown Wilmington. Many of the buses come here, and it is across the street from the Wilmington Library. There are plenty of places to eat, and there are other business nearby (banks, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc).

Melissa Rivera

Traffic and the construction was horrible.

Jason Zacher

Great burger and fries. The service was also very good.

Ms. Aretha C. Carn

Nice, I get to shop at my favorite stores. Then grab the public transportation bus and headed home. Right from Rodney Square.

Bishop G E Gordon Sr.

Center City gathering location. Farmer's Market, social gathering also

Antonio Jones

A landmark and a chill spot..

spitz dagospel

We had a blast at the jazz festival Rodney square is good for food truck rallies and other things that they have every once in awhile

July Green Hadley

Attended Clifford Brown Jazz fest which was a great time on Wednesday & Thursday.

Missy D

It was breath taking!

Sharon Kinney

Rodney Square is the iconic place in Wilmington. Week days sometimes has a selection of food trucks to choose from. They have a really nice tree lighting and caroling on the square.

Heather Manning

It's a great meeting place and you can board most buses from there

Joseph Blake

Great place for a concert like the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. Good vibes and not that big-city overwhelming crowd feel that causes claustrophobia.


The heart of the city of wilmington...sit in the park and enjoy the sounds of the busy city and view of high buldings that surrounds it

Katie Scatasti

Great place to go people watching, catch the parade for St Patty's day or the day aftler Thanksgiving Christmas parade and a place to catch the horrible dart bus service.

destiny martinez

It was nice in location to the hotel I was in. I wish it had more things going on.

Lombard Bachh

Happy about the changes and updates made throughout the years

Yaozhong Zhang

I passed by this place when visiting the library. It's a nice square in the city to relax.

Keith E Campbell

Clifford Brown Jazz Festival always great

Elliott McNeil

Cool place

Sky Milton

I can't stand Rodney Square. In one of the most public hubs in Wilmington, its uncomfortable to wait there for any period of time with how many drug addicts and homeless people flock to it. Many drug dealers waiting across the library so they can set up drug deals.

Fredrick Sebe Akanga

Rodney Square might not be the square it is being claimed to be. But it is historical. There is nice grass and trees. There is a Public Library standing there since 1922, and the Wilmington Trust among others. Buses pick and drop passengers right by the Square. There is a road named King Av running by it, and 10th Street and 11th Street on opposite sides of the Square. There is word that some people may ask you for money to board the bus. In summer expect a food display complimented by ice cream trucks. In general the area is kept clean. The people using buses have a waiting shade that is not an all weather area. But you can sit on the provided benches. Remember the keyword here is Rodney Square is historic.

James Ross

I ride bus. so a place waiting for the bus.

Bignottsbroker1 Clown Killer

I enjoyed myself. Participated at the Clifford Brown Jazz festival. Had a great relief. No trouble.

yoru raven

A nice place to wait for the bus most of the time

Wes Debardelaben

Nice place ro sir and eat.

Andre Ortiz

Things SURE Have changed there since 2012. Sum for the good, Sum for the Worst. But if Nothing Changes,

Sylvester Bowens jr

Rodney... Would have loved this!

William J. Kenner

A victim of gentrification. Better for tourists, a little weak, now, for locals. Once a hub to acquire a bus to anywhere in Delaware, just about, but now older ladies and the like have to download maps to get around! This is from an exaggerated sense of fear because of an incongruous crime statistic that has nothing to do with the area. Spectacular events there like the jazz festival, farmers markets, and free Brian McKnight concerts pull it back up to 3 stars.

Jennifer Roedersheimer Miller

Historic landmark in downtown Wilmington,near the Hotel DuPont,the Playhouse,the Wilmington Library and the old courthouse.

Joe McDowell

I try to avoid this place mainly cause of the people always asking for money, cigarettes, do you wanna buy my bus pass, not to mention the drug activity. It's not all bad they have alot of different events going on throughout the months.

Miko Vo

My favorite part of todays expierence was afte 9 pm when the scumbag driving the 8 bus slammed the door in my face and peeled out from the bus stop I sat at for 20 minutes.Go to hell Dart bus guy the stopped at 9th st at 915 pm.


Pretty cool historic spot. Nice restaurants and art places to visit

Carol Richardson

Always have a good time at the Jazz Festival this year was kind of hard to hear the music in the back I mean all way back by the library you could barely hear the music but still had a good time thank you.

Amy Sicca

The streets were lit up by the luminous twinkle lights (trees wrapped w/ clear colored lights) that lit your path as we strolled down the sidewalk across from the food center by the park, don't know the name of the

Regena Upsher

I attended the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival and I must say it was an enjoyable evening. The crowd was great as there were no major incidents since folks had beach chairs and small tables set up for their food and drinks. Thos was my first time ever being at Rodney as I've driven past it several times, but now I can see why this is a popular spot. I would definitely go back for an event.

Justin Enright

This used to be the hub for most of the bus traffick in Wilmington. They said they changed that to keep undesirables from hanging out there all the time. The undesirables stayed, and now catching a bus is like solving a puzzle. Spring …

Margo Thompson

Rodney Square is a Hub to connect to Delawars1st Dart Buses. The beautiful Park is a part of Wilmingtons Iconic History. Well groomed and, has easy access to surrounding Financial Institutions, Hotels, Shopping, and Eatery's. Both night …

Leanna B

Great to bring your dog here, nice grass. Some city people might try asking you for money to catch the bus since the bus stop is write on the square. Sometimes events happen here, it’s great to have the farmers market every Wednesday! Lots of food trucks and vendors come.

Jada James

Ummmm....... There is a lot of crack heads there other than that it's good

Colette Jacinthia

The food looked amazing at every single stand! I had the big fish platter and it was tops! I can't remember the name of the stand but it was a young fella and his dad. I will be returning today! I wish they were oh here all the time not just during the Jazz Festival LOL

bruce t

Great place

M Johnson

It has changed so much here but looks nice here

Jim Blount

Nice park. Food trucked. Good places to eat.

Uraina Annese

Nice place to sit and relax

Lena Conquest

Very calm and peaceful!!

Kelly Grimes

Getting ready for the jazz festival I love it,great music and food

Karen Boyd

Bus area is policed and safe and also clean

Marcy Robinson

My 1st time attending the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival (a free event) in Wilmington, DE. Weather was great also. A very nice adult affair. Would like to see more food vendors and other vendors also. You definitely want to bring your own lawn chair and cooler. So worth attending.

stephen smith

Nice venue for a concert. Lots of great food trucks. Bring your own sports chairs for an event. On normal workdays there are usually enough places to sit and enjoy people watching.


Can't wait to see the new look!

It's Meion

Nothing there anymore, just the bums.

Dustin Mecke

They are in the middle of some sort of renovation I'm sure that it will be nice when it's done.

Jordan Jordan

The square has all kinds of great music and. Festivals check it out

Katarina Mahoney

.It was fine, I was only there a few minutes until my bus came. There is a police officer sitting there now and I think that is a very good idea. It is a lot better than when I used to drop my son off there in 1982.

Jennifer Hill

Rodney Square is for every history lover. From the iconic Caesar Rodney monument to the amazing history of the city of Wilmington. Today it's the destination for protests and demonstrations in the new civil rights movement. Summer brings a farmers market and food trucks on Wednesdays and the Clifford Brown jazz fest!

Linda McKenzie

There is nothing going on in Rodney Square these days. It's under renovation along with many of the streets of Downtiwn Wilmington.


Pretty green space in the heart of the city, sort of in a similarish feel to Bryant Park in New York (obviously not the same but the general idea of green space and cement surrounded by tall buildings and pretty old buildings) needs some work (fountain doesn’t work, some cracks in cement, etc) but they’re about to do a huge renovation so it’ll be absolutely gorgeous in a year or two. Also has a very pretty statue of Caesar Rodney in front of the Hotel DuPont.

Garland Neal

It use to be my favorite. But now it's not. Bring back the bus stops.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

I like it on Wednesdays, other than that there nothing there..

Joel James Cannon

Always something cool happening on Wednesday afternoon with music and a Farmers Market with lots of Great Hot Food available. My favorite spot to sit and relax in Wilmington and is very clean for an open air meeting space/center of & heart of the city.

Robert Shorts

Free nice area to walk and learn a bit of local history

Lawrence Rubin

I must have come on a bad day because Caesar Rodney was too drunk to ride into Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence. I also note that Rodney Square is not actually square but more rectangular. I looked for the manager to complain about this deliberate deception the people treated me like I was insane.

jayden King

I've been in Dware for years n the bus location was so convenient now its a mess ur willing to spend 7-8mil on renovations but want make affordable housing instead u bring more condos n lofts ur homeless cant afford where r the priorities? I/we pay taxes to !!!!!

Jose Wagner

The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival every June. The largest free jazz festival on the east coast.

Deidre Hebert

Having a great time at the Clifford Brown Jazz Fest. Beautiful weather and good fish from Farmers Famous Fish Truck.

Jeanette Mattke

I love Downtown Wilmington. This was a perfect place to walk my little dog and talk to the friendly locals

Greg Records

On Wednesday during summer and late spring there's food trucks.

Mai Roberts

Great place for Clifford Brown Jazz Festival in the month of June! Safe the police patrol the area and walk through keeping us patrons safe! The best event of the year. I await patiently for it!

Phillip Waters

Cause it's rodney and there's funny people there

Steezy Mobreezy

Nice real nice historic spot

Sniper Pigeon

Has been receiving some really nice updates over the past year or so.

Abundant Living

Interesting....great for people watching.

Pierre Johnson

They took away the benches. Only want certain people to be in the park. I thought it was a public park. All who pay taxes should be able to enjoy it.


Lots of nearby parking. Went for the farmers market on a Wednesday. Lots of food trucks.

Maryann Shea

Every Wednesday Rodney Square turns into food truck alley. There are about 15 trucks along with produce vendors , fresh flowers. Great bbq ,jewlery sales and baked goods. They are serving hungry people from 10 til 2. Check it out. Oh almost forgot the notorius fresh strawberry lemonade from the wildwich food truck.

Michael Crick

Its not the same as it was when i was a child growing up in and around wilmington

Alena Mcfarlin

There is alot of construction going on.

Davis Mincey

I was at the library which is very nicely updated. They offer a lot of services at the library DCSS, DHSS, CHRISTIANA CARE, TAX ASSISTANCE, ETC!

Sharon Tribbett

Nice place to sit and relax

Suzuki saucy gacha

Is a great historical place


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