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Where is Killens Pond Water Park?

REVIEWS OF Killens Pond Water Park IN Delaware

Tessa Lee

We all had a great time. Ages 15, 8, 6 and 2-1/2. Kiddie area was perfect.

M. Diane Williams

Didn't get to go. We rented a pavilion but didnt know we had to get to the park really early to get into the water park.

Szilagyi Timothy

Great place to cool off and have fun, weekends are BUSY. Did I mention Dog Days labor day? That's right, dog allowed!! A must for any dog owner. Seeming the joy on your dogs face diving in the pool and socializing is priceless! Cannot wait till This year.

Sasi Kala

Great place for kids

James DeGeorge

Good for family fun however they're overly strict and their staff is very rude

Dale Palmatory

Wasn't packed and ride lines weren't long. Wish price for parking wasnt different for people out of state!!! There is nothing right about that!!!

Jeff Coppock

I love this place. I have been coming here since I was 18 and have stayed at the same spot over and over. They are open all year. For those like me who still camp in the winter. Very nice place clean and fun.

Jason Lopez

Its a great little gem in a larger gem mid-state. This is not a theme park water park but much more than your neighborhood pool. It has a couple of slides to keep the kids entertain and a small concession stand.

Gwen Pritchett

I couldn't get my wedding ring off my finger and they wouldn't let me go down the slide, really? Stupid rules made by stupid people.

Jaydon Hamilton

THE slides are the cool thing about this place. THE FOOD IS OVER PRICED.FOR EXAMPLE A PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY IS 6 $$$

Joanne Beauregard

Reasonable priced so much cheaper than other water parks. They have umbrellas and lounges to lay in under tarp- it was hot that day water was nice. What's nice too you can bring in your own cooler. It turned out to be a great day !

Jessica Garthwaite

We had a fantastic time!!! It wasn't extremely crowded and its way cheaper then all the other water parks around here.

janki patel

Very nice water park for all ages My toddler and a preschool had so much fun. Life guard s very alert at all times. Nicely maintained.

Lanisha Johnson

Wonderful place for big family gatherings, pinics, BBQ's or just a quick get away

Carmen Martinez

Dirty bathrooms and no doors in changing rooms

Carla Kelley

Very overcrowded

jessica moore

Great place for the kids

Judy Pfeiffer

Fun place for kids and adults! The place to be on a hot summer day!

Gary Sharp

Adults are 8 dollars I believe children under 5 are free. A few water slides and pools for toddlers

Connie Wilhelm

Awesome water park for the family and cheap to. Great place to go camping as well

Emily Yeatman

We were so pleased with out time today. The staff went above and beyond to accommodate my children. They took care of even the smallest 'boo boos'. Very attentive lifeguards. I will absolutely be taking my family there again!

James Roache

This is the best family unit that we've ever had Clean safe easy to get to and very family-friendly

William Slattery

Kids had a lot of fun there but because it was a weekend it was very overcrowded. The lifeguards are very attentive there and the staff all seemed to be doing a good job. The water could have been cleaner but overall we had a good time.

Domminique Elliott

It was okay. Cheap place for the kids to go. Just couldnt get over the dingy water. I mean if u look at the slide pools vs the wade pool, ones bright blue and the other is super cloudy. Kids didnt care. Ignorance was bliss but eww.

James Jones

Great place to camp and unwind get in some mountain biking hiking and fishing good accommodations water electric sites tents are great hear also

Aimee Bechard

Very busy but lots to do!

jessica t

Great fun for the whole family. We grown ups love the thrill drop slides, and kids love the pools and smaller slides. The lifeguards do a great job. We just love it. Plenty of seating both in the sun and shade.

Elise Pinkowski

Not worth the money. The water was hot. Not refreshing at all.

Chelsea Sorrels

So 100% recommend the green and yellow water slides. The water was so powerful coming down that I got a full douching. Very effective. 100% recommend. However, the staff all seemed like they wanted to kill themselves, and they require that all jewelry be removed before going down the slide, which sucked for my friend because she just got a nose piercing yesterday. But like besides that it’s not awful. I’d say you get what you pay for. Plus a free douching.

Jt Lowe

Awesome state park.

VH Family

Price n its kid friendly.

Howard Smith

Outstanding Results, Great Safe Place.

JoAnna Pullella

Great place to take the kids on a hot day. Just make sure to pack a lunch to eat at the pavilions outside the park and bring a lock for the lockers if you want to secure your belongings.

Melissa Sawyer

Great inexpensive fun

Global ACN

It was ok. The water was cloudy. The pool chemicals was not up to par.

Crazart 10

The yellow one make you oomp!!!


Small but very good water park ......

Curtis Thornton

Great place for family fun

Amber Sine

Overall, we had a lot of fun here. Very nice pool area and the slides are very fun. Unfortunately, it can get a little pricey. They charge you admission to the area, then again to the water park. The food, while really good, was a bit overpriced. I get that everything has its cost though, so I'm not upset about it. I really enjoyed it here and am looking forward to coming back very soon.

s t a r

the water was very dirty, and so were the bathrooms. Please clean it more ofTen. I saw hair and nails floating all around the water

Miguel W. Feliciano

Very good staff and friendly

Brian Church

Great water park

Alexandra Kianna

Not too crowded. Not too pricey. My son had a ball!

Brandon Cooper


Lavern Campbell

Just looking on line now, it seems to be acceptable for a day trip down with the kids. I will definitely consider going this summer. Myself plus 8, hope there's a picnic table available when we get there.

Bara Pinto

I completely love this place. Over the years we've visited quite a few family places, nothing beats killens. It has everything we want in one area. Prices are fair. Clean. Updates when needed attention. I recommend it to everyone.

Brad Burkhardt

My first time to this water park, we got there about 15 minutes before the park opened to make sure we got good seats by the pool. The day we were there the pool was closing early for a private event, this info was posted on their website so there was no surprises. Even with a short day the pool got pretty crowded and there was about a 10 minute wait to go down one of the large watersides. None of this was that big a deal, my only real complain is the fact the pool water was so warm it was like taking a hot bath, not very refreshing. I'd say this is a good alternative to one of the larger water parks if you live close by and want to save some money ($8 to drive into the park, $8 per person over 4' tall).

Chad Dolt

Reasonable price, clean facility, good staff. Granted, we have only been twice, but both visits we witnessed life guards promptly responding to troubled swimmers. These young men and women were on the ball. We had a lot of fun and will definitely come again.

Rebecca Haug

Its not bad swimming wise if you catch it on a slow day. But its kind of expensive now. I'm not a fan of water slides though. If you like dare deviling it would be absolutely worth it!

K&K AllTheWay

The women's bathroom were absolutely disgusting. There was toilet paper, no paper towel, or hand soap. The young girls at the admission both was very rude. We didn't understand why we had to pay $8 to get into the park? That's not included going swimming.. Like y'all charge us just to be in the park. That's ridiculous. After a 2 1/2 drive to Delaware, we were disappointed. Probably will never come back!

jazzy jeff

My kids really enjoy going and I love how attentive all the lifeguards are. In the small kiddie areas they have 2 lifeguards in each area and they are fast to blow that whistle when a child is running or engaging in potentially dangerous activities. And the price can't be beat! I wish the changing area had private stalls and was cleaner. That would be my only complaint/suggestion.

D Taylor

We didn't stay long bc my teen kids were bored; they are teenagers and they would rather be elsewhere. However the pool itself was great. The lifeguards are very vigilant. Saw one today jump in so quickly to help a little boy and another lifeguard actively and politely making sure kids maintained safe boundaries away from floating lilly pad rope thing. Its nice to see these young people doing their jobs well.

Niki Perez

To many people in a little space

Paul Nilson

Alot of fun

Flowerbaby Ok

Loved it but it doesn't have a lazy river.

Jen Birch

first time for the kids. they had a blast. got there in the morning so wasnt to busy till noonish. could been a little cleaner but it was nice.

Jennifer Petusky

Beautiful well kept park.

Corey Cole

Awesome slides.. scary

Felicia Mother Fuckin Griffith

Life guards are on point. My kids always have a blast.

Tina Focht

Assistant manager very nice, manager, not so much. Very rude, turned from me laughing with another worker. Should make all policies clear on website. Flies were horrible. If you have mobility issues, forget it. Chairs are far and low. Turned music so loud conversation with person two feet away impossible.

Debbie Stone

Great first experience with grandkids (ages 2 & 6)! Children enjoyed too much weren't ready to leave after 3 1/2 hrs, bribed them with Chickfila

Margaret Graves

I like the improvements and love the water slides.

Psycha Bladeworks

I got hurt so much on the water slides and the deep ends should be DEEPER. The other slides were painful because of the ridges between the tubes.

Sharon Parker

Great Family fun !

Trueblue 2053

I had taken my children here labor day weekend and they had a fantastic time in the kiddie pool... and the lifeguards were great and aware all the time of whats going on.... i only gave 5 stars because i didnt like the attitude of the cashier when we were leaving all we said was bye have a great day. She gave us a weird look then she look at the other cadhiers with a smirk on her face

Kylie Anderson

I recently went here and I would not recommend. The lifeguards were great but the management treated the lifeguards horrible. When I was exiting the park we were using the bathroom and one of the managers yelled at us to get out and as we were leaving she promptly rolled her eyes. We were met with rudeness and poor management. They were very disorganized and nobody knew what they were doing. She was petite, mixed and had long hair. I hope she gets talked to or fired because the way she treats people was horrible even to the lifeguards. Other then that the prices are pretty good and the pool was great my kids loved the water slide.

Dawn Fletcher

Very nice!!

James Berkeridge

Great waterpark for the whole family

Michael August

It was amazing the most fun I had in three years

Jeanna Payne

Great place to take the kids and cool off

Shawn Allen

They have a really nice camp ground. Pool has some good water slides and a cool place to go kayaking.

Denise Messer

Expensive and crowded


Best value. Perfect for young kids, very reasonable price.

renee white

Fun place for small kids at a decent price.

Nasir Fareed

great water park for family and kids

Tyrell Dennis

A good place to cool off.

Shana Wheatley

$8 admission, great slides

Wilma Thomas

Wow and another wow kids had a great time will be back.

Angela Todd

Love this place

Natalie Jewell

Great water park for everyone in the family!

Allison Neidig

Awesome spot in the middle of Delaware! 5 different water slides, and a great kid area for the younger ones! Highly recommend!

Jacob Sammer

Definitely not worth it. Management and staff are rude. Life guards blow their whistles constantly. Thunder struck and not only do they make you leave the pool but the park. We were waiting outside to get back in and my 4 yo son needed to use the restroom. I asked a girl closest to us if he could go back in. She instructed us to walk halfway across the park to use the bathroom. I asked her if she could see that he's 4. She gave me a look, turned around and told another girl who worked there that "he can f--k off!" It was cheap, but not worth the drive or rude experience.

Natalie Tickner

Good value. But they are very particular about what swimmers are allowed to wear.

Allie Decleene

Good friendly place to cool off. Cheap enterance fee. My daughter is two and loved it. The only down fall is the little ones cant ride the slides. Even with you. My daughter was sad about that.

Kim Dewees

I could give this no stars It was absolutely disgusting and overcrowded someone pooped in the pool they shut it down the food was expensive and disgusting as well i will never go there and never recommend anyone to go there!!!!

jairo paulino

Good place to take the kids, very family friendly.

Ashleigh Longacre

Went last week with my mom & Kids. EVERYONE had a blast!!

Shawn Fullmore

Low key chill environment

Monique Jerman

Very clean, well managed

Ryan Sauer

Awesone little campground water park. The new slides are way better then the old.

Sadie T

Nice small family park. The tot slides are super cute and perfect for adventurous toddlers.

victoria evins

there’s always too many people and no where to sit if you come with friends or family, because they let buses full of little kids from camps come at the same time as the rest of the public . they need to have a capacity limit and more lines to enter because waiting in the humid summer heat with little children is not a good combination .


Nice family time

Barbara Eng

Kids love it here, don't allow you to bring in your own food, but you can leave it in the car and eat outside the park then go back in. They do sell food and drinks inside. Perfect toddler area and little kid water play area so they don't get run over by big kids. Nice larger area and big slides for adults too.

erica presley

Small clean park. Family friendly and lots of fun. Get there early on hot days to ensure you get in the park.

Lisa Wagner

What a beautiful family waterpark. The staff was so sweet and helpful. We had so much fun and are planning another trip for next year

Wendy Hiller

This place is the bomb! So fun and reasonabley priced! Its about 1 1/2 hours from Annapolis...very family orientated. Fun for all ages!

Chris Walls

Over priced Sekections were horrible

Nicole Maguigan

My kids love this place. We always have a great time.

Chris Campbell

Great place for the family and inexpensive too! They have showers, lockers, lounge chairs and a snack bar!

Caitie Pavelik

We went on the weekend so it was $10 for each of us. The pools are nice but the showers only have cold water. The food was overpriced & bland.

Paris Jackson

It's so much fun there but the only promblem is that there stuff is high like I bought chicken fingers and fries that was ten dollars and they told me that parking for 15-20 ppl was 8 dollars to park but when we got there it was 34 dollars for us to park

Carol Ramirez

Love the water park, maybe extend the playground for more for kids. We enjoy coming to killens pond all summer long.

Elizabeth Reilly

Was very disappointed and lied to at the front desk. There was no place to sit also staff was not helpful. I would not recommend the waterpark.

Cute Gamer

My girls had a blast perfect for toddlers and older kids

Michelle Nuss

It was VERY crowded but then the temp was very hot. There was basically scavenge just wade. The grandkids enjoyed the slides.

Kenae Boyer

Its so fun you can get on water rides and everything its awsome

Yvett Short

I had fun haven't been there in years since I was a child problem maybe 15 16 17 years old

Samantha Archibald

Somewhat inexpensive. Great for littler kids. Older kids can enjoy the water slides. Average crowd. Not too congested but still a decent amount of people. Lifeguards present. Small foodcourt. Slightly higher prices for food. Overall good for an easy, family day as long as u have a few $$s.

Corrina Youngs

Love this little gem of a water park. I love the separated toddler water area

beatriz snare

Great place

Veronica Smith

It was my first time here but my friends told me about this place it's a very nice place to bring your kids through out the summer we enjoy ourselves here today 8-17-19.

Tina Belcher

They are clean and life guards are very attentive.

Mike Coop

The park and pool are

Paul Murphy

Extremely crowded.

Katina North

Would like to be able to bring in a cooler

Denise M.

Great place to take the family!

Walter Price

Great waterpark with some exhilarating slides. The food was good for a state park. The staff was very friendly. I had a great time with my granddaughter. Get there at opening to reserve the best seating.

Charmaine Lindsay

Killens Pond is great. The area is clean. The kids love it we go at least once a week in the summer. The price to get in is reasonable.

Tiffanie Leppo

Great little water park! Gets very crowded though.

barb Johnston

We enjoy ourselves there. Grandchildren had a blast on the water slides.

David Pinder

Awesome place for the family to have fun this summer. Big Water slides! Very large pool. 2 smaller pools for the toddlers. Only cost 10 bucks for adults and 8 bucks for kids

Jane Pippin

Fun and enjoyable for all ages

Richard Kearney

My students love coming here. Staff is not all that friendly.

Chastity Mascarenas

If you have a wedding ring that won't come off, they will not let you on the slides. You get stuck only being able to swim and I can do that for free in my pool. A good place to take kids that like slides, but they kept getting mad about splashing and you can't jump or anything. It is okay for the price, but nothing special. Not worth the 2 hr drive I made.

Lisa Mills

We enjoyed our day. But the pool price could be cheaper.

Chazz Bender

Great small scale place. Perfect for the young ones.

Michael Rasmussen

Nice water park with some fun slides and a good amount of space for kids to play. Tends to be a lot of families with young kids and there is a separate kiddie pool area with smaller slides and water features for pre-swimmers to enjoy. The big pool is good size and there are 5 water slides that range from small and slow to a nice fun drop. You best plan is to get there early if you are going on the weekend because it will fill up and at a certain point they stop letting folks in until other people leave. You can bring your own food and leave it in your car to picnic at the tables outside the park no need to wait in line to get back in with your wristband), or buy food at the concession stand and eat near the pool. Overall a great offering from the state.

Barbara Ramsay

Loved going swiming there


Very nice grounds and staff. Nice weather today.......water park packed!

Nicole Lewis

Best place for a budget

Desiree Conrad

Good family fun

Lucero Perez

It’s a nice place but The water it’s warm it’s not cold enough to cool you down

Andrea Villella

A wonderful kiddy pool section. Actually .the review is on the Taco bell review

Lacey Hughes

Went here when I was Little I love this place (◕દ◕)

Çråñïμm ໓rip

I had literally heard of this place all my life and last Sunday I went and had the time of my life! Highly recommend it!

Sue Oliver

Very nice. Very friendly staff. Lots of family activities. Very nice water park. Kids loved it.

Philip Amaismeier

Four very different water slides. Green and yellow slides are so steep and fast that they make you feel like you are on a roller coaster. Blue is nice for beginners and orange seems to be the most popular. Great kids area and places to swim or just watch too! Loved it!

Laura Clendaniel

It's a good spot for babies, and to watch all of your children. Staff is meh.

Joe Martucci

A rip-off. Paid $4.00 park admission then another $10 to enter the water park. Wasn’t in the water 5 minutes when a lifeguard blew the whistle and told me I had to leave the water because my tee shirt wasn’t an “actual” swim shirt. Huh? Are you kidding me? It was a plain tee shirt—no decoration. So, I spent a total of about 20 minutes there, packed up and left. Here’s the best part: I stopped at the water park entrance gate to complain and the young woman pointed to a sign about this. With attitude. She then suggested I leave the park, drive to Wal Mart and buy the right shirt, and then come back. Rude, rude, rude.

L Lester

We all enjoyed ourselves, however it was a little disappointing that many of the features in the toddler area were not working.

Elizabeth Hoy

For the price and size. This place is great

Sharon Bark

Water park itself is very nice but management is NASTY. We stood in line in 92 degree weather to get into the park on July 10, 2019. When we got up to the cashier and ordered our 5 tickets we were told that all 5 had to be there and we couldn't buy the 5th ticket (my son-in-law was on his way). The cashier was nasty to my daughter and so I tried explaining to both the cashier and management a little story in hopes the human side of them would prevail......that on July 10, 2018, one year ago, my daughter almost died giving birth to her baby girl and today, July 10, 2019 was not only a celebration of my grand daughter turning one but a celebration of this family of 3 celebrating that they are all together and life is ok. They choose this place to have that celebration, along with about 10 other people. The Manager would not let us buy him a ticket and was very nasty about it. WHY? They were getting the money . We would have to wait for him and then go stand in line yet again and hope that tickets would still be available. On this day - the water park was at capacity and they stopped selling tickets. Luckily, we were able to get tickets and get in and it was a nice day but if started off bad and it didn't need to. Staff and Management need to be a little nicer and accommodating to their guests.

Jennifer Walters

Kids had awesome time on water slides

Anastasiia Panchoshna

Bathrooms and pool was dirty. The water was warm not refreshing at all. This park is cheap but very disgusting!

nun ya

Natural resource police were very kind and helpful.

Rhonda Ervin

Great place bring kids. They have lots of fun things to do like paddle boarding, water park. Had very much fun.

Allen Arkoff

Nice and layed back not pricey at all

CJ Gray

My kids and I love this park. There are great slides, the kids love the lily pad walk, toddler pool with mini slides... It's great. The entry fee is minimal, as of today, $10 for parents, $8 for kids. I do wish the bathrooms/showers were a little cleaner, or they had some dry stalls just for changing. The lifeguards pay attention, and they are great as well. Excellent, cost efficient way to beat the heat and have a blast with your family! I will have to add pics later.

Laci Bain

Great day trip for the kids. Arrive early, as they reach capacity soon after they open. Also, if you want chairs, especially with shade, make sure you are there when they open!

caroline thompson

The waterpark was fine . I wouldn't take a dog in those bathroom ..DISGUSTING MOLD ON SINK BEES FLIES COULD DEFINITELY BE BETTER

Katland Stoltzfus

Kids had fun but other kids were bullying my son and they wouldnt let me son have his arm floaties on sinve they were plastic alao had my 4 month old son in a baby float(small) life guard tild me it was fine till management camw out and got an attitude with me.

Sophie Kali

Terrible. Water was disgusting. My daughter threw up (because of the food I think) and lifeguard got mad at me.

Mynell Singleton


uma sitaraman

Good place at a reasonable price . Kids can really have a lot of fun

karen fuller

Wonderful ' enjoyable & refreshing clean water ' great life guards on guard...

Bittany Markland

The line's aren't long it's very clean the lifeguards are on point Iv seen parents not pay attention while taking photos an the lifeguards jump in to save their kids multiple times

Danielle Bowers

Lots of fun


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