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454 Fort Mott Rd, Pennsville, NJ 08070, United States

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Where is Fort Mott State Park?

REVIEWS OF Fort Mott State Park IN Delaware

Adventure Krewe

Great park that is free. They have rest rooms you can bring a well behaved dog on a leash. Lots of history to learn about and rangers at the visitor center are very helpful. Krewe tip: there are 2 nps cancellation stamps at the visitor center. Stop by this park and give this review a thumbs up. Look for more travel reviews by following our hashtag #AdventureKrewe

john Rullo

Very historical and a national vet cemetery

Charles Smith

Great views year round and the ferry that takes you out to the island in warmer weather. Great for little kids that like to run

Timothy Callahan

Enjoyed my visit. Great part of our states history. The walking tour signage definitely needs to be updated as some of the information is difficult to read due to age.

Karen Kilpatrick

Found it by accident, what a delight! I need to go spend more time there, to take more pictures. Need to bring binoculars too! A lot to see, here, and across the Delaware river.

ChaMere Davis

Really nice and well kept

Augustin Liviu

Awesome place to relax and enjoy the Delaware river view.

linda grider

Kind of boring for me

Philip Etienne

this place is spectacular on so many levels - 1) the history - both WW's and even its proximity to Pea Patch Island 2) the tranquility of the park, the water areas, the hiking all make you feel miles away from NJ 3) the energy here is awesome - truly remarkable day trip - don't miss the adjacent memorial area

Haiman Clark

Well kept with groomed trails and a lovely view


It is a great park but back in the civil wars it was used as a base. But then in the 1900s it was changed to a park.

Steve Gotzler

Over looked historical park. It is small, educational. Lots of room for picnics and play. There is a ferry there as well, it goes to Delaware and to the island in the river. The ferry is not free, but the park is.

Nathan M. Rodgers

Fun place to spend a few hours learning some of the local history. The guides I've met are all friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Plenty of historical plaques to read and old structures to check out. There are also some trails behind the main buildings with beautiful foliage and views of the Delaware River. You can walk all the way to Finn's Point Cemetery. Also visit the picnic area and playground. Great place to walk the dog, too. And the best part is: everything's FREE.

Nicole Studioso

Loved it as a kid 40 years ago, still loving the quiet serenity of this state park right on the water.

Ben Hambleton

This is a lovely park to walk around, fish from the piers, hike, and explore the historical features. Parking is free and they have restrooms onsite.

David Powers

Excellent for letting the dogs run wild.


Great place for a walk!

John Shane

Beautiful views, lots of facts of history on the walking tour and great area for group events.

Linda Snyder

Had a great time walking here.

Mia Arrison

I absolutely love coming to Fort Mott State Park. It is always a relaxing time coming here to walk the trails and explore. They have a benches along the Delaware river where I like to sit and watch the boats go by. They have great amenities here for picnics and throwing a frisbee or flying a kite. They have public bathrooms which are nearby and in good working order. If you’re looking for a relaxing spot to spend some time either alone or with friends or family check out this state park. You won’t be disappointed!

Sylvia Royster

Nice Environment. My Children Loved The Water.

Levi Pittman

Cool piece of American history!

Joseph Mason

Love this park. Been going there for over 40 years. Seen lots of changes.


They have the trails and tunnels from some type of battle. You can walk thru and see where the soldiers used bathrooms and old mechanical stuff used and a nice park for the kids. Just a great family day place to be

Art Beetle

Nice historical fort. Needs money to upgrade.

bls txi

Great place to visit love history

RJ Cooper

Love it here. Great spot to visit.


Amazing place.history in our own back yard. I wish more people would get out and visit these places.put down the remote and pick up a book and some hiking boots , AND WALK HISTORY

Sabado E

Beautiful riverside view. Great for free sledding in the winter. Small river-side beach and children's playground. Seasonal ferry access.

Bill Mosko

Very cool, wide open, old fort. It's on the Delaware river so you have a nice river view. There are a few trails here. Small playground with bathrooms, not open all the time... Oh, and some history and a military cemetery. Good family trip. Been there a few times.

Bethany Oakley

It has great walking paths and historic sites

Holly Dawn Hewlett

Park is very clean and the crew is friendly and helpful. Fishing Pier is ok, you can not fish from the Ferry dock, which takes up the whole end of the pier. Wait for high tide to fish here. Lots of open spaces, playgrounds, and hiking trails.

John M Simpson

Nice walk with our girls

Bella D

What a great place to enjoy the outdoors & remember/honor all the brave soldiers that faught here.

j hudson

Nice park where you can fish or go on tour boat to tours

McFadden Marge

Loved it. Great park w great history. Nice view of Delaware Fort DuPont, great picnic grove.

Dan Jennings

Had a lot of fun touring this park! Whether you are a fan of history or just a beautiful, scenic portion of the Delaware, this park has you covered. While most of it was closed up for the season when I went a few weeks ago, there was still a lot to see and read on the fort. I will definitely be back for the more full experience with a guided tour and the ferry ride across the river. There is much to love about Fort Mott!

Otto Bonaventure

Nice place to walk around and explore the fort

Johnathan Carter

Nice historical park, clean, fun, nice views.

Yair Friedman

Quaint park, with nice historical aspect, minutes off of the Delaware memorial bridge.

frances Carrol

It was well run, well organized and very enjoyable

Jeff Hawarden

Great views, beautiful grounds. A very nice balance of history and nature. The Delaware Bay offers some spectacular views.

James Caldwell

I love this place I've been going there since I was a kid. It is so awesome to be able to visit a place like this, and yes as time goes by some of the places there that use to be accessible end up needing work, but people just don't realize how historical and old this place actually is, so it has to be expected that of course over time it will need work. But the staff always tries to make every visit well worth it. This was and active military fort at one time so it's just amazing to be able to walk through and see how things where way back then, when this fort used to protect the water way between New Jersey and Delaware. There's also built in BBQ grills, a play ground and a great picnic area, so it's a great place to go for a family outting and a make a whole day out of it. There's a gift shop there also, be sure to stop in there and help support such a great historical landmark! All in all it's a great place to check out and to spend the day with the family, friends and kids at a place that will make for some great memories.

Jaime Collazo

Always an adventure here

joshua Springer

Love the history and its free

Linda Santiago

This park is nice to bring family and a place of history....

Will Dinneen

Facinating piece of NJ history. A hidden gem for military and coastal history buffs.

Rick Rathof

Always a nice place to take the family to. Can learn about history as well as the many walking trails.

James Kugler

Great place to bring the family

Joseph Filippone

Well worth the trip. Good food and Great cars!!

Malinda King

Love place to visit and to learn some amazing history here. Also a great place to have a family picnic and a lot of fun.

Wiccaco Laboratory

Excellent Endicott (and some 1870s) era fortification overlooking the Delaware River. Some additional remnants of the Army post still present--officer's house, guardhouse and rangefinding tower have been restores. Also new, the mine casemate and Battery Harker have been accurately restored. A brand new overhaul (2019) of their museum is superbly designed and curated: uniforms, 37mm Beth. Steel gun, a 60" Sperry reflector. Ferry connection to Fort Delaware and beyond to Fort DuPont. Operated by NJ.

Jeff Bower

Great car show

Rosa M. Rivera

Love this park. We go every year.

Bryan Bossle

We love Fort Mott. Get there early though. They close the parking lot at 4pm. You can park on the adjacent street and still get in the park.

Sherry Leeman

Great place for pokemon stops. Plus a wonderful historic park to explore


Its beautiful I love the historical facts


The park is great, very clean including the bathrooms. I was disappointed that closing time was 6pm, I feel like they should adjust their closing time to coincide with the season. It was a beautiful day and after paying to reserve a gazebo we should have been able to stay later, at least until dark.

Robert Tonden

Car show today hot but tables in shade great

Bradley Childs

Great place to bring kids to just run and be kids. So much space and never crowded.

Aaron A. Wallace

Great place to watch the sun set over the Delaware river. The mosquitos are pretty intense at sunset so dress and prepare appropriately. Good views of Fort Delaware, the Delaware City refinery and the Hope Creek Generating station. The World War 2 Coastal defense forts are in good shape but the park signage is starting to show its age.

Ashley Crist

I really enjoy coming here and just walking around. Would love it if everything was accessible one day.

Sherwood Thomas

Great car show

Random Outdoor Fun

Awesome park for history lovers! Beautiful and right by the Delaware River. You can give you and your family a self-walk tour. And the best part is that it is free!

Jessica Kopczynski

Really neat place to visit if you are into American history. Nice place just to walk along the river and have a picnic as well.

Robert Poticher

We always have a great day!

Rose A Robinson

Had alot of fun

Robert Steiskal

Love this place been going here for 45+yrs

Scott Lacy

Awesome historical park

Kaiti Handte

The History is rich in such a small county, which had a pivitol impact on the beginning of this great Nation. The programs offered have been great, or even just a lunch in the pavilion area and a walk thru the turrets, reading about the Fort is always a good way to be thankful for those who served to allow us that Freedom

Cynthia Meyer

Playground for the kids, dog friendly and a nice place to visit and see history

Paul Hogate

Beautiful view of Delaware River and Ft. Delaware. Beautiful grounds and acres of space to take the family, including the family pet . Excellent playground and picnic facilities. Strong historical significance to coastal defenses over the past century.

John Books

Great place

Bill Williams

Nice place

Mohammed Rahman

Nice place to visit

Ed Yeager

Nice historical place with picnic facilities on the Delaware river.

Amanda Adams

Beautifully kept. Annd gorgeous sunset views and views of the water and shoreline. Valuable history well preserved.

Rick Myers

Beautiful park. Batteries need a lot of TLC.

Corey Swann

Such a neat experience! I was told I was brought there as a child but I have no recollection of such, but going as an adult is truly awe-inspiring. Take the time to read all the signs and placards and be sure to ask one of the attendants in the welcome center to let you into the tower and officers quarters.

Mic Blakeslee

Fort Mott State Park is amazing! Not only do they have areas for kids to play but plenty of room for kids to burn off all that energy! They have have tours during the summer and reenactments all throughout the year. There's a lot of history here. You can walk onto the tops of these bunkers and checkout the amazing views. The Delaware River is right there, so there's a constant breeze blowing. Definitely a good place to go for a picnic or just a boring day at home with the family, head on down to the park, it's free and you're outdoors. There are charcoal grills here and bathrooms, so you don't have to worry about that.

Ryan Cooper

In my back yard and a great place to spend a few hours on a nice day.

Mary Diaz

Excellent place for history for kids & adults

Jessica Boston

This is a fun little place to walk around with friends or kids. Free. Historical.


Great historical landmark with interesting background information.


The experience was over all great, but my one complaint is that one of the bathrooms had a broken toilet and a soap dispenser with a bug in the soap.

Kathy Howells

Lot of walking and also nice view to have lunch.

Philip Hoffman

Great for families and history lovers

K. King

Nice place to walk. Small playground and picnic tables. Lots of history.

Melissa Raffaele

What's not to like. ❤

MARY Fleckenstein

Great place for picnics, walks, and to see the sunset!


I love this place. My parents brought me here and now I bring my family.

Mary Dumas

Absolutely the best place to see historic things. Also a great place for a picnic. Bring the family or go it alone for some piece and quiet. So much to see. Everyone is nice. You can go into some of the buildings. And every year starting sometime right about now. You can catch a ferry over the river to Pea patch island. Where long ago it was a prison. Its 11.00 bucks to take the ferry over. It almost looks like a castle. So cool! The pictures I took doesn't really do it justice. Great family day out! Leave the phones home! I have 20 pictures that won't upload. I'll keep trying!

Patty Windsor Mason

We love this place it's nice and quiet it's by the water you have all the Forts and tunnels to go through very educational.


Nice park

Anna Conlon

I come here a few times a year with the family. It's a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Nice and relaxing. Trails for you to walk around and see the history. It also has some of the buildings open some times. It also has a playground for the kiddos. And a beautiful view of the river front. You'll love it!

Mark McGill

Fort Mott is one of our go to places pretty much year round. They have different activities for all kinds of historical events. We sled in the winter. You can catch the ferry to an old Civil War prisoner of war fort. Walk trail or just sit at the park. It a very peaceful place.

Wayne Sierocinski

Not much still there. History is important. What is there is good. Great place to be right on the Delaware River.

Bill Suarez

A great little state park for day trips. In addition to the self-guided walking tour of the historical fort you can spend the day watching the river traffic & wildlife or take the ferry to Fort Delaware in the middle of the river. You can also visit Finns Point National Cemetery nearby.

Ettie Carter

Great place to visit.

robert keown

Its great if you're there Wednesday through Saturday.

Channa Texeria

Great part for people to walk. Its safe, dog friendly, and there is a place for children to play and run around. Historical park where you can learn a somethings about the past. You can rent space for a Bbq

Kelly Doran

Great park with tons of history. Great place to run your dog and enjoy the nature trails (but beware of ticks back in the woods). Lovely little beach area to enjoy, though no swimming.

Brenda Mead

Nice place to go. Pretty peaceful. Grills available so you can go and cookout. Love to sit on the benches and watch the ships go by.

Charlie Robinson

Nice play ground for the kids, plenty of space to run

Barbara Morgan

Love the history of this place

Doris Carter

Great place to walk & learn history!!

Teresa Bowers

Beautiful park rich in history and super friendly, knowledgeable people at the ready to share their love of Fort Motts place in history.

linda shorter

Good for family outing Like picnicking. N Bq. Lots of history.

michael fahr

I great hidden gem Beautiful well maintained park with clean bathrooms open During park hours

Nick Dougan

Great experience!

John Wright

It has a nice walking tour of the fort. You can walk thru where the cannons were placed, and many signs and placards telling of the history. Bathroom facilities are there along with picnic tables, playground area too. Also there is a ferry (fee) that will take you to the island, or just take a nice walk out onto the pier. It is very clean. Attached to Fort Mott is Finns National Cemetery, where my father is buried. Many American soldiers buried there along with Union and Confederate soldiers. There is also a section of German soldiers, about 13 graves.

Kathy Smalley

Family park great outdoor location near Delaware river filled with history

Brian Kline

This is a great place for partys, nice play ground, and a lot of educational things to read.

frances Martin

Loved it and my kids did as well...


Y'all keep the park looking beautiful as always I love going out for my taking my kids picnics in the park and the events that you guys have not to mention the ferry! This is the cleanest Park beautiful well kept!

Jarred Cornette

The old forts are in pretty good condition. Great view of Pea Patch Island, and a great place to relax and enjoy the day. You can walk the beach at low tide and explore the surrounding woods via a trail. Over pleasant environment. It's also secluded from nearby highways and it very quiet


Very historic and educational for our youth to know of NJ/Delaware River defenses from early 1900's era...

Kristen Lee Buckley

Fort Mott is a beautiful family friendly park

Jill Ceresini

Awesome park. Great local history. Definitely worth a visit!

Richard McDermott

Great view of the head of the Delaware Bay, Pea Patch Island. Nice park for a picnic of any size. Peaceful

Ruth Kelley

Great place to picnic and explore

Christie Wyeth

I love this park. Dog friendly, kid friendly, educational and historic.

Gojifan54 Gaming

I wish that they had finished fixing everything up...

Jarmon Browning

Very friendly staff Recommend the fairy

Angel Moore

Beautifully kept piece of history.

Kyle Oiprac

Very big Park nice Riverwalk historical a lot you can learn from this place

adam kaminski

really cool to see a piece of history like this. they do reenactments and have different events throughout the year. also a good place for geo-caching, i think there are 5 or 6 different caches hidden out there although i have only found 3 of them.

Brenda Bryant

It's a lot of history out there.

Raven Symone

Beautiful state park; Relaxing and peaceful and also historic!

Kerri Skuback

Great Park! Plenty of room to let the kids run around and maybe even a pick up game of soccer. It is kept if great condition and there are fun trails to hike that have benches to sit and soak up the wildlife.

Brandie Nipe

My favorite park in Salem County... Beautiful views a playground for kids grills to bbq natural trails and also the bunkers some open to walk in and a fairy that takes you to Delaware City and PeaPatch Island... Been 1000xs with and without the kids always enjoy it...

Carmen Hall

This is one of the well maintained state parks with a ferry to Pea Patch island and Fort Delaware, a civil war prison. It's a nice, inexpensive way to spend time.

April Garrison

This is a great place to spend a few hours exploring. Go enjoy some history and the exercise.

Tammy Wright

Great place to spend the day playing, walking or checking out the historical sites. Very beautiful park. It looks amazing in the fall. Lots of beautiful colors. Pack a lunch and spend the day!

cycling T-Holms

Awesome history to learn about and great place to take the family for a few hours.

Rhonda Willette

Love going to fort Mott

mohammed sadakat

Love this park

Anne Moonshadow

My happy place.

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