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Where is Fenwick Island State Park?

REVIEWS OF Fenwick Island State Park IN Delaware

angela shephard

One of the Eastern shore best beaches

Mandy Schell

Great little beach and perfect for the whole family. You can watch the sunrise early in the morning. The fishing was good if you enjoy that. The beach isn't to crowded so it is perfect for those with kids; they have plenty of space to play and not bother other people.

kibler kids

Love this place!! Instead of going to the packed local beaches this is where we always head to. Yeah people have started to go here more and more the passed few years but this is still our spot. With three children, a mother and a sister we want the sand of asap. So the showers are awesome!! And the concession stand is awesome cause you know swimming in the water always make you hangry!! Perfect place to choose to go!!

Wanda Wolfe

This beach is so beautiful. We really enjoy spending time here. It's clean and in the summer not as crowded as Bethany and Rehoboth. There is a bath house at this location and also restrooms.

Eric Sherlock

We vacation here. The beaches are beautiful and not crowded. Mont things you need are within walking distance. Great place for family vacations.

Deborah Barkley

The best state park we've found. Clean restrooms. Clean beaches. Lifeguards

Ethan Bishop

Clean, not too crowded, itzza beach

Bharat Mulchandani

My dog loved this beach.

Arjan Overwater

Great place if you like ocean fishing and have a permit!

Jonathan Heberling

Nice beach. Not crowded at all. Clean and fun.

Joseph Peart

Nice place. Chilling with my buddy Jaidan. Jen Foskys son.

Nicholas Canzano

Very quiet beach

Iurii Novak

I spent here some unforgettable hours with my buddy from Ukraine. It's nice, sunny and clear City. A lot of retirement people walking and biking on the streets. They are so graceful and kindness. Possible I will like them just breath and relax on the Atlantic Coast in my fifties or sixties. I appreciate municipal and county's deputy for these conditions.

Shawn Murray

Great Beach parking fills up fast if you fish and have 4x4 get a beach tag drive on the beach fishing better in the fall

Melanie Speece

Beautiful beach state park. Clean bathrooms & showers available, separate beach for fishing. Rental chairs & umbrellas available for a nominal fee. Food and beverages also available. Great place to spend the day. Remember to pack a trash bag as it is a carry in & out park, no trash cans.

Letha Seals

I love the convenienceof being able to enjoy the beach whenever I want to. The one time price for an all acesd sticker is very reasonable. So far I have found that most everyone else visiting are clean and courteous. The snack bar and bathrooms plus an outdoor shower make it deal that is hard to best. Add to that, there is a section for you to take your dog with you. Just be considerate and clean up after your dog so that everyone can have a great experience.


Nice beech with restrooms and canteen.

Casey Miller

October is the best time for the beach. There's almost nobody around, and the water is much warmer than you'd think. It's always a gamble with the weather, but if the weather is nice it's like having your own private beach that stretches for miles.

Cap Knight

Great place to spend time - big beach, amenities, etc.

Jaime Brownell

Beautiful, clean shoreline is the best way to describe this beach/park. There is ample parking for those who arrive early. There is a nominal fee for parking.There also restrooms including for those with physical impairments. There are changing areas adjacent to the restrooms. Wheeled push vehicles are available for the elderly and those that are physically impaired. Lifeguards are present beginning at 10:00 AM. While at the beach we had the good fortune of seeing dolphins and a small whale swimming back and forth in the water.

ken mullinix jr

Very peaceful in off season but nice in season too.

Dan Kahl

Awesome at sunset. Says no pets, but dogs everywhere. Love it

Nick Romano

Great place to bring dogs.

Lisa Hignutt

Great day at Fenwick Island State Park. Nice breeze, got to see the dolphins and a whale feeding on a school of fish.

Glenn Hodges

Pleasant place to enjoy the beach.

Gary Rosen

Great place for a late afternoon outing with your dog!

Jame Whaley

Always clean.Great beach very family friendly

susan s

Great place for surf fishing and family fun!

Jacquelyn Wilkerson

Perfect place to go. It wasn't crowded. Nice and peaceful. It's also very clean. And, the people that were there were friendly, but they didn't bother you. They would just speak in passing. I had a wonderful and relaxing walk in the water.

Sam Richmond

Beautiful condos, the population is fairly homogeneous. Aside from that, if you love tennis, the beach, while being surrounded by a blanket of security, this is the place for you.

James Sr. Finner

Great place. Beautiful beach. Clean. The veiw of the Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking.

Katy Marberger

Loved the environment. Very clean and friendly. I also really enjoyed seeing the dogs have a good time there also!!!

Scott Semone

One of Delaware's nicest beach fronts, very serine..

Curt Wolfheart

The beach was very clean, the parking fee was reasonable. There were lifeguards on duty. If you're a local or just trying to avoid the more crowded tourist traps, Fenwick Island beaches are a great place to go.

Robert Yeager

Very clean beach with close proximity to things to do without actually being on the boardwalk. We enjoyed the beach very much.

Steve Catalanotto

Nice beaches. Would be a 5 but it's the beach.

Adriana Comprelli

Quiet and beautiful sand beach with great public facilities and food. Life guards on duty.

Chris Oakley

Very beautiful here

Nina Burke

Love all Delaware beaches!

Maria Shackelford

Love this beach nice and big lots of room

William Jennings

Have to pay to enter park,has bathrooms, no garbage cans so whatever you bring in, you have to take back with you. No liquor allowed. Have to get there by 10 am on weekends from memorial day to labor day or you have to sit in line.

Robert Seaborn

Bring your lunch, rods, kids and drinks... prepare for all DAY FUN!!!

L Dandignac

Went for a brief visit. Walked a bit. It was sunny, brisk and peaceful. Love it!

Robbie Murray

Beautiful Beach. Great little snack bar and clean restroom with changing area.

Sachin Chittur

Is clean and nice beach, they have the shower and fasilitie for disabled people... Really amazing pkease

Scott Nelson

Dog friendly and clean.

joseph delalla

Awesome beach, clean and easy to access

Heather Wojcik-Charles

Incredibly clean beach. Cheap fee to park. Instate $8 out of state $10. Clean bathouse.

Barbara Smith

Always enjoy my time at the beach Only there a few minutes today Had to leave due to lighting in the vicinity. Will return another day:)

Roy Appletree

Great beach. Clean and well patrolled

Bethany H

Clean and family friendly

kris krawczyk

Best place to ride on. Not crowded.

ls sacco

Love it. Great bathroom by beach and very clean.

Ava VanSickler

Nice low key beach.

DanTheMan Johnson

Too busy during the season!! 20 cars deep to get in. Came back thru 30 deep. Thanks DTM DanTheMan

Heather Bivona

Beautiful beach & dog friendly after hours

Larry Knott

Great parking, Bathhouse, and food available.

Alex Jain

The pictures speak for itself about the beach nearby. Lovely and great. Fenwick island is better then ocean city which is a big disappointment. OC should not even qualify as a destination for tourist when there are gems like Fenwick island on driving distance.

Denise Anhorn

This park is a fantastic bang for the buck. $10 for all-day parking. (You can also buy 3 days worth of parking for $25). There is a walkway that takes you straight onto the beach, concessions, bathrooms, and lifeguards on duty. We found that it wasn't as busy as beaches along the nearby boardwalks. We will definitely be coming back.

BJ Lamb

Quiet. Usually not to crowded. Nice Beach.

Jonathan Nickel

A lot of fun. Not nearly as busy as some of the other beaches. There are public restrooms and food vending there.

Dawn Lingo

I love the accessibility of this beach. We also love that it never seems over crowded!

Theo de Jager

A nice change of pace from busier places like Rehoboth and Ocean City. Basically just a parking lot and a bathhouse on an undeveloped stretch of beach. Makes for a more relaxing experience.

Kizzy Hill

Had a great time out fishing relaxing it was nice and clean

Jane Quinn-Schwartz

Facilities and food venue available. Beach has life guards. Parking is convenient but many weekends they run out of spots in July and August. When this happens a waiting line forms. It actually moves faster than you would think. Beach is always clean and well cared for. There are no trash receptacles but they do supply plastic bags (which I find odd) to stash your trash to take home with you. $10.00 per day for out of state cars, $5.00 for Delaware cars for the day. Weekly and seasonal passes are sold in the office on the premises. Seniors 65 and above can get a lifetime pass.

Rusty Jackpot

The waves were a bit much but otherwise great!

Ivy Finkenstadt

For $10 out of state (Delaware), to park, the public can enjoy a pristine sandy beach with guards, a snack bar, changing rooms with showers. Some area of the beach allows dogs and fishing. We arrive before 10 a.m to get a parking spot.

Sean McShane

Great beach with a lovely breeze and a sunny afternoon!

David Noble

Parking is limited so there will never be a ton of people on the beach that is if you actually get a parking spot. Other than that the beach drops off fairly quick so not recommended for families with little kids.

Ian Shultzaberger

Wonderful area. Only drawback is the walk out if you have anything with wheels.

Chet C

Wonderful vacation spot with private beaches

P Brown

So nice. Not too crowded. The beach was clean and parking wasn't too bad. The Party Ranger was friendly and helpful. The wind was high the first day but called down on Sunday. Lovely!

Bethany Nozzi

Really beautiful and family friendly!

Del Cathell

It was very relaxing to sit out on the beach right before sun set. There was a nice breeze and the waves crashing in the background. Very relaxing.

Brian Cassidy

Delaware has some great beaches but this is my favorite. Easy parking, concession stand, bathroom and a well maintained beach. What more could you ask for?

Tessa Pembroke

They have bathhouses, a food stop and the beach is always so clean when I visit.

Angel Farachio

Beautiful beach dogs friendly.

Jean Roeth

The quiet beaches is a very true statement! Lovely, clean beaches with loads of room to spread out. If only the weather would cooperate more! We absolutely love it here!

Diane Albanese

For so many decades I have visited Delaware Beach Parks but this is my first time at Fenwick. Thank goodness someone had the foresight to claim this gorgeous strip of oceanic seaside for the public! Wide, generous sandy strips of shore frame the playful and at times, violent, Atlantic Ocean. This is why we come to the beach ( yes, you must call it BEACH in Delaware even if you’re from NJ!) this is why shared public space is so necessary for the vast majority of citizens. Tranquility, nature’s finest, a grand communal place all here for a modest entrance fee. Love Delaware!


Nice, clean, quiet, and there's kayak/SUP/boat rental right across the street...

Mike Cass

Great beach. More quiet.

Jackson Brady

Very calm and relaxing. Absolutely amazing.

Linda Craig

Beautiful! And undeveloped! My kind of beach.

F Chavez

Peaceful, great place to take the kids.

David S

Very nice, clean beach that doesn’t get overrun with people. It’s a nice mix of beach goers that is nothing like the riff-raff you find throughout lower parts of Ocean City. There’s a snack bar that has the usual greasy spoon offerings but it’s convenient, and there are bath houses, but they are very rudimentary and need some modernization. Admission is only $10 for out of state, which is a great deal considering the price of parking at other DE or MD beaches. Overall, a great experience but only 4 stars because they need to do some maintenance on the busted parking lot and the showers from the Nikon era.

Jennifer Kordell

My go too fishing beach, dog liked it too

Elizabeth Clay

Absolutely breathtaking spot!

Tess Martens

Great park! We spent the morning here. The Bath house is great! Showers and restrooms. Beach was very well kept!

Meek C

This beach is so nice. It's alot less busy than ocean city. It has showers bathroom and dressing area. Small office area with a park attendant during office hrs. I thin until 5pm. It's really thoughtful to have the balloon wheelchairs that go on the beach. I only saw the 2 but it's something. Extremely clean and the business area up the street is wonderful. It's true beach scenery.

Robert Theisen

Love these beaches and this small town.

Leslie Anne

Nice beach, not too crowded - bathrooms and snack bar handy!

Ashley Austin

Went at the end of August and it was perfect! Crowds were minimal and there was lots of space to stretch out.

Nancy Baxter

Great crabbing.

Fabiana Cesa

Beautiful place. You will need to bring your own shade.

Carmen C

Large, clean, uncrowded beach that allows fishing

Kathy Cramer

Great Place to Walk or Drive on!


Great beach, you can bring the dog, fish, and even have a fire. Just remember to clean up when your done.

Melissa Irmen

Love catching the sunsets here!!

Kevin Saatman

Excellent beach access. Parking is a little tight and fills up quickly. However, the walkways from the lot through the dunes are great and this bathhouse and amenities are a welcome end to any beach visit.

Ashok Aleti

We spent few hours in the beach

peter gianfagna

Best place to beach


Dog friendly beach with many courteous owners.

Jennifer Greenslit

Perfect beach park! Convenient parking. Just beautiful!

Becky Woodhouse

You don't really need more pictures of the beach. But this is it. A place to relax. No boardwalk. No flashing lights. Love it.

Rose Marcin

Clean beach, quiet.

Ed Lyle

Very nice State park with showers, bathrooms and snack bar. At bathhouse entrance to shore they mats down to make getting to the beach easier. Also noticed invalid beach wheelchairs there. Umbrella and chair rental on beach side. Lifeguards on duty and area a few hundred yards down for fishing. Caught several fish and kids were happy playing in the sand.


Brought Melo for his first visit to the beach ever. We had the time of our life!!

Lorenzo Bishop

Had an awesome time. People were so friendly

Taunja Smith

Wonderful drive along shoreline! Peaceful and serene! A must go to place to enjoy for families!

Brandon Martin

Clean beautiful beach "No Trash cans" I got a littering ticket for placing my empty pizza box on the restroom sink counter. I was going to grab it upon leaving when I found large trash bags for dogs. Officer was very rude when he saw the trash bag in my hand to discard my trash as I don't believe in littering. Get trash cans.

Charlie Cathell

A very pleasant experience with the wife & grandchildren. The very place the father of those children. Well, he spend a lot of fun filled times as a child the very same beach growing up. What a fast life we live!

Heather M

Beautiful, was just here today for labor day weekend. Crowded but way quieter than OC.

Chris Oliver

Its was very nice watching the sun rise

Judith Bailey

What a beautiful beach!!!

Helton Santiago

Amazing Beach. Fair structure for a reserve.

Evelyn Mccool

Was a very nice beach town

Jodi Duckhorn

No guards or trashcans... But it's not crowded!

Jane Page

Easily accessible. Restroom/shower areas clean. One minor flaw - you must take any trash with you. They do have plastic bags on a pole, but not always filled. Take your own.

Jason Lindemuth

Beautiful place!

Dan Franklin

Very clean, not too crowded and very nice facilities!

Nicole Greiner

This was only the second time I've been to the Beach and this was so much fun and really pretty. It was clean and they had restrooms and showers which was nice to rinse the sand off before making the drive home.

Melissa Showalter

One of my favorite local beaches

Steve Steele

What's not to love? Kayaking the bay looking for wildlife with the little one. It's nice.

Patrick Goslin

Clean, quiet and the fishing was great.

Kevin Catfish

Deep drop off to water 3' at spots

Klodian Haka

Nice clean beach, beautiful well maintained cost. They have a structure on site that has a small store and bathrooms. Parking could be bigger since I had to wait to get into parking.

Sarah Bailey

Beautiful beach for time with the family.

Victor Hernandez

Nice beach that allows pets year around

Earle Douglass

It's a clean beach, not too crowded at all. Best beach between ocean City and Lewes.

Kimberly Rutherford

Best place to go, they have a bathroom with showers, and a snack bar

Jacob Swift

Hahahaaa I really miss this area (only beach

Claire Davidson

Clean cheap allows dog's

Christine Basham

Great beach not crowded. Dog area was nice to be able to have our dog there. The could provide a trash can for dog Bag

Larry Fisher

Great place to go . Get there early or you may have to wait to get in

Koreen Waz

Such a clean and gorgeous beach!

Joseph Decker

York Beach is awesome. Just dont go when a breeze is from the west...little flies that like to bite.

Vicki Eden

Our favorite beach !

Karie Starrett

Best Delaware beach! They have walkways to help the elderly or disabled get on the beach

Max Green

Exceptionally clean and family-friendly beachfront. For the low cost of $10, you get all day parking as well as access to a bathhouse. We used to go to Ocean City, but doubt that we will ever choose another beach after our experience at Fenwick. Nearly direct access to the beach was an added plus. I suggest getting there before 10AM to get parking. We were able to park just 15 feet from the beach entrance. Additionally, while we are not dog owners, the dog friendly aspect of the beach is great. We loved watching the dogs swimming and having a great time. Crowds were also far less dense than Ocean City. The beach was very clean. Be sure to bring your own umbrellas or shades and chairs as none are available for rent. Also of note, the bathhouse showers have low water flow and cold water only, but work great if you want to do a day trip and clean up before going out in the evening We will be back soon!

Sammy Emelio

What a unkindly place that day. The wind was blowing so hard you couldn't stay on the beach. They knew how bad it was Yet they never said a word concerning the condition. Once you were in and they had your ten dollars you seen everyone leaving the ocean. I really like the place. But they should have told us concerning the windy conditions on the beach. I'll go back. Just not to soon. Also the shower were not working. Youckkkkkkkkk


Always come here for vacation every summer no complaints

Jack Olson

Peaceful and guiet beach

Jim Cosmos

Quiet and tranquil beach escape location

Andrew Parlock

Beautiful. Ignore the Trump 2020 flags, great place.

Marlyn Dsouza

Its wonderful I enjoyed the peace

Aditya Mangipudi

Best beach around NJ Delaware to bring your dog. Very clean for a dog beach. We were lucky to stop a whale and school of dolphins.

Matt Smith

Great place to spend Memoral Day weekend!

Breanna Marie

Loved it here, but the horse flys are huge! Lol

carolyn Bell

Always nice at this beach. Pay one price to park all day and just enjoy

Carol Messinger

My happy place


A beautiful place to just "be"

Daniel Beirne

You can bring your dog on a leash but only where they surf fish.

Kristen Dennison

So beautiful you question if its Delaware. Clean and great amenities.

Juan Jesús Haro

The beach is nice. Dogs allowed so if you are a dog lover you'll enjoy here. There is a building with restrooms, showers and a small restaurant, all wheelchair accessible. The parking is 5$ for Delaware residents and 10$ for it state visitors (price per car)

Michael Boyer

Pricey, but a nice place to bring the dogs!

Judy Smith

Awesome day at the beach watching the pelicans and dolphins! Wide beach!

We Care Learning and Development Center

Great Place to Relax

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