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103 146th St, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States

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Where is Fenwick Island Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF Fenwick Island Lighthouse IN Delaware

Kristen Amtower

Francisco Companioni

Ehhh nice light house but surrounded by trailers. Not very photogenic

Leeanne Percell

Anna Noll

Brandon Groff


Andrew Warren

It's not a tall lighthouse, like you would expect. When we were there, it was fenced off for construction and you only observe it from the street. Not really sure if there's actually anything to do there since we couldn't approach it.

Nick Garver


It lit up like a light house is supposed to, so good on it for doing it's one purpose.

Angie Dravis

I found this lighthouse on the internet and decided to check it out while we were in Ocean City. I was pretty disappointed because I expected a larger Lighthouse that possibly you could go inside of but this Lighthouse is only about two stories tall and there is no public admittance. Plus when we visited they were doing construction so you couldn't even get close to it. It is pretty cool historically but if you're going don't make a big deal of it it's pretty much just drive by and check it out. Don't schedule your vacation around it or something

Joe Cacciapaglia

Historic lighthouse located on the Mason-Dixon line in Fenwick Island, Delaware

April Sanford

You can't climb it but it is fun. The man that was there shared interesting stories and you can stand on two state ground at one time because it is on a boarder.

Veronica Sawyer

Shelly Deen

Great spot

Elena Gavrilova

Adam Gallo

Juanita Stone

Very small, and closed off

Carlos Jimenez

El lugar está en remodelación y no está abierto al público

George Faulkner

Not the most picturesque lighthouse and setting, but historically interesting, since it's right on the border marking the property dispute between the Penns and Calverts.

Misty Fiske

David Alcantar

Nice Lighthouse right off the main street. Met some very nice people telling us about it.



RL Stephens

So peaceful!

Allison Davis

Joel Alfaro

The gentleman who was there had some pretty interesting history to tell about the lighthouse...he's there Thursdays and fridays all summer. You can't go up for safety reasons but for 15 to 20 minutes of your time you can enjoy a bit of, guy running it was a history professor...

Arya Shajpaul

Donatienne Lerolle

Tammy Davis

Nice people but nothing exciting. Can do more then step right in the front door.

Jake Richardson

Kaitlyn Potter

Only complaint was it was under construction and we couldn’t go near the lighthouse, understandable because we did come off season. Definitely would recommend checking out if you’re in the area.

Jean Zellner


Christine Lorraine

Beautiful lighthouse - wish you could get inside somehow. Thanks to whoever takes care of this magnificent relic of seafaring days gone by.

Art and Dana Martino

Kay Washer

Disappointed it was closed, but was neat to see.

Ken Nichols

Very easy access however photographing the grounds was difficult because of the close proximity of the modern day dwellings!

James Brennan


Nice light

Tara V

This place a a precious piece of history and the guide was knowledgeable and patient with questions from the kiddos. I was moved by his passion for the lighthouse!

Harry Werts

Staying nearby and decided to take these pictures.

Bill Smith

Come see!

Kristen Kranch

Danielle Shannon

Fun place to check out! Full of history

Jonathan V. Murray, Realtor

Awesome attraction to see & spend an hour or two. The Volunteers who keep the lighthouse opened & maintained are a delight to talk with and very knowledgeable about the lighthouse & area. Various souvenirs offered are great.

Tony Skiadas

Wonderful experience! Interesting history, loved being in Delaware and Maryland at the same time! Dont forget to pickup you lighthouse passport and start getting it stamped at each house you visit!


Awesome historical place to visit

craig moore

Gloria Schweitzer

Bruce Revel

Nice to see it is being saved for future generations

James Pierce

S Kreman

Ajene Palmer

Jude Newman

We drove from D.C. to take my granddaughter to visit the lighthouse. Although it was closed that day, she was satisfied with having her picture taken out front. It's a beautiful old lighthouse in a quaint little beach town.

Joe H

I managed to stop by on my way to the Shipwreck Museum down the road. The lighthouse stands proudly above everything in it's area. The lighthouse and grounds were fenced off even though Google had the location listed as open. The 1751 marker was quite interesting to see and the Transpeninsular Line plaque was an interesting read. Hopefully in the future I can return when the lighthouse is open. If you are in the area stop by and check it out.

Richard Hunter

What a great wanna-be attraction. It is under renovation so we could not go in. I am rating it high because I think it is important for structures such as this to be kept up and conserved and promoted. I hope the building next door becomes a visitor center gift shop. Trying to get there is kinda confusing as the GPS wanted to take us through a trailer park that surround one half of it. I think there are enough light house aficionados out there that a decent annual visitation rate can be maintained. It is year round too.

Loria Starkey

The lighthouse was a very nice place.

Nathan Friel

Mallorey Long

Great place for the kids to run around, waste energy and learn at the same time

Kimberly Dunker

Surprisely the light house in middle of the block so awsome

Robert Fowler

Interesting historic spot. Wonderfully maintained by a volunteer group.

Aline Adolphe

Greg Gupton

This is a review of the Transpeninsular Marker since the lighthouse was closed. OK, I really enjoy this marker stuff. This marker is both: 1) the SW corner of Delaware, and 2) the Eastern terminus of the Mason-Dixon Line. But realistically, it's a rock painted white with a plaque. Most kids would think that this is a really lame sight. It is on the South side of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse (which was closed when I visited in August).

Vincent Gianelli

Lighthouse in your backyard

Rob Robbins

Jim Utter

Yohanes Santoso

April Caputo Snyder

Great place for a picture, especially on a clear night.

Diane Green

Worth the walk through. Open on the weekends. You can always learn something.

Mal Mikus

We stopped cuz it was a rainy day but not really worth more then a few mins

Stephen Henson

Sharon Hauptly

The volunteer that was Manning the lighthouse on August 10th was very friendly and knowledgeable of the lighthouse and the area around it. Had a most enjoyable time there

Julia Shin

when we visited in December it was closed. It is only open during some seasons (forgot when but it was 'open' during few months of the year). The site is rather very small unlike shown in the pictures. Don't expect giant lighthouse because this is not one of those.

Charlene Stein

Nice to go

Mr Paul

Nice lighthouse experience.

Юра Курилів

Charles shackelford

Lucas Heppner

Amazing old time lighthouse!

Tara Lynch

Sepehr Farhand

Nothing to see here!

Dean Simpson


joe thomas

Beautiful lighthouse, they were listed as open til noon today but were closed at 11 when we got there. It looks like they are working on the grounds.

Chadwick Adebiyi

Vance Heffern

Not much to look at. In progress of being renovated but can't get on the property. Good for a photo opp, but not much else

Ed Armstrong

David Glick

Nice lady. The area around the lighthouse is well decorated and landscaped. You can't go up the lighthouse though, which detracts from the experience. It's just too small at the top for public access so they closed it off... But there is some great history here so it's worth a quick trip if you're in the area. But without being able to go up it is quick.


Heather Johnson

Fun little stop as we explored town. Pleasantly surprised to find no charge. Maybe a 15-20 adventure. The signs were informative and the volunteer was friendly!

Adrienne P

Shaya Talora

Currently closed for renovations.

Lars Mulford

Beautifully restored light with immaculately kept 3rd order Fresnel lens. The keepers home is now a gift shop. You can't go up the lighthouse, but it's still worth a visit due to its pristine shape.

holly loblanco

Eloah L

Chuck West

Beautiful place. Historic place. Fenwick Island has grown so much since I was a kid.

Linda Murphy

Maria Narcisi

Michael Niemyer

So cool...excellent history here...

Mary Rasa

This is a historic site that is nice. Good interpreter told us about it and offered to take pictures of us. YOu can't climb it and the keepers houses aren't open yet but eventually it will be better. The most unique feature here is the boundary marker separating Maryland from Delaware in front of the tower. It was nice to stand in 2 states. What's even more unique about it is that it was surveyed when Delaware was Pennsylavania so the marker is from the 1700s and has William Penn's crest on that side and the Calvert family crest on the other.

David B Gicewicz

Waste of time.

Carla Braithwaite

It was closed for renovations but I love the light in the top is still on at night


Simple and historic

Chris Herbert

Discover 5433

Evelyn Mccool

Manuela Costescu

Stan Spoon

yolanda alejandre

Support this light house it is 160yrs young and has an interesting history. The support volunteers are informative and super friendly. They have hats, t-shirts and the lighthouse society stamp.

MIssy Bawaneh

William Pastor

Very relaxing

Hemidell L

Worth a stop for both lighthouse and history enthusiasts. The guide is a third-generation lighthouse keeper; she’s very nice and knowledgeable and will spend a lot of time speaking with you. As others have noted you cannot go to the top of the lighthouse but you can go onto the base floor and look at some old photos and artifacts.

Katerina Nguyen

'Must see' if you like lighthouses as I do :) be prepared to meet the billions of mosquitos on the way to the lighthouse

Lori Patriarch

Beautiful lighthouse

Jay Paetzell


Trudi Ratican

Going to give this 5 stars on potential. They were opening to the public the day after we were there. Who doesn't love a lighthouse

Mary Lou Ponder

Jeffrey Weston

Rich Goll

Great historic site in Fenwick.

Darlene Rathman

Cute little lighthouse under historic renovations. Not sure if it's open to the public. In the middle of residential area.

Stephen Litwiller

Joe Bauza

Very nice

Robert Bowen

Angela George

A big letdown. Touted as an attraction but crouded by other buildings and sidewalk blocked so really couldn't take a good pic.

Allen Rogers

Helene Gummere

fun little place to see

Russ Mackiewicz

Labor of love for these volunteers. Great history. Too bad lawyers won't let you climb up anymore.

April L

Becky Kent

Don't think you can actually go in this lighthouse but its still cool to look at.

Theresa Sims

Love lighthouses❤Went with my granddaughters!

Randolph Finder

Pretty to look at after tour season

Paul Tucci

John Rudiak

There was a construction fence around it and it's no where near the beach.

Mike Gallo

Deborah Remer

For true lighthouse enthusiasts, it's worth your time to visit this lighthouse, although it will likely be just a quick stop. Its location at the state line makes it a bit unique, but unfortunately, neither the grounds nor the tower itself are open to the public. The lighthouse itself is in Delaware, but you'll have to stand just across the line in Maryland (in the middle of a not-so-busy street) to snap a quick picture.

John Baumgartner

it's kind of just there...crammed in with everything else. Was under construction but can't imagine it being a big tourist thing as the lot it is on is only like 20 feet wide

Gloria Ake

Loved it..

Dagmara Olszewska

Really nice historical lighthouse

Nel Mat


Jamaika Woodards


Ruth Ann Kennedy

Rick Pennington

Nice to visit if you are in the area.


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