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I-295 &, Route 9, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

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Where is Delaware Memorial Bridge?

REVIEWS OF Delaware Memorial Bridge IN Delaware

Skyler Daché

When I went it was pretty busy; I got a burger front the burger king and had to wait a while. The place was clean and seemed well-run.

Penny W

Beautiful views

Jacqui Keegan

Best part of our trip home. Scenic views and easy driving.



kelly kauffman

Our closest bridge to leave nj


only bridge left locally with a decent toll fare.

Leonard Taylor

Today was awful. Traffic back up several miles into New jersey. Trying to cross was ridiculous

Bob McGee

Easy to negotiate.

Ann Schultz

Loved the views. Traffic moved nicely and all 4 lanes open.

Chris P

Large bridge from NJ to DE or vice versa. Pretty impressive bridge. Traffic at times but usually flows pretty well.

Johny West

Too expensive for trucks like 50$ toll both directions

Vivian Schirripa

Yep this is definitely a bridge.

Steve T

It's a bridge

Andre Joyner

The directions I received from Google Maps were excellent. They took me directly to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Tall-Dicks-Juniors-Jets All funny and anything goe

It was cool and screy at the same time

Devora Sara Alon

Go ovet this every time we visit family in the Baltimore area. Scenic and not usually trafficy.

Denis Gutierrez

nice bridge i have been pass a lot times


Nice view. Under construction repairs with heavy traffic.

Hunter Tomblin

Apparently this is a tourist attraction. Don't you just love going on vacation to go across a bridge? My money is well spent. Only 4 stars for not having a pool to relax and smell the fresh sent of carbon dioxide and diesel fuel. Although who needs a pool when you have the world's largest diving board. Also the hotel staff didn't unclog my toilet.

steve k

Never have all the ezpass lanes open, why, they dont need an attendant. I am talking about rush hour in the am, just crazy.

Bill Benivegna

Cool bridge been over a bunch of times

Rob Lennon


sue gates

One of better bridges in area. Heads up,when paying Cash for Toll,try and be in middle Lane,coming down because you never know what Toll will be open. Noon is tough time,lots of trucks.

William Shield

Not crumbling, which, in America, is good.

Larry Parks

I have traveled the bridge all my life.

Frankie Frankie

With all the money they make you pay, this bridge should be in much better shape. It may look semi nice on the outside but the structure is actually very neglected.

Bob M

Bottleneck with horrible exits...

Milky Mike

Beautiful view


There's always lanes closed during rush hour!! Do construction at night !

Peterson Leriche

I love it

Jo You

Drove past on Christmas Eve and encountered the toll road. There was no lane with cash acceptance so we drove to the ez pass office. The police officer on duty was incredibly helpful but the manager refused to believe us when we told her there were no booths taking cash, therefore we were forced to drive past the toll. We ended up having to pay extra for the toll.

Alan Turner

It works perfectly. Would use it again.

Richard Miller

A bridge is a bridge! But this time we took I-295 instead of NJ TPKE. It's easier driving, what with wider roads and more than 2 lanes each way. I didn't feel so claustrophobic not being so close to the car next to us as we passed them or they passed us. Additionally, there are no tolls on 295. Only problem, no rest stops along the way.

Fox M.D.

Nice views.

Vincent Kozuba

I made it to the other side, and coming home it was free

Gene Pennewell Sr.

Great bridge to travel over but you better have your money ready because everyday or every year the tolls go higher and higher it will not be much longer before I can't afford to cross.

adam stamnos

Unaware of Delaware tolls, had to pass through on way up north. Offered to pay by card, or check, toll operator denied form of payment. Now I receive a violation saying I owe $91.50? I'm not a Delaware resident. If I offered to pay, why should I be treated like a criminal? Best part is I am military and was reporting for orders. Thanks for your service from the state of Delaware...pfft.

John Ensslen

Best when traffic is good back ups expected due the work being done on I-295 Southbound to enter I-495 and I-95 both North & South bound.It has very narrow lanes.Also Route 13 is being worked on at night.From Rt 141 underpasses to New Castle.

Tony Hall

Scary hate bridges haha


85$ for over sized vehicle that is a rip-off on top of buying a over size permit

Christopher Absil

It always has one lane closed at the tail end of rush hour. If it's a tad earlier it causes a back up to 95.

Anil Maddimsetti

An important artery connecting I-95 and the bridge can handle some serious traffic with it's 8 wide lanes. You will be tolled one way, not exactly sure which direction is the toll enforced. You also get to see the factories and docked ships as you drive over which is really cool.

Dori Ilana Brecher

A bridge is a bridge. Nice view. Bit bumpy though

William Newmuis

Always has lanes closed with work being done

Kenardo Rowe

Great sight for sore eyes

Frank Delmas

It does a great job of getting my car across the river!

Evan Hawlk

Overall it's a great bridge. Only 4 stars for not being an arch bridge for spider man to swing from of japanese monsters to smash through.

Brian Patrick

It's only getting a two due to the fact that I have to use it to get to work. They have been working on this bridge everyday for the past 20 plus years. It make no sense to have a bridge that is never fully functional and a huge inconvenience.

black Joh

On the bridge

Arnold Ramsaran

Great bridge.

chuck amok

It's a pretty impressive pair of bridges

Cat Bird

The bridge worked well as it did not collapse and prevented me from plummeting into the water while driving.

G Aquino

It's such a bottleneck, the cause of some serious congestion during a recent holiday. Hard if not impossible to avoid for those who need to get on the NJ Turnpike.

Subtle Reality

Got to really see the bridge and it is run beautifully. Kudos to the Delaware River Bay Authority

Samuel Stafford

Not So EZ Pass - DJ Commute feat DRBA DJ Commute: The bridge is large and green. I hope to one day cross it. Atop the bridge, I can't describe the things I've seen Some drivers mean, some drivers nice There are all types of drivers if I'm being concise No matter the type, crossing this beast is their daily vice. But they do have one thing that they all share It is but a simple prayer! Chorus (chanting x6): "I pray bridge gods, keep me open a lane today" (crescendo of Gregorian chants throughout) DRBA: 1 lane! 2 lane! 3 lane! 4! Ah, who am I kidding? Opening 5 is a chore! Let's sleep in and have us a snore! When we do awake, we'll close more lanes Only one toll booth and the money still rains! What gives us more satisfaction then these ez gains? Why it's the traveler's shouts, tears and their pains! We harvest their sadness in our sadness trapper. And push them to their limits, while their energy we capture. It powers our systems, our people and lies. Now of course you must ask, how do you keep the bridge so full of green dyes? With all of this power, there is no need for their money We use our sadness driven furnace and melt it to green honey We put it in buckets, close off more lanes and paint the bridge perfectly green with no stains! The bridge is large and green and you hope to cross it? Well get those tears pouring like a faucet. (drops mic off bridge) (pause) (splash) (children crying)

Stew Stewart

Toll has increased to 5.00 what do they do with all that money

Truck Driver

Hey "America's first state" how about you get with the times and do like the rest of the country and allow us to pay online or by plate, without a ridiculously fee.

Travis Pittman

Cool job to be on, a lot of history here

Liz A

Its a bridge between Delaware and New Jersey.

Sylvester Hardwick

The Delaware Memorial Bridge is impressive. It can be seen for Mike's but I never appreciated the enormity of the bridge until we sailed under it on the Delaware River. It is a great sight that can be seen for miles. The view of the bridge from the New Jersey side on a clear night is beautiful.

Ken Dolph

Nice bridge with views of the Delaware river and the surrounding areas!

Eluterrio BrownSr

Beautiful pictures taken on the bridge

Ross Garner

It was an excellent bridge. Constructed with all the right bridges specs. Bridge.

jvmusic 107

Huge suspension bridge over the Delaware River. No traffic at all.

Evelyn L.

Its a bridge. Nothing special

Adam Dorrell

Always clean

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

This magnificent twin suspension Bridges connecting New Jersey to South, Baltimore, DC. The high steel towers supporting the high and large span, with deck at nearly 150 feet above water level serving not just road traffic but easy navigation of ships. The pleasing green color of the steel bridge on subtle Delaware River is akin to marine red colour of Golden gate bridge on rough Golden gate Bay. It's 8 lane way facilitating huge traffic.

Jeremy Pierce

Beautiful bridge. A must see if your coming through Delaware.

Judy Mahaffey

Traffic slow

Chandrasekar Rajaguru

It's a breath taking view when seen from a ship.

Nancy Moore

All lanes open paying toll with quick

Rick Vanness

Sweet and easy access no problem going North or South

Ron Edwards

It is a alright place to go to, if you need a bite to eat or need some fuel, they got both gas and diesel, but the place is crowed most of the time except around Sundays

Kevin Song

Pretty impressive and large bridge. Even though it isn't as high as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland, it still is amazing to see the water on the left and right of the bridge. I only went on this bridge for two times, but it never disappoints. You should cross this bridge towards your destination at least once to get beautiful scenery and the amazing experience.

Billy Williams

Nice Bridge Links NJ To PA the Delaware Bridge old school green color $25 dollars with EZ Pass toll for Truckers! Too many tolls in the north east government over reach!

Jordan Gensemer

We got across the bridge quickly with no issues and that was on a weekend morning and during construction and lane restriction.

M Rahman

Nice bridge

Joshua Lee

Great bridge without it Delaware would float away

Mark Guidry

Beautiful when all the lanes are open. Bridge cops don't stop cars for speeding much. They must be looking for drug running or something else.


Easy connection N-S

Leslie Williams

Glacially slow. Has taken 30 minutes just to get through the toll booth. Now 12 lanes are feeding into 4 lanes the to go over the bridge. Will probably take at least an hour for what should be a 10 minute trip. Avoid at all costs.


A great and apparently fear-inspiring bridge, these bridges resemble two ultra-steep Walt Whitman Bridges for Philly people. Like all bridges connected to the Garden State you have to pay to get out of New Jersey, but not in - why is it always like that? Oh well. The nearby DuPont chemical works in Deepwater is where leaded gas was invented. Supposedly the Deepwater truck stop is pretty gritty but I can't verify personally.

Ernie Chickadel

LOL Its a bridge and its reason for being is to hold things up. To span the distance. To join the separated. Good job, bridge

Jay C

Beware***out of state*** drivers ... If you are driving into Delaware with any non Delaware tags on your vehicle you will be pulled over. I've been taking the bridge from NJ to DE for 8 years now and every morning I see at least 3 cars pulled over at a time on the DE side after the toll. None of these vehicles ever have DE tags, these police go after NY NJ and any other license plate vehicles. They are sitting there waiting right before you hit the toll, I have DE tags so I've been ok but one morning, no lie I saw 5 different people all pulled over at the same time at the same place all with out of state tags... The police are seeking these cars out, be careful

Ant B

It's a bridge. It keeps us from diving in the river. How's this getting anything less than a 5?

Keshav Bhandari

As you climb up the bridge you see the river below and it is beautiful .. the other half you see an industrial area and is not as glamorous. It took us around 3 min to cross the bridge with a speed of 50mph.

William Friant

The bridge surface is really rough.

Carlos Mari Ribas

Didn't crumble when I crossed, so 5 stars

Tracey Nix

I hate Bridges they. Should have walls around them

Deborah Hart

Very very nice setup for the veterans ceremonies.

Madhupa Bakshi

Scenic beauty of the place is awesome

Michael Liss

The bridge is good; the construction around it's a nightmare.

Tom Levier

Defiantly on my list of top ten bridges

Aldo Funari

Love it


Its so pretty

Chris Sinram

Beautiful bridge. Great views from the train.

Keith C

Always lanes and booths closed, usually no work going on.

Luis Rodriguez

Traffic ran smoothly with no accidents on that road today I travel

Jim Rooney


Heman Vor

Too many lane changes if you're not familiar

Joe Starcevich

Made it to the other side without dying, 5/5

Matt Steele

Pretty good bridge, got me across the river exactly as advertised. Best river crossing option.

The Keesy Family

Its ok

Andrew Bagner

Could have been better... Maybe a bar perched at the top? =)


Was about to take that trip.

Betty Burnett

good traffic

G8 English club

We used the bridge on our way from washington dc to new york

snork bebop

Everett Captor

I love this bridge!!! very traveling feeling! when I visit New Jersey I pass this bridge.

Donna Cobb

Love to travel n explore see new sights like bridges they are fascinating!!

Kevin O'Brien

Forever under construction.

julius jean

Four stars for the view alone! Other than that, it does what it needs to!

Shariff Sides

Great sure to see

jason jarrell

The toll keeps going up from 4 to 5 doll hairs now, still never fix the roads or pot holes.

Mike Hill

Poor traffic management. This bridge always slows down for no reason.


I crossed the bridge without incident. It's a bridge.

Jocelyn West

It's a steeper bridge than other bridges, smaller with how many lanes are available for crossing, but it's safe. I mean, it's consistently gotten me from Jersey to Delaware numerous times, and it's still standing! There IS Ezpass, of course, but there's also regular tolls to take cash!

shawn markee

I cross this bridge 10x a week and it's always well maintained!

Cynthia Palmer

It got me from NJ to DE safely, in a timely manner. We have an easy pass, so the $5 toll was not a big deal for us. Hopefully, the construction during weekdays will finish up sometime soon. The construction is thoughtfully suspended during holidays.

Claudia Colantonio

My husband and I cross this bridge every time we drive up to NYC. Cool views

Karim Haider

Good photo

Stacey Williams

Such a beautiful site.

Carol Martinez

I drive back and from work to home and home to work

Royce Raju Beena

This is a scenic bridge on the DC NYC route

Sh I

Expensive, backed up at times and road speeds on Delaware needs to be more than 60 and 65, or long trips takes forever to complete

Ali Francis

Quite an industrial landscape--a poignant reminder of what our society has become. One lane was closed which was a bit upsetting. However, halfway over was a port-a-potty! Nice to know even when traffic is backed up, you won't be! A bit rusty, but lovely almost-seafoam-green paint job.

uday argade

We passed through this bridge

william dejesus

It was congested they working on it

David Kane

Still under major construction so be aware of Heavy Traffic especially during the rush hours and Holidays. Our Infrastructure in America is beyond in time however I'm grateful for the progress that's have been accomplished.

Richard Finnegan

Nice bridge, still standing

Eric -

If you have a dually pick up they charge me 10 dollars instead of 5 dollars so be careful make sure they charge you the wright price It said 5 dollars on the website


well-maintained. but at times it is a bottleneck for traffic southbound.

Josh E.

This was a fun bridge to cross over. You get a good view of the ocean! Especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset.

Patrick Shields

Delaware Memorial Bridge I've been going over that bridge since I was 11 years old then I started driving trucks at Bridges well it's got a lot of history to I work for Dupont for a lot of years and that's one of my DuPont's Mainstays right to the right as you're going south Bridge is safe it's a it's a historic site cross over the bridge hit Route 13 go south and you can't believe some of the barbecue places around into that bridge connection between taxes and no taxes Delaware great for shopping no taxes great place Great Bridge

Terry Marsh

View is good

Evgeny Filimonov

Beautiful bridge, seems short though.

Jerry Donofrio

The bridge is great even thought they charge me $20 to cross with my Winnebago and trailer but the Delaware southbound lane of travel from the bride is terrible. It is uneven and is the worlds largest patch job. So bumpy that you have to slow down or shake everything loose. It is a no-mans land of road repair. . It is so rough a section of road going south on 295 after it crosses rt 13 to 95S, that I must slow to 20 MPH. or have my motor home shook to pieces. Same story of the New Jersey side of 295 southbound. Just a bumpy mess but not as bad as in Delaware. I don't get it - all the other road surfaces of the area are smooth. Delaware DOT said they don't own it but the Authority is responsible. I have called and called but no human ever answers their phone or returns calls

joseph rodia

It's cheaper than all NYC bridges, only for 4 dollars both ways you don't pay coming back.

Nicole M

It's a bridge LOL

Dan McCoy

I liked that they didn't raise the tolls as originally proposed! :-)

joe kapp

It's a bridge, it's a nice bridge and it got over the Delaware River without getting wet. Not sure what else can be said.

adam kaminski

not sure what goes into rating a bridge but it works so 4 stars it is...avoid on friday afternoons and sunday mornings

Muhammad Nawabi

Did always maintain to be operable in the name itself get five star

Larry Kitchens

Excellent place

Jon S

Pretty nice bridge. It was kind of bumpy in spots. At the end of the day, it's a decent bridge.

Osman Bayram

Beautiful views

Sarabeth Reinker

It's a bridge for God's sake. What's there to write about? The only thing I can think of is if you typically get nervous driving on bridges then I'd have someone else drive because this one is pretty big. I for one enjoyed it. I wasn't driving though. Lol

Kurt Randazzo

The twin bridges (oppose to double decker) are very scenic!

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