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REVIEWS OF Brandywine Zoo IN Delaware

Haven Hwang

Perfect for your toddler's first zoo experiences. Almost impossible to loose kids, unless they really try to hide from you, in their neatly designed cute path.

Carolyn Markland

This was my 2-yr old granddaughters" first time here. She loved it ! It was very exciting

Alex Mora

Small zoo but it doesn't pretend to be anything more. Good to do a quick visit with kids.

Charles Manfredi

Small zoo with friendly informative staff. Big Bird's got nothing on the Andean Condors. Kids will love it.

Andrea Lennon

It's okay for little kids. Very small zoo. Great for petting goats or watching a bird show.


I remember coming here with my father as a child. It's small but it's so quaint and kids love it! My granddaughter really loved it! The head administrator really took time to explain many different things about the zoo to us. I really appreciated that. He was a nice man.

Ghaith Abdalla

nice place and clean

C. H. Cohen

Nice smaller zoo with a very helpful and informed staff. Great for smaller kids that may not be able to handle a larger zoo.

Jere Roman

We had a wonderful afternoon at the Brandywine Zoo recently and will make a point to go back again.The place is really good option to visit with family. I went here with my family and the children in our family were very happy with this …

Ray Wizard

Great place to take the kids with outdoor tables and grills nearby to have a lunch or picnic.

Jerzy Wlock

I always love going to this zoo and taking my daughter to see the animals. It's never crazy busy during the week and if you go around lunch time It's when they feed some of the animals and that's when you will be able to see the ones that hide the most. The staff are always kind and helpful and the front reception people/gift shop people are exceptionally helpful and nice. It's handicapped accessible throughout the zoo and there are a decent amount of cool animals there. I highly recommend for people with small kids and for people who like a nice little walk.

Sharon Duris

Not all that big. Was able to go through it in about half an hour. It is a good starter zoo for little ones as it is not over wellming.

Ima Awesome

Good Zoo nice and clean. Very Small. Only a handful of animlas. Good just for an hour or so. Toddler Loved the goat area!!

Liz G

Small but a very nice zoo.

Michael Ahr

Way too small for the distance we traveled, but the animals were obviously well cared for.

Benjamin Louden

Small zoo but a hidden gem for sure.

Ian Ross

A walk in the park that happens to have some animals one usually wouldn't see whilst walking in the park


Awesome Zoo to take my grandsons aged 5 and 2.. quaint, very nice array of animals and friendly staff

Leo Rollins

The Brandywine Zoo is a wonderful place to bring your toddlers. They can run around, because it isn't crowded. It doesn't have many exhibits, so if you're looking for a large selection of animals, this isn't for you. It's just a nice, cheap place to let the kids run free. The animals are generally out where you can see them, so you won't be disappointed. It only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. That is why it's very inexpensive. We just walked the whole place a few times. If it had more exhibits, I would give it a higher rating, for family fun.

Kewl Khid

To small for a big city man! I enjoyed the Philadelphia Zoo more & the DC zoo was impressive. This zoo left me & my family saying,"Is that all?". Don't waste your time or money.

Shelly Koehler

Such a great zoo! A small zoo with great exhibits. Very clean and we'll laid out. All of the employees were very kind, helpful, & well educated. Such a great activity if you only have a limited amount of free time. You can get through the zoo quickly or take your time and enjoy it for several hours.

Denessa Linderer

Very small!! Don't expect to spent any time here, we was in and out with 3 kids in maybe a hour.

Danielle Kinslow

Extremely tiny. We went at the end of April and only saw some birds and goats. Not worth it. Take the drive to Cape May Zoo instead!

Huy Le

Great for little kids learning animals. Nice walking area. Clean. Educational

Mick Madej

Wasn't expecting much in early March. About half of the animals were gone and considering this is a really small zoo I pretty much saw goats and lamas for $5 (adult rate this time of year).

Mo A

Great smaller sized zoo that we have been members of and have visited for years. Nice people there and a cool selection of animals. They are expanding some areas including the Eagle area. Probably best in spring in summer as many of the animals are housed for the cold weather.

Che Henderson

This is a great zoo to visit if you want to be haunted by the ghosts of animals. There are so few animals here that we began to think the local squirrels were a part of the had just climbed over into the cage. The animals look like they want to be put out of their misery. It would be better if they marketed this as an animal rehab, at least then it would have a captivating story. This is the first zoo I've visited that after leaving I wanted to kill myself.

Kyle Boyer

Small zoo but we'll tended to and fun for the kids with lots of information and staff to ask question of

Jenna Elizabeth

Wonderful little zoo. The staff is so nice and helpful if you need it. I had an awesome time there!

Miguel Marcial

Beautiful little zoo. Loved it! The staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable

Paula Workman

Nice little place, doesn't take long to go through it.

Donald Gallagher

Nice little zoo in Wilmington, Not too many animals, but a nice little selection including a Tiger, Eagle and Sea Otters. Good size for an hour or two with kids.

im just kd

Worst zoo ever, in 5 mins we walked through the entire zoo. My son was upset because they had maybe 12 animals in the entire zoo. Half of them were farm animals. Do not waste your time coming here. They’ll jerk you and your kids for general admission ticket fees, only for you to go inside and be severely disappointed.

maurita lee

Went to the zoo about a yr ago. First time there and it happened to be free. The kids loved it even though it is small.

Benjamin O

It is a lovely park good for running!

Kaitie Mine

I take my kids everytime we visit Delaware. They staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond. The ladies in the gift shop are so kind. The toys are reasonably priced. There is a snack counter that sells churros and …

Matt Owens

It's a nice zoo. It's on the small side, but they offer a lot of fun things for the kids to do.

Christi Leeson

It's a fun local place with very nice staff. Animals are enough to amuse my kids. Great focus on teaching about animals that are endangered.

Mignion Faretta

My favorite part of this zoo is the talking parrots and the flemmish giant rabbits. This is a small and cozy zoo but the animals are beautiful a NH d well taken care of.

Christina Strupp

Seems like a really nice place for families with young children, but much too small for adults to enjoy on their own. It is basically just a single walk path with animals on either side. Some of the animals are in glass cages which are hard to see into due to glare from the sun. The food is reasonably priced, and the keepers are very friendly, knowledgeable, and available.

vinay bhat

Good for kids. Good part is there is a good place to sit and picnic by riverside

Brett Bolling

Very clean little place. Very small zoo, not a place you'll be likely to spend a full day at, a couple hours might be a stretch. Animals all seem pretty lively and happy. Kids seem to enjoy the place a lot! Staff is very friendly and attentive. The otter show was the highlight of our trip! The park directly outside of the zoo is well maintained and is a great place to have a picnic lunch if you get through the zoo early. Watch out for the ducks, they aren't shy and will steal your food!

James Rankin

Much, much smaller than I expected. I felt bad for some of the larger animals that were in tiny cages and belong at a bigger zoo. son had fun.

Vishwas Tiptur Prasanna

Zoo itself have very few animals on display, but the location is good and easily you can pass 1-2 hours in the area.

Samantha Walls

Small, cute zoo. Staff is very friendly.

Megan Deal

Not the biggest zoo, but they have a nice selection of animals. Fun for the entire family!

Fetherston mullenix

Nice place to well worth your day. Decent atmosphere you would love all the animals and birds over here. Must recommend!

Crystal Thomas

Small package, big punch! This zoo is adorable. There aren't too many animals and you can see them all. The serval was the only animal that was able to hide. Great photo opportunities. Real nice flow. Awesome for little kids. Pack a lunch and make a day of the zoo and playground. I just found out they have presentations/shows. Pleasantly surprised.


Great zoo for young children. You can appreciate the care given to the animals. Good location to also hike or venture into the woods.

Stew Stewart

Seen all my animals beautiful place

Aarthi G

They could atleast have farm animals. Bigger toddler will get bored in this zoo. It's a very small zoo, one can hardly spend half an hour in this place.

Sylvester Hardwick

This is a small but really wonderful zoo. Ideal for young children and very accessible for elders. Interesting animals and habitats-be sure to brush the goats and listen to the chattering parrot-he has quite a vocabulary! There is a very nice outdoor eating area with tables and umbrellas.

Sonia Laxman

Its a small zoo but a beautiful place with a river sideby. There is also a small park for kids at a walkable distance. After visiting the zoo one may take their kids there.

Andrea Cocco Jordan

We normally come to the area to picnic across from the zoo along the Brandywine river. The geese and ducks are pretty socialized and it is nice and scenic. As for the zoo, it's very small with a limited amount of animals. I'm ok with that because it'd be sad to see a big animal all cramped up. they do have educational events, and the staff are well informed. We went today on a Groupon deal $12 for 2 adults, 2 children, which is about half off normal prices.


Lovely river around. Woth walking trails plus well maintained zoo entry costs just 7 bucks. Good place to hangout, of bird photography. Free parking


I feel bad giving them 3 stars however if you haven't been here, don't plan an all day trip, as it will only take you 30 mins at most to visit the whole zoo.

Barbara Luber

I have lived in Wilmington all my 71 years and this zoo breaks my heart. I am sure they are good people and put all the skills of a large zoo to use in maintenance and care. However, these animals deserve bigger cages with protection, when needed from the elements. I feel it is luke keeping a mouse in a shoebox for life. I am sad we have just acquired 2 red pandas.

Samantha Smith

It's a small zoo and you should only expect to spend an hour here, maybe an hour and a half if you take your time. It's perfect for younger kids.. but the oldest child I took here was 9 and he still had a good time. They loved petting the goats and watching the otters swim and play but when we left they agreed their favorite animal was either the bald eagle or the bobcat.

Brian Watson

Very nice.

Steve Eccleston

Had a great time. Perfect for the little ones. Close by, not to big and a nice variety of animals. Make sure to ask for the scavenger hunt when you enter the zoo.

Andrea Conte

Doesn’t even deserve one star!! the staff was ignorant and the lady with short hair was the biggest B**** ( excuse my language but I don’t care I’m mad) all the pictures they show are fake or old!! It’s fraud they shouldn’t charge any money and online it does say free but I paid because I thought it might have been nice NO!THEY SHOULD ADVERTISE THAT ITS SMALL AND NOT A LOT OF ANIMALS ARE THEIR I don’t care who gets mad at my comment it’s a free country you don’t like it don’t read it, and I will tell everyone and KEEP complaining!! And you know what I wouldn’t have even been mad if the ignorant employee wasn’t as ignorant as she was I would have just accepted I wasted money no and she was lucky my family was their because I would have REALLY told her about herself her Boss needs to teach her some customer service skills!!like I said I will tell everyone and keep complaining


its a small but Beautiful Zoo , its clean , the staff is very nice with the Animals , we have a Blast !

Eric Nielsen

I went here for a Halloween event it was pretty small but it was really nice of them

Charles Dietz

Nice Exhibits :-)

Linda Delia

This was the perfect venue for my grandson's 1st birthday. The party package was great. The staff was awesome and the animal encounter part of the party was fun for the little ones. After the party celebration, we visited the zoo and it was nice that as a group of 25 we were able to stay together since the zoo is smaller. The children loved it. If you are not having a party, I still think this is a nice place to visit for a few hours with younger children.

Fuji Le

Small zoo for a quick visit. Free parking and one could talk a nice walk along the river after the visit.

Stud Daddy

Just free these animals already. This place is a joke. They really charge to walk 100 feet around a loop and back. Most the animals aren’t there. They really have a concession stand. All the employees are upset and basically act like lost of life. The man in the concession stand watched movies on his phone. The lady at the window actually woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I cant believe its called a zoo. Don’t waste your time or money.

Mike Waters

Very small zoo, good for infants and toddlers. Highlights are the red pandas, tiger, and otters. A really inexpensive way to obtain AZA reciprocity at other zoos.

Sarah Burroughs

Great little zoo with lots of history. They are AZA accredited and take amazing care of their animals. I really recommend watching them and visiting regularly-- they are under construction with a new director and making huge waves and really wonderful changes.

Sherlyn Cruz

It's free love it nice people you can relax

han han

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a diverse selection of animals in a small

D. Mermaid

Zoo was great. The fact that we went just as they opened, all the animals were out. Easily viewed. Saw the plans for expansion-looks promising. Area is nice in general outside as well. River across the street.

Joe Fax

Nice place for the kids

David Lambert

Small but nice place to take the family. You can see the whole place in a hour. The staff were all over talking to people about the animals. Look into the yearly pass . So you can bring the kids for quick trips The is a nice park in front on it on the creek/river.

Darrel Wright

My granddaughter had a great time there so did we nice and clean and coworkers were very nice and very education9

Justin Bergener

Nice little zoo. 1 hour visit works great

Veronica Pszoniak

Really very sad. It has such potential. Glad I went on a special family night and only paid $1 to get in. I would have been pretty upset had I gone on a night for regular price. Don't get me wrong the animals of course are worth supporting and seeing but there aren't many and the zoo is very small. The name is deceiving, they should try to come up with something a bit more fitting. The area should invest in this attraction because it could be so much more.


Nice place

Dajon Crosby

Great place to visit on a Saturday morning with the family!

Matt O'grady

You can actually see most, if not all the animals unlike some zoos where the animals are hiding. The tiger is awesome and active. Small so toddler didn't get bored walking and lose focus. Also petting the goats was fun for my 3 year old. Park is clean, and fun without a massive crowd to tend with. Price of admission is excellent and season pass is a bargain if you plan on multiple trips.

Polly Forest

The staff is nice and the zoo looks clean and animals look well taken care of. But it is very small and only worth it if you are a local. We spent less then an hour here, was not worth my drive an hour away.

Manchiraju Ramya

Good place for young kids... It takes max 30 minutes to an hour to go around..but the animals are taken care well.

Mark Feltner

Small 100 year old plus zoo in Wilmington Delaware. Still a destination especially if your close to town (we were in Philly) as this is a quaint and quick visit that is worth the time. And better yet the cost is nominal at best so please make a donation or hit the gift shop to help them out. And hey oh by the way ya might just learn something too. That in an of itself makes it a good day eh

Ken Weiford

Small enough zoo that you can take young children and not have to spend a lot of time before they tire out.

Lorraine DeFronzo

Small yet lovely little zoo.

Donna Ciancaglione

Small but a beautiful setting. It took about 1/2 hour to go through but it was an enjoyable, clean and worth the drive.

Heather Yacabell

A clean, small, family-friendly zoo that is geared towards children! Although it is not a large zoo, there is plenty to enjoy here if you take your time to observe each of animals and talk with your kids about them, their habitat, behaviors, etc. The zoo staff and volunteers are very helpful and polite. Because the zoo is so close to Brandywine Park, it’s perfect to combine a nice walk to admire the beautiful scenery, run around on the nearby playground, and enjoy a picnic lunch. Membership at the Brandywine Zoo also affords you 50% off admission price at the Philadelphia Zoo!

C. Jefferis

The price and size make this a great option for a quick afternoon dose of cute animals. I always spend most of my time petting the goats and watching the otters play. On my first trip, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a diverse selection of animals in a small zoo.

Sandra Essing

Animals not well taken care of. Had two raptor birds together that didn't belong in same area. Kept fighting and had nowhere to go. It is sad that these places still exploit animals for profit placing them in cages when they should experience life freely. I dont reccomend this place. They should be shut down

Nicole B

My kids are 2 and 5 and they absolutely are infatuated with this little zoo. There are multiple empty exhibits where animals used to be but I'm sure they won't be vacant long. Theres a nice sitting area with picnic tables. You can get food here or bring your own.

Maria Rodriguez

Loved how cute the animals there are. Its not too big great for small kids and seniors .

shawnda Jackson

It’s ok for small children, not many animals to see.

John Terrell

Great local zoo; family friendly.

Sean McGonegal

Great place for kids, our family has been members for years now and we love it! Note that it is a small zoo, don't expect to get lost here.

Dan Stine


Ryan Felix

Wonderful place! Great information on each exhibit! Inexpensive!

Nataraj Gandhi arunachalam

Nice place. Small zoo but well maintained. Pleasant experience.

Shalon Bordrick

A cold morning of peace and tranquility.

Robert Cole

This zoo should apply to the Guinness book of records for the lamest zoo on Earth. It used to have Tigers and a snow Leopard and then it was mildly interesting. Now they are gone it's the otters and the golden Lion Tamarinds. How long can you look at these. A wholesome half hour of family entertainment.

Prasenjit Datta

Nice small zoo. Only problem too small.

David Berkowitz

Such a small, sad zoo that I forgot to take photos. They’re known for their tiger, but that has exhibit had been closed for some time. Tiny for a zoo. I’m sure they care perfectly well for the animals, but few looked like they were doing that great. Many exhibits have so much netting that it’s tough to see much clearly. It’s fine for kids, but kids who have been to other zoos may be disappointed; set their expectations lower.

Crystal k

" great experience. Nice staff and so many things to learn!!! "

Nick Donatelli

Probably the saddest zoo you'll ever go to, you can walk through the whole thing in less than 10 mins and see animals in enclosures that barely have any room to move, the conditions the animals exist in seems incredibly inhumane. I don't suggest supporting a business that provides such poor living conditions for their exhibits.

Alejandro Head

Cute but small zoo. Staff was very friendly. Looks like they plan to expand the property in the near future.


Small family oriented zoo. Love letting my toddler run around and explore. Staff is friendly and attentive! They have great programs for children during the week and on the weekends! Once a month in the summer they have a family fun night with $1 admission!

Christian Berry

Small and nice zoo. You can come here with your family. Animals are treated well and kept in good way. Overall I like the place and people taking care of the zoo was doing a great job.

Becky Kent

Small zoo with friendly staff, clean exhibits and lively animals.

Colleen Kirby

Small and sweet zoo with polite staff. It's undergoing some construction right now but should improve it even more. There are several exhibits with smaller animals, a petting zoo with goats, a snack bar area and a seating area. This is geared for a short visit and for the younger kids. Make a longer day out of using the park by the river or the large playground just walking distance away.


went today payed $7 to see 3 animals. asked lady if my son could touch the lizard and she said no 2 minutes later they ask for a brave volunteer little kid gets to touch the lizard. was not worth $7 should of been a $1 will not be going back

Nin Nin Bell

I can handle the fact that it’s small (the price reflects that) but the workers were just flat out not nice. Was there for 1.5 hours during a very slow time and not one worker of the zoo said hello. How are you? Nothing. Didn’t even look up …

Eric Salmonsen

Perfect place for young kids. Very walkable and nothing overwhelming for them. Affordable and pleasant.

C Hewitt

The Brandywine Zoo is a small zoo, but it has some cool animals. I've only gone once, and it was a while ago, but I remember liking it. However, the Philadelphia Zoo and other local zoos are technically better.

Isabel Filipe

This is a small, what we call a 20 minute zoo. Not much to see at the zoo itsself but they do have great events throughout the year. The staff are super friendly and always happy to answer any of the hundreds of questions your kids, or you may have! Small gift shop with books, toys, t-shirts and the like. Because of its small size it's truly an educational place and surrounding areas are beautiful to explore

Drew Kortanek

Only Zoo in Delaware established in 1905. Kid-orientated place to be. Not so much for teens or adults.

Matt B

Love this small zoo. It's really fun. The kids loved it

Debbie Uetz

The park is nice along the water, plenty of tables and grills. The zoo does not have a tiger. :( So disappointed! The zoo is suited for children under 6. It would make for a nice family day.

Kala Pierson

Currently very small with small enclosures for the animals, though they plan to renovate and improve that. The text label for the zoo in Google Maps needs an edit so it won't be frustrating for kids - label still says there's a tiger (zoo only had a tiger for half a year in 2016).

Anastasiia Panchoshna

Nice little ZOO

Brandon Kirby

Very small 5 min worth of fun. It sucked

Daniel Becker

Small zoo but perfect for toddlers. Older kids would not be so impressed. Capybara, Otters, Reptiles, Macaw, rhea, condor, fox, owl, red panda, tamarins, porcupine, some other birds/hawks, goats; concession stand has pizza, hot dogs, pretzel and snacks/sodas. Nothing fancy. Gift shop is same. 7$ per adult, kids under 3 free. Spend about an hour here. And the goose and ducks along the Brandywine river (where you park) are also entertaining. Check their schedule for special showings too. Staff is really awesome!

Corey N.

Most of the animals where hiding because it was hot but it was fun for the kids.

Christopher Iser

Love this place great little zoo we visit every chance I get

Richard Kauffman

Love the red pandas and otters. My grandson and I visit frequently. Excellent parking and natural surroundings, with nice stream to sit or cool feet off at start or end of visit.

Pete Gordon

Cute little zoo great to take the kids that are affordable ratesnice area for picnics across the street at the Brandywine Creek. Plenty of free parking would recommend this to any young family For a nice day out.

Austin Mwangi

A place to see some animals and great place to bring your kids

D. Odell Benson

Small but great for the little ones. Nice people

Mary B

We never miss a lecture or presentation. Always a learning experience.

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