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REVIEWS OF 3 Palms Zoo & Education Center IN Delaware

William Pennington

Jacquelynn Hernandez


My wife and I took our granddaughters to the zoo yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect from the place but I must say I never would have guessed that there was such a nice little zoo in Clayton. It's not very big but they manage to pack a very nice assortment of animals into a compact, well layer out package. We enjoyed the place and would recommend it to anyone. Especially noteworthy were the two young men working there. Matt and Dan were extremely knowledgeable about not only the animals on site but all animals in general. We spoke with Matt the most and he was a very impressive young man. The only downside to the place is the parking area. Little more than a muddy section of field next to the zoo, it's entrance could be damaging to many vehicles and the area itself is very uneven and likely to cause the car to get stuck.


Jeff Nathan

Miranda Davis

Such an amazing experience. The staff truly loves every animal and they are so willing to help you with anything you could need, or to answer any questions you may have. The price is so modest and makes you want to donate extra to keep this amazing petting zoo running. We will absolutely be back many more times!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stop raving about it to everyone.

Mason Spencer

Rachel Revello

Matthew Shaffner

cheryle smith

Too cute

Diane Hatfield

My granddaughters love this place.

Jennifer McHenry

Victoria Terry

Wonderfully inexpensive place to bring your family! Great alternative to a traditional zoo


Very pretty! Very clean and great to interact with animals! Loved it!!

Ian Crowley

Great place for kids. Did the night Christmas light tour and it was fun, kids enjoyed Santa, the lights, the animals, and roasting marshmallows. Can't wait to check out their Halloween event.

Chuck Gough

Very nice place to bring young children and walk around.

Sandra Bloom

Best little exhibit around! Rescued animals feature in this interactive zoo with goats, llamas, geese, and even alligators! Amusement with feeding and petting the animals will certainly ensue on all visits!

Richard Walker

I have the pleasure of volunteering here. It's mostly helping out with making sure the animal enclosures are clean and also getting a chance to bond with them. Volunteers are very important since the zoo is a rescue facility and only charges a minimal fee for guests. Not to mention it's the only place in DE you can see alligators! The owners are really cool guy's too!

Johnette Benson

It was a nice place. A little ruff walking over tree roots and the holding areas were a little messed and smelly. But it was a place where the employees helped answer questions and it really was a great place for resuced animals

Wayne Christopher Lineberry

Very nice for a family Christmas visit. Everyone was very friendly. Extremely slippery it it's showed however so be prepared so slip and slide.

Andrew Jimenez

Friendly staff and lots of animals to pet!

Tanya Willis

Angela Rivera

Nice small zoo to bring children.

Massabobo 95

Melody A



I really enjoyed this visit! My kids absolutely loved the stop! This was indeed a bit out of the way , however the staff are really doing an amazing job! They are really invested in what they do so if you are looking to help and see some great animals stop by!

Normagi Normagi

All rescued animals. Well taken care of.

Rebecca C

Taylor Esper

Love this place. My buddy lives next door. The owners are so nice and the zoo is awesome

Brooke Fairchild

Great little zoo. Very inexpensive. You can see all the animals up close and personal, something you can't do at the larger zoos.

Robert Easley


Christopher Gedney

Friendly staff, and very informational. It a rescue zoo in country setting.


The location is a bit out there but it was nice! The staff where about to close up and when they heard how far we had come from they stayed open longer just for us. My family absolutely loved this experience! These young men are doing a great work I truly hope they get the help they need to grow this zoo.

Roy E Beck Jr

Can be dangerous for small children

jsr &craziness

So the animals were amazing but the people were rude and the geese do attack sometimes and they yelled at us and proceeded to yell at all of us even though I had done nothing. My grandmother was bit by a goose.I must say this because I am a child who has grown up around animals and has never had a bad experience with animals. I do not blame the geese or the facility its self but there needs to be more space for the animals. I do believe they are helping the animals for the most part but they should warn people that they may get bit if that is the case and they should properly educate people who cross the line instead of hurling insults at them infront of there families. The behaviour of the staff was childish and lacking the ability to explain things. They claim to educate when truly they lack the ability to properly do so . I have had no bad experinces here personally but I did see a few here . I have never had a had experience and I do believe animals are inheritantly good they just dont have enough space in this facility the geese need more roaming space. They need to try to console help and educate polietly people who get injured in there facilities. I personally was not involved but I did over hear it . as I said she was attacked I do not know the exact details or whom was at fault but regardless it was handled with little professionality. I also was mortified to have them say anything to me about my grandmother and complain about their generation to me . Mind you I was 15 at the time and have been helping with animal rescues since I was 5. I love animals more than people yet I was able to see how there behavior was damaging to both parties simply because animals should never be exposed to that amount of loud noise it can cause them ANIEXTY and you should never yell in front of rescue animals. Its just wring cause it is tramatic to animals and people and theese animals do not deserve to be exposed to the yelling because they dont always understand that it is aimed at a person and not them Espeacially if they suffered through yelling or mistreatment previous to being placed in the zoo. I believe it would be benificary to everyone to have an outside party try to improve the place and fix cummunications. I believe yet in contrary with many of my disappointment with the facility the animals seem to be cared for and safer in this place and cared about. I would recommend only going to this place alone or with some one who understands rescue cause it is not ment for people who are ignorant to the effects if trama on animals and are not educated on how to behave around them. The people here are truly a let down and I think the animals might have been smarter and more intuned with people then the staff

Desiree Stultz

This was our first time visiting the zoo since they relocated. The layout is incredibly easy to navigate. The workers there were amazing. They informed us before they fed the pelicans and took a tortoise out of its enclosure so my 5 year-old and I could watch and pet it. I also learned so much from Dan about the animals. When my daughter asked to pet one of the snakes, the gentleman stopped what he was doing to go and get a snake for her. It was a great time and we are already talking about going back.

James Sanchez

Worth the visit

Frank Heron

Best local zoo ever!

Kerry Morisette

Wonderful experience, had a great time with a my daughters class trip. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. Kids can interact with the animals.

James Couzens

Small but nicely interactive and personal. Animals roaming freely that kids can touch is quite special. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Nice to know there is a place like this close to home.

John Bonsall

Jennifer Sanders

Joel Margavage

Amanda Haddaway

Great hidden gem in de. Friendly people, fun for the whole family.

Elaine Cave

Wonderful place for families. You can experience animals up close and personal.


Sherry Stubbs

Katie Green

Alba Garcia

Small gem! I visit 3 Palms Zoo several times a year. They take such good care of the animals who have been abandoned, injured, or neglected. If you love animals, this is a great place to support.

Chuck C

Had the pleasure of visiting this zoo/attraction/center with a couple of grandkids today, ages 3 and 7; maybe I should have given it four stars but these folks deserve a five for what they've accomplished. Sure, it'd be great if all these animals were out in the wild... but the truth is these are all "rescues" and they're unable to survive on their own. So they live out their remaining years protected in this little zoo, while we have the pleasure of getting to know them. One of the rules kindly explained when you check in is that kids mustn't chase the animals. What great fun to discover that no one explained to the geese that they probably shouldn't chase the kids! And someone should have warned the wife that, when crouching down to feed a rabbit, there was a rooster with a great sense of humor sneaking up to peck said wife's backside! Who needs amusement parks and cable tv when this kind of entertainment is available? Go ahead... fall in love with the three foxes, cavort with the giant turtles, and give the pig a scratch right where he wants in on his bristly back. Just keep an eye on the geese, and don't let that rooster out of your sight. Plan to spend an hour or two, avoid real hot days if you can cause the animals get sleepy.

April s

Sofia Balile

Loved it!

Ginger Pasquale

This is a nice place to take the young kids. It's more of a petting zoo. There are animals there that are rescues that you cannot pet, such as the foxes, the turtle, the skunk, some of the birds. Apparently there are also alligators but we were unable to see them. There are ducks, chickens, geese, swans and roosters randomly walking around. There are donkeys Llamas, pigs, emus, vultures, Ravens, pigeons, pheasants, Turkeys, bunny's, ginea pigs, goats and sheep. Some you could feed and pet. Was a pretty awesome experience. There are more birds than anything. If your afraid of birds then this is not for you. We loved it.

Allen McCloskey

Fun for kids

Missy Miss

We loved this little zoo!!! Took 1 1/2 , 5, and 7 year old and they all loved it! The animals are rescues and others given up by their owners. We fed many of the animals bamboo which was provided to us. You can also purchase feed from a quarter machine. The animals were lively and interactive with the kids. Goats, pigs, sheep, emu, bunny, guinea pig, chickens, geese, llama, tortoise, etc all ate the bamboo. The kids were thrilled! Some were just to look at like alligators, fox, coyote, possum, skunk, iguanas, etc. Also the attendants were so helpful, informative, and nice. Don't go if you are looking for big, exciting animals but is perfect for families!

Richard Vogel

Great little Zoo

Karen Hargrove

Fire Blazer

Like my pictures ?

Randy Antonuccio

Great for the price and location. You just need to have the right expectations. We have gone 3 times in the past year.

husky 2003

Lori Lubbers

Great place to visit. Lots of animals to see in every corner of the place.

Stephen Ruggles

Letitia Schuman

They care about their rescues. Willing to educate.

Evan McHenry

3 Palms Zoo is a great zoo to take children to. The location is tucked away nicely and has ducks and geese that wonder around openly. It's clear that the staff that run the zoo love each animal as they are all well taken care of and interacted with regularly. There are often holiday events which are a blast to partake in, especially the Christmas event. 3 Palms Zoo is a little hidden treasure in the central Delaware area, it's a must see!

Yapah Kalayah

My family had a great time! The staff was really nice and they had a pretty nice bunch of animals. Price is great! Def going back :)

Robin Goode

I was told about this zoo from a women in Smyrna at the nail salon. I had told her I did not know about this zoo and been in Delaware for 9 years. We went Sunday with my grand children, Jourdyn and Tristen. We had a Joyable and wonderful time walking with the animals, feeding them and learning all the different species. I can't wait to go back. Thank you for the experience and my kids still talking about their adventure.

Liz Long

We took our three year old to 3 Palms. It was a great experience for all of us! Bring lots of quarters to buy feed for the animals. The roaming birds are friendly and not shy. The staff is informative and enthusiastic about their animals. Definitely not a traditional "zoo", but definitely worth the experience! To the 3 Palms staff, thank you for caring for these animals! <3

Josh Grau

Mary Cowan

google user

Super cute little zoo! A lot of different animals to feed and pat) They have very pretty Christmas Decorations all over the zoo. Staff are very friendly. Totally recommend to visit!

Karla Altamirano

I expected a lit bit more for the price.

Kristian Lake

Loved it!

Shannon Wilds

Loved it

Lauren Wade

Scott Sahrhage

Amazing little zoo. Was more than I expected for 5 bucks.

Francesca Raub

Megan Diehl

This is a superb place to visit for young and old! We visited by chance on the way home from vacation last year and made a special day trip this year just to go see them. Make sure to chat with the owners if possible. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. They can tell you just about every animals' story.

carol symes

Cristian Talavera

Stephanie F

Jerry Ivey

Lots of fun for the kids and adults

Tiffany Ruppert

Awsome and friendly

Sitting with SONY

Becky Clough

Great little zoo. Awesome for little ones.

shimon zitter

Kevin Unterkofler

Jocelyn Cox

Owen Spencer

They let in supervised geese Rome the dirt paths along the small animal Habitats. They wait for you at the gate so that they can give you food that they give you to feed the animals. This gear chase you and trap you and sometimes bite you even. Our family had a very bad experiments getting bit by these Loose animals biteing. The worst part I when you tell the workers nicely they replie very rude and just keep telling you that it doesn't hurt yet when you get bit it leaves a blood blister on your 5 year old. There's are just a few reasons we will not be back. Also the intire plays it disgusting.

Kathy Hutson

Cute little zoo! A little hard to find but worth it. Donations asked for but not required! Friendly and very informative!

Vicki Givens

Cayla Haze

Polly Forest

Michelle Johnson

Vijay C

Justin King

I went today and took my little cousin who is 8 years old. We both had a blast and it has a unique intimate setting and is probably the most interactive little zoo I have ever been to. I love that it is non profit and these guys are giving animals in need a place to be loved and taken care of. The best part is feeding all the animals bamboo leaves they go crazy for it and really interact with the guests. Perfect trip for an hour or two of fun with animals!

Kristy Cousens

Great place to take the family, love the people that run the place, they are wonderful folks.

April Schwing

Jeff Magoon

Matt Tunnd

I visited 3 palms zoo today and had an awesome experience. The zoo was inexpensive and well kept. The staff were very helpful and nice. My 2 year old was entertained with the variety of animals. He loved feeding them and touching them. We will visit again.


Not like it

Kay Baker

great place. Lots of animals that can roam in large areas. You'd love it. Small but mighty. Inexpensive, too.

Santiago Morales

Michele Warch

I rarely say anything negative about any place, whether I do or don't have a good experience, but this was so far beyond my regular experience. So, we drove an hour and a half to go to 3 Palms Zoo, a self proclaimed rescue zoo. Here's what happened: We weren't in the gate two minutes before two geese came up and started pecking at mine and the kids feet. Damien was crying and afraid. I was able to get past them and we went to look at the other animals in very small pens. There was a warning on the donkey's area "I eat fingers." We didn't touch him. There were a dozen more aggressive birds roaming free. After a rooster came up and, completely unprovoked (I was facing the other way), started pecking my leg, Damien's crying and I'm carrying him. I asked the guy who works there to walk us out. He uses an accusatory tone and starts explaining that they can't hurt us and they can't be aggressive. I don't argue, I just ask to be walked out. He follows me to the gate, yelling that my kids are now going to be afraid of animals because I've terrified him. We left. I kept my mouth shut, but I would NEVER go there or support this place. He screamed at me. Hey, ANY animal can be aggressive. Geese in particular are WELL KNOWN to become aggressive, especially around nesting season or if they expect to be fed. Google it: The birds often become aggressive if they believe that their eggs or goslings are threatened. ... The geese will then become aggressive if humans get too close to the nest. This is one of many reasons why it is not a good idea to feed wild geese.

Kula Thompson-WIlliams

Wonderful place to spend a Sunday evening....

Jennifer Eliason

Chris W. James

Great smaller zoo and cheap entrance fee. All animals appear to be rescues and or healing injuries. That's how zoos should work in my opinion. Be sure to get some bamboo when you enter and bring quarters for the corn/pellet machines to feed the animals as you go. Getting "goosed" by the geese along the tour is fun and a great time to snap pics of the wife/kids faces :)

James Crutchley

Rosa LoSardo

Cute tiny place. They do a good job saving the animals

Amanda Dempsey

I've known of this place for a while and it wasn't until my cat brought home a baby bunny that I finally checked it out. They took the bunny and had wildlife rescue come pick it up to rehabilitate it and release it. They were very nice and the animals were awesome. They gave my children bamboo to feed the animals and answered all their questions. They had Rosie a racoon, Misty, a huge bunny, and my favorite Dominic the Donkey. They had many other animals including a HUGE turkey, peacocks, ducks, chickens, Geese, turtles, a fox, bunnies, Guinea pigs, goats, and lamas among many more. It was only 10.00 dollars for myself and my two children. I highly recommend checking this gem out.

Tony Root

Tania Cesari

We had a pleasant experience today at this little zoo. It was only $5 for each family member; which includes a hand full of bamboo to feed some of the animals. The staff was kind. They are doing an extraordinary job providing a safe and loving place for their rescued animals. And the animals were welcoming and friendly. This place is small but never boring. It provides a great opportunity of a closer interaction with the animals. We walked around for a couple of hours and my little companion had a lot of fun.

David Joiner

Fantastic place to take your children to visit a small petting zoo in this area. They are a non profit petting zoo and rescue. They do this for the animals which is their sole priority and concern. The owners Dan and Matt are very knowledgeable and very helpful in the community.

Kathleen McNally

Vliet Family

wayne adkins

Great for the family

Lexi Cartee

I have never in my life left a 1 star review. This zoo was nasty and the smell was repulsive! I honestly felt bad for all of the animals. They were living in pens with their own feces. ( Not just a little bit, there were alot of piles) This zoo claims to be an education center but when we asked about breeds of animals, the employee didn't know. There were flies EVERY WHERE! And to top it all off the geese bit all of us. The zoo keeper said "They can't bite because they have no teeth." They may not be able to technically bite but they can pinch with their beaks. We had no warning that the geese would be aggressive. We spent most of the zoo time trying to avoid the nasty smell and the mean geese. Definitely would not recommend!!!

Don Hass

Walter Erbenich

Very clean and nice place to walk around and spend a couple hours. They have plenty of animals and reptiles to see. Employees are very helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. I will glady come back to visit again!

Lorie Twenge

Nina Evermon

This is an experience. Staff is wonderfull and full of's so cool. I pet a swan , goose, chicken, rooster, lama, sheep, goats, pigs, tortoise, and feed everything I could to Dominic the donkey to the peacocks and bunnies, Ginni pigs, ...very cool. I thank you for this experience. I am glad they hajd the opportunity to save these lives....wonderful amazing time. Kids loves it.

Mike Metcalf

What makes this place 5 stars is that it's an animal rescue run by guys that really care about these critters that would othwise be euthanized. It gives these animals to live out their lives in a nice wooded setting. See the animals, and donate to help them help these hurt or unwanted animals.

Darlene Fitzpatrick

Summer Landing

Daniel Scott

This place is wonderful. The people who run it are very friendly and informative. They work very hard. The animals you are able to pet are are all beautiful and friendly. I recommend this place to everyone regardless of age.

Charles Dowdy

Wonderful little zoo! Kids all enjoyed the "Boo at the Zoo"!

Kimberly Rivera

I'm so grateful to the owners at 3 Palms. I'm fairly new to DE from Southern CA (we moved because family was sick but still kept our home there, lol...everyone asks why we moved) and my 16 year old son found a baby bunny nest in our front yard after mowing. The advice they gave me was gold and has given me the peace of mind that the babies are okay and that the mom is feeding them. I am so grateful that they care so much about animals that they would spend their time to help a complete stranger out over FB chat. We can't wait to visit the zoo this weekend and teach our 16 month old along with our teenager how to love and care for all living things. Thanks 3 Palms, you rock!

Kat 5

Its a cool zoo with a donkey and an alligator greenhouse pool and all these ducks and roosters follow you around and its a fun place

Margaret strobach

dimitar petrov

nice small place

juju ruff

Karen Taylor

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