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REVIEWS OF USS Nautilus IN Connecticut

Mike Yadontneedtoknow

A very fun museum for everyone interested in naval history. It's technically free, but I'd recommend donating. There is an audio tour of the Nautilus where you get to walk around in the submarine and see how daily life would have been for those on the submarine.

WalterCarol Gripko

I grew up @ that base though out the years, it's changed but haven't we all. Went to visit 2014 and loved it! You can explore and enjoy at a comfortable place. Want to show your kids Naval History, start here! Here's a picture I drew of a photo there

Kim Underwood

Very interesting place! Inside the museum there are codes you can scan to get more info on what you're looking at with more pictures. There's a recording that you listen to as you're touring the submarine. If you have questions after the tour, there is a very nice gentleman (or lady) that will answer them.

Helen Henriksen-Schuler

What an exciting place. So much to learn. The officers were so polite and respectful

Joseph Kennedy

Walk the hull of the first nuclear powered submarine. See where the crew worked, slept, and ate. Great experience and the museum has many unique items that should be checked out. Don't miss this place if you're around the area.

Andrew Clark

Great tour of the first nuclear powered submarine. A very important part of Navy history.

Mark Robinson

Fantastic opportunity to look at a submarine inside and out. Not the longest tour but still very informative. definitely recommend coming here with friends and family when you're in the local vicinity and they have a nice little gift shop as well for you to buy something. Restrooms are also available and clean.

Jared Cooper

Awesome, free, audio - guided tour! So cool!

Frank Hager

The walk thru the sub will give you an understanding of how tight the space is on board. Give yourself 2 hours for a movie, on the hour and other exhibits throughout the museum

Scott Akam

Nice way to spend a couple hours with an amazing piece of history.

William Terry

Experience for the whole family. Great hands on exhibits. Fun and learning.

Michael Pilant

Very informative but a bit short. Can't complain too much since it's free to the public.

Pradip Desai

Nice place to visit for historic place.


Unless you're claustrophobic or extra super sized, the self paced submarine tour is great! The museum is also very interesting :)

Jonathan Cruz

My 3 year old had a blast. He loved pushing all the buttons on the display models and sitting in the driver's seat. It is amazing to see the tight quarters our Navy lives in for weeks or months at a time. Definitely gives you a better appreciation for our Navy.

Erik Rosekrans

Excellent museum! There are a couple of movies explaining the history of submarines, a ton of information and many, many displays inside, as well as a really nice museum shop. Outside is the USS Nautilus, the first US nuclear submarine, which you can tour.

Helga F.

WONDERFUL a Pearl very closed to Mystic (Connecticut). To visit !!

Nabil Bouziane

Always empty, quick eating and plenty of options!!a bit pricey but hey!!u are in a casino

Emerson Graybill

It was a great tour and well worth it I just wish they would allow you to see more of the submarine but it's very educational.

manuel cabrero

A great piece of history but don't go when it if you're claustrophobic

Michael Boan

Great look into the original nuclear submarines and how submarines have developed over the years

John Gunlock

I had a grate time (my grandfather served on it he sad it was fun)

Robert Allen

Awesome experience and a great place for our US Submarine history.

Thomas Wood

Great place to visit and take a tour.


“This is not a tall man’s boat”. One of the best vessels toured and visited anywhere. Very clean and well presented. They really care about this item and it’s presentation and preservation. Audio handheld device for tour. Tour can be appreciated by any age older than three, and by any educational level beyond pre-K. We noticed that both kids and adults were very engaged in the tour. Free admission. Free parking. Parking lot RV accessible. Competent, welcoming and knowledgeable active Navy submariners onboard and in vicinity to answer questions. CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER CLOSED DAYS.

Dan ONeill

We stopped while driving from Boston to NY. Great place for the kids to stretch their legs, and really interesting things to see. Not sure if it is always free? We went on July 4th, no charge for parking or admission.

Bart Cox

Amazing clothing Museum. Learned a ton in 2 hours free free free don't miss it

James Hall

Clean.modern facilities...friendly staff

Raymond Ellis

I enjoyed the self-guided tour of the Nautilus. The audio guide that was provided was very good and descriptive

Michael Spinelli

Wow. Now I know what it must have been like to spend weeks under the ice after going aboard. Smaller inside than I had envisioned. Very informative. I came away from the experience with much more of an appreciation for our country's submariners.

Robert Harris

Very cool place. Lots of interesting and interactive things to do

Vicki Pennick

Great place to learn some pretty cool history


What a great stop! We toured the submarine, which was an enlightening experience. There are also lots of experiential opportunities in the museum. You can use an app to listen to the self-guided tour of the museum. It's all free. You'll probably need more time than you expect. We did.

Marvin Serruto

The Nautilus is the first boat I stepped foot on 25 Feb 1978, during the blizzard of "78" Groton Connecticut.

Ed Tordahl

Finest and FREE!! Product/Service 5=Excellent (Go for it) Exceeds normal expectations

Ruth Grabowski

Excellent museum! Really enjoyed the audio aspect of the tour. Packed with so much interesting information! Kids enjoyed trying the periscopes! The tour of the sub was very cool....went there when I was young with my dad and hoped my kids would enjoy it as much as I did! Brought back great memories for me and my kids really did enjoy it!

Kris Behringer

We had the time as we were passing through and decided to stop and visit. I am so glad we did!! What a fun, educational experience! All of the staff were friendly, the museum was very clean and the self guided tour through the submarine was fantastic! The best thing of all is that this venue is free. That said, they do have a donation bin near the info desk. If you can, donate. We recommend this place for anyone with any kind of interest in naval submarines. We are happy we made the time to stop.

Dylan Roach

Very historic and a great way to spend time with the family/date

Jeffery Wyatt

Retired Submariner and enjoyed seeing the first nuclear powered Submarine. If you want to see what life is like on a submarine take this tour.

Nageswara Reddy Chintakuntla

Great experience. Kids enjoyed the tour of the original submarine.


Awsome thing to do with family. The self guided tour was a nice touch. Def something to see. Also if your "insanely" fat you wont be able to make it through most parts of the ship.

Alexander Dixon

Reall cool and nest place to tour and see. Lots of knowledge and history there. Enjoyed chatting with the prior service submarine guys

Mahendra Desai

Located at the Groton submarine base, it is worth visiting and experiencing what inside of submarine looks and feels like.

Kevin Braun

It's a free tour, guided through an electronic audio device, so it's difficult not to give a good rating. I was just a little surprised at how short the tour was given the size of the vessel. The museum had a lot of interesting things in it as well. You could spend anywhere from 1/2 hour to a couple hours here depending on the level of detail you want to learn/explore.

Ian Clipstone

Just brilliant! Free for a start and really interesting to look around to see how the submariners lived. The museum was also well set out, interesting and informative as were the two gentlemen who greeted us and spoke to us about the Nautilus and museum.

Paul Hillgren

Very interesting place, especially if you enjoy learning about submarines.

Mike Rzewuski

Educational tourist site showing some submarine history. Even some touch items for children.

Kaustubh Bhure

Very nice....i was surprised and curious about first nuclear powered submarine of US. Even the museum is also good. They have shared with the public a lot of important information. If you are in Groton definitely do visit.

Pat Robshaw

Great historical significance, thorough narrative of development of submarines

Stephen Brault

Our third visit. If you're interested in American history, a great place to visit. Love walking thru the USS Nautilus. You'll have a greater appreciation for the men and women who serve in our great Navy.

Jennie Granese

My grandson really enjoyed this sub .

Nicole Shields

Who doesn't love taking a look back into our military history and exploring! My daughter loved it!

joon hwang

Great place for family, free tour of submarine was awesome experience.

Mary Leon

Great place to take the kids.

Everett Harman

This free submarine museum is a must see. The main attraction is a nuclear submarine that you can tour and see how submariners live. There are also many exhibits inside the museum building. Fascinating for both adults and kids.

Phil Huff

A very nice museum. Unique and full of unusual history.

Barbara Sanders

My husband is retired submariner and I got a chance to finally go on one. Must have been difficult because he is 6'1''. A lot of ducking. A great museum. Highly recommend.

Chris Petersen

What a great experience. Went there with the young kids and they loved it. The audio tour was fantastic. I wished I could have spent more time there, but apparently my attention span is a tad longer than my children's. The coolest thing for me was when I went into the communications room and the smell of Bakelite brought me back to the days of my childhood electronics hobby making radios. The sub is absolutely the real deal!

linda williams

Interesting exhibits regarding submarine history from the inception to current classes.

BSAR Patel

Unique US Destination in the Submarine Capital of the world where you learn why USA is the Super Power

James Jones

The tour of the Nautilus was cool. You get to see what life is like on a submarine.

Luke Pittman

Cool museum on the history and birth of submarining, particularly nuclear subs... Definitely good for a history buff that likes to learn about the evolution of naval warfare.

David Boland

Very interesting part of history and the sub tour was a lot of fun. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

Letha Morris

You get to tour a lot of it but not all of it I guess do to secure areas that are closed off. But you get to walk all through it up and down. I see just how small and compact everything is. I don't know how submariners live this way in such a confined space together. There is equipment and pipes above, below, and beside them at all times and the sleeping racks look super small and uncomfortable. Their clothing storage lockers are small. I have purses larger than that. Wow to be deep under the ocean, in a tiny tube, with all those other people, in such small work areas and tiny sleeping racks for seven months at a time you should make much more money than you do. Your sacrifice for our country's safety is undescribable. Thank you to all U.S. Submarine Sailors. I had no idea until now.

alphonso covington

Very very cool experience,highly recommend you check it out if your in the area!!!


Very nice museum with a lot of information and history about subs. The Nautilus tour itself was pretty cool however you only get to see the front part. They give you these little devices which automatically give you a voiced lesson on the particular part of the ship you're at. Only problem with the tour was a felt a bit rushed by people behind my family and I.

Mark Bruce

Very interesting and historical, is great to see and tour.

George LaPerche

Great way to spend a morning. Well done. Would have like a more personal guide though from a retired submariner.

Erica Caginalp

Can't believe this is a free exhibit! It's a great, high quality exhibit.

Christian Doll

It's amazing that this museum is free. It's awesome to board the submarine and see just how spectacular an accomplishment it is that we have machines capable to allow humans to survive under water.

Tibonn Tibonn

Everything there is absolutely 100% awesome my family and I loved it

SunShine Bright

What a great place to visit for adults and kids. A+++ will visit again.

Kristina Steensen

A really neat experience getting to board amd tour a submarine.

Michelle Lemay

Very well maintained facliltie...

Lisa Will

Soaking up some American Naval history

Greg Werling

Fun, informative, and educational. Had a great time with the kids exploring the sub, and all the informative displays. They provide a nice self guided tour device that explains the different areas of the sub that you can walk through. Took several pics but seeing with your own eyes is worth the trip. Definitely will be back again.

Shailza Shukla

I was amazed by the presentation exhibits and the way they have made the knowledge interactive. Hard submarine concepts are explained visually. Must go if you are interested in naval history or if you have kids

John Cheng

Free parking and admission it is a perfect weekend getaway with family.

Stephanie Bente

Great place to visit. Very informative. You will get to tour an actual submarine and at the end of visit there is a small gift shop.

Wayne Geiser

Interesting tour of an historic vessel. The free tour is done by individual audio devices that are loaned to you for the duration of your time aboard. Warning: the boat is NOT handicapped accessible and there are steep steps and bulkhead doors that must be stepped through. If you have mobility issues, you may not want to attempt to go below.

zander mander

It's a fun little place to spend some time and learn about subs

Greg Tisdale

You need to go it's awesome

JuliAnn Geiger

Best ice cream. Homemade ..yummy!

Robert Raymond

Fascinating, the centerpiece of the U.S. Navy submarine museum. The Nautilus is the grand daddy of all nuclear submarines. A valuable piece of history accessible to the public. The Nautilus and the entire submarine museum are not to be missed. Just about all the staff are volunteers. Many are Navy submarine veterans.

Alicia C

Very informational. Kids had fun too!

Jason Caldwell

Fascinating museum. Great displays! Including a full scale model of the Turtle used during the Revolutionary War, the "elevator" used by John F. Kennedy and Barry Goldwater to enter the submarines they visited, working periscopes, and of course the main attraction the Nautilus. We even got to witness the USS Hartford returning home from deployment.

Christine Pimentel

It's an amazing experience.


Truly enjoyable! They take donations but the whole thing was free! Nice lady in the gift shop, fair pricing.

Melanie Reinhardt

Absolutely a must see if you are in the area. The desk is manned by veterans who have stories to tell. It's at no cost to the public, donations greatfully accepted. The museum has a huge indoor and out door exhibit not to be missed. Bring some time to spend and learn about the history. Beautiful location as well. Well sorted giftshop if you must

John Clark

This is great place to visit if your in the area !!

keith meyers

Very informative. Beautiful facilities

Kim Moore

What a wonderful and free exhibit! My family had a great time. If you can catch the film that they show in the theatre there, do it! There were only a few people in the theatre with us and it was a great film showing the history of submarines.

Casey Abbott

It's free! I'm not big on military history but I was very interested in learning about the history of submarines. There's a good mix of hands-on and reading intensive exhibits. Going through the submarine is worth the visit.

Jill Parks

Very cool audio tour!

Claus Hammann

Very good museum. It was quite cool seeing the submarine from inside. Unfortunately you can't visit the reactor of it but you can see where they lived. They also provide a lot of interesting information!

Stephanie Kristopher

Brought our camp kids there. Beautiful! Staff is highly educated and helpful. Picnic area was clean and easy to find. All of the attractions kept the kids interested and entertained!!!


Great free stop! Awesome museum. Gift shop has lots of cool stuff

Katherine Jackson

Cool place to take kids starting at 8 yrs old and up!

Mike Oliveri

A very well done exhibit with a lot of information, and there's a good audio tour to accompany the walk through the submarine. And it's free!

TSRF Images

A must see! Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Bob Rich

It's unique and historic. Great for kids. Walk through the sub.

Lacey Coburn

Great museum, not very big but has a lot to see. The submarine tour was fun.

carrie thibault

Amazing experience being able to go into an actual submarine. I loved the display regarding women and their history in the military/Navy. The Medal of Honor room was soul stirring to say the least. This museum exemplifies the service brave men and women have given in order to keep our country safe. You def must visit if you are in the area.

Frank Gilotti

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Life on the sub was challenging

Sandra Stomper

Very interesting. Don't know how our guys could live in such quarters

Rob Fitz

It is great to see old historical places of where we came from and where we are heading as a Nation

Tom Grabowski

I like learning about cool things.


You can enter the submarine and experience crews' living. It's quite fun! Welcome aboard!


Great place to see everything submarines, even get a walk through of one with a audio guide.

Tim McLaughlin

Well worth the stop. Free museum and walking tour of the first nuclear sub. Exhibits are amazing, kids loved it too.

Steven Cutbirth

Well worth spending a couple of hours touring the Nautilus and the Museum. Learned so much!

Jim Hoy

We were there on Monday 9-23-19. 56 years after i was part of a three man group that performed a repair on Nautilus at Holy Loch Scotland. It was so great to see and go through the boat again. Brought back memories.

Jessica Ranallo

Not a huge museum, but well worth the time. Very well done with great exhibits. We loved the audio tour for the Nautilus! Great for all ages.

Jonathan Cheng

Amazing FREE museum. Provides an amazing history and in depth story of the first US nuclear submarine. In addition to touring the submarine itself, there is a small side museum that showcases other submarines and torpedoes. 50 min movies run on the hour as well.

Ray Kuryla

Not only am I a U.S. Navy Veteran, but also I'm a Submarine Sailor, so I'm biased. I had a wonderful time touring the boat. It was prepared very well for touring. I especially liked that mannequins were used here and there to simulate Crewmembers doing things. Also it was great that it was free.


Very welcoming place! Great for a family trip, and it is free so its an awesome place to stop and check out. They have military

B Hoffman

Tour a retired nuclear submarine! A little device is provided to have a digital tour guide along the route. It really is quite amazing!

Benjamin Crawford

Inside the museum there are extensive exhibits loaded with memorabilia and lots of pride for the history of the submarine force, including international and technological developments as well as the history of conflicts. The boat itself is a treasure and an amazing piece of machinery to behold, complete with a thorough audio tour. The staff is helpful and informative. Good for families and exciting for sailors.

Michael Calcinari

One of the most important vessels in US naval history, something that everyone should see. The other areas of the museum cover the overall history of the submarine fleets and technology.

Ajey Dambal

Very educational and engaging. The tour is good and the movie presentation was nicely done.

Emmanuel Ross

Very educational place. Good people there. Take the kids.

Zhongyi Han

It's great to spend an hour to walk around here. Also, the ticket and audio tour are free.

Jon Bloom

It was nice to be able to take a tour through the front end of the very first nuclear powered submarine here at the Groton naval base area. museum as well laid-out the novelist tour was also well thought-through including the fact that they would provide you with a audio device to take a long with you on tour

Omar Rodriguez

This is our first time experience for my family and I to be in a real submarine that was once used by the US army. You get to see first hand what the soldiers go through while on missions. You get to see there living quarters, kitchen area, eating are and so forth. We all had a wonderful time there.

Mark Winder

If you have a spare hour or two it's worth a look.

Jimmy Signature

Really nicely done. Figure about 90 minutes to see the whole thing. Great that it was free and worth the trip if your in Mystic CT

Marcial montes de oca

really nice and interesting. great place for a quick 30 mins stop with kids

Suzanne D

Free museum with way more to see than you might think! I even enjoyed the film they have available - as did everyone in my group (ages 11-50). Touring the Nautilus was (unsurprisingly) the highlight, and I love that all of it is free.

African Girl

Good museum for all to go and see n learn

Thelma Raney

Worth the trip, and fun to be inside a submarine!


An excellent museum. Worth the trip to see., And. NO CHARGE.

Justin Palmer

Nice museum. Surprised by the large size

James Weedman

Great museum. Lots of history. Most of the boat is unavailable for tours.

Mark Kelly

Everything you could ever want to know about submarines.

Sue Slattery

All submarine museums are great. This one even has a periscope you can use.

Kelly Danks

Great way to get "up close and personal" with life aboard a nuclear submarine. How do they sleep in those tiny cots?

CLIFF Dropkin

A free museum open to the public there was so much to see and I learned a great deal about our underwater ships and the history of their development. Included what's a tour of the USS Nautilus that was extremely life like. I must say it was a humbling experience that raised my awareness of our country's defenses !!!

Norman Koller

Interesting experience. Can't get over how they lived in cramped quarters. The old technology is also worth seeing.

Thomas Barclay

I love going through the museum and the Nautilus it's a treasure, always something new to learn. I make it a stop every year.

Aris Maggs

Very Informative and Interactive. Loved how small and cramped the inside of the sub.

Mike Donow

Holy Cow! This was a fine presentation of the entire submarine service and the Nautilus itself. All for FREE! If you're near, be sure to veer.

Stephen G

Well worth a trip to this historic submarine. Fascinating to see how to he sailors live under water.

Sam Rogers

The museum and audio tour here were fantastic. Cannot believe it is all free. The information in the museum is interesting and interactive to stop you getting bored. The submarine itself is well planned out with a brilliant audio tour to keep you going. The site itself is beautifully cared for with knowledgeable helpful staff. Highly recommend if you're anywhere nearby and have any interest in submarines.


Nice day trip and free which makes it even better


This is a must for any Navy vet, but an excellent museum for civilians as well. I saw countless little boys and girls really excited by the Nautilus and exhibits. Make it a point to see the outside exhibits as well and to make a donation to this free museum. A great gift shop for Navy swag and decorative housewares and mugs. Touring the 571 submarine was a wonderful opportunity to understand what the Navy personnel on board endured to defend our freedom. SEMPER FORTIS!!

Rita Hadeka

Very informative, easy self guided tour, even my service K9 was able to maneuver thru the submarine!!!

Brian K

This is a really well done museum. Lots of hands-on displays for the kids. The museum is very well maintained. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The walk-through tour of the USS Nautilus includes a wireless device that describes the various compartments of the submarine.

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