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Where is Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center?

REVIEWS OF Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center IN Connecticut

Stephen Selwyn

I've been to museums all over the world, and feel the site is in a class by itself. The "village " portion(my personal favorite), deserves several hours for your visit, perhaps even a whole day. I didnt interact with the staff extensively but those I did speak with with very professional. One suggestion is : to add 'wandering docents ', particularly in the village.

Dwanna d'Allagino

As you walk through and see how the people of yesteryear lived -- you almost forget you are in a museum. Wow! It is simply breathtaking! To say this place is beautiful is quite the understatement!

jenny roberts

Lauralee C

As a very hardcore homeschooler/Unschooler, let me say, we keep the museums hot. This one is a jewel! This museum is truly Smithsonian quality. From the moment we parked in the beautifully peaceful and green parking lot (there's something I never thought I'd say!) to our exit 5 minutes before closing, our experience was perfect. The young lady who greeted us at the admissions desk was warm, friendly and so helpful. I was using a library pass which she seemed fully aware of and welcomed us the same. Every employee, even the janitors and two lovely bathroom attendants were eager to make us feel welcome. By the way, the bathrooms were immaculate(huge points for that). So much to see in this beautiful museum. Take a few extra minutes to enjoy the beautifully appointed courtyard area outside. The lush landscape and contemporary architecture are top notch. Thank you for offering such a wonderful place to help facilitate my child's education. Clean, friendly, helpful and packed with fantastic exhibits. We will be back VERY soon! Telling everyone to visit.

Diana Bastidas


Chris McCarthy

Alex Troge

A very high quality, well put together, and thought out museum and cultural center. It is very obvious the care and consideration that went into the creation of this museum. With intricate and engaging displays, that put you in the middle of the educational experience, and well researched documentaries prepare to spend several hours here to just get started!

Tony Conboy

Surprisingly, because I wasn't too familiar with the museum, a very comprehensive and first class facility!

Shawn Chang

Liam RBG

Pretty nice.

Valerie McKee

Terrific museum! The displays are beautiful, informative, and never boring.

gregg wagman

Areli c

Livanny Rivera

K. Prokop

This is a wonderful museum. I had powerful and delightful tour a few months ago. A real treasure of eastern CT.

Jacob Nanni

I went with my school and our tour guide was very rude and kept snapping her fingers at us. She kept telling at us because we weren't walking fast enough. This lady skipped over so much things. My experience was horrible.

Bernard Perkins

Loved it, very friendly and great history

Nancy Smith

Very informative Museum on the Pequot tribe. Great exhibits.

John Lameche

alot to see

Ashley VanDyke

I went here in middle school it was really cool I like their village exhibit there and their ice age exhibit too

Jacqueline Houwertjes

Daren Watson

Wonderful museum with great artifacts, VERY realistic and life-like mannequins and imagery. We were amazed at how much history has been kept over the years and preserved for all to learn about and come to the knowledge of. To know where Foxwoods came from you need to go back in time where life was more primitive and nothing like the modern technology we have, use and abuse today. Here you can visually see the struggles, the triumphs and everyday living of the tribe over the course of their existence which most certainly is 100% American history. It’s a beautiful display and we think the museum captured the feeling perfectly. Very pleasant and informative staff, some of which are proud Pequot Tribal members, which is great to see. This is an educational place and WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming to check it out.

Caitlin Santiago

I loved every second! So much to see I feel like I could have spent a whole day there. Can’t wait to go back!

Dana Goad

Absolutely phenomenal museum. Was very impressed with thoughtfulness of museum layout, exhibits and sheer volume of information that was carefully detailed for visitors. Went with kids so wasn’t able to read everything but already went to go back alone just to hit it all! Could easily spend all day here.

Ashley Highland

I was very surprised to see how much they had in this museum!!! It was really cool and enjoyable I learned a lot and will be back for more definitely

Robert Roche

An amazing place to visit for history all the way back to the ice age. Lifelike reenactment scenes of villages, people and animals back then. And a lot of Indian tribal history. A must see!

Barbara Hein

Nicole A.

A great learning experience opportunity. Give yourself at least 3 hours to really see everything. There are pictures, artifacts, a movie, a WHOLE village with a recorded guide and more besides. You can purchase a guide tour, but it's nice to go at your own pace once. There are group tour available too. There staff members positions throughout the building to help if you get turned around. They were rather quiet but polite. This museum is insightful. It is a story that needs to be told. I hope to return...a few more times!

ConcreteTV Ron

Truly sad.

Virginia Boylan

Outstanding, if one-sided, exhibit of a tribal history. I would need more than one day to thoroughly examine everything.

Michael Caron

Went to the Archeology Expo. Very intriguing.

Brendan Cunningham

Alana Joli Abbott

We love the events sponsored by the museum as much as we enjoy the collection. A great place for introducing younger (and older!) students to not always taught aspects of American history.

Nicole Rachelle

Beautiful structures & exhibits were very nicely displayed, informative & chronologically arranged which made for easy browsing. Reasonably priced. Even my 6 & 4 yr old got involved which was a amazing plus.

Zelotes Divorce & Custody

Smithsonian Quality. I've been a member for years. You can easily spend four hours here. Always enjoy coming back. If you love history and nature, the museum is nothing short of outstanding. I love this place.

Ivan Soto


It's very informative, clean, great atmosphere and well you get the point...

Christian Lindgren

Ett fantastiskt vacker museum!

Elisabeth J

Daren Ngo

It was amazing! Nice cafeteria and good display for all the artifacts.

Gary Carter jr

The new management has is terrible starting at the head I've been told the interm Ditector has no experience with Native culture or it's people. I also found her to be very rude,disrespectful towards Natives and our culture. Very few actual Natives work there very run of the mill same old archeological garbage that has been the standard to long. I certainly expected better as a proud traditional native I was very disappointed.

Madeleine Wotherspoon

Amazing display! Make sure the shuttle comes for you. Five of us were abandoned there late yesterday afternoon and had to find a way to contact Foxworth ourselves to get the shuttle to come close to an hour after closing. The shuttle driver said no call was sent. Who to believe?

alicia Ritch

Donald Osburn

I had an amazing time here! I took my family here for the first time because my wife loves history, especially native American history. We bought a membership immediately because I knew we would be back. Also, because we went on this particular weekend, they had a special members only tour of the archeology lab. It was definitely interesting! The exhibits are so lifelike and really paint a vivid picture of the every day lives of the Pequot Indians during that time. If you have the opportunity to visit, do it and get a membership, because it make take two or three trips to experience everything and see everything.

Sumanthi Somnath

One of the best museums I have visited. It is very informative and must say the recreation of the ancient's village & lifestyle is so wonderful. It looks very natural and everyone can connect to it.

Laura Holland

Beautiful, huge, Smithsonian quality museum. Seriously, if you live in southern New England, or are visiting, very worth a days visit (and it will take a good part of the day). Very informative with a lot of thought (and money) put into it. I really appreciated the incredible architecture and attention to detail of the history of a people and a place. My only wish is that it had an exhibit area appropriate for small children. We brought a five and three year old, but there aren't any interactive exhibit areas for kids, which really seems a shame considering the subject matter. I can think of many Native American related activities that would have really held their interest. It would also have been nice if there were knowledgeable real people in the village area (or elsewhere) that were demonstrating activities or that we could have asked questions of (maybe during the weekend there are live demonstrations). The other issue we noticed is that it's a little difficult to navigate the museum if you can't do stairs, since you have to take three different elevators to get from the lowest level to the cafe area. FYI the cafeteria has excellent unusual food with a native/local theme, and it's priced quite reasonably.

JP Magoots


Michael S

What we thought would be a short part of our day ended up turning into a 5 hour tour through history - and we don't regret it! The highlight was the model village with a self guided audio tour that allowed you to explore at your own pace and get more details on what interested you. Very glad to have found this spot, and happy to recommend it to future travelers!

Geoffrey Jacobs

Incredible place. Everything has been brought to life and you get to walk right through these amazing exhibits.

Jason Seymour

Junior Marrero

I was very impressed visiting this museum. Great for families.

Thomas Case Jr

Great place to learn about the history of the tribe. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Food in cafeteria was good as well!

mustafa Ibraheem

Wonderful it was create place for family

Robert Leland

Very nice,well done.

Timothy Walker

I love spending time at the Pequot Museum. Today is an educational pow wow that is held each July. Fantastic energy and Un entertainment.

Andrea Frisch

(Translated by Google) Very authentic depiction of life from earlier to today. (Original) Sehr authentische Darstellung des Lebens früher bis heute.


Why not have a jitney to the casino. We would visit the casino (for my spouse), if I could catch a ride to the museum.


Amazing views and an amazing museum. Lots to see and well worth the money.

Heleen Raes

This is a wonderful museum, probably one of the best I’ve ever been to concerning Native Americans. The exhibits are thoughtfully put together and informative without being boring. The museum is huge as well, I spent 2 hours in there and could have used another 2 for sure. It’s a great place for both adults and children. I would recommend to take a sweater with you because it’s quite cold in the building!

Wil V

A must visit if you are visiting or staying at Foxwoods Resort or anywhere nearby. We got a $10 discount by showing my hotel room key card. I learned so much about the Pequot natives and the historical educational experience was fascinating.

William Goonan

Very interesting and very well done.


Long line never got my food

Jason Marchi

Amazing museum. I can spend a day there once a month. I esp. like the giant walk-through diorama room. Works class!!! I wish only the the museum was even larger!!

James Carey

Mary D

Very educational about the lives and the plight of the Native Americans. The exhibit hall is gorgeous. We went for a field trip and loved it so much that when I saw a Groupon for it I bought it and went back (45m-1 hour ride). Well worth the money and the trip.

Yulan Liang

Love the Pequot village. It gives you a lot of information about their life hundreds of years ago.

Dawn Manguno Bearden

Lisa Griffin

Thank God for Jesus. My Native American families have provided me with the most beautiful experience. The grounds are pristine and the staff are very courteous. The museum was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and the observation tower had me speechless. I plan to visit again because I wasn't able to see everything in 2 1/2 days. The Mashantucket Nation is breathe taking & if you haven't visited yet, make your plans now. Thank you Mashantucket Nation. Thank you. Oh, and I stayed at the Two Trees Inn and it was wonderful.

Jeff Howard

Truly outstanding. Don't miss it.

Mavy Morales

Otaku. Vegito

So nostalgic, I remember coming here as a kid for a school field trip I enjoyed it so much i still think about it till this day. I hope I get to come here again in my lifetime

Meckila Britt

Alex Koltsov

The museum shows the entire history of Pequot people and the entire region from ice age to modern times. This place is huge, informative, and very beautiful. The documentaries on the conflict with european settlers were surprisingly balanced. If you want to know how to build-up a community from shacks and trailers to astonishing wealth in many difficult steps, visit this place and learn. Do not forget the restaurant on the 4th level. They make the best turkey sandwich and the best crunberry lemonade.

Robyn Walsh

Brian Dustin

Samuel Fortin

Enjoyed the thoroughness of the exhibits. A lot to learn about pre-colonial life along the Atlantic.

sandy m

I came here today with family to experience the 17th Century Encampment special program that the museum was holding, and also toured the museum for the first time. I'm having a wonderful time! Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We're about to go up into the tower part (very excited!) I've learned so much, but definitely will be coming back to finish reading the rest of the placards and watch all the movies :) ps, my father just bought a membership! Definitely recommend this for a fun outing!!

Melissa Molfetto

My family really enjoyed learning about the native peoples of the American northeast and the Peqout tribal nation in particular. The model of the village was absolutely fascinating and the tribe's specific history was emotional and inspiring. I felt that it was really important that my children gain an understanding of the history of native Americans from a non-European perspective. This experience taught us all so much.

Jamie Venezia

Absolutely interactive experience for college age and young adults. Kept me and my friends engaged all day and I am honestly planning on going back with other friends because there is so much to see. Lots of hands on “feel this” “touch that” that was amazing for keeping everyone focused and engaged. Food wasn’t bad, someone recommended the bison burger which was wonderful but only a seasonable meal. Food prices were reasonable. Observation tower was priceless to see everyone’s reactions. 10/10 and looking to go again.

John Tortelli

Lot's to see and do. Make sure you have plenty of time. A real trip into American Indian history. Very enjoyable.

Kenneth Aittaniemi

Great place.learned alot.amazing recreation.felt like I went back in time.loved it.

David Boyle

Deborah Mitchell

Very informative, great time

Jewell ferguson

Came on Monday closed. Only open Wednesday thru Saturday 9-5.

Joshua Zinewicz

Lots of beautiful cultural treasures and artwork along with a large auditorium for shows and ample parking.

Eric Jonathan Martin

The building itself is beautiful and it is huge. Just trying to see all of the exhibits is quite a bit of walking, so lace up a pair of comfortable shoes if you want to make it through everything. The Pequot Village is a fantastic recreation of everyday life. The observation tower gives you some breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Riley P


It's a fantastic experience! Highly suggested.

James Thomas


Davide Zipeto

Zenas Zelotes

Smithsonian quality. This museum could hold its own on the Capitol mall. It's that good. You can (easily) lose yourself in there for hours. If you like nature and history (as I do), you will love the MPTN museum. Outstanding!

Kathleen Dotson

Brett Livingston

Fantastic museum to learn about ancient history of native Americans in the New England area.

Angela Hong

This place is amazing!! I never knew abt Native American’s history in New England region. So rich and proud! The exhibition starts in chronological order: origin of mankind + ice age; traditional livelihood; after European settlement; current affairs. I spent almost 5 hours, trying to read up everything — this place is a must!! Be sure to check out short videos abt tool making! Fascinating

Cusheena Humbert

Absolutely love this museum. This is truly a family favorite! I have been coming with my sister since we were only 10 years old. My family and I recently visited this past weekend and were blown away by the upgrades. The Pequot village and live interaction outside, left my children beyond ecstatic. This museum always leaves me wanting to come back again and again. The Indian culture is amazingly beautiful and beyond inspiring!

Linda Egoavil

My family & I were not expecting this museum to "WOW" us, but we were so wrong. The realistic Pequot village was AMAZING!!!!!! This museum was certainly put together with a lot of thought. The displays & dioramas are so engaging. The videos, the information provided throughout is put together wonderfully. This is a MUST GO TO museum!!!! You will not be dissapointed.

Wayne Schulz

If you do not want the full tour a trip up the tower to the lookout is free. The exhibits are exceptional. Spend a half day or more.

Jon Lee

Overpriced. A museum shouldnt cost $20. Maybe a donation tray would have sufficed. Will not recommend to anyone. If a museum cannot be run by public funding, or donations, it shouldnt be open. Better to borrow a book from the library, pack a sandwich and bottle of water then hike into the forest.

Morningstar Figueroa

I am Mashantucket

Nihil Eternal

It was very clean and informative! With many exhibits that just catch your eye and pull you in. My partner and I went without a guide or audio player, it made all seem like a grand adventure as we wandered about finding everything.I plan to go again next time I'm in the area.

Adnan Younas

Good place for family

Marina Kushilovskaya

Jay z


Cynthia Barrs

Interesting museum but not laid out well. Lots of unused spaces that could be utilized better. Store was lacking in books and locally made items.

Michael Sebastian

Nice exhibits and friendly staff

Sylvia Stark

Linda Thompson

Jay Moulton

Simply a beautiful museum. A must-visit destination for students and learners of all ages. Situated in a magnificent setting, the museum presents the poignant success story of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe.

francisco Pantzay

Wendy Warner

Evelyn Tineo

Great museum!

peace mercutio

Showed you the heritage and everything the Pequot natives went through

Kelly Pryor

Beautiful exhibits. I love the free audio tour. If it wasn't $15 for students, I would have given 5 stars. Price is kind of expensive.

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