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1 Jewell St, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

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Where is Bushnell Park Carousel?

REVIEWS OF Bushnell Park Carousel IN Connecticut

Bethany Olson

Clean and open park, it was a nice leisurely walk. We admired the State Capitol building and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial arch. We spend about 45 minutes here. There's also a fountain.

Melissa Freeman

Who wouldn't want to ride a beautifully restored, classic carousel. Especially in cold weather, the protection of the surrounding gazebo was appreciated. Hearing the music and watching the colorful horses circle around was a delight. I visited the carousel with friends and their two young children, and we all had a blast. The kids enjoyed picking out their horses, and the adults enjoyed the entertaining music. It was the first time any of us heard Johnny Cash as a carnival-type tune on an organ. The song was stuck in my head for days afterward, but I didn't mind. A ride on the carousel is an affordable and fun way to spend an hour or so on a weekend afternoon. At the ticket booth, you can also learn more about the carousel's history and buy little souveneirs. There was a children's birthday party taking place while we were there. It seemed like a great place for a kids' party, and everyone was having fun.

MK Fong

Just perfect for someone like me who grew up with a carousel. I enjoy going a carousel park whenever there is one in the city I am visiting. $1 a ride is awesome and so many kids are going like five times in a row and so good to see happy, excited faces riding the horses. Great choices of carousel music as well.

Carlton Walker

Good place to take your little children to have fun

Kiewanna Gonsalves

One of the last fun places from my adolescent ; still remains beautiful from all the up keep to the renovations .

Caleb Brendan

My kids love it here and every weekend they ask me to take them to this park. Absolutely beautiful place to be. Well maintained.

Laurie Bouchard

What a great place! Kept very clean and well maintained. Attendants were very pleasant and helpful. Will be back for sure!

James-Ryan Nieves

Always a good place to enjoy some quality time with family and friends

Charlene Grant

This carousel is one of the biggest events of the park I'm quite sure the kids can tell you that they also have a playscape nice big area park is nice nice eyes good walking around if you want to get your exercise on some people bring their pets but I advise you if you do don't forget your poop bag and make sure your dog is on the leash it's a beautiful atmosphere I love it Ochoa

Like it we were visiting Connecticut and we decide to stop by to be with our Puerto Rican family at the festival at bushnell park

Zina Malcolm

Family atomsphere, sun shine, good people, good food and Lots of ice cream. Picture perfect

DJ Carrasco

Historic landmark of Hartford preserved in great conditions.

shakima Simpson

My kids enjoyed riding the carousel. I used to come here when I was a kid.

Beasha Bartlette

Fun place for the whole family

Lydia Javillonar

Love taking the kids here! Such a beautiful peace of history right there for us to enjoy. The new park is great 2! So unique and artistic with the touches of Hartford incorporated in all the pieces

Monique Andrade

Such a great atmosphere, great music and people.

David Burnett

Underrated, vintage and indoors. Definitely stop by and check out the park too!

David Duncan

Brought our 20 year old daughter there she had a wonderful time so definitely go back once she gets a little older


Great fun for all aged people at really really cheap rate. Must go place in Hartford

Onyinye Kanu

Went during the jazz festival. Very lively, just see

Alexis Vargas

$1 ride, large carousel, kids love the music box, and the line moves quite fast (lots of people can seat on every ride).

William Williams

The concert was splendid. Outstanding weather, good food and great crowd. Plan on attending the entire five weeks. Definitely a five star caliber.

Frankie Sanabria

Carousel was beautiful! And faster than expected. Only $1 to ride and the 2yr old was free. The children's park was a nice addition for the kids.

Marla Darius

We had a great visit at the Bushnell Park carousel. Not only is the carousel painstakingly restored and gorgeously set up in an enclosed area, but there is also plenty of informative history on posters all around the inside of the building. We enjoyed the family time, the carousel itself and the great photos with the carousel as a beautiful backdrop

Sarah Clark

Great spot for an afternoon visit as a family or for a birthday party! Staff is wonderful.

Doris Jones

Love Bushnell Park carousel took all my little people there there is super excited and so was I will visit again

Janet Serra

Great place for young and the young at heart. This is a classic carousel with horses that are beautifully maintained. It is a real treat to visit. A great place for a birthday party too! It’s a sweet surprise to find a vintage 1914 carousel standing in Bushnell Park. There, by the shadow of skyscrapers and a giant Turkey Oak, a 24-sided pavilion houses 48 hand-carved wooden horses and two lovers’ chariots that swirl around a booming Wurlitzer band organ. Turning 100 years old in 2014, this Carousel maintains the past, while the future buds all around it. For just $2.00, you get a 3 1/2 minute ride that can blur your worries, trick you into feeling young and enlarge the eyes of even the widest-eyed youngster. The Knox Foundation brought the carousel to Hartford from Canton, Ohio, in 1974. Jack Dollard, director of the Foundation at the time, thought the horses would symbolize Hartford’s restoration. The New England Carousel Museum received the contract to manage the Bushnell Park Carousel in 1999 and began work to fully restore the Carousel in time for her 100th birthday celebration in 2014. Work on the horses is continuous, and you can see the progress as you the carousel swirls. Currently, this carousel is only one of three left Stein & Goldstein carousels left operating in this country. They, like many carousel craftsmen, started in Russia as carvers of women’s hair combs. They came to the United States in the late 1800s to carve carousel horses for Coney Island, which at the height of the Golden Age, from 1880 to 1930, had some 17 carousels operating. Stein and Goldstein horses are big passionate animals with their eyes wide, their nostrils flared and in some circumstances their tongues sticking out. Huge and colorful cabbage roses festoon their bodies and they have real horse hair tails Eventually, they built a reputation as “artistic carousel manufacturers” and they built carousels when there were at least 3,000 in the United States, when riders on the outside row reached for the brass rings. A ride was considered a dare because 15 mph was faster than anything until the invention of the roller coaster gave carousels a more romantic reputation–and fewer riders. Every year thousands of riders take the dare and go for the thrill of riding on Hartford’s magnificent and historic Stein and Goldstein carousel. It is a magical experience.

Niwkia Douglas

Great dayy out with my fiance we went on a nice stroll seen some animals lots of people out walking their dog an enjoying the scenery

Yolanda Fuqua

Guitar Under Stars event happened here in the pavillion over the weekend. The sounds of the performers didn't carry over into the crowd well. Jazz events are typically good here. The playground area has been rebuilt recently. Carousel rides are a dollar per person. They also sell ice cream. If the park in crowded you can find parking around the park or park for free in a state lot. I like to park at the Capitol. Winters there usually include outdoor ice skating rink, rent skate options if you don't have skates and there is typically hot drinks served during that time for a fee. If you are a Hartford resident you can get a pass to ride the carousel for free through printing a pass (with library card) from the HPL's website.

lynly jones

Always been a great place to regroup.

Evelyn Abele

The carousel is beautiful... And it's great for all ages... People come from everywhere just to come here

Zoraida Sanabria

Great Kids park area. Nice rides

G. Buchanan

Reminds you of how much fun it was to be a kid. Any age, any stage of life this carousel is good clean fun.


Not many left. Come see it before they are all gone.

Wanda Arriaga

I love the West Indian parade it was beautiful I go every year


Grandkids had lots of fun

Ronnie Mansolillo

Lot of green to play any sport, running ,enjoy the small lake or take an old ride on the Carousel. Turning back kid. Amazing!!!

Claude Williams

Awsome Jazz Festival performances.

Early Femiana

Very good price on Saturday. 1$/person. The ride is about 5 min. The carousel is clean, neat, and colorful.

Francisco Valle

Take Me Back To My Childhood! Love This Place

Lisa DiBenedetto

There’s no age limit for riding this historic carousel! You can also rent out the space for parties.

Suvankar Roy

Great place to enjoy with children. And the Bushnell park is just adjacent

James Hopkins

Had a blast. The ride was inexpensive and so much fun.

Carol Strout

The park is a nice walk, with sprawling grass areas, historical monuments, and works of art to admire. However, the garbage is disgusting. The beautiful wild birds wading in sewage and filth made me sick. Hartford needs to clean it up and make it a place to enjoy. Our state capital park...seriously? can do better.

Kevin Banahan

Very nice and lots of fun

Molly Zembko

Fun place for the kids, nearby playground is nice too but some questionable people hanging around.

Clayton Wile

Great little carousel in the heart of Hartford! The music was a great addition to the ride.

Edwin Ramos

I take my kids at least twice a week. Very fun, clean area, and some delicious snacks available too. I enjoy this place very much with my family. The surroundings are great too, a nice looking pond with benches around it, great green grass and trees, plenty of wild life, there are arts, monument, and if you go during lunch time many trucks will be selling some delicious food, I love the spot, an oasis in the middle of the city I called it.

Tara Brennan

Such a neat and nostalgic experience. Thank you Loretta for going out of your way to mail me the patch! Your the best!

Denise Primus

My 22 month old cousin thoroughly enjoyed the carousel ride. The guys who operate the ride are very kind and helpful. This is a must do in Hartford!!!

Jim Robinson

Just reminds me of my childhood. I'm glad it's still up and running.

Shashank Dixit

Definitely a go to place if you want to make a quick half day trip with family and kids. Also know for arranging various cross cultural events across different origins.

Julia Kolesnyk

Smell if popcorn, loud children laugh and helpful staff ! What's better rain or shine. It's a very affordable price, about $2 per ride . Enjoy!

allan prince

It was one of the best Carousel in CT. Just for a dollar you get like 10 mins.

Robert Smith

Beautiful antique carousel in a very nice downtown park.

Daneka Thomas

It's a great place to take your kids

Kaskcha Beckford

Good place to bring your kids

Desiree Napoleon

Please see screen shot below. Highly disappointed in what my city is becoming as it were and tonight only increased that feeling.

Susan Wavada

CT Blues Society & Black Eyed Sally's host Blues Festival at Bushnell Park. Performances by 4 finalists and "Beehive Queen" Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez pictured here June 22, 2019.

Matthew Reynolds

Access to restrooms and a snack bar. Family fun with an outdoor play scape and duck pond.

Viktoriia Pylypchuk

Their ride cost $1 only. The same one In NYC would require you to pay about $15-$20! So much fun for kids and adults are allowed too. The carousel has an antique organ which plays music every time you ride. This is not recording it is real live music:) Also they sell a hot chocolate there and very delicious popcorn...

Melissa Jean McCarthy

I love the carousel. I go places just to go on them. I do not have any family. I used to go as a youth to all the tours because my family most of them are dead.

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

BEAUTIFUL place, so many memories and the amenities are right on point. Price is super cheap.

Betsy Gagne

Very nice park and carousel to take the family!

Kate A

$1 carousel rides. And new playground is great.

Neha Sharma

Very beautiful and big park. Good for picnic, games, walk or jog. Hosts many events in Summers.

Karlene Mason

Enjoyed the different foods at the parade

Jack Maliszewski

Historical. Beautiful. You will not be disappointed.

Jones Gordon

Great place to be a relaxed human being. People are walking their dogs, strolling with their children, and smiling at one other at Busnell Park. It is an easy walk from the downtown. I enjoyed my relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Becca V

Fun and fast merry go round with a fun playground nearby!

Luis Henriquez

Great weather good crowd Puerto Rican Festival.

Sameer Shaikh

It's closed mostly except for birthday parties and functions



Andree Mills

Amazing place front desk service was rude... Beverages are too expensive only thing great about this place is it does attract a crowd and of course my childhood memories

Tracy Calloway

Monday Nite Jazz in the park 6 weeks of amazing FREE music.. bring your friends and family, a little something to nosh on.. and a comfortable seat.. most importantly, enjoy!

Carol Harvey

This place was awesome. The restoration is phenomenal. It's a beautiful piece of history. Originally built in 1914, the Carousel now plays a big part in giving children of all ages a little trip in time.

Mishkat Khetran

I liked it. This park is best suitable for morning/evening jogging. Well made tracks ,surrounded by some historical buildings and statues. Nice place to spend an evening when you have nothing else to do.

Darcy Chambers

Always has fun filled family events! Wish the fountain looked better but the playground/park is really nice. I love the carousel!

Ohodgee N

I use to like to go to the Bushnell Park Carousel when I was little and it was a lot of fun. I also saw carousel rides at Lake Compounce and Six Flags.


$2 ride. The children enjoyed the carousel.

Amin Clayton

Hartford Jazz Fest having a wonderful time

Robert John

my kids love this place, they keep on coming back for more every week lol :)

Evelyn Hoops

The park is a beautiful place to sit and have "Me"time

Ivette Palacin

Great Greater Hartford Jazz Festival. 28 years and counting. Great experience. The state is rightly proud!!

Roberta Griffin

It's a lovely place to walk around and spend time with family and friends. Amazing house music jam every summer

Ernest McHenry

Its a nice place to bring your kids

Lou Cruz

So beautiful. Brings joy to hear the songs from the carousel

Thaddeus Billups

Cam you say Puerto Rican Fest?! Definitely a sight to see.

Sean Downey

A very fun and historical carousel. Definitely worth going too if your in the area!

Jade Jullez

So much fun, this place is full of character and charm.

Maribel Cruz

I love it there my daughter has great time Everytime. And if there's an event even better but definitely would bring my family and friends I recommend it you will enjoy it

Joyce Goodman

Grass so Green.I wanted to just Fall Down On It

Joseph Sutherland

Best place to hold birthday parties for your children

Indiana Stone

Been there for the Jamaican parade and is a very good place to have it

Melissa Colon

A nice spot to have a family outing especially if there is an event going on. Nice for a walk or run and a little bit of bird or squirrel feeding. I played kick ball and baseball there with my kids.

Julie Chen

My son has been coming here since he was a baby. It's a great way to spend time with a child's with the combo of the carousel, snack shop, and playground. And the carousel is a classic. The folks at the Carousel Museum do a great job of maintaining it.

Erica Gilbert

Awesome spot. Except for the rats!! Running around at night

Andrea Morgan

Love it, great times for familys

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