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Colorado, United States

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Where is Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve?

REVIEWS OF Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve IN Colorado

Katie Schubert

Had a wonderful day here today. Kids rented sand boards, very fun. We enjoyed exploring the dunes. Always a great day, third time here, kids love it.

Stephanie Iannapollo

Absolutely loved the Great Sand Dunes! Everyone should visit, great for all ages. Recommendation: The visitor center should offer rental or to purchase sand boards. We were excited to sand down but was informed they are only available at several locations outside of the park.

Kayla Bruskas

This stop was absolutely worth the bit of a drive! Truly a once in a lifetime experience and gave the feeling of being on a different planet. One side, absolutely beautiful mountains, the other side massive sand dunes. I wish we would have given ourselves all day to explore and really climb to the top. If you are planning to surf or sled on the dunes, bring a plastic shield sled yourselves. We noticed a lot of people struggling with the rentals. Absolutely fantastic experience, highly recommend.

Judy Stallman

We were there in June and got to see the stream flowing above ground. Loved walking in the water. Would highly recommend good sand walking shoes when it is 90 or above. Too hot to walk barefoot. Beautiful place!

Steve Johnson

It's a long drive to get here, but it was cool to see. Make sure to leave enough time to stop by Zapata Falls, too. The park rangers are serious about the speed limit, as I saw multiple cars get stopped by the rangers in fully outfitted Ford Raptors (you're not going to outrun them).

Judy Rogers

Great natural beauty. Sand, wind, water have created the huge dunes. Fun to climb the dunes, play in the water & sand. Nice to take chairs to sit by the water and watch kids of all ages play together.

Linda Kelazil

Wow! What a unique place. Hiking and sandboarding on the dunes is phenomenal (if not also a little tiring!) Did a sunrise hike and it was beautiful. Great time to be out on the dunes almost alone. Super awesome if you can go in late May or early June for the rare ebbing river that flows right along the dunes. Nature/Visitor center has a great video and lots of informative exhibits. Definitely a place worth exploring more.

Robert Reece

We went in late May and it was a spectacular experience. The river was flowing and sun shining during the day, but the stars at night we're amazing! Definitely worth the trip and is highly recommended.

Sunil Pawar

Its a one of a kind of the experience. Beautiful park. Kids can enjoy the sands and various activities they can do on their own on the sand. Its up to you how much time you want to spend there. Any time spent there will be fun.

Bruce Provencher

Like all National Parks (except one) these places are part of the system for a reason. This was amazing to see 750 foot high sand dunes in the middle of Colorado. It was worth the trip to visit. And the lady in the visitor center was an amazing fount of information. Very friendly and very patient.

Jennifer Reinert

This is definitely one of those places you want to see. But at the same time it would be awesome if there was a areas on the north side that people are not walking on that you could ride or explore by a vehicle. Charge to go drive on the dunes just like the dunes in Glamis CALIFORNIA . But maybe make it hwy legal vehicles. That way it would limit the amount of people to being on the dunes. And at the same time bring in more money to the state. Charge a different price than people walking . I feel that there is also a way for everyone to be happy in this larger than life world with so many things to do and see. That everyone should be able to enjoy what they like doing.

Eric Finan

Amazing public land. In the summer, get here early (at sunrise) for the best lighting and to climb the dunes before the sand reaches 130-140° F

Arianna Thurow

Great stop, especially for older kids. We took our 10 and 12 yo boys and they had a ball. Come early on a weekday and you get 2-3 quiet hours. $25 for a 7 day pass. Plenty of campgrounds.

Ryan Pak

One of my favorite national park. We rented a sand surf board and went to the top of the sand dunes. We enjoyed the view and had so much fun surfing down. Make sure to bring sun block and shoes. Sand can get really hot in the summer.

Ignacio Torres

Parking might seem full but just drive around for a bit. It's hottest from certain days so plan accordingly. Wear pants if you plan on hiking up to the summit of the dunes. If you don't, you risk sandblasting all the old and new skin off your shins. I haven't been to the visitor's center so I can't say anything about that.


TIPS: - Go on a weekday so you don’t have to wait in line (Thursday was great - only 4 cars in line)

Nate Haller

Was a really cool place, bring your own sled & snowboard. Really nice hiking trails too. #LetsGuide

Lane T

So much fun. The contrast of the sand, mountains, river is striking. We stayed outside of the park but drove in, it was easy to find parking. Bring bug spray though!

Xee Xiong

Best place to visit if you want to experience desert without going to a desert. It has desert and mountains. Beautiful views no matter where you hike.

Carol Williams

great outing for a family. if you have a walking disability, they do offer a few wheelchairs with big balloon tires. they are a bit of a challenge to get out of the closet where they are kept near the dunes, and would be terribly difficult to push over the sand, but ok over the wetlands. the visitor center was helpful.

Ness Lucas

Biggest sand Dune in all of North America. What's not to like. As a photographer this place was incredible to shoot and hike thru. Will definitely come back to shoot the milky way or full moon here

Whitney Joelle

We love the Dunes, definitely a must see in Colorado as they are the biggest dunes in North America. You can also rent sleds and boards to glide down the dunes. It's nice and cool in the morning but watch out, after about 9 or 10 the sand starts to get very hot. Also, there are lots of camping options around and a very delicious mom and pop restaurant right up the road from the dunes. They serve homemade pies and yummy meals at a very reasonable price.

Robert Rowan

We drove a few hours out of the way to visit and I was not disappointed. The dunes are cool to see and you can sled down them. I'll go back if I'm ever in the area again.

Joe Seivertson

Nice natural phenomenon comprised of sand dunes where you don't expect them. I hear it's a great playground for some but merely a curiosity for me

cynthia patenaude

Wonderful park. The hike up the dunes we tough, but well worth it for the breath-taking view from the top of the tallest dune. Plus, going down was FUN.

paula tirry

This is a great park to visit. I so enjoyed the beauty of it all. Love Colorado and it's people.

Robert Kammerzell

Make sure to stop by the Great Sand Dunes Oasis Outpost on the way in and get a dune sled. Do not miss out on the homemade pie. highly recommend getting into the park EARLY as the parking lot fills quickly during peak season. If hiking, start early before the dunes heat up. Visitor center does have Dune wheelchairs for rent.

Destiny Williamson

It was EXTREMELY windy while we were here but my god, this place is beautiful. You almost feel like you’re in a completely different country. We were lucky enough to be here during the Medano Creek waves and it was so cool. I would love to come back again!

Scott M Alexander

Awesome park! Being from Florida, this place is so strange. The dunes were a blast to climb and run down. Just be prepared to wear socks or shoes on the dunes. The sand can slowly warm up on your feet and really do some damage, especially if you’re already pretty far along.

Mallory Sussman

Great and unique space. Recommend early morning arrival to avoid wait lines to get into the park. Bring layers and closed toed shoes, the water can be chilly, the sand can be very hot. Sunglasses and other wind protection are necessary if you are ascending the dunes (which is well worth the climb). Park is dog friendly - but remember they can burn their paws on hot sand too!

Noemi Rios

The constant weather change provides an interesting visit each time. And the peak of the dunes offer a great view and an amazing experience. Just a note, bring water and some extra clothes because depending on the time and weather, you can get wet or cold. Also a great place to bring your camera and take some amazing pictures.

Sasitha Abeyweera

Great place for sand boarding. It's free if you have a snadboard or can rent for 24$ for a day until 7pm. Parking/entrance is 25$.

Bart Hill

Had a lot of fun here. Love the dunes, love the sunset and all the shadows, love the star gazing, and love the sand sledding.

Jerily Robinson

Its so beautiful, and it's peaceful being in the presence of the Dunes. Its a bit costly to get in, but I'm sure a good deal of that money goes to the water needed to rinse off after. There are small steams that run through before the Dunes and they are nice & cooling. I wish I could go more often, but it's quite a ways away. Glad to have visited tho, and for the memories created.

Michael Bland

One of my favorite parks in Colorado. At least once a year we make the trip down from NOCO. Has a great picnic area near the dunes. Somewhat secluded and quiet makes for a great family lunch spot. Just be sure to bring food, the park is very remote. Would also recommend to go in the spring or early summer so you can be sure the run off has filled the nearby creek.

Dan Jennings

I had the best time at this park! The whole experience was surreal. We spent a few hours hiking the dunes. It could be pretty challenging at times especially with the wind but the views were so worth it! I will be back!

James McQueen

This is a very interesting park to visit. There are several different landscapes you can see at this park in addition to the sand dunes. We only had time to visit the sand dunes on out way through the area. You could spend several days there exploring the park. The sand dunes are impressive. It was amazing to see the mountains of sand with bigger mountains behind them.


This place was so fun. Well worth the stop! The kids had a blast playing on the dunes. Definitely rent a sled and board for some fun. It hard to beat the atmosphere. The views are terrific. After your fill playing on the sand dunes head down to the creek and play in the water. Renting the boards in town is a little cheaper than getting them at the store just outside the park. We got there just before 9 and there was plenty of parking and no line. When we left a little after noon it was insane how far away people were parking on the side of the road and the line to get in was very long. Mosquitoes like mad at the parking lot. Take bug spray. No bugs up in the dunes.

Michael Paisis

It's tall mounts of sand! You can lay down and get comfy and enjoy the sand under you. You can walk on the highest point and slide down or you can trample down. Nice views with the mountains in the background. You wonder again and again how did the sand get here so far from a beach...Then you get to walk half a mile back and your done!

Nate Peters

Amazing place! Very serene and quiet. Would love to visit again. If you are in the area this is a must see. Take the time to climb the great dune and take in the views. Definitely one of my favorite places in Colorado.

Elaine Tharpe

These are so cool! The river bed was pretty wide from the snow melt this year.We'll be back next year in May to witness the river flowing. Took our Jeep along the trail behind the dunes, since it's 4 wheel only on the trail.

Kellyn Lovell

One of my favorite places in Colorado! We’ve only ever gone in off season times, but it is a truly magical experience. Both times we’ve gone, there has been no one in the Ranger station, so we’ve only ever entered for free. The raking area is well-maintained and other visitors are respectful of the park. We bring our dog, as do lots of others, so it’s a great place for pups. The dunes are beautiful and unique - a true treasure!

Mike Czerniak

Great place for the family. First came here about 26 years ago and it's just the same as I remember with more amenities. They have a wash station as you enter and exit the wash, sand board rentals, beautiful camping spots, and a great visitor center. Mosquitoes were very bad during the time we visited so keep that in mind.

Dana Michelle

A place of Wanderlust. Such an incredible experience. It is wild there are sand dunes formed in the mountains. You can hike to the tallest peak, roughly a 3 mile hike. Don't forget the best sure to rent sand boards to surf or sled the dunes. You can rent them at the dunes hot spring pool, as well as right there at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis.

janeal kitchens

Cool sand dunes if you like sand. We couldn't rent a sled because the rental place closed at 7pm. But had fun anyways. The wind picked up some and sand hurts when the wind blows it.

Ola Hoffman

So much fun sandboarding, sledding, and tumbling. Be there as early as possible. Around 11/ noon the sand gets pretty hot. Oasis rentals opens at 8 am.

Matthew Harris

Our family loved The Great Dunes National Park. Fun on the dunes and a memorable hike with the kids. We loved our campsite so much that we had to be sure to take note which one, for future reference.

Brianna Havlik

The creek was really flowing! We had a great time renting sand sleds and just building sand castles. Seems like there was a lot to do for any age, and even though one of our days was rainy we still had a great time on the sand

Wayne Self

The majestic views are almost surreal! The way the dunes contrast against the beautiful blue Colorado sky is breathtaking!! Make sure you get in early!! The water (which flows differently from year to year depending on runoff) is pleasantly cool, and the sands warm. But as the sun cools the sands get VERY hot, which makes the water that much better!! Great family destination!

Jordan Biggerstaff

Sand Dunes is absolutely amazing! Seriously you will feel like you are in a Disney movie! I highly suggest bringing sleds, and sliding down once you get to the top! There are places near by where you can rent them. The history of the Dunes is also pretty unique, definitely check out the visitor center as well.

Alexander Jezierski

A great place to vacate or camp for a weekend, if you desire to hike to the top of a bigger dune, DO NOT underestimate the amount of water you will need for even a 1 or 2 mile hike. Even a short hike like 1-2 miles (like said before) can take up to 3-4 hours round trip. Overall it is a great idea for a get away.

Kota The Bear

It is a blast I am only giving it 4 stars because if you don't know to get a sandboard or sandsled before entering the park it's a 10 min drive back to the "Oasis store" to rent a board, which are only $20 for a day and worth it since sleds and cardboard do not work. There are great hiking trails and it is a good way to get some energy out of your wild pups.

Emily Hoang

So nice people and such a beautiful place. I will totally go back. They have a cute little creek and you can go "sand surfing". I can't wait to go back.

Chandra Claycamp Rumbelow

Highly recommend coming in the afternoon. Hit up the visitor center (which is amazing) and then once the sun dips behind the dunes hiking is way more manageable, especially if you have kids with you! The dunes are amazing and so much bigger than you think. Worth the drive!


It was so beautiful and amazing view. We have visited on August month end, the day time temperature was pretty hot but it was compensated with nice breezy wind often. At evening 5.30pm onwards it started getting cold. It was an awesome experience. It was so fun in playing with sand boards and sliding on sand. Rented it for $20/day.

Gretchen Rowe

Wished I had had more time to spend here. The dunes are definitely difficult to hike up, and they looked super fun to play on. We hiked around a bit and enjoyed the gorgeous view. I came in August, so I missed the river of snowmelt that they have in May, but I sure want to come back and see it some day. This is the sort of place where you could probably spend days camping, playing, and exploring. It's definitely still busy in August. The mountains and surrounding hikes are great, too. My big disappointment with the dunes was the massive amount of light pollution from the nearby city. I read that it had an incredible view of the stars, but it wasn't any better than the view that my parents' house in the country provides.

Lydia Pelin

So much fun rolling down these incredible sand dunes, and watching all the children and adults alike playing, snowboarding in the sand and having a blast. It's an amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon and also just so much fun. Be sure to wear socks because the sand is very hot on bare feat, and bring mosquito repellent!!

Kyler LaRose

Awesome dunes to go and explore. At certain times of the year, the snow runoff makes a stream at the base of the dunes. You can rent sleds or sandboards to take down the dunes as well. If you bring a camera, be careful because it will likely break if sand gets in the lens or other parts of it.

Zane Smith

Honestly one of the most beautiful and surreal places I’ve ever seen. The dunes are beautiful and time of the day and the rest of the park provides excellent views of both the mountains and dunes. At Labor Day 2019, the river was completely dried up and the sand got very hot with almost no refuge. I recommend going on a shady day or while the river is still in action in order to not overheat. I had to carry my dog because her paws were starting Tj burn.

Chris Higgins

When I hear people say, "That's all there is there?" - I laugh. . . Camping high altitude under the stars. Climbing Dunes; ridge by ridge to stand upon the tallest. Remembering what the Milky Way looks like by enjoying a beautiful sunset which slowly faded into the celstrial beauty of our galaxy. Now I have to go back for Zapata falls and the pass hiking trails

Dee Wells

I'm admittedly not objective, but this is a beautiful place staffed by wonderful people (including amazing volunteers and interns)! Everyone should visit at least once. Or very often! And don't forget to enjoy the night sky!

Tyler Mallory

These dunes were huge!! Before you get to the there was a shallow river that was pretty wide. At the time we went, it was shallow enough for toddlers to walk through. The first hill was a bit of a walk and is a pretty good, low enough hill for pretty much anyone to enjoy. The hike to the top is exhausting so be prepared but well worth the effort.

Jake D

Very much worth the drive! If we could do something differently it would be dressing better for the wind conditions. If you plan to climb the dunes on a windy day you will want something to cover your eyes and mouth. I’ve also heard that the bugs can be bad if the wind isn’t blowing so bring bug spray

Caroline Wilford

Fun place to visit. Would definitely recommend if planning on hiking to the top, go around sunrise because it gets hot (and crowded) FAST after about 10am. Great views and hike is only moderately challenging.

Christine Sharp

It was cool but I went at 2:30 and that was a bad idea. Go really early in the morning or late at night. The temp. was 90° and climbing sand hills in that weather is taxing.

Dustin Collins

Stunningly beautiful and surreal. A must see if you're considering a trip to any of the other nearby national parks and you've got time. One of the more dog friendly national parks. You can actually take them out into the sand dunes wilderness. Almost all national parks don't allow you to bring your dog into the wilderness. How much will your dog enjoy it? I don't know. The sand can get very hot. It wasn't for us, but mine still didn't like it.

Mark Wells

This place is incredible. We went when the water was low but it was still such an incredible experience. Climb and slide down giant sand dunes then make your way back to the water to cool off.

Naqqash Sharif

This place is a "hidden gem" of the National Park Service. We felt like we were in a seething desert when on the dunes. Until we turned around to see snow-capped mountains in the near distance to remind us that we were steps from a mountain range in Colorado. It's all a vast dramatic scenery; sublime.

christopher brown

Absolutely breath taking experience ! It was very fun being able to run down the sand dunes, especially with our dog. We went at sunset which was incredible and there was no entry fee at that time of day. Be sure to pack a gallon of bug spray because when the sun sets the mosquitoes come out to play. Never seen so many mosquitoes in my life before. Next time I will be bringing a board to slide down the dunes!

Kimberly Glock

Gorgeous!! So unique and beautiful! The High Dune trail summit gives 360 views! The visitor center is educational and the gift shop has good options. The campgrounds loop 1 has wonderful views. Rent a board right outside the park to sand surf but bring a big backpack to carry it in and trekking poles.

Tristan Nadine Lesley

We have a map of the National Parks and each year try to go to a couple, we had never been to a sand dunes so wasn't sure what to expect but really loved the visit- We hiked all the dunes on August 11th-Got there around 8:00 and took off and returned to the car around 12:30-Now we got there early for we read it gets really hot there, however it rained the previous night so the sand was not hot at all and the whole time there I wasn't dying, however I am sure that's different on days there are no rain- Lots were there to sand board but with wet sand no one could do it, so lots of failed attempts to watch- Sand was very easy to hike on, I have had 3 knee surgeries and an ankle surgery so my body appreciated it- It was so cool for you could go where ever you wanted to, you can't get lost and all you have to do is think practical on how to get "out" look for the creek and head in that direction or where there is no sand- We returned Monday and Tuesday early evening, and those were the days we realized if there is not sand, there are mosquitoes-They are terrible, I mean they will swarm you to suck you dry-Monday night we parked by the Point of No Return lot and to get to the dunes you walk through a tree/shrub area-On the way back we literally had to run back to the vehicle to get away from mosquitoes, they were so some horror movie or something- We wanted to do some wooded hikes but after reading recent reviews from All Trails, people claimed no amount of bug spray would keep the mosquitoes off of them-I already had a couple bites, them biting through my Nike coat and leggings, so no way was I going to be a buffet for them- So didn't get to go to Zapata Falls or do any hikes in the wooded areas, the sand will protect you from the mosquitoes, but it's so cool to walk the creek and then hike the dunes-And in the evening it's really cool to visit- As well they have bathrooms, vending machines and water at the main parking lot, so you are covered-

Michael Mell

Spent an hour in line. I could have bought a fancy pasta and it would take 10 minutes and less money to get into this park. It's seriously just a huge mountain of sand guys!

Jan War

Been here twice and both unique experiences. Best place to see the milky way, take a moonlit hike, and see sand dunes of course

Sivaprakasam siruvalore murugesan

Awesome. What a scenario.. It was a different experience of my Bucket list is achieved.

Hannah Mapes

I've been to quite a few national parks and this one is the best. There really aren't any rules or regulations on where you are allowed to go or what you're allowed to do. There is a lot of space for parking down by the dunes, but it fills up quick and you may have to park further away along the road. To get to the dunes, you have to cross a shallow, yet wide body of water. This acts as a sort of beach where you can play in the water and sand. Beyond the water are the dunes. You can climb as far and high as your legs will carry you. Bathrooms here are gross. They're the classic national park style without running water and don't seem to be cleaned regularly. By one of the entrances to the dunes from the parking lot is a foot washer to rinse you off after a fun day in the sand. This was a really fun park and seems like a great place to bring children.

Cory Jones

We arrived at about 1245 on a Sunday afternoon to a 1.5 mile line of cars waiting just to pay to get in to the park. Literally, no exaggeration, GPS said 1.5 miles. After about an hour in line (which provided great picture taking opportunity), we paid and continued to find parking fairly easily (cars are leaving all ther time). Although, I must say, $25/car is a little outlandish for an afternoon visit! You pay for a 7-day pass whether you stay for 7 days or 3 hours. The "river" was only about 6 inches deep at its highest and was easy to wade across. Thing is, once you get across, the actual dunes are still a 1/4 to 1/2 mile hike. Sadly, the wind came up and effectively sandblasted myself and my family not too long after we got there. It was intense. Overall, however, I would go back... simply planning better to arrive earlier and bring some sort of wind-shielding mechanism. Really nice place!

Chris Bregger

Such a beautiful, unique park. Can't wait to come back.

Matthew Kuske

What an adventure. Plan to get there early to make sure you have a good spot to park. Plan your day so you hike up the dunes in the morning to avoid the crowds and heat of the day.

Steven McDermott

Absolutely gorgeous. The sand dunes with the mountains as a backdrop is a sight to behold that photos don't capture. Hiking to the top of the sand dunes was rewarding, but extremely difficult due to the lack of footholds. However, the view from the top is breathtaking, and very few people make it to the top so you have a 360 degree, uninterrupted, peaceful view. My only suggestion is to make this only a day trip, as Alamosa and the surrounding areas are void of anything to do.

Scott Mulraney

Amazing. Such a fantastic bit of nature. Prepare to get your feet wet if the creek is running. Prepare to climb... even the smallest dunes can be a challenge because of the sand. Prepare for some impressively sized mosquitos. $25 entry fee is good for a week. Don't bring a snow sled thinking that will work on the sand. It won't. That's why the ones they rent are wooden and waxed.

Mackenzie Brisben

Sunrise. Sunset. Cold river. Hot sand. So much fun I almost forget that we got hit by a sand storm as soon as we reached the top of the highest dune and had to run for our lives. All good though. It was a very dangerous skin exfoliant mostly. Would highly recommend.

Larry Smith

This is a different, but neat national park. We hiked up one of the dunes. It's a little challenging in the sand. The sand gets pretty hot as the day goes on. In late June 2019 it was packed by 11:00.

Michael Black

LOVE the dunes! So much fun walking around and so amazing when you consider how they were formed. I came for the first time in the late 80s and it was pretty quiet here. Just visited again in July of 2019 and the place was PACKED! Couldn't believe the line to get in and the number of people here.

Sravan Kumar Nuthalapati

An unique experience. Desert in the middle of forest and mountains. Carry plenty of water while visiting this place on a sunny day. Sliding is the best activity to do on Dunes. If possible try to visit on full moon night, it’s a beautiful experience but pay attention to wild life. Apart from sand dunes there is nothing to do at this place. There is a waterfall near by called Zapata falls, if you have time try to visit that place. Overall a one time visit place.

El Viejo Gonzalez

What a great contrast with the creek running past huge sand dunes. Everyone was having fun in the water or on the dunes. Easy to loose track of time. Bring plenty of water. Bring provisions if you want to eat as it is remote.

Rachael Babiracki

Really cool!!! Worth the drive. Amazing views and the dunes are HUUUUGE. Had a really fun day here running around with the dog. Watch for heat on summer days - the sand gets really hot, so bring shoes that work and be aware of your dog's paws.

Patrik Stigborg

Outstanding park, nice swim for the kids in the creek. Lovely but strenuous hike up the sand dunes. Good junior ranger book and Rangers asking our kids the question

Mitchell Plath

Good time to be had by all. Great national park. Pretty clean for the most part, lots of tourists, usually very busy. Breathtaking scenery, and a wide variety of options to get away from the crowds. The sand dunes are very neat and highly recommended to visit if you’re passing through. If seeking a bit of an adventure and thrill, be sure to rent a dune board and bring plenty of wax to get your max speed up. Be safe and have fun. Don’t forget, leave no trace, if you pack it in, make sure to pack it out. Tighten your hats and don’t let anything blow away.

Paula D

Wow! What a beautiful sight to behold! This makes the whole trip! Definitely worth coming to see! They also have a visitor center before you get to the dunes so you can see & read about the history & shop for trinkets for the family. The staff is super friendly & are willing to share their knowledge with you. If you visit Colorado, you HAVE to put this one on your list of things to do!!

Carolyn LeCroy

Great info at Visitors Center. Very knowledgeable rangers. Took the Sand Pitt trail this morning for an up close view of sand dunes and stream. Also last night from Pinion Flat Campground viewed partial sunset, mule deer and heard a coyote.

Paul Sterling

This place is mind blowing. Beach sand in the middle of the mountains. High recommend going. Bring sunscreen and flip flops to walk through the water to get to the sand.

Rick Clapham

Quiet relaxing visit.. Fun information at visitors center. You will get some serious exercise. Glad we stayed the weekend.

Tye Lovato

It's my childhood place where we go for free water to swim!! Best of during summer months. It's right off hwy 160 and take 16 mile north to the entrance gate. Caution, long car line to the gate to pay fee or show your annual pass. Many port a potty on this parks! It can be stinky!

Kisha Barrett

This is a wonderful national park! In July the dunes have water at the base which makes a kids splash paradise. Can't wait to ride the dunes next time. Bring bug spray, the mosquitoes can be plentiful at this time as well.

Brian Desilets

The dunes and surrounding area are breathtaking. On a clear night you can see the milky way. The only negative us that everything in the area is expensive since the park is somewhat remote

Praveen Sethu

Best time to visit will be early morning before sun rise or just before sun set. Scorching heat gave us a very difficult time to sand sled. Otherwise, We had an amazing experience. I would definitely come back again in the winter.

Michael Munhall

These majestic Dunes are not to be missed. I was there in the late afternoon and the light of the setting sun made them even more spectacular.

libby bestul

A very challenging, yet rewarding hike. Grab your sunscreen and your positive attitude, take your time, sip your water and put one foot in front of the other. Do not go without a hat!!!! If you are lucky and the water is still running you can wade in the cool stream and soft mud. If you have little kids, just play in the naturally forming beach.

Merlinda Lopez

Had a some what bad experience with man at entrance raising his voice even after I offered to pay my way in. I was with the center head start. I think he needs to be taught that things tend to go better if your attitude doesn't stink.

Jesseca Martinez

Insanely unique National Park. There's A LOT of mosquitoes in the parking lot and right before you get to the creek. Once you get on the dunes they disappear. If you want to get ready for this trip physically make the stair master your best friend.

Jared Weist

wow! just wow! the visitor center is small but the park rangers were extremely helpful and kind. the dunes are very impressive!!! once in a lifetime experience. do keep in mind that you need to wade through a shallow creek. i recommend arriving in early morning before the sand gets hot, wading through the creek in bare feet, and then putting on sandals/shoes/boots if you intend to hike more than just to the base of the dunes. very fun experience for people of all ages.

Sean Dykstra

MUST see place in Colorado Mid-May to early June. When the river is running due to run-off (Mid-May to June are your best chances), this place is AMAZING - 100' wide river that is extremely shallow. Huge Sand Dunes that you can hike up and slide down, beautiful river that is easily walked through due to the sand, and beautiful mountain scenery all around. Its the closest thing to a beach in Colorado!


Awesome experience, very beautiful! The sand dunes were so neat and the creek going through was enjoyable as well. It's neat they have water to rinse your feet off with on the way back to your car; that was very much appreciated and helpful.

Megan Caille

Cool place to visit! Walking across the sand to get to the dunes is a little work out but very worth it.

Jen Hallam

Almost otherworldly. So beautiful. Sand is hot but with shoes quite manageable. We rented sand boards and had a great time. The bugs are bad so bring spray.

Tim Hassler

An adult sandbox. What could be better? Tough hike up the dunes for the average human but definitely doable. The sand gets really hot. If you're taking a dog please make sure they have booties on! There were people dragging their dogs back because they burned their feet on the sand and couldn't walk. It was very sad to watch. Be responsible! I couldn't walk on there with bare feet. No way the dogs could.

Carrie M Gordon

Interesting hikes thru dunes and dry Creek bed. Nature trail is well marked. Nice shaded picnic area is very clean. Excellent visitor center with free water source

Megan McDonald

If you have the chance to see this park at sunset you must!!! We didn’t plan to stay that late but we couldn’t pull ourselves away. We stopped at the first view point inside of the park then parked and followed one of the many trails into the dunes. We didn’t bring much other than water and a camera and didn’t make it all the way up into the dunes, it’s a strenuous walk, especially if you’re not used to sand. It was incredibly beautiful, pictures couldn’t do it the justice it deserves.

finlay wood

This was our second time here, really enjoy it. It's been a super wet spring and summer, so was great to see some lush green vegetation coming out of "nowhere". River is still flowing, so lots of people hanging out as if it were a beach.

Will Valentin

The dunes are amazing. If you try going to the top you will realize they are much higher than they appear.

Misty Massey

Amazing views at the park. We hiked to the High Dune and although it was challenging for us, it was worth it for the view. Very busy so go early. Also, the sand gets very hot so bring socks or wear closed shoes. You do have to walk through the water to get to the dunes. We took our shoes off for that part. The dunes are less busy than the creek. Get yourself a sled and go down. Not my cup of tea but others were having a blast. Going to hike the wilderness areas a different day. Would recommend a few visits!

Bill Gerst

Beautiful place. Hiked to the top and it was no joke. Great view from top. Very windy though with lots of sand blowing. Need glasses and hats.

Molly Murphy

My experience was overall great. I liked it because it was different. The Great Sand Dunes themselves were rather peculiar, because it is a huge mountain of sand surrounded by even bigger mountains made of rock. The drive from Denver though, was brutal due to the time, but the views were stunning. If you want to go make sure the weather is nice. You don't want to go and find out that a thunderstorm is heading in your direction. That was my experience, and I ended up getting so much wind whipping the sand into my face, ears, legs, etc. Which didn't make the experience very pleasing. Of course you shouldn't be up there when there is lightning, but until then you can continue trying to sand board. Also, if you're not used to elevation, and may not be in your fittest form (like me) then going up sand dunes was terrible. Partly because it's hard for your feet to use the sand to push yourself up for your next step, when you keep on sliding because it's sand. Overall it was fun. Something new something different, even though I was there for 30 minutes (due to the impending storm). So make sure the weather will be nice to make the drive to the sand dunes worth it.


This is one of our favorite parks we have visited. I seriously underestimated how beautiful it would be. The river was dry when we went in September. Highly recommend hiking to the first dune. Wear full coverage shoes. The sand can be VERY hot. Sandals didn't offer enough protection.

John Turner

Great park. If you look at maps and try a little harder you can avoid the crowds. The spring melt is cool to see but I prefer going there in the off season; less people, less bugs, not as hot.

Yoelvis Pedraza

Truly a place that will take your breath away. Visit early in the year and a river will flow right in front of the Sand Dunes, creating lush green vegetation all around. Make sure to stay hydrated as you climb up. Take your time climbing, your feet will sink in the sand which makes it hard to walk. Enjoy. It's an amazing sight.

Robert Childers

We had a wonderful time at the park to commemorate the parks admission into the International Dark Sky ceremony. I had the opportunity to see things in the heavens I'd never seen before.

Jason Wakefield

Beautiful NP full of fun and interesting landscapes to view. Very unique and worth the trip. Will have to come back again when we can spend more time.

Jessica Lincoln

Was really fascinating to see them in Colorado. Dunes on one side and hillside of gold and red on the other. Only downside was $25 to enter.

WC Leitner

Great place to visit. It is a huge beach with no water haha. It is absolutely beautiful.

Kimberly Jones

This place is amazing! I had no idea this was even here but I saw signs on the interstate and decided to stop. It is stunning! I highly suggest everyone check it out at least once. The evening was a perfect time to go in my opinion. The setting sun created lovely light and shadows and the sand had cooled so that it was comfortable to walk on.

Jason Gomez

Great overall experience, not too happy, I guess I was the only person following the leash law , everyone else must be to privileged to obey the law there I literally seen every other dog running around having a great time off leash, why have a law that not being obeyed, reminds me of a border law, why make laws and not follow them people! Nobody was enforcing anything also!

Mr Tmack. McPherson

Beautiful; in a strange way. What are these dunes doing here anyway? Enjoyed the answers, discovery, being in the dunes, and hiking on riparian forests in the National Park

Paige Cozort

A truly unique experience. Renting sand borads or sleds is worth the price in my opinion for something you can't try anywhere else and the stars here are something else entirely. Just look up and you'll see the entire Milky Way.

zachary morgan

Gorgeous and fun place! Creek was still flowing... it was lovely. The sand dunes were incredible! The whole country side is beautiful and worth seeing!

Abigail McGee

Fun place to play in the sand. It gets pretty warm in the late morning to early afternoon. Remember your tennis shoes. If you cant walk for a long period in sand you might want to rent the wheelchair the sand is hard to walk in. Make sure to have plenty of water with you so you do not dehydrate.

Mario Paez

Really cool experience. >Bring an Umbrella<. Without our umbrella to give us instant shade we might not have lasted the hours we did. It was super hot

Jessica Thompson

The sand dunes are an amazing stop. Everyone tells you to go in the AM before the heat or evening, would recommend following this guidance. It gets very hot on the dunes. A beginner to the dunes should definitely rent a sled from the shop before entering the park, it's like $22 for a day of use. Would also recommend bringing a sponge or extra pair of socks to use to rinse off in the little stream so you can get the sand off a bit before getting back to your car.

John Merlino

Great sand dunes national park is a treasure and a site that should be taken in over time. Hands down one of the most amazing places on earth. As a professional photographer, it has rewarded me visit after visit, time after time, and never gets old. Thank you to the wonderful park staff and rangers there, too, who work so hard and make our lives so great when visiting. Your department is so important, wish I could personally fund you!!!

Daran Thach

The welcome center is filled with some interesting memorabilia. The walk to the dunes will be pretty easy, just avoid the small cacti in the grassy section. Perfect fine sand up in the reverse dunes!

Jose Coto

Impressive sand dunes. Be sure to take plenty of water and prepared to walk on the hot sand, barefoot is not really an option. Shallow river for kids to play in, about 4 inches of water.

Larry Lawley

An amazing place to camp and enjoy nature! Just obey the posted signs! The wild is still the wild! Then post your experiences!

Alexis Haynes

Amazing!! Stunning. a must see National Park. You can also camp here. I recommend making reservations to get a spot. Make sure you have enough water when hiking and proper shoes. Also in the summertime there is a nice river from the run off not to deep but fun to play in or you can always slide down a dune. A definite must see. Would highly recommend.

Rojin Tiwari

Love this place, it’s bit of drive to get there, not much but sand dunes. However it’s a place you can visit if you have time


What an amazing place this is!! Very well kept and operated. The influx of tourists after 10am is kind of unsettling but in its own way entertaining. I absolutely love the fact that drones are not allowed and can’t speak highly enough about the park rangers. Don’t be saddened if the main camp ground is full, kappa falls and oasis are great places to camp and plenty close. The $25 entry fee is a small gut punch at first but well worth it after the adventures.

bigkmanosteel kaster

Man... what Can i say.. it’s incredible , I was told it was worth the drive and it truly was. Go into the national park don’t just sit on the highway and look at it. When we got into the park they had good bathrooms, then we got right up where the sand dunes start and found a river at the bottom , kids had an awesome time .

Annabella Newman

I never got tired of being in the dunes. The only downside is the wind blows sand into your face and ears so i suggest to bring a scarf or something to protect from the sand. I rented a sled and went down the dunes a couple of times. That was pretty cool.

Bart Overbeek

The national park was wonderful. Sand sliding was amazing. We rented a couple of boards just nearby the entrance of the park. It was fun! Sand everywhere after boarding :)

Natasha McNutt

It was my third time visiting the Great Sand Dunes National Park with my family. It's always an adventure and the Junior Ranger program was a lot of fun to complete with the kiddos.

Marisol Gonzalez

It is amazing!! The sand is very fine and it feels nice in your feet. A very cool experience my children love it! It's like a huge sand box to play!

Josh Evilsizor

The pictures pretty much say it all, but I will recommend visiting the sand dunes earlier in the morning before they heat up so that you can climb them with your bare feet (it was mid-September when I went and by late afternoon they were nice and toasty). No one likes climbing sand dunes with sand in their shoes, and flip flops are definitely not the footwear to use to tackle this challenging tiny mountain or large hill. Also it looks like some people rented or borrowed, not sure how it works, sandboards from somewhere before they hit the hill. Perhaps they got these at the visitor center.

Craig Wallace

I thought lake Michigan had big dunes. The dunes here are huge! We had great fun exploring every nook and cranny of the park. The sunsets are beautiful.

Erika Bowers

A hike up the dunes is like none other! You pay $25 for 7 day access (which is 1000% worth it to support National Parks). I only hiked up the dunes but there are way more hikes, and more drives accessible to you if you have 4WD. Make sure you bring food (and water of course!!), there's only a couple overpriced snack options available in the visitor center. Also bring sunscreen, hats, etc. If you are prepared these dune hikes will be so rewarding!!

Kevin Hahn

I had high hopes of viewing an amazing night sky. My son and I stayed until near midnight. Throughout our time laying on the dunes, a glow remained in the sky. We never got to see the great night sky we hoped for. I wonder if light clouds caused this. Has been a mystery to me.

Jon Tiede

As beautiful as they are, pictures don't even do this place justice. You have to experience it in person to really appreciate this place!

Steven Hall

Breath taking park. Great for exploring the dunes or playing in the creek. We took our 1 year old and 7 year old and they loved playing in the creek.

EWC Home Services And Interior Design

We loved trying to make it to the furthest dunes, we lost. But the adventure was well worth it.

Kristian Smith

It is all most hard to describe. You have beach, water, sand dunes, and snow capped mountain back drop. What more could you ask?


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