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1805 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

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Where is Garden of the Gods?

REVIEWS OF Garden of the Gods IN Colorado

Rebert Volp

Great place to bring your kids! They will learn so much about the history of Colorado while having fun with all the different exhibits available. They have a room available for eating packed lunches and nice clean facilities. Their exhibit guides are full of fun facts and very knowledgeable historical tidbits.

Lawrence Woods

An amazingly beautiful open space that was gifted to the city of Colorado Springs. The whole geology of the park is completely upside down. The red rock became exposed (upside down) at the last upheaval of the Front Range.

Kayla Bruskas

If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the garden of the gods. I was only able to stop for a couple of hours, but could have spent all day at the park. It is busy and parking can be tough to find, but this is an absolute must to. I wish I would have brought my bike to explore more of the park and many paths that are available. Must do!

Aaron Lilach

By far the greatest space to find adventure for free that we’ve ever been to. Rock climbing, hiking, can do it all. Ask a volunteer at the visitor center for help in customizing your adventure. Want rocks? They will guide you to them. Scenery? They will show the best places to visit. Worth the few moments of your time. Pack plenty of water!

Arron Chavez

Just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful views, easygoing traffic and friendly local people. Prices of everything are up there, and parking can be difficult, unless you're up for those long walks! The visitor center is a great place to stop for information, trail locations, sights to see, parking areas. Most places are cool with pets roaming with you on a leash, but there's a couple places that probably shouldn't have pets, even with a leash. I had a wonderful time simply walking around, taking in the scenery. People are very polite, friendly, and definitely willing to help and give directions if they can. Love the area! All the stars to all the gods!

Rich Hanson

Gem! This place is AMAZING! Relatively easy hike for what you get to experience. I will be back. We went on a Sunday and got there early, but it still was busy. Love it.

Keena Leonard

A must see and amazing work of natural art! This place has amazing views and is agreat location for photo opportunities or simply enjoying nature. Wear comfortable shoes to help extend your stay. Sun protection and water bottles are also recommended.

Lanna Peace

Love this place. It's free and has amazing views. Our family has been here many times over the years and it never gets old.

Jacqueline Wilson

Wow. What can I say but just beautiful. There are so many trials to hike and different ways to see the scenery it is just amazing. I will have to say the trail taking you closet to the rocks is my favorite only because you can read on how the different rock formation came to be and other info about them. But I also enjoy the other trails because they gave you great views and a nice hike! All in all a must see place!

Reflections of a simple mind

Was a fantastic experience to explore through the park( 1300 acres) and see the gorgeous sandstone formations. It’s like a walk through the time. There is hiking and biking trails around the park. Have seen people rock climbing too. Plenty of photo opportunities all around the Park. Located in Colorado Springs, it is a National Natural Landmark. The Park is free to the public. ( read to know the story of friendship and who donated the Garden of Rocks with the condition that Park should forever be free to the public) We covered Manitou Incline and Pikes Peak the same day.

T mccoy

Beautiful scenery, fabulous trails, but really busy. Try off season for a better experience, else come early to beat the crowds and possible heat. Be prepared, it may rain without notice. Check out the trading post for goodies before you leave!

Katie Leigh

Absolutely beautiful! A must see if you're in the area. Great pictures. Easy hikes. Bring water and wear sunscreen! I love that it's free and always will be.

Daniel Lee

Garden of the gods has quite a following and I highly recommend carving out about 4 hours here. There are numerous trails you can take, and if you’re up for it, take the moderate-to-hard hiking trail, Palmer trail. It has great view points and it’s about 4 miles. There are plenty of parking spaces and we recommend parking in the lot down from the visitor center near the ranch. It’s an open field and you’re guaranteed to get a spot! Take lots of pictures and enjoy.

Tallia B

Came from east coast, had a tour. The Jeep tour was a little pricey. It was 40 dollars per person for 90 minutes, they took us to manitou springs and had us try the mineral water and gave us some historical background of the place. The tour guide named Scout was very informative and it was good use of time for a couple hours if not from around here!

Josh and Tara Zipp

Parking is easy. Bathrooms were clean. Views were pristine. Easily could hike or rock climb a full day here. Walking paths are nice also.

Rosalia Heppler-Austin

Absolutely beautiful!!! So much hiking! You wouldn't believe all the options. Thru have cemented trails for the easier routes and the rough terrain for the people wanting to go off the path. So many vantage points to soak it all in from. Only a little bit touristic in some spots but you always have the option to venture off. We loved it! Would definitely return

Sheikh R

Over rated. Or may be we visited all the good places first and then explored this one the day we were leaving. My recommend will be to visit this one first. Free plenty parking and free entry.

Carol Kourt

What an adventure. It was super and enjoyed everything we saw. Not to old to enjoy an eye opening experience from this great nation

Susan Phillips

I was vacationing Colorado in July when I visited Garden of the Gods. The hiking was unbelievably exciting and beautiful. I'm from Virginia and I had never hiked in the Western part of USA. I was blown away by the views. The scenery was awesome. I loved the rocks and the views were spectacular. There was a variety of hiking from easy to challenging. Whatever level of hiking you prefer you will not be disappointed. At Garden of the Gods Mother Nature is out in full force. The beauty of this place is an emotional experience.

Asher Higgins

Excellent park, great scenery. The collection of rock formations is interesting. Good place to find Prairie Falcons and White-throated Swifts. Because I was with family I probably spent more time there than I would have on my own, so the four stars reflects that. Check it out, hike for an hour or so and you won't be disappointed.

Mary Ann Perez

Fascinating area, and love that you can drive through it! The visitors center is really informative, and beautifully done. There were climbers actually climbing the day we took our adult son, and he was intrigued watching them pick their footing as they moved up the rocks.

Melissa Baglio

Garden of the Gods one of the most popular sites in Colorado Springs. Plenty of trails to adventure and a few look out points. Best to park and hike but parking fills up fast. You can also drive the loop and see lots of great views without ever hiking. Great any time of year! 10/10 would recommend

Rachel Odolski

Well paved park with options for those who want to experience an easy hike. Otherwise the paved path at the bottom was very clean and taken care of. Easy for those who could not handle much difficulty. The areas everyone could hike were clearly marked and signs/fences were in place to prevent you from going to dangerous places. You can hike more difficult climbs with a permit and proper gear.

Jake Wehr

This was my second time coming here and it was like an entirely new experience. Garden of the gods is such a huge, vast area that you could come 50 times and have 50 entirely different experiences. I plan on taking more photos when I came here, but at a certain point I just wanted to be in nature. I was strongly suggest if you're hiking in this area deposit refuse steps and take a look up and soak in the majestic scenery. also I think I'm going to have to learn to climb mountains because I saw people really high up on some of these places which seemed terrifying but like a great goal to grow towards. you could have really easy hikes all the way to expert level 5,000 hikes here. Great for the family or the avid adventurer.

Kayla Fujinaka

I come here every chance I can get. The summer gets a bit too crazy for my taste, but the trails and the views are worth the traffic. It's such a gorgeous setting and all the trails are so well maintained! I bring all my family from out of town here.

Danielle Tyrrel

Google actually took us access the street to the welcome center, but we found it. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It was a hot day, so we just drive through instead of walking. It was nice to have the option.

Amir khan

Garden of the gods is a truly amazing and beautiful place. The rock formations are awe inspiring given that they are out of character for the surrounding vistas. There is a beautiful walkway that takes you around the park. We saw a number of deers in the park. There are rock climbing opportunities for the rock climbing enthusiasts. Highly recommended!

Zimco Zimmerman

Amazingly beautiful! There are walking/hiking paths, biking trails, and you can even drive through the park!! Most of the roads are one direction only, there are barricades in places when near drops, and larger vehicles are welcome as well.

Quinton C

So very amazing. Rock formations, beautiful scenery. Couldn't take a bad picture here if I tried. The fact that it was totally free was just the icing on the cake!

Jessica Schnittker

It is absolutely beautiful here. Everything is free, except for the items they are selling in the shops of course. Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed. There are so many things to see you could spend the whole day here. I'm sad I haven't come more often, my kids had so much fun.

Rhett Kuseski

This is a great place to visit and a must see if in the area. It is free so you can't beat the price. Many viewing options including a driving view and biking but to fully explore this fascinating natural wonder spend at least 2hrs doing the hiking trails. Grab a map at the nearby visitor center, but optional if pressed for time. Be mindful of the many one-way sections of the driving path and many of the pull over parking areas can fill up. In that case, drive to the next and hike back is an option. Their web site can probably answer most questions. Enjoy.

Ashley Dumaine

We visited on our first day in Colorado Springs and we're very glad we did, it was a great place for an early evening hike. The views were amazing and you can even see Garden of the Gods in a couple spots on some of the trails. There are a lot of trails so you can spend several hours here or just an hour and still have a great time.

Eli Clifford

Absolutely beautiful! It was a wonderful part of my trip and I greatly enjoyed it. Although it was, as is to be expected, hot, and I would recommend bringing a water and using plenty of sun screen, it was an amazing walk. The whole place is truly beautiful! If you're in the area, it's a must see!!

Nico Maroulis

I took my kids here for a quick visit and ended up spending the entire day exploring. We loved it. I haven’t been here since I was a kid. It was so nice to spend time together on a new adventure. I know money is tight for them so it is great to see the upgrades they are doing to restrooms etc. wonderful place to visit.

Jonathan Durand

This uniquely amazing place to visit. Breathtaking scenery. The hikes are great to explore the deeper formation of the rocks. I recommend to bring a lunch or a meal that you can explore more. Try to spend half day to earn the nature energy with explore and get the experience of this beauty of nature. Cameras a MUST. It's very touristy but worth to be patience with photographs of where you want take the photos. The nature is breathtaking and it does give you the God of Garden energy into you. I definitely will come back when I come to Denver again. I enjoyed the visit

Karle Alhamdulillah

This was a unique experience that only Colorado could provide! It was very nice thing the parks shuttle tour also! The staff were all friendly and honestly it was a great experience overall! Definitely recommend going to the springs near by and visiting the park after dark, but watch out for bears!!

Sunil Mehta

We were here on vacation and this was on our list, and a highly recommended places to visit. I have to say that it one lived up to our expectations. We had a great time and I highly recommend it for people who like to hike. We also came across a few people who were climbing rocks. You can drive the entire loop and look at all different rocks by driving. There are hikes that you can take a different parking spots. Allow yourself four to five hours to look at entire park and explore a few hikes. I recommend ridge trail at parking Spot 10. It has really scenic views.

Susan Pettitt

Garden of the Gods is my favorite place to go hiking in Colorado. The views are amazing. There are many different trails to explore. A great place for photography and getting some exercise. Also enjoy going into the visitor center just outside of the park. The staff at the visitor center has a lot of great knowledge about the park and always friendly. Highly recommended Update: highly recommend going to Garden of the Gods on a morning that they do not allow cars to drive through the park. Today Oct. 6th was the day we experienced no vehicles morning. We parked across the street from the visitor center and walked into the park. It was a new way for us to see the park. We started from one end of the park checking out some of the amazing Red Rocks and made it all the way to the Balancing Rock. Took about 3 hours round trip on foot and almost 6 miles altogether. Loved it

Shauna Damon

Incredible natural wonder. So happy I made this a stop on my vacation. A bit over touristy for my typical liking however it really encourages tourists to follow trails, throw garbage away and park in appropriate locations. The rest areas/giftshops were beautiful and had just the right gifts for those back home. Fantastic place to visit.

Sarah G.

Would go early for good parking, close to the central area. They have a visitor center that was packed when my family got there, but they had interesting exhibits and a large gift shop. Many trails (some were easy, some were moderate). Rocks to climb on as part of a trail, which are fun for kids and good for photographs.


We went there in cloudy day.It’s truly a garden of gods park. Maybe long long time ago gods used to come here to visit. Rocks formations are truly beautiful. It’s also free to get in. Most attractions rock is balance rock and kissing rocks

Hugo Guerra

Incredible place. We first visited 40 odd years ago and it was great and now is even better. Great place for trekking or just enjoy the magnificent view

Kyle Lee

This place is absolutely beautiful. The name says it all. So much to do here for all ages. Well paved paths with wheelchair accessibility through beautiful ancient rock formations. Unpaved paths for hiking, biking and horses all over the park. And they even have anchors set on the some of the biggest rock features for rock climbers - just make sure to bring your safety gear and to stop by the visitor center to grab your climbing permit! You can also drive through the entire park without ever needing to step out of your vehicle to see all of the breathtaking rock features. The best part of all is everything is free to the public, the park is funded entirely by donations. If this isn't on your list of things to do when visiting Colorado - add it. This can be a day long adventure of hiking or you can cruise through the ancient rock formations by car in about 20 minutes - you decide!!!

Grace Young

Really beautiful rock formations. We did a lot of research before coming and were super confused by all the trails and the map, but I would say not to worry too much about it. Make sure to hit the Central Garden Trail, which circles all the main rock formations and is paved and super easy. Then you can either drive down or hike the Palmer Trail to see the other two main attractions, the Siamese Twins and the Balanced Rock. All the trails are carefully marked, and the people at the visitor center are super friendly and helpful.

Scott Bair

We loved this place. It is beautiful! Info Center is awesome too. Very informative and educational.

Katie Girdner

A must stop if you are in the area! No entrance fee, great visitor's center with helpful staff (and a cute cafe) and lots of areas to explore. Be sure to park and walk around the various formations.

Chris Gibbon

Beautiful. Breathtaking and marvelous. I walked many trails, which were all well marked and fairly easy considering the altitude and me coming from Sea level. You could spend the whole day (and then some) just walking the many trails. Make sure to stop at the visitor center!


Amazing views/scenery and I really liked all the good merchandise at the trading post. Parking was a little hard to find but I think that's because we went in the afternoon when it seemed busy. The place seems huge, I couldn't explore it all so definitely plan a few hours to really explore it. I can't wait to go back and walk around the area for a longer time.

Ashley Diener

What a beautiful and free park! We were blown away by the natural beauty here! The volunteers in the visitor were extremely helpful. A huge thank you goes out to them!!!

Tianna Crane

Super pretty, awe inspiring rock formations with mountain backdrops. Be sure to stop in at the visitor center as well for the cool displays and interactive educational kiosks. Totally worth a visit, and it's free!

Ronald Beam

The most beautiful rock formations among excellent walking paths for the whole family. Interspersed with descriptive plaques. The history & amazing geologic formations are awe inspiring!! A must-see! Immerse yourself!!!

Elise Odom

I love taking folks who are visiting me here, it is beautiful and not a hard walk. It is nice that they have a paved path through the main rocks too, that way you can bring a stroller and it is not hard for the elderly either. The only issue is parking, I would give it 5 stars except there have been multiple times where we were unable to find a parking spot so we ended up having to leave! Very upsetting when you only have a couple days before your friends/family that are visiting have to fly home.

James Gamez

The Garden of the Gods was great. Make sure you bring sunscreen with you, if you are going in the summer months, there aren't many shaded spots on the trail,and it does get hot fast. The trail near the nature center leads directly up to some of the most beautiful parts of the park. Also, there can be a massive amount of people here towards the middle of the day, so I recommend getting here early. Really nice public park, totally reccomend seeing it if you're in the Olympic City.

Jeffrey Smay

Nature in all its glory can be found here. Must stop and see/experience this natural wonder. It is easily an entire days worth of things/hikes to do. Bring water, some snack food and a good attitude for the day and enjoy all that the park has to offer. The Siamese Twins trail is a nice, easy jaunt that really packs in a lot of bang for the effort!

luke bailly

Arguably the most beautiful place in all of Colorado! I never miss an opportunity to visit this splendid destination. The parking is sometimes difficult, but the effort is more than worth it.

Eric McLaughlin

Beautiful destination. Free. Very accessible and mostly easy to moderate trails. And there is alot to see. Can definitely fill day if you like taking pics and day hiking

Jonathan Ro

Not on the scale of Bryce Canyon, Zion or National Parks of that ilk, but well worth the visit if you're in the Colorado Springs area. Fascinating red rock formations with some gorgeous picture taking shots. We're only sorry we couldn't stay longer to walk the well laid out hiking and walking trails. Segway and electric bike rental available at the visitor center if you want to leave your car there. Guided tours by Jeep also departs from the visitor center.

Meghan Thompson

Such a gorgeous place to go. Although it was crowded because we went here on a random summer Saturday it was still cool to see. I love Colorado and even though I'm from here and I've seen them before there are some things you just don't get tired of seeing. This being one of them.

Sapper Mac

Beautiful park. It is meticulously maintained and they are constantly working to upgrade facilities and accessibility. Traffic flow is good, even on busy days due to the one way layout. The paved trails for the casual visitor are level and easy to walk. The hiking trails are well marked and provide the best photo vantage points. Parking can be challenging on busy days if you are trying to find a spot inside the park but, if you are willing to walk the initial 1/4 mile, there is always room in the main lot. The lodges, stores, and restroom facilities are spread throughout the park and greatly enhance the overall experience.

Julian Wair

Jaw dropping. Words cannot even explain the scenery. It's one of my favorite places on earth. This place is great for photography and family. You have to visit the trading post as well!

C Wallace

The fact that this is an open park, with no rangers both makes this park awesome and terrible at the same time. Parking on busy days is nothing short of a nightmare, the shuttles are helpful. But the public masses have proven themselves, time again in other parks that now have to be policed, to guarantee to destroy this beauty. I won't turn this in to a diatribe about how despicable the human race is in their lack of basic respect for nature, but go enjoy it before they trash it.

May Alanzi

Absolutely gorgeous! The visitor center was really nice and had lots of information. There was also a large interactive section for kids. Large gift shop with your typical tourist goods, but also some cool and unusual things. The park had great trails with breathtaking views. A must see if you're in the area.

Nana Gaye

My autistic grandson calls these the great Red Rocks. I couldn't agree with him more. He lives in Colorado Springs and goes there at least twice a week. I wish I lived there! It's an awesome place. Highly recommend

Swapnil Ghodake

Great place and amazing sightseeing places. There are multiple entrance and drive ways, don't just stick to one entrance or you may miss amazing views across garden. With multiple entrance, you will get multiple beautiful trails. Enjoy your time.

Alexis Coats

Awesome trails! This is a must do in Colorado Springs! There are beautiful rock formations that the whole family can appreciate. Some trails are paved and some are not with 1,300 acres of sandstone formations the entire family can enjoy. It has wheelchair accessibility. They also have a gift shop with an overlook. This is a very clean and well maintained park. An absolute must see!

quy van nguyen

This is a great place for your heart with nature ❤️

John Miller

Absolutely beautiful, great hiking, rock climbing (with permit required), and it's free. Accessibility for all types with good facilities. Can get a bit crowded on weekends - try to go early morning on a weekday when crowds are light and the sun is facing the rock front and Pike's Peak for the best experience.

j cruzer

Classic rode stop! Be prepared to walk or search hard for parking. This is a great spot for kids and adults. There are paved and natural walking trails and great photo opportunities of really unique geological structures. There are trad, and top rope climbing options available with permit but you must bring your own gear.

Travelling First

Must visit place in Colorado. Visiting center has public restrooms, some really good food and a gift shop. There is a small parking lot near the visitor center and a big parking lot a little further down the road. Driving around the park while stopping at the allowed places are the convenient way to cover up the park on a hot busy day within a short period of time. You will not miss a lot by doing that. There are a couple small walk trails you can still do while stopping at allowed locations. Balanced rock is also an amazing rock. This is truly an amazing creation of gods!

Annette H.

There is a gorgeous hike (or drive) for anyone here. And it's FREE, including the museum (except for Jeep tours, renting Segways, etc.). The park's splendor and diverse scenery and trails make it one of my favorites in all of the U.S. It is high traffic, even though we arrived after the height of summer tourist season, wow. It's more than enough acreage, however, to handle the crowds. Skip the gift shop in the Visitor's Center. Do not miss: The Trading Post gift shop, the Balancing Rock, and the Siamese Twins Loop. I'm amazed there are occasional forks without trail markers so I got lost for a short time (beware, the map is limited in detail).

Riaj Mahamud

It is really nice to visit the Garden of the Gods. We have spent 1.5hr in this park. You can do a lot of fun activity there. There are huge mountain, you can hike and climb as well ( provided that you have training and approval). They have guide rides who can explain the things around. There is also trails to hike. The park doesn’t have any entrance fee. There is a road that round around the park so you can enjoy the park while riding in your own car. Along the road there is outlook to stop to see and take pictures of this place.

Rikin Patel

Fantastic! Only one word describe this place. Being very accessible makes it even better for everyone. Get there first thing in the morning to find parking spot. You can easily spend half a day here hiking around and enjoying the view. They made it even free which makes it even better. Thanks to the owner and their kind contribution to the people.

Rick Roberts

Love this place and we have wonderful pictures that will last forever. Thank U all for awesome time. The only thing I couldn't do was walk around cause my wife has probably w/ her legs, so we went through by car. Loved it!!!!! Thank U!!!!! God Bless!!!!! Kate and Rick

Gretchen Schaumann

One of the most incredible FREE places to visit left on earth. We so enjoyed it! Do go early in the day, as it tends to get busy. So beautiful to see and experience. You can also do some hiking, so plan to bring your water and appropriate gear to get up close and personal.

Marty Grubbs

Such a beautiful park and nature center. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Go close to sunset, the monuments are truly magnificent!

Justin Egeler

How could you rate this any less than 5 stars? Other than the massive influx of new tourists flooding the area, which is is absolutely warranted due to the sheer beauty of the place. I’m a Colorado native and GOG is an absolute staple of the springs.

Tyler Collins

Loved this park. Nestled just outside of the city, it was super easy to get to. Parking was fine, and even though it was busy I didn't feel crowded. The gift shop was a bit overpriced for my tastes, but that's to be expected at a tourist stop. I definitely plan to come again some time and bring my sketchbook and watercolors with me!

Leigh Licata

What else is there to say that hasn't already been said here? So great that someone donated the masterpiece of landscape for future generations and demanded it always be kept free to visit. Beauty smacks you in the face from the first glimpses of the sandstone formations and just won't quit. Miles of hiking but there are roads throughout the park making it extremely accessible and enjoyable for everyone. One of the best places to visit in Colorado Springs, an absolute must-do if you're visiting the area.


This was a nice place. It was very touristy when I went at the end of July. Mobbed actually. The gift shop was nice. My family and I walked on the trail before doing the drive-through activity. It was scorchingly hot out which detracted some enjoyment, but it was still worth it overall.

Michael Kerns

This place is truly worth seeing. Don't skip it. Don't just drive through it. Park your car and hike. You won't be sorry you did. Beautiful and serene. Literally mind blowingly beautiful EVERY..WHERE..YOU LOOK.

Jenny N' Sterling

It was a very hot and clear day. That sun is pretty strong, so don't mess around without sunblock. You WILL be a crispy critter. It was very beautiful, so its worth the sun baked hike. I suggest you hike in the morning. They are finishing up some paved walkways, so it will be handicap accessible! When it's done, I can bring my folks!! It looks pretty close to being done, too.

Melissa Tugsal

A MUST visit FREE amazingly beautiful experience! Very accessible and easy for all. We visited within our first week of moving to Colorado and it was truly AMAZING! Breathtaking!

Kyla Huebner

INCREDIBLE. Wheel chair friendly and has a fantastic visitor center. Beautiful hikes and it was honestly perfect. Worth the trip and not overly crowded. 10/10.

Martin Evans

I was surprised how lovely and peaceful this place was, even though there were a lot of visitors. It is big enough to not feel crowded. Nice walking trails, the shortest are all paved, but with going on the unpaved trails for the full experience.

Douglas Stout

Really enjoyed both driving and hiking in the park! Hiking opportunities for a range of abilities, including technical climbing with prior approval. You can also drive through the park and see many of the rock formations without leaving the car, though I'd recommend parking and exploring where possible. Nice visitor center with plentiful parking. Best thing: it's all free!

Paula D

Absolutely amazing!! Be sure to wear your walking shoes for this scenery! You can hike as little or as much as you choose. The park is beautiful! I can't get over how nice the weather was when we visited here on 7/31/2019. The breeze was amazing & the view is outstanding! Never have I seen something as beautiful as these rocks! A must see if you're visiting Colorado! My camera doesn't do it justice!

Ron Billings

Perfect for hanging out for a few hours or taking day hikes. Great geology. Beautiful views and very picturesque!! Sometimes I drive straight through it without stopping as a peaceful "shortcut" on the way home.

Jessica Rae

Very beautiful! We got the chance to see some rock climbers ascend the rocks. Very cool to see it was given as a "gift" to be free to the public.

Jamal Adan

Must visit attraction in CO! Its free to visit this park. Pic a map at the visitor centre and explore the majestic rocks and intricate paths.Try taking a snap with the breathtaking background on your way out of the park. You will enjoy your time here.

Kyle Faba

Great place to take a hike if you have kids or older adults (low stress), amazing views of the formations and different fossil sites. You can walk the garden (about 4 miles rt), take a off-road jeep tour, or a tram tour. The hike is the better option, but if it's sunny or hot just bring some extra water and a hat as there is little cover. The visitor center is amazing with some good history, and a nice little dinosaur exhibit that shows which species they have discovered here in the state and where you can go to see those different sites.

Jeffrey Dowdy

Amazing rock formations. Also, very hot! I have two tips to combat the heat. Look at a map before you arrive and plan what you want to see and how you plan to walk through the 'garden'. Parking strategically will also help. You can park at the visitor center, but you will walk pretty far in the heat before you arrive (or you can get a tour on a shuttle or jeep or bikes). You can also park at the initial lot across from the visitor center, but you will still be walking a good distance. We drove further in and it lessened or hike considerably. If you have more time and come in the early morning, this won't be an issue. Lastly, bring plenty of water. Did I mention it was hot?

Elyssa Looney

This place was really fun and awesome. Although we were only here one day the fact that the place was free and the hiking and location were great made the experience fun! If we had known ahead of time we would have registered for a climbing permit since they had climbing everywhere! The interpretation in the visitor center was as good as a national park and the facilities were nice and clean. The only reason I would give this place four stars is that I was expecting the views to be better than they were. Overall I would recommend this place to others and would gladly come back.

Brittany Finley

Number 1 spot to recommend to tourists here, it's a beautiful must see place. So lucky that I went to high school right next to it and grew up so close to here and now that I moved I miss seeing it!! Keep in mind it will be packed on summer weekends and holidays with tourists and has a speed limit of 15 so it takes some time to get around in there. You can still hike some trails and get away from the crowds when busy though because there are so many trails

Caleb Peacock

I walk my dog here a lot. I'm a local photographer, love to take shots here. My puppy also loves the walks. There's always a lot to see and you definitely have to visit more than once to get the full layout. Love to spend my time at Garden of the Gods!

Lisa Miller

Such a beautiful park. We hiked the Palmer trail and then more! It was a perfect day and great morning to hike 4 miles with that scenery. Jeep tour with Clementine was a wonderful 2 hours and so much nature to view and experience places we didn't when know was there! Helen Hunt waterfall and tunnels.

Courtnie Weaver

Everyone always brags about this place and the photos live up to the experiences. This place is great for novice and experiences hikers. It is also great for children and dogs. The experience is like no other. If you like the outdoors or hiking this is the perfect place to go. Everything is user friendly and it's easy to navigate the park. I recommend saving a day to explore this beautiful place if you plan on traveling near by. It's worth the time.


I was there in just before spring season probably not the best time to visit. Best time would be spring or summer time. There is museum at the head office , I liked that more though. If you are planning to visit try going without guide, good location for running or nature sight seeing.

Danielle H Larsen

Wow my family loves this place. Hit the visitor center and then get out and walk around. It was fun. I’m knocking off one star because on the last month we have been 4 times and parking is an issue to get out and walk. We have to circle and wait many times. Please help with the parking :). The rest is magnificent!

brigitte brown

Garden of the Gods with a name like that it must be excellent, which it was. Perfect for hikers, joggers, bikers, climbers and walkers. The rock formations are breath taking. The drive is beautiful and you can park take pictures or sit and just take in Gods Beauty!

Andrew C

Visiting, passing by, or living in Colorado Springs? Garden of the Gods is one of the most iconic places in the city other than Pikes Peak, but who can really miss our tallest mountain here in Colorado Springs. Easy access Fun for the entire family (very young, youngest, young, teens, adults, retirees, and the old). Lovely trails Hiking trails Horseback riding Photo Spots Driving through Rock climbing Biking Waking Running Pushing Stroller You might see deers depending on the season.

Dane Sigua

The views are amazing here and you could easily take hundreds of photos without realizing it. We finally got to park and explore late in the day because the parking is limited. We got to hike all over the park which is the best way to see the rock formations. You can get up close and even do some rock climbing if you have the gear and permit. There’s plenty of wildlife to see as well. Overall this is a must visit if you’re in Colorado Springs.

Daniel Fetchak

No need to say anything specific here- this is a MUST for those visiting Colorado. Rock climbing, pictures, beautiful rocks, everything the heart could ever want all in one place! Check it the general store too- great food and gifts

Megan Caille

What a beautiful place and amazing experience! I would highly recommend this especially if you like walking/hiking and being outdoors. There are many easy and more difficult trails to explore depending on what you are looking for.

Bamboo Songs

In the middle of a heat wave there were still so many people here. It was crawling with people. The guest center staff was super helpful. The atmosphere in the park is beautiful. It's also in a great location, next rv areas, near town where artsy stores abound, near great restaurants and other cool places. I'm going back here when it's a better time of year.

n p

Beautiful place to visit. Lots of paved and unpaved trails. Good place for families with kids to visit. I like how they're trying to preserve the area, but the giant plaque nailed into the rock makes me scratch my head. Climbing is allowed in certain areas only with permission.

Mandy Lenihan

I seriously love this park!! It is so beautiful to walk through! There are plenty of trails to choose from and while there are usually a lot of people in the park, once you get on the trails there's a lot less people and a lot more nature. The visitor center has a variety of neat exhibits where you can learn about the park, the wildlife in the area, and some of the history. There's also a really great gift shop inside the visitor center. Plan a day trip with your friends or family and enjoy it this summer!

Elvis Colucci

Garden of the Gods is full of tourists YES. But there is a reason so many people want to walk the path of the Garden of the Gods. The setting, the views, the rock formations are incredible. They are breath-taking. And when you are viewing such wonders of the earth, you forget about all of the other people and just Thank God He created these rock gardens. Most beautiful place we've ever seen. Our cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We will definitely be back again. The views are absolutely beautiful.

Nicole Starzynski

An absolute must if you are in the Colorado Springs/ Manitou Springs area. Heck we were I. Denver and still spent a few hours here. It is an absolute wonder if the world how this garden of rocks exist. We left a week ago and we are still processing all the beautiful things we saw during our trip to Colorado.

Kelly Day

Been there twice in the last 2 months. First time we hiked the main tourist areas. This morning we drove down from rampart range where we camped and saw some of the more "less traveled" parts. Lots of wildlife. Beautiful views. Never felt rushed and just took our time to enjoy it.

Daniel Garcia

This is one of the best free parks I have been to. Great hiking with beautiful views of rock formations and wildlife. There was construction but I cant wait to go back and see how that turns out.

Christine Parker

Great space. You could go for an entire week and find different things to do every time. We have smaller kids (2, 4, and 6). We used a hiking carrier for the youngest but the bigger kids were able to climb a ton of stuff. Highly recommend.

John Smith

When I heard about the Garden of the Gods from friends, I am very much looking forward to coming here. This is a very beautiful place. You need to walk to see more beautiful scenery. Believe me, if you want to see the scenery, you will come. Right place, the air here is very fresh, and if you come in winter, there will be different scenery, completely different feelings. If you are a resident near Denver, you must go. In summer, you can choose the weather comparison. Come here when you are cool, because you will feel very relaxed, the wind is the most comfortable, I feel very free, I really enjoy every minute here, I think I will definitely come back here in winter, go Feel the different scenery, just one hour away from the center of Denver, relatively close to other attractions, the Garden of the Gods! ! !

Jonathon Carlson

Great place with well established and mild, but scenic hiking trails. The views are great and there's plenty of hiking, with trails that anyone can use. I recommend parking in the central parking lot, since it gives the best and closest access to the well established trails and the best views with the rock formations.

Christopher Conley

Unbelievably pretty and tranquil. There is a daily walking tour with guide at 10AM and 2PM. TIP* Go in Autumn when the colors change and the summer tourists are absent.

Averil Hudson

Beautiful place, stunning scenery, fantastic info centre with lovely helpful staff - & guess what? One of the last free things to do is n the states!! Fabulous.

John Meirowsky

A great experience for people of all ages. The biggest challenge of visiting the Garden of the Gods is finding a parking space. Frequently you have to wait for someone else to pull out of their stall in order to get parked. Bring lots of water comfortable walking shoes as you will need to hike in to see the rocks. The visitor center has lots of educational exhibits to understand how the rock formation was created and has great views of the rocks to take photos.


Beautiful landscape. I really enjoyed wandering around this area. There are so many rock formations and the colors are amazing. There a re plenty of hiking trails. A small museum. Small gift shop. Plenty of parking. Free entrance. Plenty to do and see within the area. It was pretty overrun with tourists when I arrived. Still worth a trip to walk the area.

virendra kakade

Visited Garden of Gods with parents a year ago. The view from the viewing gallery is where you start feeling enchanted by the scale of the monument. Garden of Gods brings you up close and personal with the massive rocks . You tend to see big rocks in mountains but you don't know the sheer scale until you visit this place! Definitely visit when in Colorado.

Victoria Stamper

This park is absolutely stunning. MUST SEE! Free to the public and unlimited trails and valleys to explore. We came around sunset and it did not disappoint. Pet friendly as well, we opted to leave our pups behind. Check this place out, you will not regret it.

Stacy Lim

Spectacular view. This place gets very busy and touristy. If you arrive early, like 8am then you can avoid a lot of people and get amazing parking. Highly recommend hiring Front Range Climbing for climbing. Got to see the park in a completely different way.

Nani Merck

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for something free, interesting, and beautiful to do while in Colorado! I didn’t know that this place even existed until we got there, but I’m so glad that the hotel manager told us about it! Surprisingly there wasn’t a ton of people there, so we got to take beautiful photos with the formations, with the mountains, and with the cliffs, so I highly highly highly recommend this to any and everyone! Definitely the highlight of my trip!

Michael Scott Novilla

Definitely worth the trip, today the weather was nearly perfect. The path/trails are well maintained, the signage good, the local guides helpful and friendly. Enjoy!

Willie Wreckit

What an awesome place! The only problem I had there, was that my time was limited. It's like a desert oasis in Colorado. Climbing, hiking, biking, or just chilling out. I'd like to go back on a school day to avoid the large amount of people there, but this park is Terrific!

David Souri

Great place to walk around and take photos. We got all our steps in for the day and watched rock climbers, saw some wildlife, met some cool families with their pets. Also the coffee shop has some great drinks!

Matthew Baker

One of the coolest and most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. You can pay a lot of money to tour the park or just drive through it find a place to park and do your own thing. At parking lot #2 you can walk a path right through the center of the park on the north side, on the south end you can actually hike up it. It’s all free and Amazing.


This place has improved since my last visit in 2013. It can handle the holiday weekend masses! Show up early, Park at the visitors center, and walk under the highway to see the rocks in the center of the park. Then, you can go back and drive around the rest of the park. Bring water and sunscreen, and energy! You’ll be walking a lot if you want to see the formations up close!

Jackson H

The Visitor's center is awesome and restrooms are clean. I can't believe this place is free! Plenty to see and do. The geologic history, recent history and other presentations in the Visitor's center are interesting. The views from the trails are breathtaking. The kids did not want to leave. Plan on at least 4 hours. Since it is free, you can spread the hiking out once a few days, if you like. The roads are crowded, but it was not an annoyance. We parked in a less popular area and walked to the more popular areas, it was good way to go. We saw several deer up close and smaller wildlife. We will be back.


A good location to walk around and take in the vistas. Ample parking spots available. It is close to Denver/Colorado Springs and can easily turn into a half day outing. Numerous trails throughout the park and lot of signs offering local information.

Bernie H

Lovely terrain and views located close to Colorado Springs. I went trail running there and the intersections were all very well marked making it easy for a tourist to navigate. The outstanding viewpoints and rock formations throughout the park make this worth exploring further. We were just passing through when we found Garden of the Gods but will definitely be back to see everything this natural wonder has to offer.

Breonna Preston

Busy with people but easy to be secluded in some spots. Good place for walking or hiking or climbing. Amazing to see red rocks jutting out of the ground in random places. Easily could spend 45 mins to 2 hours here. Beautiful and free.

pamela knight

I wish we had two to three days to stay in the area and visit Garden of the Gods again. The park has many trails to explore close up and away from the formations. Restrooms in the parking area are helpful. Bring plenty of water because you will most likely stay longer than planned.

Carol Schnabel

Wonderful place for a drive, walk or picnic. It's free to the public. Helpful staff and bring lots of educational exhibits of the area.

Al Estrada

What can one say about this park that hasn't already been written about extensively? Miles and miles of trails, a wonderful Visitors Center that has the most amazing view of the park in the foreground and Pikes Peak in the background. A nice gift shop with fairly reasonable prices for the Colorado area. Want to see amazing Greenery? Check. how about amazing Stone formations? Check. How about some deer squirrels a bear or a cougar if you're lucky? Check. Want to meet nice people from all over the country, if not all over the world? Check. Ah,, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ryan Warrum

Never gets old! Love the views and trails are always well groomed. You can have a different experience every time. Stop by the visitor center to learn more of the history and topography of the park. A family favorite for sure.

Abhishek Verma

Wonderful rock formations! Not a very big park or driving loop so great for families with or without kids of all ages. Also, lots of trails of different difficulties so pretty awesome for active adults too! On a good day you can see professionals rock climbing! They have a great visitor center with a big store and exhibits and a theater. Best part of all, the park is free! Obviously donations are appreciated. Overall had a very good and worthwhile time here. Definitely recommend this place if you are in the area.

Kayla Essex

This place is breathtaking!! Definitely get there early if you can though. And try to go on a weekday. We went on Saturday around noon and it was packed. Nowhere to park to get out and walk so we just had to drive through. The drive is great as well, but we went back on Monday and got there at 9am and plenty of parking spaces. The walking through was EVEN BETTER! It is definitely a must do!!

Adrian Douglas

Cant believe these beautiful structures are in the middle of nowhere. They've done a great job maintaining the grounds and making a walkway all around. Its 7 miles around so be sure to find parking or wear good shoes!

Grace Hatcher

It was so beautiful. We did the trolley tours and our guide was so informative and we learned so much. She even recommended some things to do close by. We had such a wonder time.

David Stephenson

Can only rate with 5 stars. This area is one of a kind with no other place on EARTH with the spectacular scenery as a gift from GOD. My wife and grandson and I are traveling from Minnesota to spend a week with our son and uncle. This is just the first full day in Colorado Springs and we have been overwhelmed with the beauty of all this fabulous mountain experience.

Matt Sly

Wow, what an amazing place. It is such a great opportunity to see some geological wonders. So thankful this is made free to the public. Go early, take the drive around the park and get oriented. Take in the southern sites of the park from some of the smaller parking lots. Then head to the Visitors Center and ride the shuttle in to catch the north side. You will love it!

Mark Sension

A must see when visiting the Colorado Springs area. You can just drive through and take in the amazing rock formations, or get out and hike and climb. Even horseback riding is available. Don't miss the educational visitor center.

Lara Hawthorne

Stunning scenery! Numerous trails are fully accessible. Visitor center is filled with informative displays. Only thing they charge for is a fun 15min movie that *takes you back in time * and explains how the rock formations came to be. Did I mention the wildflowers?!? The display in June was fantastic.

A, two K,E,M Family infinity

It is amazing and worth the sometimes difficult parking. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water and snacks. High altitudes for people visiting should be aware hikers might have a harder time. Sunscreen on and you will see some of the most beautiful sight of your life!!! I like to stop at visitors center.

Steven Hall

This park is amazingly beautiful! The rock formations are one of a kind. The rock formations that are shorter on the South side of the park are open to low climbing for kids and adult as alike. The larger formations can only be climbed with a permit. There are restrooms at the visitors center, trading post, and parking lot 6. The restrooms at parking lot 2 are currently under renovation.

Alicia G

Wonderful, amazing park! Highly recommend for any trip to Colorado. Paved walking trails for those just wanting an easy stroll. Other easy/moderate trails for those wanting a bit more adventure. We went on 95+ degree days - bring your sunscreen & plenty of water! Pretty busy park during the peak season. Parking is limited once you get passed the main entrance but spots open up frequently so just plan some extra time to wait it out. Can make a day of it or just a few hours - whatever works for you.

Knox Wolf's Nomadic Journey

This place is awesome! Plenty of paved trails, are as for rock climbers, and most of all - the natural beauty of these humongous rocks! Just knowing that a fossil dinosaur skull was found in one of the ridges is beyond exciting! Great area for picture taking too! I definitely recommend this place! It's free admission too!

Kurt Sanchez

The garden of the gods and the balanced rock are one of the same. I was born and raised in these parts. Don't take the tour, no reason to. Drive up, and take pictures, enjoy a hike, take your pets for a walk. Lots of people frequent here, taking pictures, hiking, biking, running. Parking is free. And they have an outpost gift shop. I pointed out lots of stuff here to the out of towners. And they were snapping away, pictures. Like the kissing camels, balanced rock, and etc.

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