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Starr Luu

Love the variety of museums we have the opportunity to visit in Denver. This place had a lot of great exhibits that my senior mother and I enjoy visiting. They have elevators to help the elderly access the floors conveniently. I look forward to the Monet exhibit coming this October 2019. I missed the Dior exhibit so that was a bummer. But every first Saturday of the month, it’s FREE!!

Aleah G.

Not a huge art museum but the size is just right to walk. I love that it contains many types and periods of art. Very fun and interesting art pieces in this museum. I love that there are hands on art to do for free all over the museum. Especially, the first floor that has a big art room for everyone to paint and create their own art piece. I am not an art person, but I came home with a painting that I painted by myself and I was very proud of it. The interior of the building is very modern and interesting as well. The entrance fee is $12 and $10 for local.

Brett Moniz

My girlfriend and I came in to the Denver Art Museum on the Native American Friendship Pow Wow free day. I was expecting the place to be very crowded which it definitely was super busy but the flow of the exhibits kept the crowd moving along and it wasn't hard to get to see everything. The exhibit of light integrated into art was amazing, more modern in some pieces then others but overall very interesting. My favorite pieces were the more religious pieces they had on display which are old and very detailed and intricate. The Berger Collection of British Art from the 1400s to 1500s was the main exhibit. The art was wonderful to see and observe and I would highly recommend a trip here. I'm not sure of the admittance fee on a regular day but there are many free days and it was worth the crowd. Very very clean museum that is obviously upkept very well and very cared for. I'll be back very soon!

William Rogers III

I loved walking around this museum, designed by such a great architect. It really affected how I experienced the art & how it honored guests’ perception of the arts. I really enjoyed how the walls & ceilings were so atypical & asked your eyes to explore their books & crannies. The spaces that the museum created were not distracting but tastefully frames the art. This museum is worth visiting just to experience the building’s form inside & out.

Angela Monroe

This place not only amazing art on display, but they really get kids excited about art. They have numerous create and takes throughout the whole museum. Each time we go to the art museum they always have different projects for kids to make. The art studio is also absolutely amazing. I highly recommend going to the Denver Art museum!!

Michelle Dinges

We came on a family vacation and wanted to see the Western art. It wasn't on display due to renovations, which was a little disappointing, but we really enjoyed the museum anyway and spent several hours there. I love the way they had areas for children to use their creativity throughout the exhibits, so our kids (6&9) didnt get bored along the way while we adults enjoyed the exhibits. We left with several pieces of art that the kids created themselves, which is the best type of souvenir.

Julie Walter

The DAM is amazing with new exhibits in rotation you can see new stuff whenever you go. The Cell is across the street and is very interesting. I definitely recommend going there. There are sections for little kids to dress up, draw, explore as well as interactive exhibits for any ages. Love this place.

Rebecca McFarland

Amazing! The staff is super helpful, the layout is easy to navigate, and the exhibits are thought provoking. We very much enjoyed all four floors of the museum but missed the sculpture garden due to the spring weather. Most definitely will come back in the fall for the new exhibits.

Mohit Advani

Interesting exhibits - The museum isn't very large, bit there is a good mix of modern art, classic galleries and some digital art. Nice place to pass a couple of hours in the afternoon.


Really enjoyed the light exhibit and would be on my top 5 list of art museums to visit

Rachael Collins

Fantastic art museum! Many interactive opportunities, beautiful, varied art work. Makes for a great day in Denver. Will definitely visit again.

Jasmine Viele

Went there today for the first time as part of the 'Free First Day' event. Wonderful pieces of creative artwork such as paintings, sculptures, models, and even some more interactive exhibits. Great place for adults and an amazing place to take your children to as there are plenty of activities for them too! Many of the children's activities are not only interactive but education as well which is great! They also have a gift shop that has a nice selection of replicated pieces of certain art pieces at average gift store prices. We will be back for sure and will be more than happy to pay the normal entrance fee because the experience was worth it for us and for our young daughter.

Lewis Carabajal

Fantastic museum. The Light Exhibit was outstanding. The permanent displays were definitely worth seeing too.

Maria van den Hoek

I enjoyed my visit to this museum. While others have noted that one wing is under renovation, I found that there was still plenty to see. I particularly enjoyed the Jordan Casteel exhibit and the Jonathan Saiz exhibit. While this museum is not huge, it is well curated with a variety of historical and contemporary exhibits. I was particularly impressed with how many hands on exhibits they had. It would be a great place to take kids.

Bob Pelshaw

Amazing place. Flow was strange but works best if you take the elevators to the top and walk down.

Kayla Hunter

It was a refreshing change from the other art museums I have been to. There was a lot of unique exhibits.

Corina Hurst

Some wonderful exhibits and some odd ones. A nice, clean space. Some of the employees (and possibly volunteers) were off-putting and on-edge, but always polite enough. I was here with adults only, but noticed that there is plenty for kids ages 4-10 to do. I wish I'd had more time to explore.

Ana Ruess

This is consistently one of the best art museums I've been to. Politically relevant exhibits make you think and the mixture or classical and contemporary art gives great perspective. Additionally, there's great options for kids, making art accessible across age.

Lisa Pietrafesa

The Denver Art Museum was incredible. I so enjoyed viewing the exhibits. I was impressed by the docent that gave the tour. Their knowledge of the paintings was extensive and they made sure to engage with the participants, answering any questions that were asked. I would definitely visit again the next time I am in Denver and look forward to viewing the newest exhibits.

Keri Spencer

Great place. Really enjoyed the free admission for the first Saturday of the month. Was nice to pop in and check it out during our visit to Colorado.

Diurnal Dayz

While the museum is currently undergoing renovations to the North building, the rotating exhibits in the Hamilton building are all worth a look by themselves. There's much top-tier art to be found here, especially once the museum reopens in a few months with a new circular glass lobby and expanded galleries for the permanent collection. Well worth a day trip for anyone even mildly interested in art (even kids!).

Babi Tearz

Just amazing! The art, the history, the music, employees. Everything about it was wicked amazing! My daughter and I enjoyed it so much we cant wait to travel back again!


The Denver art museum is a great place for a quick visit while downtown. They provide a wide range of interesting exhibits. We just so happened to be there as the Dior show was going on. Although there was an extra fee it was well worth it. You got to see pieces from every era of Dior up close and personal. A truly one of a kind experience.

Quinton C

Lots of cool Avant Gard art, and some modern and classic and everything you'd expect. Went on a free day so I dont know how much it normally costs. Was lots of fun. Will definitely be going back to see new exhibits and other things!

Eliana Van Etten

This museum is great, specially if you're visiting it with family... They went out of the way to make our visit super interesting for adults and for kids. I would go back ans recommend to everyone.


I liked it you can take the whole family and be busy all day long.

Marilyn Behringer

Light exhibit was very good. Could see that they were gearing up for Monet later this month. So disappointed to miss it but that's what happens when you travel. Enjoy whatever art is available

Galaxylightsoul Natfire

Pretty good, depends on what exhibits are going on. My daughter loves the art making room.

J Carey

We went on the day they had free admission. They had lots of little activities to do while exploring! They were many great exhibits. It was very busy that day but everything was easy to access. Plenty of staff around for any questions to be answered!

Jan Soria

Always changing art exhibits. The light exhibit was very interesting. The British art they have is incredible to see. Oil paintings with such detail and beauty. The eyes on was really a sight to see. A lot of detail in such a tiny square. Painting with water colors is available for all ages to enjoy and let your creativity flow.

Liz V

My kids and I loved the place they have 4 levels of art exhibitions and activities. To get more info what exhibition they have I recommend going to there website. But no matter what they or how many times we go we are always surprised and stunned.

Alex Fulton

The Denver Art Museum was totally awesome! Four floors of a good mix of all sorts of art, from paintings and video expos to audio pieces and even interactive walk through pieces. The light show was amazing, and we had a really great time.

marc williams

Incredible museum way larger than it looks from the outside. We lucked out and was in the area for first Saturday of the month free admission. Do yourself a favor and support this fine establishment!

Tina Turner Mayberry

The one free day a month is a great time to visit the museum. We make sure to contribute to the donation box while there. It’s an amazing place to go where a quiet sanctuary is welcomed by all.

Natalie Holbrook

Awesome museum! If you go kinda quickly not spending more than a minute on each piece of art, you can make it through the whole museum in about 2 hours. If you have kids or like to spend more time on each piece, I would estimate about 4 hours here.

Barbara Gross

Fantastic place as always. We found four at projects to do, and large wooden toys to put together. Had a marvelous time.

Jennifer Johnson

Very unique. Loved the light and shadows floors. There are some interactive exhibits and a lot of stuff for kids. Got to let out dinner child at the mandala coloring station and spinning tops. Very cool walking through the mirror hallway.

Kantu Michael

Great place, amazing Art show. Place is safe. All art is protected. Wonderful British art. Opportunities to create your own art.

Shaun Carlson

A lot to see, definitely worth the admission. Also when we were there they had a studio where you could try a couple different painting styles without additional cost, which was a lot of fun.

awura adwoa

Went there on the free day and it was awesome. My kids did a lot of activities and I enjoyed watching the lights , the tapestry woman n the British history.

Peter Santillo

The Art museum is beautiful had a Great time but the Art Display was disappointing,I only enjoyed the second floor Art Display it was absolutely amazing and interesting! I look forward to going back though and I have to say I do walk on a cane off balance and everyone was so friendly and courteous to me just moved here from Alabama and was my first visit to Downtown Denver and the international food festival and I had a fantastic day. Denver is beautiful filled with very friendly people and their Dogs ! Looking forward to coming back for more events and riding that train from our home in Westminster!


I left this museum feeling inspired. The creative maker station that they offer is an amazing feature of this museum. One can sit down and practice still life with acrylics, fold into their imagination with watercolor work, or read many of the offered books about artistic skill and artistry. This museum is well curated and offers a wide array of artist perspectives and practices. I was most moved by the hands on exhibit currently on display that invites you to feel the experience of immigrants at the border. I was moved to tears. Definitely a Denver must visit!

Yvonne Wright

We went during the "play" exhibit. Was very fun. We particularly enjoyed the light exhibits. DAM is a great mixture of the old and new. In the older part of the museum you can find a lot of Colorado treasures - Native and Old West pieces. In the newer section there are some fun exhibits. I'm counting the days to the Monet exhibit this fall!

Aaron chill

I definitely won't forget this art museum. I tried to think of one piece of art that stood out to me, but they are all so pleasing to the eye it made it too hard to choose. I'll just say if you ever get the chance go see the denver art museum go and take your time. Very relaxing

Ladorable Chandlove

We grew up visiting DAM ( Denver Art Museum). This time we attended the Dior display it was eye-opening inspiring and really really cool. We also were able to take a gander at a new artist from Colorado Miss Casteel and we were enamored by her oversized paintings of real people.

Bryan Parry

Definitely worth a walk through. I ended up spending a good 4 hours inside enjoying the paintings and exhibits.

Martha Jayne

7 stories. I believe they have everything covered. From art, to genealogy to historical artifacts and of course the standard library features. And to top it off, the site of a Great 8 world leaders meeting during President Clinton's time.

24/7 Bunny

I really love this place its so clean and the art is beautiful! Love the children sections where they can create art too.

Wendy Randall

Really beautiful exhibits. Well worth the price. Great staff.

Anna Chasse

Great exhibits. Great pieces. Loved the layout and all the interactive moments. Their current gallery about mid century furniture really brought so much history in a beautiful way while being so much fun. My husband doesn’t like art museums and commented multiple times how much he enjoyed it.

Niko Mudge

Went on the first Saturday of the month when it was free admission. we really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting things to read about and see.

Sophia Sokolowski

They have the worst Membership program of all the Denver museums. As a kid, this was always my least favorite of Denver's major museums. Everything is 2D, I've seen it a gazillion times before, and it's really big. As an adult I appreciate it much more, and I'm excited to see what they've done to the castle side of the museum next time I go home. I would like to commend this museum for the children's bingo-backpacks that make each floor so much more enjoyable for kids, and they way they have little things for kids to interact with. I appreciate the clear numerical labels on their exhibits of small collections, and the intuitive flow of the galleries. I'm still not thrilled with the boat side of the building, it's too small for the amount of space it takes up, but at least it's not boring. I guess I didn't really appreciate this museum until I saw the Seattle Museum of Art and realised how good Denver has it.

Ajit Vyas

Nice art museum in the heart of Denver. While the exhibits were nice, they were somewhat haphazardly arranged. There was no true permanent collection that I could make out. Still worth a visit if in the area.

Ricky Linder

We went on the free Saturday, and it was absolutely delightful. I'm very thankful that they provide this public service and the art was a joy to see. I love reading the history of the pieces.

Travelling First

This is a wonderful location for art lovers. Wonderfully organized and categorized the artworks. There are some masterpieces of huge paintings. Good place for kids who likes paintings. There is one floor with a lot of cool stuff in this museum.

Robert Hatfield

My first visit since moving here 8 years ago. I enjoyed all of the exhibits more than I expected. There was a good variety. The gift shop had lots of fun and interesting items. I'll be sure to head back soon.

Damon Doran

Wow First Saturday every month is Free. Today was a very moving experience. The art on display stretched your mind. You lol at it then you think and look at it again and see and experience something totally different. Truly a mind expanding experience.

Carl Chamberlain

A day exploring ancient, mid-century modern and contemporary, African, European, indigenous from around the world - all while enjoying family! Excellent!

M Huntre

They need more interactive art for kids, it’s nice that they made it free for kids but unless your kid is maybe 11 it’s hard for them to stay entertained. For a date night or out with friends or ever by yourself yes. Great for young kids-no

Bhanu Prakash Goteti

Sure worth a visit when in town. Caters to wide range of artistic tastes. Takes about 3 hours on Ana average.

Scott C

Wonderful collection of portraits paintings, sculptures and exhibits. On Saturdays, first of the month they have free admittance! Also great staff and art atmosphere.

Robin Luke

It was the best museum. Loved the layout and all the interactive moments. Parking on Sunday and holidays on street is free. this is best service. i love Denver Art Museum.

Rachel Keller

Interactive activities encourage you to play around with the artistic method that was used to make the art on display in multiple exhibits. Great place for kids.

Nancy Seate

Wonderful Art Museum to certainly add to your visit while in Denver. The light walking in the wonderful air conditioning in the summer allows a wonderful visit to famous Art a memorable place to visit. Put it on your list. Quiet, not crowded, pleasant, educational and lots of places to sit while you stroll and visit historical and modern Art.

Stephen Humer

$13 for out-of-state, $10 for in-state adult ticket. Four floors, I spent about 1.5 hours at a brisk pace. The standout for me was a room full of donated paintings that were largely scenic and realistic in nature. Very impressive. They had exhibits on black culture, office and house decor, and the effects of lightning. I thought these were all enjoyable enough, yet I didn't linger long or consider the sets to seem world class. Good date idea, as an established couple, or solo.

Josh Spires

Nice building with a few cool things in it. Could have more features.

Tanner Hoffman

Neat place! The building itself is very cool. They have tons of rotating exhibits and there are lots of more hands on and engaging activities and crafts to keep kids entertained. The man helping in the theater of the play center did great with the group of 15 pre teens that I brought in. He got them all engaged in a 'mad lib' style theater production.

david stewart

I love our Denver Art Museum, we went recently for the Friday night event for the mid mod. Live music, drinks, installations, participate in creative art projects, just a lovely evening! Check out the store, it's great for gifts. If you have not been to the Friday night events, you need to go!

Jonny Edward

The Denver Art Museum is a cultural gem in the center of the city. From the unique, lauded architecture to the stunning, curated collections that span genre, medium, time, and place, the DAM is a must see, whether you're just visiting or call the Mile High City home. Be sure to apprise yourself of any special exhibits such as the upcoming Monet collection. These exhibitions are world-class through and through - not to be missed!

Jason Wissner

I love the Denver art museum and everything it has to offer. The space is absolutely wonderful and with the changing exhibits, there are multiple opportunities to visit throughout the year. My kids always enjoy it, and it's becoming one of the best art museums in the country

Sorina Dragusanu

Well picked exhibits, fun for all ages. The place is not to big as to be exhausting, but also not too small. I highly recommend seeing the serious play exhibit while it's still there. They even have some fun nostalgia toys at the gift shop.

james jackson

This museum is wonderful. The art exhibits are inspiring and beatiful. I could spend an entire day there and leave feeling fulfilled and motivated. The surrounding area is just as unique and fun to walk around due to the mesmerizing architecture.

Kevin McCloskey

Artsy of course, but also filled with families. Denver Art Museum is undergoing renovations, but there is still plenty to see. We went on a first Saturday of the month so admission was free thanks to a grant from Toyota. There was a mirrored hall in an exhibition on Light. That was fun. There was a section of vinyl art that visitors were encouraged to" please touch gently. " That was unique and family friendly. I love museums, but always try to limit myself to an hour-long visit. This was a perfect amount of time for this museum. Once the renovations are over, maybe a bit longer would make sense.

Almetta Jordan

Beautiful museum! Jordan Casteel exhibition, Returning The Gaze was so one point. Her portrayal of the Black man was so powerful, touching, humanizing. You find yourself yes returning the gaze but connecting to both subject and artist. Great show!

Sarah Culver

Comfortable walking space, cool exhibits, great signage, nice gift shop. Easy to do entire musuem in one day with lunch break. Four floors total.

Jonathan Wagner

Finally took the time to visit and had a great time. Exhibits are interesting and well documented. Plan to go again.

Elvis Colucci

First of all, I’ll admit this museum is pretty small...however they are currently building a huge addition so that’ll soon be remedied. They have a paint studio where you can make your own art, that was a huge hit with my 9 year old (and me too!). They had some beautiful art, and some cool interactive exhibits. Biggest perk is kids are free!!! Made for an inexpensive and fun afternoon.


Beautiful museum in the heart of downtown Denver. The entire area has beautiful architecture and a relaxing vibe. The museum itself is gorgeous with sharp lines, great lighting, interesting exhibits and fair prices. I visit pretty often when in need of some inspiration for my photography or just need a break from city life. A must visit on any trip to Denver or especially if you live here!

Debanjana Chatterjee

It was the best museum yet I have visited in the country. Though the liking is totally dependent on individual taste and choice but I need to say the collection was worthy to visit by anyone. Even the children were having fun there. The architecture of the building is spectacular. The light and spaces are articulated so nicely that totally provides you different experiences in different exhibition areas. The museum store collection was also beautiful. Things to remember : it is free for all on the first Saturday of each month but that is the day when it is most busy.

Brandon Jablonowski

You know you've made it when you see the giant broom and dustpan! I would recommend everyone going to this art museum if they have never been to one. It combines many, many, many different types of arts, installations, time periods, interactive experiences, and so much more. It is a much more compelling and attention holding museum then many others I have been to. This makes it great for almost any age group.and families! The installations are always changing and there is always something new and exciting going on. It is enjoyable if you only have a couple hours, or an entire week to spend here. Also, there is always parking available in the garage next to it, at very reasonable rates for down town. As a secret tip, go to the top floor of the garage to see a breathtaking hidden angle of the heart of Denver! You won't regret it. It pays for parking itself. There are also many art installations between the garage and the museum itself so it's like an added bonus! If you can't tell I am a big fan of this museum!

Trevor James

I mean, with the limited selection they have right now due to the construction, I don’t know if I can truly recommend this in good conscience. However, beautiful artwork and a great experience nonetheless. Great architecture in and all around the Civic Center area. Take a walk around the Art Hotel as well — they have a lot of artwork, a cool patio and are welcoming to art museum goers!

Orla Ericksen

Nice way to spend a few hours. Exhibits are thoughtfully laid out and the staff are more than willing to talk about the pieces or find someone who can.

Michelle Huffine

This place was so cool ! I loved the interactive art and the fact that I could do my own art if I wanted to. This was such a great experience with my family

Aidan Wilkinson

One of the most impressive art museums in the country. A great place to take a date.

David Thomas

Denver boasts one of the best, most diverse art museums in the country! Always something fun to see here. And a great classic collection of Western Art to boot!

Christopher Buchman

Great museum! Can't wait for renovation of the original building to be complete so we can see their permanent collection again.

Sam Jackson

you should definitely put the Denver art museum on your list of places to visit in Denver. First let me say that having visited many of the Smithsonian museums the Denver art museum really stacks up well. The reason I say this is because of the way the exhibits are presented. Each exhibit was interactive in some way shape or form. Also the docents were very very helpful. Even the two gift shops were both entertaining and enlightening.

Elaina Fletcher

Parking on Sunday and holidays on street is free. 4 floors of gorgeous works to see and experience. We visited all exhibits in 2 hours, no rush. Lots to enjoy and unique gifts in first level gift shop too. Recommend to art lovers near and far.

Tyler Jones

Was very impressed by some of the art that was there these people have a talent and it is amazing that we get to go to a place and see those works of art. This was spectacular experience.

Kate Schnack

Lots of great activities & exhibits. You can look at the light exhibit on 2nd & 3rd floors. There's a really cool mirrored enclosed walkway where you can see yourself in 3D. There are lots of things like painting you can do and making Mandalas & painting downstairs with watercolor, acrylic ore tempura paints. There's a Monet exhibit starting in late Sept.


One of the best. Full service museum with lots to offer and see. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable in a great location

Nikki Taylor

We went on the first Saturday of the month, the free day, and all had a great time. We'll be back, still so much to see. The kids loved the hands on activities and right now is the time (the Play exhibit, the light activities, and painting on the first floor).


I was lucky enough to visit the Denver Art Museum when the Christian Door exhibit was on display. WOW! That exhibit was breathtaking. It actually took my breath away. DAM itself is quite beautiful but Christian Dior stepped it up 100 notches. I can't recommend that exhibit enough. Just wow!

Tazia Abdool

Absolutely loved this museum. The open art studio is a wonderful idea. The tunnel of mirrors was fascinating and the the tour of the British art collection was thoroughly entertaining and educational.

Hannah Lackey

Spend the $28 for the exhibit that is currently going on. We went to the Dior exhibit and it was extremely well worth it. It had an audio experience as well as a highly visual one. The main art museum may seem small but it is currently going through a renovation that is slated for 2020. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. Their social media is very up to date and informative and they are super knowledgeable about the pieces that they have. Great date night!!!

Amanda Parsons

I was completely absorbed in the art in this place. I was also quite happy I could take pictures. The ticket paid for access to all places including special exhibits, which was a huge plus. I also had fun making shaving cream art. The big thing that kept me from giving this place a 5-star was the fact that there is a price difference for entrance between natives and out-of-towners. I paid $13 to get in, which isn't bad. But if I lived in Colorado, it would have only been $10. This seems like a penalty for tourists, to me anyway.

Katrina Ta

Neat building with cool seesaw type of chairs in front that were super comfy and colorful. The art store had some neat items but were overpriced like your typical museum gift store. I really needed to use the restroom and they refused to allow me to unless I bought an admission ticket or purchased something from the gift store.

Veronica Bell

I went on first free Saturdays and had an awesome time. I was able to take a tour of Jordan Castille's exhibit and the tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. The rest of the museum was laid out in an interesting format. I spent 3 and a half hours in the museum and was able to see almost everything. I will definitely be going back!

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