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Colorado, United States

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Where is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park?

REVIEWS OF Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park IN Colorado

Plantera -

One of my favorite places to be. Absolutely stunning. Pretty pricy to enter the park itself, anymore ($20 per car), but there is free camping a couple miles south of the park entrance with lots of cool wildlife to view, & you can walk or bike in for half the price.

Sean McCambridge

Breathtaking. I visited Exclamation Point. It’s startlingly deep. You’ll find way less people on the north rim if you’re looking for solitude.

diep duong

My second visit to the south rim. The canyon is more black in early morning due to lack of sunlight. The canyon more purplish pink as the canyon receives more sun. Good weather in Sept. Make sure to join the Ranger Geology walks. Mine was 0930, Ranger Matt was very informative. We were lucky to have the Astronomy night view...volunteer Astronomer provided a great viewing and learning experience at the entrance to the campground at sunset-time. A drive down to East Portal was amazing! There is few campsites available at East Portal, but not for anything vehicle over 22' or those not like bugs.

robert hobbs

I have never been to the grand canyon, but I have heard from numerous people that it is better. The views were amazing with the sheer drops and canyons that cut in and out of the gunnison river.

Alicja Miodonski

Totally underrated National Park! You can feel the history of the earth here! Both rims are great, south has better roads and parking areas, but the views are even more spectacular from the north rim!

Speed Metal

Pretty. Lots of places to stop & enjoy. Cool vistas. Not a big park, as far as road miles go. The road to the bottom where the river is, is EXTREMELY poor...lots of ruts & potholes...very bumpy. Don't even think of coming down in a sports car or street motorcycle.

Lisa Crafton

If you want to see spectacular vistas you'll thoroughly enjoy this place. They also have a campground that is said to be worth trying out.

Suman Ziaullah

Breathtaking scenery, and a truly special visit. We did a 2 mile walk from the (excellent) Visitor Centre, also experiencing the verdant, wildlife-rich areas near the canyon’s south rim. The walk was satisfyingly challenging while also doable for our 6 year old. Then onto more lookouts, and we never tired of the various spectacular views across the canyon. Wonderful!

Chad Cattell

Such a beautiful place. What amazing views! Definitely will have to stop back for the dark sky views!

Mark Berry

A surprising geological creation in the middle of a place where you would not expect.

Dan Schook

Hidden gem! It takes work to see the good stuff, but worth the effort. We visited the North Rim, which is far less developed. However, that's the only way to actually see the whole canyon from the rim.

Bruce Provencher

Another beautiful gem in the National Park System. Plenty of spots to pull over for very short walks to overlooks. This gives different views and perspectives for viewing the canyon. Hawks and falcons soaring through the canyon must add to the special feeling of this inspiring park. And far less crowded than the big name parks.

Barbara Tyson

This canyon formed by the Gunnison River is narrow and deep (over 2,700 feet). Hence the name, Black Canyon, because not much sunlight reaches the river at the bottom. Pretty impressive! It's a National Park, so has a couple of nice campgrounds, a Visitor's Center, lots of scenic viewpoints, and hiking trails.

Rebecca Moore

Put this on your bucket list. A long drive but don't worry if you miss reserving a spot. There are usually spots open. This probably the least frequented national park but you are camping near a canyon. The deer like to roam the campsites. Don't mind them and let them be and don't approach them.we saw a star event where people braught telescopes and we could see the moon and Jupiter.

randall hammond

Very small and not crowded . This is a well kept secret

Jill Vosberg

What a beautiful park! I wish we had more time to have spent here and explore, but we were able to do a few stops per the ranger's recommendation. The canyon and sweeping views were unforgettable!!!

Joshua Lau

Smaller version of the Grand Canyon, but it is still very nice. One of the youngest national parks.

Paul D

Amazing national park with some interesting options for hiking into the canyon. Beautiful views. Well worth visiting.

Jonathan Yuen

This has to be one of the quietist national parks in the country. In mid March 2018 we hiked the oak flat loop, there was still some snow but the visitor center had poles and micro spikes that we could rent for free. The views were absolutely breathtaking, this park is a hidden gem.

Wendy Havens

Beautiful place. Fantastic camping in the lower region. You have to carry your camp gear into the sites closest to the river; but the shade and beauty is by & far the best campsite I have ever visited.

Wally DeVasi

Quiet,not many people Very beautiful and unique.

Brent VanHyfte

Can't really grasp how deep this canyon is when you are standing on the edge. A couple thousand feet in some places. Not too many trails. I would suggest the north rim for trails and it is less crowded there.

Vickie Lockwood

This is an awesome gem, everybody needs to see. The South rim is breathtaking . Please visit. Easy trails available.

Laurie Chadbourne

This is a beautiful national treasure. Scenic gorges, peaceful walks, amazing geology and friendly staff.

Karen Ziska

Great National Park! Its stunning 2700 foot cliffs walls are a must see. Watching the movie in the visitor center and learning about the exploration of early pioneers changes your opinion on we can do to we will do. There are short hikes, or do a drive to overlooks or full day hikes and climbing.

Laura Ruiz

Gorgeous. Probably more than one day to visit the north and south rim. Bring a good camera and be safe

Aimee Elsey

Great underrated NP. Camping, hiking, night sky viewing etc. Great overlooks, visitor center, etc. On the small side for exploring but the canyon is breathtaking

Ich Selber

It is less crowded than other national parks but still has a lot of natural wonder. If you are looking for an adventure and like to scramble over rocks, you can climb into the canyon on some of the routes (ask at the visitor center). The trail to Warner Point is short but really beautiful like a wild garden with lots of flowers (in the right season) and old trees and a nice view from the ridge on which you are walking.

Scott Guile

Awesome climbing and camping. Amazing views from the trail around the camping. Your on a sky peninsula with a canyon on 3 sides!!! Breath taking.

William Boland

Gorgeous spot, and I didn't even get a chance to descend the South Rim. Very cool Visitor Center and trails around the center. The drive is beautiful even on a cloudy day. If you're here in the summer apparently people can take boat tours. Would most likely recommend that. Otherwise you can spend an hour, or five, like most National Parks, depending on your hiking desires/abilities.

Dan Jennings

So much to see here! All of it breathtaking! Every overlook offers something new!


Such a breathtaking beauty. Don't visit in the hot sunny day. You may not be able to enjoy all the view points. The south rim has the visitor centre, good road, many view points. North rim is less familiar, has few view points road are not that good. Try to visit the sunset view point during sunset time. It will be an awesome experience. There are campgrounds available in the south rim side. The drive between North and South rim would be 80 miles and 1.5 to 2 hours drive.

Eva Eriksen

We visited the north rim of the Black Canyon. Your best bet, if choosing to visit this rim, is to do so on your way south from the Aspen area rather than leaving the main part of the park and traveling to the rim. However, which ever way you choose to go, it is well worth it - an entirely different perspective from the south rim.

Kevin Buehler

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a great park to visit and it is not as crowded as may others in the west. The views of the canyon are very nice and it is neat to see the different vantage points. Each offers such opportunities to see how unique the canyon really is. The visitors center is very informative and the campground was nice too. If you are in the area stop in and enjoy the surrounding towns as they are very fun to visit too.

Alexandra King

beautiful views! and Ranger Gina gave an awesome geology walk

Wenwen Zhang

absolutely gorgeous view. i was totally amazed by the canyon since it was in the middle of nowhere and away from mountains. and i didn't expect crazy view i could see. i definitely want to go back again to do more hikes there.

Ashley Albright

Very beautiful park and the trails are pretty simple so you can get to the sights without any difficult hiking. I really liked the views at Cedar Point trail - worth the walk!

Matthew Long

My family and I visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park with a 13 and 9 year old girls. We stayed on the south rim of the canyon I hear the north has better views but we never made it over to the north side. We stayed in the first come first serve camp cite C which was very nice because the trails where very close and the canyon was close we had a trail from the back of our camp site right to the canyon. The night sky’s are awesome make sure to stay up at night so you can see the milky way and the stars. The park puts on a astronomy viewing with telescopes the girls loved to see the planets we could see the rings around Saturn the kids love this!!! East portal down at the river is very pretty but the ants are Crazzy down hear so we did not move down to camp at east portal, But very cool to check out. We seen a lot of wildlife hear at the campgrounds the mule deer would walk through our camp with twin fawns and a buck mule deer following. We seen a lot of cool birds and a few woodpecker, 3 different kind of snakes, rabbits , squirrels, chipmunks, and some kind of lizard things that all had different colors. Our camp site on the south rim only had water which was ok. You can buy fire wood at the bottom of the mountain for 5 dollars a stack. A stack has about 7 split pieces of wood for 5 dollars. They also have dumpsters and bear boxes for food at each site. Our family loved to camp hear we will be back next time we will stay on the North side of the Gunnison north rim. Dave that works the front gate is a very nice guy that can answer any questing you might have with a good attitude! I would recommend making this your family’s camping destination!

Jon Wrye

Very unique park and well worth the visit. Stunning views and overlooks. So many beautiful wildflowers when we were here at the beginning of July. If you have kids, make sure to ask for Jr. Ranger activity books at the visitor center. They are great!

Marissa Lee

Beautiful and special place. Great look out points.

Kool Kid

Massive black color rock structures with green meadows on top of the rocky canyons with Green river flowing throughout the Canyons and river flow echoes. Scary yet peaceful views. Pictures don't do justice to its massiveness. Tour : There is multiple view points inbetween throughout the canyon. where you can hike to see pretty views of canyons with Gunnison river, one view point starting from visitor centre. All the view points have a minimum of 250yards to 1300 yards hike from the road. Each one gets better with the views. Enjoy your visit !

Taryn Robertson

What a hidden gem!! This place is remote, so somewhat tough to get to, but it’s not highly trafficked and well worth the drive. Gorgeous, amazing views. We had such a great time here!

Sharon Boehmer

Was not able to spend enough time exploring, but will go back. Hiking looks great! Views are outstanding!

bernard hackler

This is a very diverse national park. It is inspiring.

Sally Jeffryes

Always a great place to visit, from opening to closing season it always inspires.

Linda Drouhard

So beautiful! Will go again for sure. I only saw the South Rim but want to explore more next time. I definitely suggest it!

Don White

Magnificent rock features- truly remarkable views. Seldom have I had to fight crowds for a decent photo. Definitely a can't miss if you are nearby the Montrose, CO area.

Linda Jackmond

It is so hidden, and when you get to see it's beauty, it captures your heart.

Mercedes Blomberg

Somehow, Black Canyon is one of the least visited National Parks. I truly don't understand how this is possible, as it is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been! The canyon seems to come out of nowhere, and the depth is truly indescribable. My husband and I watched the sunrise turn Painted Wall pinks and oranges, without another soul in sight. I can't wait to come back here! Will note that there are not many trails for this NP due to the Wilderness inside the canyon and the danger of the canyon itself. It's more of a scenic view with nice pull-offs with small walks to overlooks.

Marjorie Mantle

Beautiful views. The park is a self guided tour with maps and amazing wildlife.

walter price

Beautiful deep gorges. Be sure to watch the historic movie first.

lincoln peterson

Stunning rock formations and jagged cliff walls plummet down to the river 2000+ feet away. Absolutely awesome! Must see!

Nehal Omar

Expect astonishing views from Nature. One of the best experience and a unique landscape. If you expect BLACK colored canyons then beware its not black canyon due to black colored canyons. Its black canyon because few of the canyons are too narrow to pass the light and obviously they are dark. Recommendation is to get down at each spot and take the trail to the View Point. Although, you might find all points are same but its a beautiful experience in itself.

David Stambaugh

We visited the North Rim and hiked the 1.5 mile trail from the ranger station to Exclamation Point. Superb all around view of the nearly 2,000 foot vertical distance from the rim to the river.

Cristina Abbenante

We visited Black Canyon for the second time this past June. The views are spectacular (Dragon Point overlook is my favorite viewing area). Hiking trails and camping areas are available, the rangers are friendly and helpful, and the visitor center is worth a look. Most of the overlooks require a short walk from the road. Be prepared for sun exposure and fill your water bottles at the visitor's center because there are no filling stations at the overlook points.


This is a very unique NP. The black rocks make it trully unique looking and then you glance down and see the fast moving Gunnison River with its green color. You can hear the movement of the river from the top of the canyon and you can feel it's coolness in the dry heat. It's a very unusual place.

Egídio Leitão

This is one of the few national parks where a one-day drive will cover the best highlights in the park. Just make sure the weather is cool.

Inglis Reynolds

If you have dogs, I'd advise you to look into their current guidelines before you go. Dogs are only allowed on certain trails ("Pets on leash may be walked on roads, in campgrounds, to the overlooks, and are allowed on the Cedar Point Nature Trail, and North Rim Chasm View Nature Trail.")

Jenny Morgan

The entry pass for a single vehicle was 20 dollars and it was valid for 7 days. The rangers at the visitor center were helpful in sharing toddler friendly hiking options with us. The views are spectacular of course. If a lookout point is crowded chances are 5 minutes later or so a parking spot with open up. There are fences and railings to keep you safe but it's not 100% coverage so keep a close watch on your kids. We went on a hike across the Meadows which was safe but we followed a trail along the canyon on the way back that had me keeping a constant watch on my 2 yr old because of the steep drop offs.

Dustin Collins

Absolutely gorgeous. A lesser known gem among national parks.

Deanna Gordon

Glad we made the detour, the lookouts provided great views. Clean, well kept area that is gorgeous.

Dillon Crim

This is a great national park! The views are spectacular and there are a lot of great stops along the way. Most of the viewpoints only have a short walk to get to the end so it is great for people of any age. There is also a north rim entrance to this park that I had no idea it existed. This part of the park is equally beautiful and brings a whole new type of scenery into this national park. There are views of the whole canyon that are hard to find anywhere else.

High School Graduate

My favorite national park I've been to. Beautiful scenery, plants, and animals. Exquisite rock formations. A must see!

Ryan Rhodes

Pictures will never do this place justice. In the middle of the western desert plains of Colorado, you find this gnarly slash in the earth. 2000' vertical cliffs in this narrow canyon are a sight to be seen. Be careful if you bring children.

Roger Lawrence Singleton

A real treasure. Fantastic views close to road. A must see National Park.

Todd Grayson

Amazing Colorado natural wonder. I did not realize we had such amazing canyons here in Colorado. This is one of the least visited national parks, because it's a well kept secret gem. Worth taking a trip to the area to check out and explore.

Hayley Knoph

Insanely beautiful National Park, with jaw-dropping views. The canyon has very interesting geology, and the rangers here are very helpful and informative. I unfortunately didn't have the time to go on any hikes and such, but the views from the overlooks were worth the drive alone. This park is absolutely worth going to, and I'd say it's definitely one of the more under-rated National Parks.

Jeffrey Liles

On a road trip I stopped to hike the N Vista Trail to Exclamation ❗ Point and on the Green Mountain. Moderately challenging. I never passed another person. The views into the canyon were breathtaking as well as the view above the gorge from Green Mountain. Dirty road in makes it feel like a wilderness experience

James Torrence

Smaller but no less beautiful National Park located just minutes east of Montrose. Great place to avoid the crowds. A few short hikes and stunning views around every corner. We were on the south rim this time. Would like to check out the north rim next time.

Dave Dyer

This park is such a well kept secret. Stunning views, nice campsites, wonderful Ranger programs. The only thing missing is ice cream.

Doug Swords

I had never heard of this park, but stopped in on the way to Telluride. The Canyon is beautiful and it is possible to hike down to the river. I didn't do that. There are some edge trails that will make you nervous. If you go on the weekend there will be a long line for restrooms. There are only two at the visitor's center beyond the entrance from HWY50.

Trasta Roberts

We love the views! Hikes are all a little difficult and require a permit, but all the outlooks have short walks elderly and children can do just fine. Park can be toured from your car with no walking if that a your thing. Visitor center is open all year long and winter views are spectacular!


This is a very beautifully park that is in its own category. I love how it hasn't been overran by tourists. The views are amazing and it keeps you busy looking in every nook and cranny.

Judy A Simon

I've been to the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim has more cutouts, hiking trails, and spectacular views. Then, the North Rim has breath taking views I couldn't imagine from the South Rim. For the most astonishing views, I recommend viewing the South Rim before the North, or it's possible you could be disappointed. Just a personal opinion.

Michael Davenport

Paying to access public ground has always been somewhat of a sticky subject for many people. For me the $20 we spent for the week pass to be able to see the Black Canyon and have access to the many hiking trails (and great fishing near by) was well worth it. This Canyon has unmatched beauty and unbelievable views.

Rachael Babiracki

Gorgeous! Breath taking views. We drove the south rim and stopped at each overlook. The overlooks are dog friendly and most able bodied hikers would be fine with them. Some of the overlooks are wheelchair accessible as well. (See picture of map). There aren't loads of guardrails, so there are lots of places you can fall, and many of those falls would be hundreds or even thousands of feet down. Keep kids close and go slow and steady. Have cameras ready and bring water!

Mike Bell

Impressive Canyon with great viewpoints. Campground is nice with electrical hookups on loop B. They have Ranger presentations most evenings in the Amphitheatre and talks during the day.

Mike Johnson

One of the most awesome landscapes in Colorado. Pay attention while driving because in some spots, cliffs are right next to the road. There are trails you can hike but some routes, to the river for example, are only suited for those in excellent physical condition. Poison ivy is all along the river so be careful. Pets are not allowed in wilderness. Rain gear is highly recommended for the often afternoon rain. Permits are required for inner canyon activities. There is a limited number so arrive early. Remember this is bear country so watch kids, pets, and dont allow your food to get into their reach. There is a lot of area to see so researching those places you most want to visit is a good idea. But even with that said, the whole area is spectacular and any views will be worth it. If hiking especially in summer, bring snacks and extra water. Good hiking shoes are a must! Highly recommended!

Mark Sowinski

Truly one of the most underrated National Parks I've been to. Beautiful canyon, with incredible views, and not too many visitors. A gem of the state.


Very cool experience! Beautiful drive getting there! And then the views of the canyon were amazing!

Deepthi Rao

Pulpit rock has the best view of the canyon followed by sunset view.. on a regular weekend this place is less crowded. Ample parking space available

Niki Launspach

It's quite a shame this is the least visited national park in Colorado. I love the vastness of the Grand Canyon, but the sudden drama of Black Canyon of the Gunnison is just as grand. You drive through rolling grass hills with a few branches. Then, suddenly, you see this dramatically deep canyon jut out between the rolling hills.

Robert Japikse

First visit was because I saw the sign and didn't even know it was there. Now I make a point of travelling that way to visit. In spite of current conditions, the park appears to still be well maintained. This past visit was fun since there was a herd of bighorn sheep putting on a show for a crowd of people.

Bob Koby

A great national park. Tons of great viewing areas and hikes. Access to get to the bottom from the south rim which was really cool. Also great to go back after dark to watch the stars.

C Tafoya

Breath taking! Beautiful drive, not too crowded. Strongly recommend a visit.

Jason Shutts

A beautiful and relatively small national park. The views are absolutely amazing, and the hiking trails are relatively short and easy to navigate. Found this place by accident and fell in love. Great for a limited time tour, as you can see a lot from the pull-offs on the road, and can do a quick drive through if you're in a hurry.

Taha Raja

Little known National Park in Colorado. Beautiful canyon and scenary. Nice small holes on the rim drive. Very cool short visit. If you have some extra time definitely make this stop. Allowing 2 to 3 hours to do the rim drive and soak in the sights and take some selfies

Kenton Drake

Very small national Park. Better hiking elsewhere.


One of our favorite spots in Colorado. We drove along the south rim, stops at all of the pull offs. Then drove down east portal road to the river.

Jacob Moss

Really cool and deep canyon. The best view in my opinion was the one straight down past the visitors center.

Nikesh Bhakta

You do not need to spend your whole weekend here, the south rim can be done in a day. The canyon can be seen from the top via car and short walks in. The other side (north rim) has longer hikes, but it is two hours away. Dispersed camping outside the park was sparse, rocky, and overall not very traveled. The views are spectacular and the park is worth the visit, its just not what I expected out of a national park. I was hoping to get some good hiking in where we were staying. If you are an outdoorsy adventurer make this a stop, but don't plan on doing much strenuous activity here.

Jeff Richardson

Such an amazing Place that words can’t do Justice. Just go see it For yourself. The eastern/northern rim Is less busy and beautiful!

millard foster

Amazing, stupendous, indescribable! The Grand Canyon of Colorado! Extremely well kept facilities. Easy access and knowledge Rangers to guide and educate you. This should be on every bucket list!

Gary Pastushok

Very pleasantly surprised with the sudden in your face views. Dramatic drop from the south rim takes your breath away. Each outlook stop offers something new, so don't assume the view is repetitious. Bucket list ✔

Seamus Maguire

The rock formations are breathtaking. There is much to see and not enough time in the day. I recommend hiking to the bottom,camping then fly fishing in the AM.

Anne Gendron

Beautiful!! Many lookout points to stop and take pictures.

Kelly R. Nightingale

Awesome beautiful place to see .great roads to get there

Cynthia Ford

Very scenic drive. Multiple overlooks with plenty of parking. The drive was a little unnerving due to some sheet drops adjacent to the road. I just drove slower than normal.

Lyon Clef

This place is awesome. The views overlooking the cliffs and the river are breathtaking, and you have access to some great hiking trails down the cliff. I haven't visited the grand canyon yet, but based on the vistas here I have a hard time imagining it being cooler than this park. Gets surprising few visiters, so you should have to worry about a lack of parking or a long line to get in.

John Andersen

Beautiful views at every overlook, they were all spectacular, but the last one is tops. The last one was a longer hike, but worth the effort.

Maryanne Toups

Black Canyon is without a doubt the most Spectacular place...a photographer's Dream... The trails leading to all the viewed are incredible. I can wait to return.

Liudmyla Koptila

It was spectacular. At the visitor center we saw a video about Black canyon. It was so good to know the history before we went to explore. In the summer time they have 1.5 hour tour bout. But at this time as there was low level of water in the river we missed it. SUN SET was beautiful .

Meg le Comte

Astonishing geological canyons. Went to the South Rim Visitor Center and other stops. Magnificent views. The Black Canyon is so breathtakingly beautiful, so go!

Jo L

Spectacular! We were totally blown away. We were only planning to stay for a few hours, but ended up spending the night because we wanted to see more. The sunset and star gazing were incredible. The milky way was clearly visible!

DJ/Don Heinz

Incredible canyon! Decent campsites.


Very nice and much different then the other canyons I've seen. The history is wonderful!!!

Alexis Petre

Stunning views. The park is well maintained and accessible by vehicle to many vantage points. We were able to camp down by the river which was peaceful and quaint.

Devin Clark

Great camping and hiking. Beautiful views. East portal is worth the drive down to the bottom for sure! Great presentations as well.

Ed D

Jaw dropping scenery that was completely unexpected. There are several viewpoints along the journey, all within a minimal distance from the road, so you don't have to do a hike to get the rewarding panoramas. There's lots of informative signage that teaches you about the local wildlife, flora, fauna and the area's geology. Despite its distance from the nearest town there are the usual amenities. We'll worth the visit

Marianne Stambaugh

Stunning views of the canyon. We visited the North Rim and took a 3 mile round trip hike from the rangers station to Exclamation Point. Worth the trip and it felt a little off the beaten path.

Judy Ryan

One of the least visited national parks, but it shouldn't be. Black Canyon is a deep canyon formed by volcanic activity and the Gunnison River that carved it. Beautiful!

Vickie Steele

Beautiful. Amazing views. Dog friendly trails, one on north rim, one on south rim and most of the viewing points are dog friendly too.

don vancil

Beautiful national park. Bring you camera

Vasant Agrawal

This is a hidden gem of Colorado. All you need is 2 to 3 hours to see all the overlooks the South rim scenic drive. You may need to hike a few hundred yards for some overlooks but even if you skipped those the best overlooks are accessible by car. Sunset point, Painted walls, chasm and Visitor center being my favorite

Robert Klinzman

I can see why it is a national park. The lookouts are beautiful and the canyon is incredible. I would give it 5 stars but compared to yellowstone it is a step down on the must see.

William Williams

Stunning!! Beautiful!! It was my first time here and I was truly moved!! Will DEFINITELY visit again.

Jen Crowe

We camped at the East portal, was perfect for our first time camping with the kiddos. Bathroom pit was nice, clean. The camp near the river was peaceful with tree covered sites. The black canyon was impressive and loved the painted wall. We even got to see a black bear down river from the camp.

Christian Jauslin

It is easy to drive and the lookouts are impressive. There is a trail at the visitors center and a shorter one at the end of the drive. Both are nice but easy.

Laura Chestnut

We spent a fabulous day on the South Rim trails. Every view point was different. I enjoyed the botanical labels at the Cedar Lookout. The trails were pretty hot. - No real food available in the park, so pack in your own picnic, there are a couple places with tables - No water other than at the visitor center, take an extra water bottle

Dea Benson

Black Canyon of the Gunnison was amazing. It may have been early in the season, but it was not crowded at all. It is one of the few national parks where you’re allowed to take your dog to the overlooks. There are no services inside the park, and it is a very manageable park to do in a day, even if you take some time to walk to all the overlooks. It is stunningly beautiful, almost dizzying with the height of the canyons.

Lisa Patterson

We loved it! Beautiful place! Breath taking views!

Kenneth Mccafferty

This national park is amazing and a MUST SEE. I will let others write about the park itself. I will offer some feedback on the camping in the park. There are three loops (A, B, & C) in the park. A and C are primitive sites, meaning no hook-ups at all and cost $14/night. Loop "B" has water and electric and cost $22 per night. All sites, in all three loops are capable of handling either tents on a graded pad, or RV's. All three loops are very close to each other and have easy access to the amphitheater, for the evening ranger talks. There is an easy south rim hike accessible from loop "C" campground. Each loop has several nice pit toilets and a water source. There is not a dump station in the park. I will focus on loop"B" as this is the one with the water and electric hook-ups and is best for RV's. We were on site "B-11". I walked around and jotted down some details on each site, noting if they were "pull-alongside" the road, "back-in", a combination of these or "pull-through": 1- Handicap and BI 2- PA 3- PA/BI (either/or) 4- PA 5- PA 6- BI 7- PT 8- PA/BI 9- BI 10- BI 11- PT 12- PA 13- BI 14- BI 15- PA/BI 16- PA (long) 17- PA/BI 18- PA 19- BI (big) 20- BI 21- BI (long) 22- BI (narrow) 23- PA (long)

Jim Lansford

Spectacular place...not well known, not crowded, and well worth checking out.

Ron West

Beautiful, rugged canyon with good view points. A close second to the Grand Canyon with a lot fewer people. Spectacular vistas even on the way up to the canyon rim. Great place to have a picnic lunch.

oren shmuel

Relatively smaller National Park and not as busy as others which is an advantage. Lovely views. One day is sufficient to explore most of the park.


Best beautiful but almost secret park. Take the trip to see this wonder.

Carolyn Jones

Beautiful scenery. Make sure to go to the lookout and see the cliff wall that looks like it has designs painted on it!

Caroline Cushing

Gorgeous canyon views. Not a busy park, since it is out of the way. South rim is busier than the north rim, but both are spectacular.


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Tiny Town & Railroad
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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
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Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
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Art museum

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
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National park

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
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