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REVIEWS OF San Diego Air & Space Museum IN California

ruth rodriguez

Great place for the whole family. We will definitely visit again.

David Elting

A great museum at a good price. Went through the space exhibit, and it was great. Lots of stuff from early space programs to present and future. Hands on exhibits included the ability to land a space shuttle, and photo in a space suit. Lots of places to look at. The 9-11 exhibit with the car and video was touching. They had 3d-4d movies that were really good and included in the cost of admission. Paid extra for the flight simulator experience and it was worth it. Overall, a great highlight for our time in San Diego.

Jordan Wentzell

Excellent museum. Well laid out with examples of aircraft of every type and era. Complimentary 4D theater is a nice extra touch.

Jim Hanson

1/2 Was closed. There balance was wonderful. Good variety and history.

Lil mouse

This was a great place to take my overly excited 6 yr old. He had so many questions and loved the exhibits it even got the hubs enthusiastic. My son's favorite part was the simulator at the end which even got the hubs excited. Highly recommend.

Gopal Kejriwal

Fabulous! Takes you back in time to a great era of heroism & patriotism. Great planes! Very friendly and helpful staff. A must see for all

Tod G

And great place if you are into air/space or not. You better have hours to go thur the exhibit with at. least 2 hrs.

Jacky Cheong

Free residences day comes with crowds of kids and families looking at 20 to 30 year old relics. The space special exhibits cost extra. Yellow tinted caption boards and fingerprints on most of the glass cases. The Smithsonian air and space is 3x bigger and better. I would only come here for a school field trip.


The museum was cool especially sitting on the back porch and listening to the airplanes flying over head going into San Diego International Airport. The only down fall was the fact that there was not air conditioning in the building.

Gabriel Hernandez Photography

Aviation history preserved for future generations. Let us not forget military and civilian aviation professionals for the sacrifices in advancing human travel on earth.

Tim Castro

Fun and educational displays. A real gem.

LaniMel Luks

My 91 years old companion really love to see this museum. We could use their wheelchair for free .and a ery knowledgeable docent was willingly to take us downstairs for an interesting renovation project description...thank you so much ..


Absolutely incredible museum, it's a must see.

Sandra Saenz

Small, but many interactive exhibits. Also, great kids play area! Would definitely return!


Pretty nice especially if your into planes and history, they have added some things to keep the kid's happy also.

Annmarie F

Great place for kids to explore. Simulators (extra cost), kids room for younger astronauts (free), restroom and cafe inside. Offers military discount. Lots of learning opportunities for young and old alike. Very hot inside though!

Jonny Deville

Absolutely loved the museum. Amazing getting to see two real deal WWl airplanes and a real deal Mitsubishi A6M7 Zero. From the PBY Catalina and Ford Tri-Motor to the A4 Skyhawk, to Apollo 9, you have LOTS and LOTS of different types of airplanes and artifacts to enjoy! It is best to take your time and enjoy the experience!

Daniel Wight

Something for all ages here! While I've seen most of the aircraft at a collection of other museums, I was very impressed with some of the exhibits here. The WWI exhibit was very nicely done, as was the Battle of Britain and Pacific Theater exhibits. The variety of aircraft and history available in one place is outstanding, especially for a relatively small museum. There are some exhibits in the museum that don't appear to be well planned or organized, but is not a huge detractor (for instance, the amphitheater has 3 Vietnam era aircraft right next to a PBY Catalina, which only made sense because there really wasn't anywhere else to put those four aircraft). The section for gaming and simulators was very cool, as was the play area for toddlers & kids. We had no trouble finding free parking, and the museum wasn't overly packed with visitors (in early March). I speculate that the museum gets MUCH busier during peak tourism months; plan accordingly. Overall, highly recommended!

Patrick Shores

Awesome to see the Apollo 9 capsule!

Roberto Napoletano

You better like planes, air, and space because otherwise the pricey museum entrance fee will not be worth it. Museum has seen better days it seems and the exhibits are plentiful (I guess), but somewhat outdated and poorly placed. I would go with exploring some of the other museums in Balboa Park if you're indifferent and are just looking to spend some time looking at stuff!

W. Ryan Hatch

The space museum is so cool! One of my favorite places.

brian dashner

San Diego Air and Space museum, located centrally in Balboa Park, is an amazing tour through modern history. An animated Charles Lindberg alongside the famous Spirit of St Louis airplane greets visitors as they enter. Actual aircraft and replicas are suspended in mid air and staged along a stunning walkway. Vehicles, life-size figures and even a Charles Schultz style Snoopy dog atop his Red Baron doghouse help the experience come to life. The walk culminates with an exit into a gorgeous, glass atrium with planes, vehicles, fountains and a stage intended for private parties or events. Virtual Reality simulators await the brave adventurer too! For the grounded traveler, a small, soothing outdoor balcony provides a magnificent view of San Diego Downtown along with cold beer, food and snacks for sale. Great for everyone! Bring the kids and Grandma.

Mikhail Dumay

Interesting aviation/space history display. Interactive pieces of aviation history. Good photo opportunities.

KR Howard

Had a corporate event here, and loved wandering around the exhibits. The flight simulator was the best I've ever used! I'd return just for that

Azar Yakx

My 4 year old loved it.


Great place for airplane fanatics. Their is a small 9/11 area in their which makes my heart break. For adult with kids their is TONS of area for your kids to run themselves ragged in. They also have 3D and 4D movies which are pretty rad and interesting. Totally worth buying a ticket to!

James Ringrose

Time of interesting planes and exhibits. Cheesey movies worth avoiding. There was a space exhibit that was really interesting.

Alexander Potapov

Great displays of the history of aviation and the development of manned flight. Super informative docents who really understand the matter, since they lived through it :)

Malte Zander

Nice selection of exhibits, would be even nicer if the replicas were a bit more accessible.

Erica Yazdan Parast

Kinda boring and really hot. No AC

Griz Hiker

Outstanding showcase of aeronautical memorabilia. From space, military, and the beginning of flight. Great place for all ages.

wilbert jabraeili

Wonderful place if you like to know the history about Air and Space technology

Shingo Sean Ishida

Great place to learn about the history of flight and how airplanes have affected humans over the years. Some amazing real scale planes and aircraft are scattered throughout (and overhead) the museum. Very family-friendly atmosphere and kids will get a lot of fun from the visit as well. My son loved the Navy's Blue Angels plane. Parking lot is good size and free, but recommend getting there closer to the museum's opening time. Definitely worth the visit for airplane fans.

Roberto Aguirre

One the best museum they show the two great world wars and and space exploration recommend to all the family

Nicholas Murray

Pretty cool! Definitely check out the space exhibit

Miss Trippy1

Great view of planes preparing for landing from behind the building. A great place for a picnic.

Andrea Nasah

Nice exhibits. Interesting information. However it was a warm and low humidity day. If you are not use to dry heat or your clothes sticking to you, I would caution when you visit. Early morning may be better. The day we visited it was Food Truck Friday. There were a lot of options, there was free music and dancing. It was a nice summer evening.

Steven Swendsen

Oh my goodness! This place was amazing, so many Airplanes to observe, you can even play War Thunder to experience how the old planes fly. Also have multiple interactive cockpits and planes to get into. Great layout and easy to navigate.

Shannon M.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum was a great experience. My kids 10 & 9 thoroughly enjoyed our time there looking through the various aircraft, NASA exhibits, war memorabilia and old vehicles. There were interactive exhibits sprinkled around as well which brought history to life. I highly recommend this museum.

Emma Hale

The museum was great overall a couple things I feel could make it better is if they made their Interactive things more Interactive. Like simply sitting in the cockpit but putting in sounds would make it better , like a gun sound or a plane …

Dan Zero

Awesome place to take the family, very affordable. We were expecting to spend an hour or two here, but ended up spending half the day, and still didn't see everything. There is so much to do and see; there's tons of interactive areas for the kids. Our little one loved the space area. The best part is the gift shop is actually affordable; I know, I was as shocked as you. Definitely would recommend and will visit again next time we're in town.

Isaac Smith

The museum is small by the standards set by outdoor air museums or the Smithsonian, but it's mighty for what it is. Nestled in a building from the World's Fair, the classic architecture lends itself to a smooth chronology of air and space history. Many planes are recreations of the original historic planes, but the quality of them, and the details in the exhibits are really excellent. I really recommend talking to the volunteer docents about the history encased in their museum section. We talked to a lovely man, Ron, who walked us through all of WWI and the planes and information the museum had. And he would find us in different parts of the museum to offer addition tidbits here and there. We easily spend 1.5-2 hours there.

Adnan Karim

San Diego Air and Space Museum (SDASM, formerly the San Diego Aerospace Museum) is an aviation and space exploration museum in San Diego, California. The museum is located in Balboa Park and is housed in the former Ford Building, which is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. We visited this place on May 25, 2018, during our first San Diego trip. It’s a wonderful museum that contains many original and reproductions of historic aircraft and spacecraft. They have a fascinating collection of aircraft of all types, including German and Japanese planes from WWII. The original Apollo 9 command module is also here. It’s not the biggest museum but the exhibits are world class. The 4D Apollo experience was fantastic. The Pavilion of Flight in the center of the museum was also impressive.

Jyn Schultze-Melling

Amazing exhibition and super friendly staff.

sister t Hernandez

It is a great family experience. The children I took really liked it, especially the three short films they were great.

Caitlin Gerardy

I really enjoyed it! There are lots of cool things to look at and the staff is super nice :) They also offer military, student, and senior discounts! The only problem for me was the size. It isn't a very large museum so it did not take too long to go through but it is perfect if you are looking to pair it with other things around Balboa Park!

Cayley Rice

Not as good as the big ones but interesting for a little while. Not so interesting for kids; there is a kids are with a few things in it but they aren't really learning anything from those things and get bored of them quickly. An hour or …

Richard Mainstone

Great collection John our guide was very knowledgeable

Terry Sanders

If you go to San Diego and you have a passion for planes, you got to check out this place it's a great place to learn about all different types of planes,and all other sorts of stuff

CJ Strange

Absolutely amazing arrangement of multiple arrays of flight exploration and achievement. My little one burned out about half way thru but was a sight to be seen. Keep supporting these amazing people.

Ronsgonefishing Gonefishing

Where there right now it's awesome here vary informative people working there

Brad Balatgek

I spent the most time in this museum, out of all of the museums in Balboa Park. Amazing collection of aeronautical and space history!

Jay B

Awesome and fun! Both models and real planes too! I loved the flight sim of dogfighting battles!

Rosaura Paredes

This is such a cool museum for kids and adults alike. They have a flight simulation which to me is the best part and a racing game

Davide Jackson

Great experience, but I was looking for first black female astronaut and she was not included

Aaron Daniels

Really good variety of aircraft and spacecraft. Great displays that describe the various exhibits. Has Apollo and Mercury space craft displays as well as old and modern airplane displays.

Erin Delgado

So much to see! Will definitely need to come back to learn and see more.

Amy Switzer

This was a first time visit for our family & it didn't disappoint! We brought our nephews & family from Texas to visit & it was such a great time for everyone - from the 5 year old to the adults. The planes were beautifully preserved & the historic exhibits were very artfully & tastefully done. We all especially enjoyed the space area, with the interactive exhibits. We will definitely be back.

Bhanu Sisodia

Good place to visit with young kids. Great and detailed information on various Apollo missions

Kal C

The kids had fun, liked the 3D movies

Emily Cartagena

Wonderful learning experience, for all ages, on the history of space travel and airplanes.

Me Too

Very nice kids had a ball

Edwardo Aguilar

Was a little warm in building but over all was very interesting.

Daniel Jay Woods

Historic and iconic. Not only covers planes and helicopters throughout history, but the events and manners in which they were used. Awesome little 4D movie and flight simulators as well! Great place to take the family for a few hours of education and fun

Judson W

I cannot state how fantastic of an experience my visit was. First off, the building they're in is historic, don't miss the opportunity to learn it's history and unique components such as a fantastic mural. The exhibits are wide and varied, tons of amazing model work (better than the models I see in the Smithsonian) and fantastically preserved aircraft from all eras of flight. I was with a large group of people during a catered event and could barely walk through parts of the museum but there were still very knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions. Not only were they knowledgeable, but they had passion and interest that made my discussions with them the highlight of my evening. My only regret is not getting them to sign the museums guidebook.

Nicolas Villa

Love the Air and Space Museum, great place to learn a lot about aviation history. Great place to be if your a lover of Aircraft. They have 2 great depth looks at aircraft from WW1 AND WW2. I highly recommend everyone should go at least twice in their life.

Carla Ivey

THE BEST aerospace museum on thr west coast!! Considering that San Diego is a truly Aeronautic city the museum is right up to date from Montgomery's glider to stealth technology and beyond! Be ready to learn alot of stuff. They do have an area better suited to the young kids but the rest of the museum would better appreciated by those over 12.

Steve Churchill

Amazing collection of aircraft from balloons to landing on the moon. Everything about the history of flight. Nice Cafe on the backside with a view of the downtown San Diego skyline.

Derek Edwards

Super fun place to visit. Lots of engaging things for kids and a ton of cool history if you have time to listen to or read it all

Bellamy Perrault

Great place for airplane fanatics. A lot of educational history about our aviation and the various stories of amazing individuals.Very nice museum with a Grand collection of air and space items.

gabriel markley

It was fun. But I'm not sure they totally captured the coolness of what you expect air space to be

Regina QUEEN

It was something to see and experience with my family we loved it.

Jacob Aldridge

More interesting than I thought it would be. Had a very cool video about the Manhattan project. I would still probably visit this museum last of all the others in Balboa Park, but your preferences may differ.

Rajagopal Srinivasan

Being an Aerospace professional, liked this place. Seeing something closer to your heart always makes you happy.

Louis Amador

Such amazing history and great place to walk around for a few hours. Clean and so much fun to look at all the aircrafts and stories they come with.

Tim Loya

Just a great little look at the history of aviation, especially military (naval) aviation.

Michael Loflin

They have a great collection of aircraft from all periods of flight. If you talk to some of the docents you might even get to see some of what they are working on for future exhibits

Savitha Rajkumar

Loved it...very educative for kids and grown ups

Wild Bill Wiederhold

Very nice museum with a Grand collection of air and space items. Very friendly and knowledgeable docents. From the back deck of the building you have grand views of downtown San Diego and the planes landing at Lindbergh Field. The museum also offers other venues for parties in the such. We were there for an awards banquet and it's very nice for affairs like that.

Brandi Brown

This could be something really nice. What a shame.

Jayashree selvan

If you are someone who is interested in planes and space stuff, this is a good spot to learn more about history of space and air navigation. Lots of cool 4d and simulation experience that gets your adrenaline going.

Manal Isam

At the San Diego Air & Space Museum, you’ll experience aviation history and learn about the historical and social significance of air and space technology as well as its promise for the future. There, you can walk beneath a model of the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon of 1783, the first manned vehicle in recorded history to break the bonds of gravity and lift humans above the earth. You can also view rare specimens of aircrafts in the World War I Gallery and marvel at the antics of the barnstormers of the 1920s in the Golden Age of Flight Gallery. Mint condition beautifully restored airplanes like the Spitfire Mk. XVI, Navy F6F Hellcat, and A-4 Skyhawk jets help you appreciate the increasingly complex technology represented in the military aircraft of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The museum also houses a display of space age technology that is continually progressing along with mankind’s journey into the stars.

Rebecca Miller

Amazing!! The interactive VR flight simulation was unreal!! I think going to this museum is the proper way to learn about our past. I would 100% recommend this place for tourists, for learning, and for fun!!!


Loved the animatronic Charles Lindberg, had a great time seeing all of the exhibits, and the 4D theater was a great experience.

Tiffany De Los Santos

This museum is always so much fun to visit. We also had the pleasure of celebrating my sons 1st birthday there. It was an amazing little celebration. All the kids had a blast!

Mark Moore

Fun exhibits and nice place to get a souvenir from the gift shop and a meal.

Lesli Hampton

Obsolutely fantastic.lots of hands activities. Great for family gathering.

Kiki Drimmel

A lot of educational history about our aviation and the various stories of amazing individuals that took chances with their own life to break barriers such as flying solo around the world. First steps on the moon launching of satellites. Everything we take now for granted as it it part of our daily life. Also fun to stay for the 3D shows that will transported you into space a must do

Robert Artac

Outstanding collection of relevant and important aircraft and persons. The Wall of Fame is truly a Who's Who of aviation. Exhibits are very well done and professional. Excellent interpretation and presentation. Actual Apollo capsule, not a replica. Lots of authentic aircraft and items. Gift shop is good and not overwhelming. Café is surprisingly good and 4 of us ate for $40. Outside seating with frequent jets passing overhead. Military free! By the way, there IS a very logical order to the museum, contrary to the comment below. It starts with Montgomery, local aviation hero, powerless flight, goes to first powered flight, WW1, WW2, Korea/Vietnam /modern Era. The space exhibit is a temporary display and the map says so.

schuyler white jr

really cool they have all types of planes

Terry Smith

Some interesting exhibits and lots of history. A little old-fashioned in style, but definitely worth a visit. Just missed the opening of the Space exhibition. Have to go back sometime.

Keith Randall

An excellent venue for all ages. Thoroughly worth a visit. Don't miss the 3 films in the cinema.

Scott Swanson

This place has an amazing assortment of cool stuff from actual peices of apollo 9 to real ww2 fighters. So much to enjoy, just fantastic

Jeremy Clark

Amazing collection! Details and simulations are all fun to play and try!

Victoria Mulligan

Great for all ages. So much to see & do at this museum. Highly recommended!

Roman Baecker

Definitively worth the visit. Spend at least 3 hours there to get a real clue.

Stephanie Cass

I need to come back a few more times. This place has so much to see and do. I love the animatronic Lindburg at the entrance describing the museum so I could better know where everything I want to see is. I got there late today, two minutes …

Henry D

Great museum with some Hollywood touches. Compares fairly well with similar museum in DC. I think this one while not as grand, has great more intimate feel. I can only imagine any young boy would love it !

Christine Thompson

Loved it! The staff made it even better!!! Very thorough with information about war planes and historic events associated with it. You HAVE TO do the flight simulator!!! Omg! Totally worth it!!!

Scott Welling

Worth the visit. Lots of great exhibits if you're at all interested in aviation.

Jacob Stanton

A very interactive museum. Great for kids who like to touch and look. Plenty to read for the adults too.

Joshua Alexander

Great use of limited space. Awesome mock-ups and models throughout the museum. Takes you on a great journey of the history of flight and aviation... mostly military with some civil aviation history. We were also lucky enough to visit during a STEM engagement week and the kids really enjoyed it. Staff was friendly, educated, and very helpful.

Anthony Camina

Worth your time. Space exploration exhibition was cool.

Corivus De Lan

Came here with my daughter and she loved it. We got to the end and since she was too small for the simulator they let her play on the desktop computer simulator. Great friendly staff.

Yan Teor

Would recommend 100%! If you LOVE space then it's a good place to spend 2hours just reading and playing with their exhibit. (They also have a air exhibit showcasing amazing planes and helicopters)

George Papadopoulos

Ok place. Looking kinda tired. Not sure what admission is cuz I got in free for a function, but would be hard pressed to justify...

Rafal Krasnicki

One of the best air and space museums

Daniel Richerson

Great fun for great value!

Mechelle C Whelan

Fun place to go to. Awesome...

Marie Thompson

My husband and I visited this museum last week. He commented that it is one of the best he has been to in a long time. There are so many early aircraft you can spend a whole day looking at them. There are videos that describe and explain events in detail. one about D day and Amelia Earhart were really good. I highly recommend this museum.

Christopher Miers

So much history! My children loved this place!


Great selection of aircraft and history. The Apollo 9 capsule is amazing to see. Plenty of interactive stuff even a small kids section. Highly recommend.

K Marie Gallagher

This was a really cool museum. So many aspects of flight covered here. There was a really good Blue Angels video; a beautiful exhibit of flight attendant uniforms, and of course many, many full size planes. from WWI fighters to space capsules. I'm leaving so much out, just go see it for yourself. The docent we spoke to was very knowledgable.


Nice museum with a lot about airplanes and their history. Includes space and some information about NASA

Mira Serrill-Robins

This place is absolutely jam packed with stuff and signs to read. It also has a few interactive computer games. It’s doesn’t have a huge footprint, but it could totally entertain for a good chunk of time, especially if one is an aerospace nut. You can also spin through quickly and see some old plane framesThere’s a space exhibit towards the beginning. There’s a bunch of old prop places, including a Jenny. It also seems to have an aerospace hall of fame that you walk through after you show your ticket; it’s less formal than Cooperstown for baseball, and I don’t know whether it’s the authoritative one. There’s a kitschy, fun exhibit on one long wall on Pacific Southwest Airlines, which includes a case full of flight attendant outfits. There’s a model zeppelin. There really is just a huge assortment of stuff and lots of descriptive signage for whatever degree of depth one wants for a visit.

Nick Mouradian

Loved seeing all those planes up close. Simulated was fun. Would visit again.

Lynn Young

We really enjoyed this museum. It has a 3D theatre showing 3 films which were all good. Has a section on the RAF which we found interesting as we're from England. Lots of aircraft. We spent a few hours here

Mark O'Rourke

Located in Balboa Park where trying to find a parking place is a real problem. Finally found a space open after about 40 min. of looking /waiting. The museum is good but small and the admission price is expensive- $20. Not worth it to me.

Tom Krieger

Very interesting. 3D/4D theatre is a must

Allyson Evers

You must check out the new space exhibit at the museum! I love the history of the planes and space mobiles that they have on display. It brings me back to childhood memories of wanting to be an astronaut!

Jen L

Knowledgeable docents that are willing to give you a tour at any time! Great up close and personal air/space crafts, both real and replicas! And if you need lunch or gelato there’s a great cafe in the Hall of Champions!!

Beth Burton

I liked the space section of the museum but was not too excited about anything else. It was cool too see some items that have been in space. We visited using our Go San Diego cards.

Adam L

Great museum with an incredible display. I highly recommend the San Diego Air and Space Museum for anyone at all interested in history, aviation, space, or our military.


Great visit with my granddaughter. Well curated, clean, tidy, welcoming!

Mary Kay Munroe

Great Mueum.Plenty of history and actual artifacts. Take time to read the info!

Elizabeth Thompson

A bit pricey for a museum. Very hot, felt like the air conditioning was turned off. The theater simulator was cool. Nice history of aircrafts.

Jeff Rucker

A great local spot for airplane fans!

Randall Spenny

Very good displays. Lots of San Diego history. Considering this is the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, I would like to have seen more on the Apollo program in the new section.

Heather B

There is a ton of stuff to see here, we spent a good two hours looking around! My only real complaint is the layout had no pattern. We started down the hall of wings then suddenly we came to the space section, which was quite impressive, but then we were dumped out in WW1 Era but the display time-line was backwards so we started at the end of the war and read about it back to the beginning as we continued farther into the museum. As we rounded a corner there was a big Challenger memorial, why wasn't that over with the space exhibit!? There were lots of models on display, many videos to watch, and lots of stories to read about inventors and innovators of the industry.

Anjolie McCann

Loved it here! I loved the animatronics, the 911 car was super interesting and sad. The NASA things were so amazing I was speechless. One of my favorite museums at balboa.

Wyatt Radke

Interesting but rather small. Current Space exhibit made it worth it.

Spencer Hamons

Great venue. We rented the place out for an evening corporate event and couldn't be more pleased. Exhibits were top notch and the docents were engaging and knowledgable (Howard Hughes was cool). Lived the ladies and gentlemen greeting us as linemen when we arrived. A great job.

Todd Madeen

Great air museum for its size. Hard to believe they could pack that much history into a small location! Favorite was the SR71 parked our front amazing piece of technology for the year it was born.

Erika B

I LOVE THIS PLACE! So many cool objects and aircraft. The docent who spoke with my friends and I was incredibly knowledgeable and so friendly. He came up to us when he saw us looking at the Blue Angel's aircraft they had and proceeded to explain why it was there, the aircraftsnlife span and the differences between the air force, army and marines version of the aircraft (I grew up in the airline industry and know a ton about aircraft, but that was cool to learn about). They have a new exhibit starting March 1st for space/NASA. Anyway, so worth the time and money to go here.

Elle smith

Was very enjoyable wanted to go on the simulators but they was a huge group of students in there I guess next time I'll go there first and work backwards

Chris Woodard

This museum is full of history, artifacts and exhibits that show the history of aviation and the impact on people. The exhibits are amazing , educational and tangible for learning, exploring and general knowledge of aviation and t telling its story. This s truly a place worth visiting!

Jeffrey Keeling

Nice place!! Kids loved it with alot to see and do. Abit pricey but other than that really no complaints!!

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