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Where is Madame Tussauds Hollywood?

REVIEWS OF Madame Tussauds Hollywood IN California

Rambabu Kaipa

Amazing place. Young children and others love the real -life like statues of celebrities. We could not resist taking selfies and photos. My daughters loved posing with their idols (singers) and you can get pretty interesting pics. Have a look..

Keri Longacre

We love Wax Museums and this was the BEST one by far we have visited. You can actually take pictures with the figures. They are so realistic looking that you think they are going to move. This is definitely worth the money. A must on Hollywood Blvd in our opinions.


The most amazing indoor place They have a lot of famous people to take your photos

Paweł Łazarczyk

Better to win on the lottery coupon for free visit or 50% discount. For 31$ not so worth seeing.

LiTwuan Latner

I enjoyed this place. I took several photos. The figures look so real. It just amazing . I will be doing this again with the kids.

Jeremiah Robker

My kids loved it. The wax figures look freakishly real. It was a fun visit. Keep in mind the wax tour dumps you right into a souvenir store, so be ready for that. Everything was $5 and not even worth $1.

Najaf Khalid Rana

I just loved to visit this place whenever I go to California.

Aileen Ruiz

Super awesome place to visit a lot of the wax figures looked so real and everyone was really nice. I ended up loosing my ticket to get the pictures they took of us at the beginning but the lady was nice and she helped us find our pictures. The whole place let's you interact with the props they give you so it's so much fun.

Leanne Rodriguez

Loved it here. We had visited 10 years ago, it was updated and such an enjoyable experince. I loved the 90s room

Kathleen Wojnarowski

This wax museum is interactive. Much more fun than just walking by & looking at the figures. My family really enjoyed it.

julia bara

It was amazing to take pictures with famous people! They look quite real. The only thing is that the lighting inside isn't that great to look good on pictures.

Michael C.

So life-like!! Fun photos taken with wax statues.

Alejandro Salazar Osorio

Very nice to visit ... stop and read the legends on each model ..

Lydia Rodriguez

It was the great I enjoyed every pit of it.

Sarah Schuler

This was a really fun end to my trip. If you ask for a discount at the door they will give you one which is nice. Lots of places to take fun Hollywood theme photos as well as photos with the Stars. They also have photographers through out that have scanners so you can get all your photos at the end. Overall would recommend and was a great $20 spent.


I think this one is better than the Hollywood wax museum down the street. This one has more to offer and looks more realistic.


A very fun place to visit, the celebrities look so real it’s a bit frightening! The place was very clean, easy to navigate through, and had affordable pricing. A must visit for anyone.

Shon Tucker

Amazing, up close to the stars without getting in somone personal space haha

Darren jones

Fun and excitement on every floor and every room. I had an awesome time. Great for all ages!!

Raymond Sorn

For those who like to take pictures and hiking, this place is an ideal place to that. Enjoy the Hollywood Sign view from the distance. Absolutely recommend!!!

Kimberly Bell

The wax figures in this place are realistic! They are just so amazing. Every detail of the artist is on point. It makes me kind of feel like seeing the real one.

Nekia Woods

We had so much fun. Was able to use prompts for pics. Obviously kid friendly staff was very friendly. This was part of GO pass so not sure how much it was but definitely worth the stop

Kathy Frese

Purchase your tickets online for discounts. Family had a blast.

Jeff Harris

Great fun so real..had a beer in the hangover bar..would recommend

Ismat Rahman

Great place to have fun with your family and friends ..don't miss if you are in Hollywood . .I would suggest to go for the Go La card..the wax figures are so realistic. .I couldn't take my eyes was a wonderful experience..highly recommended

Victoria Lopez

We had the best time at Madame Tussauds. We were able to park in a parking garage that the website mentioned and there was plenty of parking there. It leads you into multiple floors of shops and clothing stores. The walk from the garage was not very far but it was $17 to park for the day(not a bad deal for the day). We managed to buy tickets online and got a good deal. There's a lot to see and my family really enjoyed it. There is an amazing ball pit on the second floor with beautiful views of the Hollywood strip. It's in the 90s section and you almost miss it if you don't look around the partition that's there, I'm glad we didn't. You can interact with each wax figure when taking pictures as there are props for you to use to make the experience better. We had a great time and would definitely be back

Capt VO

Amazing lifelike statues of various famous personalities!!! Must visit place while in LA! Look for combined offers, such as a city bus tour which might offer a free ticket to this Musuem.

Imran Haq

Our entire family loved the place. Statues does look real.

De Nia

Nice but didn't have the interactive movie at the end like the one in Las Vegas

Brooke Keith

This is always fun to do the wax celebs look real. Fun for whole family. This was my 1st time in LA and all I wanted was to see Snoop Dogg. I think he is the shinizzle. Well I kind of saw him at least in wax museum.

Booyaka Stubbs

It was one of the better wax museums that we've been to. Have been to the ones in New York and Niagara falls and these were more life like. In the end though it is still a wax museum and they kinda all feel the same. There are different characters at each one which is cool and you don't feel like you are seeing the same thing over and over, but at the same time it just feels the same just a new environment. The staff were polite and answered all questions thoroughly. Lots of traffic on the roads and sidewalks so pack patience and a good pair of shoes...

Ethan Morquecho

Don't get scammed, but enjoy the walk

Chetan Rawal

Wonderful! Book online to have $10 less price than the on spot ticket!

Matthew Katschka

Just another tourist attraction on the strip. It's cool to check out but nothing overly exciting.

Mario Milanovski

There is something for everyone. All exhibits are done in actual size, and it is creepy how real they look. It's must see place

Daniel Duane

Great experience. Next best thing to actually posing with a celebrity. My only complaint is that when you get pictures taken with the photographer, they're not available for online viewing. I would like the option to view them at a later time and even purchase them online. I'm thankful we can take our own photos. Would definitely recommend going regardless.

alehandro del

Great experience! I thought they have most actors but there were just a few actors a directors..

Nirmal AU

Thoroughly enjoyed and had fun, lot of celebrities' statue here, kids will love the covered up plastic balls fun and super heroes 4D movie.

Pete Bennett

Great place. Had a lot of fun with the family taking pictures with the wax models

Brian Koester

Great wax museum with tons of photo opportunities. The only drawback was that there were so many people waiting to get the same shot as you that you feel kind of rushed. Overall a good experience though.


It was great experience for me cuz the figures look like real persons

LaShonda Addison

I loved my experience here! Check-in moved quickly and we saw so many attractions. Thank you.


Came here spontaneously, but highly recommend. The wax figures look super realistic and it is fun tricking your family back home by posing with the famous celebrities within the exhibit. If you want to escape the Hollywood streets try popping in and take some photos.

Brian Luckett

Kinda boring, but in fairness I didn't know what to expect. Pretty cool wax people and they're convincing enough to take a few looks. But once you've seen one you've seen them all.

Janie Harris

Well worth a visit and if you are clever get yourself a 50% voucher which they hand out down Hollywood Boulevard. The waxworks are based over several floors working your way from top to bottom. Loads of celebrities on display. One thing we did like was the props at various exhibits to dress up and add to your photos.

Kathy Kearney

The figures were so well executed complete with a perfect background to complement the character. I loved the ability to take photos up close.

Marco Villalpando

This place was great! Had our hands dipped in wax as well. Only thing we didnt like was how rude the employee with the camera was. He rushed us and seemed like he just wanted to go home. Other than that! It was fun. All other staff was fun and very helpful.

Tamorie Hargro

The wax figures were amazing, some looked extremely real! Although they didn't have Leonardo DiCaprio on display at the time my family and I visited, which was a real disappointment, I'm still grateful for the experience!

MAife Vazquez

So much to see a lot of things to buy and good prices

Sarah Jenisonship

Not crowded. Displayed nicely. Very real and respectful. The trivia and stories well done. Employees very kind

J Gwyn

First time visiting this location. I loved the 90's theme! I would go back again.

Sumeet Bhalla

Great place to get some nice photos. Has themes for each floor so you will find something for everyone. Not too crowded and definitely go for the 4D marvel show. Great 5$ gift shop on the exit.

Gustavo Escobedo

Great place! Good we decided to go

David lucas

We really enjoyed it. We have 3 teenagers and they had fun too. Takes about 75 minutes.

Adnan Karim

Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a wax museum and tourist attraction located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It is the ninth location for the Tussauds franchise, which was set up by sculptor Marie Tussaud, and is located just west of the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman's). Madame Tussauds is owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments. It features 125 wax figures of famous celebrities - the first ones made for the location were of singer Beyoncé and actor Jamie Foxx. Each wax figure has its own placard placed on a wall in close physical proximity to it, containing information about the portrayed figure. A few matching props have been placed near select figures for visitors to use while taking photos. Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Depp are among some of the figures used in the lobby to entice guests to enter the museum. They also keep things fresh by staying current with new celebrities and movies.

Ziko Alamriko

Nice and amazing musume I will come again

April A

We had a good time walking through and taking pictures.

Jdore Couture

Madame Tussauds Hollywood was such an fun experience, I mean how often do you come close to famous wax figures that don't melt? I enjoyed taking an ton of photos and the whole experience. The cons were finding affordable parking, luckily there are quite an few $5-10 parking lots nearby and how congested the streets are walking to this location. They don't call it Hollyweird for nothing. Surprisingly, you can find good savings for tickets on their website so give it an go!


The wife and I have been here before on a date years ago and thought it would be good for the kids to see some of their world around them they had a blast seeing the wax figures and at the end they were able to get a wax mold of their hands done. It's a corny thing to go do but sometimes corny things are still fun and you get to know the one you're with more on little things like that.

Jonathan Smith

Madame Tussauds is an amazing museum. It has so many amazing wax figures of your favorite celebrities. They are so realistic no one would know if it was a wax figure. You can pose with the most popular celebrities. There is almost every celebrity you could imagine. They include every little detail. You can learn a lot about your favorite celebrities. They also have photo stations every once and while. You can purchase these photos after. At the end of the museum there is the option to purchase your photos and see how the wax figures are made. Now the best part is creating your own wax hand. You can customize it with colors and what you make your hand look like. It is just the coolest thing. I recommend going here with the family. It can make great photos to share and wonderful memories.

Hedi Orawski

It is just fascinating how real the wax figures look like. Definitely worth visiting

Ez Gridley

Tickets were a bit steep but worth it! I had never been to a Madame Tussaud’s before, not even in my home country of Australia so this was a completely new experience for me and I loved it. I got a wax mould of my hand made which sits proudly in my living room at home, brings back good memories of this place. Something for all ages and it was interesting to watch the videos of how it all works within the store. Souvenir prices were a bit high for my liking but still got some good gifts for family and friends.

Joe Gulley

Great wax museum, very fun, they even have props for some to take neat photos.

jose tinoco

One of the best museums ive been too.

Janay Thompson

I enjoyed seeing the wax statues of zack effron and Lucy! Will definitely be visiting California more often. Louisiana does not have this much fun things to do.

Siju Kurian John

One of the best place to visit in Los Angeles. They have wax statues of many stars and is worth a visit. Buy tickets online and you will get 10$ discount per person. Their rates are reasonable. The marvel 4D show is so amazing. The show is so good that people of all ages will enjoy. If you are visiting Los Angeles this place is a must to visit. Enjoy your time here.

DenJay Garee

A great place to kill an hour or two in air conditioning.

megha sharma

Fun place. The unreal are so real

Michelle Dickson

This place is a lot of fun! We took some great pics! Lots of props to make your pics look great! We used our AAA card for a discount on admission.

Savannah Gonsales

This place was fantastic, although some of the Figures were not what they would normally look like, like Beyonce and Selena Quintanilla, though, everyone else looked fantastic! They had a bunch of excellent props that you could pose and take pictures with next to the figurines! They even had a giant ball pit! And it had an excellent view of the street from where it was placed. They had excellent quality photos to be able to take pictures of your group. Although, it is more of a one-and-done situation, that is until they get new figurines.

Lisa Montes

I Had so much fun with the kiddos, they loved every minute from beginning to end. We Took lots of photos with all actors and actresses. Everyone looked amazing!!!

JoAnn Genette

Fun and silly. There's always a coupon to be found if you're on a tight budget. Music, lighting & atmosphere make it worth a visit. Good for all ages. Perfect location for this type of attraction. You can spend about 2 hours here.

chelsea arseneault

Surprisingly fun! I have never been to a wax museum before (never understood the appeal?), but my husband's friends were in town and wanted to go. I'm so glad we did. It was a bit surreal and spooky - the figures seem like they're going to come alive at any moment! Some of the figures have props nearby you can use to have a photo shoot with the characters. It's pricey but to be expected for a tourist attraction.

Insane Lunatic

Awesome extremely erotic aura to me Everytime I go here!!

vaishali nirmal

It was so much fun. . This was my 3rd time to madame tussads, first time at this location. You have to go there at least once. .

K Nicole

90% of the figures look really good. There were a couple that I thought could have been better executed but we had fun.

Nneka Greene

My daughter had thee best time here before starting college.

Susan Lori

Great place. So life like cannot tell if you are standing next to a person or wax figure at times.

Paulette Stovall

I can visit this place a million times and never tire of it. Has a sense of realness when standing next to the wax figures. I love it!! If you're a celebrity junkie you will definitely enjoy the experience even more so.

David Armstrong

Fun tourist trap. Fun and Creepy.

nathan williams

The name everyone knows to visit to see there favor celebrity face to wax face is fun and worth a visit. If you don't have to time to tour the museum you stop in the entrance of the museum and get some quick pics of a few chosen celebrities hanging around out front.

Nate Lockett

Great place for family fun. Good to go if it's night or raining out to bring the family. The wax figures look incredibly realistic, almost scary! Great place for kids as well, the props are a great touch and it's nice to be able to walk around and interact with the wax figures. Would bring others there for sure.

Jennifer Lay

Had a BLAST! You get to pose with the figures. Be creative!

Rohit Sankhe

This is a nice place. You can spare an hour for quick walk and pics south your favourite stars.

Tom Vader

Awesome works. Always cool......literally


Kids liked the superhero ones. I honestly found it too creepy and expensive. But, hey, to each their own.

The three cutie bows

My kids loved it . . great family experience . . always go back every year !

Anthony Bachtiar

Madame Tussauds Hollywood. This is one of the Madam Tussauds museum built in several places in the world. In this museum there are more statues and represent several prominent figures from Asia. In addition to seeing a collection of wax figures, you can also see 4 Dimensional film performances at this place. As the museum's of entertainment venues, it is well worth a visit and for those of you who like to take photos, there are many choices of characters to choose from. If you come there with a group tour and while waiting for your friends to return to the gathering point you can entertain yourself by spending time here. Have fun there at the Hollywood Museum of Madame Tussauds.

Kelli Lindquist

Fun experience, definitely worth the time and money.

Maruthi A

Worth visiting. Enjoy taking photos with all real like celebrities. Don't miss.

Kimberly Heggie

AWESOME EXPERIENCE. The ball pit was the best!

Zia Zane

Its fun to c these famous people in wax

marc pellerin

Awesome, i look behind me, and i saw Vin Diesel. That guy is a small version of me, it chock me. 'Hollywood' don't freak me out like that no more. Hey! Pretty wild to see those wax person and small too.

Kelley Ashbrook

A little eerie, but fun. I was expecting any one of the wax figures to greet us at any moment.

Kellie Turner

Me and my daughter were visiting L.A from Ohio and visited this location. It was about 39.00 a pc. but you do get to pose with the wax figures and touch them. There are three levels and we had a good time. At the end is a gift shop and everything is 5.00 so if you're looking for Hollywood souvenirs wait until you get here (also you can go in the gift shop without going to Madame Tussauds). I'm posting a picture of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers so you can see how lifelike the figures are. Enjoy it's fun!

Leiton Powell

Lots of fun looking at the life sized statues. Took pictures with several. Really enjoyed being a self guided tour.

Sharmila Chakraverty

Tourusty souvenir loud shiney store. Pricey.

Julen Barragan

Cool wax statues that look as real as me and you

Simona Bel

If you have been in other Madame Tussauds museums , so you will like this one too.

John Keller

Fun for teens and tweens. Lots of current pop stars shown as wax mannequins. It's not high culture but it's fun

Monica Thomas

Had more fun here than I expected to. Just stopped here out of the blue after a city tour while visiting LA. Good selection of was figures. Most were spot on, a few weren’t even close (Beyoncé lol). The Steven Spielberg one scared me he was so realistic lol. The 90s room was dope. I recommend popping in here. You’ll have some fun.

Cheryl Yan

The design of interactive user experience is well-thought-out. Not my first Madame Tussauds, nor the biggest, but I had the most fun.

Duky Shepshed

The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hollywood was one of my favorite things our family did while on vacation in Hollywood. The wax figures were extremely real looking, I could fool my friends into thinking I met real stars! Make sure you bring a camera to this attractions, I think I took over 100 pictures here! Each wax figure had their own themed background, plaque with mini biography, props, and some even had props for you to wear in your photo with them. You were allowed to touch the figures, so you could give them a hug or hook arms with them in your photo op. There was a great combination of older and recent celebrities, so it adds an element of education to the experience. Some of the MANY stars my family posed with were Marilyn Monroe, Carrie Underwood, Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn, and my personal favorite: Robert Pattinson (I'm a HUGE Twilight Saga fan, so getting to hug "Edward" was a dream come true).

Emily Sanchez

Very fun to go with family, they have props so you can pose next to the celebrities and also have a 4D marvel movie that’s free toward the end. Would definitely recommend. Also you can save money by buying your tickets online and having them print it there. Good to see at least once. Best part was the big ball pit behind the Selena figure that lets you see down on everything.

Darryl S

Lots of fun to "meet" celebrities up close, and get a picture with them

Evelyn Pech-Vazquez

I was a bit dissapointed because the one I visited in Canada had had so much more. However, our group of high school students Loved it. So they would have rated it with 5 stars I'm sure.

Evan Terry

This is probably one of the best wax museums I've seen. Very realistic figures and cool themes.

Amanda Williams

Don't waste your money on other wax museums, this is THE BEST! Worth every penny. I will definitely go back!

Superior Services

Has a great time here, these wax figures are truly a work of art. It’s so much detail to the pieces they “almost” look real. Take lots of pictures to create some great memories. Wasn’t over crowded when I was there around 12 noon.

Aravind Thangavel

Get tickets online you save 10 bucks on the ticket. We had fun in this place, there is a place half filled with even though small was a good experience. They had focus light all over place for good photos.

Robyn Cooper

We had a good time. The 4-D movie was hilarious. Some of the wax figures are sged, but its still.a good time. Especially for a groupon.

Sara Rodger

The figures are very realistic, but I thought there would be a few more figures. The props were great for the photo ops too. Also, small thing, but the restrooms are really clean and modern

Vinoth Ramanujam

They look real !!! 3 floors full of celebrities wax status. They are awesome and extremely realistic.

Tessa Eddy

Fun place to visit while in LA, especially when the weather isn't great or after the sun goes down. Fun for all ages, great for a family activity - I loved the props at several of the wax figures and opportunities to engage and have fun; not your typical museum, for sure. 3 levels and dozens of wax figures as well as a section detailing the process. Staff was friendly and left us alone to explore, which was great. It was expensive - check out late afternoon discounts.

Deja Gonzales-Schulz

This is a great interactive place to get lost in! My son and I had so much fun, posing and trying on the different props!

Carl Wolgamott

Some looked real. My son had good time.

Anita Sharma

Had fun taking pictures with celebrities

Shalini Kumari

Astonishing wax statue . Every statue looks like person in real. I love the the visual display as well. Highly recommended

Danna Carolina Vargas Medina

Some good sculptures other really fake, a lot of unknown people

Jennifer Puente

The sculptures we're so life like that several test I thought they were really people. The detail that went into them was amazing and I love that they gave you props to interact with the figures

Nadia pink apartment

The one place you can get close and have a pic whith your favorite celebrity. Go a head and talk to them untile your heart is content

Vihaan Ahuja

Good place to visit. But I was not that excited as I have been to other Tussauds where I got to see more familiar faces! But good place to visit.


Great collection of famous hollywood stars.

Dennis Quast

Great place to experience their famous wax figures. They look so real you think you're standing in front of the real person!

John Uribe

By far one of the highlights of our trip. My kids, wife , and I had so much fun. I must have taken over 200 pictures. I would say, it's a must.

Michelle Stewart

So much fun! I recommend buying the Go LA pass as we did and adding this to your itinerary. Betty White was the most realistic. I kept turning around, feeling like she was watching me. Great family fun!!!

Zafer Üstüner

Pretty good and fun experience for friends and family. I am taking away one star because a few figures were in terrible shape and the 4D spray fest at the end was a little bit uncalled .

Alexandre PAGE-RELO

Really cool. I met a lot of famous people... The ball pit is quite fun too

Mr. & Mrs. Giancarlo Perez

Nice Tourist attraction. Thank you for keeping store clean and full of AC

Ralph Higgs

Fantastic time with kids. Characters looked real. Fun interaction with the wax figures

Eric Jacobson

It was pretty good. It's short for the price but it was clean and friendly. I'd have been stoked for 20$ a person.

Tyson Brown

Staff were friendly and could not be any more helpful. We had a great time, talking photos and Selfies, Definitely will go back when we are back in Los Angeles. Thank you for a awesome time.

Jenna Legalsi

Was so much fun and some of the statues were very lifelike!!

Jaded Dragon

It was really awesome I do recommend going! But it can be crowded sometimes so make time for an hour or so if you want to take pictures with all the wax figures. They also have props to pose with!

Roberto Saad

Excellent exhibit. Seek discount coupon first. Manager is a little dishonest!

Cynthia Herrera

Had a great time with my son. Took lots of pics.

nerd lovers

This place is amazing they look so real it's almost creepy I did at one time caught my self saying excuse me to a wax person lol seems like there all over they have props with most of them for photos it's neat I came all the way from Middletown Ohio to see this it was well worth it.

Alain Choy

One of the best wax museums ever. Was not disappointed. The staff were super friendly and had engaged in conversation while we were in line. They actually gave us some coupons and the overall experience was very pleasant. Would definitely come back.


I've been to the SF location as well. I enjoyed the classic Hollywood section the most. Overall, they did an impressive job !

A Ce

For some reason, although most of the statues look very real in picture they come out looking statuey - I wonder why? :-D It was fun to go in there and pose goofily. You are allowed to touch the hands of the statues while posing with them. I was surprised by how little some of the actors were. And if the statues are true to size then Halle Berry is a tiny woman and I'm sorry to say that J-Los butt ain't that big. But that's not the reason for the three stars. I give it three stars cos pictures don't come out good.

Travels' World

Nice place to see the celebrities made by wax around the world.

Devin Smith

Great experience. Truly enjoyed it.

Heather B

This place is fantastic! All of the figures look crazy real, sometimes disturbingly real. We went during the week and it was not crowded and they metered entry so there wouldn't be a huge rush of people at once. You can get super close and even touch the figures. This was a lot of fun and I would absolutely recommend visiting!

Christine Merrick

Great place. Wax figures were so realistic


Couldn't believe how extensive it was. I enjoyed it very much, and you can always catch a good deal on the way with flyers handed out. Would recommend to anyone visiting Los Angeles.

Demarr Desilva

Such a fun and amazing experience , gives you the opportunity to be creative on how you want to take pictures with the celebrities. My girlfriend and I, spent 2+ hrs here and when we thought it was over the museum continued on. Most definitely worth it !

Victor Chirco

Awesome place .I had so much fun here.

Joseph Plumb

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Hollywood is a great example of the work started in France all those years ago. Each status is a carefully crafted work of art, that takes around 500 hours of dedicated work, and it shows. Very beautiful pieces, and an entirely worth-it experience.

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