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Where is Golden Gate Park?

REVIEWS OF Golden Gate Park IN California

Wendy Ochs

Thus place us amazing! Offers everything from the local Anglers Club to serene relaxing Two Chi. Too mych to mention and if there's an event happening, I highly suggest to go check it out.

Veg Nik

There is so much to see and do in this beautifully diverse park that cuts across San Francisco from the Pacific Ocean to the Haight! The art and science museums, the playgrounds, the lakes (Stow Lake is my favorite), the meadows, the Arboretum, the Japanese Tea Garden, the bison, hippie hill, the merry-go-round, the windmills, the scenes of beauty, the feeling of peace.

Emily Dreimann

Brilliant park, well worth a visit. Pedal boat trip on the lake especially recommended, although worth keeping in mind that you might have to queue for a while, especially at the weekend. Lovely walking trails and lots of see and do.

Richard R

Beautiful vast park. Excellently maintained. Be sure to grab a look at the windmill and get there early enough to go inside the Botanical gardens. The AIDS memorial really is a space of peace, reflection and tranquility.

Louise Kirkland

Golden Gate Park is so magical. You will fall in love with this park. I highly recommend to rent a bike to explore the whole park. Its over 1,000 acres of land.

Phil McDonald

Enjoyed the walk over the bridge, take a coat. The store was open for water and the bathroom is important before you begin the walk. Mind the bicycles and enjoy the views!

Arnold A

Sona Balsam

It’s a wonderful picnic spot with various attractions inside. We went to strawberry lake and the Japanese Tea Garden. I loved them both.

Jackie Vogt

This park is wonderful, it has so much to offer and covers so much area you could explore it multiple times and still see something new. There's something here for everyone, wether you want somewhere quiet to relax or read a book, a field to play in, to watch a performance, go for a hike, rent a paddle boat, there are tons of options. There are drinking fountains and restrooms available.

Aravindhan A

It's a nice picturesque park with plenty of space for jogging, walking and playing. California academy of sciences is one of the major attractions in this park. One has to come very early to avoid parking fee.

Brenda Daily

Best park in the world. Wonderful spot for locals and tourists. We're all friendly and helpful.

Jeff Rad

Golden Gate Park is amazing, is great for all age. It has a lot of playground for kids, lot of things to see. But is really tired to walk through the park.

Mike Balzotti

Park is very large. Parking looked to be pretty full. We took public transit the dropped us off next to the park. We visited the Japanese Tea Garden. Really great small garden. There are days and times to visit that are free. This was great for our family. There is a little cafe and gift shop. We also walked around the rest of the park for a while.

Ryan Hill

Golden Gate Park is somewhere everyone should go when they visit San Francisco. It's a beautiful escape from the city and has all sorts of hidden treasures. From the Japanese Tea Garden, to the Conservatory of Flowers, to the Botanic Garden you'll not be disappointed. These things I mentioned cost money, but not much at all. Worth every penny.

Josh Megli

Parking was easy and free. It was on the side of the road. Getting into the Botanical garden was nine dollars since I’m not a San Francisco resident. it took me about 1 1/2 hours to walk around leisurely. One of the fountains is currently under renovation. As many people as they were cars on the street for parking, it didn’t feel as though there were many people in the botanical garden, which was nice.

Ezequiel Lopez

This is one of my favorite parks. It is very big so it is easy to get lost if you aren't using navigation. Also there is always something going on so be wary of traffic and road closures. that would be the only negative thing I would say about the park, but as long as you are aware and use a navigation system, it shouldn't be a problem. Take some time to look at the bison and also the fountain. You can also enjoy the conservatory of flowers or simply take a nice stroll through the park on those rare sunny days.

Brett Higham

It’s Golden Gate Park! What’s not to like?!? Don’t leave anything visible out in your car if you park here. Biggest mistake I see out of towners make. Take all your belonging with you or make sure they are locked in your trunk.

Mercedes Reeder

Obviously, one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Strawberry Hill is a great destination if you only have an hour or two to see the park. The view from the top is astounding, and there is a ruin of a viewing platform destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. Walk from there to the Japanese Garden, and you’ll get a feel for the park.

Maarten Hofman

Aldus a great experience. I am happy you can park for for hours along the road. Strange to have so much space in such a dense city.


A must place to visit, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore the park. It has everything, beach, lakes, ponds, fountains, bison, museums, a wonderful forest that smells like you are in Sierras and plenty of street parking which is free. Rent a bike and go exploring or visit museum and gardens or the academy of sciences.

Angeles Tovar

Golden Gate Park is so magical. You will fall in love with this park. I highly recommend to rent a bike to explore the whole park. Its over 1,000 acres of land.

Andy H

Fantastic place. The displays are really well done. The planetarium is included in the price. This place is a must for anyone visiting SF. Getting there: if you are not interested in the rest of the tourist bus tour at $30 get the Number 7 bus from the city center for $2.

Samuel Chen

Definitely one of the most iconic places in San Francisco. It wasn't that crowded when I went so it was super easy to get some high quality pictures. Also, the historical ruins were pretty interesting to look at


Academy of Sciences is the BEST !! I took my kids here when they were I take grandkids!! Still love it !! It makes science much to do...time runs out before activities do...we'll be back !


What a true gem! In the midst of all the hustle, bustle and craziness of San Francisco, this magnificent park is home to a gorgeous Rose Gardens, Japanese Tea Gardens, California Academy of Science, the de Young Museum, Conservatory of Flowers, Botanical Gardens, etc. Come and find some peace and enjoy the flowers and culture. Some special areas charge admission, but for FREE you can relax, walk, bike and just enjoy the incredible beauty. There are areas, at least on JFK Dr that allows free parking. There's something for everyone and it's on my must-see (visit) list for whenever I come to San Fran. Highly recommend (and don't recommend driving around that city!)

Adam Tardiff

I love this park and how vast it is and all the different things you can do there. The Japanese garden was very cool.

dana mach

A beautifully organized park/gardens. I love that SF has saved and maintained green spaces for everyone. Lots of room to roam with many many trails for a great hike. Beautiful and often unique foliage too. Give yourself lots of time to enjoy.well worth going!

Abhinav Kishore

Huge huge park in middle of one of the most bustling and expensive cities in the world to live in - amazing. They say its the SF’ers backyard - and I saw that in action - people spending time picnicking, playing, taking their kids or dogs …

Tricia Palomino

Golden Gate Park is an oasis in the city center, a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Miles of nature trails, some paved and some dirt, some easy and some challenging, with beautiful trees, gardens, native foliage, ponds, waterfalls, and wildlife all around you no matter where you are in the park. Unfortunately, I didnt make it through the entire park, but I trekked through 1/3 and noticed a sports field, botanical gardens, and event pavilion. I loved the aroma of eucalyptus and pine in the air. Looking forward to visiting again!


Random stranger offered us some blueberry flavored weed. Nice guy. (We politely declined, if you're wondering. Hugs not drugs.)

Jaiyln Santos

I greatly appreciate all the hard work that been put into this park. Its a beautiful thing to learn about different cultures and it's art.

alexor gerard

The size of this park is mindblowing. It is much bigger than central park. There are a lot of things to do. If you love taking pictures, this is the place for you. If you love fitness, this is definitely a place for you. If you love going on little adventures, this is most definitely the place for you. I'd suggest riding a bike if you do not like walking. After all, it is the best and fastest way to explore a giant park like this one.

Dave Heman

So much more than I expected. Many unique and hidden things to find. The casting pools and angling club is amazing!

Jessica Hash

If you're willing to spend the extra $ there's plenty more to see! We didn't have enough time to stop in to either the botanical gardens or the Japanese garden but heard many good things.

Alison Ortiz Dimas

I visited on a warm summer afternoon. Very well kept park. We had some pizza while sitting on the grass and had no problems with bugs or anything like that. It did get a little chilly after around 7 PM so definitely be mindful of the weather. I didn’t see much of it but the parts I did see were beautiful. Definitely somewhere you have to see when visiting San Francisco.

Torri Sanders

There's just something about entering this park. It's just like walking into a wonderland. It's so huge and there are so many gardens and monuments hidden throughout. My personal favorites are the hidden red wood garden and rose garden (They're right next to each other). It's impossible to do it all in one day so I recommend taking multiple days to explore here on your trip!

Kristina Derosier

Excellently maintained. Be sure to grab a look at the windmill and get there early enough to go inside the Botanical gardens. The AIDS memorial really is a space of peace, reflection and tranquility.

Sarah Ballenger

Really cool place. It was our first time visiting and it was such a nice walk near the water. Kids were excited to see the ducks, bison and we even saw a family of raccoons

Chris Bernau

Visited for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. As always, fantastic performances, mellow crowd, and it's free. More security than prior years. They were vigilant, bit I don't think they were called o. Thanks to them (hop6 they enjoyed the music) and huge thanks to the Hellman's.

Danielle Clausen

So much to see and do here. Great place to meet up with friends, hangout on the grass, see a museum or do nothing. Parking can be a bear so I’d recommend going by public transit which is super easy to do. There are ball fields, the conservatory of flowers, museums and so much more. Great place to go on a sunny day in the city.

Bryan Maxwell

This is one of the best place and a center of attraction of tourist and residents as well. This place was one of a kind. An awesome place with tons to discover. Walking around this park is like exploring a video game with something new and interesting at every turn.

James Cairns

I had the chance to catch a small portion of Golden Gate Park, the parts I was able to explore Japanese Tea Gardens De Young Museum Botanical Gardens The Japanese Tea Gardens gave a glimpse into a culture that for most we form an opinion and truly don’t fully understand. As I walked around and appreciated the layout and how at the heart of the design is simplicity. I felt at piece, granted a short visit but one I truly appreciated in finding. The houses are surrounded by gardens that are well maintained and give the visitor an idea on a culture for most, that is stringent in how they live and the attention to detail is clear to see, I managed to make a friend a Squirrel who was not shy when letting me take his picture. Overall an enjoyable visit. A visit to Golden Gate Park would not be the same unless you visited the De Young Museum, having walked around this contemporary and pivotal exhibition in San Francisco and seeing the works of art, sculptures and exhibits from most walks of life. The collections at de young truly immerse you into a world gone by, the appreciation you have as you walk around, truly gave me a glimpse into how life could have been. The highlight for me was going to the top and seeing San Francisco from the Harmon Observation Tower the 360 degree views are simply breathtaking and to see San Francisco from this view, is an opportunity not to be missed. The views left me in awe, not something I’ll see everyday and you get totally immersed in what San Francisco has to offer. The Botanical Gardens was a pleasant surprise the collection of trees, plants, flowers and wildlife to see from the world over and how they have formed to this magical botanical oasis. As you walk round the Botanical Gardens you appreciate the attention to detail and how they have laid out all the plants and flowers and this is way before the make their mark and show their colors, as you walk through the caverns if bamboo or the trees that names I can’t pronounce let alone type. The botanical gardens is ever evolving and truly dies give the visitors an experience they won’t forget.

M Moe

Enjoyed a nice afternoon with the family and dogs. I always seem to find a new path to follow that provide new surprising views to stop, admire and take in the sun.

Dave McGuinness

This is a 1960s motel that doesn't have mold in the bathroom, somewhat worn in places but within wonderful ocean smell but therefore salty, moist air. Roomy bedrooms, comfortable king mattresses, lots of and quality towels.

yunus emre demir

A huge park located in the city. Very clean, safe and relaxing. There many things to do botanical gardens, Japanese tea garden, bison area, little ponds, huge grass area, baseball practice areas, and another good things. I definitely recommend this park when you visit San Francisco.

Sheronda Lewis

This place is beautiful and there is soo much to see, you have to come back multiple times just to get it all in! Worth visiting...again!

Sara Elzas

One of the best city parks in town. The ocean makes the place more attractive. You can rent boats here as well. There is a park for kids. So you ca bring your kids along with you. Highly recommended.

Raymond Sandza

Just the best! So diverse and lots to see. Could bit every Ray for a year and walk a different path

David Williamson

An awesome place with tons to discover. Walking around this park is like exploring a video game with something new and interesting at every turn. Lots of locals and tourists. I especially liked the shuttle that runs on the weekends.

Stacie Larsen

This park is SO big and beautiful. It feels like walking through a European palace. I love running through it in the afternoon or just walking it during the weekend when it's buzzing with people.

Kirk Pascal

Golden Gate Park Golf Course is a good little 9 hole par 3. This is a good course for going with a few friends for a quick round. Course was in good condition, however some greens were patchy. Depending what you're looking for in a round, there are other options.

Logan & Heidi Truman

A great place for a daily run. Plus the gardens, lawns, playgrounds, museums, trees... a must visit for any visitor; and a life saver for any local.

Christopher Johnston

Such a great space with so many activities and events to take part in. I love the rural feel most of the park has allowing you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit. Sunday's are a great day to bike ride with the kids as they shut down all the interior roads to traffic.


This place is unbelievable you need more than one day to know all the park. I would recommend go to different places in the park by car, that distance is a lot

Ashanti Matlock

I'm always amazing by the preservation of beauty by the various cities in the Bay Area. Golden gate Park is truly majestic. You don't even need to plan anything just show up and walk around. During a festival I found out about a free Lindy hop lesson on Sundays from 11a to 2p and lawn bowling! Go early to snag free street parking.

David Pittman

I always enjoy visiting Golden Gate Park. Most recently I strolled through the arboretum. Also briefly stopped by the deYoung art museum. But enjoying the park doesn't require visiting any particular attraction.

Nimal V A

A nice place to spent time. Multiple places to visit like art gallery , friendship garden etc

Brian Knoepfel

This park it's really nice. It feels like you're not in the city. The trees smell so good and the air is so fresh.

Yvonne Bond

Very nice park. Good walking area, shady spots, sunny spots, water features, nice architecture! I was not able to stay here very long, so I need more time to be fair about this park.

Zoe Navapanich

Beautiful gem in San Francisco. Walking around on a sunny day made for the perfect date and there was so much to see within the park. I wish the bike rentals were a little more affordable, and there were more discounts for students on some of the gardens, but overall definitely worth checking out.

Ирина Харитонова

Really beautiful park. Be prepared for a long walk. You can rent a bike and ride through the park. It takes approximately 2 hours and it worth it! Must see

Kyle Bunkers

The park is so large that I can only speak about a small portion of it. It would be nice to go back at a less busy time than a Sunday afternoon, as well. But the views and history are wonderful. The Golden Gate Bridge itself is a wonder, but the views of the island of Alcatraz and Angel Island are worth it. The paths are great both for pedestrians and bikes, and parking was not too expensive, though hard to find.

Charles Banks

Huge park, great place to walk, sit and read or just hang out with friends and play soccer. Park has a Botanical garden, Conservatory of Flowers.

Tiffany Kellam

Best kids playground we've taken the kids to. The concrete slides were a huge hit and the rope climbing structure was great. I loved that the carousel was reasonably priced, the whole family could go on without breaking the bank. And the conservatory was beautiful, so many different plants to see, all beautifully arranged in their own habitats. Loved every minute we were there

Dave Calvo

I went to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival to see Robert Plant not knowing just how spectacular this event is. There were so many great bands playing that day, and of course Robert Plant delivered a great performance! The park was clean and gorgeous, the temperature reached around 80 degrees. There were plenty of food trucks and booths throughout the venue. My little cousin enjoyed a fresh cut fruit tray in the morning and some killer pizza slices in the afternoon. I have been coming to this park all of my 52 years and it never disappoints.

Angela Lam

This place is magical. You get awesome history, modern art, nature, people watching, cozy books of privacy, culture, park settings and tourist attractions all in one place! Somehow in the midst of the City with all these elements there is a sense of spaciousness. We took a self-guided walking tour via a scavenger hunt app and it was a wonderful way to experience the park. Well, portions of the park and it's history - we didn't come close to seeing it all!

frank bombino

One of the best city parks in the world. I lived 9 years in San Francisco and my house was 3 blocks from the park in the Outer Richmond. At least 3 or 4 times a week I would walk or drive to different parts of the park.

Matt Sain

Very wonderful park. On the weekends you can find an eclectic group of traveling artist playing music around the park. It is always a pleasant time.

Geoff van den Brande

I live across the street from Golden Gate Park. This wonderful city park is vast and many times it's hard to believe you're still in the city. As well as wonderful museums and attractions like the De Young Museum and Academy of Sciences you can also play tennis, polo, or ultimate frisbee, sail a model boat, visit the bison, ride the 100 year old carousel, take a walk, run, or ride a bike, and visit the Japanese or Botanical Gardens (this list is not exhausted). This park is a gem in the crown of San Francisco.

Enrique DC-

Great park! Grab comfy shoes and explore this green spot in San Francisco. So many things going on in this park, I recommend starting from the windmill and walk "inbound" towards the museums, fountains and plant sanctuary.

El Boletaire Underave

Huge park. You can get by driving or with public transport directly inside. I’d even recommend you taking the public transport if you wanna cross it entirely, as it has some miles of length. I wish I could go to the Japanese Tea garden, but I wasn’t in the mood to pay 8$ with such amount of people inside.

mark&eric guy family

A lot of fun to take the family we Made a lot of outdoor games there’s a lot of space really big just and if wanna come and relax and take a good run exercise we also did several little group yoga Who is perfectly fine people were actually joining us as we were doing it it was pretty cool it was perfectly fine people were actually joining us as we were doing it it was pretty dogs love it to

Thip R

Couldn't feel any luckier to live close by to one of the greatest park in the world. It's great for running, strolling around, hanging out. It offers many kinds of outdoor activities for everyone in the family. It offers distinctive gardens …

Jesse Plant

Wonderful place that has multiple features for the variety of interests. Just be prepared to walk as there is alot to see all over. It is easy to spend an entire day just walking and looking around at everything there is. Wonderful views for amateur photographers up and exhibits that change regularly at the museums.

Desirey Aguilar

Love this park!! Definitely Top of my list for a visit to SF!! American Academy of Science, Japanese Tea Garden, Art Museum, Botanical Garden (Fee based admissions) & Free access-Baseball Field, Big Kids' playground, rolling hills for picnics, fountains & statues, benches & space for Beautiful walks & children to run & lots of Free parking!!! Bustling with locals & local tourists on weekends!

Biz Gainey

Wow. Wow. Wow. Golden Gate Park is absolutely beautiful. If you are in the San Francisco area, then this is a MUST stop for you and your family. My wife and I did the Segway tour with some friends. The tour is a great way to see the park. We were amazed by all the different varieties of plant life and found ourselves riding 'off-road' by accident because we were admiring the scenery too long!

Jennifer B.

Golden Gate park is a large, lush, beautiful park with lots to do. I think a lot of tourists are probably unaware that such a large, lovely green space exists in San Fran. I highly encourage you to come over and enjoy a walk or bike ride in …

Brown Berry

Such a huge green space! Easy every from multiple places and the openness was really inviting. We walked across from the Whole Foods (great areas to picnic). Easy walking path and our teens found loads of doors for photo opps. We peeled into the children’s Tot Lot, also huge!

Julie Durham

Beautiful park. Several worthwhile museums to visits. You can spend days here enjoying the different areas of park and there is a lot to do. Loved it!

Matt Powell

First off, this park is HUGE! If you want to see everything in the park, make sure you carve out a good amount of time to do so. The best way to get around the park would be bikes or drive it and stop at the different places you want too. The wife and I used the electric Skip scooters to get around the park and enjoy the air and the views. Beautiful park!

Brock Whittaker

But i don't like there are traffic roads inside park. It literally destroyed atmospheric park. If there is more art exhibit would be nicer, or music performance. Flowers inside botanical garden is nice.

Susan Nordstrom

What a stunning park, one could be there all day and not experience it all. Highly recommend The Conservancy of Flowers and the Botanical Garden. There are plenty of handicapped accessible trails with great scenery.

arpit trivedi

It's a huge park in the heart of San Francisco includes many attractiona like conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden and California institute of Sciences. All the attractions have there specific tickets and timings. You can come and spend some quality time here.

Sandro Herrera

SF's largest park. Perfect for a family picnic, a bike ride or a hike. Since buying our bikes, my wife and I come here often to ride fairly shielded from traffic. The park also hosts a number of events throughout the year. Finally, it is a nice place to relax in West SF, away from the craziness of east SF.

Jason Cheng

Beautiful park. Always so much to do. I didnt even know there were buffalo in the park. I could go here 20 times over and still find something to do.

Shy Baniani

Best city park in the county, ocean half is passive and full of beautiful foliage and fascinating sites like the 2 Dutch windmills and is right adjacent to ocean beach. The front half is the active side with a lake you can rent boats on, a large kids park with a classic marry go round, it had the Academy of science museum and the De Young art museum, areas with concerts and even the occasional opera in the park. It's a must visit!!

ZiiBee HornyBee

My absolute favorite place to be. This park is full of treasures. The waterfalls, the buffalo, the trails. It's like being in such a magical place. At times we bring our small electric boats and race around the lake (Which has huge carpe by the way.). You can always find a place to chill or reserve for a party and enjoy the comfort and company of friends. This park is perfect for daily exercise and delightful views fro children.

Cynthia Ribay

Wonderful park. There's so much to do and see. You have to visit many times to be able to see the main parts. We go there often.

Ariel Adar

Nice park. Neither golden nor gated. I stumbled across a waterfall which was a nice surprise.

John Peters

Fantastic place to visit. There are numerous side trails you can run/walk/hike through as well as water fountains (with a cool water spigot spot for your pets!). There was a picnic area with several tables off the side trail "Bunny Meadow" but I didn't see any bunnies :( Do not miss out on the Flower Conservatory ($9/PP), and the Science Academy($42/PP)! There was a groupon for the science Academy when I was there but you can't use it the day that you buy it.

Anil Pannikkat

A park with beautiful greenery and lots of water. You can always find a calm location with few people. Kids can run around without fear. Parking gets crowded when there are events such as soccer matches. JFK Blvd is closed off on weekends with music and dancing. Bike friendly.

Antoinette Willis

Its everything you expect to see. Nice size great way to get through the city on a ferry and a landmark to reach the Science Center. I enjoyed it.

Jakub Scholz

Nice big park. But there are some busy roads. Sometimes it is a bit hard to find the right path which isn't along some busy road.

paxton krone

In the middle of a concrete jungle is a majestic forest. This large tree filled park is very well taken care of and has many attractions for adventure and recreation. The quiet foggy days here offer a contemplative environment to slow down and feel cozy with nostalgia. Bright clear days in the park offer an opportunity to exercise the body and mind.

Ken Michaelson

Loving it. The concert was awesome and scooters were everywhere.. We got free bike helmets this place..just parking is tough.

Tod Garfoot

Beautifully manicured grounds with a wonderful variety of trees and other foliage. We only saw a few pieces of litter. Our gathering was near the Dahlia garden and flower conservatory. Stunning would be a major understatement. Lot's of folks walking, cycling, jogging, skating, fog walking and people watching. We were fortunate to find a parking spot just a short walk from our event. The weather was spectacular as well!

Jignesh Darji

It's larger than Central Park, and so much more diverse. Its quite diverse with museums, pond, windmill, flower conservatory, hippie Hill etc. You can easily spend an entire day discovering all the great things this park has to offer.

abdulkhadar sheby

Always have a lot to experience. Great place to walk around and burn some calories. Dahlia garden is hard to miss.

Debi Taylor

You could explore here for an entire year and still not cover everything. So much to do and see. Some parts are busy and full of tourists, but there are other hidden spots that are very peaceful and isolated. Best park in the world (and bigger than Central Park in New York)

Sue Wallace

So much to do! Checked out the botanical gardens. Lovely zen-like place.

Ron Collins

Such a wonderful Park. Definitely one of the many highlights to San Francisco. Their sheer size of the park is extraordinary and the Flora is breathtaking. Definitely a must-see. Parking is a major issue. Arrived early or later in the afternoons to Find Parking. Ron approved!

Marta S

Great beautiful park in San Francisco! Many activities to do here. We really enjoy bringing our bikes and going around the park!

LaRae Cook

Went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival and it was amazing! I saw so many people....not one incident occurred.... people packed their trash out....great time had by all!

Rami Najjar

Absolutely beautiful place to go for a stroll at any time of the day. My friend and I walked 7 miles through it in one day, and it was beautifully secluded and serene while also being right next to civilization. I absolutely plan to go for a stroll through it again.

L.Z. Tang

I love golden gate park. I've been exploring various areas over the past few months. If you're looking for somewhere to sit, the garden area between the museums is excellent. For a light walk I strongly recommend wandering through the memorial garden, or the ponds near the botanical gardens. For those more adventurous with a couple of hours,I would recommend boating or hiking the waterfall at Stow lake...there's plenty of parking and a little cafe. If you're very ambitious, enter at the museums, see the botanical gardens and lily pond, the gardens next to the conservatory, and walk through the grounds all the way to the Dutch windmills and then see the ocean.


Spacious, great looking and well maintained park. It is really big, like 5 or 6 km long and it goes all the way up to the pacific ocean. People hang out here, play lots of different sports and there are playgrounds for the kids.

Johanna Halaburda

Beautiful place to spend a day just walking around. Keep to the established trails as it's very easy to get lost.

Daniel White

An awesome place with tons to discover. Walking around this park is like exploring a video game with something new and interesting at every turn. Lots of locals and tourists.

Edmund Serrot

I love Golden gate Park, today I have great encounters with the wild animals that lives there, a beautiful blue magic bird, fairies, and gnomes. Is a great source of Mana in the middle of the city. Great to practice some green and blue spells.

Oscar Terrazas Jr

If you are in SF... Golden Gate Park is a MUST EXPERIENCE spot. Nothing bad to say outside of event and busy hours parking sucks. But otherwise it’s perfect place to zen out.

Sagnik Banerjee

Wonderful park. But its huge and has a lot to offer. So make sure you have time to visit all the places you intend to.

Alice K

I love this park, there are a lot of birds there, for example hummingbird. You can also find some butterflies. But i don't like there are traffic roads inside park. It literally destroyed atmospheric park. If there is more art exhibit would be nicer, or music performance. Flowers inside botanical garden is nice.

Cory Wasser

Great place to get pics of the bridge. On a clear day you can get a pic like the one below. It wasn't too crowded on a weekday and there are some nice little trails to walk to get a view of the bay. Not great for people who may have difficulty walking up steep stairs, but otherwise a magnificent spot to appreciate the Bridge.

Rico Suave

An amazing and beautiful park. Ran down to ocean beach. Words cant describe. Reminiscent of Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. I really love this place.

Michael Delehanty

Is there a more beautiful park on the west coast? Ok, is there a more beautiful park in the middle of a City on the west coast. Nope. This is the best. Bonus: dogs love it too.

Jonathan Carmichael

Love this place! It has the Japanese Tea Garden, the California museum of sciences with an albino alligator, the De Young art Museum with Vaughn and Monet exhibits, a bird pond, and a bison paddock among other things. I definitely recommend you visit if you get the chance!

Nathan Vogt

Really nice park in the middle of the city, it's several miles long, so you can definitely spend the better part of a day just walking and exploring here. The only bummer that I found was a lot of the things inside you have to pay to enter, like the botanical garden or the tea garden. I've never been to a botanical garden that wasn't free... And the tea garden is very small. Anyway the park was nice, kind of disappointed that so many of the actual attractions inside cost extra just to see them.

Christine Cassis

Beautiful park with much to do. From the museums to the gardens, even live roaming buffalo (yes, it’s true). Pro tip: visit on Sunday when a large portion of the park is closed to cars. Perfect for biking, running and kids.

alex mak

I love this park, there are a lot of birds there, for example hummingbird. You can also find some butterflies. But i don't like there are traffic roads inside park. It literally destroyed atmospheric park. If there is more art exhibit would be nicer, or music performance. Flowers inside botanical garden is nice.

James Hunt

Great spot to explore. Be sure you bring some comfortable shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Definitely a must visit when you come to San Francisco.

Margarita Dodatko

The park kind of reminds me of central park in new york city. It has everything, beach, lakes, ponds, fountains, bison, museums, a wonderful forest that smells like you are in Sierras and plenty of street parking which is free. I think free parking for a city is important. Rent a bike and go exploring or visit museum and gardens or the academy of sciences. A must place to visit, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore the park.

Jared Ramsauer

This is a can't miss San Francisco attraction. With multiple beautiful lakes, a plethora of vibrant wooded walking/binking trails, countless large grassy areas, archery, bison, and an amazing assortment of plants and animals calling the park home. In some parts it feels like you're a hundred miles away from the city. It's a great space to get some fresh air and clear your head. Would 100% recommend.

grace Donner

I lived 2 blocks from GGP for 58 yrs. , so what is my feelings about almost my own backyard? LOVED IT THEN and LOVE IT NOW & FOREVER. Glorius enjoyable and soothing to the soul.

Manon Klaassen

It's extremely large! Second biggest park in the us. It's amazing to walk through, the rose garden or even buy a ticket for the botanical garden. It's worth it, it's so big!

Doug Wombles

If you end up going there and it is fogged in, just wait an hour and explore the area. When we left our rental place to head here, it was clear and sunny. As we got closer, it started to fog up. By the time we got there, we could only …

Debbie Cranberryfries

Underground parking is helpful. Because it's so popular many places were very busy. The Japanese Tea Garden had a ten minute line just to get inside. Lots of variety of things to go look at.

Joseph Gier

Always a world class park I’m a native San Franciscan and very proud of our parks and our heritage. I think that the current curators, to their credit, have done a decent job preserving the greens. My only real criticism is that these attractions cost of admission have become economically unviable for many parents and families attractions that have for generations nourished young minds intellectually and emotionally.

Cher Chikatilo

Golden Gate Park use to be this childhood treasure of good times. Now it’s a desolate apocalypse of a park. It’s cool parks where enormous crowds of children are now plastic and almost derelict.

Craig Dibble

The history of this park and the transformation of this local area is fascinating. Learn the history and then tour the park to appreciate it even more. There are many things to do for all ages. It is very clean and well maintained. A wonderful place to spend a day with the family and friends

Elizabeth Reed

So many wonderful places within the park to visit, play, relax and admire. Had a great time.

hayley harper

This park is a must do if you like to spend a bit of time in nature but are city-bound on your holiday. Happy I walked instead of hiring a bike as the signage is a bit confusing and it looks like bikes mostly have to keep to the road throughout the park, meaning you’d miss most of the pretty paths and gardens.

Kimberly-Anne Jaco

This park has a little bit of everything. 1) you can enjoy just the park for exactly what it is 2) coffee stand or hot dog stand if you're so inclined 3) fountains & statues 4) museums. My favorite were the Japanese gardens and admission is free when you get there at opening

8 8

I visited stow lake. Here you can rent a row boat. Easily the second most relaxing section of the park. The first chill place in the park is the Aids memorial forest.

Samuel Brazier

Major construction on roads in 09/19 but still great to see. Worth crossing a couple of times to appreciate the bridge. Park to NE is scenic.

Richard Schagrin

An amazing park that is home to California Academy of Science, Steinhart Aquarium, the Japanese tea garden, De Young Museum, and the San Francisco Botanical gardens. Also lots of recreational facilities for tennis, baseball, soccer, polo, golf, and a riding stable.

Lucy Brooke

Only touched one small area of this vast park but it is beautiful. Lots to do for all ages.

Robert Ames

It is always great to visit vast green spaces in the middle of major cities. Golden Gate Park doesn't disappoint with unique attractions, in particular the Japanese Tea Garden is simply stunning. This is a place it would be easy to spend a full day, visiting the California Academy of Science and other museums. Well worth your time.

Manish Saraswat

Really nice place to spend your day out. It's huge, peaceful and has a lot of trees. You would a lot of places here in the park to click pictures. For kids, they have swings and other items to play with. The park has small ponds where you can feed ducks, albatross and other birds. You can reach here by car or public transport. I went by public transport. There are no markets inside the park so make sure to carry your food and water.

Marquis Ausby

Very beautiful park that has a spiritual vibe to it. There's a museum of the sciences. A must see if you're visiting San Francisco

George Heiler

This park makes for a full day. We walked across the entire park and found all sorts of neat places to relax and enjoy ourselves, which is nice in a city as big as SF. The little paddle boat rides on the stream are also a good time.

Eliana Quinet

The MOST gorgeous and exotic botanical gardens I have ever seen. Self guided through the lush forests of the world. You'll want to be sure your camera is fully charged!

Rushdan Majumder

An absolute must for any visitors. You can very well spend a day here visiting each part of the park. Safe as well!

Divyanshu Mahajan

After a Long flight and hardly any sleep, the first step of exploring US was at the Golden Gate park. The best start beautiful California was with amazing views, becoming one with nature. The serenity of the park was only increased with views of squirrels, ducks and weird birds. The park is well maintained and we went to the Botanic Gardens (pair entrance 8$). The rest of the park is free to roam and we even came across UCSF students who have documented the fauna and flora.

Joe Lee

The Hardly Strickly Bluegrass festival, held the first week of October, is one of the most compelling music venues one may ever visit. The park is the perfect backdrop for the karma obsessed crowd to enjoy an amazing free music weekend.

Ryanjed Dacio

Great Pokemon spawns. Would go again for a community day. Also its pretty I guess

Erin Reeve

Japanese Tea Garden, tulips, roses, art and science museums. What more could you ask for? Great walking and running paths and trails around lakes and waterfalls with shade and sun! I’ve seen roller bladers and dancers. Perfect for a weekend stroll or people watching.

Robert Ruhm

If you don't go through Golden Gate Park while in San Francisco you are seriously losing out. So much to see and all of it stunning. Rented a couple of Segways, not on a tour but on our own, and had a blast checking out the whole park and more.

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