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REVIEWS OF Cars Land IN California

Aydia EAston

Didn't know you could review this out of California Adventure, but this was definitely my favorite part. Lines are very long though. Happy to find they serve pickles. The big driving car ride is the best. My favorite RIDE of all time. Going speedy fast in a fake car and getting fake pulled over and going up and down in a hill is the BEST. This one you NEED a fast pass though.

Janine White

I truly like the attention to detail in this land, the characters are so cute and some of my favorites, however the main attraction breaks down constantly, the fast pass return time can be 8 hours away, I got one at 11 am one time and the return time was 10:30 pm. I love radiator racers, so I just keep trying. The land is cute for children, they will like it, arrive early.

Justin Sander

Wow, what an experience! If you want to get the feeling like you are in the movie Cars, come here. Walk down the main Street in Radiator Springs and visit all the sites. There are plenty of things to see and do. Make sure to get here early though as it is a popular place!

phil H

Cars Land was awesome, looks like the movie almost to a T. The town truly comes to life when the neon lights come on at night! The street light even blinks slower on the 3rd blink. Awesome experience and time spent!

Anna Kloots

By far one of the best things in all the Disney parks. Cars land is SO immersive and totally beautiful - day and night - so make sure to visit at both times! The cars ride around radiator springs and all the spots from the film come to life perfectly. Racers is the best ride in the park so don’t miss it!

Matthew Grajcar

Incredible replica of Radiator Springs from the Cars movies. Attention to detail is amazing. We were hoping more of the Cars characters would be around but we only saw Lightning McQueen one day and there was a long line of kids waiting to take a picture. My son kept asking where the characters were and I eventually had to tell him they were all on vacation. Each of the shops were very detailed inside and matched the vibe from the films but most were full of merchandise to buy and it felt overly commercialized. The rides we're OK, but my 3-year-old was too short to ride the race cars. He loved Mater's ride with the runaway tractors and we rode it twice along with my 1-year-old as well.

hector J

Loved this place, recently went and was totally blown away by the attention to detail. The radiator springs racers was one of the e top 3 rides i went on. Loved the cozy cone got the bacon Mac and cheese in a pretzel cone... Best thing EVER enjoyed this place so much definitely going back.

Michael Zolyniak

One of my favorite places in California Adventure.

Chethan Narayana Murthy

The movie experience comes alive when you walk through here. Feels so much like in the movie.

Michelle Krall

Pretty small and poor food selection but all and all pretty cool setup. Very much like the movies. Radiator sprints was legit. Def get the fast pass as the line gets crazy long... Even on days where most likes are sub 30... This was 1.5-2 hours without the fast pass.


Always so fun to ride, and you can always here the fun screams coming from the ride. It never gets old to ride on.


It was fast and fun!! I highly recommend the single rider line if everyone in your party can "ride alone." There were 2 of us and we got on the same car.

Koko Valadez

This place is awesome. If you e watched cars enough times you'll understand this place makes you feel as I'd your in the actual town from Cars, Radiator Springs. The rides can be great for the little ones although the main ride tthere is not for kids even though it is loaded for little ones, think 5 and under who've made you watch the movie 100 times in a month period.

Destiny Palma

Really fun!!! If you want the cars max pass you really gotta hurry because they sell out fast! It's super cute and very family friendly

Khaivien Thach

So much fun and immersive. The detail into making it look like films is incredible. The atmosphere and music playing are great. Radiator Springs Racers is one of the best rides in Disney California Adventure, great for everyone in the family. Flo's V8 has delicious fried chicken. Cozy Cone Motel has very tasty treats. Best of all, you get to meet the characters from Cars which is amazing!

Derrick Mangin

The details that were put into recreating Radiator Springs is absolutely stunning. They even have actual car versions of the characters that drive around and meet guests. If you really want to enjoy it, make sure you go by this area once the sun starts to go down and they might up all of the neon lights. The only downside is the wait for the Racers ride. Although it is a incredibly fun ride, I've never seen the wait be less than 2½ hours.

Jason Cortenbach

This place is super cool. It looks just like the movie! Flo's is a restaurant, Luigi's is a fun kid ride, Sarges shop is a store and then st the end of the road you have the cars racer ride. This is a lot of fun. It is a really modern ride that will amaze! Single rider option is available which speeds up the long lines!

Melissa A.

This place was something else! It was amazing! I was so blown away by the details and how life like everything looked. I honestly felt like I was an extra in the actual Cars movie! Thank you for making my 1st experience super special Disney!!!

Zach Hutchinson

I was very impressed with what Disney had put together here! It is a real life version of radiator springs and it is absolutely breathtaking! You and your family can feel like you are in the movie while you walk down Route 66 and grab a bite at "Flo's cafe" I highly recommend the hamburgers!

Lin Watchorn

I hated the cars movie but this ride is sooo fun! One of my all time favorites

Jon Miller

The only way to truly enjoy cars land is to wisely use fast passes. Kids love to visit cars land and to ride the rides, but there are no rides in the park worth standing in line for 120+ minutes. So if you go, get a fast pass.


Cars Land is so pretty at night! I mean it's nice during the day, but st night they turn on all the neon lights and the Radiator Springs Racers is so much more fun, at least in my opinion! Plus the single rider lane definitely helps out a lot for that particular ride :)

Matthew Tabor

The best attraction at DCA hands down. It actually feels like you've jumped into the cars movie and are visiting the actual radiator springs. My kids absolutely loved it. If you want to get on the radiator springs racers ride you absolutely have to get there first thing in the AM. We tried scheduling our fast pass at 8:00am and had to wait 3 hours, shortly after that they were out. Luckily we got in when we did.


Cars land is the highlight of Disney California Adventure. It has a great atmosphere and the cars ride is a great race experience. I recommend it. Looking forward to going back once marvel zone opens.

samuel Mata

Our experience was exceptional!!! My Wife got the fast passes for us and our daughters, we waited less than 10 minutes to get in and I can't say enough!!! My family loved it!!! One of our favorite rides!

Kirsten Neus

Cars Land is my favorite part of California Adventure! It’s exactly like in the movie! Down to every detail! It really feels like you’ve stepped into Radiator Springs and the movie has come to life. All three rides are really cute and I love how they decorate and change the rides for the holidays. It’s really fun to just walk around and explore or get something to eat at the V8 diner too!

Kim Kramer

So much fun. If you do the fast pass, either through the fast pass area or with the Max Pass on the Disneyland app, it definitely saves you a lot of waiting time. That's because this is a very popular ride. When we were there, the standby wait time was 60 minutes. However, with the fast pass, we only had to wait in line for about 10 minutes. The best part of the ride is when another car pulls up beside you and you have a race.

Valerie Vasquez

Lots of fun! Max pass is well worth it especially if you want to ride the Cars ride. The ride is worth the max pass alone since the line never got below 2 hrs.

Morgan Phillips

Not joking wait til sunset for us it was 530 and you'll hear that "life is a dream song" and all the lights will turn on and it's magical. So fun and charming but you can't do the main ride without a fast pass the line is 2 hours long on average. Definitely worth a fast pass use.

Connor Pseja

The stand-out area of California Adventure (as of 2019). It still doesn't entirely capture the immersion that Disneyland does, but it's a good time. Some of the best food and a really fun environment. I would highly recommend going at night- that's when the neon signs light up, the mountains glow red, and it becomes magical.

Steve Edholm

Flo's is great, love the tuna fish! Very little kid focused, without a fast pass or going single rider cars is too long of a wait still years after opening. I still like it as a single rider though

Ben Pehrson

The new cars land literally makes you feel like they have set you down in radiator springs from the cars movie. The cars ride is awesome, but the line is long and fast passes go fast so head over first thing and get your pass. The other rides are very little kid friendly, but still fun for the older kids.

Lauren Sigston

Cars is such a fun ride! It's like 2 rides in one (scenic ride & rollercoaster). I now understand why the ride-time lines are so long, so I recommend getting the Max Pass on your phone like we did.

David Glover

Get there early, the cars ride is popular and the lines get long quick, but its a great attraction, especially if you're a fan of the movie, or a fan of cartoons.....youll feel like youre in one.

Michael P

Best place for my son. Lovely decor

L Andresen

Line management is horrible! We have been standing in the "stand by" line for well over an hour. When we entered, they said the wait was 60 mins... only half way there! Time has increased from 60 to 80 minutes then to 135 minutes just …

Can Onat

It is an perfect recreation of the Radiator Springs. I really enjoyed my time here!

Jevon Webster

It would be great if it wasn't so crowded. People don't know where or how to walk with other people around. They are in their own little world.

Tyler De Jong

Such amazing attention to detail. Disney does it again

Mike Cheong

Cars Land was built very well, and a very good reproduction of what it looks like in the films. This was great for our kids, it did rain on 2 of the 4 days we visited the parks, so a bunch of the rides weren't open. It finally dried up in our last two days and we were able to ride all the rides. Luigi's roadsters, and Mater's junkyard have no height restrictions, so great for toddlers. Flo's V8 Cafe is a good spot for lunch, or dinner. Lightning McQueen, Mater, and a couple of other cars come out quite frequently for photos in front of the Cozy Cone Hotel.


One of the best lands Disney has made. Incredible immersion, theming, and E ticket ride.

Gene Kim

amazing, like stepping foot into the movie. Love getting food/ snacks at the Cozy Cone too.

Christian Rodriguez

Nice place to enjoy a good vacation with the kids

Diana McDonald

We had fun walking around the realistic replica of Radiator Springs. They have a lot of fun rides and place to eat at or buy souvenirs. This is a must see if you're in California Adventure!

Mike Reynolds

Beautiful at night and is a solid recreation of Radiator Springs. Get a Fastpass or go in the Single-Rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. The regular line for that ride can have wait times bordering on 2 hours even on non-peak crowd days.

Candace Carteen

This was the first time that I had ever been to Cars Land. I'd seen the movies, I did enjoyed the characters, but I'd never walked down the streets where they lived. This is such an amazing replication of the movie and where all of these amazing car characters live. I got a close-up picture of almost every single one of them. They were coming out of their garages, or tire shops or sitting in front of an eatery. It was fun to hear Mater talk in full sized Glory. I also had an experience that I have never had before. I ended up being part of a synchronized car dance. Thanks, these beautiful design ed cars come on the dance floor and did a whole bunch of movements and then came together to do a synchronized dance routine that ended with the car that I was in doing a spin. You'll have to go and check it out! Cars Land makes talking the cars seem normal. If you enjoyed reading my review please LIKE below, and, as always, have an amazing life!

Megan Foote

My absolute favorite part of the park! Both of our children really enjoyed Radiator Springs Racers this time and I love hanging out in Cars Land and just soaking up all of the beautiful lights at night. They did such a wonderful job creating this park and I really think it captures the spirit of the movie.

Vera Foster

We were very impressed by California Adventure. We have visited several attractions throughout the country and this was impressive. We greatly enjoyed the Cars exhibit. It looked just like Radiator Springs. Bugs Life and the Tower of Terror were the same as Disney in Orlando. We enjoyed the boardwalk and the arcade. The food was very good especially the Italian restaurant. My son especially enjoyed the Giradelli ice cream shop. It was the best $12 sundae ever!

Joseph Soriano

You straight up feel like you're in the movie.

Cerulean Fish

Really had a special holiday visit to California Adventure. Cars Land is unique to walk through at night. Look at the subtle cars themed holiday decorations. The path from Pacific Wharf eateries past Radiator Springs Racers and Flo's V8 Cafe is surprisingly quieter and calm. From Cross Street north east on Rte66 the decorations are really special.

Jenica Schulz

One of the most magical additions to Disney Parks. Make sure you make a visit there in the day and at night. The daytime to enjoy the landscapes and waterfall, the night time to experience a full recreation of the film! The neon lights and music help you feel like you've walked onto the screen come to life!

Lyn B

Decorated for Christmas is so neat. They don't miss any details. I loved walking down the street looking at all the well thought out lights and decor. We love meeting up with the Cars characters as well.

Chris Elam

Great experience. So much to do and see. As of right now there's about 7,000 reviews so let me just say this. This was the first location that I felt like I was actually IN the movie. They designed this park to look exactly like radiator springs. Down to the new pavement lining main street. It's one of my favorite places in the park. It also has the best ride in California Adventure.

April Martinez

Radiator Springs Racers was SO much fun but we waiting in line for almost 2 hours. I definitely will never ride that ride again without a fast pass!

Rowdy Hall

Oh man, we could ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree over and over and a hundred times in a row. We love that ride so much. All of Cars Land is great. I don't know what they can come up with to make it better, but I know they will. These Imagineers are unstoppable.

yuri salmeron

The land is great, a must for first timers. Get your fast pass to the racers early, Parents swap is also a great option. Food is great, flos cafe, reasonable.


The line is sooooo long for the cars ride so definitely get fast pass or single rider

Lars Marius Engebrethsen

Just like the movie. The main ride is so fun and can go single rider to get more rides in.

Jeff Stilwell

Luigi has the best prices and inventory of white the new look!

Robert Johnson

Our family of 5 had a 5 day park hopper ticket and spent 2 of these days at California Adventure Park. With more roller coasters and 'scary' rides than Disneyland it was a different experience that everyone loved. We had booked the meal package for 'World of Colour' in advance and are glad we did as we had a great view of a fabulous show. Make sure you pay for these tickets.


Cars land is a wonderfully thought out place that is a must do when we come to California Adventure. The main attraction, Radiator Springs Racers, is a blast. It is very popular so expect to wait a while otherwise invest in a fast pass to avoid standing for very long. Flo's Diner is also fun and has good food. I highly recommend visiting at night in order to see how Cars Land comes to life.

Zack Zucker

Smaller than I expected, but lots of fun. Attenti6 to detail is outstanding

Heather Fischer

This new little land is fun for all ages. Get the fast past for the Radiator Springs ride first thing when you get there or it's a 2 hour wait usually. Great ride though.

Derek Jeffries

A very witty and enjoyable experience. The area is much more spacious than other parts of either park, and I like that you don't feel so crowded. Some of the rides here are certainly not worth waiting in line, and the good rides have way too long of lines, but in general, this part of the park is pretty enjoyable overall.

Aron Weiler

Really fun! Nice variety of food and shops, as well. Warning: It's EXTREMELY hard to get fast passes for the cars ride (radiator springs racers), though, so make sure you get into the park early to reserve them. Otherwise you're looking at a wait of 2 hours on average for the standby line.

Jessie McFarlane

A great addition to the park, but so busy!!

Dakota Pearce

Very fun land, be ready for a long wait for the racecar ride though. Advise fast passes or single person ride

Sam Allen

This place has so much fun. There is a lot more to do here than you would expect. There's always great food and drinks here that's one of my favorite aspects. Awesome rides and experiences to have here

Mandy Kirby

Get a fast pass as soon as you can. This line is looonnngggg. Fun once you get there though

Jess Colopy

How can a place make you simultaneously wish you could stay forever, while also make you want to run home and cuddle up with a Disney film? Not sure, but Cars Land does. I’ve never had interest in Cars, so I thought I’d pass over this land quickly to ride “Disneyland’s Test Track” as I thought of it, but the theming, music, rides, food... everything here just works so well. You forget you’re in Disneyland.

Haseebullah Taufiq

It is always busy and in the morning is more easy to get but afternoon’s is too busy one hour is for sure to wait and after that is depend on your luck.

b de

More for boys then the little girls. Overall the place is laid out to move people towards the cars race track.

Samuel Arbizo

My son's favorite Disney movie is the cars franchise. So many be seen the movies way more than any adult should see a Disney movie. But honestly the cars land really blew me away. It's truly like being in the movie. The town layout is just like the movies. I got to do the early morning walk through the park when we stayed in the Grand hotel, and in the early morning sunrise, it was really quite beautiful.

John Walton

Cars land is always great. The only complaint you could find it waiting for its main attraction, but the area has so much more to offer! I went to Flo's and the food was great and well priced. I was at the park with a group of friends with various dietary restrictions that were well cared for. We all had a wonderful experience.

sara lee

Funky cone food, but kids like it that way. Cars land is one of the busiest and slowest lines. Buy a Max pass.

211 MOB

This was heaven for my kids. This was a great experience and felt like we were in the movie with all the attention to detail that was put into this place.

Candice Wright

Highly recommend stopping by Radiator Springs Racers and riding as a single rider! Much less of a wait! Definitely stop by in the evening when all of the neon has been turned on, it truly feels like you are in the movie as your walking down "route 66"

Traci Fix

I love all things Disney

Rei Q

Pretty small area that focuses on the Cars theme. Can't remember all the attraction names, but the racing one around the canyon is definitely a fan favourite. There's a casual children's ride across the way with dancing Italian music & an automated McQueen mascot that has to be monitored through the area.

Mystie Rose

Awesome ride! A must do when you're in Disneyland

Tornado Tim

I told my wife I didn't think it would be that much fun to go to this part, well I was wrong. So much fun, and you have to ride the cars. If your kids love Mater or Lightning McQueen, they will go crazy here. We ate lunch at Flo's, I love how the movie comes to life at this part of the park. Must see even for adults, really.

Dean Fryer

Really had a great time line was way to long . Silly rides like mater's was super fun. Alcohol can be found if you look hard enough.

Kevin Mullett

Such a cool area! This place looks exactly like the movie! It's hard not to get caught up in it

Witte Fam

Really fun. Loved the details in the theming and it had our favorite ride in the park as well as a couple of other rides that were great for all ages.

Trisha Morriston

Great place to visit you favorite character from the Cars Movie. A must enjoy area for the family.

Rondal Winton

Cars ride is a must! Originally thought it would have been something made for kids but like the movie it was fun for all ages. Stepping into radiator springs really set the mood and was amazing to see the town from the movie


A perfect recreation of the film I grew up watching, seeing the rockwork in the background as the enter is one the most impressive moments I had in a theme park.

Felecia Swanson

Great ride!! If done at dusk it really does feel like your crusing in the car. Lines can be long but still worth it. Loved the race at the end.

Yanira Martinez

There are only 2 rides in Cars Land... The wait time for us was nearly 3 hours! The rides were fun but most of this part of the park is shopping and items to eat. My child is a fan of these characters... So we always have to stop here.

Matthew Maduli

Really fun. i reccomend going on the Radiator Springs Racers ride first because it is the longest wait. Right from opening, it can go into a half hour wait.

Ron Cordes

Fun ride. Usually one of longest lines so get fast pass

Matthew Markoski

Disney did a really good job creating this land. The details make you feel like it's a different land and no longer in anaheim, ca. Almost all the rides are great and you can even meet and dance with some of your favorite car characters!

Laura Velvick

The 2019 food and wine festival was a pretty cool event. We bought the sip and savor pass for $50 and got 8 tabs which is any 8 items at the F&W carts (non alcoholic). Some of the best food for the tab is a hidden away area by goofy' s sky coaster.

Renee Bertola

My kids loved the Mater ride and the Cars Ride

talia landis

This place is awesome in so many ways, and has one of the best theme park rides of the park.


I dont come to Disneyland since its overly expensive , long lines and sometimes just rude people, HOWEVER The Woody Show had their takeover event and Disney closed down California Adventure to the public and only people who won tickets were attending and I was one of the lucky winners. The lines were under 15 minutes and boy was it fun. This is one of the only times I enjoyed Disney and would go again only if an event like this happens again. As a regular normal day I wouldn't go but as an event definitely.

Noelle Pike

So much fun! So many memories to make!

Wesley Davenport

One of the best themed, immersive lands in Disney Parks history. The rich, highly detailed environment is whimiscal and transports you to another world.

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