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Angela Bliss

BEST STUDIO TOUR! This tour takes you around the Warner Bros Lot in a small golf buggy. Small groups. Individual Tour guides. Places that are featured on the tour depends on availability. The tour "ends" at a great exhibition featuring the Freinds Central Perk Set and Big Bang Theory Set. Plus gift shop!

Chip Zepp

Exceeded our expectations. Approximately 2 hour tour even entertained my sixteen year old son (who wasn't particularly into any of the movies or TV shows highlighted on the tour.

Patrick Rich

WORST Animation Subsidiary that causing the old School Junk that we don't need anymore. We are into more important goods these days. So Nelvana must take over Warner Brothers animation and get rid of the old school junk.

Nour Saad

I was hesitant about going on this tour at first, but so glad I did. It was a one of a kind experience with tour guide Courtney. Her knowledge, excitement, and friendliness made the tour even more worthy. We had enough time to take pictures and enjoy every moment, see props used on set, lots of areas were Gilmore girls was filmed, friends set with the actual couch from central perk and ofcourse coffee and Central Perk cafe. Truly changed my view on the film industry and all the hard work that is put into creating them is phenomenal.

Hubert Jurjewicz PhD PsyD

This is a well run and really enjoyable tour. You get a behind the scenes view of how movies get made. The tour goes to a sound stage, through a prop room, around extensive sets (New York, a jungle etc.) and also see Batman cars and Harry Potter paraphernalia. Our tour guide wasn't super talkative but did a decent job. A highlight was taking a picture of my family on the Friends' set. Highly recommended.

Ben Wellington

In the intro video to the tour they use footage from a movie that they never released! Claiming you have a great legacy while proving without a doubt that you do not is extreme hypocrisy. Don't support a movie studio who don't respect their directors! 3 shots from the Justice League we never got to see?! You've got to be kidding me!!!

Hoai Song Nguyen

It was a decent tour and our tour guide was good, but overpriced for what you get to see. I enjoyed the Archives with the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Harry Potter movie costumes as well as the Batmobiles. You also see the set of Fuller House. However, that’s pretty much it. For $69/person and $15 parking, it seems a little outrageous. You don’t get enough time to read any of the plaques about the details of the movies. They rush you to get out of there for the next tour group so you don’t even get 10 minutes with what you paid to see.

David Donvito

Was really looking forward to this tour but I have to say it was pretty disappointing. We were a large group of 10 and everybody in the group felt the same. Our tour guide was not good at all and we had an extremely difficult time understanding her. She spoke way too fast and just didn’t have the enthusiastic personality that you would expect from a tour guide. Also just felt like the tour didn’t have a ton of facts about history all they talked about was Gilmore Girls and Bing Bang theory. For a studio that has been around for 60+ years you would think there would be more movies or classic tv shows that were discussed . At $60 this tour was not inexpensive and just felt that tour could have been better.

Rebeca Polo

Loved this tour, and our tour guide Boston was super fun and knowledgeable. Really worthy, would do it again!

Brittany Ordonez

Learning about movie production and the work involved was eye opening. The costumes and sets from the more recent movies and television shows were impressive, however I was caught off guard from the wave of warm nostalgia that I experienced from seeing the memorabilia of the classics. Warner Brothers has been making quality movies for a long time. I think it is a must see for anyone visiting the area.

David Green

Very informative and educational tour. Unlike Universal Studios, you are able to get out of the tour cart and wander the sets at least 3-4 times. Not a lot of food choices in the area, so it's best to eat prior to your tour. There are coffee shops at the start and end of the you at least stay caffienated. Overall a very enjoyable tour of the past and present movie and television studio.

Nami Hathu

GO TO THE PARAMOUNT STUDIOS TOUR. The Warner bros tour it is not worth the money to be honest. The tour guide didn't do the whole 2 hours tour, rushed through EVERYTHING. Could not enjoy nothing from the tour it' s just watch and go. Miranda was the name of the guide. She was not entertaining at all. Again, she was rushing through everything not even giving time to get pictures. We got to enter one stage sound, we literally sat for like 3 minutes on the audience chairs and another tour group came in and we left. 3 minutes guys. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED I ve been to the paramounts studios tour it was cheaper and WAAAAY Better! You can actually go inside the sound stages and walk around (when they re not filming) the guide it's more involving and funny.

Hrishikesh Sinkar

Definitely an experience for movie and tv buffs. Interesting to understand the mechanics of movie shoots.

issan rodriguez

If you LOVE movies!! (which I Do), and you LOVE Warner Bros Productions (which I also Do) then the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a Fantastic way to get a peek behind the scenes at how all the magic happens!! I had never taken the studio tour before, but I loved it! Drew was my tour guide and he did a great job explaining every set that we saw and giving our group as much detailed information as we could take in. The Warner Bros. Studio is a huge enterprise with multiple sound stages and outdoor sets. We drove around sound stages, walked through outdoor sets and even visited movie exhibitions on the lot. The 2 and a half hour tour gave a glimpse into the world of movie making and how many amazing productions have been created by Warner Bros. and on their lot. I had a wonderful time on my visit there and You will too!! Go take a tour!!!

Jason Cornewell

It ALL depends on your tour guide. Ours was pretty personal and made an interesting tour. Also, it is not 3 hours. Its 1.5-2.0 hours and then they drop you off at a self guided tour aka gift shop with some props. I'd tell you to see it.

Swapnil Gawde

Amazing! Especially if you are fan of Batman and other DC characters, TV shows like FRIENDS, Two and Half Men, Ellen etc.

melody mooney

Love this WB Studios Tour! Being on the studio lot feels like being a part of the creative family. Seeing not only the costumes but the sets and props that are both in use and retired from so many favorite movies was a real treat.

Kal L

We loved our first time at Warner Brothers Studios. Viv was the bomb, she was definitely one the highlights of our trip. Would love to come back and visit. The tour was awesome!

Timur Gapurov

Very enjoyable and well conducted tour, interesting and conducted by a very knowledgeable guide. Really worth it if other like the movies. Four stars not five because the check-in was a bit chaotic and you could tell that the check in area was designed for a much smaller number of people.

Gadson Woodard

Beautiful. I got some great shots, it was soooo fun.

Joseph Pecora

I like TV and movies. This was great. Walked through the set for "Lethal Weapon", a TV show in production at the time. Learned a lot about movie making, saw a lot of cool things.

Andy Schofield

Really an outstanding trip and made it fell like we had actually seem something of the real Hollywood. The tour starts with an intro film which is then followed by a back lot tour where groups of 14 are taken on a tailored tour to many of the stages and permanent sites used in so many famous film and TV shows. They also take you to view some memorabilia from DC movies and Harry Potter as well as to view a number of batman vehicles from across all of the movies. Finally an interactive museum experience and may more photo opportunities. Truly a highlight of our visit to the area. We look forward to visiting again next time.

Guillermo Fernandez

Awesome tour, getting to see where they filmed so many movies! You also get to see live studios like Big Bang Theory's and old classic ones like Friend's, were you get to sit on the cafés sofa. There are also a few great exhibitions like Harry Potter's or the one with all Batman's cars - a dream! For sure the best studio I've visited in LA.


This tour was pretty exciting and awesome! Definitely wish we could have seen more of the set houses, it seemed like we didn’t get around to some of them. It’s awesome how this tour includes costumes, props, many sets and a studio! Definitely wish we saw more indoor studios. We saw one. Our tour guide, Jessica, was pretty funny and was able to answer many questions. Was a really fun time overall!

Cesar Cantu

Bibi was an awesome tour guide! My kiddo (11 year old girl) and I managed to make it just in time for the last tour of the day (09/06/2019) and were set up with Bibi as our tour guide. We got lucky and ended up in a group of four. I almost didn't do the tour because of some of the reviews saying it wasn't worth it but it definitely was! We got to tour the back lot, which is where they film outside scenes. You end up learning how much you missed in a lot of movies and shows that you've seen. Bibi was full of information, my kiddo had a lot of questions and she answered everything really well. The few things she might not have known she didn't try to fake and it ended up in really good conversation, super genuine. We also toured an actual set, in our case for the show "All American," the prop warehouse, and a few other buildings. All in all it was definitely worth the money. The self guided portion at the end was pretty cool too. Don't hesitate to do it, probably one of the best things we did, definitely better than Universal Studios as a whole.

Hansel Wu

A great establishment. Staff was very friendly and personable, and our tour guide was knowledgeable and welcoming. Nice to see all the behind the scenes stuff! This comes included in most LA tour passes (LA Go Card for example) and is well worth the price of admission. Plus, you might get to see someone famous as you’re driving along the lot :). Am a huge LOTR fan, so it was amazing to see some of the behind the scenes stuff and some of the educational pieces as they describe to you how the movies are made (and how they made the Hobbits look so small!).

Anton Milardovic

We had a great tour! Except for not being prepared to spend a lot of time outdoors (bring a jacket regardless of what the weather forecast says). Had a knowledgeable tour guide, got to see some really cool sets, here some great stories about the lots and personnel attached to WB. Definitely would recommend. Parking is simple, uncomplicated.


Visited a couple of months back and had an unpleasant experience with one of the tour guides. The tour started off on a bad note once Olivia the tour guide made sure everyone was included besides my sister and I. We wanted to ask if we could be switched to a different person but didn’t want to interrupt the tour. I am tempted to go back and maybe get a different experience but don’t want to risk it .

tammy smith

My dreams came true! Great tour! Warner bros studio, it would be so great to have a walking tour through STARS HOLLOW. Us Gilmore girls fans would pay anything to spend more time there!

Rebecca Warnock

Had a great afternoon touring the Hollywood studios. Our tour guide was fantastic, asking us lots of questions along the tour. If you visit on the weekend you can park on the residential streets free of charge, which made the visit even better for us. We were able to get the SOCAL discount which was great, as it is a bit expensive.

Ann Magdziasz

I really want to give it a better review since I really appreciate the ability to access and see the items from movies and shows current and past. However, when you don't even have enough time to snap a picture of the items you like (not all of them, just select ones) before being scuttled along like cattle, it makes the price you pay for the tour not worth it. Forget even having time to read the signs accompanying the artifacts.

minakshi maithani

Had a great time.. we get to see Harry potter original stuff form movie.. aquaman and wonder women stuff also from original movie... Besides the tour guide took us to famous TV series and movie shooting location ( ex. Friends, big bang theory, Gilmore girls etc.) At the end we saw original friends set and took picture on the family couch from central perk. Totally cool. And ya..batman Mobil...was awesome

Annie Glasco

Tour guide Kelly was the best. Absolutely outstanding. We still talk about how much we miss her to this day. I would highly recommend taking your family to Warner Bros to see Kelly! P.S. her high fives are the best in all of LA!!!

Nathan Tift

Not worth the price. You see a few sets but nothing all that interesting. Might be a little more fun for fans of Big little Lies, Gilmore Girls, Friends or Batman. Otherwise I’d go to a studio that has more interactive experiences.

mahesh mahipathi

Loved this tour.Had a great time.. we get to see Harry potter original stuff form movie.. aquaman and wonder women stuff also from original movie...witnessed actual outfits from Aquaman and Harry Potter movies. Our tour guide was excellent. Witty and very entertaining along the way. We got out a few times and walked the sets, saw the thousands of props that are often borrowed by other movie studios . Worth it for us and already recommended.

Cindy Gaddis

We were definitely disappointed. We paid over $430 for 7 people. On the website it lists several shows and that we could possibly tour the sets. We did not get to view any of the sets. Only the friends cafe and couch. We basically drove around and saw buildings. It was not worth the money and very disappointing. Cindy Madison, WI

Sheri Cain

Our tour was amazing. My family had a great time!

Imani Scott

Okay so to preface everything I’m about to say. I went on my first full day in LA and I didn’t really know what to expect. I am a huge DC, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes & Pretty Little Liars fan so you could say I was excited going in. This was my first studio tour ever so I was ready. The safe was great from the beginning. Really friendly, very fun and most importantly they were funny. But my favorite would have to be our tour guide Paula V. We was funny, sassy, honest & just outright awesome. By the end of the tour I really wanted her to be my friend because she was just so great. She did a really good job of showing us everything we wanted and making it fun. I mean she just set the bar so high so all tour guides to follow. It was a great experience.

shakira salaj

Best experience in LA. My tour guide Amanda was really engaging and she was passionate about sharing different things about the studio. I would definitely like to see more sets even if I don’t get to take pictures. It’s a wonderful experience and so thankful that she was amazing the entire Time. The Batman automobiles were the most interesting vehicles I ever seen wish we could See the inside. I love Ellen just to be in her studio was a dream come true.

Margaret Bryant

We went on holiday to Miami and decided to book a return flight to Los Angeles during our holiday. Was only in Hollywood for 1 night so we crammed in as much as possible. Decided to purchase a Go LA City Card and we chose to visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. | Such a great day, getting to see all the sets/props from movies and tv shows. Only disappointment, we really wanted to go to the Ellen stage to get a picture but this wasn't offered as part of the tour. - Going to visit the London Warner Bros. Next time.

Luis Valencia

Took my son visiting from NY on the tour today. It was a fun small tour. Wasn't overly crowded and we got to see inside the prop house and the Ellen show stage. It's so interesting how long the studio has been around and some of the original building are still there. DC movies were the best to see. Nothing from BvS or Justice League this time around. Maybe next time. Thanks to our tour guide Paul. Great guy and knows his stuff.


I'm sure the experience is dependent on who you have as your guide we were on the last leg of our vacation and had some time to kill. Candy was great and made the experience very enjoyable.

Lizette Avila

So worth it! We got to see the sets and filming lots to many of our fave shows!! However, if you want to take a photo in the Friends set you have to get it taken by their staff. They only allowed one personal phone photo and only one phone per group. You can buy the photo they take of you for $25. I really wish we could have roamed the set freely and taken several pictures. Logan was our tour guide and he was amazing!

Frank Fillols

Disappointing! very over priced and neither worth the money nor the time. Moreover, for just one picture in some of the famous sets (Big Bang Theory, Friends...), not the original but made for the tourists, they charge 25$. The guy shooting the camera said that we could not take pictures ourselves with our mobile phones... but other participants did it... good for them.

Travel Wanderer

We took this tour last week and our tour guide is Andrew. What a incredible tour it was. A must see attraction in LA. Our tour guide is wonderful and provided so much information for various studios. We will visit this studio if we visit again. Please note that this tour is not for kids below 8. They have tour share option if you have 8 hour old and they will explain. My 8 years old really disappointment that she is not able to come with us.

Roger Paredes

My wife and I had a truly amazing experience here. Not only the tour was comprehensive and interesting, but the customer service experience was on point till the very end. I actually lost my wedding ring and the way this was handled by the Warner Bros studio tour staff, specifically Elliot and Mandy, was just incredible. We were so grateful, they were so helpful, and ended up finding the ring in no time. Our overall experience here was just amazing. Thank you Warner Bros Studio Tour!!!

Candace Elenez

We were visiting LA for the first time and had to check this off our bucket list and it was definitely worth it! We did the first tour of the morning, which was a good idea to beat the August heat. The staff was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Our guide asked everyone's favorite show so they could make sure to hit all the show's fun facts throughout the tour. The Harry Potter experience was cool to see props and costumes up close. The highlight for me was getting a picture on the FRIENDS couch! Great tour for TV and movies lovers!

Kim Poulsen

A bit overpriced but still interesting to see the Friends stage and Central Perk and the Batmobiles. A cool souvenirshop as well


My family had a super fun time on the tour! The tour itself is about 2 hours long and then you can explore a little interactive museum at the end where you learn more about the filming process, can take pictures in some old TV show sets and buy them at ridiculously expensive prices, etc. While I loved the entire tour, I do wish it went on a little longer. We were rushed through the DC/Harry Potter area so quick I really didn't get to see anything, and all the different groups were crowding so close together I couldn't hear my own guide. I could've easily spent 30+ minutes in that place but we were rushed through in 15 minutes. Same for the batmobile section, which was amazing to see, but we were only given 3-5 minutes to look around a warehouse with about 10 batmobiles in it. Tl;Dr you should go because you'll have a lot of fun, but Warner Bros needs to give you more time in some of the places.

Katsy Pozo

John C. Was the best tour guide. His corny jokes and his personality were the best highlight other than the tour itself

Eddie San

Employee at guest services was so rude to us. We weren't expecting VIP treatment but she basically ignored us standing at the counter for awhile. Another employee was sitting there doing who knows what and when we asked if she could help us, she tells us she can't and we have to wait for the other employee who was acting like she was moving cattle. It was so disorganized. When she finally came up to help us, she was so rude and condescending. So yah I started my tour in a bad mood already. Then came the best part, was walking to the tour cart and lucky us, my wife and I got separated because the carts can only seat three in a row and we were last walking out of the theater room (wasn't our choice, just the way they sorted us in aisles. So I got to sit at the back of this cart while my wife was up front on the other side. Was further annoyed I couldn't enjoy the ride with my wife. The guide himself was knowledgeable but if I wasn't in such a bad mood at this point I may have enjoyed it. Given the cost, the rude guest services employee and no guarantee you get to sit with your party... I'm giving this 1 star.

Sana Hyder

Warner Bros Studio Tour We took LA Go Card which included the Warner bros studio tour. We were greeted by the staff and were allocated different groups for the tour. Following are few main points that you should keep in mind while taking this tour: - Don’t expect too much. Everything was shown or explained verbally by the tour guide as we went around the studio on the golf carts. - It’ll be hot in July, so carry a lot of sunscreen and cap, to stay cool. - The live sets of FRIENDS & Big Bang Theory was my personal favorite. You can take your cameras/phones and the staff will help you with the pictures too, so no need to worry about rush/crowd. - There are other attractions too - live size costumes of Harry Potter, Aqua-man & all of Batman’s automobiles!! - Try going for this tour on a weekday, you might get lucky and witness some on ground shooting of your favorite shows! - The staff at every point takes professional pictures too, which you can get printed at the end of the tour for 25$ - which i think was a bit over priced, considering we got the same (and even better) pictures from our phones too so

Cheryl Yan

The tour experience went beyond my expectation! It covered all aspects of an production. The tour guide Daniel T was so fun & informative. I had a great time there!

C Brown

I was disappointed with our visit today, from the start everything seemed very disorganised. As the website states the tour is 3 hours long, we went for the 10.30am booking and the tour finished at 12.10pm, so not even 2 hours.. Our guide was nice and always welcomed questions, however it felt rushed, he kept saying 'the quicker we walk around this, the more I can show you later on'. Won't be visiting again, I'm gutted as it's so expensive for what you actually get, also if you're not an avid watcher of Full House, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls and ER then I would definitely not recommend.

Tawnee Calhoun

Loved this tour. My favorite part was getting to see the Harry Potter props and the prop shop in general. Our tour guide was Curtis, and he did a great job explaining everything and providing a lot of information.


I grew up hanging for this tour. It's relatively polished and a bit of thought into it but considering the deep, rich history of Warner Bros - it disappointed me in how it's run. If you like Harry Potter or DC then this is for you. If you like the say 50,000 other WB productions of TV and Film from the studio then you get dribs and drabs. Our tour guide was peppy (they all are) but her knowledge was a bit off and she made a lot of mistakes throughout with her trivia and info. I assume she thinks everyone is dumb enough to just listen to everything and take her word as credibility. It was nice to do the outside tour although she missed certain parts which are advertised and also other tour groups were going to it so you get a mixed match of venues and locations. That costume section is woefully underwhelming as it's focused only again on DC and Harry Potter. Yawn. The set visit was exciting but we went to Lethal Weapon a show which I said to our tour guide was about to be cancelled and she had no clue about the show so it seemed like a tick off a box rather than something memorable. We also couldn't walk around the stages like Sony allows which was disappointing. I really wanted to see all the plaques at each studio stage but instead we all heard about DC...DC...DC...DC... The last section is cool to an extent but our tour guide promised things that couldn't happen like holding an Oscar etc. The gift shop was good though. It was definitely worth it but I left disappointed and in no hurry to come back. Again they should have 2 types of tours - one for the tourists who just want a standard no-frills tour and one for those who want some industry inside Hollywood. When I had more info than our tour guide it leaves a bit of an underwhelming feeling.

Jericah Gallardo

Got there earlier and asked for a earlier tour, they were super nice about it and got us in quick, the only problem was most of the things I saw being advertised we didn’t get to see or stop at, they removed a lot of what I came there to see which made my the tour a little sad. They didn’t even having anyone doing the sorting hat when I got there and that was the main reason why I bought my tickets was for the Harry Potter exhibit :/ Our tour guide Kyle was great though he was funny and friendly and patient to anyone asking questions, knew a lot of knowledge about the movies too! He made the trip better to say the lease, props to Kyle! Just wish they can say what’s not being no longer at the backlot next time

Bertha Bellacanzone

Hemos tomado este Tour en 4 ocasiones es increibleeeeeee...we take this tour 4 times before the last time the guide was a young boy Zeb was amazing . The guides knowd all about the movies and the tv shows many secrets to discover , and we learn a lot of they...we love and like to visit the warner bros. Studio tour its an unique experience we give you 10 plus,

Reem K

I would highly recommend going on this tour! If you love, and have watched, a lot of movies and tv shows this is a really great tour. They show you the locations of where so many classic and new movies/shows are filmed, along with the outside of iconic places such as the friends studio, the big bang theory studio, ellen degeneres's office, and many more. Before going on the tour we had time to kill, so we tried the food in the restaurant located in the same building where the tour begins, and it is very decent, you get so much food for the price you pay, and was delicious as well! Once the tour ended, we were dropped off at central perk cafe look-alike and tried a coffee there as well, again, was delicious!

Stephen Lee

Was so looking forward to this after going to the universal studio tour years ago...What a disappointment this was!! The guide starts off by saying this will be your best chance to take a pic of the water tower as she buzzes by it..75 % of the tour was walking your through a room with aquaman and wonder woman costumes. you go by a few old buildings (you can see in any small town) Save your 74.00 in general the tour sucked! The facility has interesting potential but they do not show you the good parts.

Jason McConnaughy

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I took Bobs tour by recommendation of a friend. During our tour, we stopped in front of a famous house where a very well known actor of a recurring sitcoms was sitting on the steps. Bob proceeded to say his name loudly. You could tell the actor was trying to be discreet, wanting privacy and when the actor would not acknowledge our tour guide, Bob hopped out of the vehicle. Bob then began dancing and singing near him to draw attention. The actor looked mortified even holding his hand in front of his face and I thought it was completely disrespectful. At the end of our tour Bob then asked in English and Spanish that is a must to tip your tour guide. My husband and I declined due to his antics and Bob let us know he was upset. It’s safe to say we will ask for anyone other than Bob on our next trip to Los Angeles. The tour scenario in itself was great! The tour guide not so much! We do give 4 ⭐️’s to actual visual of all we experienced with from our favorite movies to tv shows. As far as Bob unfortunately we give zero ⭐️’s for his unprofesionalism.

Chris Bryant

Had a GREAT experience on the backlot tour, seeing the studios, costumes and vehicles used in film. Our guide was super friendly and knowledgeable, and we covered a lot of ground. Bonus: We drove passed Christopher Nolan on the lot, which was pretty cool. =D I plan on taking the tour again the next time I'm in LA! I feel like it can be a difference experience each time.

Brenda Fargo

It was awesome!! Our tour guide was Logan and he was absolutely fantastic. Loved everything! Highly recommended.

Eun Gil Cho

If I can choose only one studio tour, I will take this one without a question. Paramount, Universal are good one and yet Warner is the best one. If you visit this place, you will see most of the same stages from another studios coverd. Highly recommeded!!

Tianna Nordeng

This was the best tour I've ever taken! The tour guide, Bob, was beyond amazing! He took the time to find out what we wanted to see and all of our names. He was very knowledgeable and even funnier! He acted out scenes for us and was full of energy! He made sure we got all the pictures we wanted and even took a bunch of us. He was beyond amazing and so was the tour!

Luke Nickman

As an avid movie lover, this tour was amazing! I got to see so many props and sets, old and new. I couldn’t believe it!

Grégoire Liglet

Great tour, loved the fun facts and little stories behind every stops: fake bus stops, the jungle path where the T-Rex ran after the Jeep in Jurassic Park, the fire escape from the upside down kiss scene in Spider-Man ... This tour is very well organized and will take you around the sound stages, movie sets, a couple of museums (Batman, Harry Potter, Aquaman, Friends and The Big Bang Theory). I strongly recommend this 3 hours visit !

Shraddha Singh

We did the tour in the month of October. It was good, interactive. I have been a huge friends fan, so I was in for a treat. The displays are good and informative. The Batman vehicles display is just wow! We dint see any live filming which was a lil disappointing. Also, I wish we could see more sets like that of Big Bang theory / young Sheldon. But the tour is definitely worth visiting once.

Amanda Bronson

Awesome experience. It was really cool to see how they are able to manipulate the sets to look like completely different places. The tour focused a lot on Pretty Little Liars and Friends. We were able to see Ellen's set and we were also able to take photos on the Friends couch and the Big Bang Theory couch. The major disappointment was that there was almost no Scooby Doo merch in the gift shop! My younger sister and I went to Warner Bros. specifically because she is probably the world's hugest Scooby Doo fan. All they had was a hat with a little Scooby outline on it and some candy that said "Scooby" on them. (Scooby Snacks if you will.) All in all, this was a really great experience and I was in awe after seeing how it is all done with such a small amount of space. The tour guides were kind and accommodating and I would recommend!


Amazing. If you're visiting Los Angeles, you have to do this studio tour. Our guide, Daniel T. was the greatest, big shoutout to him. Ask for him if it's possible, he's funny, interactive and he knows a lot. The tour is long, you'll see the behind-the-scenes of many Hollywood film and TV shows, that's unbelievable. Very recommended.

Chris Ruthven

If it is busy, make reservations. The first day we tried to go, the parking people told us that if we did not have a reservation, you would not get in. Unfortunately the only way to make reservations, is to actually go there. They need to make this a little easier on people. The tour was really good. We got a guide names Scott, who said that he was a Hollywood reporter for many years before, and he was very good. He had stories for just about everything that we saw, and did a great job at answering any questions that anyone had. He gets 5 stars, the rest of the tour looses one for the reservation thing I mentioned.

Tatiana Demchenko

Really? We paid ~70$ and all what we have seen it’s gift shop and closed stages? Only our absolutely funny and cute guide saved situation. Thank you, man. I’m sooo disappointed. Guys don’t waste your time. Just go to the universal studis and have fun. Never ever again.

Ankesh Airon

Interesting tour with great tour guides. Covers a lot of places. The tour is customized as per the group's interests. So, make sure to let them know about the sitcoms/movies you like when asked for. Would highly recommend the "Friends" (sitcom) interactive experience if you are a fan.

Khalifa Al-Khalifa

It was a phenomenal experience to have been at the studios and actually bump into a celebrity (there is an actual slim chance you might encounter one; we did). However our tour guide did not seem enthusiastic and she was in a rush. Some lots get closed for filming, so places they take you can be limited to only one location. Back to our guide, she was rude and two members of our party did not make the move to leave. She said to me that was very 'typical' of you guys to do that. When I stared at her because I felt offended , she said I meant 'guys' in general tend to be late. Still, whatever she was implying, these sexist or discriminatory remarks should be taken seriously and not to be said to anyone let alone to a paying, visiting customer by a staff member. I was excited to go on tour as I tried it last year. We had a way way more friendlier guide who was very impressed by my cinematic knowledge. The tour guide we had this year even said to a French family who were with us on tour, ' you guys should have taken the tour in French'), She was even unable to access the Ellen studio, while another tour guide managed to access and leave it easily. In general, the experience depends on how friendly and well-informed your guide is. My recommendation to the tour manager would be make sure guides know their way around and refrain from saying remarks that can offend customers. Even if customers can be distracted viewing displays ( we don't get into Warner Bros back lot everyday), there is always a polite way to tell customers to speed up than getting furious or saying it is 'typical' for us to do that. The only reason I gave two stars is for last year's experience, this year we were offended and disappointed.

Heather W

Paid 158.00 to not sit with who I arrive with on the tour. Asked if we could wait so we could sit together. Told we wouldn’t end up together anyway. There was only two of us. Myself and 16 yo son. Didn’t understand why. Tour itself was meh. Dirty and rundown. Best part self guided at studio 48 at the end

Nancy Haworth

My family enjoyed this tour very much. The tour guide was knowledgeable, and the tour was well organized. We got to see sets from shows such as Ellen, Gilmore Girls, Friends and The Big Bang Theory. We had time to take photos in many places, and it was a fun morning.

danielle auletta

Went to L.A. recently for a girls weekend. Bought the Go City Pass and Warner Bros studio is one of the attractions you can go to. The lady at the hotel set up our reservation for us. We took a 15 minute Uber ride to get to the studio, Our guide Christopher was great!! He was funny and informative. He showed us all around the back lots and we saw the set of Fuller House. He was very thoughtful by also bringing us to the set of The Real! I stated that I wanted to go there but they are on summer break, but he brought us there so I could see the set. It was awesome!! He rocks!! We really enjoyed the tour! I liked seeing the set of Friends and Big Bang Theory. The green screen of Harry Potter and Batman was awesome! My friends performed a scene from Friend's. That was cool to do! Definitely would recommend anyone to go!

Zoli Csenki

Compare to Universal Studio, it is a pour Tour for a Lot of money. The guide lady was very kind, that s all. They asked 130 Dollars for some pictures. I Don t recommend it. Rather twice Universal Park.

Kelly Griver

1-cool stuff to see BUT: 2-tour was very rushed!! No Harry Potter sorting hat

Dontae Campbell

We loved the entire experience. Recommended by a few friends we are extremely happy that we took them up on the recommendations. Our Tour Guide, Savanna, did a great job making it fun,exciting and informational. We are definitely going to recommend this experience to friends and family. Hopefully, they get an awesome tour guide like Savanna.

David Reyes

We had the best time! It all depends on the tour guide. Ours was awesome.

Jen Rafalko

Diana was awesome! It was a great tour and she knows her stuff. We got to see the set for the Big Bang Theory, the Ellen Show as well as sets from different shows and movies like the Gilmore Girls, Shameless, Friends, etc. It was great seeing (and taking pictures on) the Central Perk set too! We highly recommend this tour and if you are lucky enough to get Diana you will learn so much!

Laura C

Was not advised on website special afternoon event or would have come in the morning. It was in the middle of the back lot after flying in from out of state tour cut 30-45 mins short. Tour guide, security, or inside main building personnel did not even care. Feel the attraction cares more about their money. There should have been a website disclosure.

Akshay Sharma

Once in a lifetime experience for someone like me. They've preserved the set pieces nicely. Also nice coffee at the Central Perk! Be sure to sign up for the photo package if you're a Harry Potter or Batman fan.

Josh Delozier

I took the low end tour last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed what was available to see. I'm looking to set up the Deluxe tour in April for my Birthday but I haven't seen any reviews on that tour, what is it like? The props department is a huge interest of mine and was able to see a little bit of that on the low end tour. I'm hoping I will get an even better experience on a Friday and what a Birthday celebration it will be.


Worth the price. Excellent tour with enthusiatic tour guides.

Alexis Zeldin

I loved the tour. I'm also a big fan of several shows/movies filmed at Warner Bros, so that helped. My tour guide (I completely forgot his name, it started with a K) was very knowledgeable and just a funny, great tour guide. I also loved this tour because we got to walk around the sets, go through the prop room, and best of all, sit on a Friends couch. I also came on a day when not a lot of things weren't filming, so my group was able to go into several places and see several things most tours wouldn't get to do! A great thing about the tours is that each one isn't the same. If you do this tour and come back next month, you might see completely different stuff! Although I've only been on one other studio tour, I've researched a lot and I do believe this is one of the best out there. Highly recommend, especially if you're a fan of Warner Bros shows/movies (Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, Casablanca, Fuller House, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Harry Potter, Batman, Shameless, The Ellen Show, etc). Although the gift shop was a little pricey (the reason for 4 stars; I like souvenirs!) I know I will recommend this studio tour, and might even come back some time to do the deluxe option! :)

James Tokach

Loved it. Tour guides were great. Lots to see. Go on a Friday and you stand a better chance of seeing a working set as they generally tape Monday-Thursday. Price is and $72 and $12 to park. The tour takes about 3 hours so street parking isn't an option.


This tour was very interesting and a lot of fun. They were very organized into many small groups so it was easy to get a good look at everything. The guides were very personable. Well worth the money I paid.

Jose Torres

Fun experience! If you're a friends fanatic this a good tour and you can say that you sat on the friends couch! You're able to recreate a scene as well. The staff is very friendly. I parked outside so I was able to save some money. A little over priced for the tour but overall still worth it. Make sure to grab your coffee from central perk

Antonia Cipriano

While I want to (and was expecting) to give this tour a 5 star, I can’t. Only because of the tour guide. While he was extremely knowledgeable and did make the occasional jokes, I felt as if he had rushed through the tour! What was suppose to be a 3-3.5 hour tour was a 2 hour tour for us! Also, I absolutely adored seeing the outdoor sets of my favorite TV show (PLL) I didn’t get to do as much walking through the ‘neighborhoods’ as I noticed the other groups were able to! I also heard from a group that they did this one other part of the tour that my tour guide didn’t bring us to. But maybe they paid for a different tour? Either way, it was still awesome. Exciting and cool and fun and I had a smile on my face the whole time! Like I said, the next time I come (and I definitely will) I hope to get a different tour guide! And maybe more indoor sets!?


The tour was super interesting, way better than that we expected. Our guide Denis was really nice, patient and passionate. Great experience.

Emily Gilreath

This was my family’s third time visiting the Los Angeles area, and our first time at Warner Bros. Studios in my opinion, it is the best attraction in the area, especially if you love movies and television and want to learn more about how they are made. Our tour guide was fantastic. We got to see props from the Harry Potter franchise and Aquaman. We were able to see the “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory” sets from the shows and take our own pictures on the sets. We walked through the prop house and saw an exhibit of Batmobiles. We saw many sets driving through the lot, and we even saw John Stamos on our tour! This was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area. I think any age group would enjoy this.

Mark Middlemas

Good, but overpriced and disorganized. The cost to content ratio was off here as the tour was relatively short and lacking in interesting items, at least compared to other studios and it often felt more like an advertisement and less like a tour of a studio rich in cinematic history. That said, our tour guide as pleasant and knowledgeable, and there was enough information to stay entertained, but I am not sure that it justified the price, again compared to other studio tours and parks.

Steve Cromer

This tour was excellent. Tour guide was Andrew, who was very informative and interacted great with everyone, and really seemed to enjoy giving the tour. We got to see the Lethal Weapon set, the back lot, Batman cars and props, and a couple other stops where you can get off and walk around. Definitely worth paying the money (which is reasonable for everything you see and the length of the tour) and doing once.

Colton Langford

We used the LA Tour Pass to go here and it was well worth it. You get to see the sets of all your favorite movies, as well as archives of costumes and props from your favorite movies. My favorite part was the real set of Friends. Fun fact: not a single episode or scene in friends was actually filmed in New York. It was all on that set. There’s also a soundstage with all the real Batman vehicles from across the ages. All in all, it’s wonderful. Be sure to see the iconic water tower too.

R Kim

A MUST see. But make sure you reserve a time cuz if you just drop in, all you'll get is a pic of Bugs out front and news that they're booked all day. When you do get in you'll be awe struck by the enormity of the studio and dazzled by the knowledge of the guides. After, you'll never watch movies or tv the same way!

Tyson Brown

I was so excited to do this and when I got there it was better then I thought it was. Staff were great and funny. Thank you so much for awesome. Definitely a most go to

Lisa Hart

Absolutely amazing tour. So much more than we expected. Living fairly local (Ventura County), I can't believe we have never done this tour before. We'll worth the trip.

Shirin Montebare

one of the best decision of our lives for going here. so funnnnn. our tour leader she was super funny and entertaining that we didn't know when the tour cake to an end. Definitely recommended it for anyone visiting LA.

Tina Sullivan

Amazing! The tour was great, the museum was great. Definately recommend. The only negative thing is the prices at the gift shop are ridiculously high.

Maria Apolinar

This is a must see if you come to LA. You really get to see a ton of sets and props. Favorite part was being able to go into Ellen’s studio. This is for the movie or tv buff, and truthfully even those who aren’t. I hadn’t seen many of the mainstream movies/shows our guide was telling us filmed there but still thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

scott wodowski jr

The tour itself was fun but our tour guide, Mark, seemed a little uneducated on some topics. He kept saying there were only 6 Harry Potter films and when I tried correcting him, he would say “good question.” It wasn’t a question, and I didn’t ask him any questions I may have had because I knew he was giving out false information. I would’ve recommended the tour to others only if I didn’t have Mark as a guide. He also focused a lot on the older movies and the show “Friends” and not anything current that may have been more interesting to the younger people in my group.

Alon Knaan

Really awesome! Love seeing all of the show sets such as big bang theory and Ellen. Sitting on the friends couch and acting out the scene was also very cool. The only thing I would change is that some parts felt a little bit like a museum, looking at things behind panels of glass. Highly recommend, though!

Jay Ballard

Really cool tour! It’s amazing all of the history inside those gates. Mandy was an awesome tour guide! She stated she was a newer guide, but her knowledge was impressive. My wife and I toured with 3 others. It was nice to have such a small group! My wife was in a wheelchair and they made everything super accessible! Spending time on the Ellen set was awesome! Space jam 2 and Fuller House were both filming, however we did not see any celebrities. Going on the set of All-American was cool. Gave a great sense of how “the magic” is made! I gave 4 stars simply because some of the stops I didn’t care for such as on Harry Potter and Acquaman. I’d highly recommend this tour to get a taste of tv and movie history!

Lenka Kizivatová

Do not expect too much...In my opiniom its waste of time&money....the tour consider of driving around the area but they wont show you anything except of studios from outside, few buildings etc.... the only highlight is the last part, where u can sit on the couch (Friends tv series)....overal I would not recommend the tour unless you have visited all other attractions and you have nothing else to do...

Ronak Patel

Loved this tour. We did not know what to expect except that it included the set of Friends. However we were very impressed. Our tour guide was excellent. Witty and very entertaining along the way. We got out a few times and walked the sets, saw the thousands of props that are often borrowed by other movie studios and witnessed actual outfits from Aquaman and Harry Potter movies. Great time. Worth it for us and already recommended

Mattie Allen

I loved this tour! I thought it was super interesting and fun for the whole family! The tour guide we had was named Kelly and she was fantastic!

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