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REVIEWS OF Museum of Native American History IN Arkansas

Mandy Stewart

Very well laid out for the amount of history and artifacts they display. The kids loved finding arrowheads of their own, they will never forget it. The staff are wonderful. Gift shop is amazing. Aside from the history, they do great things here.


This is one of the best native American Indian museums in America. Only one that I know of better is in Oklahoma. Great place to Home School. Awesome Place can't say enough good.

Linda Cannon

Very informative of there culture.

Jim Turpin

Great history and display

Matt Markley

Fascinating extensive private museum collection. Admission is FREE. Do NOT miss this attraction. Also interesting store with many authentic artifacts that you can purchase. AAA+++

Lacey Bishop

Great family place to learn about our history. Staff was very nice and helpful. Facility was clean and large.

Ellis Rambin

Excellent museum, very friendly staff. Great exhibits. Good symposium with Bobby Bridger and more artists and very knowledgeable presenters.

Roaug Lucius

Really enjoyed it. Fun people. Nice tour. Small gift shop.

Rhon Cole

I've always wanted to visit and finally I went, it was so exciting and amazing vollect

Rob Estoker

Very intresting and very well laid out

Willy Mulimbi B.

An interesting place to learn about American history.

Jon Farmer

If you love history, you will love this place.

Jon Smith

Awesome museum, free to enter with donations accepted. Best by far collection of Native American artifacts I have seen. It is a self guided tour with a recorded device that allows you to type the exhibit number into and tells you a brief summary of what it is. This allows you to view and take in all the exhibits at your own pace. They even have a room in the back, that also contains exhibits where you can eat lunch or just relax for a bit. Staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions regarding the exhibit. The gift shop is very nice containing lots of modern Native American material from books to crafts, and also your kids area and select other gift shop type items. They even had a rock bed outside for the kids to hunt for arrowheads. Location was very well kept and in a nice area of town easy to locate.

Addison Rose

Amazing and out front you get to look for arrowheads.

genia haslar

Free to go . wonderful sites to see. From atlatl collection to beaded moccasin boots to bear hide centennial calendars. A really fun place to see. Gift shop with real turquoise and coral handmade by native Americans as well as trinkets and things to collect.

Edward Wolfe

Had a great day at the museum had lots of interesting stuff

Nicole Hecker

Love, love, love this museum! The staff ois educated and the absolute sweetest! I've taken many rocks here for identification. We go every couple months.

Barb Anderson

My granddaughter (12) so enjoyed seeing all the history that this museum offers. Also learned about how the Indians lived,. She also enjoyed searching for the arrowheads.

Demetrio Rubio

Amazing museum, the hand you a remote looking apparatus that tells you what are you looking at by numbers and they even have it in Spanish.

Kate Cross

They also have special events and lectures.

Emily Watson

Fun great for families to go and see history happen

Michael McAlexander

Excellent museum, free to the public. Free parking. Some originals, some effigies. Audio guide available. Take 10 minutes or all day, depending on how much information you want to absorb. Gift shop is full of great selections, with everything from books to jewelry.

Michele Hammock

Stunning!!!! Don't miss the gift shop, it's amazing!

Steven McGinty

A small but amazing place for anyone who enjoys native American history or any history lover.

Karen Gaines

History has never been this fun to learn.

Rachel Galdamez

Great place to your kids for an educational experience- free to get in

James Spindler

Fantastic collection and documentation.

Sena Rider

What an awesome free thing to do!! My 10 and 12 year old boys...and dad & mom had a great time! You can look for and keep arrowheads outside!

Emilee Hart

There are arrowheads in the rocks around the tent that kids can find and take with them. The displays are very interesting and I learned many new things.

Connie Hsu

Great selection and nice place to visit

Kathleen Everitt

The displays were well done and organized in logical sequence to the extent their holdings allowed. I learned a lot and the artifacts were high quality. Scope was more broad than in depth. Would love to see them pick a theme and expand their mission. I'm sure they would do it well.

Diamond Shine

Beautiful place and very peaceful.. Beautiful people....

Vanessa Guastella

Loved coming here with my kids

Father Ferris

Saw wes studi to tonight! It was great!

donald Wilson

Just an awesome place to go for some really cool history

Robyn Killam

Very nice museum. Everything displayed well. Staff was very helpful

Larry Nesbit

Fantastic. Great learning experience. Everyone should take time to visit.

Sarah Ghigliotti

It's amazing

Philip Becker

Just love this place! What a gift to Bentonville and all its visitors. A well though out museum filled with artifacts and history. I feel extreme peace when at the museum and in touch with our Native roots. Love it!

Joshua Wingert

Great artifacts! Definitely worth a stop.

Karen Griffith

What a fabulous museum! The displays are beautiful; the quantity and quality amazing. We were fortunate enough to meet the Curator who willingly gave us fascinating information on several items of interest, making our tour that much more enjoyable. Could have stayed all day! We had a wonderful time.

Gwen K

This is what a museum should be; interesting, educational and easy to navigate. There are so many great and varied artifacts!! Cool to interesting to unbelievable! What a fun experience! We will definitely come back and highly recommend it to everyone.

Linda Borland

I learned a lot about the Indians and early settlers.The individual phones were awest to us andpersonel were very friendly.

Jon Freeman

This is a fantastic attraction and one that I would rank as a "must see" in Arkansas. From the outside, you would never believe what an extensive collection of native american art and artifacts is on display inside. In addition, the high quality of the displays and the level of information available is very impressive. They even provide hand held electronic devices that you can carry with you on your self guided tour that elaborate on the information provided at the displays. The staff here is very friendly and professional and quite knowledgeable of the subject matter. And for the icing on the cake, there is no admission fee, just a donation box if you would like to contribute!!!

Chase Davis

Well worth a stop by. Friendly staff and a great collection. The "tour wands" are a great feature that greatly enhance the experience.

Cary Zinke

Wow...I must admit that I did not know what to expect at first. You go inside, there's a mammoth making real noise, and it kinda freaks you out. It's actually amazing. It eases you in with things that are familiar, a bison skull and some arrowheads. Then, before you know it, you are spearheaded, yourself, right into the thick of ACTUAL Native American Culture and Artifacts. Some things that would seem to be actually PRICELESS. And, in its special way, is. And some of those artifacts have to actually be priceless as they are irreplaceable and wonderful creations left behind by an entire Culture. It's a place you truly must experience in order to appreciate. It is a Gem and it is priceless. A must visit. Come when you have some time. Pay your respects. Feel some things. You won't regret it.'s free. 100% free. How amazing?

Jane Gibbon

Very interesting place to spend some time. There is a lot of exhibits and they have very interesting programs which include live music. The staff are very nice and helpful.

Clay House

Very thought out and detailed museum! I took my kids 9,4,2. They give you a recorded devices to hear all the stories of the artifacts. My 9 year old loved it, littles like it but got bored but that’s little ones for you, so I just took them to the gift shop area where they had a few toys and it sufficed. The people that work there are super sweet and helpful! I highly recommend coming to this museum!!!! We will be back again.

Jenni Keeton

I am so glad we found this museum. It was small and easy to navigate but was very interesting. We loved the self guided tour.

Laura Berryman

Not giant but more inside than I expected. Not just locally focused. Some really cool pieces that made me feel connected to past people as other humans rather than just "history"

Darrell Offutt

Lots and lots of indian artifacts plus videos that explain the migration of early man to north america. If you like native Indian culture it's a great place to go. Donation only chrage.

Charles McDonald

Loved it! Kids love it too! Great place to spend an hour or two!

Dirk J

Lots of displays, all interactive. Plenty to see, staff is friendly and attentive. I can't believe admission is free.

Andrew Taylor

Great place for kids and adults alike to see a little history and kill a little time.

Patricia Curry

Interesting museum. Lots of artifacts. Nice souvenir shop.

Monty Pennington

If you are interested in Native American History or if you are interested in Historical and Prehistorical artifacts of the Americas, you need to take the time to visit the Museum of Native American History! I GUARANTEE that you will find something to enlighten you and that you will never regret making the trip!

Chris & Brandi Chance

Super cool museum to learn about Native Americans. It's free to get in and very educational! Great place!

Nugget Moses

Great museum, and great people. I love the Mamoth by the front door. Great history and gift shop. My kids 9, 14, and 16, loved it.

Larry Edwards

Great local museum with lots of interesting things to read and look at.

Warren Danner

Excellent display

Ruth Robinson

It is small but knowledge packed! Great visuals! Real history buffs choice for Native American heritage

Benjamin Russell

This place was freaking awesome. Everything you want to know from paleolithic times to almost present day. They have probably a thousand arrow heads,if not more, pottery and other artworks, clothing and weapons. This was one of the best museums I've ever been in.


Great place and some fantastic Indian artifacts, and a educational experience

Ed Sweet

We enjoyed the visit very much. Lots of artifacts; the museum is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. Staff were friendly and helpful. Store was nice: books, jewelry, pottery, etc. We absolutely would recommend this to others.

Karie Watson

This is a great hidden gem! It far exceeded my expectations. If you need something to do on a cold or rainy day check it out!

Matthew Klawitter

Great exhibits, friendly staff, and very interesting.

Alleene Boyle

Kids had a blast!


I went in not really expecting much, UT this place is incredible. So much to learn. Will definitely be going back.

Helen Carr

Best native American museum I have been in and I have been in so many Great place

Clarence Burwell

Totally awesome lots of stuff in there to see

John Bergwerff

Kid friendly and very educational

John Ewalt

Extensive collection of objects in a well organized museum and audio guide.


The scientific info could use some serious updating. If you're an anthropologist, archaeologist, or educated amateur, bring a grain of salt or two. Definitely a collector's museum, but good enough for the uninitiated.

Reyna Stargaze

We enjoyed ourselves! And look forward to their events in October

Andrea Alves

Very nice!

Blake Ellis

This place is beautiful.

Jerie K

In this small building, was pleasantly surprised to see depth of artifacts displayed in the collections and variety of visual and auditory learning opportunities geared for both young and old. Curator was knowledgeable and engaging

Crystal Ellis

Nice place

Brittany Geiser

Very interesting place with lots of cool artifacts. I took my niece and nephew who are 15 and 16 they loved it.

Sarah Y.

Really interesting collection of Native American art and artifacts with excellent displays and informative narration.

Mary Ford

Really need to go see this museum. Great displays!

Pey King

Excellent and informative. Staff is absolutely awesome and the items on display are incredibly amazing and historic. The tour around can be quite quick or can take as long as you chose depending on how much you want to learn about each item on display.

Joel Peterman

They have a lot of information.

Angela Corbin

This is a wonderful and free museum! Highly recomend.

Ryan Crownover

Great place to take your family

anita carroll

What a fantastic museum! I could have easily spent four hours here. The collection of native American pottery and artifacts was amazing. We learned so much and loved the gift shop selection. Kids got to dig around outside for a free arrowhead. Anyone who is a fan of the old American west will love this museum.

Victoria Smart-Patterson

It was so nice and refreshing to visit this museum. Clean bathrooms and building area. Thank you!

Jessica Huskisson

It was a great experience. I love this place. It was full of so much great information

Thien Vo

Very Educational


Amazing collection of historical artifacts. The self guided audio tour is well done and very informative. Definitely give yourself 1+ hours to listen to the audio as you go through the museum. Highly recommend!

Colleen Newsome

Wonderful and informative place to visit. Could have spent even more time there. Will definitely go back.

Mike Smith

Awesome but a little smaller than expected but hey its FREE!

Barbara Jewell Banks

This is a must visit museum!

Placid Scene Pool Design

Amazing free Native American museum! I love the mammoth skeleton in the entrance! They have amazing artifacts. I have always been fascinated by the way of life of early Americans, and there is so much you can learn at this museum!

Kendall Brune

Very authentic and nicely layed out-!

Ana Clive

I loved this place!!! Amazing

Rebecca Lundy

Love this museum! Been here several times

Aparup Aich

An amazing experience throughout. The Merchandise store is fantastic as well.

Hilda Ward

An amazing and extensive collection of artifacts-a great place for students and families to experience history!

Anthony Sullivan

Lots of Information. Worth a visit

Doris Young

If you like history you will love this place. Plan plenty of time to look. Very detailed.

Miki Brown

The staff is awesome. Great atmosphere. I take both of my kids here often. My son has Autism and it is great to have a place he can feel comfortable.

tina ahhee

I was surprised at how much interesting items this small museum has. We went rather late, close to closing time. We will be returning to get to see everything. Nice little gift shop also

Katherine Cruz

This museum is great. The staff is super friendly and welcoming, the artifcats are awesome, and the history is fascinating. The only complaint I have is that the museum is a self guided audio tour, and I would have preferred more signs/literature on the walls. Honestly, it is super interesting and the audio clips are very well put together.

Katie Fischer

They had a surprising number of artifacts, many many projectile points. My favorite were the feather headgear and the ears pools. They have things from all over North and South America and it is free and accessible.

Silas Martin

Lots of arrowheads and cool artifacts. But there is some false information concerning time lines etc. The world is only about 6 or 7 thousand years old and so all the information about millions of years is false. Just remember that as you tour the facility.

Miranda Paige

It was amazing! As part native american, I am fascinated by anything to do with my heritage. Seeing all of the artifacts in such pristine condition was breathtaking. The staff was very friendly. They had an area outside for children to find one free arrowhead! Their gift shop was full of such amazing things. I will be going again in the future.

jim catalfamo

i was really impress with all the different and rare items the had on display. i love the woolly mammoth that greets you at the door. what a guard dog. lol. i forgot what it is called but the give you a handheld tool that you can punch in the number of the display and it will give you all the information about the artifact you are look at. its like having your own personal tour guide. nice touch! and the staff are friendly, funny and willing to help with a smile. a really nice museum with a good gift shop. i learned a lot and very happy with my visit.

Ann-Marie LeBlanc

Beautiful Museum with authentic collection of Native American dress, tools, jewelry, dwellimgs, tepees. Video accompanies each of the many exhibits. Programs are wonderful, featuring artists, dancers, musicians, authors, and storytellers from all ober the country. Free admission.

Brandy Holt

The mist breathtaking amazing experience you could ever imagine

Anne Trent

This is a great place! It's free and does a really good job of reaching out to the community and educating about the indigenous people of this land.

marilee pittman

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the Native American Museum. I thoroughly enjoy the exhibits. The staff was most friendly. What I was curious about was the involvement of Native people in the acquisition and running of the museum. There was no information on whether the museum is privately run or through a non profit foundation. The gift shop was stocked with non native jewellery and rather mass produced items.I would have preferred to have more authentic craft items.

Larie Jamieson

A MUST stop, if your in the area. It was such a great museum

Judy Nakamoto

Very interesting... It's nice Arkansas has no admission fee museums to educate public.

Steven Robles

Really good exhibits, friendly staff, nice little gift shop.

Jayne Cochran

Great history

Devayani Supekar

Beautiful museum and the entry is free. They have a variety of exhibits within a small space, the timeline showcasing artifacts from each era is quite informative. It's a well maintained place and is a fun time to spend a Sunday afternoon or so for museum lovers.


Great museum! Does not look like much from the outside, but wait until you walk inside. The museum has a great collection of artifacts from numerous tribes that inhabited the state of Arkansas as well as surrounding states. People of all ages would enjoy this museum, even children. If you're looking for a museum to go to while in northwest Arkansas, this is the place to go. Best part of all is that it is FREE!!! :)

Rick & Deb's Awesome Adventures

very nice museum, very well put together!!!!!

Phyllis Campbell

Very interesting and informative.

Rebeca Phoenix

Nice museum, Great thing to do with a big or small group, with kids or just adults. They have a great easy to use self guided tour device. The Kids (and adults) loved hunting for arrow heads at the end of the tour. Gift shop has lots of cool things for everyone.

Jasmine Gary

Informative workers to tell you all about the History here. Plenty of artifacts to enjoy, nice gift shop


I loved this place. It has 5 tribes worth of artifacts and it's free. They also have a gift shop that sells jewelery and pottery and many other items.

Courtney Hester

A wonderful place to learn about Native American culture and history.

Jared Smart

Very interesting and well displayed artifacts and information. Good for at least and hour or two of educational entertainment. The separate sections of the museum how a fascinating variety of artifacts from a diverse selections of tribes, eras, and locations. Even artifacts from different states are on display. The gift shop also has a fine assortment of fun small items to remember the visit by. Will definitely visit again, most likely as an indoor Summer activity.

Carlo Brambilla

The museum has a wonderful collection and is very well maintained. The gift shop has a nice selection as well. We truly enjoyed our visit.

Dillan Ryan

This place was great! Wonderful exhibits, and helpful staff. Free admission is nice. I think the best part is hunting for arrowheads. If you take the little ones, they will have no problem finding a few!

Sherelyn Wilson

Lovely tepee outside to hunt arrowheads with the kids. Large assortment of Native American items from different tribes to see. Beautiful

Holley McGuire

Great experience. Self guided tour so you can go at your own pace. Great for ages 9-99. I don't recommend children under school age as there are many artifacts that you can get nose to nose with.

eduardo kano

A fantastic place, you learn a lot from the amazing culture. I would definitely go back as many times as I can!!

Rick Shortt

Highly recommended!!! This is a true hidden gem of Bentonville and I couldn't more strong recommend anyone visiting.

Jazmine Gibbons

I learned a lot and the staff were very friendly. It was a really great experience.

Keturah Harris

Phenomenal visit

Raquel Walker

So many cool things to see. The kids loved digging for arrows and checking out the gift shop. The shop was like an extension of the museum because of all the neat art work put into jewelry and other merchandise. All the kids especially loved having their own self guided tour wand. Can't wait to go back.

Nonya Bisnis

First, you can't beat free. That aside, this museum of full of knowledge, and incredible artifacts. The museum also features a library full of reference material. The icing on the cake is the cultural appreciation events hosted by this museum. My wife and I learned first hand how to weave Cherokee double walled baskets. And they have a whole schedule of events like these all year! As a tourist stop, it can't be topped, especially if your trip coincides with an event. For those who live in the northwest Arkansas region, this is a treasure of history.

Dwight Evans

Very interesting with more arrowheads than i have seen in one place. Free audio guide well done. Recommend for anyone who is interested in the migration of native Americans, an hour is well worth it

Brandee Segraves

A great, free activity in bentonville. Very educational and really cool displays. You can hunt for arrowheads outside in their rock garden. Kids under 15 get to keep one for free. The museum is deceptively large.

Hazel Johnson

I really enjoyed the various cultures of Native America's Indian artifacts. I thought this would just be local Indians, but much more broad. Wonderful experience!

Dream E Farm

I absolutely love the museum and all the displays and staff

Misty dawn2 Greene

Love this museum Very informative Wonderful staff Great library Excellent place to visit and bring friends

Dianna Kilburn

Great place! Excellent staff and a large collection of artifacts. Free admission.

Lissa Thornburgh

As a docent for a museum on southwestern Arizona, I appreciate museums very much. The quality and condition of the artifacts here was outstanding and very well put together for display. I highly recommend this placeto any who are interested in Native American history and culture. My only recommendation is that the label anasazi be changed to ancestral.

gary biddle

I've visited the museum a few times, and recommend everyone go check it out! The curator is a very knowlagable person,and is happy to take the time to help people identify their finds! A really great bunch, and has a vast, wonderful, diverse collection of "Indian Artifacts" to wow anyone, and everyone who comes in to see the collection! OH an a really great unexpected visoual OH MY!!! As you take the first step in and look up! The cost of admission is free!,but a small donation won't be turned down. Highly recommend,if your ever in Bentonville you GOTTA stop by and see for yourself!!!

S.E. Morgan

The quality of this museum was a pleasant surprise for my family. There is an impressive collection of artifacts from NW Pacific tribes to South America, personal electronic guides, kids activities, and "arrowhead hunting." I wish we would have planned on spending more time here.

Robert Edlund

Wonderful collection... It was also neat that the soundtrack playing in the background was a collection of 60s oldies being sung in Native American... Super visit... Be sure and donate!

Anna Moore

This place is great to take your kids. My kids loved learning about the native american history. They really enjoyed looking for arrow heads.


Very in depth for the size, tons of interesting exibits as you walk through the hall as in a timeline looking back

Kimberly Redding

Great artifacts. They have an audio tour that gives lots of information about Native American artifacts.

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