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503 E 9th St, Little Rock, AR 72202, United States Located in: MacArthur Park

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Where is MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History?

REVIEWS OF MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History IN Arkansas

Nesi Monae'

Visiting this museum I've learned more about Arkansas than what the books teach you for sure.. this museum is very informative an it has a lot for show and tell!!

Leslie Wilson

Great place to learn about Arkansas history. Civil War to current .... children and adults can learn something here.

lee jialiang

Michael Tyson

Fantastic museum! The Allison collection of WWII photographs was especially interesting

Ross Baruzzini

Hidden gem! Set aside an hour or so for a visit to the informative displays on General MacArthur and his feud with President Truman plus interesting local perspective on the Civil War.

Eric OBrien

Theresa Bumann

Free museum, excellent history and displays. Must see.

laura yount

Great place to visit! Lots of information and interesting displays. Hope to go again.

Rob Estoker

Excellent facility with tons of history

Robert Schuldt

This small museum in Arkansas is free to attend and quite interesting. I learned a lot about the civil war in Arkansas and the history of the building. Also has some rotating exhibits.

Greg Aucoin

If you like military history, this is a place you need to check out. They have a section with tons of military photos most have never seen before.


I stopped by here one weekend looking for something to do. I was glad I made that decision. There are several rooms with displays from various time periods - from the Civil War to WWII. There is an upstairs where you can continue on with your tour. It didn't take me very long to go through but I thought it was well worth my time. It was kind of interesting to discover that General MacArthur was born in this building.

Timothy Koenig

Is a great free museum. Excellent displays and very thorough. I really enjoyed spending time there.

Lila Fulmer

The 125th celebration was wonderful. So glad the McArthur Museum has received a needed restoration.

Clyde Carr

Interesting place to check out if you are a military or history buff. Has Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War, and Aesthetic Club exhibits. The property also includes a park and commerative monuments. Good place to spend an afternoon.

Curtis Stehle

Awesome exhibits and very informative.

Vickie Lowry

This is an old building with an incredible amount of historical artifacts . The exhibits span WWI action in the Philippines, WWII and the Korean War. The Korean War Memorial outside is also great. The houses around the museum are beautiful as well. Free!

Rj Edwards

capricha Simpson

James Hopper

Jassim Jabar

I was surprised one nice lady who is monitoring the museum was studying in one of my city universities.

Travis Young

Took a friend from the Philippines to visit. He loved it. He didn't realize that General MacArthur was born in Little Rock.

Michele Laboray Hellstern

A wonderful place, the grounds as well as the museum are fantastic! Take your family to experience all this historic building has to offer along with decades of military history!

James Lindsay

Could use some updating through acquiring more historical artifacts. Over all a decent place to view some history.

Larry Weber

Excellent memorial to one of the US greatest generals. He helped to defeat Japan, save Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea. Amazing man with guts. Without being strong against aggression, we will get run over. Building is beautifully kept. A real treasure for Little Rock!

Erin Sullivan

Went on a school field trip with my son very convenient the way they have it set up where you can do a self guided tour by calling and getting a description about which part of the exhibit you're looking at we went for the civil war day and they had very interesting things to look at and the people there were very helpful about answering questions

Chris Brockman

This is a great little Museum. It's free to the public so if you have an hour or more its a wonderful place to walk around and learn about General MacArthur.

anthony monnat

Every military buff better visit this place. Well done.

Michael Moore

Free and very informative.

Will J.

Great historical museum with lots of pieces to enjoy and lots to learn from. Thank you!

Len Burke


Nikie Chance

My child love this museum

Mira Porter


Dale Jackson

Great FREE local museum. Covers more than just MacArthur.

Katherine Woods

Jack Thompson

Great museum I go all the time

The Great Red Dragon and Babalon the Scarlet Bride

Son, was working there, but, I did not get the pleasure.

Tyler Blakley

Andy Fleming

Awesome experience and knowledgeable staff.

Jordan Rogers

787.478.6899 Whatsapp

Arkansas military history and more. Plenty of info and pieces surrounding David o Dodd.

Just a random channel

Great history Warning if u are psychic or can see ghost stay away!

Charles Climer

Very interesting!

Elizabeth Lacina

Nice place to visit

Leslie Saputra

Good museum to visit for war buff. Had a pretty interesting history of Jeep.

Stacy Reeves

Great museum. Historic building and grounds. Admission is free. A must see if you are in Little Rock!!

Matt C.

Used to love our museum growing up but it gradually got worse in the past 25 years. Used to have all kinds of interesting exibits, mummies, a big bald eagle, the tucker telephone, civil war exhibits, etc., then it went downhill as all of that went away and now it's a military museum. I'm sure someone padded their pockets nicely selling off all of the old exibits.

Bette Barnes

Let me start by saying this museum is FREE. There is a small park with a Korean War memorial and areas to read and learn more about the area. The museum itself has information about the Civil War thru the Vietnam war. There are actual exhibits but there are a lot of pictures with explanations so if you're not much of a reader you may not like that. There is a section that tells about General MacArthur's career. It told about the Japanese American experience and women's role during WWII. However, even though it briefly touched on the African American experience it wasn't a lot. We enjoyed this museum over all. As stated before there is information I didn't know and found interesting.

jerry cox

Go visit


Beautiful place!!! Learned a lot!!

Kelly Joe


Ray Mahaney

Fantastic museum of military history.

Bill Doyle

Informative. Enjoyed the artfacts

Ben Sowerbutts

Brittney Carey

Always find ducks with hooks in them. Trash is always everywhere

Genaro Monsalves

(Translated by Google) A great place to visit and understand about the great wars that North Americans have faced yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for allowing me to visit such a solemn place full of patriotism, heroes and history. Greetings and I take a great experience to my city of Valparaiso in Chile. (Original) Un gran lugar para visitar y comprender respecto a las grandes guerras que han enfrentado los ciudadanos Norte Americanos del ayer, hoy y siempre. Gracias por permitirme el visitar tan solemne lugar lleno de patriotismo, héroes e historia. Saludos y me llevo una gran experiencia a mi ciudad de Valparaíso en Chile.

Jacqueline Gillespie

Was interesting.

Eddie Kang

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) 非常棒

Travis Lovett

A very interesting museum with very good reproductions and original items. The museum is housed in one of the buildings of the old arsenal. Part of the museum focuses on General Douglas MacArthur because he was born in Arkansas. The rest of the museum centers around Arkansas's participation in various wars from the Civil War to Vietnam. Very informative museum, with friendly staff. My favorite was the WWII Willys Jeep on display, as well as their Arkansas Medal of Honor exhibit.

Gilbert Boardman

MacArther Museum covers so much stuff from thh Civil War through Viet Nam really interesting and it is free. Highly reccomend it.

Nicky Austin

Good to teach Arkansas history

T2x Cosplay

Went on a trip with a bunch of friends and we had a great time! Loved all the exhibits and the little presentation we got at the beginning :)

Ann Martin

Cindy Mahaney

Just reopened. Did a good job of redoing this museum. Contains a lot of information.

Samantha Adams Otto

Very fun and educational, free admission

Hal Coffen

Well balanced, readily accessible displays. Handicap accessible.

Steve Manatt

There were a great number of very important historically significant military events and people in our great state. The museum has a great tour and is a fantastic place to take your kids to make some of the things they study get grounded in face-to-face knowledge.

Dee Pohle

Great history lesson from the person who greeted us.

Spencer Stephens

Way too sympathetic to the Confederate cause in the Civil War. Get over your racist past, Little Rock.

Ole Tommyboy

A Little Rock gem! Wonderful museum!

hannavas eel

Awesome museum, history nerds will love this place, I know I did!

Unel Mitchell

There's no exhibit that shows black soldiers that have given their lives to this country. There was very many who were forced to fight in all wars in this country. And many have volunteered their lives also! Not to many museums in this country gives the black soldiers the respect they deserve. I can see they have given the racist traitor KKKonfederates more respect at this Museum...

James Ross

Great place. Lots of history.

John Hedrick

Recently reopened after building improvements. Free admission, interesting exhibits.

Jeff White

Best MacArthur I've been to.

Becky Moore

Learned some Arkansas history. I just recently moved here. The historical objects were artfully displayed. Our docent was informative. Cool building and grounds.

Colton Langford

A nice little museum showcasing US military, especially in reference to Arkansan military. This is one of the oldest buildings in Little Rock and is the site of many important Arkansas events, such as the start of the Civil War in the state, as well as the birth of General Douglas MacArthur. It’s got some decent exhibits on all manner of wars where Arkansas citizens are involved, as well as some on the acclaimed general and the suffragettes. Best of all, it’s free admission. Might as well go if you’re in the area.

Joel Rosario

Very interesting. Lot of history from a great men.

Mike & Lorraine Cimino

The museum was closed and there were no statues of MacArthur outside which was disappointing. The Korean War memorial was very nice.

Scott Payne

Robert Gravley

Some might not agree but it does an honest job of Arkansas history, it's sacrifice in times of war and of Gen MacArthur.

Chuck White

Great museum. Free admission.

Allen Pfannenstill

Awesome representation of what Arkansas went through in Combat, starting at the Civil War.

Kelly Beamsley

Free Admission: multiple rooms on historical Arkansas figures

yoshi yoshi

My great grandfather was in world war 2 so it reminds me of him

Azizah Wilson

Danielle Hurt

Craig Markley

Bit old, but good history even with three stars if you have 1hr. Stop by IV moved this up a Star. There been up grads


Melody Boston

So interesting! I lovely small museum with unique pieces.

Steven Bridges

Well preserved military history. Free admission, however, they do accept donations. Well worth the time spent there.

Letrice Mccoy

It was very informative!!

Dena Scribner

It was very interesting to see and learn about the history at that time.

Whitney P's Adventures

This place is always interesting to come walk thru. It's a quiet and thoughtful place with loads of rich history. Of course you can just walk thru and look at the artifacts, kind of just a what's on the surface walk thru. OR you can take a little more time to read the information, watch the film and ask questions. There is a room with several binders of pictures and explainations and people's names. There are memorials, a play ground, lake and other beautiful scenery outside.

Gena Norris

I visit this museum regularly - they always have good programs. I was there for the screening of the 'Trial of David O. Dodd.' A documentary produced in the very room where the proceedings took place. The Union had taken over the museum for their headquarters.

Curtis Rhea

A very unique place to go you learn a lot of history


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