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REVIEWS OF South Mountain Park and Preserve IN Arizona

Lewis Greene

We stayed near here and were a frequent visitor to this city run park. The windy road to the top is well worth the view. There are hiking options from easy to difficult. Be sure and stop at the Visitor center to get a map and information before your hike. Wheelchair accessible hikes available toward the back of the Visitor center. It takes some time to get to the summit so make sure you get to the entrance at least an hour ahead of sunset.

Andrew Mussio

A great asset to have in the city of Phoenix with tons of trails (easy to get away from everyone if you take the less popular trails). I really appreciate that the trails are open late for night hiking in the summer, just make sure you get to the trail head before they close the gates.

Carly Rae

Great views of the valley. Very picturesque, especially at/after sunset. I like how it’s free, too.

Eric Miller

Love this park: The hiking trails, picnic areas and of course the lookout over the city. What a wonderful place to take visitors and spend some time outdoors. Park is well maintained and there are always activities to see here.


Great place to hike. Also pretty bad after the sun goes down, you can see everything. I suggest binoculars. When I was a kid there was a car hanging off the side of the mountain when my mom was driving up. It was pretty crazy. Great place to clear your head, when the temps are cooler of course.

Trent Gumpp

Really liked this park. Nice trails and great views! Would like to come back with running shoes as it would be a good place to run as well.

Marla Muniz

Love this place been going there for a long time.

Selina Streahorn

Great hiking trail that leads into many other trails, so you can hike for hours it feels so endless. We did about 7.8km in 2 hours (we managed to get a bit lost). Its very open, not very high and for the most part flat terrain that's easy to walk along. It being in phoenix it's much hotter, and there is no shade so come prepared with lots of water, sunscreen and comfortable hiking shoes. You do share the trail with bikes so be cautious. Enjoyable none the less!

Wynn Stark

They do lock the front gate in the evening. But, if you are already in the park, at closing time, you can remain. The exit gate is always open. It's equipped with tire spikes, to allow exits only. Beer is allowed, BY PERMIT ONLY. Go to the website for more information.

Frederick Nielson

I visited the area in February and again in May of 2019. On each occasion I went for a night hike and trail run. 14-15 miles in length, this rolling series of trails offers some great views at sunset. It is the Southwest region so watch out for snakes and scorpions. Bring your own water. There are no bathrooms located anywhere along the trail Some of the trails are gentle and rolling and others steep and require some high stepping and climbing. Young children accompanied by and adult would do fine as long as the adult is in shape and ready to help them out. Views of the city from the summit are great at night.

Jessie Griffith

Beautiful area that you can hike or drive to the top. Magnificent view of Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs across the valley. Make sure you take water and sunscreen for your visit.

Michelle Cleverpig

Beautiful, well traveled . The only draw back is that not all the trails are well marked. We got onto two different trails, and had to double back multiple times. The trails were easy to follow, once you're on it. Lovely area. Am excited to go again!

William Black

Wonderful trail. Out and back is good but there are other smaller trails to venture onto. Just be careful of the wildlife, remember we are visitors in their home. Also the mountain bike folks can be a bit much if you arent expecting them.

Michael P

Breathtaking! Most definately will be back.

Aida Awad

Spectacular views from Dobbins Lookout. Watch out for the local wildlife too! Head back down hill along Summit Road to view the dikes along the raodcut.

Audrey LeVault

So beautiful here! Trails are not labeled super well, but they are well traveled so easy to follow

Hugh Dunne

Great selection of trails, from short family-friendly ones to long trails that take you away from the crowds and into the furthest reaches of the park, and reward you with spectacular views of the Phoenix basin. Parking can be a slight problem on weekends but you will usually find a space if you persevere. The far western part of the park is my favorite so I hope it isn’t too severely affected by the 202 extension.

Steve Phair

Wonderful trail. Out and back is good but there are other smaller trails to venture onto. Just be careful of the wildlife, remember we are visitors in their home. Also the mountain bike folks can be a bit much if you arent expecting them.

Ahtionah Ditzer

Great views, the road has many curves and is really narrow. Be cautious when driving, a lot of people were going too fast and the corners are sharp so couldn't see oncoming traffic. We went on Sunday around noon, not many people present. Sometimes they have food/jewelry vendors on the summit. It was a nice experience with my family.

Stefan Johansson

Its a great place for a walk or run, NO wheelchairs. Just remember that you need to be stable and have a good heart as its demanding but not dangerous. You will get nice views of the surroundings. I have been there very early in the morning for a run with a headlamp and during the day for a walk. You might want to bring water, especially if you are walking.

Amanda Lovell

There were definitely some pretty views. There weren't many places to go off trail that were worth it and there were quite a few people on this trail. I typically like to hike alone so this was a bit off-putting for me. However the views of the city were gorgeous and it would be somewhere I might go again.

Steve Tew

We love to walk the paths here. It is a very special place with exceptional views, especially near sunup or sundown. Parking is plentiful, but it can get a bit crowded. Very popular for Off Road biking. Most riders are considerate of walkers and runners. The trails are rugged, and some are very steep. The facilities are kept up very well. Nice place for a break from the day to day... Check it out.

George Wohl

I highly recommend hiking telegraph pass. It's a great workout hike with good views that cab be done in under 1 hour.

Javon Adams

Beautiful views and elevation gains are not too bad.

unknown eyes

Do you want to see the whole city from one place? This is it. So beautiful at night. And this is just an idea, but go here on the 4th of july. It would be amazing. It's so beautiful here. So peaceful and quiet. BRING WATER.

Kaleigh Marks

Beautiful view of the city & mountains! Perfect place to watch sunset. Peaceful most times, but sometimes crowded. Great hikes. Minimal parking.

Padraig Quartes

My backyard. Blessed. Public respects land. Fantastic

Dolores Damian

Like how nice and clean it is. You can drive or hike. Love the view driving up. Great photo opportunities. Awesome view from the top.

Crystal Patti

Gorgeous Day with Amazing Views on the Ranger Trail. 360 degree view!

Nick O

Great drive up. Go slow and enjoy the sights. Unbelievable views and nature. Up top you can see all of Phoenix, Tempe and so much more. Any amount of time on or through the mountain is worth it.

Lourdes Rodriguez

Mothers Day hike. My daughters , 3 absolutely BEAUTIFUL and best daughter that a mother can ever dream. Now they are unbelievable dedicated mothers. I'm so proud of them. Our new tradition if going on mothers day to do a special hike. South Mountain have the best views and the weather was perfect. Feel blessed to be able to do it with my them. Highly recommend ♡♡♡

shayna maracle

So many different trails to take of all different lengths great for all us different individuals. Very knowledgeable staff working at the visitor center and not too mention so very friendly. Will be back for sure.

Daniel Meade

I love riding this place awesome trails always bring lots of water AZ is hot.

Ty G.

In my opinion, this is the best place in the Phoenix area for road cycling climbs. Lots of paved roads and traffic is usually easy to deal with because of the curves and switch backs. Many Sundays are no cars past the 1 mile marker which is even better. Great metro park!

Christina Miguel

Nice drive up to the top of south mountain, very beautiful scenery.

karen davis

Its a great 'first thing in the morning' hike! Beautiful cardio workout, and I would suggest good hiking shoes so you don't slide too much. Lots of fun trails once you're at the top. There are some bee's buzzing around, but the earlier you go the better.


I've been coming up here for 50 years then it's as beautiful as it ever was

Peter Cooke

The recent rains have made the canyon through which the Geronimo Trail winds lush and verdant. Wildflowers were popping ahead of the coming spring warm-up. The trail is a good workout, due to a pretty fair climb. But traction on the rocky staircase-like ascent was terrific. I had a great solo hike.

Jonathan Sanchez

Love it just wish it would be open more late

Emily K

Great views, only concern was several people seemed to be racing their cars around curves.

Rose Villa

I liked the hiking trails. Took my dogs and they loved it!


Awesome place to walk around and get a good view.

Anthony Herrera

Great view at the top of Dobbins Point. Hiking for all kinds of hikers. My most favorite trail is the Holbert Trail. Check it out and be safe. You'll love exploring all the different paths available.

Mustuque Munim

Awesome place! You can see the whole phoenix city

TaCo Shellz

If you’re new to photography, and not much of a hiker, I highly recommend heading up to the mountain top for spectacular views overlooking the city. I don’t know of many places where you can simply drive for a view like this.

Albert Morales

Great mountain bike trails from beginner to expert. Beautiful new facilities with covered areas and water fountains.

Paul Armistead

An essential Arizona experience, complete with cactus, jackrabbits, and other native local flora and fauna, spotted in amongst the harshly beautiful Arizona hills and desert. With horse trail rides through sandy gulches and long dry river beds, around tumble down boulders of all shapes, colours, and sizes, interspersed with cute yellow desert flowers. After a couple of hours immersed in this unique enviroment, you could easily forget what era your currently in.

Timotheus Walker

A wonderful place to hike and bring your family for a picnic or a short hike. Maybe just to overlook the valley and have peace and quietness.

Dina Paz

Love the silence n the atmosphere. A liitle to hot for the summer months. We always see squirrel.

Walid Nabhane

Very nice big mountain reserve where there are plenty of trails and roads for all types of biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Avoid 9AM to 5PM in summer. Best 6-9AM. Great views of both valleys on each side of the mountain.

pau kz

Gorgeous views of the city, ranger trail was certainly a last minute choice given that the park was closed on Sundays for bikes - I had completely forgotten - but we made it to the top fairly fast. Great place for sure.

Rosie D

Gorgeous views, friendly bikers (bicyclists), and excellent roads to run. Sometimes people driving cars go a bit fast and it makes me nervous for those that are biking, but I love coming here early to run! The bathroom at the second gate house off Central is well stocked and clean! Water from drinking fountains is cool, too. Much needed after a run even while carrying water. I'll keep coming back!


Great Park. They have easy hikes or they have a little more challenging hikes. A little something for everyone.

Andrew Vasquez

Really cool place to hike. The trail may be somewhat hard to find. It’s next to the entrance to some apartments. Tis moderately steep with lots of loose rocks, so make sure you wear the proper hiking boots. There are no restrooms so keep that in mind. Aside from that, I didn’t see many people and the view of the city was well worth it. Happy trails.

Alice Daniels

The best hike, Family gathering and fish fry frying good time. We reserve the Ramada's often. We've had two weddings,and a prom. Many family gatherings and bible base dramas performed. We had variety shows. I love South Mountain

Tisha Billy

I love this place. It's safe and so far no run inns with snakes or etc. I take great hikes,walks, jogs with family and friends. #mykidslikeit.

Christian Guerrero

Great hike plenty of options for both beginners and advanced hikers. If you're are going in the summer I'll definitely bring lots of water, well worth the weight.

ken smith

What a great place to walk and see the sun set. WOW

Gloria Thacker

This is a huge preserve with lots of trails to hike and explore. Since it's super popular over the weekends, a lot of the parking lots do get filled to the brim. The last time I was here, I drove to 2 parking lots- all full. Best bet, is to get here around sunrise or at least by 7-8 am to snag your spot.

Vaibhav Kawale

We went to Pyramid Trail, it was easy very less people visit. Missing basic facilities like branches, Ramada and restroom.

Audrey Nelson

City of Phoenix, park rangers and volunteers make this place safe and thoroughly enjoyable, big thank you for preserving and maintaining my "backyard". We come hiking almost every weekend winter time (too hot in the summer!) as only live a 5 minute drive away. Would highly recommend.

Topher Clauson

Good old South Mountain. My favorite place to hike and bike when I've lived in Phoenix before. It was very serene and the views were great, even if the smog in my pics prevent them from doing it justice.

Cynthia Miranda

Climbed the mountain, saw petroglyphs on several different rock formations. Restrooms are clean and a relaxing hand wash area to cool your face after that hick.

Justin P

South Mountain Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the country at more than 16000 acres. We hiked the Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley in the park while visiting Phoenix. The trail has beautiful views of the city and great opportunities to see desert wildlife. The carrot tail chuckwallas are very common. There were also a lot of blister beetles. Hidden Valley is a short loop that passes through the natural tunnel and squeezes through Fat Man's Pass. There are petroglyphs near the entrance to the natural tunnel. It can very hot here and there's little shade so recommend visiting early in the morning or in the evening.

Vincente Robles

Amazing views of the city of Phoenix. Wild life close up squirrels, different species of birds. Great for a family outing doesn't cost anything load up the kids and have a picnic at one of the many Ramadas. Even great for party's there is outlets for electrical needs.

Inez Boyd

I was staying at the Hilton Phoenix Airport hotel for business but arrived early so I decided to take a ride to South Mountain Park. There seemed to be a lot of traffic and bike riders it was easy to find a convenient parking space for a quick hike. I decided to walk through the mountain trails for about 45 minutes taking in the landscape. Then I moved on a little bit up the road and found an amazing view of all of the Phoenix area. I would recommend this stop for anyone who loves nature and desert landscapes.

Daniel Heiss

They do lock the front gate in the evening. But, if you are already in the park, at closing time, you can remain. The exit gate is always open. It's equipped with tire spikes, to allow exits only.

Anar Dadashov

One of the best place to enjoy watching sun sets! Come at least 1 hour early of the sunset so that you can drive it up.

Ashly Shaw

My husband and I are new to Arizona and we loved hiking back in New Hampshire so we decided to find some trails. We were told to look up south mountain. We LOVED the trail we picked and can't wait to do more. There's so many trails to choose from that you can just keep going and finding new ways. I enjoyed how online they also showed you the map and gave you PDFs you could download on your phone as well. This is an absolute have to of you like to hike.


It's always nice to to hike and there's multiple trails and entry points. Make sure you take enough water and wear good shoes. If you plan it right the sunsets or sunrise are beautiful from a top. It took us about an hour going up if we dont stop to enjoys scenery. This time we had a child and a dog do it was about 2hrs but taking breaks and stopping to climb and take pictures on the boulders.

Marisa Bisping

What was a HUGE drawback is it was a struggle to find any signs or maps or notices or plaques that gave the history & its significance. Building remains are in good condition. Great location for photography. Very easily accessible (easy in/out).

Taylor Ogden

Hiked from the top parking lot to Fat Man's Pass. The hike was billed as "moderate difficulty" but it was really quite mellow. Be aware that, aside from occasional trail markers, there is not a lot of direction given out on the trail. Best to bring a map from the visitor center.

Jeanne Beat

Oh my Goodness... just hike here and see for yourself the majestic beauty that is Arizona!

Mary Jane Bricka

This mountain is 8 miles long and is a Phoenix city park. There are miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult. There are multiple entrances and ample parking.

Tony Morris

A great place to take a friend or family member to see the Valley of the Sun.. Nice scooter ride too...

Kevin Delvalle

This a vast (more than 10 miles long and elevation gain of a couple thousand feet above the west valley) park. It's nice to see some open space that hasn't been gobbled up by the metroplex. Stop at the newly opened visitor center that replaced a cramped CCC era building to get maps, use the restroom, fill water bottles, and plan your day. A fairly short, paved, easy (compared to the Apache Trail or some other area roads) takes you to the highest point of the range. watch out for bikers, motorcycles, and flatlanders who want to share your lane as you wind up. At the top, there are people selling Indian trinkets and jewelry in the parking lot. Below is the Valley of the Sun. Looking down, it also seems that every flat canyon and every flat surface is covered in a trail so there are lots of options to get out and see more of the park. Just be sure to take plenty of water. There aren't huge cliffs to die on like Camelback but people still wind up having to be rescued because of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Don B

It is very quiet and peaceful. Great view of the desert and City of Phoenix

Tickleme ASMR

Amazing place ! Top of the mountain , abandoned mines ,small critters and such... love it here one of my favorite places to go in Az

Pamela Wruck

We really appreciate enjoyed going up and over the mountain and then back. The road was closed going up the mountain at central so we explored new trails that lead us gently over the mountain. Just beautiful day. We loved the Visitor's Center. The mountain that lights up places of interest was a great overview of where we have been hiking.

Rita Hunter

Very peaceful place go clear ur mind.

Philemon Spencer

Beautiful place to take a hike! We are so glad somebody had the foresight to plan this park in Phoenix's early days. It is so accessible with several different entrances, and the miles of trails give you new options over and over again!

Bud Bundy

Nice quiet spot just outside of the city..

Lisa G McDowell

This is one of my favorite places in phoenix. Great trails, clean, a lovely visitors center for families. I perfect place to learn about nature in phoenix.

Pi Rocky

Back in the 80s South Mountain Park was an amazing place. There was a ton of places to climb and explore. Now it's just a hill with houses on it. ....and ants. A big ant hill with houses on it.

Karla Z H

I love all the trails. So far I have tried Altavista, Holbert , Kiwanis, fat man's pass, Ma ha tuak, and I like them. I will add some more to the list.

Rick Nobers

Awesome drive and one of my favorite things to do in Phoenix. Great views of the city, some wildlife, and neat scenery.

Connor Williams

It is a beautiful, beautiful park. Hiking and (awesome) mountain biking Trails are well marked. More biodiversity than you would expect in the desert. Saw birds, exotic insects, and even a juvenile Gila Monster (from a distance!). I recommend insect repellant for flies, and wearing long socks.


This is a huge preserve with lots of trails to hike and explore. Since it's super popular over the weekends, a lot of the parking lots do get filled to the brim. The last time I was here, I drove to 2 parking lots- all full. Best bet, is to get here around sunrise or at least by 7-8 am to snag your spot. The views are pretty good, but the hike feels more "urban" because I can still see the streets and city. Also, too many people here for my liking. I prefer more tranquil hikes...

Anthony Collay

Took visitors from S.Korea here......they absolutely loved it......

Timito Medina

Beautiful place to be.. nice views and hiking trails.

Kelley W

This is a cool place to hike & bike apparently! We saw a few bicyclists while we were hiking. Its a rocky trail so I suggest thick soled shoes & hi top boots would probably be the smartest foot wear choice. There were lots of desert flowers in bloom & it was nice & green for desert. The trail is nice & peaceful. We did see other people but it was pretty infrequent which is one of the pros of this area. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves as well! Always bring lots of water whenever you hike in AZ no matter what the temperature! If you enjoyed this review or found it helpful, please give it a LIKE!

Ashley Nicole

The views here are absolutely incredible! Don't be afraid to hike out a ways to get some better perspective- it's well worth your time, even if you are only visiting for a short while. A must-see spot in the Phoenix area for sure.

Matt Rohr

Great park with many trails. Great views of the city and the surrounding valley. Trails for all types of hikes (easy, medium, hard) and even saw a few people cycling on the trails. I did see 3 coyotes on the trail, so be cautious of wildlife.

jorge ricardo cruz

Love it.. Gorgeous view points

Rajan Gaur

Kids had a wonderful time. It seemed a little tough but wasn't too bad. Our 7 yr olds were like mountain goats!

james hoffman

Growing up in Phoenix Arizona this is always one of my favorite spots to return to. One of the first places I took my wife once I took her home to meet my family. It's a little bit of a track to the Outlook over the city but I recommend going up there at Sunset and watching the lights over the city come on.

chaithanya kompella

Truly spectacular experience! The overlook of entire valley view is amazing and memorable. We saw few lizards and baby scorpions on the trails.

Jesse Padgett

If hiking up large rocky trails is your thing, you'll love this spot! Great cardio and leg workout and once you've reached the peaks the views are great. BEWARE Limited parking in the lot so get there earlier in the day

Jasmine K

AMAZING VIEW!! My family’s first time climbing a mountain and we had a blast. It’s very very hot so be sure to pack a lot of water especially when ur bringing kids. We brought food also for a lil picnic cuz all the walking will make u hungry. The view was our favorite part the city looks so nice from far up. We definitely will be visiting soon.

Shawna Johnson

The view is always breath taking for me. The birthday girl is my niece. Happy 26th. We enjoyed the view until the sun completely set.

John Carver

Make sure you bring plenty of water and dont try to push yourself too hard. My first time out I almost ran out of water trying to be superman on the hard trails. The place is so beautiful though. Bring a camera!

Robert Garside

Awesome trails nice ppl... cleanup after yourself and others. Help keep it clean!

Jesse Anglen

My wife and I have been coming here for years, park is well maintained, and the views are pretty awesome, it's also free to get in, and you can still leave after hours.

Eric Pelfresne

One of my favorite spots to trail run. Recommend the ridge line....about a 3 mile loop.

Cameron Kowatsch

I heard a lot of gun shots in the mountains. Just be careful. You can drive through most of the mountain. It's very beautiful and most parking spaces are filled right before sunset

Diana Stocker

Perfect escape for locals even on weekdays. Good variety of trails for different skill levels. I love starting a Pima Canyon trailhead. Dog-friendly!

Clare Segarra

One of the best parks I've ever been to, I have very good experiences coming here. The area was so wide you can feel the nature around you. I have the chances to think about all the good and bad things happen in my life. You have all the moments to relax, and to release all the stresses in life. It's a very very peaceful place to be.

Anita Morgan

Always an anxiety view... Breath the view and drive not the height..

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