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6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pima Air & Space Museum IN Arizona


Amazing Experience. Can easily spend 4+ hours here on your first visit. Prepare to walk 2+ miles on the unguided tour. Bring close toe shoes, water and battery pack for your phone if you're planning to take pictures.

Dean Buterbaugh

If you are a Military Aircraft Geek, or just have a General Curiosity about The History of Flight, this is the Place for You! Excellent Collection, Friendly and Helpful Staff, and Reasonably Priced. Great way to spend some leisure time. Be sure to get there early if you would like to take the tram tour of the outdoor area. It does get pretty hot during the day. Tram tours end about 1 p.m. in the Summer.

Tonia Fuller

Had a great time. The hangers, team and information were all top rated. Love it and learned do much. My grandson, 14, was kept interested. He loved the military information and history of each plane. Great place, well worth the admission. Spend the extra for the tram. Tour guide was awesome.

Diane Iverson

Had loknging to see it and enjoyed evenore than I expected. Especially appreciated your guides who are former military men.

Linda Susan Torrence

Loved it just make sure you go early it gets hot fast.

Sterling Nattrass

Love this museum! With 5 air conditioned hangers and the outside display. The docents are very knowledgeable and have stories of their own to tell. The aircraft are in wonderful condition, they restore the aircraft on site. If you love aviation and space travel too then you must plan a visit!

Tony Psomas

This was my first visit since moving back to Arizona from the east coast. My last visit was a long time ago and it's more than I expected with the amount of buildings and exhibits. Knowledgeable volunteers are always close by to give you information for any questions or concerns. It's best to plan a visit over a couple of days to see everything there or save it for your next visit. Lunch was available on site with a good variety of foods that will make it tough to decide! The food was very good and they had a large selection of beverages to choose from. The friendly staff made it that much more enjoyable. If you are not from the area remember to wear a hat, cool comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses and a bottle of water. You can buy more there if needed. There's plenty of places to take a break and restrooms all around. There's even shaded parking available. The tram tour is narrated and very informative. It takes about 45 minutes or so. There's something for everyone but small children may get bored, after all it's a museum! LoL. The whole family will enjoy this fascinating air and space museum giving you a glimpse of the past and present day flight.

William Freker

This place is chock full of old warbirds inside and out there's an Sr-71 Blackbird a F-4 Phantom Mig Killer Grumman Corsair P-51 Mustang. Bombers Fighters and Cargo planes soooo many great planes Wild Weasle's Connies and the list goes on and on. If you like old warbirds then this is your place. The only comparable place might be Wright Patterson Air Force Museum.

Pima County Neighbors

AMAZING!!! Great place to take the family out. Tons to do and see. The tour is packed with fascinating info. A real Gem of Pima! Dress cool in the summer it can get a little warm walking around and you dont want to miss anything.

Phil Montejano

Museum was great but they changed the rules in the middle of the game on Boneyard tour! Then no refund was given! I wasn't allowed to go. See the museum but buyer beware on boneyard tour which they can cancel anytime! They initially approved me !!

Patricia Bercovich

This museum is so cool. I highly recommend that you take a guided tour to gain a better understanding of the aircraft and their history. I took a tour with volunteer Tom, and he was smart and engaging. He knew so many little tidbits of information about the development and deployment of the aircraft, as well as the specific history of the examples on display. It really made the museum come alive. This was a great place to go on a very cold windy December day, as the best examples are housed in giant hangers, so you can stay out of the wind.

Danyul Bower

So many airplanes from all different areas. Reasonable prices. All volunteer docent staff (most have flown one or more of the planes on exhibit). I recommend bringing a large jug of water if you plan to tour outside. The tram tour gives a quick overview of the yard and was worth it.

Scott Haire

Definitely a highlight from our trip. So many interesting plane and things to see. I would recommend that everyone in the Tucson area stop in and visit. Plan on spending 3 to 4 hours.

Jeff Fearnow is useless, but not for long

They've always had a nice eclectic collection, but now their ability to house a lot of the 'relics' puts them well above 'a dusty lot with a lot of planes on it'. Also, the B-36 has to be seen to be comprehended, the Shackleton never stops being interesting and the Gannet is....well, a face only a mother could love. ;-)

Michael Heier

Visited the museum and the AMARG. The tram tour of the museum was especially interesting. I overheard that the docents are required to know a number of specific planes as well as a few of their choosing which made them feel more knowledgeable and passionate. Go early in the summer to beat the heat and save the AMARG tour for later in the day.

Steve Tishko

An outstanding display of aircraft - both military and commercial. Interactive displays, very knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have. Do yourself a favor and take the guided tram tour of the outdoor museum, and the aircraft boneyard tour. Very informative and fascinating. The museum has 5 large air conditioned hangars of displays including the SR-71 Blackbird and other famous aircraft. A well equipped gift shop and a cafe completes the tours. Absolutely wonderful!

Race Williams

Incredible museum, a must for anyone interested in aviation, technology, space, or history. Both tickets and the grill are kind of pricey but the money is going towards something important so I dont mind. And plus the grills food is incredible with 360 degree views into the main hanger and the displays outside. A choice place for lunch. Just go, anyone will find something they find cool there.

Billy Collins

We just spent the day there and all I can say is WOW! There was so much to see there we wound up rushing to get done in a day's time. Take a free tour with one of the docents for a very memorable experience. If you like planes go here, you'll be glad you did.

Leonard Rhodes

Wow! I haven't been here for over 20 years and was pleasantly surprised by how much bigger and better it is! 3rd largest air museum in the country! Glad I got to see it! It was well worth the price of admission...oh and my 2 grandsons, 10 and 12 years old lived it too. They we're impressed by the sizes, variety and history of the aircraft there. I'm glad I went and would go again.

Jeff Fairbanks

Fantastic airplane museum. From WW2 to present day they have it all. The volunteers were full of intimate knowledge and answered any question you can come up with.

Mike Mann

One of the best museums in Arizona. Great for the whole family with kids over 8. Highly recommend taking a drive down to Tucson and checking it out.

Jeremy Bonikowske

Lots of interesting displays and the aircraft yard was really awesome! So many aircraft! If only they could talk, I'm sure they all have white the stories!!

Jim Sayers

They have an extensive collection of aircraft, so I'm going back two before world war two. They were missing one plane that I came to see, but it is my understanding that they share aircraft with other museums and the u.s. air Force.

Cirilo Foot

Very nice Air & Space Museum. More air than space as there's only one little building dedicated to the Space Program. Plenty of planes in I think 6 indoor hangers. Dozens of dozens of planes Outdoors as well. They all have information on the plane and what specific about them. Have a nice little cafe and a good-sized gift shop on the site also. Free parking and $16 admission for adults. Well worth it. Plenty of different types of planes from military planes to helicopters to commercial planes. Been to the Smithsonian and the one in Seattle and I highly recommend this one, is a very good comparison to those other two big air museums. Very friendly and helpful staff also.

Daniela Moore

It a great place to visit for the whole family. My daughter lived planes and we came here just about every weekend.


There are so so many planes and stuffs to see and to know their history. Enjoyed it with my friends

Tai Lucas

Well equipped to serve a day trip with the family. The guided tour added character to the planes outside and the hangars are full of interesting and informative pieces of history. A must see for all ages, in my opinion.

Brian reed

Kathy other driver awesome customer service bringing people absolute great place to take a fan

Evan Burow

So you're into planes? This is a must visit. Even with a full day a head of you there is so much to see, you'll probably need to come back again. From WW2 to modern day there are lots of amazing aircraft to see. Also this place hires veterans who actually flew some of these air craft! I thought it very cool that if you had any questions, or just wanted to chat, you could ask someone with real life experience. From the legendary flying fortress to the SR71 black bird, you won't be disappointed.

Anthony Kadzban

The desert really makes displaying the ginormous airplanes practical. I've never seen all larger array of planes across the country. Boneyard tour was awesome as well.


I love this place. They have so much to see and some of it is really rare. Lots of indoor exhibits but even more outside. They are always getting new stuff too. Plan on 2 days there if you want to see everything.

Desiree Elliott

Really awesome experience. Definitely worth a stop there. All employees extremely friendly and interesting to speak with.

Gisele Giguere

Great, awesome place. Pack plenty of water! Knowledgeable veterans!

Praful Udade

It is one of the best place to visit. You will get a chance to see all types of aircraft. If you are a Military Aircraft Geek, then this is the best where you would love to visit again and again. Perfect place to visit with your family.

Carla Vasquez-sanguinetti

It is a great place to visit. It is big and there is a lot to see. You could easily spend the whole day there. Very interesting for kids and adults. The museum has a restaurant inside, which is convenient. However, it is not cheap, but not super expensive either. If the entrance price is a problem, you could enter for free the first weekend of the month with your Bank of America debit or credit card. Always check with the Bank before planning your visit.

Laura Fletcher

It was very hot out but interesting. Best to visit in the winter. We will be going back next week to see the rest. To much for a one day trip.


Aviation enthusiasts will love this museum! Not only do they have an enormous collection of aircraft both in the hangar and in the outdoor area, but the docents are extremely knowledgeable and very excited to share their expert knowledge. It is difficult to see everything in one day, so start early. Their restoration work on WWII planes is incredible. If you're familiar with the Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, imagine more planes and better, more engaging staff. Truly, the finest Air and Space museum I've visited.

Rosa Dorsey

This keeps growing! It is VERY Impressive. Everyone needs to put this on the list of things to do. It is GREAT for kids too. It's a great history tool.

Olivia Sutton

I don't even like airplanes (I like that they get me from point a to point B, but never thought of them beyond that really) and this was great. I took about 5o photos and I don’t care about planes, helicopters was just a massive place - 5 hangars of stuff plus acres outside. I love 'design' and a lot of these look really cool.Spent about 4 hours there. No tram (it didn't run when it's raining and muddy) just walking - great exorcize outside and in. Cool uniforms and movie planes. Took the docents (Marcia - wonderful. Concise, thorough, spoke clearly and not too much jokey nonsense) tour for almost 2 hours. Included in the $16 ticket.Well worth the time and $.

Joshua Sloat

Had a fun trip down with my father. We played hide and seek with each exhibits representative. Great game to play so they don't speak to you and you can just enjoy the history in silence.

Mountain Bike Rider

I am a National USAF museum junky and aerospace professional. I was impressed at the quality and organization of this private museum. Everyone is passionate and knowledgeable about the aircraft that are exhibited. I love seeing aircraft from the Army Air Corp, USAF as well as the Navy. This expansive facility will take at least a full day to take in. It is in Tucson and not outside in the summer so bring shade and plenty of water. Inspire your kids and share with them the wonders of our American and aviation heritage. You don’t have to be a pilot to be in aviation, there are far more opportunities to become part of our country’s aerospace history. My only caution is the price. At $16 a ticket, it does limit the frequency of attendance.

Angela Miles

We took the tram tour, it was well worth the money. Be warned, in summer, it can be blazing hot. Take water and an umbrella. Stay inside as much as possible and off the tarmac. The tram is open air, so if you are sensitive to heat, go early.

Cole Hayward

One of the largest and finest indoor/outdoor collections of airplanes, helicopters and experimental aircraft available for viewing up close ANYWHERE in the USA. Acres of aircraft with informative displays and you can see a lot in the comfort of air conditioning and enjoy the outdoor collections in the sunshine. The staff members are friendly and helpful. Cafe is onsite for food and drinks. Top notch museum and the entire premises is also super clean

Bill Kempthorne

One of the best! You will simply see items here that aren't in any other collection. The space and quanity is absolutely mindblowing. I went for the B-36 (1 of 2 in the world) which sits next to a B-29, B-47, and two B-52s. A complete evolution of bomber airplanes in one row. That is just one example of what you can see here. The collection is mostly WWII to present day and not exclusively US aircraft. A must stop on the Airplane Geeks world tour.

james marticello

Incredible experience for my entire family. We loved every minute of it and wish we had more time. The history is incredible. The workers were really friendly and knowledgeable.

Jerry Glisson

Its amazing all the different planes on display! There were lots of Vets on hand that could give you all the info you wanted. It was very interesting to to talk to them and find out person information. We also took the shuttle ride, I would recomendend this, they load you up and drive you around the whole place, and again give you lots of info about hundreds of different planes. I think it was $7.00 a piece, a good deal. We also had lunch in the cafe, the food was cooked as you ordered it. (Sandwiches) . Good & reasonable. This is a must see in Tucson!

Eric Jones

I love this place. I go every time I am in Tuscon. It's always something I haven't seen before. From the B36 Bomber to the F14 Tomcat and everything in between. It's a great experience for all ages. My father in law even found the Aircraft he helped to build sitting there. The stories were great. The only thing that would be better is to be able to ride in one. My dream has always been to fly in the B36. For now I just have to watch Jimmy Stewart fly one.

Marcus Lundmark

An awesome collection of planes. Be sure to take the tram tour to learn a lot about the back story of how many of the planes got there. Knowledgeable guides always available for questions. Impressive.

Salvatore Barbera

Great place. Wonderfully helpful guides.


Great museum and friendly staff. An opportunity to see aircraft I've only seen in books and TV until now. You can walk up and touch the planes and there is also a lot of information on the people who flew them. I could have spent 3 days here. Well worth the visit!


Great place to visit especially being a Dutchman as we have a long ww2 history and great friendship with our friends from the USA. Was able to meet a ww2 veteran from the 392nd brigade (very respectful man) and many more friendly staff which was very nice also. I would recommend anyone to visit this place and to educate themselves on the history of this museum and it’s aircraft.

Rob Tommasone

My wife and I have been members of the museum foundation since moving to Tucson thirteen years ago. We both feel that from the perspective of the quantity and quality of the exhibits and facilities, the museum is one of the best in the country. As a former military pilot and Vietnam veteran, being among examples of the aircraft that I flew or flew alongside was always enjoyable to the point that I seriously considered becoming a volunteer docent. When our membership renewal materials arrived recently, we were shocked to see that the two guest passes issued to each member had apparently been discontinued. I contacted Mr Scott Marchand, the museum director, using the website contact form asking for confirmation and clarification of this new policy and stating my extreme disappointment over this development adding that at least two individuals whom I had brought along on guest passes had become members. I specifically requested the courtesy of a reply. I waited a week. . .nothing. I sent another contact form. . .still nothing. Evidently, Mr Marchand and the museum policy makers do not care very much about their members and from what I have read in several comments posted here, for visitors and staff in general. Indeed, I shelved my volunteer plans when I learned that "a significant number" of then-current volunteers had resigned over issues with management Not a good sign. Absent a response from the museum and reconsideration of the new guest pass policy, we will not be renewing our memberships. We will take our support elsewhere to more appreciative organizations.

Jason P

Dog friendly! Not very expensive. Staggering assortment of aircraft. Very friendly band knowledgeable volunteers abound. Although the buildings are in theory air-conditioned the buildings a hot and the grounds hotter. Bring plenty of water and those who have medical conditions may want to wait to explore outside of the summer season.

R. S.

One Amazing place to visit. There are so many aircraft ,old and newer including one of a kind prototypes that I have never even seen pictures of let alone walk up to and touch. They have a ton of information on the aircraft they have which makes it a great learning experience for the young and older people who visit. I've visited PASM at least 7 times over the past 40 years and it never gets old. Thanks!

Showmen Bardhan

Absolutely superb, hopefully will visit again. One can spend a whole day admiring those flying beauties. They don't allow inside any planes, even the bigger ones. The tour with the guide lasts a few hrs and is very informative. A must-visit for plane lovers. Very few places have 300 planes open to the public like this.

Aaron Hirst

This has got to be one of the top three Air and Space museums in the nation and I would say if there are such museums overseas, they dont have nearly the amount of planes. I have never seen so many planes in one place anywhere. Moreover, the many hangers that exist on the property house pristine examples. The price of admission is low for what you have access to and there are many fun simulators spread out on the site. If you like this kind of thing, you will really enjoy Pima!!!

Jeff Freeman

Great adventure! So much to see and learn! The food court there was great! The employees were very knowledgeable and knew answers to all of our questions.

Nunya Bidness

Another fantastic place you have to visit if you find yourself on the surface of the sun, AKA Arizona. Absolutely wonderful. Birds from every era of flight. Wartime. Peace. Civilian. Military. Experimental. And so forth...

Robert Mayer

Awesome collection of planes. From all the eras of flight. Very cool museum of you are into flight and different planes from commercial to warfare. Wife and I loved it. We thought it was well worth the money spent.

Dustin Southway

This is one of the best collections of aircraft you will find anywhere in the world! In the summer plan to get there as soon as they open. Hit the outdoor areas first. Carry lots of water with. Then enjoy the indoor exhibits when it heats up. The docents on site are very knowledgeable having volunteered their time to restore and preserve many of the items on display. This is an attraction well worth your time. Plan to spend many hours here.

John Herrick

Simply one of the best aviation museums I've been to. Full access to interior and outdoor exhibits with a full range of modern and historic commercial and military aircraft. Wear comfortable shoes and a hat.

Richard Unger

Considering it's one of the only places on earth to see aircraft in variety commercial, general, and military. ABSOLUTE must see for aviation intro.,reminiscent of aviation timeline. I remember most of these as an airforce brat turned squid. Yes the Naval aviation history is well preserved here.

Hansen Family

We love Pima Air & Space. It's very interesting, lots to look at, and entertaining for kids. The staff is extremely friendly and anxious to answer any questions. Really tho, the best part is just all the things they have on display to look at. Such history! So glad all this is preserved for generations to share. The place looks so good too, they have done a lot of work and keep it updated and clean and relaxed. We recommend to all to go visit.

Alan Rowe

This place is absolutely amazing. I had a blast walking around the entire facility. Be prepared for a lot of walking. There are not a lot of places to sit down except for the hangars. Seniors and retirees may find that a bit of a challenge. There are no outside food or beverages allowed. If you call well in advance you can, from what I understand, see the Air Force Bone Yard but need a security clearance. There is a tram ride around the facility which costs an additional $6.

Nathan Stevens

Great setup, as always. Knowledgeable staff. Interesting displays. On-site restaurant. It's very nice that you can get close up to most of the aircraft on site. Some you can go part way inside of, many you can touch. Some free simulations, such as, space station docking and lunar landing. Very nice flight simulator in the main hanger, only $20 to try your hand at realistic flying with moving seat and panoramic view. Multiple scenarios available, with a very kind and helpful Sim operator.

Ben Schroeder

Last time I went there I was a kid, and had no idea of the destruction and violence these weapons and aircraft have done. Now that I'm older, I can really appreciate it, and look forward to space lasers


Decided to come here on a road trip and it was well worth the drive from Seattle! So so many things to see and do. Absolutely loved the different hangars, outside area organization, and the amount you experience! Give yourself ample time as it took us over 5 hours between all the exhibits, exploring, pictures, and lunch! We came across a volunteer in one of the WW2 hangars named Mac who really shared his passion for the planes and aviation. He was so kind and informative. He needs to be paid! He said we made his day and he by far made ours! Can’t wait to return!


Really interesting to see all the old aircraft. A good place to go for anyone who likes history!

Ovliex Fan

Overall, this place is very nice, and a must-see if you are in the Tuscon area. The museum was very clean, and unique. The pricing was very reasonable, and you get what you paid for. Pros: -The variety of aircraft to see. - The location, a great outdoor space with aircraft hangers. -The staff, who where kind and would help us. Cons: - the operating hours (Not really a problem, but for some, it might be.)

Manuel B

WOW...This place was huge and awesome, it was my first time here and I loved it. I got here when it opened and stayed until it closed. I spent the extra couple of bucks for the tram ride and it was worth it. There is a couple of other tours through out the day get the schedule you won't be disappointed.

Polo Saldivar

Excellent place to spend hours learning interesting facts about aviation world-wide. The museum has machines from bullets and missiles to a huge 747 and other rare pieces of aviation's history. Come with your family or friends, there's a lot of possible photography moments. Bring your water and of course, check for a good weather for the day you are planning to spend here, if it rains... you will not be able to walk around their backyard freely.

Mark Siahaya

This place is a must visit for anyone interested in aviation history and airplanes. It is amazingly well done.

Jerrie Jewell

Very interesting and informative, due to physical limitations we took the tour trolley and enjoyed the whole experience.

Adam Davis

Worth the money. Lots to see. The volunteer staff is top notch. Bring a hat and a bottle of water.

Hilary Vernon

Great museum. A lot of interesting planes that are well marked. The docents were very friendly and had lots of fun facts to share. On Thursday at the 390th museum on the grounds, a pilot of the B-17 on display works and was great to talk to. I would highly recommend visiting.

Bill Sanders

Wow! So many planes and so much history! If you like planes/aviation/history this is an amazing place. Lots of it is outdoors but there are several buildings to go into to cool off. Remember to hydrate and bring your real camera! I have visited twice and am ready to go back again.

Cool Wolf

It's amazing for anyone that has any interest in aviation and aviation history. The space building is absolutely my favorite, it amazes me everytime. They're food is amazing and have newly added vegetarian options. It's a great opportunity to learn a bit and just have a great time.

Andy Reid

If you love old aircraft be sure to go here. One of the best air museums in the U.S. with many planes that are no where elsebin the U.S.

Laura Sands

This was a great museum. The tram wasn't running and the trip in the base has to have reservations and must call 2 week ahead as they do a background check

Elva Turner

Forget the bus ride to the boneyard with it's increase in time-consuming government regulations and stay right here. The docents are mostly former military and love sharing their knowledge and the history of the planes, especially our tram driver, who was so interesting and funny. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride as he explained some of the numerous planes parked there. My suggestion would be to go as early as possible to avoid the heat, but if you can't, there are still plenty of shady spots and places to rest and hydrate. It's hard to find this variety of history in one spot, so make the most of it and enjoy!

Eric Lopez

Kids....can touch... Cool STUFF!!! You could spend all day there and still not see everything. I love this place.

Walter Graham

Well organized mini- Smithsonian Air and Space like inside and a H U G E airfield with dozens of planes/jets or all description. Trainers, Guppies, MiGs, B-52s, etc. Visited in cool weather and the walk around the field was terrific. It may not be in the summer but. . . it's a dry heat. Refreshed in the on-site restaurant and walked through the interior exhibits again on the way out making sure we didn't miss anything. Clean, well organized. Well documented exhibits and even the interactive stuff all worked. Well worth the trip. At least half of the other people there seemed to be older AF Vets or other service guys, many wearing identifying caps. I bet this was a great memory jog for many of them.

Torrin Dufforsmith

Very nice Air & Space Museum. More air than space as there's only one little building dedicated to the Space Program. Plenty of planes in I think 6 indoor hangers. Dozens of dozens of planes Outdoors as well. They all have information on the plane and what specific about them. Have a nice little cafe and a good-sized gift shop on the site also. Free parking and $16 admission for adults. Well worth it. Plenty of different types of planes from military planes to helicopters to commercial planes. Been to the Smithsonian and the one in Seattle and I highly recommend this one, is a very good comparison to those other two big air museums. Very friendly and helpful staff also.

James Rood

My Grandson and I had a great time. Could not see it all in 4 hours. Staff is very knowledgeable

Margie Boyle

Incredible collection of vintage and historical aircraft. Docents were very knowledgeable and shared not only facts about the planes but also included historical stories about the men and women (great Women in Flight exhibit ) who served.

Patrick Linn

Been maltipule times. One of the best museums in the country. Take the tram ride!

John Morales

Great place to spend the day and learn about a little history and stand by some awesome planes and helicopters! Be prepared to do a lot of walking in multiple hangers and outside in the boneyard.

Nathan Schroeder

This place is an absolute blast. Wish I had more time to look around and see all the planes. You want to make sure you have at least 5hrs to see everything and appreciate the history.

Allen Tunstall

Just being there in the place makes you appreciate how far we have come in the world of aviation. Seeing the aircraft that made the world what it is today has really impressed me, but the only drawback to this visit was not being able to see the aircraft bone yard, that really would have put this visit over the top!

Captain Hans

The museum itself is epic. Especially the B-36, my favorite strategic bomber. Everything was fun and nice and jolly...except for one bit. I was talking to the guy I visited with about the V-1 missile and how it was slow enough to be flipped by planes, and then an old docent who had been listening in said I was only "half correct" and that we never had anything that could catch it, as it was a 500mph missile. Something felt off about this, so when I said, "But what about the Gloster Meteor?" he deflected a bit by saying they were getting one soon. And when I got home, I dug around to confirm my suspicions and found that indeed, the V-1 went only 400mph. I was put off a bit (not enough to not come back-this place is better than any other air museum I've visited). Please fix if possible. Other than that, thanks for the experience!

Jeffrey Thompson

Really nice place, clean,well organized and wonderful volunteer staff. One volunteer was 95 years old and had fascinating stories to tell about bombing missions over Germany. The 3rd largest collection of private and military planes in the country plus an aerospace museum with some challenging hands-on exhibits. Great snack bar. It covers over 80 acres and numerous buildings so bring some comfortable shoes. Was a bit chilly inside so a coat wouldn't be a bad idea if it's under 80.

Donna Richardson

Very interesting display of aircraft, fixed wing and rotary. Some interesting missiles, armored tanks. The docents were great guides and the tram tour was very educational!

Nick Robinson

Site is larger that expected. Great options for walking self guided or taking tram tours. The folks working in the hangers were helpful and friendly. Looking forward to taking my sons back for a future visit. Plan at least 3 hours to see everything. The new 787 was a cool site to see up close.

Rebecca Lynn

Definitely give yourself more time to get thru everything they have to offer.

Kirk Sturdevant

Good layout and plenty of room to walk around and look at exhibits. There were a lot of people around but once inside the museum you forget there are some lot of people since you're given so much space to observe. Price was pretty reasonable and the staff were very helpful.

Kimberly Paul

So much to see and very dog friendly. I’m not real into airplanes but there was still a lot of interesting things to see. The art work on the planes and stories behind them, all the unique airplanes and a great space exhibit. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 only because it really wasn’t my area of interest but if it were, it would be a 10 :)

Wayne Haight

Well worth the visit. There is so much to see, so plan to spend a few hours there!

Matthew Anderson

Probably one of the singke most impressive aircraft collections in any aviation museum in the United States. They also offer bus tours of the famous airplane boneyard. Mostly outdoors so unless you mind the heat, I recommend visiting at cooler temperatures. The museum also has long distances between collections but offers a tram for those unwilling to walk. Definitely recommended for anyone visiting Southeast Arizona.

Karthik S

Great place to visit. Has a vast variety of planes, missiles, and other gadgets. Wonderful staff. Good one day field trip for all ages.

Marijke Miller

This is the third largest aviation museum in the world. The Museum is located on 136 acres, 80 acres of display. Exhibiting more than 300 aircraft and 125,000 artifacts. They have a great photo section to go along with displays. It is a must see.

michael martinez

I have been to Washington DC air & space but you can't see what they have at pima historic B-52's, SR-71, A10 Thunder Bolt and much more. They gave a great gift shop, ice cream shop, refreshments in a comfortable AC sitting area. They is a guided tour get there before 11am!

Robert Hull

Have wanted to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum for a long time and I am so glad I finally did. It is a fantastic place with so much history inside the hangers and on the grounds it is for an aviation geek like me and my friend who traveled with me or anyone who wants to see and learn of the history of not only military but commercial aviation an incredible place to do it. The vast collection of planes and helicopters on display along with history of aviation that you can walk around and photograph and learn from is just such a treat you will not regret your time here. Come and enjoy some of the history of aviation in America.

Mitch Schott

Wonderful and a very beautiful place to visit and to learn about history from military to civilian and nasa. We spent all day and we still felt like we should come back there is that much to see and to read about. Family of all ages and pet (we took our German Shepherd) friendly they even offered us treats and water for our dog at each building. We are going to be back again to see what we missed. Thank you and please keep doing a great job.

Michael Tougher

A must see if you like airplanes and their history! The B-17 exhibit is excellent!

Azdimondkat Azdiamondkat

We all enjoy pima air and space no matter how many times we been there there is always something new and fascinating my kids really enjoy it. It's clean, well air conditioned. They have a area to get lunch or a drink. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend this place especially if you love Aviation, history, or simply learning new things or more of a topic :)

michael polach

Awesome place. Eight huge hangars plus about a hundred acres outside. Lots of WWII stuff including a B17 flying fortress very well restored. Lots of pics and film. B52, Kennedy's air force one. Plenty more.

Carmen Joshi

Beautiful, majestic airplanes. Everything about Pima Air & Space Museum is wonderful. The only suggestion I have is, when the visitors enter the museum the staff taking the payments should tell them about the tours. We missed out on the last tour because the young lady that was taking or payment didn't bother to inform us. This was or first time to the Museum, unfortunately we weren't able to sight see the planes outside .

Drones in Pursuit

I was immediately impressed upon walking into the incredibly large hangar full of very unique planes rich with history. From an Air Force One plane that took JFK from place to place, to the world's smallest plane, there is something here that will interest any guest. Alongside this amazing museum, there is also a restaurant and a very nice gift shop. One could easily spend all day here. I will have to come back here next time I am in the Tuscon area to finish going through this museum.

Captain B

Lots of cool aircraft to see. Definitely gotta go again

David McMillan

Wow, what an amazing place! It is HUGE and there is a massive amount of aircraft on display, both outside and inside in hangars. Allow at least 3-4 hours to see everything, more if you are a real aircraft enthusiast. AND IT’S DOG FRIENDLY!!!....yes you can bring your dog everywhere outside AND INSIDE the hangers. The staff love dogs. This is a must see attraction if you are visiting Tucson!

Richard Aubrey

The planes, the history of the planes, to be able to get that close. A lifetime experience not to be missed. I'll be going back again.

Francesco Arellano

Great place to be. Found aircraft from my old squad (VC-8). Incredible!!!

John Dymora

My. Friends. Mitchell. Wing Hangs. From. The. Roof I. Was. Helping. Him. Build. In. 76. To 84

Michael Clark

Huge collection of post WW II military aircraft plus the cream of the crop from WW II. The indoor exhibits have excellent interpretive displays. Outdoors has row upon row of aircraft parked in the desert. There's no way to see all of it in just one day, but most folks can probably see what interests them the most in a single visit.

Traven Searle

An incredible experience. Worth the time It will take many hours. Tours of the graveyard requires 10 days advance notice.

Brian Woebkenberg

Amazing number of aircraft! Walking up and touching an SR-71 was a highlight, but so many other aircraft from many eras and nations.

Sub to me If you support PewDiePie

I liked it. A huge variety of different types of cool planes. My favorite was the Black Bird SR71A, which is in the middle of the entrance building, I also liked the B17 gallery, it was really cool. If you want to come here, which I definitely recommend, keep in mind that most planes are outside and the sun is out in the afternoon so it's a bit hot. Expect that, everything was excellent.

Nancy Haworth

This is an amazing museum! It is huge with so much to see both indoors and outdoors. You could definitely spend an entire day here. We saw so many different types of aircraft and took many great photos! Unfortunately, my family arrived just a couple of hours before closing, on a hot summer afternoon, so we didn't have time to take it all in fully. If you go in the summer, I suggest getting there early and bringing lots of water.

Garry Cahill

Only reason I gave it five stars is because I couldn't find a 6th or more. Get a 2 day pass, you'll need it. Has aircraft of all descriptions and you can touch most of them. So much history is revealed in the displays. Not just war planes but civil, Presidential, experimental, historic. From the Wright Brothers to space travel it is all here but be rested before you arrive there's lots to see.

J Holl

Just go . Take the whole family. Wish they offered Veterans as paid guides (even if it was for tips)!!! Went with my Dad to see two of his a/c. They were there previously. This trip they weren’t. He was heartbroken and NO one knew or cared where his a/c was — that’s not good management! He’s 84 years and he had strong attachment to them - at least you could keep records for public view on where a/c went / are located. Navy family 20+ years and I’m also a USN Veteran. Please show respect for our OLDER Veterans—-there’s not many of them left. Take umbrella for sun and ICE cold water & cold water spray bottles.... it’s hot out there. Small chart scooters are difficult in rocks. Take large wheel carts / wheelchairs for your Veterans.

Dan Knowlton

Awesome place to visit if you like planes....none better for sure..

Seth Cruver

Huge collection, and very Well staffed by knowledgeable folks. I went on a particularly hot day and they recommended the tram tour. In retrospect, I should have.

Jordan Rogowski

If you are in ANY way interested in aviation, you absolutely need to come and spend a few hours here. The sheer breadth of planes is amazing; from the first in flight, to fighter jets through the years, unique military cargo planes, old Pan-Am planes, there’s something from every style and era. Just wandering the graveyard and looking will wow you, but there’s also a ton of information available with a lot of the planes inside. There’s also a separate space museum that chronicles much of that history and a couple different flight simulators. Price is damn good for how long you can spend here, too. Can’t recommend it enough.

Sharon Sercombe

Great museum and very informative ride/guide through infamous Bone Yard of old planes. Celebrity Row includes famous propeller and jets like B24. Planes covered in protective coating to preserve. Some planes saved for parts, others available for purchase to refurbish.

Mark Smith

Great Museum/Attraction! Worth the admission. But, front staff is incompetent. There is a deal if you visit both PIMA and Titan Missile site (1 year membership) that will save you money. But, you need to buy the membership first. They would not give discount with Titan receipt, only "credut PIMA receipt to membership. They could not wrap their head around crediting Titan towards membership...

Family Google Account

Profoundly disappointing. I lived within a reasonable distance from Dayton, OH most of my life and got spoiled by the Museum of the United States Air Force. Dayton is free. Pima cost $13.25 for locals. Dayton's aircraft are meticulous. Pima's outside aircraft are junk. The B-36 had allegedly been "restored" recently, but it looks like someone spray painted it with Krylon, and it's already peeling and exposing the bare aluminum. The Boneyard tour is another hassle. You have to plan at least two weeks in advance, and provide a DNA sample and your full criminal history and then be prohibited from taking anything with you. I would say the $20 is worth it, but it's not like you can show up at the museum and be able to take the tour without advanced planning.

Corry Schneider

3+ air conditioned museums and growing with even more planes outside. Don't forget to look up

Donna Gary

This museum is amazing, especially for war or air travel interest. You could spend an entire day and not see all the planes, helicopters, bombs, etc. The history us also amazing. The volunteers are wonderful.

Seth Gleason

Second air and space museum I've been to, but this one was by far the biggest and the best in my opinion. Sure I would have loved to see a ch-47, or a P38, but they have so many aircraft it's amazing. It's also very reasonably priced. I was socked that they aren't trying charge and arm and a leg. Will definitely be going back.

Kevin Charles

If you're into aviation and military history add this to your bucket list. Rich in detail. Very complete. Well organized. Helpful guides. Very clean. My only frustration was there was far more than I could see in a day. Highly recommend.

Andrew M

3rd largest inventory of aircraft at any North American air museum, only under Wright Patterson and Smithsonian in Washington DC. A few vets work here and retired military staff, very knowledgeable and immensely sweet people. I've been to many museums across North America and this was the most memorable. We did the boneyard tour and I highly recommend it, like someone said "it's a bucket list item". As a Canadian that's been flying since I was a kid and have military in the family, I can't stress enough my respect and love for these guys and the aircraft in Yuma. Don't hesitate, go see this display and shake hands with those grey ghosts.

Dale Eagar

I was not disappointed. I did enjoy the walk around the museum and grounds. The history of manned flight on display and all it includes is quite a thing to see. It's too bad we, as a species, have to make everything into a weapon. Civilian aircraft and research vehicles are represented, but not in the quantity military aircraft are. I know the need, but it doesn't speak as well of us as would have been the case of military planes being smaller in number than research craft.

Robert Richards

Very interesting and informative tour. If you are into aviation .. this is a must see

Mark Ackeret

Best collection of aircraft I have ever seen. Mostly military (WW2 - Present), some corporate and general aviation aircraft. Only aircraft museum I've been to which doesn't rope off the aircraft. This allows you to touch and examine everything (exterior only). We spent about 4hrs here, saw everything and used the tram to see the outside aircraft. Tram is well worth the cost. Two day admission not necessary.


Lots of aircraft to see. There are a lot of enthusiastic helpful volunteers that are really willingly to help you explain everything about certain aircraft. The park is good maintained, totally recommend this.

Crystal Trujillo

Beautiful layout of planes, history and items, both old and new, related to air and space. Have inside, half outside - Give yourself all day to explore and put on your hiking shoes. There are people scattered through every hangar with a wealth of knowledge so ask away - you won't be disappointed.

Becky Mortenson

Planes and their history.. great displays, knowledgeable attendants. The tram tour moved along well and if anyone wanted to stop or look longer, you could return on foot for photos and "gawking".. Nice cafeteria... I liked the history room with stories, and videos. Interesting to see how aircraft were developed to accommodate various needs. Hurray to all the engineers that make contributions to air and space travel.

Joshua Spikberg

Excellent Museum, very nicely layed out tons of aircraft to look at and many many other historic events to explore. There if a gift shop and a grill to shop at and eat at as well!

John Hickey

Really cool. Lots of walking, go early so it's not so crowded, there's a lot of history to be learned from the guys working the hangers

Anna Suazo

Great for the kids, just not my type of thing. They didn't really have anything on POC so I was a little disappointed

John E

This is a great museum, they have over 300 planes, 5 separate buildings, multiple different guided tours, and tons of historic information all over the place. I especially loved the 290th memorial museum inside, so much WWII info, it's just fascinating and such a wonderful tribute to all of the brave souls who saved our world so many years ago. I also loved the space building, and of course they also have an actual SR-71 Blackbird which I had never seen in person and is a marvel of modern engineering--and huge! They also have lots of civilian aircraft, helicopters, a few drones,a MiG-15, F-14, F-15, and on and on. We only had a few hours but it would be easy to spend a whole day here. Would highly recommend it to anyone who loves either history or aviation!

Sam Brandt

I had an awesome experience here. They have friendly staff and very knowledgeable volunteers. The volunteers to a great job of helping you fully understand the different planes.

Shawn Adams

Fascinating display of aircraft. Hundreds of planes to learn about. Leave yourself a minimum of 2 hours to see everything. Numerous veterans around the grounds providing insight and facts about the planes. Good mix of older and newer planes.

Reshma Modi

Really well done. Great opportunity for kids - big or little - to learn about engineering and history. Loved the women in Aviation display!

JD McClendon

Not what I expected, front desk employees did not know where we boarded proper trip we paid for. We purchased AC tour bus, they sent us out back of museum to open tram ride (both of us over 70 using canes to walk)we was to load right out front.

Simon Pledge

Volunteers are amazing to them. One flew b17s from Norfolk as a young 96! Huge range of exhibits...easily a day to go round. Even if it's hot the wings provide shade...

Danielle Duroy

It's fun to go and look at. We could have stayed there all day. Definitely take the tours in the morning you'll actually learn something from them and we found the stories and information quite entertaining/fun. If you like airplanes/space stuff it's for you. Theres also a building that you can get food at and a gift shop.

Jon H

Excellent air museum inside and out! Lots of great planes to see here from WWII planes to super bombers to helicopters to Soviet planes. They just about have it all. The staff is super polite and very knowledgeable as well. I’ve been wanting to go here ever since I lived in AZ several years back and am glad I finally got the chance. It did not disappoint at all! If you’re an aviation enthusiast then this is a must visit place!

Robert Attuso

Outstanding place! Seems like new planes every visit. Thursdays are great as there is a veteran pilot from the WWII 390th airing that gives talks.

Larry Kime

Hot, hot, hot, too hot to run the tram so we had to walk. Well worth the time, cost and distance to get here. If you are a airplane buff, this is a mandatory stop. When combined with the bone yard tour it is truly exceptional. If you do the boneyard. Make your reservations more then 3 weeks in advanced.

Thomas Tassopoulos

Great place to check out but was really looking forward to seeing the Boneyard, actually both. Now I know you can plan the Boneyard through the Pima Museum. I wish I knew before I flew there. All good, still going back to finish my mission !!!!

Pedro Amezola

What an amazing collection of aircraft on display! Also the staff is outstanding and knowledgeable about the aircraft on display.

Byron Harano

An avaiaton fanatic dream. Hands on each display unless designated. Staff friendly and highly knowledgeable.

Roaming Highlander

This place os amazing be careful while exploring as there are a few snakes in the area but the staff keep the place pretty safe lovely staff very knowledgeable and lovely souvenirs i spent half a day here 1 downfall is they didnt have a working atm while i was there and no cash problems with there catd machine but gotbthere in the end but yea love this place love planes and loved there interactive games onsite staff are lovely

Grant Smart

Our family loves visiting the Pima Air and Space Museum. We've been many times, and there is always something new to learn or see. For first time visitors, I would recommend taking the Tram tour which takes you through the many planes on display outside. The docents are always eager to answer questions and very knowledgeable. Make sure you bring your water (available on site as well) and a hat / sunscreen. Sunglasses wouldn't be a bad idea either. The cafe has pretty solid food, and is very convenient after working up an appetite walking around the premise.

Nolan Bing

This is THE PLACE to go if you want an engaging experience with all types of decommissioned airplanes & more! It's in the perfect location with an Air Force Base in the back test flying Thunderbirds over the park. It has everything to offer including WW1 airplanes to the present. It's also cost effective including many discounts for vets and active military. Cool place for anyone to experience would totally recommend.

Sid M

Amazing experience! Bring a camera! Definitely try the burgers when you are at the museum! Really enjoyed the Titan burger.

Marissa DeLong

You definitely need more than 1 day to go through. All the employees are super nice and informative as well. Don't skip the AMARG tour either

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