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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Zoo IN Arizona

Michael Naaktgeboren

I love the Phoenix Zoo. Feeding the sting rays and giraffes is a lot of fun. The train drivers are very knowledgeable and humorous. The splash pads are great for the kids on hot Arizona summer days.

Cody Pearson

Fun place to spend the day with your family. It’s best to get there early though I don’t think they open until 9:00 am. Wear your walking shoes, there is a few areas where you will walk some distance between exhibits. Food is good, you can now order and eat in a air conditioned building.

Teri Mikita

It would have been better if the lines for the drinks weren't so long. It was a nice night for a walk at the zoo. Why couldn't it have stayed open later.

Mireya Cruz

Good place to go with the kids, I go once a year in October and is great.

Lacy Kruger

I've had a pass for 5 years and have taken my kids since they were weeks old. I love how spread out the zoo is, not crammed. It's relaxing to be with the animals and in the trees. Lots of walking so good exercise.

Leticia Ordaz

I love the new renovations. You are able to be closer to the animals, more benches to rest, water parks for the little ones. It hot so interesting and fun to be there

pip blank

This place was pretty amazing. The paths to get from each animal exhibit were very well planned out. It was nice, because some of them were just dirt paths so you aren't walking on cement all day. There are plenty of things to see with a general admission ticket, but there are also other attractions that you can pay more to do/see.


It was nice, but I wish there were more animals to see. Some places were not available and under maintenance. I'll probably go back in the winter to see if there's any new things. The camel ride was really cool though, I'd recommend that.

Margaret Penelope

Very beautiful zoo, many animals to see. Water area for the kids with 2 slides for double the fun! Zoo hours are from 9a.m. to 5 p.m.

Michael mclaughlin

The zoo is a staple for my family. I don't have one bad memory here. It's great! Friendly staff, stuff for all ages, and delicious burgers. This zoo never lets anyone in my family down.

Morgan Henling

We love the membership. It is so nice and educational for my kids.

Devin Bateman

The zoo was overall amazing. Lots of animals and kid friendly activities throughout the zoo. There is are splash areas for the kids and play areas that are nice. Of course the food and drinks are pricey but everything else is fun. The zoo is was very fun and worth it. Outside food and drinks were able to enter which was a plus.

Sara Madero

Had a great time with my hubby. Awesome, new animal exhibits. Some construction but wasn't too much of a problem during our visit. Very happy we went!

Norris Spencer

Our first visit to the Phoenix Zoo was pretty cool...or...I mean hot. It was kinda busy but that was expected goven it was after an even hotter summer and it was a Saturday. The staff were very friendly. The visitors...hit or miss. Some people need to control their children. What am I saying, some of the adults there must have never got taught any manners. Other then that, the zoo was very clean and the exhibits were interesting. Not many new animals for a seasoned zoo visitor, but still had fun with the family.

Sandra Nagy

What can I say: I love visiting zoos, and Phoenix zoo is really one of the best. I have had a subscription for 2 years and enjoy the light displays and other membership perks. The layout is good for healthy walks and you get the perks of seeing animals in nearly natural surroundings. The train is a great way of getting round and seeing where you would like to go on foot. The cinemas are great for resting legs. Members get to to into the zoo an hour earlier that the regular public--great for seeing animals fed, or walking around before the day heats up and more people arrive.

Stephen Schoen

This zoo has improved dramatically. Air conditioned indoor eating, better exhibits and more to experience for kids. Looks like a waterslide is being built too. Good food for five was around $45. We may just get an annual membership now!

Christina Tetrick

Fun place for the whole family, definitely recommend pass. The annual pass not over covers the admissions, but comes with great perks. Zoo is very clean, and lots of animals to look at. Definitely recommend!

Chandra Mayfield

While the Park is always clean, staff friendly. We will not be renewing our membership this year. 2 starts is for the disorganization and inconsistency of info between staff members and lack of facilities open during members hours and regular park hours. Stands are almost never open, staff seems unaware of this. Told only certain stands carry certain items and when we get to those stands they are either closed or don’t sell the particular product. The inconsistency of hours due to employee preference is frustrating to say the least.

richard comstock

Very nice zoo. Lots of animals from different countries. The price was very reasonable. Really enjoyed my visit.

Alyson Pocock

Great layout, good food, and awesome work toward conservation education! A great experience every time we go!

Debbie Minter

Roars and Pours was very crowded. The lines were crazy long, and they ran out of things pretty early. You'll want to be sure to get there plenty early. On the positive, the weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed being outside.

Vernon Bridges

This is an amazing zoo and much larger than I originally expected it to be. We were there for over 4 hours and didn't even see half of the park. When you first walk in the zoo you have access to the stingray pond where you can feed and pet the stingrays. This is an awesome experience and gets you ready for what is a great time. The most notable things to see after this is the monkey exhibit where they come to you and are all around you. There is a splash park that is much needed on those hot summer days. The tiger exhibit is a must see. The eagles that they have are also a must see. I definitely recommend this zoo and after my visit, we decided to get a yearly membership so that we can enjoy it all year. I'll add more pictures as I go back.

Preston Hon

It's always a good time. The goat petting zoo is fun for kids and everyone gets a good workout walking for hours. One new thing we tried out this time around was going inside the squirrel monkey cage.

Cynthia Seese

Took a friends son with me to the zoo, and we both had a great time.

Amélia Hansen

Busy during this time of day but also a nice time to visit the zoo before Zoo Lights kicks off and it's packed.

Leona Taylor

I love the zoo! My favorite place to go in Phoenix. Never boring there.

Mary Watson

Great reception at the Gallery for Susan Richey-Schmitz. The zoo itself is wonderful, of course.

Chris Santana

There is a ton to be desired at this zoo esp if youve been to zoos like the ones in San Diego and Omaha. Seems more like a startup zoo than one that has been running for years. On the plus side the zoo is not as crowded as others and you can get a good look at the animals if youre in the right place at the right time.


Best if you have a membership, so you can get in an hour early.. Family plus plan is awesome for a family of 7 like mine.. I recommend anyone with a child, to spend some quality time at the Phoenix Zoo... etc...

Katherine Cook

We have been members for 4 straight years, but closer to 12 off and on.. I absolutely love this zoo. I love the animals, but more than that I love the way that this zoo cares for their animals. These people are passionate about what they do and it shows.

Andrea Hartman

The zoo is great for kids year round. During the warmer weather the splash pads are busy with kids cooling off. Variety of animals and very spacious. They are consistently making upgrades and modifications. Can get very busy on weekends during the nicer weather.

Elizabeth Kardasz

The animals are active and love that there is a splash pad that looks like a small cave!

Jean Agregado

Every visit does not disappoint. There's always something new, whether an event or a program, for the kids and family. The entire staff is courteous and helpful. The animals are well taken care of and habitat enrichment & public education is always on the table. The landscape is also wonderful & functional. The facilities are kept clean & accessible as necessary.

Bruce Gatten

In order to use the latrine I was advised to pay entrance fee and ask for refund after. The bus driver told me I could not be riding this way and that way up Van Buren. I get no respect. Take my wife. Please. Take my wife

John Ryan

Great place and love the staff and what this zoo does to save animals! I will continue to bring my family here for the amazing experience I have had and hope it continues to do great things like it has! Keep it up PHX Zoo!!! Thank you all for such a pleasant and fun experience!

Crystal Wade

Always a fun day at the zoo. We notice something new or different every time we are here. Because of the size I suggest choosing what areas you really want to see this trip. If you have young kids, its a great place to spend a hot day. There are water pad areas, a big tree house and a stream they can play in all while you sit nearby in the shade (when you're not playing in the water with them). There is also a whole area in the zoo just for little, it has a playground, picnic area and petting area. The special events T the zoo are a good time too. Recently it was BUGS! fun fun fun. Zoo lights and Howl-o-ween are also a good time. If you are looking for a fun, educational, laid back place to spend an entire day.... The zoo is it.

pickle sickles

I love going to the zoo. The animals are beautiful and my little girl loves learning about them. Though not as bad as some, with everything inside you are asked for more money. Everywhere you go anymore you pay to get in then it is another fee per 10 feet. $5 here and there it a lot.

Kelsey Derrick

Very fun and cool place. Animals looked well taken care of and I enjoyed my time!

Anthony Sadolfo

We love the Phoenix zoo! It's not expensive, always something new and different, lots of things to do. The staff, every one of them, is amazing. They work there because they want to, not because they need a job (like some places of employment). Great to walk around, have lunch, take the kids, special events are cool too.

Omar Lopez

Lots of animals. Had lots of fun! Make sure to take plenty of water and a hat.

Yelizaveta Nikolenko

Overall it's a zoo. Due to the heat the animals were hiding in the shade making them hard to spot. We came around 8:45 and it was to late. The orangutan exhibit is worth stopping by at. There you will meet very friendly tour people that are very talkative and will answer any questions you might have. On weekdays its empty and we were basically the only people here. Water is a must!! If you have kids, the splash pad is a total waste of time so don't rely on it for a source of cooling off.

Me V

Love the zoo. Just dont go in summer to hot and animals never out.

Lexi Shea H

Food at the Savannah Grill was delicious and filling. Service there was also great. Today was a semi hot day but there was a splash pad and you can find areas throughout the zoo to duck out of the heat. My family and I love going to this zoo whenever we can. Also the earlier you go the more likely you are to see the animals being active. Great trip as always!


Glad to be able to enjoy this wonderful place again after the long, hot summer. Very spacious and relaxing place for both kids and olders, plenty of chairs and rest room everywhere, tickets and food are reasonable priced. Most important, all animals seem to be well taken care of, which makes me less guilty to see them in cage behind the glass wall.

Cody Howard

The zoo is a great place to spend the day. The animals are fun to look at, and there is a lot to learn. The food is also really great. They have a lot of cool events, and the membership is very affordable. My favorite part is the sting ray bay which costs a little extra, but it's worth every penny. Ellie is the friendliest ray.

Elizabeth Mosey

The Phoenix Zoo is really amazing! Yes, it's got during the summer, but they have added multiple splash pads, which helps when you need to cool off. They have a great variety of animals, from local species, to more exotic. We've had an annual pass for two years now and it had definitely gotten our monies worth. Our kids are always excited to go visit these animals!!

Candid Legacies

Absolutely loved our visit. So many beautiful animals and fun interactive things to do. Food and drinks are a little pricey though. Other than that it was perfect.

ashley s

Had a great time at this zoo. Really enjoyed the sting ray encounter, costs extra but nothing unreasonable. Lots of animals, really cool exhibits. We went in August so it was scorching, get there early to beat the heat and try to see everything.

Virginia Medrano

Lovely but so hot outside , tour was nice respite from walking in the heat. Love the new air conditioned indoor cafe !

June Garcia

Fun experience with my family. Some of the animals we wanted to see were hiding while we were there. Maybe because it's 100+ degrees outside....understandable. Zoo keepers & employees were nice too.

David ANdersen

Really good zoo and should see if in Phoenix a must to visit.

Emily Gipper

We love the zoo. But the customer service and general politeness of the staff today was lacking. We got there at 9am after purchasing tickets online the night before. The site had crashed and didn’t allow me to print tickets nor did I ever get an email, but the money was pulled from our bank account. We had to wait in line at the ticket booth for 15 minutes and they told us to go to Member Services. We did and waited in line another 25 min. When I asked for one of our tickets to be refunded or to be given a pass to feed the giraffes or sting ray, she told me the zoo doesn’t do that, and it was fall break so we were out of luck. I told her we bought tickets online so we could get in quickly since we have a nap schedule to keep and could only stay so long. She didn’t care. We went to the petting zoo and the goat keeper yelled several times at the children there and then chewed people out for doing things that he hadn’t told us in the first place. He was very controlling and no children or goats were in any danger so we felt he was incredibly rude. The next incident was at the sting ray bay. We paid to get in and to buy a cup of food. One of the keepers got in my sons face and told him he was feeding them wrong and she didn’t want “his finger to get pulled on”. We’ve fed the rays several times and know how to do it. Again, it was a matter of having control. Overall, we felt belittled and mistreated today and had a very frustrating experience. We paid a lot for tickets (for our budget), and it would have been pleasant to be treated more like humans.

Juan Hickman

We've had a membership at the zoo for many years and I have brought my children often. I like to take my time and linger in different areas, so it's not possible to see everything in a one day visit ~ that would be a rush. I also just pop in to relax on a weekday, when there are less people. Then, I can chill and watch a specific animal for a while. It's the perfect place to go alone or on a family outing. We've even had birthday parties there. Throughout the year, there a special events as well. Definitely one of my favorite places to keep going back to!

Michael Brady

It was great. Had a wonderful time seeing all the animals with our son and granddaughters. Even though it was very hot, there were lots of water stations

Jose Torres

Very fun experiance with the camel rides, feeding the stingrays and giraffes, monkey exhibit and more. Lots of walking and exhibits to see. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Plus they have giant tortoises. Great zoo to go to.

Paula Furlong

I enjoyed this zoo very much! Beautiful walking areas, lots of outdoor seating, beautiful lake full of birds and monkey island. The animal displays were light on inhabitants. Fun activities that you pay extra for. A kids play area with water play. Nice cafeteria.

Patrick Miller

What's funny is that the Phoenix Zoo is not rated in the top ten or twenty of best zoos in the US. This kind of had me not too excited to attend as the Bronx Zoo or San Diego Zoo are highly rated and great zoos. Also, I drove by a couple of times and was not impressed with the entrance. With that being said ... I love this place! We went early June and the pricing is not too bad and even better with a veteran discount. Sure, you have to pay more for the movies, tram ride and petting stingrays, but I would rather not be forced to pay for that and only pay as an option. That aside ... the people working there are very nice and helpful. There are water stations everywhere and bathrooms are very well placed. The walking paths are either paved or sand / trail so you have the option of doing paved or both. The animals and exhibits are really nice ... some favorites were the elephant, giraffes, bear, tigers and rams. All in all we spent 5 hours at the zoo and ended up buying a season pass; that's how much we liked it. Please give this place a try as it is also giving to a good cause.

Maggie Zhang

A very special and beautiful zoo. The moment you get into the zoo, you could hear so many birds singing happily. Walking in the zoo was so relaxing and enjoyable. As we have to catch up the plane, we only spent 2 hours here. If there is one more hour, that would be much better. Didn't see some of the animals, they might be hide somewhere.

Adann Skin

I like the dinosaurs exhibition. There were very well made. Phoenix Zoo is a great place to spend with family and friends.

Amber Cronise

So many fun activities to keep my toddler entertained. Big enough to keep us entertained all day and yet small enough to see everything in one trip. Love the train ride and theater, the petting area with the goats is too darling

Jason Konell

Always so much fun ! We are sustaining members and wouldn't have it any other way ! Also, remember to donate a 1$ for the meerkat exhibit that's in the making !!


It's a zoo... It can be fun with the kids but many times the animals are not out or active so it can get boring very fast. We had an amazing experience when we fed a giraffe. We also rode a camel

Chelsea Calander

I love the zoo, just wish they had more of their stands open during weekdays.

fireAK ems

Beautiful grounds, and lots of animals both big and small. I would give it 5 stars, except for the fact that the "train" ride is actually not a train - it's an electric cart that pulls 3 long cars behind it, and all on rubber wheels. My 5 year old was extremely disappointed, and was nearly in tears over it as it was supposed to be his first train ride. The staff are courteous and nice, but again, the "train"....

Mariana Parmenter

The favorite was the ragtag sitting area. Nice place to view them and cool in Oct

Heather Garza-Stearns

My family has a membership to the zoo we go at least one a week. Every trip is worth it. There is always something new to do or see. My son love petting the stingrays it's the first stop everytime. Also the employees are awesome and always full of info on the animals.

Don Carlo

I used to think the San Diego zoo was the best ever until yesterday, when I was able to go to the Phoenix zoo. This place has some happy animals, beautiful plants. Plenty of shade, multiple places to sit down and take a break, very clean, something for all ages. Great for families and the elderly. I’m thinking about a membership. Very friendly.

Ali B

I really like the Phoenix Zoo. Great exhibits, splash pads for the kids. I highly recommend it.

Susanne Harrison

This was the first zoo I went to as a kid and it's been a couple decades since my last visit so it's nice to see everything has changed. The exhibits are good sized for the type of animals in them. There's plenty of shaded, rest areas and water stops for the humans. I especially enjoy how you walk in a circle to get to the exit instead of having to back track like at some zoo's. They are definitely at the top of my list with zoo's we've been to.

Tim Jones

Its one of my favorite zoos period. Its getting to be the season where you can really only go in the morning. As most the animals will be hiding in the afternoon becuse its too hot. There are great exhibits to see the animals they are given plenty of space and seemed to be treated well. The Lions and Rhinos and Gorillas always amaze me each time i go. But there are exhibits that showcase even the insects of the southwest its really amazing.

Adam Barnes

This is a fantastic stop on a trip to Phoenix, and an underrated zoo. It was the Phoenix Zoo, back in 1963, that received 9 of the world's few remaining highly endangered Arabian Oryx (Operation Oryx), soon after its opening in 1962. Due to its very similar climate to their native habitat, this spot was chosen and they were instrumental in starting the conservation recovery of this species. Don't believe the hype you've heard about the San Diego Safari Park starting this breeding program, it was Phoenix. San Diego wasn't even the second zoo to begin a modern breeding program, that would be the Los Angeles Zoo.

Jessica Bailey

This is a great place to take the kids. Better in the cooler months but the splash pad takes some of the heat off the summer. Be prepared to walk alot and smother yourself in sunscreen as there is not much shade throughout. Here and there but when it is busy it is hard to find.

Lauren Harkins

Having visited this zoo as a kid and now as a mom I have fond memories of walking over the bridge at the entrance with excitement (mine or my child’s). I am so glad Phoenix has a zoo and hosts many community events. I only rate it four stars because I have been to other zoos that seem to have more active animals, activities, education, and member perks. Maybe I’m not in the loop about all the Phoenix Zoo offers, but I have been a member in the past. Helpful Hint: Feed the Giraffes!!! It’s fun for everyone and one thing here that I’ve never seen at any other zoo.

Quynh Nguyen

It's my first time at Phoenix Zoo. It was fantastic. We purchased a value package which include the train ride, movie, stingray bay, etc. There are several food snacks bars inside the zoo. So, no need to bring food. However, if people want to bring their food, there is a huge covered dining area with tables and chairs for families to enjoy meals. Also, the zoo offers stroller rental. Lastly, the zoo offers discount for EBT card holders (on Sunday only). We definitely recommend Phoenix Zoo and will come back soon.

Nicole Roman

This place is amazing. They have 2 different splash pads. One has slides and a cave with waterfalls.

Breeann Shaffer

Been here twice. About a year apart from each visit and both times there were many animals off exhibit due to construction. I rate this zoo pretty average but even lower when you pay the price of a ticket just to see empty exhibits. We probably won't return here due to disappointment on both visits.

Elissa Pearson

It's a zoo. Not very clean, not a ton to do or see. I bought a membership thinking it would be fun for me and my 3 kids but after the first visit it was impossible to get them to go back. No matter the time of day or day of the year it was always difficult to see any of the animals. Safe to say I did not renew my membership and have no desire to revisit.


My family absolutely loved the Phoenix zoo! We got the whole experience package and it was totally worth it! We seen practically everything on the Safari cruiser. Which saved us a huge walk with our three-year-old. We touched the stingrays, rode the camel, watched the 4D movie, and all kind of cool stuff. The Phoenix zoo was absolutely amazing! The staff were great with the animals and the enclosures were set up very nice for the animals.


Loved this zoo! It's a great work out walking through this place and to my experience as compared to other zoos it feels much much more intimate, does not seem as though the enclosures are very separated from the people especially the aviary where the birds are just able to fly and walk right past you literally inches away from you I loved it!

Johanna Hernandez

This zoo is great for an all day all family trip. Lots of places for resting and play. They let you bring food and water. All of the animals have nice enclosures and are set up for excellent viewing.

Roxanne Martinez

A lot of walking but loved. Being able to take in a ice chest and food helps!

Allen Finney

Went on a Friday morning with a members card. Employees were polite, sight of animals were great. Down side...not 1 food or beverage vendor's were open. Had to go all the way back to entrance to get beverage. Jungle Java was only place open to get anything. We will try going on a weekend to see if anything else opens up.

Deseree Mitchell

I love the zoo. Go early on weekdays. Plan on strolling around, Stop and watch, it is a really fun place to just slow down. Some exhibits require you to really LOOK to find the animals inside, so, stop and do it! Really fun for just grown-ups too. Really great place for a date.

John Howell

We have a good time bringing our infant here. Members can get in an hour before opening which is nice, especially when the weather is perfect and it becomes a zoo. They have a couple of splash pads which is a lot of fun and we've heard the money zone is great. They are always making improvements and it's great to see how it changes. Great for families. Membership is definitely worth it.


Nice size zoo. I went in the summer with some co-workers and some children. Great animals. I only wished they had pandas

Teri-Ann Roberts

Wears out children. Very expansive area for the animals. But they will just veg when it's hot so it will be hard to see them since they will hide in a shady area or their den.

Alice Daniels

Great place for a date day. Me and my friend wanted to try something new and decided to go to the zoo. It was fun and adventurous, there were some animals that weren't there that we wanted to look at, but oh well. Overall, great place!

Franchesca Pelkey

I try and take my kids at least twice a year. I used to have a membership but we didn't utilize it enough because I work in the weekend. It's the only place I can take my kids to that they don't get bored ( I have 7)and it's great that you can bring your own food and drinks it does get a little pricey if you purchase it there. One thing we haven't done yet that I'm making a point to do this year is so lights

Valerie Lucero

Greatplace to spend the day!!!! We went around eleven or twelve and most animals were sleeping and you couldn't see them!! A little too pricey..But overall nice place to go!!

Mark Overwater

Too much walking. All the animals were asleep. Only good thing was the sting rays.

Roy Varn

For the price one would think we would get to ride the Rhinos. Instead, not even half the animals listed were out for viewing. "Well, we are remodeling." Could you have signs so that we could decide for ourselves? Nope, just give them your $$ and "Good Luck."

Avesta Dayeny

This zoo is wonderful, they've done an amazing job here and keep expanding it and making it better. Great fun for the whole family, super clean, safe and the staff are incredible.

Shawn Creviston

Fun zoo, we went mid June which wasn't the best timing on our part as many animals were hiding from heat. But we still saw plenty of animals and this time of year there are no crowds to deal with. Zoo is well maintained, was clean, and nice place for the kids.

Bruce Reiter

A great to hold a wedding! I love the exhibits, very nice for the animals to roam.

Nathanael Dees

Great variety of animals. Plenty of playgrounds and splash pads to keep the kids entertained. Great family outing destination

Anne Williams

I grew-up in the Tempe/Phoenix area. The Phoenix zoo has been staple since I was small in the 70s. This zoo has grown quite a bit. We now live in Pennsylvania and we came to visit family. We attended zoo lights. While the zoo lights price was high, we were able to go on family night, save, and it was well worth the money spent. Parking was a little bit of a chore, be prepared, but you will love it!!!

Kristy Tabors

Really great zoo. The zookeepers and other employees were very nice. The animals looked as if they were happy and well taken care of. My family loved it. Will come back again when we are in the Phoenix area.

Cecilia Valverde

It's so fun. The animals are amazing. It gets packed so get there early for parking. I like the indoor food place. That helps with it being so hot. And the have a water place for the kids to play in.

Azdimondkat Azdiamondkat

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We all had a fantastic time. We walked a lot, but at one point my Daughter suggested we go on the tour ride which was nice but it does not cover the whole zoo. We all had lunch here and it was pretty good. At the end we headed to the gift shop and all enjoyed picking out a couple of items shirts, keychains, stuffed animals, etc. Go just not during the summer.

Enrique Favaro

I used to be a member of the zoo and always enjoyed a day at the zoo. I truly appreciate their mission and work. I was part of a group that had a special event at the zoo after hours and while the venue was nice, it was not worth the hype. We were in the orangutan viewing area. They had a nice set up with tables but the food was just OK. Personally, it would have been better off at a restaurant.

Kerry Blair

No better place in the Valley to take a child for fun and learning! We fed stingrays and giraffes, rode the carousel, played in the splashpad, and and saw some of the most amazing species on the planet. Loved every minute!

McKenzie Smith

Phoenix Zoo has unique activity's unlike any other zoo out there like feeding giraffes, being able to go inside an exhibit with the monkeys, having an opportunity to be able to pet stingrays, they are also a rescue foundation helping endangered species who grow and repopulate and they also rescue animals from places like the circus among other and when it comes to the children not only did they have multiple playground areas located throughout the zoo especially since it's getting to the hotter seasons they have multiple splash pad water play areas as well. They also have cool site attractions like the carousel or a 4D movie theater they also have things like tour guide buses where you can relax for a little while and get on a tour bus and they'll take you around the zoo letting you see a little bit of everything and they'll give you so many interesting cool facts and you'll learn so much! I highly suggest the Phoenix Zoo for multiple reasons and that and there's always something new to see and seasonally they'll have it special trail this last season it was and big bugs the season before that was dinosaurs who knows what's to come this upcoming season it's always something exciting down at the Phoenix Zoo!

Heather Hansen

They are great to military! We had a blast! Go in the morning though, animals hide when it’s too hot

Kevin Delvalle

I LOVE the Bronx Zoo but I plan to retire to the Phoenix area so I wanted to see how the Phoenix Zoo is in the hope that I'd want to go often some day. I will! Exhibits are spread out so there's a good deal of walking involved but as much history as I have with the Bronx Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo will serve as a substitute. Lots of animals and plenty of space for each. The day I move to Scottsdale I'm making out an annual membership. Fun, relaxing place.

Kristi Leigh

This was by far the best zoo I’ve ever been to. I will definitely be back! There are pretty plants and animals all around, in the enclosures and out. Highly recommend the Phoenix zoo. The animals look like they are very well taken care of. ♥️

Alisha O'Neal

We love the zoo and never run out of things to do

Sara Arroyo

We love the tigers and the gorilla's enclosures , you see them so close and the kids just love them! The kids loved the monkeys! Food is good, water fountains all over ...just a super fun day for kids and adults alike!

Antonia Moran

We loved to go here... Walk and watch all the animals that they have.... We always try to go when it isn't summer to avoid the heat and enjoy better our visit... They have a discount for ebt card holders on Sundays, up to 4 persons...

Bryanna Robles

Very fun Zoo! The parking lot seemed packed but it never felt crowded! Make sure you wear sunscreen and bring lots of water!

Jessica Poppe

Great zoo- always have a great visit. Got the family pass and love the perks like going in an hour early before park open.

Kate S.

Lots of awesome exhibits. I definitely recommend paying the $6 to ride the tram - it takes you past all the animals and helps you spot them. There are a ton more things to do here since I was a kid - multiple splash pads, a treehouse play area, a 3D theater and restaurant/ snack area. Admission is on this this year's PogoPass. And ALL proceeds go to the animals and exhibits.

Jtrena Troutt

Love this place been going for years since I was a kid. It has grown so much and the staff and volunteers are always so friendly and full of information about the animals. My family loves this place and it is well worth the membership.

Jennifer Grannis

It's so hot today, I pretty much had the place to myself. Lovely zoo with really beautiful large enclosures for the animals, but with lots of opportunities to see the residents. I would have been glad if the ticket seller had told me that the "monkey village" closed at noon when I bought my ticket at 11:00... Sad to miss the squirrel monkies!

Mary Catherine Albenzi

I was sick with cancer when I went, so my energy level was very very low. I couldn't enjoy it as I wanted, but I definitely did enjoy it. I'd love to go back.

s h

It was a fun experience, but also a little unsatisfying. Got there at 9 a.m. on October 5th hoping to catch the big animals outside. Unfortunately a lot of them were resting, sleeping, or nowhere to be seen. The food is very expensive I would definitely suggest filling up the kids before you get there. We were at the zoo in Prescott last month and although that one is smaller, you're a lot more up close and personal with the animals. And the entrance fee is half the cost of the Phoenix Zoo.

Zoila Villaseñor

Absolutely love this place! I am a member so I can go all year as many times as I want and its so worth it! The kids ALWAYS have a blast and for those warm days the splash pads are perfect!

Brandon Miller

This really is a world-class zoo for a world-class city. It's the largest privately-owned nonprofit zoo in the nation! There are over 3,000 animals on display here throughout the year. There are also night camps, camel rides, and other fun activities for people to do in addition to just visiting the exhibits. Has a blind person, I do wish that it were possible to use something like an app to have the signs posted at most (if not all) of the exhibits automatically read to me. That way, I could discreetly And independently access the same information as my sighted counterparts. I would still get enjoyment out of them describing the appearance of the animals, and what the animals were doing of that particular time.

Beatriz Lizarraga

Best zoo I've been to so far. Wonderful trees and animals. Camel rides are the best$5

David Hernandez

We have a year pass, the kids love coming here. The people who work here are nice and will spend time talking to you if they are by a animal.

Jose Delgado

Had fun with the family, but they could stop charging for everything. I remember when feeding the giraffe didn’t cost anything. Now you have to pay to touch it

Anthony Milleant

This is an awesome zoo. Lots of animals, a fair amount of places to cool off, and some cool activities like their 4d movie. The animals seemed to have a lot of space.


This zoo does feel a bit small in comparison to other zoos I've been too. I think it took a little over 2 hours to see everything. However, they do keep everything very clean and the pathways are wide so you're not cramped into one line walking around. I also like their entryway bridge across the pond. It very picturesque.

Meghan Gilbert

Was a very nice trip. Food and beverages are way overpriced. Also not many of the animals were out and the should definitely have more kid friendly activities

Lisa Loreal Mendez

Been at their zoo lights here for 3 years with my husband and we’ve always had a blast. I work at a hospital so I get free early entrance , and the 3 times we’ve came we leave more happy. They have rides , and great food to chose from! Super family friendly not to mention . Thank you to the people who run it. So sweet and kind always.

Laura Broadhead

We always have a blast here. I can't recommend becoming a member enough. You get in an hour earlier than the public and get discounts at certain things. The people that work there are all lovely and will answer any questions you may have. My son and I go once or twice a week and aren't sick of it yet!

Carla Kruczynski

Had a great opportunity to walk with UMOM in our flip flop to end homelessness in the valley and go for the world record! Plus you got a wrist band to enjoy the zoo! Win win for a gorgeous day and amazing animals! Don't forget the kids!

Catalina LaFrance

The Phoenix Zoo is great for humans of all ages. Every time is a different kind of encounter with the animals, and often there are new animals and/or new exhibits to see. The splash pads are a big hit for children, and the food overall is very good. The zoo has various evening events for adults too! I only wish they would provide more organic food choices, and another exit besides going through the gift shop. Speaking of the gift shop, I wish more of their products were sustainably made, or made in the United States.

Becca Rivera

My child absolutely loved this place and still remembers Indu the elephant. The way his eyes lit up and the tigers and birds was amazing! I would try to visit though in spring or fall when it is cooler because when we visited it was hot and the animals were all laying down because of the heat (i don't blame them!)

Akhila Vuppala

The experience is awesome. My niece enjoyed the camel ride and carousel. Kids would also enjoys the splashing at the leaping lagoon.We can encounter like rhino, zebra which i liked the most.Overall, I and my family enjoyed from morning to evening.

jessica stock

The Phoenix zoo is worth visiting. It is an all day activity with small splash parks for the kids to play in when they get hot. They also allow you to bring in outside food and drink to have a picnic at one of the grassy areas. The zoo is fun for all ages. On another trip to the zoo you can go to the ponds outside of the zoo which are free and hike, picnic, and fish. You will need a fishing licence. If you are in the area you should check it out. We loved going so much we would just buy a family membership for around 250 dollars. You get additional tickets for family Ana friends so if you are planning a family trip you could save money by buying one ahead of time. Worth looking into.

Erik Kisner

The Phoenix Zoo was a great daytime activity for our day in Phoenix! There are lots of little extras that they charge for but we felt no pressure to pay anything more than the entrance fee. Bring a water bottle to fill up every so often and be sure to take breaks from the heat and it will be a wonderful time. We took so many great photos so be sure to bring a camera. We also liked the zoo's commitment to conservation efforts which you can read more about on their website.

Mathew McLean

Definitely a great zoo. They also have lots of educational opportunities to learn about different animals.

Jack Perridew

Managed to get there at 6am and it was the best experience! The animals are getting fed and they were very lively. Such a fun place to get to go, I'm glad we have a membership.

A Garcia

Wonderful experience for the whole family! We enjoyed the sting ray petting tank and camel ride the most. The splash pads are a fantastic addition given the climate. My only suggestion for guests is to stop into the gift shop first and pick up some steel straws. The paper ones offered at the snack bars are useless.

Alex Brown

Amazing zoo and one of the largest non-profit zoos in the world.

Taylor Seher

Fun for everyone! My kids loved it! Loved the big bugs exhibited they have. It was worth it. They gave us a book to know what bugs we were looking at, my 3 yr old son loved opening it up to find the bug in the book that we were looking at. So fun and educational.

Laura Ross

My family & I just love The Phoenix Zoo! Very clean and beautiful. The animals always seem very happy, comfortable and well taken care of. It really is a fun family place to make some great memories.

Donald MacMillan

A lovely zoo with a lot of interesting exhibits to look at and learn about. Would highly recommend to anyone with kids.

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