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Where is Petrified Forest National Park?

REVIEWS OF Petrified Forest National Park IN Arizona

Venkatasai Suneel

Plan to go on a cool day rather than in hot summer. Once you get into the park via I40, do not get out of the park to enter to the other side of park. It is so confusing. Set the Google maps to museum on the other side of the park else you will get confused and end up entering I40 towards Albuquerque.

Curt Ingram

It's not just about the petrified wood. The scenery is amazing and inspiring. I didn't expect it to be so amazing and wished we had allowed more time to explore.

Barbara Cox

It was spectacular! They have a very nice center showing a short film and tons of displays you can look at. They also have at least 3 places you can get souvenirs. The drive through is very nice. Thinking we are coming back.

Colton Noyes

The family enjoyed the painted desert and the petrified wood you can buy at the gift shop but the land itself, obviously, is no longer carrying petrified wood. Seeing how expensive it is for a small piece, I am not arguing that the wood should still be there! Place has a lot of history and it is very cool to drive through there nonetheless!

donna mayle

This is a gorgeous drive. The visitors center is a wealth of knowledge. I had no idea these trees were originally in Ecuador!! The trees themselves are scattered throughout the drive. Some are huge. There is a fascinating short trail loop …

Emily Hsi

Bathrooms need upgrading. The ranger that was a former earth science teacher, was informative and entertaining. The petrified tree trunks were amazing, that they are so big, rootless and branchless, and so dense. And it is interesting that the trunks haven't moved in recent history. And that there is so much petrified wood available outside the park for sale !

Kelly Adams

This place was amazing! So much to see. Blue Mesa is a sight! Nice trails to walk to view a closer look at all the making scenary.

Meera Boussu

Beautiful vistas of layered colored hills and valleys and lots of petrified rock from tiny shards to enormous boulders. Definitely stop at all the points on your route.

Derek Bennett

These giant stones that obviously were trees at one point are amazing. The incredible colors and the scenery with the rock laying all around the ground is very cool looking. If in the area is a great place to visit.

Jereme Scheffel

History all packed into a convenient car ride! I expected nothing ng but hikes but was pleasantly surprised to find 90% of items here are less than .5 mile from the parking turnoffs. Highly recommend anyone to visit if you're in the area!

Derrick Brown

Have an annual pass so we decided to pass through on our Rt. 66 westward journey. What a beautiful place!! Amazing views, everlasting memories, I cant wait to come back!!

Marcus Burnette

Loved this place. Need to bring my family back again and see the painted desert as well as walk the longer trails.

Tracey Rowley

Another national park in the books! Worth the trip, so cool to see the geology and petrified wood. Stop at Giant Logs and Newspaper Rock for sure. Bring the binoculars!

JL Johnston

Breathtaking vistas- the 26 mile drive took us 5 hours! So much to see & learn, and the Visitors Centers' staff were fantastic about answering random questions and frequent interruptions by folks wanting to know about different things.

Joshua Haveman

The twenty-eight miles of beautiful park is accessible to all kinds of visitors. There are dozens of places to stop and take quick looks, and many places to hike as well.

Lisa Sutherland

Absolutely intriguing! The wonder at how this came to be matches the beauty of it. So glad I took this side trip on the way to my destination!

Caleb Rothe

Petrified Forest National Park and the painted desert are stunning! The driving tour and brief stops at each point of interest are fantastic and can be done in 60-90 minutes. If you've got more time the short hikes are fantastic. Bring your camera and plenty of water!

Michele Lee

Not crowded this time of year. Buy the year pass which gets you into the Grand Canyon as well as other national parks!

Paul Dayton

Lots of interesting sites. Nice change of pace if you are doing a long drive. They need a few restrooms added would be my only issue.

Gage Dupuy

When we passed thru it was cool and overcast and drizzled a bit. Somehow that made our visit even better as it was breezy and felt great outside. The views were spectacular!

David P

Nice park. $15/person to get in. Worth it. The park rangers were super friendly. The park is clean and nice—and easy to get around. Worth a visit!

Mary Blocker

Great place to visit. There are interesting activities for the kids both inside and out. Make sure to stop in Holbrook for the best purchase selections. There no places to add to your collection to the east.

Jesse Smith

Enjoyed the visit to the park. The long log and agate house trails were really neat. The visitor center has some good info on how the trees became petrified and the gift shop had some unique souvenirs. The drive through the park was nice and a must do if you're in the area.

Frank Montoya

I had the opportunity to see petrified wood that was living 250 million years ago. Experiencing the park was great. Beautiful vistas of the Southwest.

Rohan Kapoor

It has some really nice hiking trails, not too many other people around and is very dog friendly. Seeing the petrified wood was an amazing experience!

Kathleen Dagnall

Highly recommend doing this at least once in your life. I took this trip with my daughter and it's a beautiful park.

DeWayne Filppi

Amazing place. Take at least 4 hours and do it all. Blue forest hike highly recommended.


Obviously was pretty cool, but given that we had in the days prior been to Bryce, Arches, Zion, and the Grand Canyon, it was a tad underwhelming by comparison. But by all means if you're in the area, give it a visit.

BeckyAurora Thompson

I really enjoyed the first trail I did (at the visitor center at the South end of the park). Then I did the Crystal Forest trail & hit the point of "saw this on the first trail). It's awesome that dogs are allowed on all of the trails though!!

Grace Hart

Completely underrated! I wasn't sure, knowing so little about it if we'd enjoy our stop, but I'm so glad we did. Learned a ton from the visitors center, took some killer pictures and enjoyed the painted desert on our way out too. I know the big parks get all the glory,. It this little one will surprise you!

Rosa Shepherd

Enjoyed the drive thru the park. Ate at the Painted Desert Visitors Center. Delicious Navajo Taco. You have to try it.

Travis Starnes

For a park no one talks about, it's a surprisingly good national park. Very good historical buildings, great hiking. Go early. It's in the desert, so by noon you'll not want to hike any more. A great place to visit.

Jessica Hash

The wonder at how this came to be matches the beauty of it. So glad I took this side trip on the way to my destination!


Must stop and see! It's right off the freeway! I learned quite a bit and we watched while they were cleaning some artifacts off! Very informative! Kids will love the dinosaur pictures and the petrified wood is beautiful!

Lillian O

Only issue I had was no space for campers. We had to travel 18 miles up the road to camp. But it was interesting and very beautiful.

Ty Wallace

We drove through here on a trip to St. Louis, beautiful park. There are many trails that you can walk through which are all kept well. Many opportunities to learn about the history of the area. You can also see petroglyphs as well. The petrified wood is amazing too!

Frank Flynn

A two for one on this one as you will see a portion of the painted desert as well, informative visitor center. Allow some time for this, lots of offshoot roads all with something special to see

Lore Murdock

Amazing. I listened to Enya and thanked God for his beauty as I drove and hiked through. It was a perfectly beautiful time for me.

Greg Forsthoefel

This was awesome! The petrified trees were fascinating on their own but the rest of the park was breathtakingly beautiful.

Dan S

The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest are a geological wonder. The desert is full of rich earthy color. Life from the Triassic period continues to reveal itself everyday. The park is very large and we really didn’t plan enough time to see it all. With our scheduled six hours we did see several main points of interest. Our group ranged in age from three to 83 so we did not check out the hiking but drove through the park checking out the sites and the museum. There are several things to see and do and I think you will enjoy the park. It was a hot day and bottled water was our friend. We bought a National Park Pass to save on entry fees. From here you are not far from the Grand Canyon. Check that park out too.

Raquel Vargas

Absolutely beautiful place. The landscape is very diverse. Lots of history to be found in the park.

pNathan Brewer

How awesome is this place. My teenagers and I had a wonderful time walking around and discussing how all of this happened.

Donald Maloy

We enjoyed our visit and we will be back to see more that we might have missed... Great time


Worth seeing. Takes a day to see everything, or a couple of hours to see their top four things, walk the gift shop, and eat a burger, which was tasty. The gift shop has decent prices and food selection.

Jacob And Chloe Saunders

Awesome little national park with some very interesting and beautiful sights. Lots of information spread out along the trail for those who like to learn the history and science behind petrified wood. Would definitely come back with friends and family. All the trails are very easy and short and the museum at the end has some interesting information and displays as well. A must see would have to be the Rainbow Forrest and Crystal trail

Danielle Saurenman

It's okay. You're not supposed to do anything but stay in the paved paths. That's a little overboard. But there are some cool sights for sure.

Corbin Witmer

This is my second favorite national park. You have 25 miles of roads and several other hiking trails. If you like geology or the history of the planet in general, you have to come here.

Chris Thaxton

This is a must stop on your way to the South Rim GC. Get the annual national parks pass to save on both and speed your entry. The blue mesa hike is amazing! Skip buying petrified wood samples at the park - you can find great samples off site for much less.

Margaret Belle Mendoza

Everyone should go at least once. Easy drive thru with great stop offs and places to walk out on permitted trails.

zahab pathi tribe of issachar

Another great place the family and I had a great time here can't wait to go back this year

Max Minardi

Pretty cool to see all these petrified trees in one place. I only noticed short hiking trails but all in all not a ton of stuff to do. The painted desert across the highway was very beautiful but again not much to do. If your driving through I definitely recommend but personally I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Leslie Thompson

This was a great place to visit. The visitor center was well done and informative. It was so neat to walk the paths surrounded by the petrified wood. Definitely recommend you add this to your itinerary.

Rachael Scace

The people who work here are extremely well informed. They guided us through the map of the park before we drove through. The beautiful landscape changes and never repeats. Driving through helped with those in the group with difficulty hiking.

Preston Pruitt

Well worth admission fee. Historical and well worth the time, wish we could have stayed the whole day. At least 3 hours is needed to enjoy without being rushed

John Bassett Jr

We visited the gift shop, the dinner, and the restrooms before embarking on the 56 mile round trip route. It was fun and interesting. My 7 year old loved walking all the little trails. It will take ½ a day to stop and look at everything. It's an amazing place!

Joshua Shuttlesworth

Its hohum when compared to some of the other national parks I visited on this trip but just know how old those petrified trees are is humbling. If you have a national park pass it's worth a quick hour drive through the park. Otherwise stay on the interstate it really isn't worth the money for what you see unless petrified trees are your thing.

Chris Van Doren

OMG it's amazing. There are lots of places nearby to buy petrified wood stone as well for ~2$ a lb, so be respectful and don't take any from the park. Painted desert is also really cool part of the park.

Dinah Smith

Loved the breathtaking desert views. The petrified forest was amazing. I waited years to finally see it and I was glad I drove the whole route to see the big trees. The quiet peacefulness was overwhelming. I loved talking to the Navajo Ladies who were making jewelry at the Painted Desert Inn. I learned a lot about their heritage and they patiently helped me learn a few words in their language.

Tracy Campbell

It was wonderful. I was there while on a family vacation as a child. I still have pictures and souvenirs. I was ten years old back then, I'm 58 now. It was very emotional to be there again since my parents are no longer living. I can mark that off my bucket list. It was just as beautiful as I remembered.

Emily Sharp

Be prepared for a windy day here otherwise a beautiful, lesser known park. Very doable to see all the attractions and walk a couple of trails in one full day. Only full restaurant is at the north entrance's visitors center. The Blue Mesa trail was the most beautiful one to walk but the steepest one too.

Michele And Pio Bergamo

Geology of this park was so different from anything we have seen. Park was very well maintained, the trails and stops are well marked. We spent 4 hours here, however we stopped at most of the outlooks and walked a couple of trails. Museum had quite the collection of rocks

jess mathis

We only got to stay a short time, as a matter of fact we accidentally stumbled across this amazing Park on a road trip, however, we plan on coming back and staying way longer! This park ended up being one of our favorite stops on the entire trip from Huntsville Alabama to the Grand Canyon and back. Very fascinating!!

New Owner

It is fascinating to me when I see the wonders of God. Seeing trees and fossils of animals once living preserved for eternity is a miracle. I really enjoy God's handiwork.

Rosslyn Akers

A great drive. The museum is interesting. You can buy petrified wood in the gift shop. The drive is several miles and includes many places to stop and take pictures or walk. Bathrooms are limited to the beginning and end of the ride.

Joe D Ponce

AWESOME PLACE! a must visit national park. Totally cool sites.

Curb-N -Sign

Wow what a experience. You drive through the National Park. 28 miles long. You can stop where you like and hike around if you like. Not like any other National Park but they are all beautiful. This is a must if you visit National Parks.

Sandra Morris

Absolutely beautiful! Very glad our national park system is in place to protect places like this!

Sariah Price

Beautiful landscapes. Great vista points. I highly suggest stopping in at the visitors center and buying the guided tour CD. It is well worth the $10 cost. My family and I learned some really cool facts from it.

Paul Sanford

Incredible history and definitely worth the money. The driving trail is 24 MILES long!! So much to see. Recommend allowing at least 1.5 hrs to comfortably see it all

Sandra Harrison

I've seen pictures, but nothing compares to standing right there and seeing it live in person! So unusual yet so beautiful. Everyone who works at the park was friendly and helpful! Can't wait to take the grandson next year!

Cherie Eaton

Enjoyed the visit. The spectacular sights. The amazing information. WOW!

Denise Barlock

Very cool National Park! What I like the best about this park is that you can just drive through. Add about 2 hours to your trip and drive though! So worth the time spent!

bob assripper

Drove through some of the most beautiful American landscapes. Took home a new found respect for the nautral beauty of the USA. Beware the gift shops at the entrances, they are not legit. Wait until you enter the park.

Cláudia Nobre

Amazing. We got to visit for free. We can drive around and stop to see the views. Really nice at sunset.

Teddy Knitel

Beautiful place and very interesting as well. After the visit your kids can tell their class mates about it and bring samples

Preston Taylor

I didnt get to go in.. it was completely locked up when I got there around midnight. The ad on radio (AM 1610) said the friendly staff, clean restrooms, free overnight parking and convenience store would be waiting. There is a paved surface outside the locked gate but it clearly states no parking with about 25 no parking signs posted all over.

Jeanne Miller

Enjoyed my little pit stop in Petrified Forest! Wish I had more time as there are quite a few hikes and trails to take. Beautiful views even just driving through or walking up to the roadside outlooks.

karla wright

Gorgeous petrified wood and the most interesting landscape. Boggles the mind! Reasonable entry fee also or you can get in free with your park pass.

Mike Hood

Really cool place to go and visit how to suggest you go earlier in the morning though in the summertime because it gets really really hot and your vehicle may not handle it too well don't go off-road with door truck or with your vehicle leave it on the street

Nathan Martin

Really nice. Not too hot, but a beautiful day out there in the park. Had breath taking views.

A Shubert

Visited in February after the snow and it was gorgeous. I'm so glad that we decided to stop at this park and I was able to check it off of our national park bucket list. No fee if you have a national park pass. There's also a nice gift shop. #findyourpark

Daniel Hiek

Great little national park with quite a few things to see. There are some hikes you can do but is accessible to people who are unable to hike. The petrified wood is fascinating and it's great being able to see so many up close. They also have Badland formations throughout. Being able to hike around them was really fun.

Jessica Stephens

Only had a few hours here to stop in and drive through. Worth it! Amazing scenery and history. Could have spent many more hours exploring.


A truly beautiful national park! Stopped by thinking it was a tiny little stop but it is the opposite of tiny! You could easily spend a whole day or two here. It has many stops along the main road and it is so so so beautiful! A really awesome stop if you are travelling by.

jaime reipke

Beautiful park. Visitor center is insightful and the maps were helpful & easy to read. I really liked the petroglyphs! Fun detour on our road trip.

Matt Russell

1st time here and it was awesome. The history of this place is fascinating. The visitor center is nice. Very informational. It's dog friendly (on leash) in some areas. Great roads throughout the park. The ranger at the fee station was a riot! He was so happy that he was skipping! He must love his job. Fun for all. Short trails and long trails, depending on your abilities. We'll be back. It was cool.

Andre Mischel

Not alot of national parks have dinosaur bones, beautiful dunes of various deep colors, native American culture and ancient petroglyphs, and vast areas filled with petrified wood. We even got to see a paleontologist working with actual dinosaur bones. Allot of fun

Ken Buchholz

Amazingly beautiful scenery. Well maintained park. Loved my visit

Milton Barr

Leftovers of an ancient forest in the strangest of places...a desert and in a petrified beautiful stone condition. The Newspaper rock was a real special experience. Highly recommended.

David Price

This is an amazing place that most people just speed right past. It is a short detour off I-40 and is worth the extra time. You can't see these amazing views of this beautiful world if don't slow down.

Trucker Boy

My absolute favorite place in all of Arizona. Absolutely a must see if you're in town. Just the history alone in this place is incredible. Just to think that any part of Arizona was once a thriving rain forest. Here at the Petrified forest you can see the proof.

Michele Kane

There is nowhere I've ever been quite like Petrified Forest National Park. If visiting please be sure to visit the nature center so that you can learn all about how the petrified wood was formed and what this area once used to be. The evolution of our planet from once it once was to now is somewhat hard to even wrap your head around. Upon visiting this park if you visit the hiking trails you can see petrified wood as small as a quarter to as large as some full size trees.

Keith Barry

Breathtaking! You drive a route through the park, stopping at various designated points to gasp in awe and photograph this wonder if the natural world.

Anca Gooje

Very useful information center, with a video that explains key facts about the petrified forest as well as tips for having the best experience. The park itself is amazing- some parts look like you might be on a different planet.

Christy Wilkerson

Great place to drive through if you're traveling along the 40! The southwest entrance has 2 free overnight parking areas, first come first serve, the north side lot I believe has free electric, but for either you must be self-contained, no bathroom in the middle of the night. The Forest itself is incredible and educational!

Joan Spencer

A must see. You drive through the park. It has pull offs for taking pictures and reading about the history of the park. It has a welcome center, gift shop, and a video about 10 minutes long that was very informative.

Rory de Sevilla

So unique! Nothing like it anywhere else! A truly surreal experience! Bring a camera for sure.

Laila Shadaram

Probably one of the best experiences OF MY ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE!!! You travel through time MILLIONS of years looking at this marvelous place on Earth, then as the sun sets... BILLIONS as the majestic sky opens up to the universe.

John Wotring

Great place to visit. Road/maps very good. We enjoyed it.

Sherry Alvey

Very pretty. Longer drive than I realized. Didn't get to do as much as I wanted as we didn't allot enough time. Very hot in the trails. Wear sunscreen and a hat.

Caleb Persia

Great views and photo opportunities especially if you're into hiking. Beautiful place to visit with lots of gorgeous geography to see.

Pushkar Naik

Really cool place to see some very unique landscape and features. The wood feels like rock. The quartz in the wood makes it look like wood and feel like a quartz Rock.

Leann Brooks

Beautiful rock formations and Colorful petrified wood. Knowledgeable volunteers.

Veronica Torres

This place is super fun and so beautiful. Definitely coming back.

Kevin Mitchell

Came across the park while driving past, worthwhile the stop and looking around. Recommend to anyone visiting the area.

Hans Meinardus

Incredible display of God's creative power in catastrophe. Anyone familiar with the outdoors can come up with a more plausible explanation for this unique and beautiful accumulation of delimbed and debarked abraided giant logs than the "official" one!

Renee Liljedahl

Beautiful landscape surprise on our road trip! Would definitely reccomend this drive well worth it! Visitors centers on either end were full with supplies and ready for visitors! Rangers were also very helpful. Thank you!

Is Raining Cows

Magical place. Numerous trails to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Make sure to bring a hat because once leaving the visitor center, there is no area where to repair from the sun.

Joshua Vaughn

What a great place to visit. My family and I loved it. The museum is great and there is an activity book for children. If 4 of the activities in the book are completed, they receive a badge.

Anna Buffington

This place is beautiful! There are nice trails to walk and the sights are amazing. I'm definitely going back when I have a whole day

Alissa Hadley

Such an interesting find. It has little easy hikes and some longer ones. The paths are easy to use and the rangers are very helpful. I had lots of fun just being in such a quiet space. But I also went on a weekday mid-afternoon.

Shahidul Islam

An unexpected place on our way in the Arizona trip. A very strange, not so popular national park. The landscape was so unusual that it felt like on a different planet!!

Hannah H

Absolutely awesome national park and super dog friendly. This is the original site of the Bark Ranger program! Dogs can go pretty much anywhere here (except in buildings, etc). Such wonderful scenery and fun hikes. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your furry friends!!

Raven Night

Absolutely amazing. It was so much more beautiful and interesting than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend this place to visit if you have the time.

Finding Jaimie

I absolutely love this place. Manage to go there as often as I can. Something about seeing the past and how water can change everything, makes life seem more interesting.

D Cas

Certainly interesting with beautiful scenery. Petrified Forest might be less then you imagined but it is preserved for all to enjoy. Un fortunately it does lose some awe when everyone around the park is selling it

Monica Young

Beauty at its finest. Trees that are turned into quartz! Millions of years of history, a must see! Costs $20 for a vehicle but absolutely worth it!

Jon F

Spent a few hours here and enjoyed it. The petrified trees are interesting. Most other national parks have more to do and to see than the Petrified Forest and I wouldn't recommend planning a full day here unless you want to go on a long hike. Lots of great desert views here.

Denise Hoinka

Beautiful. Photos don't do justice to colors. Nice loop drive allows for frequent breaks and hikes as short or long as you like.

Jesse Gallo

One of the best national parks in this area. Easy access by car and much to look at.


It's so beautiful.. It amazing and I enjoyed looking at all the tall well worth taking a trip with family or simply by yourself....

Samantha Byrd

Many of the trials were closed during our visit due to some construction. Very lovely park. Wish we could have seen more.

Clarke Moyer

One of the better driving national parks that I have ever attended. You primarily drive-through the park and stop and vistas that have explanations as to what you were seeing. This allows you to cover quite a bit of the park without having …

Jason Fair

The park was tons of fun. You can drive around the entire park in an RV, seeing everything with ease. The petrified wood is all over the place. One of the visitor centers has an entire forest behind it. There are a lot of petroglyphs and ancient structures.

Jill Jeffers

You are able to drive through the park which included views of the Painted Desert. The stops are easy to get to and very different from each other. It was not crowded at all for a Saturday.

Dirt Track Dave

Pretty neat stuff, a must see. Slight fee at gate and then a nice scenic driver on route 66 with plenty of stops and sights.

Ethan Lindstrom

We visited this park on a long road trip, and planned to only spend a couple of hours, as we had some distance to cover that day. However, we ended up spending about half the day because we were enjoying it (and we didn't do all the pullouts or any of the hikes). I think half a day is the minimum you would need to see the two main attractions, petrified wood and the painted desert (unless you just want the briefest overview of the place). South visitor center has a short trail with a lot of petrified wood on it, and some good exhibits on how petrified wood forms and the time period the wood came from.

Dustin Horton

It's hard to describe what it's like here. It's almost like being on another planet. It's wondrous and serene and uncanny. I'd recommend this park to anyone.


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