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REVIEWS OF Old Tucson IN Arizona

William Freker

Old Tucson is a nice place to come and learn about The Old West and movies that were made here knowledgeable people dressed in costume as you make your way through the town. Saloons ,Grand theatres with Can Can girls and dance routines. The stuntmen were wonderful in explaining how everything worked with their reenactments with their Six Guns blazing and falls from 2 stories up. There's Stage Coach rides and a miniature train ride. Zip lines and many gift shops and places to eat. They are only open on weekends in the fall and winter.

Becky Alexander

What a fun place to hang out! We had a great time. Ice cream, got to see a shootout, some near costumes and pet a cow. Day was great!

Yahdalah P.S.

Be prepared for walking. We enjoyed ourselves. It was very hot. Nostalgic. The highlight was the shootout. Fun. We will visit again.

Danya Pradeep

Lots of fun events including cancan shows, gun fights, stunt shows, historic tour, horse carriage rides and zipline through the day with special performances for Independence day weekend. Overall fun experience!

Jess Lee

Had a great time touring the old movie set. There were wild west side shows with a gun fight and stunt men falling from the roof. Well worth the money

Big D's Shade Tree

We didn't go in the park. It was late in the day and they were only going to be open for a couple more hours. I didn't think we had enough time to get our money's worth. The gift shop was nice and the drive out was worth the trip! If I had it to do o er again I would plan myself enough time to really see this place.

Lindsey Kowalski

It seems we only ever go to Old Tucson Studios for the Terrain Race these days. We get to see all sorts of parts of the acreage we don't normally see. The race was better this year than any in the past! There were so many more obstacles, and they ranged abilities. Some were hard for me and easy for the kids, and some were hard for the kids, easier for me, some were hard for all of us, and some were just fun!

Stephanie Garcia

This place was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed it too! Their favorite thing to do was pan for gold and watch the stunt show. The shows are hilarious. The staff was great everywhere we went! You definitely want to get there as early as possible to have time to experience it all and see as many shows as possible.

Margie Williams

Such a fun place to explore. Lots of TV & Movie history.

Juan Jd

This place is awesome I didn’t realize how many movies they have done here. The Hospitality service, employees were very helpful and courteous. The food was excellent I had the whole layout with barbecue beef chicken and pork and all the fixings. We were in the saloon for Tucson Business Networking They also brought out the cakes for old Tucson 60th anniversary. The views are breathtaking see pictures and they also had a little cow when you walked into Old Tucson Studio it was pretty cool she was a friendly little thing chewing on some hay. I need to go back again I always visit for nightfall that Event is off the hook packed and fun for the whole family...........................

Valerie Blankenship

Absolutely awesome, best time with my family.

Chris Bloomfield

Absolutely wonderful place to spend the day. Our kids loved the train, carousel, and the old time cars. The food at the restaurant was not as high priced as at zoos or other amusement parks we have visited and tasted great. The history came alive during all of the great shows. We loved every singe show we say. Thought half a day would be plenty, but after spending 7 hours we were sad it was closing time!

Kaitlyn Ruff

Super cool place to check out! It really felt like you were in the wild west. I really enjoyed wandering around. All the staff was very friendly. I took a guided trail ride and rode a very sweet horse and had a wonderful guide.

Brittaney Caroline Moschetti

Perfect Family Day even in 100 degree weather the staff are awesome and the reenactors really seem to enjoy what they do. Also Stop at Big Jake's for lunch they serve cafeteria style with some of the best bbq and sides!

Stephenie Mercer

We are big western movies fans and it was nice to see where some of it went down! Wish they had more 'Three Amigos' memorabilia! None the less it was adult and kid friendly! The gun fight show was awesome, I recomend bringing a hat, for some shade. We love Tucson!

Susan Abate

I was very impressed with the whole experience. The staff are wonderful especially for my grandchildren. They really enjoyed everyone because they were extra friendly. The shows were very entertaining. A great experience and well worth the price.

Patricia Kline

Was fun but hot we got there at 10 but shops and activities didn't start until 11

Scott Posey

Very touristy, but that's OK. We had a lot of fun when we visited, but it is a bit expensive for what is being offered. They have a lot of shows and most of the rides are included with the price of admission. We went early during the week on our trip to Tucson and it wasn't crowded at all but by midday it started to pick up.

Ian Ball

Fantastic day out. Keep hydrated especially this time of year. If you live Western films you will love this place

Mark Avery

Excellent place to visit in town for old Tucson fun! When you can't get to Tombstone, this makes up for it and then make your way around Arizona for its rich history

Lucy Gonzalez

Oh my god ,the scenery to get there so beautiful, and inside great fun spool hot though take umbrella ,shows wagon rides beer train ride,real movie scene everything cost money though

April Berry

Had a really fun time there. Good for all ages young and old. The food was wonderful. staff friendly. Did have a run-in with a crazy cow at the petting zoo.

Matilda Molina

Nice place. Hardly visit their.

Jessica Avery

Took my family from out of town here. It was fun. Definitely changed from when I was a kid. Seems so much smaller. And not busy at all.

Lyndal Bernhardi

Almost $20 entrance fee. You have to go when they open to make it worthwhile, as they have scheduled performances every hour or so at various locations in the town. Lots of souvenir shops as well and places to eat. Bigger than Goldfield Ghost Town, but the Ghost Town was free Entrance near Apache Junction.

Alan Dunn

Outstanding experience! The kids had a blast and I learned quite a bit about the area.

Jay Mayfield


Katya Narvaiz

This was a great family adventure nesteled up along the Saguaro National Museum. Got to kill 2 birds with one stone. Spring break was the perfect time to go with temps in the high 70s. Affordable family fun worth the trip.

Cirilo Foot

So, we went through town earlier in the week and Old Tucson was closed. So, since we were in Tombstone an extra day, we decided to come back during the weekend . My man is a huge Western movie and show guy. We really enjoyed the whole experience . The staff is EXTREMELY nice. Very polite and always in character . I really appreciated their enthusiasm even though it was quite warm! There was plenty of visitors dressed up and that was awesome to see! If you have ever seen the movie Tombstone, there was a lot of it filmed here. Very cool! There is places to eat in there. Nothing over the top but it will tame the beast. We had burgers at the Pony Express. We should have shared one. It was hard to walk around after that because we were stuffed!! Dont forget that Old Tucson is only opened during the weekends. Keep it simple and enjoy.

De UberWise

So, it isn't so much of a rides theme park as it is a really great piece of history mixed with live shows and good food. The shows are amazing and you really need to get to the tavern to experience the heart of this town. They have great souvenirs and really amazing staff. They also have a lot of history as well as mentions of the films the town was used for. Their stunt performers for the shoot outs are stunning. They do such an amazing job. I recommend this place, they have food, amazing staff, and a really great time. It is well worth the money, heat, and car ride out to the place. Besides anyone who loves those classic country movies can actually walk through where their childhood heroes kicked their boots and shot them baddies.

Terri Kidwell

So much fun. Great history. We spent a good day there. Very easy day.

Kyle C

Cool place to stop. Very iconic. Would recommend the stop. I was offered a military discount (I never ask for it). I thought that was more of a joke of a discount then worth the offering..and the shows were corny..definitely set up focused on kids, but nothing wrong with that. Still 4/5.

Reyna Burruel

This place is mostly open on the weekends. Fun family spot or come alone to explore. The saloon has a great musical acts. Best to get there early if you want table seating while you eat. The saloon has allowed people to bring over food from the BBQ restaurant. Chairs can adjust for walkers/ wheelchairs/ baby strollers. I needed all the above. Everyone got to eat and watch the show together. Then we cleanup to head over to see the horses. My family really enjoyed the restaurant's Cowboy Beans, tender meat options, and various side dishes. The prices were fair... on holidays or special events... the restaurant offered a great lunch/ dinner deal. When you enter the lot, someone will had you an event schedule. It will list the live shows time and location. Usually it will highlight any sales or deals available. I'm looking forward to trying the shooting zip line. Zip lining in Japan was fun. But there was no shooting zipline. That's very American. Can't wait!

Sandra Saltmarsh

A great place, but were not open today... getting ready for Halloween......

Davidkujo19 Ku

Every 1 there was nice especially judi.the place seemed really cool. Unfourtunatly our event we had there that night got rained out. (Go figure rained out in the desert lol) but they will reschedule. Can't wait to go back.

D Stupec

We’ve visited Old Tucson Studios annually for many years, and have always had an amazing time!!! The staff and actors are so genuine and kind, it’s really a wonderful environment for kids and adults. There are plenty of choices for shows, activities, food and rides. We always make a point to spend time there when we’re in town

Mark McGehee

Awsome, we had a blast. Very scary haunted house.

Trevor Kollmann

It was ok. Think it caters more for families, but the set does lend itself to some great sunset photos.

keith miller

If your ever in the area, you can't pass on this hidden gem. Tombstone was filmed here along with many old westerns. Very awesome piece of American history

Andrew Young

Fun time for the whole family. Be sure to wear shoes intended for walking on dirt paths as the majority of the walking is in a Sandy environment. Most, if not all, places accept cash and card payments. Be sure to bring ample water to counteract the dustiness.

Shannon Corder

This is a fun place to spend a day. They are dog friendly but beware, they have simulated gun fights and my little guy didn’t like the gun shots at all. But if you like cute cowboys and old saloons then this is your place.

Angelika Orlowski

This used to be a movie studio. A definite must see if you are in the area. The actors make it so much more fun.

Mylana Skinner

Beautifully maintained. They offer a nice variety of things for little children. Also, what a delight to discover that the BBQ restaurant offered a veggie burger!!! Thank you! I usually starve at these places. Overall, it was a fun way to spend the day.

Kool Kid

Fun place for adults and kids. This place has history in making a few Hollywood movies

Ken Wilson

love it fond memories with my dad and my kid s going for first time since he passed away . Can go over and over again

Mr Mike

Good hearted people, with a Wild West feel. You can pan for gold, ride a train, horses, watch a black smith. And go back in time walking around the desert

Jim K

A LOT of fun! Well worth the drive out and plan to spend best part of the day. Also, treat yourself to the best BBQ ever at Big Jake's! No kidding... THE BEST!

Robin Huber

Halloween lovers will live this place. Cool spooky cosplay actors in Halloween attire. Cost to get in is pricey. You still have to pay for hay rides, haunted house, and food. Cost is just over $100 for two of us which included admission, one drink, two dinners, no rides and we bought $10 in fudge. Prepare to spend money.

Patrick Emond

Such a cool spot to visit! Walk the same roads that some huge western stars have walked. Loved it.

Summer Paige

Lots of fun for the family with something for everyone, and everyone enjoyed learning about the Wild West and how this location has filmed many movies.

scott adams

This was so fun! I thought we'd be there for an hour, we ended up staying 5! The shows weren't the "best" but they were very entertaining, especially the musical review in the saloon. My kids enjoyed planning for "gold" they couldn't stop once they figured it out. I could see spending the whole day there if the horse rides were involved. The staff were great also, very friendly and willing to answer any questions. Top 3 spot in Tucson for my family for sure!

Kevin Milner

Nice people, lots of history, and plenty of entertainment for all ages

Garan Geror

This was my favorite place to visit on our trip. If your looking for a old western feeling with an experience of the "old western culture " this is the place to go. They have no extra cost tours, food, non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, shows, horseback riding, a no extra cost mini train ride, blacksmith, carriage, and the views of the surrounding mountains. Lots of movie history here and an old train on the property with great history behind it. I guarantee we will go back here on my next trip.

Kc Kay

This place was alot of fun. Good food, good drinks, saloon girls made it quite entertaining! Lot's of laughs at the show with the saloon girls. Audience participation was a riot.

Stephanie Vasquez

Super fun! Had a great time horseback riding through the trails and zip lining. Friendly staff. A really cool experience overall.

Jean Welch

Old Tucson was a great place to visit. We enjoyed the "movie experience"!! Great that visitors are able to see a lot without even paying. It was on our way to Saguaro National Park (west side).

J. Mendana

It's okay to look from the street since it was closed. The Souvenir Store staff? Very professional and dressed to the environment great store to buy souvenirs., But, some a bit over priced particularly when are imports from accross the border but few local made items. Otherwise clean environment friendly staff.

Laura Hutchins

If you like western movies,this is a must see. Fun to walk around where so many famous people worked. The surrounding terrain is amazing.


Very interesting place to visit. Seeing the places they used for filming old movies that my parents loved to see especially John Wayne was very interesting so much smaller than you imagine I would recommend a visit if you're in Tucson

Jesse Horn

Kids had a blast with the shows, attractions, and just walking around seeing the old town. It was really cool and wished we could have been able to spend more time there.

Freddy Elmesselmani

Good way to kill time. The place is entertaining. You can skip the show, it's boring in my opinion.

Francois Möller

Lovely place to visit to see the history of film making and interesting shows to see some of the actuon scenes.


What a neat excursion. Go see Old Tucson. Experience the sights and sounds from past Westerns we saw at the movies or on TV. If you're lucky, you can take advantage of admission discounts in touristy maps.

Mark Huett

Being a huge western fan, I convinced my family to stop by here for a day while we were visiting relatives in Tucson. We ended up having so much fun, even though it was blazing hot! But what would you expect in the middle of August. The staff was so nice and friendly and made us feel so welcome. My daughter mentioned that she felt like we were in a western movie. We enjoyed interacting with the two stunt men at the wild west stunt show. It was so interesting to actually see some old buildings that were used in many classic westerns. Thank you for making this place a jewel in the desert.

Terry G.

Our favoritest thing to do is Nightfall EVERY year! Cant wait!! The other stuff during the rest of the year is cool too. I love old western stuff.

gary leamons

This is a fun place to go for adults and kids i will go back here. Lots of friendly people and staff had a great time.

Cyrious Living

The up front cost covers all the live action shows you can attend. If you like old westerns this place is a must see. My young kids weren't quite ready for the gun fire of the live cowboy shows but there was plenty of other stuff today including tracked cars a train, panning for gold, etc.

Glen Alder

halloween event is RIP off. they have very few actors in costume and shows are not very good. at half the price it might be worthwhile

Manuel B

This place is awesome! Highly recommended! They filmed and continue to film TV and movie westerns here, the people here are very informative and friendly. The food isn't too bad and it's not outrageously priced. The whole town is basically a film set.

Lawrence Williams

Expensive, but a lot of fun. If you are a movie buff it's definitely a place worth visiting

Elizabeth Hicks

We hesitated at first, but decided to go and are glad we did. We really had a great time, better than expected.Yes, it's old and a little run-down, but that is part of its very charm, too. We loved being able to wander around the desert, go at our own pace, and ride the train as many times as we wanted. Their shows are not to be missed. One of the most entertaining parts was the ad-libbing by the stunt men as they welcomed guests into the venue for the stunt show. They really showed their talents when they started ad-libbing and acting irreverent, a la Don Rickles. That was very entertaining. Keep it up guys! It takes wit and keen observance to be able to do that.

Jf Hillside

Get dusty and some sun, watch cheeky comedy, live action mini dramas, stage coach ride (extra $), basic Western food, old time storefronts, cool old west chapel and graveyard, gas powered cars on a track (think old Disney), stunt men doing stunts, real steam powered mini train whole fam can ride. Great for little kids, terrible for teens, awesome for awkward dad and grandparents. Been 5 times now, still love it every time.

Coleen Bonnette

Fun times reliving childhood Western movies and TV shows. The gun fight was great. Bar BQ was tasty. Be prepared to walk in dusty roads.

Sam Psota

We had a great time as a family! The kids had fun with various activities and we all loved the stunt show. Can't say if it's worth the price since we got invited to go but we had a fun day there.

Elva Turner

We came in the other way and the road was so windy and twisty that at one point we thought we were about to be the next Thelma and Louise, so thank God for good brakes and going slow. When you get there, prepare to take your time and enjoy the old west feeling. Take a stage-coach ride, pan for gold, and watch the maverick crack the whip outside Phoebe's place. It's all a hoot and such good fun

Manuel Esqueda

Awesome place! The rides are really fun. Highly recommend this place.

mellisa horton

Admission is overpriced. Not many reasonable food options and the gift /candy in the stores very high priced . The small amount of history was cool and my son liked the antique cars.

jason golden

This place was a hoot! I recently vacationed in Arizona and old Tucson was the highlight of my trip. It was like stepping into the old West for a day. Watching the actors do daring stunts added to the adventure. When my wife was called up on stage as a volunteer during their comedy routine it was priceless. A day I'll never forget.

Taryn Rogers

A really fun day! Explore the sets of old(and some newer) westerns and movies filmed in this beautiful location. Take the guided stage coach tour and enjoy the train ride through the entire park. Tons of photo opportunities by old train stations, saloons, jails, and many other ghost town themed places. Lots of cowboys and cowgirls walking around who were lots of fun! Witness real live blacksmithing, can-can shows, stunt showcases, and lots of other shows playing all day. Horse, car, and carousel rides are a big hit for the little ones. Even the drive in and out through the mountains was spectacular. We had a great time!

Torrin Dufforsmith

So, we went through town earlier in the week and Old Tucson was closed. So, since we were in Tombstone an extra day, we decided to come back during the weekend . My man is a huge Western movie and show guy. We really enjoyed the whole experience . The staff is EXTREMELY nice. Very polite and always in character . I really appreciated their enthusiasm even though it was quite warm! There was plenty of visitors dressed up and that was awesome to see! If you have ever seen the movie Tombstone, there was a lot of it filmed here. Very cool! There is places to eat in there. Nothing over the top but it will tame the beast. We had burgers at the Pony Express. We should have shared one. It was hard to walk around after that because we were stuffed!! Dont forget that Old Tucson is only opened during the weekends. Keep it simple and enjoy.

Danielle Jackson

It was really fun! The little kids thought they were at a theme park! The live performances were pretty good, but some acting was poor. The pork nachos were awesome. There was always ice water available in the grand saloon.

Robert Carrillo

Very surprised how good this place is. Lots of shows and things to do all day. Food was.surprisingly good and priced normally unlike other theme parks. Kids 2 to 10 will love this place.

Jimmy Nichols

We hesitated at first, but decided to go and are glad we did. We really had a great time, better than expected.Yes, it's old and a little run-down, but that is part of its very charm, too. We loved being able to wander around the desert, go …

Shane Krenzke

LOVED IT!!!!!! i went with a party of 15 on the birthday of AZ and it was a big deal!!! i recommend this place a very big group friendly activity, most of all the activities are for free and very big! the shows are very funny, the food is AWESOME, the rides are worth the time, you can NEVER get bored with this place. Thanks! - guy that wrote his review

Pat Rousseau

Western movie location with many talented staff recreating the old west. Intended to be there a few hours but spent the Whole Day! Great characters, stunt men and women performing vignettes. Two good restaurants to choose from. Recommend highly for all ages!


Wonderful experience, but very hot...suggest going in winter months

Kenny Hobson

remember coming here as a kid, great to come back and enjoy the stores, rides and scenery I saw a half a decade ago. Still an awesome place to spend a day at

John Bradford

Great stop, plenty of history, actual sites where westerns were filmed from 1939 till 2018. The bbq dinner was great, plenty to see, we spent about 4 hours there well worth the admission price...Veterans and Senior discounts are offered...

Marty Wagoner

Great for kids and first time. Young people don't remember the good old westerns. Shows were good.

Dora S

First time here! Awesome shows if u can put up with the heat! Loved meeting the horses!

Marilyn Brustad

It was great. Love it. Would go to to again.

Robin Lavender

Husband and I went, had a great time. Pet friendly, knowledgeable staff and very talented. Fun to see where some John Wayne movies were made. Amazing how small things actually are. Be ready to walk and enjoy the old times!

Purple Dragon

It's a cute park! Obviously Western themed, if it isn't your style don't go. All of the preformances are free and some of the rides are too. However the most fun rides are charging an arm and a leg. But that's how money is made right? Food is very good regardless of the price and the staff there are very friendly as well.

michael martinez

History of the great Western movies in were they where made..great souvenir shop.

Peter C

Loved my visit here. I grew up on Joh Wayne movies, a memorable one being McClintock so it was very nostalgic for me to walk through this place. Loved all the history and old Hollywood rooms. Next time I'll bring my dog along as they are 4 leg friendly here. If you are a fan of "The Duke" or just want to visit old history around Tucson. Highly recommend

Cristian D. Navarro

Loved the experience. I like how now they're doing Friday nights. Great way to enjoy without the major heat.

Carmen Joshi

Very nice people work here. Great acting, I love this place.

Wade Miller

Great place to spend a day taking in all that this place has to offer. Fun to be had for adults as well as children. Thoroughly enjoyed our first visit, so much so that we purchased their season passes.

Karen Gertis

They're not very forthcoming with their prices online. You click on the amount of tickets you for one price only to be shown a different price at checkout because of a $2.00 convenience fee. Horrible business practice.

Captain B

Made a visit every year we fly out to Tucson. Definitely a must see for anyone new to the area

Margie Valdez

So many things to see. Not enough time to see so much history. It was enjoyable!

Michael's Bolton

At Old Tucson there was many famous Westerns and TV shows were filmed on these grounds. I was so surprised that this place was as good as it was. Lots of entertaining exhibits and old wild west reenactments that will keep you busy all day, which are fun for the whole family. All the team members here are very versatile and so friendly.

Greg Konney

This type of attraction is just not for us...we prefer the local hiking and biking. At $39 per person ?? we can find a lot more value in Tucson.

Charyle Calvert

All the shows were excellent! It was a hot day and not many people out, so we practically had the place to ourselves! Plenty of water provided and fun was had my all.

Mary Cassiday

So fun! Being the first of September it was a little hot, will be going again in cooler weather.

Francesco Arellano

Pretty good place to visit. Entertaining and fun for all in the family. Got military discount, Thank you.

Michelle Perata

Wonderful experience! Lots of great shows with talented performers, and so much fun to see where many famous westerns were filmed. Great way to spend the day. We will definitely come again.


Best place to get into the western spirit and even better sharing a traditional experience, loving the wild west and best place to experience a bit of history and more with special events that make it exciting and the employees are all amazing, Thank you so much

Sandra Yule

Customer service in the souvenir shop at exit was horrific. I attempted to return a slap band snake watch that my daughter had purchased for her 7 year old son. My daughter and her family of 5 live in NYC and were visiting. I live in Vail which is about 35 miles from Old Tucson. Old Tucson is located in the middle of the desert. Well when we got back to the house, I attempted to set the watch. It would work for a minute then stop. I couldn’t get it to work. Of course, my grandson was very disappointed. I told him that I would exchange it for another whenever I was on that side of town. Today, my husband and I went to exchange the watch. My daughter and her family are back in NYC. I was greeted by a lady who asked for my receipt and I told her that I personally didn’t have it but there is one. I just wanted an exchange. She said she needed one for exchanges and would call her supervisor. She also played with the watch and it would stop and go for her. Her supervisor called back and then she needed to speak with her supervisor. Finally, the last supervisor said there was nothing they could do unless I had the receipt. Now please understand they knew this was their merchandise and there were other like watches in their shop. The watch is a kids plastic slap band that cost $8.00. I left the watch on the counter telling them they needed the watch and $8.00 more than me. But to prove a point, I would send the receipt with a letter back to them. I can tell you this,- never ever will I visit Old Tucson again not would recommend it. Whoever owns this top down managed mess should invest in their employees a little more so they can make an executive decision on a $8.00 exchange. Geez.

Vanessa Mills

Old Tucson is a great entertainment and historical venue for families. There is plenty to do for all ages, and there were a bunch of shows throughout the day. Humor was definitely part of the fun. There was plenty to spectate and learn about the Old West through the movie museum and reenactments. I would highly recommend this spot for any Tucson visitors!

Gaelan Soucy-Dunbar

Had a great time at #nightfall this year, security was very helpful in navigating the place cause the map they give you is not! Lol also had an (over priced) $20 margarita with a cool container I got to take home. Show at the end of the night was awesome to watch too. Kind of all over the place, plot-wise, but nonetheless was still great entertainment

Bryan Rees

A slice of the Old West right in Tuscon. Tours show off all of the movie making history with many fun facts and pictures peppered in along the way. Shows throughout the day with gun fights and reenactments of famous scenes. Recommended site to visits when in the Tuscon area.

Connie Gilcrist

Go in cool weather. Lots of things for everyone to see, and do. Very interesting, and fun for the family.

Gail Becker

We had a blast. If you go, keep in mind that this is a theme park developed from a town built as a movie studio. It is NOT an amusement park and NOT a historical town. It depicts the old west as shown in movies and TV. If you love old westerns then you should have a good time.

Morgan Davis

The Steampunk Convention in March is so immersive. I feel like i'm in a story. so many exhibits of mechanized marvel-ocity!!! (I wanna touch the train so bad!)

Said Kharouta

A lot of fun..however, it is too hot.. bring umbrella.. hat and cold water..

am dg

Nice location of you know the films that were produced here (otherwise it might be boring). Good program throughout the day. We didn't like the guided tour very much because the guide was hard to understand (special dialect, not stopping for explanations so talking while walking - hardly to understand).

Corry Schneider

Went for an hour, stayed for 5, so many buildings and actors playing parts. Half the buildings are air conditioned, a big plus for a NW guy like me.

Lane Chappins

Great place to go during the main events like steampunk or nightfall, they make it very interesting and during nightfall they put a lot of work into what they do and make it scary.

Teresa Johnson

What a great place to sit back and learn about all the movies made here in Arizona. They have many different restaurants you can sit down and eat at, different shows throughout the day as well as a walking tour to tell you what to look for in the old westerns the next time you watch the movies.

Victor Carpio

Just too HOT! But there are places where you can keep cool.

Sharra Helena

Amazing and cool. I loved the tour and the icecream.

Jae Elle

Old Tucson Studios is a great place to spend the day exploring. I went during one of the events held there, the Wild West Steampunk Convention. It's a great place to visit and have large events at. Fun little shops, great shows, yummy food and interesting flavored alcoholic beverages (they have a flavored vodka that was fruit, I think mango i can't remember, but it has jalapeno with it, watch out that stuff set our mouth on fire! They have a prickly pear vodka that's awesome, have them mix that with their prickly pear soda, it's delicious!!!). It's a fun place to go as a visitor or take your friends that are visiting but it's also a great place to visit as a local. They have a cool Halloween haunt out there during October that you should check out. Overall I think it's a blast for all ages and definitely worth checking out. Keep an eye out for events held there as well so you can get double the fun!

Julia Benavides

Great, knowledgeable staff. Everyone made us feel at home, somehow. The kids had an amazing time

Robin Nash

Well, it was wonderful. I think i want to move there. I never want to come home when i am there, the weather is nice, no aches or pain when im there. The sun is shining 98% of the time. The are tons of things to do a d see there for everyone.

Morris Myers

One word...FUN!!! Yeah, nearly all the stories are from 20+ years ago so your 14 year old won’t always relate, but there is still so much FUN to be had!! If you’re into history, this place does a great job teaching you Faro, or the history of the saloon, but then you see the merry-go-round, the train ride, and the “haunted” mine tour, and your 10 year olds will go nuts!!!! Take the first 30 minute tour explaining the history, the second walking tour telling you all about the different movies and TV shows filmed there, and do NOT miss the stunt show!!! (Prepare to be ridiculed as you walk in...). Overall a great family day trip. Take pics, drink the sarsaparilla, and don’t over think it!!!

Mister Jon

For the money, this was a fun family outing. The three actors/stunt men were worth the price of admission alone. Make sure you see the stunt show. Other aspects of Old Tucson could be significantly improved. Particularly the dining and drinking experience. There is so much they could do with an old style saloon and drinking experience that is really a lost opportunity. The food options are limited and the quality of food was relatively poor. The panning for gold experience for $3 was well worth the money. The haunted house was pretty good as well. Plan to spend about 4 hours here.

Jenn Ring

Spent 5 hrs there today and enjoyed seeing the many shows. The actors/actresses were great. Kids enjoyed the interactiveness during the shows and the haunted mine staff were so nice. Would recommend a stop when visiting Tucson area.

Sharon Twardowski

We had a fun day here. It will bring out your inner child and kids love it. There is a lot to see and do, so make sure to allow a whole day to really enjoy it all. A place to step back in time and see if you recognize any of the buildings from Western movies.


It's a great park to spend half a day. Great staff who like to entertain. You have a lot of different shows you can attend, a lot of them with audience interaction. The park is nice and tidy. You can get souvenirs and the food there is nice.

Richard Ghormley

This place is fun and educational. Lots of stunt shows, rides, museums, shops, restaurants and other activities to keep you entertained all day. Admission is very affordable and the extras that are not included are reasonable as well. We will bring the whole family with us next time. Be aware, this is in the desert and it can get very hot. Wear hats, stay in the shade when possible and drink lots of water!

Miriam Eaton

The company picnic was really was mediocre. There were some shows I attended which were quite entertaining...the Grand Ballroom and the Mission. Going through the museum is always great! Lot's of memorabilia and historical data. Overall, loads of fun!

Olivia Washington

This place is so fascinating! Gun fights and actors are amazing! Definitely need a whole day here, there's so much to see (and it's better than Tombstone) and so much to do! 100% recommend and to people of all ages. I've been when I was younger but didn't remember it so was fantastic to go again.

Maria Lawson

It was great only friendly people works there we had amazing time

Christina Stalnaker

Amazing movie set park..enjoyed the walking tour..the guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining..ate a hamburger that was huge neither my husband or I could eat it all..really enjoyed the history and buildings..Must see if in the area

Robert Ayzin

Very interesting and educational historic film studio where many westerns were filmed. Lots of fun touristy additions. Don't miss the train ride that takes you all around!

Laura Mae

The Only part open during the week until Nov. is the giftshop..Nice but NOT why we went. The clerk was very friendly and informative and recommended the museum up the road..very dissapointed in OLD Tucson and thought the $22.95 price was a bit steep if it had been open.

Julia Vaughn

Wonderful cast of characters. In the skits as well as in gift shops! My husband liked a particular cowboy hat. The store we where in didnt have the right size. The young lady who worked there called all the other shops to see if they had it in the right size. Above and beyond regular service! If enjoy the hub-bub of touristy won't like it. Still feels old fashioned....comfortable.

Brian Swanson

Not well suited to keeping visitors cool during the summer months. Have to search just to find a bottle of water, and shade is nowhere to be found in the outdoors. Bring an umbrella for shade if you want to visit in July.

Robin U'Ren

As an old retired youngster, it was novel and exciting to actually walk and experience the settings and scenery that we loved, enjoyed and treasured in a much simpler time of our lives. Thanks for making this truly memorable!

S Purvance

Had a great time. Fun shows, good food and drinks. Nice spot to take out of towners. Where the spirit of...

Darcy Welch

Visiting Old Tucson is truly like stepping back in time! There's so much to do! Gunfights, musical shows, historical tours, stagecoach rides, train rides, and getting to see all of the buildings that were used in lots and lots of movies, westerns, commercials, tv series, and music videos. Super fun place!!!!

Eric Holler

Wonderful place to take visitors from out of the Country. The shows are a spectacle, funny with good acting and singing. I love drinking a beer in the saloon, while watching a show; an excellent variety of non-alcoholic drinks are available. I get a kick out of how much my guests enjoy it. Where the Old West comes alive - for sure!

Kevin Myers

Was there twice in one week, had a great time, and going back this winter

Andrew Hooper

Worst experience. Waited in line for train for over an hour. Customer service when asked was there is a small issue just wait in line. Haunted Hay ride was not as great. Both of which we had to pay extra for. $29 to get in and not worth it at all. I hope someone actually reads this. I will post it on social media for people not to pay the extras cause it's just money trap. Oh yea the bathrooms were dark we had to use our cell phones to use the restrooms. No lights. Asked for a refund after buying tickets the ladies were rude and said no refunds come back another night and use them. Nightfall used to be fun and scary now it's all about the money. 6 paid admissions and 40 tickets. That doesn't include drinks and food. Sorry for the rant but like I said worst experience ever. Also your website doesn't work for complaints or even compliments. Even emailed through the website and no one responded. So beware enter and spend at your own risk.

Daniel Perez

Really nice place for a good family time, had a work event here and the customer service was awesome!!

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