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Indn Route 42, Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ 84536, United States

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Where is Monument Valley?

REVIEWS OF Monument Valley IN Arizona

Vladimir Balaz

Really good - meets expectations. The nature is fantastic. You see some traces of human activity - the visitor center for example - bot most parts of the valley is not spoilt. It is a good idea to come here early morning. Colours and shades change over day. You will enjoy the same places in different hours of the day. Area of the three Sisters probably is the nicest place to stop in.

Jessica Hash

I wish I had more time to do the back country hiking. But the loop itself was awesome. Had no trouble with small vehicle.

Shelli Remington

Pretty awesome views, places to pull off the road for pictures. Plus it's fun to be on the Forest Gump road.

Donny Barnec

Spent 2 days there. Can't wait to go back. Definitely not enough time. I recommend going on a horseback ride too.

Roman Fox

If you are going through the park yourself - bad mistake, take one of the tours, its $20 extra per person, yet, they take you to all the spots quick as their cars are equipped for that. By yourself you will end up crawling and wasting time. The formations are amazing there, impossible to pass it through the pics. Take the horse rides too! Get ready for dust, i recommend to have face covers, to avoid breathing it, especially if you are taking tour. Warm clothes and head gear. Water and you are good to go.

itcreative ukraine

It was the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. First time I saw the monument valley was sunset! All stones are orange and bright . We spent night in a tent. That morning sunrise was unforgettable, that monuments in a sunlight looks different in different time. There are a restaurant nearby, shower, toilets, shop, everything you need. Also we had a horse trip with guide. The guide showed us interesting places and told as old Navajo stories. Try horse tours, if you like horses and stories :)

Julia Reck

The entry ticket is good for 2 days: go there for sunset and see the rocks glow and the next morning come again for sunrise. Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Heads up if you’re driving through: partly is pretty off-road like so don’t go down there with a fancy car.

Myles Davis

Really neat place and beautiful drive. Middle of nowhere, beware of crazy potholes and bumps in road.

Nomad Photographer Dio Lee

Fantastic place...time and wind have made a masterpiece here...

sudarshan dange

the Buttes and the Mesa can mess up with your mind..! Long standing structures & yet constantly changing the shapes. Stay inside the valley and spend a day from sunrise to sunset & repeat! :) Drive your friend's car or may be your father in law! its going to get painted inside out once you step in!

Iván Coll

Lovely, amazing, stunning, astonishing, spectacular, all words I can say are not enough.

Jeremy Lanssiers

Great stuff. Nuff said. There are few directions when you reach Kayenta, but if you come from the south, put Mexican Hat in your GPS and you'll come across the visitor center and entrance. You really can't miss it.


Highly recommended place to see. Only $20 per car entry fee. Very friendly and helpful Navajo people. Also recommend you do the 3.8 mile hike around west mitten. You can do all or part of it. High clearance vehicle is best for the driving route.

Simon Hackett

One of the most beautiful places on earth. The tour is also well worth it but the best are the cabins to catch sunrise.

Amy Y

Thank you to all who suggested we stop at mile marker 13 for the iconic photo of Monument Valley!! We didn't have time to drive the scenic park, but did enjoy stopping for a photo. Since we were coming from the Grand Canyon knowing what mile marker to look for helped a lot or we would have driven over the hill and missed it!

Joshua Mathew

Great place. you must go there at least for a week.

Rebeca Polo

It’s hard to believe that these are natural rock formations - so magical. Didn’t disappoint, Monument Valley is an incredibly breathtaking and majestic spot that will leave you without words.

Nandini Menon

Too expensive for what they have to offer. $10 each. NPS takes only $30 for one private vehicle, even though they may have restrictions if the number of people in the car exceeds a limit.They dint even offer a brochure/road map for what we paid. When we checked at the visitor centre, the guy sitting there was too rude to explain anything. Drive was ok, nothing geat.


Beautiful place for pictures. Breathtaking view from anywhere you are near of far.

Paul Baron

I've never been inside the park, because $20 are a lot and you'll find many of that rocks outside the monument.. But what you'll find is amazing!

Rene Fogh

What a place! If you are in that area you have to visit.

Jeduthun Zia

This place has been part of my bucket list ever since I saw Forrest Gump as a kid. It was well worth the four hours of driving from northwest New Mexico. The grandeur of the buttes is very overwhelming, and the sheer size of the valley itself is so vast - it’ll take about two hours to make a loop of the entire thing. However, it is very well worth it, and you will be left impressed by the magnificence of the southwestern desert. Being from New York City, I was especially amazed by the scenery.

Svetlana Zabbora

Lots of really high neat rocks.


Amazing place!! It’s a must!!! Bring a jacket because it gets cold!! Amazing views in the sunset and sunrise!!!

Mark Wellman

Awe inspiring views. Try to catch sunrise and sunset. Take the drive through the valley. Spend an hour or two hiking around the left mitten. Stay in the cabins if you can for a spectacular sunrise.

Chandrasekhar Mankala

Amazing place. You will see breathtaking views. Nature is awesome!! Can't believe these monuments are natural

Erin Binney

Absolutely breathtaking

John Lefever

Simply great scenery and a wonderful stop between Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon.

Karla Colburn

This place is great! Latoya at the gift shop is so great: she helped us find vegan gifts and was always there when we had questions. Oh yeah and the monuments cool too.

Patrick McDonald

We had a great tour guide. Highly recommend seeing.

Jayadeep Kandagatla

The monument valley does have a visitor center operated by Navajo Tribal community and mostly the tour will take 3-4 hours.

Mohit Paul

Drive is really great . Do this on bright day. Do stop at forest gump point . The loop on monument valley is must . Amazing natural formation of God .

Dr Alabama

It's difficult to describe in words how magical this place is. Seeing the mesas rising straight up from the desert floor is breath taking. There are so many unique natural wonders to see here. There truly isn't anywhere else like it in the world. Make sure you are here for sunset and sunrise. One thing to note is that the road is in terrible shape. There were people with obviously rented cars getting stuck on hills and in potholes, and these were normal height boring sedans. They had potholes on steep hills, I've never seen anything like it before or since, I didn't even know it was possible. It is best to get a tour guide, they can also take you to restricted areas of the park.

Derek Neumann

Great place to visit. Worth the time and money to do the self driving loop.through the valley. If you have extra time and money a backcountry tour is well worth it. Hopefully you can time your trip when there are clouds in the sky to add drama to your pbotographs.

Emily Heine

Great iconic place to drive through but between the heat and the lack of self guided hiking opportunities it was hard to really connect to the space

Elizabeth Dotson

Never been there...wish I could. Looks beautiful.

mike buch

Drove through here on my way to Pheonix and glad we drove out of our way to find it what a beautiful drive

Thomas Buchanan

Awesome views. Will be definitely coming back.

Max Bardelang

Great hikes, I would recommend to make them in the evening, start about 2 hours before sundown, it's not that hot anymore and the light for photos will be better ;)

butch hobbs

The most wonderful place on the planet x

jan lappen

It is beautiful but your only allowed to get out of your car in certain points..

Skinni P

No need to enter the prizy monument valley center. You can enjoy the stunning view from many places for free. Awesome nature!

Richard Langston

These rock formations are stunning and being able to drive around the park in your own vehicle was a great experience. The only down point about this visit was the facilities in the visitors centre; the gift shop was very expensive and the staff were rude. The restaurant was confusing and we left as staff were not speaking to customers.

Megan Plaumann

Update! The owner reached out to us and discussed our experiences and expressed his disappointment in his employee and the service we received. It was nice of him to reach out and it has improved our opinion of his company. This is a review of Phillips Photography Tours in Monument Valley. Monument Valley itself is beautiful and worth the stop. It’s a $20 admission fee for 1-4 people to get to the visitors center and look out points. If you are only looking to get a few photos and capture iconic scenes this is the best location. If you are looking at more in depth photography tours DO NOT sign up for Phillips Photography Tours. We went on the Hunt’s Mesa Overnight Tour expecting to be blown away by the views and knowledge we would learn and were disappointed. Our guide was late picking us up, he didn’t speak to us the whole time, our vehicle got stuck three times and our guide was not prepared to extricate us having brought no equipment with him and the check engine light was on and the tires were bald, he did not communicate any information with us about where we were going, we only stopped at two photography locations, and the food was subpar for dinner and breakfast. It also took us over four hours to get to our destination, when their website says it will only take 2.5, which meant we lost precious daylight for pictures. This was the worst tour of any kind I have ever been on and it was extremely overpriced for the lack of quality you get in the guide, food, and location. Look elsewhere if you want a photography tour because it is not worth the money or your time.

Tyler Chilton

Maybe we are just jaded after doing Zion, Bryce, and Arches, but this visit was a little underwhelming. Would have been much more enjoyable if the roads weren't so horrible. Best spots are Artist Point and North Window Overlook.

Phaedra Lee

Surreal otherworldly landscape

Matha Goram

Quintessential American! Many, many years ago I flew above the area at 30,000 ft having previously seen it in the movies (thanks a million, John Ford). Even at that height I felt an unmistakable twinge. To see it up close was definitely a dream come true. Need AWD vehicle to do the tour at your own pace. Of course there places where your vehicle cannot go - hike or ride a horse if you can. The visitor center will enumerate your options. My only peeve is that night lights at the lodge may be architectural sound but interfere with night photography. Magnificent sunrise views from the balconies. From the same balconies you can get nice sunlight shots of the buttes as the sun sets. Use a dedicated camera for time lapse photography if you can or simply soak the viewing for indelible memories.

Michel Heijnen

Absolutely amazing! Can drive around with your car, large vehicles (i.e. campers) are not allowed. Can get very hot so be careful if you are bringing your pet.

Sonya E

You will be in awe of the beauty and majesty of the valley. If you visit during sunrise or sunset, you will see a sight that will bring you to tears.

Logan Carpenter

Absolutely beautiful area, easy to see everything, friendly people. Parking lot was easily the best part of the area. Well kept and not overly crowded.

Rob Curry-Patel

Great views. Good center. The road is in need of paving.

Ke Z

One of the most interesting and grand view to see in your life. They really look like monuments standing in the middle of a flat desert. They are so particular looking but also so beautiful with their red and yellow tone. The flat top and all kinds of shapes that look like other objects.

Theresa Coscia

Unbelievable beauty! Tours into the Valley prretty rough! Have lunch at The View Hotel instead for all the great views you could want!

Caleb Sprenger

Wow!! Found this super obscure spot out in the dessert!


The best place I've ever been to

Skip Cournia

Great trip. Great people out there and the food isn't that bad. If you're thinking about going there start packing your bags!

Marvin Hull

The scenery was wonderful, but the road was awful.

zvi gilinsky

If you are in the area it’s worth the drive but I wouldn’t get over here especially for this

Nenah Champaign

We stayed in an airbnb with a Navajo Family name the Holidays. It's one of our most treasure vacation memories. Highly recommend spending the night and watching the sunset and sunrise in Monument valley. Save some money and help the locals stay in an Airbnb instead of the hotels. Get a glympse of the native american way of life and traditions.

Brian Johnson

This is an amazing place with scenic vistas in every direction. The landscape seems to change as you move through the valley, providing new perspectives around every turn.

Denise Matela

Monument Valley is not considered a state park as it sits in the Navajo Nation Reservation. Funny that our GPS said welcome to Utah and then two minutes later said welcome to Arizona. The park lays in the border, that's why! We had lunch at The View Restaurant and tried the Navajo tacos and Navajo sheep stew.

Joe Crites

Absolutely breathtaking

Maximilian Hornauer

No comment necessary got a place of its own

Sandy Mason

We have a wonderful Navajo guide who has been taking us to all of the most wonderful sites in the valley. Riveer is very good.

eccscape eccscape

Pretty cool area actually. Not just within the park. Do the self-drive

Dara Brady

Take the 3 hr jeep guided tour from the visitors center, ( it's at the bottom of the parking lot) it's worth it !! You will see so much more than from the viewing deck in the visitors center. Pay 150 dollars MAX per jeep, regardless of occupancy per jeep. They will quote more than that but ask around as there are many people there with jeeps doing the tours, don't get ripped off with 200 dollar plus tours. FYI, Bring some cold water on the tour.

Heiko Gehrig

Beautiful and inspiring area. Entrance fee is $10 as of writing, and only cash is accepted (no credit cards etc) If taking your own vehicle (especially a rental car), be aware that the road around the monuments (inside the park) are dirt roads and can be very dust (and bumpy) in most areas. Some rental car insurance does not cover this!

Judy Scharf

Another must see tourist location. We drove the car on the loop trail. I didn't envy those crammed into the canopied tour trucks, out in the open, eating everyone else's dust. The formations are impressive - huge, red, towering... etc The road can be a bit rough in places. Some spots needed grading when we were there.

C. Cotter

A happy place. Every visit to this unique landscape helps me to recenter myself. The people are the best, always feel welcome to all the tourist places.

Margo Watson

What a great place. I finally got to see the meteor crater that was in Starman! Yes it was crowded but expected that with this tourist spot. Large parking areas with shuttles made it really nice. Like all things now there was a fee to walk around the fenced perimeter of the crater. Yes, there is a nice gift shop too. Hey you go all that way you need a gift shop right! We felt it was worth the trip and hope you will too.

Isabella Moncada


Bill Cunningham

Beautiful scenery and not so crowded as other stops we made.

Cody Moss

This place is pretty commercialized and touristy.I wish I had more time to do the back country hiking. But the loop itself was awesome. Had no trouble with small vehicle.

Theresa Schnack

This valley is beautiful! The drive down Valley Rd was amazing. There are so many monuments to see.

Walter Rothe

We decided to visit Monument Valley during wintertime and did not regret our decision. This place is magic. We enjoy it every time. We have been here som many times during the last 20 years and will return again. We drove the loop road and stayed at the Goulding's Lodge.

Max Patrone

Impressive view ! You will be transferred in a "american western-style" location and mood :) The road trail inside the valley is possible with a 4WD car or using the local "bus" and it's something fantastic experience. To stay here for the sunset it's absolutely a must to see !


Awesome. Less Chinese. You can hike around the monument valley. Bring lots of water with you.

Potchanee Deemark

Arrived just before sunset. Debated driving from Page but it was worth it in the end. Straight out of a Western movie!

CON Productions

Beautiful spot but one star review? I was so excited to visit this park for 2 days, it had been on my bucket list for years. Normally I leave the parks loving them more than before seeing them, but not this one. Here is a list of my very long Con’s and short Pros lists. Lets start with the pros because that list is short. Pros: * Campground bathrooms where nice and clean. * Nice camping locations. * Beautiful scenery wrecked by the cons list. Now the Cons: * Staff seem like they would rather shoot themself than go on living and working where they do. Ask a question from them and they answer u while holding back with all their might from rolling their eyes in annoyance with ur existence. * Visitor center is like a maze with rooms that have no purpose and you’re not sure even if you’re even supposed to be in there. It’s like one of those weird homes that have 50 add-ons but no real purpose to any of them. * The museum portion looks like the person that made it didn’t care and put no effort into making it interesting so u leave the museum caring less about the history of all it all than when u started. * If u r one of the unlucky people to pay a crazy price to take the tour in one of those Safari like trucks then I’m sorry for u. I was not interested in taking a second mortgage out on my house to pay for this tour so I took my own vehicle and man was I happy I did. I felt bad for the people in the uncovered vehicles eating the dust from my vehicle and others while I enjoyed the A/C of my car all the awhile I got to see everything they did. * Let’s talk about the tour of the park... as I made my way down to the valley floor I was excited to see the scenery but as I got close to my first scenic pullout I couldn’t help but notice what looked like a garage sale set up at the lookout point. I though it must be a mirage but my eyes did not deceive me. Yes in fact every scenic spot has a flea market. * The trailer park inside the park. Yes u read that right. As you continue your tour of the valley floor u come across a trailer park nestled nicely in ascenic spot. Yes someone lives with not a care in the world how his/hers home looks or if it distracts from the the majestic valley. But hey for $5 they will let u take a picture on one of their poor horses that’s in a pin the size of my car. * If u come to see the stars at night or the Milky Way bring sunglasses. I woke up at 1am to watch a meteor shower that was happening that night but my retinas were quickly burned away from the casino bright visitor/hotel that lit up the night sky. In conclusion. This majestic spot is quickly wrecked by the poor decisions made by the management of the park. It seems the motive behind management is not how to preserve this majestic valley and make it better but the goal seems to be on how can we make more money. Will I be coming back? Not likely.

Ellie S

Just magical, should be on anyone’s bucket list.

Robert Mentecki

INCREDIBLE SIGHTS!!!! GREAT DRIVE on a VERY ROUGH ROAD(No motorcycles and no campers/trailers) Put this on your bucket list.

Daniel Marinucci

It's a beautiful area, puts things in perspective while walking around. You could probably hide a helicopter out there somewhere.

Russ Lacuata

Experience one of the most majestic and most photograph points on earth. The great valley boasts sandstones masterpieces at towering heights framed by scenic clouds casting shadows that graciously roam the desert floor. The angle of the sun accents the graceful formations, providing scenery that is simply spellbinding. A truly wondrous experience.

Sweet Potato

Breathtaking views at sunset and sunrise + stunning drives around the area! Would definitely visit again! The dirt roads are kinda bumpy for a sedan but totally doable! I did it with my beater jetta, views are just amazing!!


Absolutely beautiful!!

Mehmet Sarıgül

The area is part of the Colorado Plateau. The elevation of the valley floor ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 feet (1,500 to 1,800 m) above sea level. The floor is largely siltstone of the Cutler Group, or sand derived from it, deposited by the meandering rivers that carved the valley. The valley's vivid red color comes from iron oxide exposed in the weathered siltstone. The darker, blue-gray rocks in the valley get their color from manganese oxide. The buttes are clearly stratified, with three principal layers. The lowest layer is the Organ Rock Shale, the middle is de Chelly Sandstone, and the top layer is the Moenkopi Formation capped by Shinarump Conglomerate. The valley includes large stone structures including the famed "Eye of the Sun". Between 1945 and 1967, the southern extent of the Monument Upwarp was mined for uranium, which occurs in scattered areas of the Shinarump Conglomerate; vanadium and copper are associated with uranium in some deposits.[3] Tourism Monument Valley from the valley floor Monument Valley is officially a large area that includes much of the area surrounding Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, a Navajo Nation equivalent to a national park. Oljato, for example, is also within the area designated as Monument Valley. Visitors may pay an access fee and drive through the park on a 17-mile (27 km) dirt road (a 2-3 hour trip). Parts of Monument Valley, such as Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa, are accessible only by guided tour. Climate Monument Valley experiences a desert climate with cold winters and hot summers. While the summers may be hot, the heat is tempered by the region's high altitude. Although the valley experiences an average of 54 days above 90 °F (32 °C) annually, summer highs rarely exceed 100 °F (38 °C). Summer nights are comfortably cool, and temperatures drop quickly after sunset. Winters are cold, but daytime highs are usually above freezing. Even in the winter, temperatures below 0 °F (−18 °C) are uncommon, though possible. Monument Valley receives an occasional light snowfall in the winter; however, it usually melts within a day or two.

nestor rosa

This place is amazing.


Don’t forget to check out The Valley of the Gods!

Karen C

There's entrance fee but worth the visit! Driving on maintained dirt road to visit various buttes and mesa.

BradJill Travels

The Monument Valley is where you find the incredible butte towers which mark the landscape and skyline in remarkable fashion. The main activity here is the 17-mile Scenic Drive which makes its way through the tribal park area and around the majestic buttes, some as high as 1000 ft above the ground. Fantastic photography opportunities await. Given the dry conditions, you are very likely to see the deep red buttes against deep blue skies. This makes for many good photos and memories. Interestingly, the unpaved road conditions are surprisingly bad condition, surely the result of the endless stream of vehicles transecting the park in order to see the buttes. To this end, you can take guided drives through the park if uncomfortable using your vehicle to drive through the park. Note that there is a hotel, restaurant and gift shop within the park or you can visit as a day trip from other area hotels just outside the park. If you stay overnight at The View Hotel at Monument Valley, you will be treated to outstanding sunset and sunrise skyline views with the iconic buttes. This was a particularly special aspect of our visit and something we would seek to experience again in the future. In the end, we were very surprised at the poor condition of the Navajo Tribal Park roads but the landscape of Monument Valley is incredible. These are some of the finest views are found throughout the park and this more than compensates for the neglected road. Monument Valley is one of those places that you will remember visiting your entire life.

Supriya S

One of the picturesque location I have ever visited, a must visit if one happens to be in Utah. Further, do not miss the sunrise and sunset, the bright red colour of the butte is just mesmerizing.

Sreecharan S

Unique experience.. Don't forget to do the drive through the valley..

Paul Mastroleo

Amazing night time photography

Nick K

Very beautiful and scenic drive. Must stop place to get some good pictures and views.

Uwe Dörrenhaus

That was an amazing stay. We had the luck to visit Monument Valley durimg a thunderstorm. Wow!!!! That was absolut awesome. And the rainbows after this. Graet Freak of nature.

Ed Fischer

A wondrous outdoor museum. It sort of looks like a rock Manhattan skyline popping out of the completely flat desert. So peaceful, serene and majestic. It's the lack of anything else around it that makes it stand apart.

Ben & Victoria Naglieri

What a wonderful, scenic place! "Forrest Gump Point" is a great place to get photos with the beautiful Monument Valley in the background! A note about safety - if you opt to take pictures on the road at Forrest Gump Point, be sure to watch for traffic coming from both ways (vehicles travel 50-70 mph through this section). Some patience may be required in order to get a good shot, especially when there are a lot of visitors taking pictures. But all in all, worth the wait!

Ashley Rodman

Unbelievable views! The visitor center is nice, and has a lot of information. There is a restaurant and gift shop there as well. You can drive the loop around all the monuments, which is really bumpy and rough if you're in a sedan like us. We still managed though. Just go slow! Also, if you have time, the Wildcat Trail is about 4 miles, but takes you up close to the rock formations and you get a whole different experience. Bring lots of water. There isn't any shade and a portion of it is walking through sand.

Eric Garza

Nice views. To get on the horse was only 5 dollars. Road is rough and dumpy.

Lorenz Mitterwenger-Fessl

It is just ok. Paying the fee is not really worth it if you are not really into the Monuments. The road inside is horrible (and I mean it, horrible!)

Raul O

This place is so unique. Just amazing.

Debra Swann

Beautiful scenery! I recommend taking the tour through get to see areas that are off limits if you drive the loop.....roads are very bumpy and dusty

Pavel Subert

An iconic destination to visit. The information centre will supply you with all the info you need to know and then it is only up to you to explore and enjoy the views. I wish we had at last one more day to stay there.

Tom‘s Travel Channel

No doubt, the place is so absolutely amazing that it will take your breath. The views are fantastic, the rocks tremendous. The only sad thing is, that it is not allowed to walk The Valley from the viewpoints on the scenic road by yourself. I understand why, but nevertheless it’s sad☺️.

Blair Wright

Great park and quite a bit of places to camp


One word: Gorgeous! Two words: Must see!

Rachid Mechiche

Great place to visit it's like a museum. Enjoy the land scape take your time to look at the stone they are just amazing.

Jan Groff

This a destination spot, not just a quick stop. Stay at least 1 day and night to appreciate the sun and stars. Brutally hot in summer, but it was packed with visitors from alll over the world when we visited. Fee to enter the Navajo Nation Tribal Park - worth every penny. The best way to experience MV is with. native guide.

Robert Schlager

Incredible, stunning, unreal - the landscape is magical. Made it at sunset and the colours were ... i don't know how to describe. I'm now on my trip for nearly 5 months through CAN and USA - this is an absolute highlight!!!!

Amy Leader

Wow! What a gem! This place is so incredibly beautiful!! The roads are fun to drive on—just make sure you have a decent 4WD vehicle as the roads are rough—wouldn’t call this a negative though as it makes it all the more exciting! To see the images you’ve seen in so many classic westerns in real life is so surreal! The visitor center is very nice and the lookout offers great photo opportunities. Lots of tour trucks available if you’re unable to take your own vehicle! A must see.

Jerry Mael

July 3rd, 2-16 Heading from Moab to Grand Canyon South Rim. Warm and mostly sunny. Local vendors were nice and forthcoming. Our yearly NP pass was worthless but it is worth the admission price.

Ola Rączka

I could drive there all the time! Those monuments are amazing! Good place to feel Wild Wild West

Alexandra Marks

Definitely recommend taking AWD or crossover for the drive through experience. We felt like kids going off road and seeing the sights. It took us around 30 min to go through entire valley (with stops).

Alex K

I have always wanted to visit this place. It’s an icon from Forrest gumps movie and the sheer open space with canyons around is a must see. When we drove I was quite unsure where to park and grab a great shot. I googled many spaces and have finally found a spot to pull over. And look at the pic, it was a great spot. After many drivers saw us and our location they have pulled over, and we have started a park on the road.

Roshan Thomas

Wonderful place.

Sophie Keizer

One of the first things I knew I wanted to do in the US was horseback riding in Monument Valley. It was great and the landscapes were beautiful. It was nice to see some parts of the area where you can't go without a guide. MV was a great place to see, but it was a bit less than the National Parks (less organized, less facilities, not a very interesting visitor center). I do not for a second regret going here though!

John Dunn

What great views!! I went on this great vacation on my motorcycle, and what an experience!!! The open road, beautiful weather, clear skies and great friends. The four of us had a great ride through monument valley and thoroughly enjoyed the awesome views as we rode through area. If you can't ride, then rent a convertible and make the drive, you won't be sorry!!!

sally stephenson

Stunning scenery

Melissa Morley

Incredible scenic drive. Amazing photo opportunities. Highly recommend.

Charlotte Jeanne

You probably remember seeing forest gump run through here !! Well its a must when driving in northern arizona and southern utah !! DO IT !!

S Renaudie

Just loved this place. Remember to close your windows because it will get very dusty !

Varsha Ahirwal

Amazing landscape

Helen Dickson

This is a magnificent drive around the monuments. Spectacular landscape. Can get a bit dusty but worth it. The view it's really awesome!

Jim Bowen

There are very few places in the world that absolutely take my breath way. This is one of this places. It is out of the way, if you're visiting from the Grand Canyon, but is well worth a visit. There is good parking, and sufficient tourist food places, and stores before you enter the valley proper. The valley can takes a while to drive round, but is absolutely worth it. I can be somewhat jaded, but I have lost count over the number of times I have "gulped" or become irrationally happy over vistas. The drive itself is usually accessible by the smallest cars.

Matthew Marshall

Holy red rock!

James Nichols

Such a beautiful place. Can't wait for my next time.

Devin Larsen

Stunning views of these rock formations. Recommended that you just follow 163 to get a view of most of the formations, unless you want to be face first with the monuments. You can appreciate their enormity even from a distance.

David McGilloway

Photos don't do this place justice! Majestic monuments steeped in Native American culture, and perhaps the finest sunset in Utah! The View Hotel is the best seat in the house!

Cortney Furrow

Majestic and beautiful, one of the greatest places we have visited this far.

elmo holsted

This place is super amazing.i was here 82 a long drive but is .the best drive ever. For me. This place is super amazing.i feel so relaxing .over there..make fell so relaxing..beautiful amazing place.

Rodrigo Sá Barreto

One of the best places I've been

Neozaru rtw

Like in the movies, and even more beautiful. Better if you have your own car. Technically, this is not a National Park but a Navajo Tribal Park, so you'll have to pay a fee to enter - but worth it.

Christine Kiemele

Wonderfully wonderful. Sites are well worth seeing. Senior discounts would be nice bonus.

daniel toor

Amazing landscape. One would expect the tazmanian devil to zip around.

Tomek Trela

Absolutely phenomenal experience. You need to be there to feel it. Nature is awesome.


Amazing, especially at the sunrise!

Ian Quinn

In fact, the name "Monument Valley" shows that the world is no longer there and derailed from reality. The reason is very simple, that is, all people are dead.....

Henry Cook

THE HONEST MONUMENT VALLEY REVIEW: First off, if you are considering coming here, hands down come. It’s an awesome spot and will literally take your breath away. The people and friendly and the staff and generally nice. That being said, if you are an avid adventurer who wants to go backpacking for miles, This probably isn’t the place for you. Don’t get me wrong, there are still hiking trails and the like, but I think it’s fair to say that 95% of the actual park is closed off to the public. You are allowed on a small loop, and anything off that is strictly off limits. So you have basically two options: get on a tour jeep, or do a four wheeled drive miracle down the valley to the actual Buttes. I did the latter, and the condition of the roads was definitely surprising. Unpaved literally everywhere. When we went a tad off trail at the Artists Point, a random guide told us not to go out there because like last week a lady had gotten bitten by a rattlesnake and died before the paramedics could get to her. Needless to say, we didn’t do much more off the trail hiking from then on. Some neat things they have is a first class gift shop, and at the John Ford point, you can pose on a life horse for a small fee ($5 I think it was). We ate at the restaurant, and the food was alright, nothing too spectacular. All in all I’d say I enjoyed my trip!

Kyle Fish

Beautiful. Do the self driving tour. Go off season. Restaurant is so so but awesome views.

Michael Wooff

serene, and beautiful, but boring as hell.

MaryGrace Beard

We drove all the way from NC, and went out of our way 3 hours to see this. We weren't let in because we didn't have $20 in cash. The VERY LEAST they could do is have an ATM or accept cards. What a waste of gas.

Shahidul Islam

Simply awesome.

Patrick Leyva

Amazing place! You have to go to experience it.

Ruchi Doshi

In awe of Utah and all its beauty <3 Simply Breathtaking Views! If you ever visit the Monument Valley, just start looking for the dates at this incredible hotel inside the Monument Valley. This is the only hotel located in the valley which gives unobtrusive views and has the entrance to the trail which leads to all other monuments inside the valley. There is other hotel Goulding’s which is 5.5 miles away from View hotel, which also has good cabins as well as campgrounds. These are only 2 hotels in the area. There are 4 options to stay at view - hotel, cabin, rv site and campground. There are only 28 cabins and around 95 rooms which sell out very very fast during peak visitor season. We had booked cabin quite in advance. These rustic private cabins have the most amazing views of the valley and gives you chance to enjoy both sunrise and sunset over the valley. They are situated little away from the view hotel and restaurant location and next to campgrounds. We did the Monument Valley Safari and explored all the monuments. Next day we drove inside the valley on our own, which we liked better. The roads are not paved and are rough, but if you have SUV or any other higher AWD vehicle, you are good to go. Its 17-Miles Loop around the mittens and rock monuments. It was truly once in a lifetime experience!

Harini M

Sc2nic drive and a beautiful hiking place.

Ade McKenzie

Ade, Liz Bradie & Brett SW tour July '18 I had looked forward to seeing this for the longest time and frankly was a bit disappointed. To make the most of it you need a really good camera and eye for a good shot. We didn't stay long. Still, its a tick in a box on the bucket list.

Roberto Cortes

Love this place the view is amazing.need to see

Alejandro Hernandez

Its amazing place, you can feel the energy of this enormous monuments!

Dore ́ Love

Visiting Monument Valley was the absolute highlight of the year! If you enjoy being out in wide open spaces, you'll love it. It's $20.00 to get into the park and the visitor center, as well as a hotel and restaurant is also inside the park; if you want to visit the visitor center or restaurant, you'll have to pay the $20.00. I would recommend a guided tour if you don't have an SUV or off road vehicle since the roads aren't paved inside the park. There are other hotels and air bnb's in the area as well. I would definitely check out the Tipi air bnb; such a unique experience. It was wonderful to get away from the city and be out in the spectacular scene of Monument Valley.

Kiev Peterson

Such a memorable experience I highly recommend.

Eleanor Louray

OMG!!! what a Amazing place loved the 17 mile scenic drive. If you love old western movie this is the place to go. You will have so many opportunities to take some great Pictures.

Sharon Lucas

Monument Valley is the "American West" many of us saw on TV and in movies as we were growing up. Monument Valley is the west of John Wayne. The spires and rock formations are beautiful. The park is owned by the Navajo nation and, of course, they recommend you take their tour of the park, but it is definitely not necessary. The road is rough but not bad. There is a hotel, restaurant, gift shop and small camping area within the park.

Elizabeth Garcia

Enchanting place

Andy Kelleher

This place is awesome and just as great in person as it is in movies!

Christophe Desaubliaux

Wonderful place, great colors, the trail road is quite bumpy though.

Dixie smith

Took a private tour with Indian guide. It was fabulous.

Balaji Ponnambalam

Highly recommended place to camp. The night sky is a beautiful view one must not miss. The campgrounds are well maintained. There’s a limited availability of tent spots so it’s better to reserve in advance. There’s a loop drive through the rock formations and only SUVs or off-road vehicles advised. Though we saw some sedans taking the drive, it’s not recommended.


Love this place and I went for a short hike. Glad that I made it here.


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