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Interstate 40, Winslow, AZ 86047, United States

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Where is Meteor Crater Natural Landmark?

REVIEWS OF Meteor Crater Natural Landmark IN Arizona

Teri Meacham

While traveling on the interstate don't pass this place are so close. It is a great experience for the young and old. Great videos and information also is provided to give you an idea of the damage this meteor did. Fun gift shop with something for everyone. Arizona has so much to offer.

Bill Clugston

An amazing sight! This crater is a warning to us all. The earth does and will be hit by large objects. If we value our civilization we should prepare to deal with one of these objects. Now back to the review

Keva Wessol

Very interesting. Beautiful location, lovely museum. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great place for a quick family stop. Very educational.

Dylan Gotesky

Fun side trip to take. Educational and awe inspiring.

perry Price

A biz zillion year old hole commercialized effectively to extract money from sightseeing wayfaring peeps. Be careful driving in as desert tortoises are often in the road. Stop, pick them up and put them off the road please.

Echo Preston

The staff were very knowledgeable and fun and exciting. The actual site makes you want to run home and look up videos about astronomy and meteors and the Earth and geology. It's all my kids have talked about for a week now. You think it's going to be just a big hole in the ground and that's it but my family still ended up staying there for about 30 45 minutes reading and consuming all that we could. Definitely worth the stop

Yesenia Castillo

Great experience, a must see for visitors!. They have a nice small museum inside. People with small kids need to have extra care as their railing is not childproof.

Jereme Scheffel

Talk about impulse visits. Driving from Vegas to the Four Corners and seen signs for this. Super glad to have explored! Clean facilities, interactive exhibits, and fun history. I do recommend going earlier as the guided tours end at 2:10pm. Unfortunately missed that by an hour. Highly recommend for anyone of all ages!

Winston Bull

Awesome spot that was a last minute decision to stop at. Was surprised with the size of the crater even after reading about it. You cannot see the crater unless you pay and go into their facilities, however I felt it was worth it. The buildings were well kept and bathrooms were clean.

dave c

Amazing to see this in person. If you are in the area make that stop. I actually was headed to ABQ and stopped in Winslow late night but backtracked next morning to see the crater and museum . Recommended!

Chrystal Cargill

Pictures cannot show just how massive the crater actually is. Be prepared for hot conditions and wear sunscreen. The workers were extremely friendly.

Asia Reynolds

Would’ve loved to see it, but it’s $20 PER person which is ridiculous. I would understand a small fee, but $20?? It would’ve been $80 for my family and I to view it which we decided to do last minute on our road trip. That price is ridiculous. It’s natural and people had nothing to do with it, but I guess people are going to get money any way they can

Helen Gross

Wonderful. Set up well. We all enjoyed the time there.

Ralph Copley

Totally worth stopping at, staff very helpful and informative. Museum displays are very well done with several interactive displays for all ages.

Caleb Rothe

Meteor Crater is a really well done point of interest. We weren't quite sure going into it if it would be worth the entrance fees for our family, but it totally was. Movie about the impact is included, as well as a great and educational museum with compelling exhibits, observation platforms, and a guided rim tour. We skipped the walking tour, but still felt like we got a ton out of it! My boys loved it.

Linda Cronoble

My husband and I are geologists and visited this very well run private family geologic/historical site with a group of college students who are studying geology. We found the staff knowledgeable and friendly, the gift shop fun, interesting, and reasonably priced, the Cafe stocked with healthy and indulgent food, and the displays in the main museum fascinating and engaging. Best of all, we did not have to worry about our dog sitting and roasting in our vehicle because they offered to place her, free of charge, in their air conditioned and secure kennel! Cannot thank them enough! What a great experience!

Vladimir Balaz

Excellent! There is no such well-preserved meteor crater in the World outside the Arizona. The crater is best observed from the top viewing platform. The crater such features also scientific discovery centre. You can learn a lot about meteors and their impacts.

Adan Partida

Took the family for the day and had a good time. It's worth the price of admission and a must if you are in the area since it is the world's best preserved meteor crater. The website tells you to plan at least 2 hrs. We took our time and also ate at the bistro and were there for 3 1/2 hours. All the employees were very pleasant and the facility was maintained very clean. It is much bigger than anticipated and is very informative. The food at the bistro was good and the prices were very reasonable. Keep up the good work guys!

Gage Dupuy

This land mark was actually one of the coolest sights in our 10 day / 3 state vacation.

Fabio Lupis

I loved it. It's fascinating. It's unfortunately extremely windy to sit there and ponder for too long. And you better hold on to your phones.

Melissa Pina

Fun to go see and learn. There are short videos to watch along with interactive exhibits plus it’s fun to walk outside along part of the crater. It is magnificent. Affordable

Mellie Walks

Really amazing. Definitely go up to the high deck!

Scot Standard

Great place to spend an afternoon! Lots of neat stuff to see! Lots of cool Apollo stuff too! Its SO BIG! Must see!

Eugene Rañada

It’s about an hour from Flagstaff and its way out there in the middle of the desert. It’s a sight to behold as you approach as you see the crater formation right out of the ground from the flat desert land. Take the free guided tour that happens around every 15 minutes, it starts from the meteor fragment display area, just wait there and the tour guides will come. Jake our guide was great and really friendly. The $4 additional for the 4D may not be worth it, probably for kids 6 and below.

Susan McMillan

No one posted that it costs money to see this meteor crater it is 18$ a person even if you just want to take a quick peek and snap a picture. Would've been cool to see if I'd known I'd needed to save money for more then gas

Ryan Ibarra

I had low expectations but pleasantly surprised! It was about $18 for an adult. Cool walk through museum with lots of i formation before heading out to voew the crater. Really enjoyed my visit!

Darin Reese

This is definitely worth $35. Don't let other reviewers fool you that it's not. No it's not the Grand Canyon so stop comparing them, that's not even fair. However it is amazingly cool to see and learn about. It's insane to see to in person.

Robert Piggott

Still such a cool spot to visit, even though you have to pay to do so now. It's pretty epic!

Toy Time Review

Great place. Very interesting. Great tour guide, I think her name was Christine. She was a great speaker and held everyone's attention. I liked this more than seeing the Grand Canyon. Clean restrooms, nice staff. Well maintained area

Bricktowne Media

Only go if you are willing to pay 20 bucks to see it. God forbid we forget to monetize everything. Even a natural wonder which man had literally nothing to do with. Nice parking lot though.

Michael Cullinan

Huge ripoff. Don't bother. High prices for something anyone should be able to walk to.

P. Wiesner

There was a lot of really interesting information here. Walking through the museum Visitor Center and I didn't realize but I was going to walk through a large picture ask window and wow! There it is! The thing is massive! It's hard to believe that scientists believe with the force of impact at only took 10 seconds for all of that Mass to be disrupted.

Tara Danielle

It was cool but pretty expensive for what it is. Well maintained though. Wish we could have stayed longer but we had to take turns since we had animals with us, oh and it's quite a bit of walking if you have done a rough hike beforehand (we hiked at the Grand Canyon the day before) or if you are just plain out of shape, or disabled, then it might not be as fun. I would still make the pit stop though, I think it was like 18 dollars per adult.

Tommy Jiang

Had a wonderful time here. Unique natural wonder and very professional and enthusiastic guide. It'd be good if they can allow drone photography for additional charge.

Rob W

This is an impressive sight. Hard to believe the impact that a relatively small meteor can have on this planet. While the prices are a little steep, this is a privately owned, for profit landmark. The facilities are spotless, and the staff is friendly and attentive. You can learn a lot here, as I did. If nothing else, this is the sort of place one should check off the list of things to see.

Vic Winnall

awesome to see. The staff is awesome and they also give a senior and military discount which makes it super affordable. It's already affordable at $18 per person but when you add senior and military it's only $9 a person. It was awesome.

Rob Alinder

Awesome in the truest sense of the word. The whole visitors center is extremely worth the visit! I wish I had the time to plan to go on one of the offered trips into the Crater itself.

Jim Connell

This is one big hole in the ground! Nice facilities and parking. A natural wonder.

Dmitriy Usher

A fun and quick 5 mike detour approximately halfway between grand canyon and the petrified Forest, the meteor crater is a neat thing to see and experience. Take the tour with Jeff, nifnyoubgetbthe chance. He's full of information and a pleasure to speak with.

Ivan Racic

They have amazing collections of fossils and minerals to buy as souvenirs. Kids who love dinosaurs can find fossil teeth and awesome rocks. It was humbling to see what can happen in a blink of an eye. And to touch the meteor remains from who knows from where in space... you can't beat that.

Max Minardi

Very cool to see, super informative museum very well funded with interactive exhibits. Cool gift shop & offers a great military discount. We didn’t watch the movie they offered but we were told its very cool. I highly recommend the stop. Its only a couple miles of the highway.

Ryan Cooper

Truly amazing to stand at the rim of such a huge and well defined crater. It's astonishing to see the the aftermath of this meteor impact event first hand. Quite a contrast from the grand canyon, formed over so many millennia, this crater formed in an instant! Well worth the drive from Flagstaff. Nice museum and gift/rock shop too.

Spence Bilbo

Extremely clean, architecturally attractive center. Employees were friendly and helpful. Films and guide were knowledgeable. Exhibits were cool! Crater was AMAZING! The depth and width of the impact was breathtaking. Highly recommend! Privately owned and maintained. It seems to be better managed than the Grand Canyon we visited.

Todd Mowen

Very cool. Great stop and close to the 40. Lots of great info talking about the history of the crater. I am so happy we went here. They did great job making this place nice. They have a place to eat and a bug gift shop.

Gary Kellogg

Great experience to spend the afternoon. They even have a hotel for your dog to stay at while you visit. Restaurant looked pretty good. Overall cost was really good.

Yuri Monroy

We drove from Los Angeles, Ca. And the experience was amazing! There’s plenty of parking Since it’s hot, we used plenty of sunscreen and carried plenty of cold water. For extra $8.00 you can enjoy a 4D experience (movie) entertaining for the kiddos. (I def. recommend) The staff was friendly Clean restrooms The sight itself was spectacular!

Dustin Bearden

Beautiful. However, charging $18 to look at something nature has given us is disrespectful. I understand the need to profit from a business but it is wrong to demand $50 from a local native family for the right to see their home land. I watched that family be turned away for not contributing to a rich ranchers pocket. Disgraceful.

Dan S

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark is the best preserved meteor impact site. It is a privately owned for profit landmark. We found it interesting to visit with informative displays. During the Apollo space mission era, astronauts trained here because the crater resembled geological features found on the moon. The Holsinger Meteorite is on display here. Guess how much it weighs! We enjoyed about three hours here.

Simone Cannon

Very well done, good tours incl. in admission, great little museum. I would skip the new 4D ride unless you have kids.

Danielle Saurenman

This place is very cool, if you're into this kinda stuff. It was an exciting stop.

Michael Barnard

Nothing like a nice big hole in the ground. It's pretty expensive at $18 a person but there's not too many meteor craters so I thought it interesting once. The museum is actually surprisingly informative though.

Brien Baru

A very impressive National Landmark from the air, which is how I first saw it. I was flying a B727 from the East Coast to the West Coast and our route took us right over it. It's 2.4 miles in circumference and about 550 feet deep, and is near Winslow, Arizona just off Old Route 66. I bet it is even more impressive standing on the edge of the crater. I'm glad I wasn't there to see the meteor hit 50000 years ago.

Kimberley Pellegrini

What a great place to learn about meteors. The exhibits are interesting, the Crater is huge and in fantastic condition. Definitely a must visit if you are in the area.

Vickie L Peach Wilkins, Author

Amazing. The wind is ferocious so hang on to your hat. It’s very nicely done with great observation decks. Great walking paths. It’s a bit expensive, but these days you pay for the experience. Worth the visit.


The creator viewing was included with the museum price. It was not wheel chair accessible but you can see the creator from inside. There was a small viewing area where you could take a wheelchair or stroller. The view was amazing.


10-4! Great that they have so many tour guides. Make sure you wear your hiking shoes, bring some sun screen, sun glasses, and maybe water if you plan on walking around the crater. It's beautiful and worth the stop!

Jackie Henning

It is necessary to view all you can of the crater from the telescopes placed all around it. It adds so much to the experience. There are no pets allowed inside but they do have a place to crate the first babies so you can see the crater.

sick pup

Amazing to see and comprehend!! You can buy REAL pieces of this meteor here! Learn about the crater, and an airplane that crashed in it during a walking tour. Use telescopes to identify features within the crater. Must see!

Ben Bridgham

50,000 years ago, a 150ft meteorite slammed into Arizona and left a nearly mile-wide crater for us to admire. You should definitely go see this! There is also a nice little museum band gift shop.

Daniel Levitz

This is a unique landmark in that you can see the complete crater which seems a bit unworldly when walking around its perimeter, it is the only completely unobstructed meteor crater in the world and is perfectly preserved. The center built around it has an interesting story behind how and when they believe the impact took place, I dont buy into the whole story but it is interesting nonetheless.

Cassy Bug

Beautiful and informative. The museum was awesome and I got to destroy the earth on the simulator. I wish it was a little bit more handicap accessible, I'm on a cane and I can't really do stairs, but the one handicap accessible platform was beautiful and I got a lot of amazing pictures.

Billy Randall

All I can say it is a must see. I am 51 yrs old and this is my first adult vacation after closing down the beef farm. Go, go, go...LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Serena Lee

It was cool to see, but there wasnt anything else to do or see. It is a private land so you can't just go wonder off. It would have been more fun if there was opportunity to go look for a meteor pieces. I was told that if you did find some, you actually have to legally purchase it from the land owner. AZ state law, you cannot just pick up and take it with you; not just parks and protected lands, but in the entire state.

Steven Swab

Love this place gigantic hole take your kids lots of things to learn about our planet very educational

Ian Branson

Fascinating, if you're a geologist, astronomer, or a historian. Great vistas, knowledgeable guides, decent food. There is a lotta history surrounding this monument, including a plane crash, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the surprisingly small mass of the actual meteor and how it would displace so much earth. A really nice stop on the I-40/Route 66.

Thomas Kametz

This was such a nice, clean, up to date learning center next to the crater. We took a great 30min tour that was included as part of the admission. The guide was full of interesting information, and the crater itself was impressive.

Vicenzo R

A little steep price at $18 per adult but it was worth it to see it once. The visitor center had some nice things in it as well. Glad we stopped, but beware they don't allow non-service animal pets to be admitted.

Leslie Thompson

Visited today for our first time. My first glimpse of the crater was jaw dropping! So cool. The museum and gift shop were informative and clean. My only critique would be that the price is a bit steep. For our family of four to do the museum and the 4d ride it was $83.00 and that was having one junior price! I think the 4D ride should be included in the entrance price, that would make it seem less pricey if everything was inclusive.

Lanny Hight

50,000 years ago a meteor traveling 26,000 miles an hour slammed into the Earth at full force. Our atmosphere didn't even come close to slowing it down. If you are traveling on I-40 Meteor crater is about 20 miles west of Winslow Arizona. Also only 6 miles off the interstate. I was there when I was 10. Now I am 60 and it was just as amazing as it was when my parents took me in 1968.

Gungnir /-

Cool place to visit at least once. Had fun. You'll spend like 2 to 4 hours here

John Cody

I've always wanted to see this finally got a chance it's very interesting seeing it in person.

Esther St James

Energetic, beautiful, crazy winds, awesome gift shop, and super nice workers. Tees are $15-25. Hoodies are about $50. Random crystals are anywhere from $2 to $20. Rare crystals and unique souvenirs are anywhere from $50-$3,000. There's some really crazy big gems here. You really feel energized and good after visiting. Lots of steps that are small but steep. Not great if you can't do stairs or are immobile. Be careful about the winds. Wear hair tied up. Hats may fly off. Kids might be hard to handle here, depending on age.

Irene Rose

Interesting to see, but $16 admission is a little steep. They have guided tour and that's more money, so is the film. They are totally self-funded, no govt help, so I guess they have to charge for everything. I did buy a nice piece of petrified wood at the gift shop. I'm sure that was a rip-off too, but I liked it.

Sandesh Joshi

The drive here is great. You can't see any building for miles. The meteor crater itself is cool and indeed a significant natural landmark but not much to do there once you spend like an hour. Also, it's going to scorching hot (Arizona, duh!).

daniel neeland

The Docents are very knowledgeable about the crater and the science that went into proving it was an impactand not a volcanic crater. Lots of Apollo mission memorabilia due to the part the crater and environs had in training the astronauts in what to look for when taking samples from the moon. There is also a large meteorite that visitors are allowed to touch.

Candy Pruett

It was very interesting we took my 11 year old Grandson and he loved it. They walked down aways not far into the crater. He was so fascinated. A great place to visit and spend a couple of hours on a long trip. .

Paul Brown

A privately administered venue, this group has preserved and managed this site remarkably well. It is just south of I-40 and easy to park. They have a great little restaurant and their tour guides are dedicated people! Well worth the trip.

Allen Harris

An unexpected treasure to find this place while out on vacation in the west. We enjoyed seeing the crater and all of the information about the crater was very unexpected.

Alan Zhan

It is really amazing site to go. hey, come on, there is not too many meteor craters on the earth we can go anyway.......China only has one and there are some that underneath of the ocean. Be there twice and I will bring friends to there some time later.

Angel W

Wow this place is so cool. And fun and informative

Wanderlust Queen

Wow the Experience was Epic ! Staff were knowledgeable and they will get you a good history on the Crater I loved that there was lot of interactive videos and the 4D experience was worth it especially if you have kids! Be sure to check temperatures and wind conditions because it gets really windy at top of the crater be prepared to to minor climbing of steps. The overall view was so surreal there are plenty of panoramic images to capture of the mountains in the background and crater! There is also a Gift shop on site were you can by meteorite stone and precious gems and Staff was a breath of Fresh Air!

Tycho Aussie

This natural landmark is being well preserved by the private company who runs it and controls access. Their visitor center is first rate. It's obvious that they reinvest their Revenue into the site. As a geologist, I found it to be extremely engaging, and presented in a classy, understated way. One of the best visitor centres out there.

Stadiume Hott

Fell. In. Love. Place was remarkable. I couldn't absorb this place enough. My wife said I was like a big kid. Stunning views. Wonderful to experience something so awesome. Even the drive up reading all the info plates I was in full on geek mode. Recommend for anyone interested in Science and Astronomy. It's a MUST for those types bucket list.

mario P

This place was better than I had anticipated. It’s just amazing. The gift shop was cool. I would skip the animated tour. Good place for pictures

Melinda Fern

It is a giant pit in the ground but it has such an ancient feel about it. Great energy place. The people that work there are super kind and great to talk to. The souvenir shop had excellent choices at phenomenal prices. I would visit again for sure.

Terri Ford Bell

Very friendly service. They even give you granola bars for the road. It puts in perspective how fast things can change and how very small we are.

Janet Sterling

It is privately owned. They charge a lot to get in. There is no warning of that fact. Didn't pay - left - not worth the amount charged to see a big hole in the ground.

Taylor Venus

I truly loved the experience at this location. It's pretty incredible site to see. Worth it!

Theresa Garr

Family owned business, not government funded, Google states they offer education about the meteor as well as other interactives. We arrived too late to justify paying $16 / person but it seems like a great landmark to visit if you have time!!

Karen Slocum

So AWESOME. AARON our guide so knowledge and interestering..loved it..the additional paid show not worth the $5.00. For children but the site and guide well worth the stop. I think I might of been the only guest to tip him.

Greg Sigurdson

Seeing it in person makes you realize just how intense the impact was and also makes you think about how it affected all of the life and vegetation in the surrounding areas.

Sandra Harrison

This place is a true Wonder! We loved the guided tour, so educational, we're coming back next year with the grandson and I know he will just love it. After seeing that huge hole in the earth, I still Marvel just thinking about it! I can't hardly wrap my head around the idea that 20 football fields will fit down there, astounding!

Ray Colin

This is an amazing place, unigue to earth. The best-preserved meteor impact crater on Earth. If you are ever driving down interstate 40 in Arizona you must stop and see.

Alex Berghefer

A great place to visit if in the area. Very well done site with a good amount to see. Price is a bit spendy for what you are actually getting. Overall it was a great experience. The crater itself was very awesome to see. Folks working there were good with questions. They do have a snack bar with 6 different sandwiches and some smaller snacks.

Philippe Prémont

Great crater! A pretty nice facility with really interesting science. Only do the "4D" show if you are with elementary school aged children, it's pretty lame for teenagers.

David Penick

VERY impressed to say the least! Facility was well thought out. I've driven past it many times headed to California on anual vacations, assuming it to be unimpessive. I couldn't gave been more wrong I owe my daughter's an apology for not ever taking the time. I choked a bit on the $18 admission fee, but am so pleased I went through it...finally!

Dominic Jacobo

If you are a science geek like me, you will love the history, the magnitude and the story behind the crater. Always wanted to visit since I was a child, and finally did so after almost 40 years! The tour out was great, as you get to learn more than what the museum alone may not provide. Just a beautiful and wondrous site of mother nature and the power she harnesses.

Ron Krys

Privately owned. Beautiful facility. More than just a hole.

Kelly Stricklin

Lots to see and do here if you can survive the wind. We had a great time. Wet educational and lots for kids to do to keep them engaged.

Patricia Tarleton

We were very excited to see this, but unfortunately it was not worth what we paid to get in. We all enjoyed seeing the crater. There are several places to observe the crater and some of them are indoors. The "museum" that they have on site is less engaging. It feels like it was placed there so they could justify the cost of admittance. There are a few interactive displays and some information to read, but it certainly want spectacular. We have paid less money to go to world class museums in the city of Chicago. When we left we felt we had paid way too much to look at a hole on the ground. Super disappointing.

Howard Starck

This place was out of this world amazing, my nephew just love this place. If you come here try the 15 minute 4D movie lol its awesome the kids will love it , maybe you too just saying.

Greg Rampy

Absolutely breathtaking!!! Its right off I-40 so very easy to find. If your going through the area you should stop. The staff was very friendly and prices was not bad.


I love this place as an amateur geologist and amateur astronomer you can’t find a better merger between the two interests. This is a for profit natural landmark. You think it is a national park but it it’ll is not. It felt a little commercialized but that’s okay. The views of this amazing place and the tours of the bottom are really cool.

Carlos Villa

We have visited this site possibly several times as we grew up. Out in middle nowhere but well worth the drive as it is just a great view of just how a big ol hole would like in the desert. Now personally i think it is either a government bomb test site or a landing mark left by travelers craft

Joshua Skillman

Very deceptive roadsigns. Nothing says that it will cost money until you get into the door. $20 to see a hole in the ground is ridiculous.

Steve Mills

Fun place to stop for a couple hours. Educational and entertaining for kids.

Chris Swam

It's amazing how big this place is. Well worth the short detour off the highway. Be prepared for super strong winds at the top of the crater. We lost sunglasses and a cap.

Linda Evans

Do not miss it. Incredible sight. Had to come form Wisconsin to AZ to see Basket Meteor that had been stolen and sold at estate sale in Wisconsin.

Jason Saunders

Very cool stop if going through the area. Lots to see and has a nice little museum all for a great price.

Howard Dalley

This is a bit out of the way but worth seeing once in your life.

Nicole Combeau

cool experience to see the crater and learn about meteor craters, but not that visitor friendly for the price admission ($18 per person)

Kurt Wieland

Tourist trap but hella cool. Don't bother with the 4d theater unless you're under 6 (my kids loved it... my wife and I... not so much...) but the history of this spot and the fact that it is so unique in the world makes it well worth the stop if you're a science or space nerd. We are both so...

Milton Barr

An awe inspiring landmark showing the result of 150 ft meteor slamming into earth at 26,000 MPH and it was all over in 10 seconds... very surreal. Makes you think..! Highly recommended.


Absolutely worth a visit. Scientifically accurate explanation of the event with realistic simulations. Highly recommended.

Sydney Smith

I love this place because i love science so it was really cool. If you like or love science i recommend the meteor crater to you.

Sandy Medeiros

Amazing experience! Staff was super friendly! I can't wait to go back

Keith Barry

Beautifully presented visitor experience of the largest and best preserved meteor impact site on the planet. A must for fans of the 'moonwalkers' who trained here and for anyone wanting to observe the sheer power of nature. Priscilla, (known as Percy), our guide was simply brilliant and the tour was free. Magnificent.

Michael Fisher

The Crater is awesome! You don't realize how big of hole it is until you get there. I can tell you it's 1/2 mile across but you don't have a reference. When. You go plan four (4) hours to visit all the various portions of the site. They also have guided tours. Bring a water bottle, hat and sunglasses when you go. Prices weren't too bad. It is privately owned, not a government supported site.

James Roberts

Interesting crater. A shame it costs 18 bucks or so a person to see what nature put here, but I guess that pays for what turned out to be a fairly informative visit center. Just don't waste the extra 5 bucks to see the 4D experience.

dave allen

I had a great time and seen something I always wanted to see. You have to see, unbeatable and makes you think about what could happen again.

Laura Erdmann

This was our last stop on the way home to Colorado. I loved the museum, the information displayed and the cleanliness. The workers were polite. I'm glad this exists, had no idea about it until we saw the sign for it and spontaneously decided to go!

sandy lowe

I am sure it is fabulous but after a hour and half to get here. The first thing needed was a restroom. They have 1. Unless you pay then they may have more. I didn’t make it upstairs. I was so shocked by their behavior. When did we turn into a country where at a National Landmark you must pay before access to a restroom. Their Pet Ramada had a yapping, barking and whining dog the entire time I waited for my husband and grandson to come out. I was told you are not Handicapped accessibile for the disabled. I never made it upstairs. It may be an amazing sight but I am disabled and so I didn’t get to see it. Maybe one day the disabled will be welcome Everywhere.

John Wotring

Very nice facilities. Best preserved crater on the planet. How cool is that? A must see

Wendy N.

This place costs a pretty penny. But it was pretty cool to see. Kids were bored and ready to leave within 10 min.. They enjoyed the gift shop more. Spent less than an hr there and most of that time was looking around the gift shop. Wouldn't go back. Been there, done that. Marked that off the bucket list.

Pete Pistol

I’ve traveled many places in my time and there are a few places that I wish I would have avoided, Meteor Crater is one of those places. I’m not sure I will ever see such another rip off again in my lifetime. Save your money and just look at the pictures online.

Milan Kubik

Good tourist stop, worth the entry fee, it's something to see. Has a good sized indoor center which covers all things related to asteroids. Gift shop has lots to admire.

chan kim

One of the most amazing place to visit. Not very famous place but you are interested in astronomy, you must visit. Enormous scale of crater gives you beyond level of sight and inspiration. As a foreigner, you can experience odd and special experiences in U.S.


Meteor crater is an amazing sight. Something worth doing if you are on a long road trip. On my trip the staff were a little rude and blunt. I shrugged it off and went to the rim to enjoy the view and move on.

Beth Aker

Meteor Crater is one of the finest examples of a meteor hitting Earth that there is. You will learn a lot! It's less than 40 miles from Flagstaff AZ. Their new 4D show was fun!

L Bradley

Drive out and back from Flagstaff is scenic, and there's a lot of information available at the site.

Victoria Anderson

I'd been looking forward to visiting this landmark for a long time. It did not disappoint. The only reason that I didn't give a 5-star review is because the charge to enter is high. The museum was informative, but small. The only food here is a Subway.

Michael Grollman

Updated museum is well done. Crater as always is spectacular sight. They are not allowing

Jovanni Ceja

Must go see! Truly a marvelous sight. It is VERY windy.

Bryan O'Neal

They have really built it up. Worth the trip. Unfortunately you can't just explore the area or walk around the creator any more and the tours to the bottom are for geologists only :( Still worth the trip and small fee.

angelina de ita

It's kind of amazing that we stood at ground zero to a meteor impact. I walked along the edge of the impact site...if you had a magnet and rolled it on the ground you could pick up tiny meteor dust...

Scott Matherly

Stunning feature. The magnitude of the event that caused this is difficult to comprehend and it is amazing to stand over it. Very windy. Museum is okay. Big gift shop. Canteen has clever named menu but functions much like a Sub shop. You can get barbecue! The bathrooms are large and impeccable. They are almost worth the price of admission alone.

Stan Mwendar

A truly spectacular sight in almost pristine condition the way it was almost 20,000 years ago. Apparently this is the best preserved crater created by a meteor in the world. The site also has a visitors center with remnant samples of the actual meteor, lots of pictures in the gallery and some of the history of the previous owners of the land. Makes for an excellent family outing.

Penny Sullivan

Cool place to see! Percy, our guide, was fantastic and very knowledgeable about the crater and surrounding area.

Josh Taylor

This is an amazing place with incredible views and history. I highly recommend coming here if you are in the area. The facilities are very nice and well maintained. It is very educational and fun for kids as well. This is something you can't see anywhere else.

Cassie Whisenant

This place was very neat. Every staff member was friendly and informative. We walked around for about an hour or so, and I feel like I got our money’s worth. It is hard to comprehend the size of the crater, and pictures do not do it justice. Stop by and see this.

Marcos Zavala

Its definitely worth checking out. They do a little escorted hike like a mile probably less. They have an indoor little museum. You can do the whole thing in 2hours. If you're going to the a Grand Canyon check this out 1st. Something nice to do before you check in. Make sure you have gas it is a little secluded.

Huey A. Reed

This is a great side trip to to any vacation through Arizona. A tour guide is included with small group tours along the rim with 15-20 people. It's also close to Winslow!

Brian Ontheroad

Have been driving past this couple times a month All Year. finally went one with my daughter. We geeked out big time over the impact science and geology. A great place to take your kids, very interactive

Joseph Hucks

Most amazing thing I've ever seen in person.

Clara Vazquez

Great experience, a must see. I recommend watching the short films that explain how the meteor landed.

LaWanda Harnishfeger

Great outing. My space family loved it. Was to cold to walk the rim. Don't go in December if you don't like the wind.


me and my friend ended up stopping by since I was helping him move from Texas to Utah. He had been talking about this place for awhile. We were here for a couple hours and we had a great time, I highly recommended this place.

Kendra Crispin

Amazing place. I love astronomy and science in general, so this was quite the experience. It gives you an idea of the scale of the hit. To think that dozens of games and millions of people could fit in the Crater is mind-blowing. If you bring a hat, make sure it is tied securely to your head; my friend and I each nearly lost ours to the wind!

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