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Where is Horseshoe Bend?

REVIEWS OF Horseshoe Bend IN Arizona

Shubham Garg

Breathtaking view of the famous horse-shoe shaped meander of Colorado River. Pay $10 to park and an easy mile hike down to the view point. Bring some water and a good camera. It’s always crowded but has enough space for everyone. Best $10 ever spent !

Jenn Cahak

Beautiful nature. No doubting that ever. However, super hard to enjoy with all the people going for their Social media photos. Spend about 4 hours there far off the main area to actually enjoy the beauty that is there.. Majority of people there walk down the trail, take their selfie on the edge of the cliff and leave. Was rare to see people actually LOOK at what was there. Disappointing

Brooke Frost

So this place gets 5 stars because its just so beautiful. However, there are sooooo many people and the walk down isn't the most pleasant just because of the sand. I'm sure when they finish the path down to the lookout it will be much nicer, but for now, $10 seems like a lot to just walk down and take pictures...

manan shah

5 min from Lake Powell and a good scenic place to show your photography skills. Also, that beautiful rainbow added extra punch to the whole scenery

Gavin Zeng

It's beautiful but not worth it because 1) you have to pay for $10 parking, 2) there is about 30mins walk on dirt. I would recommend to go to glen canyon dam overlook instead.

Ronak Shah

Needs no explanation! A wonder marvel!! Better to visit in morning until early noon, after that you will be facing Sun directly. In eve is better just before sunset which is what we did and that altogether a different beauty!

Abhinav Prateek

Never seen a river curve 270 degrees before. Amazing View.

Rebecca I

Beautiful but the crowds of people ruin it. You can get much better views in AZ that are free and way less people. $10 for parking

Sharon Radford

As of today this attraction, Horse Shoe Bend, is NOT ADA compliant. Although I am not in a wheelchair I have difficulty walking. This attraction was IMPOSSIBLE for me to see. They are in the process of building an ADA compliant ramp and will possibly be ready sometime in 2020.

Tanmoy Som

The trail to Horseshoe Bend is 1.5 miles round trip. Walking time: 1 hour will give you plenty of gawking time at the canyon's edge. You will first climb a fairly steep, sandy hill and then traverse a more moderate decline to the canyon's edge. As this is a desert hike, it is imperative that you come prepared. No cost to see Horseshoe Bend. Good parking for RVs. ... It's free, but there is a walk to it from the parking. Bring plenty of water, because there is almost no shade and there isn't a fountain anywhere. Its awesome place to visit but do not visit in Arzona summer, it will be horrible in summer. I'll recommend to visit in winter time.

Iván Coll

Totally recommended views. Do not miss the opportunity to come and see the Canyon from the edge. Antelope Canyon is just a few minutes away so can do two visits in one. Bring water always with you, in a hot day can be a bit dangerous.

Guilliam Lille

Great little hiking area. The path down to the viewing area is Sandy and moderately steep, so expect to sweat. Bring water with you because it gets hot and sweaty on the way The view is worth it though. You can see for miles around and get a wonderful look at the Colorado River. It gets crowded here

Tina Henshaw

I say Glen Canyon is a BETTER experience than the Grand Canyon. Why? Scale. Now wait, before you stop reading, please hear me out. Because the Grand Canyon is so large, I lost perspective and my mind just couldn't perceive and fully appreciate it... BECAUSE of it's size. Now Glen Canyon? Though it was more narrow, it was more impressive to me. I experienced Glen Canyon via a calm Colorado River boat trip. It's the difference between seeing Bono (U2) sing at a concert and watching him perform in a club. It was personal. Intimate. Moving. Meaningful. I'm not suggesting you skip the Grand Canyon. I'm just telling you NOT to dismiss Glen Canyon. And PLEASE don't miss the "Page Rim Trail" while you're in town - HIDDEN GEM!

Thomas Sizemore

Best to come in early morning or late. Too many people posing on edge so you can't get a clear photo. Must take a bus for fee because area is under construction.

Evelyn Casillas

We stopped at Horseshoe Bend 5 years ago and it was a quick stop that only the locals new about. They have completely renovated the parking lot and have added a $10 entrance fee since then but it’s still an amazing landmark! We hit it at sunset and it was breathtaking!

Joe C

Well let me start off by saying this is a part of the Grand Canyon known as Horseshoe Bend absolutely amazing geological part of the world you must go here and you must go here now be very careful because you can fall off the edge very easily but the pictures are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! This place is magical we went with the tour guy that took us to a secret location away from the public crowds I highly recommend this if you go where the public goes there will be thousands of people in your photo not I said the cat I paid that little bit of extra money and went on a tour that takes you to Antelope Canyon and this place Horseshoe Bend absolutely astonishing this place will bring you peace and Tranquility immediately do a panoramic shot and you will love your life this place I will never forget go now go now go now oh yeah and by the way their Drive-In is fun

Akash Agarwal

AmaZing location. Great work of nature. Good to go early morning when it is less crowded so you can get your pictures taken easily. There is a $10 entry fee which is required to park your car in the parking lot. There is an around 1 mile hike from the parking spot to the main location. The hike is simple and does not have too much elevation. The views from the end is amazing and good for a perfect shot

Katarina Navratilova

Its so beautiful. 10 dollars for parking, little walk. The worst is the wheater, is so hot , but the view is amazing!! One of my favourite. A lot of tourist.

Jacob M

Beautiful views! Nice to be able to see the Colorado river. Hike is pretty short from the parking lot and definitely worth it

Dennis Zheng

It’s now under National Park Management, but parking lot is managed by city of Page, you need to pay parking fee there. Do not discharge passengers on highway, you might get a ticket from highway police and it’s not safe as well. They are making a paved trail into Horseshoe Bend, hope they will finish ASAP.

Rebeca Polo

Expect an entrance fee if you visit the Horseshoe Bend - this rock formation is spectacular, the views are mindblowing. One of the highlights of our trip through Arizona.

prashant tyagi

So crowded these days. You barely find a place where you can admire this beautiful art by nature in peace. There are lot of Asians(I am Asian too) with selfie sticks in hand not caring about stepping on others toes or pushing to get their pics. There is a long walk so if you are going with kids, be careful and carry good amount of water.

Yami Galloza

It's a little bit of a hike - sandy hike- make sure to take water and wear comfy clothes - sun protection is a must. But once you are there just take a deep breathe and enjoy the sight!!!

Kassandra Rutherford

It is $10 to park despite being a National Park so park pass does not matter. The sight is about a .5 mile easy walk

Judy Dawod

Breath taking, if you are ever in Arizona, you must come here and see nature at its best

Rajesh kumar Sahoo

Small hike. Amazing views. The location tagged in here is the old location(already closed), they are now charging 10$ per vehicle and created parking places. Which I think nice arrangement. You will face small traffic but the destination is worth it. Wait till sunset, you will be amazed with the view.

Leo Ye

The view of the Colorado River winding through the deep canyon is amazing to see. There is also a short trail lead to the right hand side of the lookout to a few good photo opportunities.

Eric Robert Morse

Stunning geographic configuration right in the heart of the Grand Circle. It's fantastic for photography, and the trail from the parking lot is easy. It's a quick stop on your way to Zion or the Grand Canyon or the slot canyons in nearby Antelope Canyon.

Kenneth Cross

The view is awesome but be prepared to share it with about a hundred other people taking photos at any given time. It does feel like you're being rushed to get a good shot and get out, but it's definitely worth the $10 entry fee. If I were to go back I would try to kayak it and get a more personal experience!

Alexandra Kuznetsova

Breathtaking view.... Easy hike. Millions of people though. Parking fee is $10.


I really love what the state of arizona did to all of these majestic parks. Control them in a way that it is still accessible to people. Horse shoe bend is one of the most iconic places of history on earth where millions of years shaped the canyon into what we see now. Truly an amazing piece of nature’s art.

Anastasia G

In this area this is my favourite sight! It costs only 10 dollars to park here and the view is simply priceless! It is so bloody awesome!

bri her

Very hard to get in here, there was so many people and you cannot park in the side of the road you will forsure get a ticket. It is a short easy walk away from the parking lot. The view is beautiful and worth the wait to get in. You wont really be there for long there isnt much to do other than just looking at the horseshoe bend and there is public restrooms!

Prashanth Naik

Love this place, it’s unique and massive. I see few people do kayak on the Colorado River but I’m not sure if there are any particular company allows us to do it, kayak down there will be dope !

Ich Selber

It is a unique place but rather touristy, still I'd probably go there again. It costs 10$ per vehicle to get there. Some people seem not to read the signs and go very close to the edges of the cliffs which can be really dangerous if the "ground" on which they are standing is in fact only a rock reaching over the depth that can break away easily since sandstone is not that hard. So be careful and have fun.

Joohee Jung

I was there for golden hours to see the sunset. It was an amazing experience with my family. Nature is huge and unbelievable.

Natalie Ward

One of my favorite places on our entire vacation. Few places on earth that look like this. They have an area that is fenced off if you have kids or height issues. otherwise you're allowed to view nature without having to deal with a fence. It's a must see!

Carlos Gucciardo

It’s a landmark when we talk about Outdoor travel, this place is incredible, I worth every single second you spend at it.

K H Tan

As at 07 September 2019, the parking fee has been implemented at the parking lot. $10 for each car. The Yellowstone effect has reached Horseshoe bend. I saw parking lots for larger vehicles but did not notice the fees. They accept cash or credit card. The parking lot is approximately 20minutes walk from the rim where you will see the famous bend. There is no paved track (yet) but there are signs pointing to the construction of a visitor centre in the future. The trail is basically a sloping sandy and rocky dirt track. Children and the elderly may need to take care when walking along the trail. The parking lot apparently closes at sunset. What about enthusiasts attempting to do star photography? How would they enter at late hours. I have no idea. Please upvote and like this post if you found it useful. Thank you.

patrick moore

The view was pretty cool but this place feels more like an amusement park attraction than anything else. If you like crowded and overpriced things this place is for you.

Eugene Vyborov

Wonderful place. Just beautiful there. Before you go - $10 for parking, 3/4 mi hike to the place, there’s no shade around, and no drinking water on the trail. Take it with you. Whole thing will probably only take you an hour.

sanaullah sajib

It’s really hot and dry out there. There is a good distance to walk from the parking lot. Dress appropriately with caps, sun glasses and walking shoes and bring water along with you. There is only a shaded place in between the parking lot and the bend, where you can take rest.

Nancy Gilbert

What an awesome experience! Took a tour to the Horseshoe Bend and didn't want to leave! Thanks to Grand Canyon Scenic Tours I got there! Outstanding company! A short hike brought us to the edge where your breath is taken away by the beauty of Mother Nature!

Kool Kid

Breath taking view. Water looks different at different times of the day and equally pretty all times. A tiny hike to get to the view. You ll find people flying their drones to video tape the place

anthony lagnado

Very cool place , but very hot in the summer. 10 dollars for the parking per car, a bit expensive though. Walk 15min and enjoy the view ;)

emily malin

Gorgeous! But soooo busy!! Be prepared to wait in Disneyland style lines for the perfect shot. It’s definitely a gorgeous spot for the photo though. It’s 10$ for parking there (no national park pass accepted) and they say it’s a 1.5 mile hike- this seems excessive to me, it took us no more than 10 minutes to walk to the main spot, and you can definitely do it in a cute dress or cute shoes **just not heels, the sand would be tough** I do recommend water because it’s hot, and a selfie stick or tripod for the perfect couple shot ❤️ (the last photo you can see the hordes of people trucking in for sunset!)

Gavin Hardy

Parking is a disaster. If the lot is full, you can't park on the street, so get there early if you want to see the sunset. It was gorgeous. A little scary because it's so windy and there are no railings except for the very middle. Requires some personal responsibility to make sure you are safe.

Matthew Jackson

By far, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was so amazing I went twice in 3 months last year. The parking lot is quite small however so get there early.

Ankur Mehta

One of the most serene place to be. The view is mind blowing. Please wear good shoes as there is almost a mile walk from the entrance and has an uphill.

Matthew G

Incredible views! Amazing spot to stop. I’d put this in the a must do category. The sun is everything here. Try and time your visit when the sun is illuminating the bend in it’s full glory. You can find some info on the web about best times as they vary depending on which month you visit. Getting to the bend takes a short in and out hike from the parking lot (they charge a few $ to park now which is new) it’s fairly easy but if going bring water. There’s little to no shade and fully exposed. Sandy and uphill on the way back. Not necessary but I would also use some hiking poles - lots of areas with uneven footing. And if you want to go all out bring something to protect your face from sand along with sunglasses. High winds from time to time can occasionally pelt you with sand but worth every minute of it ;)

Kenny Lin

photos cannot tell you how spectacular here is !

Maryia Arkhipava

I’ve seen many amazing places, but this one is definitely my No 1! I can’t describe it with words. It’s unbelievable, it’s incredible, it’s breathtaking. I believe there is no place in the world like this

Ruslan Lunev

Great place to visit. Bring tons of water if hot and hiking shoes. Plenty of great scenary. It could be windy so don't stand on the edge unless you have a parachute;)

Luca B

1. Open at sunrise, not before. 2. Close at sunset 3. $10 to park 4. Easy hiking up/down to hill (20min) 5. Visit at sunrise, sunset or exactly at noon

Chloe lin

9-month pregnant. I walked there with my mom for about 20 mins after we parked our car at the parking place. The view of horseshoe bend really worth all the efforts. Tips: better get there before 7:00am, or the sun really burns during the walk.

Aditya Sardeshpande

The place now has a $10 entry fee. Also they are building a trail and a overlook point so it's safe

Rebecca Zatti

The view is stunning. Nothing else to say. There is a fee at the entrance. There is no food or water available for purchase inside, so make sure you pack enough. There is a little walk (20/25 minutes) so bring a hat or sunscreen. It is totally worth the hot weather of the desert.

Marta S

It’s unbelievably beautiful and spectacular. You have to park your car at the parking lot (after paying $10 per car to access) and then walk around 15 minutes to get there. Wear good shoes and bring water because there are no shadows and it’s extremely hot out there. Views of the horseshoe bend are amazing!

Samanta T

Amazing place, just 10$ per car. If you are in this area you have to go there. We visited this place in june at 4 PM and the sunlight was still perfect.


Generally it is a nice and impressive setting. It receives only three stars from me because it was very crowded with people doing stupid things (throwing trash and cigarettes somewhere, dangling feet over the edge, climbing were they don’t get really up nor down). Note also that the parking space is being re-done. So you have to park on a remote parking and you are being shuttled to the horseshoe bend.

Oso Locko

Beautiful place to go visit and enjoy nature, please wear appropriate shoes, since its really easy to slip. hiking shoes are a plus. parking and rides available around 20 dollar for parking.

Jacob Budny

Really amazing place with breathtaking view. The hike is rather a walk, but be sure to take a bottle of water with you because it’s really hot out there! It’s like 15-20 minute walk from the parking lot. Entree is about 10$ per car so it’s not expensive. If you are around here, it’s a must-see place!!

Ronald Meijaard

Beautiful viewpoint. Of course we picked the hottest time of the day for this

Benjamin Cruz Perez

This is a very famous place so expect a lot of people. I think is best to go in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening.

Sairam Pathi

Absolutely gorgeous place. We came here on July 5th after visiting the South Rim. The drive is about 2 hours. It was a little hotter here than compared to the canyon. Also, keep in mind that there is a pretty good amount of walking distance from the parking lot to the bend. Worth all the effort though! If you are able to visit then this is a MUST!

Eric Arrington

Costs $10 for a car and it’s a little bit of a hike. Really dusty trail so having some water to wash off your feet after wouldn’t be a bad idea. IT IS AMAZING though. Well worth a little detour. I very highly recommend it.

Domineau Getner

Disappointing.... Horseshoe Bend just turned us away! $10 fee is steep....But, they won't accept the National Parks Pass for Disabled Veterans, even though it us clearly derermined to be a National Park! There was no one available to ask at 4:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon, besides the ticket window lady. Pretty miserable circumstance!!!

Laura Valencia

A must see natural beauty! Sunset view is breathtaking. Cost to enter is $10.00 per car, took me by surprise as I was told this was free. Prepared to walk a while as it is about 2.5 mile walk to from car. (Bring water with you). The hike is incline at times.


A must see if you are in Page AZ. Walk from parking lot to the attraction and back were about half mile long up and down the path. Parking fee was $10 per vehicle. Would recommended to everyone.

Nat Diloklap Munday

It’s popular now, $10 for car park, National Park Pass doesn’t cover it, because car park run by local authorities so need to pay to park there but Horse Shoes bend itself is in NP. I’m not sure if it free for walking in and you can’t park the car on the road either. But $10 is nothing compares to breath taking views.

Chris Norton

Another beautiful spot. Definitely crowded so get their early. Breathtaking views!

Blair Wright

It's gorgeous but wow, the number of people there really take away from the beauty, it was an absolute madhouse. Different experience than when I went 2.5 years ago. Lastly, if you have been in the past the days of free parking are gone, it's $20 to park now but they do have bathrooms which is awesome after being on the road all day.

Dushyant Gupta

Amazing and breathtaking view. Actual view site and parking is bit far, so you need to walk for around half a mile to get this view. I haven't seen any wheel chair access there when I visited. There is no entry fee or charges. When I visited there was no safety railing near to view site, but it was under construction, so if you want obstacles free view visit soon.


This is truly an amazing place as well as an amazing experience. You can actually go all the way to the edge of where you are looking down and is actually quite scary but it is still safe. The view is spectacular and I recommend everyone going there to see this amazing formation of rocks around the river.

Gabriel Massana

Amazing place. Remember to bring some water. You’ll need to walk up a hill. During the summer could be a bit hot. It is worth it.

Roshan Thomas

It's an amazing view. Be very careful though.

Bill Sanders

Amazing views of this iconic place. Everyone taking selfies means it’s hard to get an actual photo but with patience it can be done. A bit of trek thru some soft sand and some uphill walking but worth it for sure. Right outside of Page AZ, take the time. Recommend taking a real camera with the widest angle lens you have, but even with a mobile phone, great pics can be made. Tour buses come in, so there is an ebb and flow to the crowds. Hydrate!

Bob Buchan

It is a state park in Page, AZ so you will need to pay a $10 fee to park there, the NPS pass doesn't cover it. It's pretty popular these days, so expect crowds. The trail is only 3/4 mi each way. It's a short uphill to get there and a longer uphill on the way back . The scene is just fantastic - very beautiful. No drones allowed, only hand held cameras.

Michał Marciniec

Great view. Good to be there in the morning - later it’s very crowded with people

Kingsley Sim

$10 for parking. Walk about 10-15 mins trail to see the horseshoe bend. Suggest to visit in the daytime. it is hard to find a good angle and spot to take photo during sunset.

Varsha Ahirwal

PLEASE READ THIS.. If you are searching on map for horseshoe bend location , search for “horseshoe bend parking lot” Or you will reach a mile away from the place. You need to walk a 3/4th of a mile to reach the horseshoe bend which is breathtaking... a shuttle service is to be started soon

Jay Esposito

Gorgeous. Stunning. Worth the small hike to and from the canyon's edge. The walk is 1.5 miles both ways -- depending on how much time you want to gawk and explore or snap a quick photo and scurry along, I'd say 90-120 minutes start to finish is more than sufficient.

Brian Dimmock

Worth the stop. Recommend that you get their early. I was there an hour before sunrise and the parking lot was all most full.

Kristine Ortenzio

Unfortunate that you have to pay $10 to park to see a natural landmark, but that’s just how things go these days. Don’t regret doing it though. It’s a little bit of a hike downhill going to the bend. Awesome view! Don’t go too early in the day because the shadows will still be on the bend.

Sheryl Moreno

This beautiful horse shaped meander of the Colorado river will leave you speechless. I’m guilty of taking beautiful pictures like many of y’all. But take a minute,sit back and enjoy the creator masterpiece.

Nancy Haworth

Amazing view, and a great place to photograph! Do not miss this unbelievable place at sunset. Be prepared for huge crowds, a bit of a walk, and to pay for parking. Definitely bring water with you!

Dannielle Manchester

My sister and I visited first thing in the morning (7am) to avoid the heat and it was still very warm. The walk to Horseshoe is a bit of a trek and walking through the sand can be a bit difficult but its completely worth it. I was told the railing at the viewpoint was recently added which is great, I wouldn't have been able to get a good view without a secure feeling. It is definitely a must see if you are in the area

Iris Sparks

Beautiful. You have to hike a bit, take water and comfy shoes. A hat is also recommended, but all is worth it! Beautiful


Beautiful, stunning view of a natural wonder. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for a walk. Parking can be tight and depending on when you go it can be crowded.

Michael Douget

What an amazing place! The $10 entry fee is worth it. Bring water and prepare for lots of people.

Wen-Ping Chen

Beautiful place to visit. Currently the site was under construction. Visitors needed to park at a designated parking lot and took the shuttle bus to visit the site. Managed by the City of Page. $5 per person including round-trip bus fares and admission. I went online to purchase the tickets. You may purchase the tickets at the parking lot if you have cash.

Sofia Park

Best scenery ever witnessed in my life. The view was breath taking and would definitely come back to Grand Canyon to see this!

Sofia Alexe

Pictures don t lie! An easy hike, spectacular views. During summer is very hot and sometimes is crowded, but totally worth it!

Uyen Dinh

Really crowded even in the morning, maybe later in the day is better to take photos. Good place to check in

Ziad Jureidini

Beautiful spot!

tom king

Pictures are nice, but the experience is a must. One of the cool parts of the Page entrance (it wasn’t the official entrance) is the start of the hike reminds you of climbing a sand dune at some remote beach in Maine. When you arrive at the observation deck (along with MANY other “adventurers) the perspective of that massive rock in front of you blows your mind. This is most definitely NOT destination worthy, but if you are in the area, it is worth the trip.

Meg le Comte

A must see if you find yourself in the Glen Canyon. Parking is $10 and it is a hike to get there, but worth it. Wear comfortable shoes and bring some water. And enjoy the magnificent geological wonder

Sena Hermiz

Beautiful views! The hike to get there is not bad at all, I think it's about 1.5 miles round trip. The only downside was that the parking lot is undergoing construction so we had to park far away and had the shuttle bring us over.

Michaela Freitova

Worth to see! Such a nature wonder! It’s easy accessible, they newly built parking lot, unfortunately you have to pay for the parking.. I believe it was 10$. Also there are few other parking “lots” walking distance from the main one for cheaper. They are also building new sidewalk leading to the Horseshoe bend which is probably 10 min walking distance from the main parking lot.

Shreya Singh

The view in itself is beautiful. But please be prepared for a mind boggling amount of crowd.

Zip Stevenson

One of the most interesting natural phenomenon as I have ever seen clearly took millions and millions of years to get to this point. On hot bags definitely pack some water

James Allen Tan

Absolutely, BEAUTIFUL and BREATHTAKING! The view is too amazing to pass. The area is currently being developed, so the toilets were unavailable when we visited. The walk towards the viewing area takes a while and is very hot. I advise you bring caps or hats and shades to protect yourselves from the heat and sunlight. Try to he careful when taking photos, there are no safety nets or bars near the ledge. You really do not want to fall. Keep safe and be responsible. I highly suggest you visit this place!

Zhou Charles

Needless to say, breathtaking view. The tourist group is a little annoying .. so we walk a little bit to avoid all the crowd

Dustin Hedin

Stopped to check out Horseshoe Bend as we were staying in Page for the night. Was a nice little hike to get there, then once you do the view is amazing. Highly recommend stopping in here to get some pics of this amazing formation and its setting.

Alper Y

Beautiful view, highly recommend a quick visit if you are in the area or visiting Antelope Canyon. There is a downhill walk on quite rough surface for 20-30 minutes, the way back is significantly more tiring as it is constant uphill. There is a guard rail on some of the outlook however there are cracks and rocks which are easily climbable so kids should be watched at all times.

Kenneth Liu

Beautiful place with lots of people. Expect a long walk from the parking area to the viewpoint. Photos in the late afternoon were difficult because of the sun position but definitely worth staying until sunset. There were many flying insects at dusk.


Beautiful place. Really gorgeous. But was much better before they turned it into an official place and charge money for it

Dhanshree Patel

Best time to visit in early morning to a spud crowd and capture beautiful photos.

Jacyn Siebert

Breath-taking views. Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you as the hike down and back is a bit of a jaunt. You will be grateful you brought it along, especially in summer. Best time of day for photos would be morning. Evening sun in the background makes it hard to see the color of the water in the photo.

YC Tsai

A good place for people to visit here when sunrise...

Jeffrey Wilson

This part of the Colorado river is amazing, and worth the stop. It is truly amazing how deep this is as the photo is deceptive. There was a boat anchored at the bottom when we went, which helped in determining the depth. Very deep as the people in the boat were very small from our point of view and hard to see.

Jacqueline de Sa

amazing landscape!! the pictures don’t do any justice of the true beauty of this place. The hike there is short but make sure you bring water along because it’s hot and humid!

Mahal Ko

It's breathtaking especially if you go before sunrise.

Cabaret Dude

Breath taking view! Short hike, best if done in cool temps. Best photos are high noon! Take water and leave the flip flops in the car.

Abdul Ejas

Costs $10 for a car and it’s a little bit of a hike. Really dusty trail so having some water to wash off your feet after wouldn’t be a bad idea. IT IS AMAZING though. Well worth a little detour. I very highly recommend it. Breath-taking views. Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you as the hike down and back is a bit of a jaunt. You will be grateful you brought it along, especially in summer. Best time of day for photos would be morning. Evening sun in the background makes it hard to see the color of the water in the photo.

Kfir He

Perfect view of the horseshoe band, the state toke over this year and creating a better access so as clean restroom and pavement roads. They fenced and secure an area for more safty. Good job.

Agniv Sarkar

The attraction was splendid but the heat canceled out the scenery. It was about 100 degrees and there was only one place to rest after hiking. There should be multiple rest stops.

You Me & the Sky Travel Blog

Horseshoe Bend is located in Glen Canyon National Park, Arizona. Do not miss out this amazing destination. A perfect place to enjoy nature or take beautiful photos for your instagram!!

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