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Where is Hoover Dam?

REVIEWS OF Hoover Dam IN Arizona

B. Peterson

This place let you know what America can do when we decide it is important. Inspirational !!

Ondřej Růžička

Beautiful and iconic dam. You pay $10 for parking and if you want to go to visitor center you have to go through screening just to find out that you have to pay again to enter. Don't remember the prices though. The dam itself is beautiful and worth visiting for the parking price.

Caroline Arcos

We took the tour and that was worth the trip in a 106 degree weather. The observatory section has inside and outside section and both are amazing. Overall all of us including the kids had a great experience.


Nice place. Has lots of money in strange spots. Must see if you are in area. Parking is 10 bucks.

Gary Rasmussen

What a marvel this is. Unbelievable views of a not to be missed iconic structure. The monument designed by the architect is fascinating and full of cool facts. I took one star off only because they charge an entrance fee to the visitor centers. Still with the trip.

Andreea Rosu

Beautiful views over the water and the dam. Was super hot when we went so I suggest you take several bottles of water with you. Otherwise very nice.

coffee joanna ssda

Tons of good informations about this dam. I guess a nice place to take a field trip on.

Tammy Arfaoui

Massive and amazing, but the water was quite low. 32 years ago when I was here, the water was up near the roadway on one side and not on the other, was more breathtaking

Kellie Mercer

Very educational and beautiful. you cant help but be in awe while on the top of the dam and looking around at how beautifully it is constructed and the scenery is unbelievable

Jodi Dalton

The most interesting place I've been in a long time. Our guide Tom was wonderful. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the dam


Very hot at the dam be sure to bring water. An amazing part of American history. This and seeing lake mead so low (I know it's been lower). Live the beauty even though it's fairly barren.

christine maddox

If you are a citizen of the USA, you should really go see this important structure that helped form the West as we know it today. Nothing short of excellent!

Albert Gutierrez

So wonderful..beautiful. I recommend it to all .see sum part of historic place. Much RESPEC to all who died creating this admiration place

Jason Wells

Hoover Dam is just one of those places you have to go see if you are around Las Vegas. Parking was fairly easy. The tour was kind of short, but served as a nice break from the heat! The blazing sun in the desert is intense!

Jon Yan

This is the ultimate power generation machine and visiting is really cool. There is a very dates visual display using a relief map which looks as if it was made in the 1950s but has been preserved. Families can go on the tour without the deep part of the crawling part of the tour. Parking is a big structure. There is a hack to avoid parking fees if you are willing to walk over the bridge.


So great to visit. Parking was pretty bad, and as a visitor from The UK I unfortunately couldn't use my disability permit to park closer as they are not valid in the USA. Some paid for spaces near the entrance to the tour area would be amazing for this situation as I really did struggle to walk the distance from any of the parking lots available. Great tour, a must see. Also be careful super windy and we nearly blew away!

Maya Berri

One of the best free experience! Highly recommend especially if traveling with teenagers. My kids were in awe of the experience for about the first 40 minutes and then they were over it. We opted to do no tours and we definitely did not tour of the inside of the Hoover dam. We were not interested in seeing pipes and turbines those were available on TV via the transformer movies. But the outside of the dam was where it was a breathtaking experience.

Erin Revak

Not a great place to go for kids that like a lot of action because they might not know what’s happening. Also it was very busy and I even saw kids without their parents. So if you go make sure you have your kids with you. But as a person who has seen a lot of national park this was a pretty cool place to see especially because our could stand in both Nevada and Arizona at the same time.

John Dragoo

What a great living history tour. Well worth the time and the $30. And, it is so close and convenient to Las Vegas as well.

Hong Sungho

Historical, amazing construction. BUT, $10 parking plus $10 pp for visitor center entrance??? Felt like well treated as tourist

Alan Knuth

Very impressive. Nice tour. Worth checking out.

Donna Sweet

A must see wonder of the world, get there early! Take the tour of the dam and enjoy a local brewery! A bucket list item for sure.

Reyna Burruel

Great visit. Impressive structure. Worth the visit to see and a great excuse to stretch your legs after hours of driving.

Mike Young

It's a national treasure. Amazing feat of construction. Makes living in the desert Southwest possible

Harrison S

The view is incredible! The tour is an in depth look at the dam, the river, and the dam's construction, and is very interesting. You have to come here at least once in your lifetime.

John C

I wish you could drive in and out on both sides but understand it's for security purposes that the AZ side is closed. The security personnel are awesome though. Thanks for doing a great job and keeping us, and a national treasure, safe.

Randy Gerstl

Great experience for our family. Awesome memory for my kids that they will never forget. Loved it!

Dhaval Mistry

Beautiful place to visit. Must to visit with kids. So they can understand how technology can solve the problems. It should be 8th wonder of the world.


Amazing creation of people! One can only admire the people who created this miracle almost 90 years ago! It’s the same as landing an expedition to Mars now. Electricity from this station is very important for the whole western United States. And now on this is also the Mike o’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge with the largest arch in the western hemisphere of the Earth.


Loved it visited from Vegas while I was there was a great trip to go spend a half day. Free parking for handicap fun little tour.

Ashleigh Mystrom

Amazing views! Unfortunately there is no going all the way through, you have to turn back around to Nevada and go over the bridge

jessica farris

This site is so amazing. Beautiful views. Very friendly workers who are very knowledgeable.

Jereme Wade R

Engineering and scenic marvel. The Art Deco accents are amazing. Jaw dropping good time and very close to Vegas.

Jim & Joanne Crosby

So interesting. The shorter tour is very worthwhile, very informative. So much to see. Go up the stairs to the observation deck.

Lesa NeSmith

Awesome. Of course lots of things cost money. Although you can walk plenty for free. We were able to park easily in lot 12 for free!


It really is a modern wonder of the world. Such an iconic place to visit to see how the modern USA was built. Make sure you go to the first car park on the way in and climb up to the new bridge, the view of the dam is spectacular. Only downside was the $10 charge to park in the visitor centre. That was a bit steep in my opinion. Didn't have time to go to the visitor centre (security like an airport) or do a tour ($30 per person). Took time to walk over the dam and look at the magnificent architecture.

Teory Bell

Very cool to see while driving back to Arizona from Vegas. Windy as hell when we went, it's so clean and beautiful. Make sure to bring a jacket.

Jean-Claude Linossi

Interesting place. Do not understand why you have to pay $10..00 for parking to be near the dam. We parked further away in the free parking section, we still had a good view of the dam and the lake.

Alejandro Aguiar

What started as a two day conference turned into a week of traveling. I fell in love with the state and encourage anyone to visit this marvel of engineering. The views from this place are amazing. Try the "DAM BURGER" from their food store. They have a small cafe with decent food. Be prepared to spend a long time to take the tour as the lines are really long. At least when we were there. The drive can be a bit intimidating especially if you live in a flat area as we do in Florida. Our only elevations are the landfills. The souvenirs are not too pricey and our friends really liked them. You will find something for everyone regardless of the age. We enjoyed every bit of time there and highly recommend it to anyone.

Jo Barris

Such an amazing place, stopped here at 9am on a Saturday and we parked for free past the bridge, we didn’t get a chance to do the tour. But just the views and history of the place is well worth it.

Christopher McVay

Great tour and great American ingenuity, my only qualm is that online it says that yours are limited to groups of 20, our group was a group of 30. This was misleading and at times made things cramped but it did not take away from the quality of the your or the information given from the guides. Highly recommend taking the our and spending the extra to get a little longer tour

Daryl Talley

Hot, hot, hot. Bring plenty of fluids, sunscreen and $10 for parking and $10 for the tour. Beautiful attraction with history many should learn of.

Neury Freitas

This is a real engineering wonder and a must see while around the area. In a calm day you don't need to park at the (paid) parking structures - just drive over the dam and find parking on the Arizona side of the dam. The view from the lookout is great, but for me the best view is from the bridge - to get there, park on the right ~0.5 mile after the entrance and climb the stairs up to the bridge.

Scott Taylor

Walking around in the Arizona summer heat was brutal, but the dam itself is so massive, and it's amazing how the tour guides really let you know how useful and important it is for power generation and distributing water to the surrounding states.

shital paudel

Amazing landmark. Must see. You can park really close to dam and go inside for tour...

Glenn Harriman

Incredible experience! A must see for any one and especially great for kids!

Lee-Ann Walker

If you visit Vegas from AZ you can definitely visit Hoover dam on the way home, it costs $10 for parking but you can see this beautiful magnificent scenery. There’s a coffee shop and you can eat ice cream too. You can visit with kids and family. This makes me think about Without this dam there wouldn’t be vegas or Arizona. Thank you for this wonderful art and sacrifice of the people who made this happened.

James DeWolfe

The structure itself is incredible. The views are beautiful and interesting. The way the history is presented in smaller "chunks" makes it easy to learn about the section you are looking at. The memorial for the people and dog who died building it reminds us to remember their sacrifices to help build our great country.

Tena Flateland

It is one of the seven industrial wonders of the world, one of seven modern civil engineering marvels of the U.S., and one of the world's top engineering wonders of the 20th century. Aside from that, it isn't often that a man-made structure can make you feel tiny. The $30 tour is well worth the time and cost!

Howard Auerbach

Great place to go to enjoy history and get breath taking view of scenery around you. Wear a hat and bring water(only thing allowed) due to heat there. There are tours of dam and have observation deck to get even more views of dam

Katherine Graff

Unbelievable construction that was accomplished way back then. Still an awesome sight today.

Joseph Baumann

Free parking on far side of Dam, don't fall for the paid parking garage if you're willing to walk a short-moderate distance. Views are beautiful and gift shop has reasonably priced snacks/drinks. Tours available.

Donna Mueller

Beautiful. Amazing. Bummer cause we have been here several times & never have done the down belie tour. Signed up this time & was cancelled due to one of the elevators was out of service!

Michael Jones

Great place first time visit. Did not do the tour thou. Just stopped through

Bret Schwalb

The tour guide had an answer for when my 11 year old asked where they keep Megatron! I highly recommend it. As the staff likes to say (a lot) it was dam worth the visit.

Rod Sutton

Really interesting. Paid to see the museum / gallery. Didn't pay for the power plant tour. Can't say if we missed out, but we enjoyed the visit.

deepa singh

Amazing place to visit when you are visiting Las Vegas or Grand Canyon. Reach there early morning otherwise you may have to spend more time in getting the nearest parking. However it’s worth to wait!

Adam Nathanael Scott

Hoover Dam. What can I say? Amazing. A human feat built into the rocks. Huge and beautiful. This place is a fantastic example of American ingenuity and hard work.

Schuyler Dolton

Beautiful to look at and the tours are cool. $30 for the in depth and you get to go inside and see quite a bit. Definitely going to have to go back with the wife.

Karim Shehadeh

We did the power plant tour. It was extremely well organized and interesting. Hard to understand the tour guide sometimes but he was incredibly nice and answered all questions.

Christine Campbell

Such an engineering fete... No computers back then, only intelligence and skill. Very informative and educational.

Amit Navathare

Marvelous engineering. Parking is easy to get for $10. Only thing is it's too hot so try to go either early morning or the evening time

Aldo Rosas

One of the greatest fits of engineering of the past century, it is a place to behold and just let it sink in, that feeling of looking over the edge like you’re on top of a mountain... but not really

Carey Meek

A must see!! Tons of information from history. Tours are available at reasonable pricing. Plenty of parking in different places. Pictures are a must.

Sandra Piper

This is an amazing attraction. It's incredible how this dam came to be however sadly to say so many lost their lives during construction. If you don't get a chance to see it in person at least read about it. I do recommend this.

Harlie Chastain

This was my first time coming to the Hoover Dam. Highly recommend everyone going at least once in their life. Oh and the underground tour was pretty awesome

XDX Gaming

A balmy 106°F with a gorgeous view and cement hot enough to cook eggs. Nice change of pace from the East Coast though.

Jose Correa

Best experience ever! What an amazing accomplishment our forefathers made with the tools they had in that time period. I am truly taken back by their sacrifice for our future. We take so many things for granted and this is one of them!

Barbara Brenneman

It really is breathtaking. So glad we were able to see this amazing building fete. We did our own walking tour. Should be on your bucket list!

Reaper Gaming

An awe inspiring man made product. No real employee interaction. Clean and hospitable. A must see for everyone.

Erica Marinaro

Awe inspiring. Drove over it. Walked it. Really cool if you like great engineering.

Jim Bagley

Make time to take the tour while visiting Hoover Dam. You will find it informative and enjoyable. This truly is an engineering marvel riding the elevator into the tunnels and power generators is fascinating. The sculpture depicting the earths location in the galaxy at the time of construction is worth spending a moment studying to appreciate the magnitude of this project in human history and beyond.

cornelius bishop

Definitely one off the bucket list of many places to see and visit. The new bridge is a marvelous and very, very, very high above the ground. All praises due to the engineers out created this amazing sight and those people who put it together.

William Khalil

Monday 23 September 2019. Stopped at the Hoover Dam part of a tour. Nice location. We were facing the dam. Great location. Great to know that they thought about all the people who wants to see it. Great to see.

Ritu Dhariwal

Very Interesting place !!I Really an engineering marvel.. really enjoyed learning about the history of the the bridge. The view was incredible. It’s really hot, so try to go either in the morning or evening time. Free parking available on side of dam. No need to go for paid parking since it’s walkable distance only.

Yuwana Knoe

I was very happy to have gone but I recommend not to go during the summer. Very strongly do not go during summer months.

Denise Parsons

Amazing structure. We enjoyed tour and exhibits were informative and well done. Take water, park in deck, and take your time for to heat. We spent two hours taking it all in.

Dean Hoover

Last visited here over 30 years ago when it was just the dam - little parking, and don't remember a visitor's center. Now it's a legitimate place to see, and the tour was excellent. Highly recommend.

Nova Belle

Beautiful and rather busy but not surprising since it's so easy to get too. Be aware you have to pay to go into the visitors center and go thru several security checks starting a few miles out. Also a shame to see the water so low but still construction wonder!

Aaron Read

An impressive monument to human ingenuity. Security personnel were friendly and personable. I highly recommend checking it out, if you are in the area.

Aneka Christensen

The tour guide we had, Jeanine, was fantastically funny and full of great facts. We loved our visit if only they turn on that outside a/c. It was 105°.

Louisa Martinez

Hoover Dam was so nice to visit again. I passed by the Hoover Dam a few years ago when the construction first started. Bridge is massive and mind boggling! Impressive and extraordinary is an understatement. Must appreciate the lives lost during the development of this bridge.

Teddy Knitel

They have really nice tours but for some reason you cant book online in advance. You never know how long the line will be. For people just passing through its not that convenient

sagar gosavi

It was the first site seeing spot in our itinerary of west coast USA tour. It's a marvel of engineering. I have seen a first dam with a curved wall. The dam wall is built between to tall mountains at the narrowest point. We were told that on it's one side is state of Nevada and on the other side its state of Arizona. This impressive dam is shot in many Hollywood movies like 'Golden Eye' and 'Transformers' etc. This dam is built on the Colorado river. Which supplies water to 3 states Nevada, Arizona and California. And produces enough Hydroelectric power for the dazzling lights of cities like Las Vegas. We took a tour to the base of the dam. And saw their massive turbines and got the knowledge of the dam. It was very informative. Basically the water body formed by the backwaters of Hoover Dam is called as lake mead. Its truly magnificent man made marvel.

Andrew Hodgson

Fantastic to visit, especially for an engineer. Only downside in late August was the heat which topped 110F and was a little too much not to spoil the enjoyment. Certainly puts the achievements of the Construction workers in perspective.

Jamie Parker

Lives up to its reputation. Great tour. Very informative. Amazing.

Caleb Roberts

Was a lot bigger than I expected and if your in the area you’ve got to go. Also the tours were really interesting and worthwhile.

Jill Jaeger

Stupid hot and lots of tourists. Great views. Amazing architecture. Nice tour guides. Paid parking on the NV side and additional parking on AZ side. Check out all the scenic views. Leave pets at home, it's too hot in the car and the ground will burn their pads. There is a security checkpoint so leave weapons and contraband at home. There are elevators, but several were broken. There is lots of walking so wear good shoes and bring lots to drink. Sunscreen is recommended and I saw lots of hats that had blown over the edge. Beware of strong winds.

Jennifer Greenslit

You have to visit Hoover Dam. It is an amazing structure that has to be seen in person to really appreciate. The visitor center is in my opinion quite pricey, but I would not skip it. The exhibits are really interesting and explain a lot of the engineering that went into the dam. Walking across the dam gives an amazing sense of scale and beautiful views.

Stacy Brookman

It was interesting that it seemed smaller than in the pictures. Lots of parking lots to stop and take pictures. You can even go on the overlook bridge.

Jim Ellis

The view and grandeur of the whole thing was absolutely breathtaking. I gave it 4 stars because at every turn you are offered an up sell and everything is crazy expensive. Pay to get in, pay to park, pay for the tour, pay extra for the better tour, etc etc. For sure go, but open your wallet.

Amanda Eickert

What a great place to visit! The tour was awesome! So much history! Just amazing how large the dam is and how when it was built they already had it in mind the dam was going to be an attraction and decorated it as such.

Esteban Salas

It's a nice place to visit, almost a mandatory stop if you're around Las Vegas. It's a very busy street though, so you will have to find a good parking spot, or pay $10 for getting into the park. The Hoover Dam park has (lots) stairs so you can not only park your car, but also take nice pictures with tranquility.

Megan Webb

Neat but really not much to see once you see the dam and memorial bridge itself. Decent gift shop and cafe though. Highly suggest to not go mid summer unless you want 100° weather.

Edith Lima

This place is amazing wow was I mesmerized! Great place to visit learn and be In two states at.

Nevin Zimmerman

Awesome piece of engineering. Free parking on the Arizona side. And don't drive in there with a carload of guns they won't let you in!


It was 115 degrees at the Lake Mead Lookout. Stunning forbidden landscape. The overlooks on the Arizona side offer easy free viewing .

M. M.

Loved it. Magnificent view. Another testament to the excellence of human mind and capabilities!

l. hutchinson 2

Hoover Dam was a great experience. The tour was very informative. Very least expensive also. The views was outstanding. Our tour guide was amazing. He shared a lot of information that no one in our group knew.

Damian Diaz

Interesting place to visit. Family friendly but gets very hot in the summer! I will definitely pay again the $10 for shaded parking.

Jorge Avila

Got here after it was closed, but still allowed in. Security visually searched our vehicle. Prepare to walk but it is an amazing site.

Johnny Titus

Awesome place. Paid parking is better to walk for short distance. Get better view from visitor center for 10$

Kevin Le

It is very beautiful here. We did not walk on the dam but drove up to top and looked down. Very nice!

Patrick Grady

Quick. Yummy. Mostly clean. Fries honestly need to be greasier. Too dry! The burgers?! Mmmmmmm good

Mark Meredith

Just an absolutely incredible marvel of engineering and human ingenuity made even more impressive by the fact that when I visited in July of 2019, the dam was 83 years old and still getting stronger. It is nothing short of awe inspiring. Do yourself a favor and take the longer tour.

Saul S.

Beautiful place to go visit. The views are amazing. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring water. Can be very hot out there.

Wendi Underhill

Always a fun stop to hop between Nevada and Arizona on the cross mark at the middle of the dam.

Cyndi Cocci

Very interesting and worth the hot temps to cross over & pay $15/pp for the short, hydroelectric tour & visitor center, then drop into the gift shop to look around and get out of the heat. Highly recommend this tour!

Justin Wetzel

Lots of interesting things you see and learn about. The great American made lake and electric dam are awesome!

Jim Taylor

Went on the entire tour. Well worth the 30 bucks. Truly an engineering marvel. Hats off to the men who lost their lives building the Hoover dam. Their families were not even compensated. All for the four dollars a days pay such an injustice.

Michael Hannah

This is a place that everyone should visit. Take the Dam your, it is well worth the money. Spectacular views of the dam and lake.

Tyler nevets

Visiting Vegas this is a must see! The tour guide was great. we spent around 4 hours there total

Leandra Deerwester

The view it beautiful. You can park for free as long as you don't mind walking and you really sense the history and importance of the dam.

Mario Zapata

What an amazing place. Definitely do the visitors center tour. The cheapest one was good enough for me, although I don't know what the other one entails. Before leaving or right before entering, don't forget to go on the bridge for a better look, it's free and the best view.


The dam is interesting to see. It's an engineering feat. Impressive views. Great spot to stop and walk around. I did not go to the museum. Decent sized gift shop. Small snack venue. Friendly staff. Plenty to walk around and see on both sides of the dam. Plenty of parking. This is a secure area so be prepared, they can search your vehicle.

Daniel Langworthy

The Hoover Dam is one of America's greatest engineering feats. Providing immense amounts of clean power and helping the surrounding states manage the water resources. You must visit it at least once in your life.

Karl Heeter

Very interesting and informative. Visited twice over 3 days. Monumental construction project.

Diane Bohuszewicz

The tour was nice, but our tour guide didn't use a mic, so it was almost impossible to hear all of the information. Also, couldn't go to the observation deck as the elevator was out & I guess they don't believe in repairing them on Sundays.

renita white

Intriguing, spiritual, and enlightening. Makes you wonder how hard thise men had to work without today's tools. WOW. The visuals are simply stunning.

Enrica Hairston

Bucket list checked & experience was impressive beyond measure. The tour was informative & entertaining. The dam speaks for itself.

Slim Satire

Well dam, as in Hoover Dam. Amazing historical site that serves a dam purpose. Ok. Enough with the dam jokes. Find the free parking. Yes there's paid parking and free parking. Free means you walk more. Pretty cool being in two states at once. Amazing view of the bridge across the way too. Which, can be very windy by the way. There's a paid tour. Look online for it. And it's a short drive from Vegas. So if you rented a car go here! Or take a tour bus from Vegas.

Dina Gomez

It's amazing. Being there in a clean and safe environment telling your kids facts about history is worth the trip. Bathrooms and tour places are maintained clean. Take good walking shoes and shade. Water to keep you hydrated.


Unforgettable historical place!! We loved it!! It does get very hot so please dress comfortable and cool

Lillian Brown

We went on a bus tour to the Hoover Dam and it was an Amazing Experience. There were a lot of people and there was a long line but once we got in we had a great time. Very nice attraction. I would definitely go again.

J Pat Hodges

One of the coolest places I've been. Monday morning was slow, uncrowded, and I recommend the complete tour!. The new bridge is amazing as well.

Jim Sheppard

Visited for 1st time in over 30 years. They really built this up with visitors center. Better parking and tours.

Scott Patterson

A wonder of recent history, hats off to the guys who built this goliath. Friendly welcome in the gift shop / tea room. Dam tours are available. $10 to park your vehicle.

Kevin Adventures

My recommendation is the one hour tour. Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives. Originally known as Boulder Dam from 1933, it was officially renamed Hoover Dam, for President Herbert Hoover, by a joint resolution of Congress in 1947.

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