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Rich Ball

An outstanding museum featuring a mixture of Native American history and Native American art. Free docent led tours are available and are a great way to receive an overview of the museum and the history of the Native American people of the Southwest. Some highlights of the museum: The museum has a large selection of pottery featuring the different styles from the various tribes with explanations on how they have evolved. The Katsina collection is simply outstanding and features the Goldwater collection. There is a rotating modern art display highlighting the evolution of Native American art. The history of the Native American Boarding schools is something everyone should see to learn the history and impact of the schools on Native American tribes and their culture.

Shari Elliott

It has beautiful Native American art that represents the Southwest. One of the exhibit's focus is on the history of the tribes and their determination to survive. Very well done. I did not eat while I was at the museum.

Neema Kamaria

My sister had her wedding at the Museum. It was just beautiful. The staff was excellent helpful supportive and made our time there extremely wonderful. I would recommend this venue to anyone. The enviroment is beautiful and each area from the wedding Outdoors to the inside reception and the courtyard dinner was just amazing. I'd highly recommend this as a wedding venue oh and the best part our cocktail hour and private viewings of the museum itself!

Jenny Bement

The boarding school exhibition was interesting. It provided sounds of trains and people working to get the full immersed experience. However in order to tell the full non- Disney version of boarding school history, especially for educators, I feel like there should have been more resources provided of the historical trauma and the "why" events occured the way they did. In addition, there are inaccuracies among some of the exhibits. I wish there was more inclusive information of all 27 tribes of Arizona.

Melissa Figueroa

Beautiful grounds, full restaurant inside, and one of the largest shops at a museum I have seen. I feel it is a hidden treasure as when I went it was 1st Friday, fewer people there than at the other galleries and museums. Great if you're wanting 1st Friday experience without the crowd. Plus they had an amazing live singer who sang traditional tribal songs. Very educational and fun exhibits.

Joseph Yow

My wife and I enjoyed our visit immensely. The collection of Southwestern Native American art and artifacts is very, very impressive. I was told that besides the many rooms of items on display, there are forty thousand plus items archived. They also have a library of scholarly work and primary source documents. We enjoyed a guided tour of the displays and the guide was very knowledgeable of the period pieces and of more recent and currently working artists who are celebrating the various groups and time periods. Besides the main museum, they have a performance space, a shop for regional artists to sell their pieces, mostly weaving and jewelry, a book shop, and two cafes. The outdoor spaces are inviting and quiet. We overheard a couple planning their wedding, to be in the courtyard. Well worth the time to spend a half day or more there.

Ray Brown

Love this place. It's a must see and experience. If you go check out the Native boarding school area. It made me sad

rod mason

Great artifacts from Indians of New Mexico and Arizona, good exhibit on boarding school experiences/experiment, Lotte was a great tour guide, restaurant was excellent Native American food and enthusiastic staff, wonderful kachinas via Barry Goldwater and the Hopi Nation. I was disappointed that the book store and the gift shop were closed for inventory.

Karen Johnson

Loved the Heard Museum. So many Indian Tribes represented. Not enough time to do them all justice. Hope to come back soon.

Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast

Fabulous female guide leading the Home exhibit tour. Quite a variety of exhibits which we will need to come back to. Highly recommend this when visiting Phoenix. Also, we had a great lunch at the museum cafe!

Lisa Hall

Tribal rugs exhibit was amazing. Would like to see more info on East coast tribes. Indian School was well done. Powerful.

John Reilly

Want to know about Americans? Visit the Heard. Learn what was done our native Americans; you know the ones who were here for centuries before the the Norse (Vikings) came here 500 yrs before Queen Isabella sent Cristobal Columbus.

Kay Perz

Beautiful! Well maintained museum. Full of history, art & facts! A must see for anyone who wants to see the cultural history of Phoenix & the surrounding area native people. The gift shop is not full of cheap nick naks! Authentic native art can be purchased here at an above average price. Quality works of pottery, jewelry & basket weaving are available for purchase. There are many dolls as well.

leon gale

Great place to spend the day with the family or just with your spouse. Lot of things to see nice restaurant excellent little coffee shop. The whole area is air conditioned they have wheelchairs and they also have an elevator. The people overseen the place are very kind I would recommend this place to anybody multiple times

Jenny Hanson

Attended a private event here, and everything was wonderful, the food, the service, the venue, and the museum itself. The exhibits were well curated, and don't just cover history but include modern art by native peoples.

Ezekiel Dotsey

Great historical artifacts as well as free tours with great commentary.

Andrea Slivers

Air conditioned! Relaxing and do check out the kachina dolls in the gift shop.

Monica Kumar

The museum is informative learning experience I learned so much about various tribes in Southwest and their jeweleries, clothing and other significant items. Also the deep impact on education for Native Americans.

Derrick Dube

Very great exhibit. Our (short and free!) tour guide was superb, and gets bonus points for being from Omaha. My favorite section was the one on assimilation schools on the second floor. Check it out!

Dr. Joe

The exhibits were in great condition but lack variety. I know pottery is important but why so much? The little dolls too- some cute, some kind of creepy, but why so many? I was expecting more displays like the awesome corn flour bread one in the corner, and the hogan (shelter) was nice but should have been built with original tools. Please consider displays showing how corn, squash, etc was grown, harvested, stored and eaten. Please show us how tools were made from bones, stone, and wood.

Doug Walston

Easy to get to using the metro line. Three Sisters soup tasted very good in the cafe. Large gift shop and interesting book store. Displays in the museum were well thought out.

Jeffrey Kratowicz

A great place to learn about Native Indians and other Aboriginal cultures.

Gene Geyman

Really cool place to visit and seed native American art a lot of it is pretty modern. But I would recommend it for anyone to see to understand native American culture

Sergeant Hutzel

I loved the museum, I didn't feel the love from the admissions staff. I believe it was the fact that I used a culture pass from the library instead of cash to pay.

Liz Crosbie

A wonderful museum with some outstanding exhibits. The gallery on residential schools is both informative and heartbreaking. For textile lovers the rug gallery is a delight. Beautiful sculptures and a good cafe. Time well spent.

Sarah Vassall

What a fantastic museum! The permanent exhibits are just as interesting as the temporary collections. The artwork ranges from precolonial to contemporary, and the museum presents indigenous history in an immersive and beautiful way. A must see!

Anthony Johnston

Highly valuable insights into Native American culture through various arts. An important and now permanent exhibit covers the forced Indian School period. The tours can provide special interest points such as significance and artist meaning in certain pieces as well as how a specific artist evolved in style or format over time.

Yule Rage

Definitely worth seeing if you could only pick one museum in Phoenix. Especially if you’re not from the Southwest. It’s a very well kept museum with plenty of artifacts from all over the region, a must-see for anyone interested in Native American art, culture & history.

Jonathan K

Good tours, more of a museum you go to once than repeat again and again because some things can be redundant for informational purposes. If you haven't been definitely go and learn!

Stephen Kramer

Truly an American institution. It's displays of the native Americans of the Southwest are truly unrivalled. It's display on the boarding school experience was incredible. I highly recommend visiting.

Ashley Powell

The Heard Museum is a true Phoenix gem. Tours are available for their permanent exhibits...and they have several new wonderful traveling exhibits all the time. I visit the Heard on many of their events days like today was Second Saturday....but I also visit every time there is a new exhibit. They have a wonderful restaurant - Courtyard Cafe - a great book shop...a coffee and snack shop plus the very best Gift Store featuring all Native American artwork....jewlery, etc.

Michelle 2001

There is so much to look at, the staff are very knowledgeable and willing to help. I went alone and felt welcome there.

Vanessa Glady

I've been going to the Heard Museum since I was a kid. Their collection of Native American artifacts and current items is breathtaking. But there is so much more that that. They help us to step into the cultures and understand the beautiful way the Native Americans value and respect all life. Look at the monthly calendars to see what great lectures and events they have. The museum is wheelchair friendly.

Paul de Bie

Super museum. Especially the part about assimilation. Terrible episode in American history. It shows all the bad things people are capable of.

Annabella Broaddus

It was an awesome place to visit! Cafe/Cafeteria had some tasty food and treats!! Museum boutique and store were superb!! I was so taken aback by how powerful the Boarding Schools exhibits were, it took my breath away!!

Kim jongsung

Such a good Museum. Learn about Indians. Sorry for their stories. Specially boarding school of their child hood. But also so nice to know the carpets how they made. Such a good combinations with colors.

Yvonne Iverson

Any Tribal Member who shows their Tribal ID can get in free. The displays were magnificent, and the tour was great. I skipped the exhibit on Boarding Schools just because of the negative feelings it could have stirred up.

Carl Valle

Extensive navaho weavings Dolls were good sandra day o'conner

Barbara McGary

Wonderful docents give an overview of exhibits. Very moving exhibit on forcing indian children into boarding schools to attempt to assimilate into culture based in Europe. Very worthwhile.

Bruce Pajak

Very nice jewelry and museum all in one location. Beautiful Indian jewelry, and art crafts, books,and collectable items plus a museum in 1 location. It is definitely worth a visit to the museum and check it out when visiting Phoenix area.

Samantha Carlson

Wonderful collections of various Native American artwork. Knowledgeable curators, fantastic, gift shops. A must do.

Jeff Baker

Nice exhibition but still yearn for the days they also displayed paintings from 1st Peoples!

Becky Kirk

This is a must see museum. The tours are outstanding and bring the history of Arizona to life.

John Nail

Amazing event down at Heard with Bank of America - Merrill Lynch. I have been here for the Freda Kalo exhibit also about a year ago. It's a National Treasure for Arizona. Great Museum!!

Jason Seiler

Nice museum with great pieces. Will be much better once construction is completed.

Sam Drawing

My mother, four-month-old sister, and I came to check it out, my sister had just woken up from her nap and would need her formula soon, we told the security guy why she needed her water and he still told us that we couldn't go in because of my sister needing her formula. We left and now going to a different one, this honestly sucked

April Elliott

Beautiful museum and great exhibits. The exhibit on the Navajo rugs and blankets is very fascinating. They have the largest display of Katsina dolls I have ever seen. So many talented artists. I also learned a lot in the exhibit on boarding schools - really opens your eyes.

Vicky Swan

This Museum was fabulous. The guide was very very knowledgeable about the tribes around Phoenix Arizona. This is a museum I think you have to visit at least twice because there's so much to see and absorb. There is also a very nice memorial on the grounds outside about the Native Americans who were in the military.

Nicole Edison

Very interesting for the young and young at heart my four year old enjoyed herself.

Aaron Begay

Awesome place to go back in time and experience the past

Money Penny

Went for the Violins of Hope concert performed by the Arizona Opera. Beautiful and intriguing. Tragic and enlightening. A cultural night out with friends after appetizers and martinis at Fez. What could be better? It was a great night.

Andrew G

This is like going back in time. It is a great place to visit and see.

Ernest Lavagetto

The docent tours are free. I am just a passing tourist but I was impressed on the day I was there that they had 5 different tours spread through the day. The exhibits of The many southwestern Indian cultures is extensive plus the permanent exhibit on the removal of children from Indian reservation families is very moving and sad given recent events at our border.

Brytta Fitzgibbons

Great collection of art. Nice cafe on the grounds.

David Cooper

Fantastic Indian Museum. Highly recommended.

Sandra Featherston

Kenzie (Reception), Logun (server @ Cafe), Coleman and a delightful older gentleman as our docent MADE the Experience! The customer service was Excellent (put something Extra in there Christmas stocking!); which sadly is missing in our current milieu. The tour was very informative and a little depressing regarding the treatment by AMERICAN settlers trying to indoctrinate and erase the Indian culture. The Art is captivating - GOTTA see it!

Bonnie Stromberg

Indian Fair & Market Place is held here every year. Great native American and Canadian artists sell their work. We love the Hopi carvers. The Heard Museum does a superb job putting it on. Many performances and educational opportunities.

Eric Eisberg

A great experience. Lots of cool art, and a good set of historical exhibits.

THoth SuMantRa

I really enjoyed the native American history experience at the Heard Museum. I usually go to Arizona museums when they are free, as the culture in Arizona is quite diluted imo. However, I took a liking to the different rugs created by the Navajo. I found the softer, lighter color wool really pleasing to my eyes....whereas the darker colors were overbearing, and masculine, again this is my opinion. However, all the rugs were cultural marvels created by a people almost sent extinct by the Invaders if this land. There were tons of other artifacts to see, and it was interesting, I also attended the boarding school exhibitl, which is something you must experience yourself. Overall, I had a wonderful Sunday filled with learning, and exploring the Heard Museum.

Dolores Segovia

This museum is incredible! I highly recommend to visitors and natives of Arizona.

Randi Ugelow

Tours were very informative and museum was awesome. So much to see and check out that couldn't do it all in one day. Will definitely be going back.

A Cohoon

Loved out! There is something around every corner both inside and outside. Just walking up to the building we got a good amount of photos. It was very informative, colorful and detailed. I've thoroughly enjoyed our time there and would recommend it to everyone!

Katharine the Queen

This is a very good experience to learn about the Native American culture and some of the beautiful pottery and artwork from present to the past. The price is reasonable to $18 a person adult price that is. It's very worth it. They are under construction presently but it's easy to get around the construction site

Susan Jones-Sink

If visiting Phoenix the Heard Museum is a must visit! It's beautiful, informative and a national treasure.

Len Polnoff

It is always a unique experience. Wonderful traveling exhibits and a delicious lunch at the cafe.

Amit Balakrishnan

Great place to get to know more about Native American history. Free parking

Ted Sterling

Very detailed Indian - Indigenous people - Native American art and history. Some "art" is really just elements of their daily life. A lot of skill, effort & time put into the creative process. Also depressing explanation of how we "non-indigenous" people forced the Indigenous population to conform to our way of life. Very sobering & sad but worth being reminded of what we did to their way of life.

Esther Garcia O'Hare

I hadn't been to the Heard Museum since I was a kid, so I was very impressed with what I saw. The artwork was beautiful and diverse; everything from traditional weavings to modern mixed media art. I liked that tribal affiliations were noted on the various pieces. I also attended the Native American Art Show and Market. The artists were there, and were very approachable. Great traditional dancers, with an emcee who described the meaning of the dances. Plenty of food booths. Lots of seating areas. Great experience!

J Norris

It is an inistution in Phoenix I had visited many times, but recently took two of the guided tours and was blowen away. The detailed knowledge the docents share with you is incredible. One section on the Phoenix Indian School reminds one that we seem to have a history of removing children from parents that don't look like us.

javier ruiz

Interesting place that has knowledge about past artifacts of Arizona's native history...

Hannah Sturm

The event staff here is wonderful. Planning was a breeze, the food was great, and our events on site were stress free experiences. Thank you!

Diana Haselmyer

It specializes in Native American - Navaho and Hopi - arts and culture. It's a well-arranged and interesting place with more accurate history than what is taught in schools. It's located along the lite rail train system, and has parking nearby also.

Daniel Fieldstone

Are you in to Native American art? Are you in to Native American history? Well this is your place. They have all sorts of exhibits sprawled throughout the entire museum. One of the pieces that stood out to me personally was the Navajo rug that was woven together in the pattern of the flag of the USA.

Bobby and Sally Bobby and Sally

Very nice museum with very informative displays including several informative videos in a small theater room. We especially enjoyed the second floor exhibit on the boarding schools to assimilate native American Indians, it was very informative and honest. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, we got there two hours before closing and didn't get to see everything we wanted to.

Kevin Delvalle

A must- see for Phoenix visitors! I took two tours - one of the boarding school exhibit and one of the general collection. Both were very informative and the guides were able to answer all questions thoroughly. The building itself is beautiful, employees are friendly and helpful, and the exhibits have excellent signage. I also enjoyed the variety of exhibits offered.

Sue Davis

Fascinating one of a kind museum with local Native American folks leading tours and answering questions. Beautiful exhibits. Wonderful place for adults & kids.

Emily G.

Great museum ... the architecture, courtyards, and on-site restaurant are all cool too. You can learn a lot with a visit here ... I took my time and spent about 3.5 hours - I recommend!

Akeshia Shkaabewis

Beautiful pieces of Native American art. They are in the middle of construction but was able to see all the displays with no problem.

Tony Miller

we enjoyed our visit, ,lots of things to see

Alice Daniels

really felt like this place was an excellent way to spend a few hours and went on a few of the guided tours just to make the most of my trip. I really enjoyed learning more about the area and incredible native influence and would visit again if I return to Phoenix.

Kimi W

It's worth the trip and $18 cover charge. Of course I'm Native American so I got in free with this playing my tribal card. Complete Native American museum.

Sidney Kalban

Wonderful exhibits of both current and earlier Native American crafts plus historical information about the Arizona tribes

Lauren Stewart

We enjoyed ourselves at this museum. The Native American art was beautiful and the history portion of the indian boarding schools was interesting and eye opening.

Barry Brownstein

Interesting part of history I never knew told very well.

Tim Curry

A fabulous collection, with a wonderful "highlights" tour from Michael, all set in beautifully maintained galleries.

Annabelle Robertson

It was a great tribute to Native American tribes across Arizona. They have each tribe in sections and describe different parts of their culture. It was very nice. I suggest going on a tour. The tours start every hour.

Inez Boyd

The Heard Museum is a true Phoenix gem. Tours are available for their permanent exhibits...and they have several new wonderful traveling exhibits all the time. I visit the Heard on many of their events days like today was Second Saturday....but I also visit every time there is a new exhibit. They have a wonderful restaurant - Courtyard Cafe - a great book shop...a coffee and snack shop plus the very best Gift Store featuring all Native American artwork....jewlery, etc.

Julie Wolff

Very interesting! We walked away with so much more knowledge of the local tribes and how they lived! Thank you for a great experience!

Michael Gill

Interesting mix of Native American art collections. I found the Away From Home exhibit powerful and nuanced. The presentations on HOME and fading pottery traditions were poignant and evocative.

Karen Lars

Beautiful Native American artifacts, art, and lifestyle history. There was an art exhibit in the courtyard as well as live music by Aaron White, a Native American flutist and guitarist. Absolutely breathtaking! Would highly recommend it if you're in Phoenix.

Justin Ma

Very nice small museum. Focused theme, high quality. We went on both tours. Enjoyable.

Mary Barnett

Spent a couple hours here looking at clay pots. Amazing collection. The architecture is really amazing. The courtyards are gorgeous. There’s a books and more shop with coffee and baked goods, a courtyard cafe, and a museum shop with really amazing Native American art. I highly recommend. Lots of parking and beautiful outdoor areas.

Jacque Porterfield

Interesting exhibits and easy to find your way around. Good way to spend an afternoon.

Homer Ray III

Beautiful Indian creations organized by the tribes from who crafted them. Guide nicely explained how the regions where the tribes came from influenced the work. History of the Indian influence and treatment of the Indians fascinating. Museum store offers beautiful selections of jewelry, art, sculpture, carvings, rug work and more from native artists.

Theresa Schmitt

A must-see when in Phoenix. The exhibits are second to none and they rotate enough that it never gets stale.

Michelle Patton

The Museum was very educational for me. My favorite part of the whole place was the boarding school and what it truly taught me about history.

Flannery Diehl

Wow, we saw an old movie called "smoke signals" at the Heard Museum this week. It was wonderful and the Heard was the usual eloquent, dignified place it has always been. P.S. The movie was offered as free.

Ray Thomas

Beautiful museum! If you are into Native American artifacts this is a great place. Very tasteful displays and the docents are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Useful Stuff

The museum presents a respectful view of the transition of native American tribes of the Southwest into the modem life that the new civilization had to offer while the tribes struggled to maintain their identity. The museum is in a nice building with a Spanish colonial arquitectural design which adds a special touch to the experience.

Alex Wattay

A great and important refuge for the Native American story - unbelievable art work. The tours are very informative and the guides extremely knowledgeable! An awesome experience and must see place when visiting Phoenix AZ!

Kim L

Amazing collection from all over the world but focusing on the Americas. Their exhibit on Indian Schools is quite moving and a learning experience. I bought some excellent jewelry in the gift shop, both inexpensive “costume” and some moderately expensive silver and turquoise earrings by a great artist.

Arie Taylor

A very in depth look at native culture in the southwestern United States. They had an entire exhibit about the Indian boarding schools, which I didn't even know about. This is probably the biggest collection of Native art I've ever seen, much of it traditional but some more modern.

Krystle Raymond

Thank you to the marvellous tour guides operating Sunday afternoon. My experience couldn't have been better! My favourite part was the Indian School exhibit. As a Canadian we are also beginning to feature this dark time in our nation's history.

Michael Mann

This place broke me. I knew we were bad to indigenous people, but my eyes have been open to so much more.

Timothy Bee

What a beautiful place filled with exhibits that evoke tragic and important memories of the Southwest. The most important is the exhibit on Indian boarding schools. The preeminent museum in Phoenix dedicates about a quarter of its space to a dark and forgotten era in our history. There’s a sadness to it that stays with you long after you’ve driven off. The Navajo textile exhibit is stunning. I spent an hour in there soaking in the beauty. Some of the pieces are over 130 years old. The kachina dolls are a good palette cleanser and appropriately sandwiched between. The heavier exhibits. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this 90 year old institution.

Brian W

If your interested in the indigenous peoples of north and south America. Then this is the museum for you. The history , art, textiles and Pottery are on display for mostly The native peoples of the south west and Mexico. But they also have some impressive artifacts from the Pacific peoples and other areas of the world. They put a strong reference on how the native people were actually treated by the Europeans. Not some white washed version they used to teach in grade school. Well trained staff will take you on guided tours at the top of every hour.

Laura Erdmann

Wow! This museum is so beautiful and full of information! Very clean! The staff was so friendly and helpful! Our tour guide for the southwest (older gentlemen with great sense of humor) made the tour so much fun and kept my attention. He knows his history and is very credible with his experience. Thank you for making this memorable!!!!!

Suzy Rakowski

We did 2 lectures when we visited. Both were very informative. I highly recommend both investigating on your own coupled with the talks. New exhibit on Indians is very important to see though it is disturbing.

Rich Wootten

As an artist I Love to visit the Heard Museum ..always great. Posted photos of current exhibitions. Kudos to all the artists modern and traditional! All very interesting & educational

Annie Chen

I'm from Indiana, so the Eiteljorg is just in my backyard. Nonetheless, I was still very impressed with the collection here. The pottery and turquoise jewelry are wonderful. There are some very moving exhibits as well that make you think critically about our history.

Kara Amundson

All we saw was the courtyard art & the art on the way to the gift shops. Some of the art for sale was stunning... Exceptional collectors' quality. Unfortunately we went for the fry bread


Very incredible and a big value for the cost of admission. I'll need to visit at least twice more to understand what is to offer. The cafe was also a highlight. The menu choices produced a Wow! The food, service, and cost matched. Excellent!


Great museum for native culture and tribal education. Get some prickly pear lemonade and Tepay hummas with fry bread from the cafe.

Ri. Bai.

A great time with my family, 3 generations. Every visit we see something new, interesting and beautiful.


Nice museum inside and out, with everything you may need and especially fine art. Nice friendly knowledgeable staff.

Elson Varkey

When here on First Friday and very nice staff. Very cool experience seeing history!

Saagar Patel

Heartbreaking and interesting history of native peoples. All American people should be required to know and feel these stories.

Wu Assassin

Talk about discrimination... At its finest. Heard musem courtyard cafe Definitely 2thumbs down.

Keith Shamma

Nice experience at the Heard. So much native items to check out. On top of other rare art that would not be seen elsewhere. Can take a tour with groups and hear lots of fun facts, or walk free and explore at your own pace. Must stop spot if you are in the art district.


Extremely educational and a real eye-opener of southwestern Native America's histories.

Nicole Kelly

We went for an event they held with people dancing. It was beautiful. My daughter loved when the ladies showed her how to dance. It was such a great experience. The museum itself is clean and well kept with a variety if different items. Its really interesting to look around and worth going to if you've got an afternoon The toilets are accessible.

Markies Mitchell

Just wondering around last weekend

Salvador Menjivar

Despite the current work being carried out to the entrance, this is a beautiful Museum with an amazing collection of African, AmeroIndian and further afield exhibits including modern sculptures and installations in downton Phoenix. If you care to learn about the historic wealth of Arizona's past and its many diverse Indian tribes this is the starting point.

Aaron Miller

Fantastic museum! Great blend of history and contemporary works of art. I visited with my family and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A wonderful educational and cultural experience!

Beatriz Castro

Well I don't see any poster say no water inside the museum... went two person come after you and the actitud it's some kind aggressive, because a put mi bottle water in my purse. I see a lot bottle in the trash can. Put sign, posters o something say " No bottles of water inside the museum, thank you." I hope no say it's common sense, because not.

jorge ricardo cruz

Great indigenous collection of the life and artifacts of Americans Indians

Yulia Kesaieva

The place really amazes with its combination of native amerpicans' art and history with artefacts. My personal favourite were astonishing with its detailed costumes dolls and videos recorded about people living and choosing to live in reservations.

Teri Phillips

I felt a connection to the place & was instantly transported into the past while touring the very impressive display of ancient artifacts.

Lindsay Johnson

Very interesting museum. Beautifully curated exhibits and a wonderful permanent exhibit on Indian Schools.

Ervin Anderson

This museum is a true gem of original native artwork. There are some pieces of historical significance and some collections of great memorabilia. From the relatively obscure to famous artist, their work is shown here.

Nicole Ryan

One of the most beautiful place of this area. You would definitely love this place.

bpk enterprises

Best Native American museum ever. Great sculpture. Be sure to take a docent guided tour, then venture off on your own. Fantastic machina collection.

John B

Well maintained museum with unique Southwest Native American artwork.

Daniel Hernandez

Amazing displays. The displaybdealing with the Indian Boarding schools is really detailed and informative.

Jim Thorne

The native American story. I would have liked more time to see it all. Count on a half day.

Deborah Seehorn

Excellent museum! We thoroughly enjoyed our interesting and informative visit. Highly recommend this collection of native American artifacts.

Doug Kremer

The Heard is an artistic, cultural, and architectural gem. The exhibit space may seem small but even as frequent local visitors we budget two hours for each visit. One might wish to plan for four hours for a full one time visit. The cafe is a great place for lunch with fry bread and pisole on the menu if one wants to take in local flavors. Well curated book store if your looking for information on Native American subjects. Visitors using mobility aids will find elevators.

Mike Gaboury

Was under construction while we visited. Will update with a full review next time I visit. Lots of interesting art and exhibits.

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