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Where is Grand Canyon Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF Grand Canyon Visitor Center IN Arizona

B. Peterson

Everyone made time to answer all your questions and you will have many questions. This is a life changing event. I can't believe I waited so long to go

Don Davidson

The movie "The Wonder of the Grand Canyon" was terrific. But they could use another Ranger or 2 answering questions because there was a significant line and wait to see a Ranger. When we finally got to talk to one, she was very helpful.

Hope Cash

Grand canyon was amazing! We visited on a tour bus from Vegas. I would recommend you rent a car for the trip so you aren't rushed. Left Vegas at 7am and don't return until after 10. Only had about 2 hrs or so to actually view the grand canyon on the bus tour. We went to the South Rim.

Nirja Desai

There's definitely some helpful information here, and there's always a couple of guides at the counter willing to answer any questions and help you plan your visit. If I could recommend anything, it would be to follow the red bus trail if you've only got one day at the canyon and would like to see the most. Honestly, the trail that runs along that bus route, the Rim Trail, is definitely worth a hike too, a lot of it is paved, and you definitely can choose to hike only small bits and pieces of it, and then take the bus to the next spot. The pictures I'm posting are some helpful little plaques they have that answer commonly asked questions, if you want to plan your day in advance!

Chrystal Cargill

I enjoyed reading about different artifacts found in the area. The short film about the geographical formation of the Grand Canyon was very informative. The terrain model was great to look at.

Levi Downing

What can i say other then WOW!!! The grand canyon is beyond awsome it looks so unreal almost like someone painted a perfect picture. The free shuttles that take you fro. Point to point in the park make it easy to see most of the park in one day. Also if you did not know its $35 just to get into the national park. There is also a snack shop and bike rental at the visitors center.

Joshua Lau

Watch the documentaries as they are excellent. The staff are very helpful and are always smiling. Don’t feed the squirrels though.

Jared Beskow

The Grand Canyon needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it's size and beauty. This was a bucket list item for several of us. I highly recommend using the free shuttle service as long as you have a parking pass.

Michael Verhoest

It's The Grand Canyon, everything is amazing!!!

Aubrey Weaver

The views are stunning! Even better than you would imagine. Easily accessible and easy to pace yourself and see as much as you want. Great stop for tourists of all types!

Steve Tishko

An excellent place to start your journey to explore the South Rim area. Information about the park is yours for the asking including direct conversation with a park ranger. Considering the enormous volume of visitor traffic, it's a very smooth operation and facilities are clean, open and well maintained. Of course the parking is a challenge, particularly after 9:30-10:00. Best to go earlier if possible. A small "grab and go" Cafe has pre-prepared sandwiches, and other light snacks. Bicycle rentals are available at the visitor center, sizes for all ages. The center is also central drop off point for the free bus service that makes round trips throughout the park.

civ odarp

It was an ok experience they were fixing the roads so lots of construction not as peaceful.. will be back again though it really is amazing finding a good spot is easy

Heidi De Leon

You had a great time on my way and I wasn’t too hot in mid June. Getting into the park you need to buy a $35 pass but I highly recommend if you’re going to visit other national parks go ahead and get the $80 pass which is good for one year. Also I recommend going early as parking can be a little crazy. When we were there none of the water fountains worked so make sure you bring a lot of water! Make sure to take a picture of the map as you can hop on and off buses and go to the different sites around the south rim.

Ali Hassan

Had a wonderful trip to the south rim. Exploring the different hiking trails and look out points! Definitely worth visiting again

Marci Holmes

If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon yet, what are you waiting for?! It did not disappoint. We went on the Bright Angel Trail. I'm not in great shape. I made it to the .75 mile point and then headed back up. The trail is 3 miles total one way. Even if you can't go the entire distance, it's still worth going down. There are pictographs on some of the rocks and the change in rock formations is so interesting. Just do it. Ok? Go see it!

Shreyash Agrawal

The grand canyon experience is something that cannot be expressed in words... you will fall in love with this place in an instance.. the mere extent of the grand canyon makes it so unique that every other vista where you go will give you a totally new perspective to the whole place... the visitor services are amazing up there... you can trek to places and spots but also take the free shuttles to travel across the canyon...

Josh Nunez

Great walking trails and look out points. Would recommend for the whole family. Decent phone service in most areas.

Sally Harland

Always see something different ever time we take friends and family from out of state. Absolutely beautiful. The rangers and staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Great places to eat, stay overnight, hike, camp, or just spend some time.

Charlene Caban

Very informative, great show. Nice souverniurs , buses take you to all the points. South rim was gorgeous.

Cynthia Jaworski

We started our day at the Grand Canyon at the Visitor Center. They have restrooms, maps, picnic areas, bike rentals, and more. We started our walk on the Rim Trail from the visitor center. The Grand Canyon was, well, grand! The Rim Trail is a fairly easy trail to walk. We walked partway out and then turned around and walked back to the visitor center. It took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Rob W

What can I say about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t already been said? This place is everything you’ve heard and more. The vistas are breathtaking beyond description. The visitor center offers a lot of information, and the store has a lot of souvenir merchandise to sell. Even if only to check the box on the list of sites to see, everyone should visit this place and see it for themselves. My recommendation is to arrive in the morning to avoid the crowds and higher temperatures of the afternoon.

Ja Murphy

Love the view. Great how they had buses for free to drive you back to your car. Natural as it will get..

Sandy Soles

I can say so many wonderful things and describe the beauty, but everyone should put this on their bucket list. Breathtaking

Cathy Hartwig

Nicely displayed and we'll stocked. Easy to walk around.

Ravi Natalia

If your in Vegas for few days might as well check out Grand Canyon. There are many ways to do it by bus tour or renting a car. If your 2 or more people might as well rent a car for $50 a day and drive up your self. Will be cheaper than bus tour. The tickets to go up at the Grand Canyon is about $90 a person. It’s worth it. Be careful the roads going to Grand Canyon are very small and narrow and during a rain storm everything gets shut down. It’s pretty nasty all the rocks and maneuver fall onto the road.

e gerringer

Not much at the center except a 15 min video and get there early, before 11 if you don't want to fight parking. Went on a Monday, found a parking space and stayed for about an hour. Nice views.


Grand Canyon proves breathtaking views and amazing discoveries! Grand Canyon is a must see for tourists and local alike. Any of the views look amazing and I like the interaction and innovation in the park. My only wish, that they add more parking and I do understand that it will take away all the wilderness, but it took us 30 minutes just to find parking. Other than that, I suggest taking lots of picture, so you can take in those breathtaking views. The 7-Day Pass is really nice. I enjoyed my visit to the Grand Canyon and was enlightened about Arizona

John B

Action views of a landmark that everybody should see. The parking is great the souvenir shop was fantastic clean bathrooms. Signs and roads well maintained. As strong as you just starting at the south rim. Definitely drive desert view! Lots of places to park at each scenic point. Less crowded than other areas. Take lots of pictures!

Danielle Pearce

Quite a nice visitor center for an awesome park. The complex around the center provides a 1 stop location for finding out everything you wanted to know about the grand canyon. You can grab a snack or rent a bicycle or peruse a great selection of books.

Eve B

Highly recommend a stop here to find out about the bus schedules and routes before you head to the park. Parking is free 24/7 (in fact, if I understand correctly, the whole town is that way - - very tourist friendly). The iMax movie is fun, and there are coupons scattered around town. The people shuttle stops right outside.

Luke Chapple

Helpful information and worth the stop. We only had one day but we left feeling like we saw a good amount of everything thanks to stopping at this visitor center and getting suggestions. They also have a good 20min video that you can watch about the park.

Gerry Stark

Spectacular, Keep active little kids on a leash you can walk right up to non fenced edge of the Canyon.

David Araiza

Very helpful employees. We had an awesome time here. Thank you guys, all the way from San Antonio, Texas!!!

Adam Martinez

Always enjoy going to the Grand Canyon even if it crowded or not. The only suggestion I would recommend is more employees walking around making sure people don't go places they shouldn't just to take a picture. I saw this alot and especially parents with their little kids.

Sandra Vanderlaan

Absolutely breathtaking! Make sure you get there early! We arrived around 7am and we got great parking, and were able to see around 20 elk on the way in!

Alexis Brandner

Great experience! At Grand Canyon Visitor Center you are gracefully welcomed by a team of professional rangers that will give you some advice on what you should do during your stay (no matter how long you stay) and will answer every question you ask in a really helpful way. Would recommend.

Katiria Perez

There is a lot going on and lots to do. It gets very full and parking can become problematic on busy days. Will definitely go again.

isaac ravelo

Went to Vegas for a couple of days and drove to the Grand Canyon for a day. It was a long drive but it was well worth it. It was a nice experience and the scenery was amazing.

Chandresh Singh

it one of the popular national park in US. must visit located in Arizona and also near to Nevada. if u are visiting los vegas do visit this place.

Robert D

Amazing natural beauty that is a very popular national park. This is located at the south rim & there are 2 shuttle buses that take visitors to points of interest/vistas along their routes. Some of these stops have hiking trails but it is highly recommended that you plan ahead for any serious hiking, including multiple bottles of water. It takes approx 2 hours just to ride ti the far end of the shuttle stops, so a minimum of 3-4 hours,or all day, could be spent in this area. Entry fee is required but there is a senior discount.

C.E. Mahan

Great little stop to cool off. Also has a few things to check out the history of the Canyon. Also, there is a movie that is worth the wait.

shelby jackson

Breathtaking views. I didn’t think the family would like it but they were all excited about the trip. Keep a close eye on your children to make sure they do not fall over the cliff. #googleguide

Karlee Nyborg

Always a great adventure. Super accessible. Take as long as you want or as little as you want. $35 to get into the park for the week per car or free shuttle bus available

Kevin Keller

Very modern and appealing for young families. A bit busy with tourists from around the nation and world. I heard so many languages, ten in a thirty yard walk. What a great place for thrill seekers and wondering wanderers alike. Enjoy!

Max Minardi

Very very very busy. Lots of tourists with minimal parking. Bathrooms are absolutely disgusting & you will be shoulder to shoulder with tons of people. Save yourself the time & head to one of the tons of over look spots that are much less populated.

Brendon Marczan

The rangers at the center are great but the actual center and gift shop is really average for one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. It needs much better souvenir options and perhaps better food options.

Accurate Contracting

Nice but a little commercialized for my taste, I went to get to nature and the grandness of the space, and the visitors center is about selling everything possible, some neccessary some absurd. I enjoyed the canyon and nature way more.

Nora Hofmans

Beautiful. We walked the trail that was left of the visitors center. It had benches to sit on and a nice fence to keep the kids from falling over. We went early and avoided a lot of the crowd that started showing up around 9 a.m.

Elsie Palmer

The Grand Canyon is everything I hoped for. The view from South Rim is spectacular. I am 70 with limited walking. The walk from the parking lot was doable with places along the way I could sit and catch my breath

Jay Rader

Beautiful place I highly recommend the canyon view from the visitor center we will be back alot

Jay Richter

Like everyone says.. it's a place you have to see with your own eyes. Breathtaking, beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, and gorgeous. Enjoy the day out at the Grand Canyon! You won't regret it!

Jeremiah Grimwould

Staff is helpful and friendly. Gift shop clean and over priced, but the quality of the sweatshirt is good at least. Beautiful park and clean. Don't fall into the canyon, you'll probably die.

Dillon Slaten

One of the best views on earth. Must visit it to get the full experience. Visitor center is very informative. Grand canyon is a must.

Natalie Pecyna

Just go...home into the canyon on a nice 1-2 hour hike on the South Kaibob trail. All accessible from a shuttle bus. Don’t be a just rim walker if you are able to walk down a little. The photo is from the south kaibob trail, about 1300 ft down. Turn around at any point and take your time.

Mitul patel

Anything you wanna know about grand canyon... Start your trip from here...great staff. Officers help you through anything... Bike renting nearby. Coffee shop. Information desk. Drinking water available.

Maximilian Shakal

A clean, well-maintained starting point for Grand Canyon visitors. Bathrooms and other facilities are there with informational guidelines. Stop here before or after your visit for fun.

Sandesh Joshi

Very helpful staff. The gift shop is great as well. You can catch shuttles from here to different viewing points which runs every 15 minutes.

Jane Farrell

The Grand Canyon is totally mind blowing. You really can't comprehend the true scale of it unless you are stood there looking in awe, in person. Don't take my word for it. Go there. Just do it!!!!

Jay Adamo

Prepare for crowds like every National Park unless you go early! It was hard to get a good pic and not bump into anyone at the eastern lookout at the South Rim. I lost count of the selfie sticks and was lucky to dodge a few. I plan to return in the Fall at opening time on a weekday so I can really take it in. All rim trails are dog friendly but I regret bringing my pup due to the crowds and other's poorly trained dogs. If I was king of the National Parks I would seriously limit the number of people at a lookout at one time to be safe and fair.

Lee Bryan

Unbelievable experience visiting the Grand Canyon. Pictures just don't do this place justice..Walk up to the rim of the Grand canyon and view 2 billion years into the past! Colors of the rock formations and the views of the canyon will simply blow you away!! All amenities and accomodations are pretty cool as well..I especially liked their display called the trail of time that spotlighted all the nearly 2 billion years of rocks present in the canyon...Sun rise and sun set are spectacular and the park runs a very efficient and free shuttle service, so just park your car and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and wildlife in the Grand canyon..If you are any where near the Grand Canyon you absolutely must check this off your bucket list..We camped out in the main campground area.. There is showers and a well stocked grocery store near by..Also remember if camping that the rim elevation is 8000+ ft so nights can be chilly, and oxygen is slightly thinner up there. Enjoy your visit!

Pastor & Evangelist Tait

Everything about the Grand Canyon was amazing. But the man at the Visitor Center was so kind, patient and diligent in helping us to navigate through the park!

Anita Castruita

It was a great experience! It is amazing to see nature's creations. It's a sight i will never forget.

Shamarr Evans

One of the most beautifully amazing places i have ever been to date. I am amazed by this place and the sunsets are super dope. There were i guess deer walking around the parking lot just chillin and not phased by our presence at all. I was even able to catch a few shots of them before we were able to park. I want to come back but to the north rim next time.

Peter Carlesimo

The Grand Canyon is one of the Top Five destinations of “must-sees” in The United States. And certainly top 5 - 10 in the world. The term “jaw-dropping” can have this as an example. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Canyon a few times and each time when I would turn the corner and behold its majestic beauty, my jaw would literally drop open by some sort of reflex. As with most amazing places, pictures don’t do it justice. But I will add, if you are able to spend the night then please do so. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE NIGHT SKY COVERED IN SUCH A THICK BLANKET OF STARS AS AT THE GRAND CANYON. In fact I went for a little night hike and when I looked up, it was disorienting and I lost my balance! And as the picture shows, the next morning revealed the reddish hues from the sun in the Canyon.


My photos are actually from the South Kaibab trail, however, they don't even compare to actually seeing this place in person. The grand canyon is a must see. You have to see this place before you die so put it on your bucket list. I can't even begin to describe how jaw dropping it is in person. If you go to the grand canyon you need to hike down in it, at least the beginning of the trail. Staying up at the visitor's center doesn't do it justice and it's constantly swarming with people anyways.

arun singh

Great place to start your south rim visit. Park you car here and take the shuttle to different rim points. There is also a bicycle rental cafe for thise interested in bike ride around the south rim.

Matthew Paul

What can I say...its one of the seven wonders of the world it was a great place where nature and many diverse cultures meet. it was nice to look at something so beautiful and see so many cultures come to share the same thing in the 2 hours i was there it was beautiful..everyone shared the same view and came together to look at one of the true 7 wonders

Carin Dahlin

GC - outstanding place! Well worth a visit! Go by the heliocopter on tour- well worth the money!

Becki Jo

Breathtaking views. Pet friendly. Disabled get an access pass that is available to all National Parks. Very friendly staff.

R Alfonso

Absolutely one of the greatest adventure place. If love to hiking. .. That's the best option.

Sandra King

This is truly a breathtaking beautiful experience. It always looks a little different. The weather definitely determines how it looks the sun shinning, rain or snow on the rocks. Depending on your location that gives you a different perspective also. It's truly beautiful. And the gift shops are definitely worth shopping in. Alot to choose from and alot,of information.

Seungjun Baek

It was magnificent. It was so touching after seeing the sculptures of God. On the other hand, there was a point that it was a little unsatisfactory. Most people were too crowded to photograph each other, so sometimes it was hard to focus on the scenery. If you have plenty of time and want to see the greatness of nature, I recommend Zion Canyon or Bryce Canyon. I was more satisfied with that.

Radhakrishnan C

Stinky restrooms. Not cleaned for many days. You have to carry your own toilet tissue if you want to use it. The drivers of the shuttle service were very cordial.

Matthew Joyce Entertainment

It was a little crowded but that it is to be expected on the weekend. It was gorgeous and awe inspiring. The Desert View Tower on the east side is a must visit once you are in the park. The views are spectacular although you may have to elbow your way through persistent selfie takers.

Aimee s 360 Photography

It's my first time here at Grand Canyon! I absolutely love it here!! Great views wherever we go. Need to come back soon for more :-)


This visitor center is very informative, you definitely need to watch the movie about the Grand Canyon. You could almost skip the IMAX, and opt for this free movie instead, it’s very similar. The park rangers here are the best, all three of my kids participated in the junior ranger program, and really enjoyed this program. We attended a ranger talk here as well, the kids loved it. Our national parks are the best!!

Yazeed Abu

My wife and I visited grand canyons first 1997 and we just visited again October 2019. What has been done in such few years is a lot. The whole family can spend days visiting each point. Here are some of things that they have done 1) free shuttle system that takes you around all the points. 2) rest rooms are available in most places whole you are visiting. 3) it is only $35 dollars per car so for a big family that is fantastic. 4) the staff is very helpful The Grand Canyon is a National Park paid for by the U.S. tax payers. I suggest a $5 entrance fee on international visitors as it has been a common practice all over the world for visitors to National sites. They all have to pay a fee different than the locals.

Lynn Bounnakhom

This place is just as beautiful as they say. Definitely worth seeing once or twice in your lifetime! Recommend doing the hikes to really enjoy it

Luisa Fletcher

This is my second visit, and it's still breathtaking. We visited with my 87 year old mother who was the eldest and my 5 yr old niece who was the youngest. There were 8 of us in total. It was absolutely fabulous we only went as far as the fence. The views are outstanding for everyone. You will never be disappointed with this visit.

Rosie Jaimes

One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited! We nicked and it was a great experience!

sheryl small

Just plain amazing. Shuttle is the best way to see it all.

Cedric de Rosso

Every interesting and great place to start trails with many informations you can do all day. Visitor center purpose guide and archeologist. Must come in early.

Ashley Brooks

Super nice employees also recommend the best route for traveling with young children and older less mobile people! If you are unsure which route to take definitely stop here first.

Eric Munoz

This is one of the most beautiful places I've been. The epic size of the canyon is breathtaking. There are trails running along side the rim dotted with small displays noting history and geographic information.

Megan Webb

Super nice visitors center. Even with how busy it was, all of the Rangers would really nice and helpful. The gift shop across was also very nice as well. Staff was great through the entire park. Plenty of ravens to also see outside of the center as well.

Hilary Vernon

Absolutely stunning and has earned its name as one of the natural wonders of the world. Everyone should visit in their lifetime. And make sure you give yourself enough time to really enjoy the park, it's huge.

Nicole Combeau

photos will say enough, but this place is truly as magical as it’s been fed to you throughout your years.

Rose and Mike Farmer

Well, come on folks. A world class location deserves a world-class review. So take this for one. Used to be Americans and a few foreign visitors. But now the world has come. Can it get anymore crowded? Heck yeah. So you better go while you can. But drink it in. It's world-class. Oh, and be sure to see Moran's watercolor version of the grandest canyon in the world.

Will Wagner

I lived in Arizona all my life 51 years. First time I ever visited the Grand Canyon in our great state. The pictures I posted do not do that place Justice at all. You have to go there and see for yourself. Such a wonderful place to visit I look down in the canyon and there was still more down to go. If that makes any sense to you. I was in such awe, unbelievable how enormous the Grand Canyon is. All kinds of people from all over the world speaking different languages around me, truly a wonderful thing to behold. So whenever you get a chance take a drive out there please be mindful of your children. Your whole family will have a wonderful time.

rae wu

as of 07/2019, will cost you $35 to drive up. if you get there for 9am you'll be able to park easily and walk to the rim. lots of picnic tables if you want to eat your own food and some of them shaded. ample restrooms which are adequately clean. nice gift shop which isn't too overpriced. and the canyon speaks for itself

Joanne L

Go early in the day and take the red bus route first..this route can take all can also walk between viewing spots / bus stop points. If you are short on time do the orange bus will see similar sites and can do this in a few hrs.

Paul De Wolf

The diversity of information is as diverse as the Grand Canyon. The globe 8 minute video is amazing and informative. The movie in the theater at the Visitor Center is a must see more awesome information on the Grand Canyon. There's Rangers answering questions. Displays a informative and amazing.

Nick Longoria

Fantastically helpful. Quick to point. No fooling around. Get there early in the day. Park in lot 2!!

Chase Adams Johnson

Obviously the visitor center is no comparison to The Grand Canyon, however, you well garner the knowledge necessary to enjoy the grandeur. There is an interesting movie about the canyon and tourist experiences, food and bathroom facilities.

Sumit Bongir

It's an pretty good national park with some amazing views. 3 stars because I felt really unsafe at some points because of strong winds and insufficient fencing. Definitely not a place to bring kids. Staff running the buses is very humorous, views are great but it's just too windy to really enjoy.

Elaine Williams

Absolutely loved this place. Love to see the wonderful things God allows us to see.

vivian lee

Arrived on a Sunday around 10 am in the middle of summer and it was not as busy as I thought. Visitor centre is a good stop to learn about the grand canyon. Guides available to answer question. Theatre showing movie about the Grand Canyon.

Lancelot Martinez

You will find squirrels and birds on visitors centers. They have buses to transport you to the hiking trails and scenic views, as long as warnings and temperatures. If you come for the views, you will have a great time in top of the rim, but if you come to hike, train 3 months prior to the date you set, and get a back pack with lots of water.

Trices Thomas

We walked the easy trail at the southern rim. The views along the trail are beautiful. Take plenty of water and salty snacks.

Samantha Hobbs

The globe shaped screen that shows an informational video was the highlight! Very cool. I wasnt overly thrilled with their gift selections...pretty weak compared to other national parks, but that didn't stop me from buying stuff

Carolina Martínez

Great place to get a first look of the Canyon. The visitor center has access to 3 of the bus lines and a very wide view point. The parking is large as well, but be careful: it fills up by 11 a.m. There are not a lot of places to purchase drinks or food in the Visitor Center, so be prepared with some lunch or go to other locations for more options (e.g. the Grand Canyon Village).

Iain Johnson

Ace place. The canyon is just incredible. Hard to imagine how big it is unless you see it with your own eyes. Watched the sunset and sunrise both were amazing

ed cope

My phone didnt justify the beauty of the Grand Canyon wild moose within 5 ft on me ,squirrels ever where. I enjoyed my time there it just needed to be longer will DEFINITELY be going back. Extremely Hot remember the number one reason for EMS to be called is squirrel bites they are wild.

Elizabeth Savage

This place is great.. Gives you a lot of history in one place.. There's 2 park rangers there to help with any questions .. There's a great souvenir shop there, a place to get something to eat and you can catch the tour buses..

Matt Olpinski

There’s nothing quite like the Grand Canyon. Visitors center was cool, but not much to see. Better off going to the lookout points!

Theodore Le

Super cheap price ($35/car/1-7 days) for superior service: free shuttle bus, water refill... The view here is just breath-taking. I wish I have time to stay more to hike

Patty Fong

Early April 2019 visit to South Rim of Grand Canyon. Photos are our arrival after 5pm. Worked out with an unbelievable sunset! Bathrooms, book store, museum, easy rim trail and available colored coded shuttles to take you to different parts of the park, all with plenty of large viewing windows! Parking is scattered around park, though not always displayed on informational boards. Was not too busy nor crowded. Next morning. Established hiking trail on South Rim... for the adventurous! No fencing nor rails. For the fainted hearted with acrophobia, walked only five switches, then returned. Absolutely incredible views! Yet for people like me, only from the top of the Rim. Last photo with morning blue sky was my stopping point of my hike. Such beauty, such magnificent grandeur. A must-see national park!

Nikki Gale

Truly breathtaking! The views are just beautiful. We hiked the Kaibab trail to ooh aah point and I highly recommend it. We even did it with our 3 & 5 year old kids and they were able to do it, though tired at the end. But it was gorgeous and well worth it.

Ben Mallett

We have been to the Grand Canyon many times! It is always an impressive sight and always brings a sense of awe as you hike around the rim! It should be on everyone’s bucket list. We had hiked around and it and done helicopter tours as well. Both are just crazy good experiences.

Garrett Mondini

The free movie at the visitor center was well up to date and educational. Wished to see more artifacts about the canyon as some may not know to check the other sites in the park (ie, geology museum). The view from the rim however is always amazing and hard to take in with a short period of time.

Bobby Burris

Grand canyon was a wonderful experience. Visitor center cafe had no water to purchase by 2:00 pm. Be sure to bring your own.

Philip Kram

The grand canyon is the most amazing sight to see. You'll definitely be amazed at just how humongous it is. I suggest looking at the ground until you get to the railing and then look up.

Michael Broadhead

Again, the views were spectacular. When we sat to rest this little squirrel came up and tried to take my walking stick. It was funny. He finally gave up and scurried off.

Paul Grabarek

Enormous!!! You literally cannot describe this to someone. Have to go there. Wonderful.

Thilini Hopkins

Seeing this amazing natural wonder in person is something I couldn't even prepare myself for, it's nothing like what you see on pictures or television, to see the real beauty of the grand canyon is to go see it for yourself so you too can experience the still, surreal awe inspiring beauty of this amazingly unique creation of mother nature

Larry Kime

For a hour or a week. The Grand Canyon is worth the drive. Get the agency pass for $80.00 and see all of the national parks. Just seeing 2 other parks pays for the pass. Wear your walking shoes and a hat. Bring a case of water from home. Do not buy it here. Everything cost double near the park. Fill up with gas 20 miles away and save over $1.00 a gallon. Patience is the key to the crowds.

Kody Da Savage

Beautiful place and just a 5 minute walk to the canyon. The prices where decent and the lodge has amazing food and cool gifts. The gift shop was a little expensive bit it's I gift shop so that's expected. GREAT experience I recommend it to anybody who can make it

Mike Meyer

So cool! Camped 1 night and it was great! So much too see, you need a few days to hang out here. Can't wait to come back and stay longer. Camping is beautiful here!

Rakesh Sharma

Besides being an amazing creation of the nature and one of the wonders of the world, I found out a few facts on the recent trip about Grand Canyon. Since it's in the middle of nowhere, there are about 2000 employees like Park Rangers, people in the field of hospitality, transportation, maintenance live within the Park like a big family. Most drive to Flagstaff once every 2-3 weeks to buy groceries, other shopping and entertainment. This is the only National Park in the country that has a grade 1-12 school within.

Brian&Rhonda Lewis

Once you see this amazing natural wonder, you will never forget it. Videos are better than photos.

John Riles

It was pleasant. There is a number of short informational films about the history and geography of the park as well as photos with explanations and references. There is a help desk inside that can assist with most questions. From the Visitor Center you can walk to the overlook a short distance behind the building or catch a shuttle to any location in the North park area. There are also a number of restrooms and water fountains in the surrounding area. They are pretty clean. The park rangers arenvery nice and more than willing to get you moving in the right direction. Most of the park is handicap accessible. Bring a camera or cellphone, you are going to want to take plenty pictures. It is worth a visit for a day trip but the minimum access you can pay for is a 7 day pass.

Jamili Rivera

Omg I don’t believe there are any words to describe the Grand Canyon! It was absolutely breathtaking! If you have not been add it to your bucket list!! It is surreal.

Jim Kenny

Absolutely spectacular. If you can do a helicopter tour over the canyon, is highly recommend it! One of nature's best!

Jeffrey Scott

Very knowledgeable staff and tour guides. Take plenty of water. Lots of shuttles to reach various look out points.booked my trip through Grand canyon railway hotel. One I finally checked off my bucket list

Penny Schaefer

The visitor center is handicap accessible, but the parking spots are quite a ways away from the entrance. They do have some good placards available with frequently asked questions. It was busy but not too crowded during April. There are also helpful displays with lots of interesting facts..

Edwin Sales

Great place. Quick tip. This place is busy in the mornings. If you arrive later, see the canyon, then come back.

Christopher Conover

All of Grand Canyon South Rim is breathtaking. This is a must see. You could spend weeks camping here, hiking and never be bored. My only regret is only having 1 afternoon to experience it.

Patryk Karolak

This is the Grand Canyon! It's huge, gorgeous and super hot. Makes a man feel like a tiny ant. The view changes constantly when going along the rims. It's highly recommend to get down the Canyon. Great and demanding trails.

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