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REVIEWS OF Desert Botanical Garden IN Arizona

Katy Janower

We loved the Botanical Gardens! Everything was beautiful, had great educational information, and was overall fun! There are water fountains and restrooms in many places throughout the gardens, which is great for out-of-towners like us who are trying to keep hydrated. There was a nice map of the area as well, and several volunteers throughout that had information about the local flora and fauna. The Butterfly Exhibit was particularly fun, but we also greatly enjoyed the trails. If you're visiting the Phoenix area, this is an awesome experience, and it's definitely worth visiting!

Trevor Hyatt

I love coming here. It’s free the second Tuesday of every month. The variety of cacti, succulents and other plants is absolutely mind blowing. You will see plenty of plants you never knew existed. It’s fairly sized so you can see everything all in one day if you want, or you can take your time and enjoy each section. There’s also always art being showcased around the area by different at different times. One of the must see locations in Phoenix.

Joseph Bernhardt

This was the first time myself and my kids were able to visit an arid desert region, so we were excited to see the variety of wildlife in the area. The Botanical Gardens were the perfect place for it! After spending half a day at the zoo, we hopped over to the gardens for a few hours before the sun set. Once it got dark, we were blown away by the light show! It was easily worth the cost of admission.

Koda Wagner

So beautiful! Very well kept and absolutely stunning. Gift shop items are well priced, didn't eat at the restaurant but must have been good because it was busy! The butterfly pavilion was so unique! The staff there were so kind and bubbly. Will definitely visit again.

Glen Morris

This is such a fun place to go by yourself, with a date, group of friends, or with whoever! It's doable in a day and if you're really into Cati, then you'll probably want to spend longer! They were set up for some light events while we were there and I think that would be really cool to see! Definitely worth a trip and maybe buying a anaul pass!

Ashly Romero

Beautiful garden with plants native to the US southwest! We learned a lot about cactus and other plants and animals in the area. The trails and plants are all outdoors, and there’s a lot of walking (which we enjoyed). There’s also a cool native culture education component! We really enjoyed this place! It’s probably best not to go in the summer when it’s extremely hot though. I would have preferred to go in a different season.

Ted McLeod

Well maintained, friendly staff, and great descriptions on the signs make this a pleasant and educational place. Bring a water bottle; as there’s plenty of fountains to fill it up throughout your tour!

Anita Hudson-Smith

We when on the second Tuesday of the month when it is free to the public. The volunteer woman was so friendly and helpful. I actually learn so of names of the brushes, plants tree we have at our house. A awesome place to visit with family.

Michelle McBride

I'm new to the desert and I was happy to learn about local plants. All are well labeled and beautifully arranged. It was a very informative visit. I also met many friendly nature enthusiasts who were quick to point out owls and other wildlife.

G Ambler

It’s OK place. I wouldn’t really waste time or pay that much of an admission fee to go see. But if you’re in Phoenix and you have nothing else to do or not going to other national parks or popular spots in AZ this is OK for family hangout w kids etc.

Carissa McFarland

It was beautiful. Everyone was very helpful and nice. Make sure to drink plenty of water. They do have water fountains scattered around the park. The butterfly exhibit was fabulous.

Tatsiana Greenberg

It was so amazing! Great place. There was so much to see and learn. I loved every minute of being there. I have never seen this many gorgeous plants in one place, and I never thought that I would love cacti this much. The Gould we took was very informative and interesting. I definitely will go there again when I am back in Phoenix Arizona

Jackie Oates

Aye at Gertrude's restaurant for our anniversary dinner....did not disappoint. Kristen's (our waitress) recommendations were well thought out and on point. Loved the Crackling Art exhibit as well. Walking the garden at night is always a treat!

Joshua Tanner

We love coming here at different times of the year. Every time we come, there is something new I notice. Fun wildlife spotting for the kids as well. The price is a little high, but culture passes provide excellent opportunities to come here often.

Shauntreis Sproles

Very very relaxing. It's hot out so be sure to bring your hat, wear sunscreen and a water bottle. Newly updated so there's no paths to walk and arrangements of the desert plants. Go early so you can see more wildlife :)

Lauren Marek

Almost didn't go because of the ticket price but WOW SO WORTH IT! This place is beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling. We went in the morning and the light was perfect.

Chris Mandell

The Desert Botanical Garden is a great place to learn about the desert plants and life. During the summer months they have flashlight tours, at your own pace. A must go to place for residents of Arizona and visiting families and friends.

Rick R

Awesome spot to have a nice, relaxing walk. Very scenic and fantastically located near the center of the Phoenix area. Highly recommend for those who enjoy the outdoor. Dont forget to bring a water bottle!

Josh Karczewski

Seriously....who knew the desert was so BEAUTIFUL?? This is a real eye opener and great way to appreciate the flora and fauna of the region. Truly impressed with the layout, features and staff. Close to Hole in The Rock and the Zoo, many attractions in one area. Definitely a better perspective of AZ then Phoenix tends to provide (no offense)

Emily Saxe

I absolutely love coming here. It’s well maintained and I always see people of all ages enjoying themselves when I go. They have a good mix of art and educational info dispersed around. Sometimes I see cool birds and chipmunks there too, which is fun.

pat flynn

A very beautiful place. Get a feeling of the desert without going into the desert. Your out in the open so plan on drinking water.

Jaina Mistry

Beautiful botanical garden. There's so much to see and learn. The flashlight tour is really interesting - a few different activities and exhibits for kids and adults. Well worth doing, but bring a flashlight!

Khadija Mehter

Absolutely beautiful! Teeming with little lizards, butterflies and birds! And the cacti were beautiful. But it was blazing hot. Be sure to bring lots of water, and sunglasses and a hat!

andrew liev

Very neat place to go. If you go during the summer wear sunscreen, and bring a water bottle (they have refrigerated refill stations). Many interesting plants and animals.

Dianna Hobbs

This place is so beautiful! The wildlife is all very calm and approachable, which was super cool! Really beautifully landscaped garden, with an interactive portion on one of the walking routes. Really loved the animals though they were all chubby!!!

Sally-Jo Walters

This is a place to experience self-renewal. I particularly like to go when they're having special shows. You can learn as much or as little as you'd like. Just being there is restorative. The food there is very satisfying whether you like snack food from a stand or enjoy a lovely sit-down meal in a restaurant. You will likely leave relaxed and refreshed.

Sally Harland

Always fun to see the different things that are blooming each time we go. The park guides are so friendly and knowledgeable! We learn something new each time we visit. It is a great place for family, friends, and school field trips too!

Benjalyn Barnett

We went at 5:00 for the reduced rate. This is the best place to watch the sunset while listening to the sounds of the desert. Good variety of well marked plantings and interesting gift shop.

Veronica Wright

This is such an awesome place. The desert plants are so beautiful and the gift shop has some really great stuff. The staff that work here are so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you are in Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

unknown eyes

Oh man. I love this place. Tons of nature, really peaceful. You see so many neat plants, animals, and insects. The views are amazing. Such a beautiful place. It has convenient water fountains placed around, but bringing water is still good. Tons of seats around places to just sit, relax, and enjoy the view. Also fun to being a camera. If I could show every picture, I would.

Juan Hickman

Who goes to Phoenix for vacation in August? Well, we did. One of the highlights was the flash light tour offered on Saturday evenings. We paid a discounted price, and enjoyed cooler weather, and some fantastic views of the garden. There was some lighting, but flash lights were encouraged--and using them made the experience fun and individual. Highly recommend!

Emilie Allen

Had a great time viewing the gardens. I never knew that there were so many different type cactus. Trails take you through the gardens. Some are concrete and some are packed dirt. Pretty easy to navigate. One trail has some vertical changes but there is a warning sign at the start. All side trails come back to the central trail so you can't get lost. I was there on Wednesday 6/19. I knew it was going to be hot so I was there when they opened at 7:00 am. It was pretty warm and got hot quickly. I probably didn't see more than 8 or 9 people on the trails but I was told that during the busy season, there are thousands of people there every day. Probably would avoid that if I could. With no crowds, I saw the whole gardens in 2 hours.

Virginia Herd

Did the night walk flashlight self tour. A lot of fun! The little stations that were set up provided so much knowledge and the volunteers are the best! Take your family!!

Leon Brown

Went in September in the evening and found it more enjoyable after the sun set and the temperature dipped. The hummingbird and butterfly gardens were a hit with my kids. I enjoyed the hilltop views out to Red Mountain and Scottsdale at night. Really good gift shop if you like cactus and desert plants.


Probably the best part of my trip to Phoenix. The garden is absolutely gorgeous and in the off season it's practically deserted, making it a serene experience.

Antonio Silva

Very interesting. An incredible variety of trees, plants and bushes with detailed explanations. Hydration points are disseminated along the trails, but if you need your drink to be cold bring it in your thermal bottle.

Kim Minors

Excellent experience and educational. Went to the after dark event and took the self guided tour. Very happy with the experience. Saw many desert plants, and got a chance to ask the employees there questions about the plants. Highly recommended visit when in the Phoenix area.

Jaye Blue

It was a little hot today but loved every minute of it. It cool down a bit after 6 pm. Some cactus was in bloom and you can see that others already flowered. Trail was very informative about the living and the use of the trees. Amazing species of cactus.

Alicia Bartz

Always beautiful here and THE best place for a good long walk! The Herb Garden was good enough to eat, smelled incredible.

Nancy Ordonez

Do not leave the Phoenix area without visiting! A balm for your soul anytime. So many great events, like the Desert Lights. Butterflies, hummingbirds, roadrunners, quails, so many birds!!! Incredible desert plants, cacti, trees. Great gift shop and two really good food stops - we sampled the Grill. Very interesting depictions of historic native use of desert Flora and Fauna.

Russel H

Go there and smell the fresh air! All the nutrients that air gives me is like an herbal remedy! Great!!!

Amber Mani

A beautiful and Serene landscape where you can learn a lot about our local plants. It's an absolute pleasure to walk around and enjoy these Gardens. A little toasty in the summertime so remember to bring a water bottle, they provide cold refilling stations throughout Garden.

Danielle Burke

What a beautiful place. So many different species of cacti and animals. It was truly wonderful. I don't think I spent nearly enough time there, but there was just so much to look at. This was our first activity fresh off the plane in Phoenix for our honeymoon and what a great choice it was.

Joan Song

The gardens were wonderful and had a wide variety of plants and experiences! I loved seeing all the animals there as well. All of the reviews are really positive and I agree with them, but for the sake of not being repetitive here are some tips I noticed might have been helpful! 1. Bring your own water (this one's pretty obvious) 2. Don't eat at the restaurant - it's overpriced! Eat before/after you come or bring snacks. 3. Youth is 3 - 17. We didn't notice this at first and just assumed that youth ended at 12, so we almost got charged $20 extra! 4. Comfy shoes - it's a lot of walking. I know these probably are all really obvious but I just thought it would be helpful to share! The gardens are really beautiful and it was a great experience.

Geneva Capers

Was a nice walk with beautiful surroundings just research and find the best time to go when things are in full bloom

Emma DuBose

My favorite place in the valley! I love exploring this desert oasis, studying all the details and memorizing names of the plants, and watching the wildlife. Getting a picture of a roadrunner is my ultimate goal! It's a great place to get some light exercise, find your happy place, and to learn about the desert ecosystem in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.

Harley Dixon

Went to see the Electric Desert display on mother's day. Have also been to the Luminaries at Christmas several times. Nice break from the routine of the rest of Tempe.

Adam Barnes

This place is amazing! We got here early on a Saturday morning. The weather was beautiful. Scottsdale has gotten more rain than usual so everything is bursting with color. I didn't know cactus could be purple in the spring! I bet we took over 200 pictures! We probably spent an hour in the butterfly tent. It was truly magical.I'm an artist and I got lots of great material to draw from. The gardens are well cared for and thought out. My friend and I are members of the Botanic Gardens in Tulsa and we told them upon ticket purchase and we got in free as our membership is reciprocal in many places. So that is something to keep in mind!

unforgettable one!

I love it! Went to the flashlight night tonight and it was so beautiful. Can't wait to go back again!

Rut Brea

I visited the Botanical gardens about five years ago with my sister and later in 2017 with a friend. It's a beautiful place to visit. Especially at night. They have have candles light all over the area and it gives the viewer an impressive delight. I enjoyed these visits very much and I am thinking on visiting next fall.

Annette Braier

Just a peaceful place to unwind. Very informational too about the history of this area . Another wonderfull place is the butterfly tent, where ( if you are lucky to be at the right time) you can help release butterflies from little paper envelopes. Just wonderfull. It Made my day!

glen gardner

A must-see if you are in the Phoenix area. Great paths along with views of the Papagos. Good food at the restaurant on the grounds.

Dallas Rogers

I WANT TO LIVE THERE! Oh man, it’s so gorgeous. I recommend buying tickets in advance, just for ease of entry in the case of a line. Although it gets hot this summer, on the winter it is so gorgeous. A top place to stop in Arizona, hands down. Also, their prickly pear jelly is SO delicious; it’s THE best with peanut butter and bread! :) Easy to navigate. Make sure to pack water.

Sue Davis

A MUST GO attraction if you are in the Phoenix area. Gorgeous desert garden, with various plants & cacti blooming. Very interesting & educational to learn about an entirely different ecosystem. Lunch at the cafe was delightful w/ delicious salads, etc. & great service. Look for the Chihuly art glass installations in the garden around cafe. Be sure to go early, take hats, sunblock & water if there during heat.

Keli Blevins

The desert botanical garden is very nice and there where a lot trails with great scenic views. The butterfly exhibit was nice and the light show was cool, but the music too loud (for me anyways) They were serving drinks and I think there was a gift shop. Bathrooms were clean and employees were nice.

Steffy Hristova

We love visiting and admiring the beauty of the garden, the stunning views of the valley, the colors of sunsets. We enjoy seeing desert plants and reading the informative and entertaining descriptions posted throughout the garden. I enjoy the garden every season - summer evening with their flashlight tours, winters with the art installations and events. There is so much to see and enjoy!

K Curtis

The Botanical Garden is always good. So many events and nice people. All at your own speed. It is a delight for all ages and an expensive family outing. I see something new every time. The night time events are the best especially at Christmas.

Kaan Genç

They have a student discount, which is not advertised on their website. It was pretty fun. They have a bunch of informative stuff about the native people, and how they lived in the desert. It was extremely hot though (in July, which is not surprising). Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle.

Samantha Sargent

Cacti, oh my! This place is amazing. For when its 110° here, they have water stations throughout the trails so you cant go thirsty. On the 1st Tuesday of the month, admission is free. The rest of the week for adults it's $14 (not so sure about children). Perfect Instagram worthy photos aren't a hard feet here. Try not to touch the cacti!

Zach Sherborne

Came here for the Saturday Night Flashlight tour. Such a cool experience! I don't live in AZ, but came here many years ago and really wanted to return. We didn't have time in our tight schedule to come during the day, but were able to squeeze in at night the day we arrived. My wife had never been before, but she really enjoyed the experience as well. I look forward to visiting again the next time I'm in town, but hopefully, it will be during a cooler time of year.

Rihanat A. Carmen A. Adebiyi

I love the serenity of the gardens. Even with numerous people and groups visiting at the same time, you can find a peaceful spot to yourself or, if you so desire, engage in conversation with complete strangers in a relatively safe environment. The post signs on each exhibit are highly informative if you take the time to read them. Keep hydrated and wear protective headgear because it gets hot!!

Twanna Anderson

Always a great place to visit. Now that the weather is changing in the Valley, you're able to take the time to take everything in.

Robert Crook

Awesome. If your in Phoenix area and have any interest in the outdoors, this is a must! I spent a good 4 hours there (I’m sure I could have done it in 2 but wanted to slow down some- could have spent longer). Such a larger variety(I was not aware there was so much plant life in the desert). Also some good history. Restaurant was too pricy for me, so I can’t speak for it (looked good).

Alice Daniels

What a magical place. It's absolutely lavish and lush for being in the desert. It's so well maintained and just a journey waiting for the next turn. I wanted to visit the butterfly pavilion but it is closed for the summer.


Wow is all I can say! The desert botanical gardens were one of our top high lights when visiting Phoenix, really good value for money and easy to get to, We got there late afternoon and walked around and took it all in and stay around for the light show! Again wow!!!.... What a wonderfully different experience! Plus they serve beer and wine so you can walk around with a drink in hand (big plus if you're like me) this is a great place for all members of the family and a must-do!


Repeat visitor, bringing relatives from out of state. Butterfly pavilion and bee gardens are pretty. They have a huge variety of cactus and succulents.

Donna Richardson

This is one of many jewels in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Beautiful representation of all that is beautiful in this area

Alexandra Dékány

I’m definitely not a cactus person but this place is absolutely incredible. There are so many different types of cactuses and also many other different plants like exotic flowers, etc. There are thematic gardens and beautiful sitting areas and filtered water is available in the entirety territory of the park.

Rita Margarita

came here a few times. Very informative on the dessert flowers and cacti, tons of interesting facts I did not know were explained. Coming back? probably not, not much changes over time in my opinion, but definitely a must see for anyone that has never been.

Kayleigh Falconio

Wow wow wow!!!!!!! I was amazed by how gigantic this place actually was! I could spend an entire morning/afternoon just looking at all the beautiful gardens. We even saw some wildlife like quail and cranes. It was so magnificent to be a part of this and learn so much about the flora and fauna of Arizona. I highly recommend making this your stop, you will be astounded by all the beauty! (Not pictured: the 1,000 more species of cactuses, flowers, and other gardens inside the garden

M. Colon

During the day may be crucial because of the heat,but the night was awesome. Especially when the STARS came out. Two thumbs up Children or just adults can not go wrong. Drinks@night when walking the path or there's a restaurant available that was very classy So take a moment if you are in Phoenix & enjoy the Botanical Garden in Phoenix but ,remember the DAY IS HOT the night is the best time. 7pm till 9:30pm Saturday during the week i believe to 8:30pm

Bobby and Sally Bobby and Sally

Very nice, very close to the zoo. They have very nice gift shops where you can get out of the heat. There are also water fountains along the trail where you can fill up a bottle. You can easily do the desert botanical garden and the zoo in the same day.

Chaim Seligman

Great explanations amd signs help you understand what each plant is. There was a ton of wildlife throughout the garden which made things even more interesting. Unique experience overall

Jaylin Brown

One of my favorite places in Phoenix! We spent hours here walking around. Beautiful!

Jamie Roberts

What an amazing place! A perfect end to our vacation! I really enjoyed ambling around the trails and learning about the desert plants. We saw all kinds of animals... hummingbirds, chipmunks, some FAT squirrels, road runner, quail The butterfly house is wonderful!! I can't wait to go back to AZ ....and see it in a different season!

Michael Turner

Went with friends for lunch. We all enjoyed our meals. If it was a lunch menu, the prices and some of the selections appeared to be dinner level. However, there was good selections for lunch or you can cobble some of the smaller extra for lunch. Food was as good as reputation suggests. No need to pay entry fee to eat in the restaurant. Food came promptly. Staff was friendly and attentive. I'd be happy to return when in the area.

Kevin Delvalle

Excellent experience and educational. Went to the after dark event and took the self guided tour. Very happy with the experience. Saw many desert plants, and got a chance to ask the employees there questions about the plants. Highly recommended visit when in the Phoenix area. We enjoy the Botanical Garden and on this particular day we came to see the butterflies. The Docent was so knowledgeable and shared many interesting facts. We topped our visit off with a trip to the gift shop. They always have the most interesting items.

Michael Torbert

Wow. You will learn there are A LOT of types of cactus. There are so many beautiful and photo worthy spots, so make sure to bring your camera. It gets hot, but there are some shaded areas along the easy trail.

Anthony Merola

Amazing exhibits of southwestern US desert plant life! Visit as early as possible, as it gets HOT in mid-summer. Bring plenty of cold water, sunscreen, wear a long sleeved shirt and a wide brimmed hat.

Christine Duncan

Beautiful! Clean and well laid out walking paths. There were lots of interesting signs identifying each plant. Lots of cute lizards and birds everywhere too. Clean restrooms and water stations conveniently located to fill up your reusable water bottle. Loved it!

Matt Park

Such a beautiful place. Gives you the desert feel that we were looking for on a short weekend trip

Matt Sheard

We did the evening flashlight tour with our girl scout troop. This what a great event for the whole family. I would recommend it for anyone who likes to learn about the desert whether you live here or are visiting. The hands on activities were great for the kids but the content was engaging for the adults.

Shirley Hatfield

Went for Christmas lights beautiful but dangerous in dark you can walk off sidewalks edge. Many folks with dogs. No objection to dogs but not the place for such crowds and as dark.

Jessica Clarkson

Love this place! There are a good amount of trails and a lot of different types of plants. Also, there was a good amount of little wildlife - we saw lizards, a squirrel, rabbits, a humming bird, quail, a toad, bees, and butterflies! Beautifully designed trails with both dirt and paved paths - there's lots of places to sit and rest, enjoy the scenery, or eat.

Sugoi Harris

My husband proposed to me here 12 years ago at sunset. It was super romantic. We bring our iids back here to wander and explore on their monthly free days. Its so beautiful and peaceful here.

Susan Bryant

Absolutely worth your time! Beautiful and very interesting. Very nice customer service as well.

Chui Ming Tang

It is free on the second Tues of every month! I didn’t realize this and bought a twilight ticket ($15) beforehand but thought it was worth it. A beautiful, relaxing place to walk around with clearly marked “trails” and lots of great facts / tidbits about the plants, animals and Native American tribes. I thought the twilight price was great also because it’s less hot at that time, but even if it’s hot, there are water fountains stationed in many spots along the garden. Seems great for solo tourists, friends and dates...

Lisa Colby

We have been there a few times and always love it. Yesterday though I had some difficulty with the heat and nearly passed out. The staff was wonderful and rescued me quickly. Thank you for being so kind and caring.

Ace TatorTot

What a beautiful place to visit. The many native rare and unique plants and cacti are breathtaking. The mix of high quality landscape design sprinkled with beautiful artwork and art pieces make for an awe inspired visit.

Kevin Charles

I've been to a few botanical gardens. This one is unique because it focuses on dessert plants. I visited while many of the cacti were in bloom. A rare treat for me. Lots to see. It includes a very nice butterfly house. A tad pricey but well worth the visit.

Aaron Zehe

A place to see if visiting Phoenix or if living here and never been to. This is a place that will let you appreciate how beautiful and diverse desert wildlife is. Special events are worth looking for but a quiet garden is also special.

Nicole LeBeau Fomin

A beautiful place to stroll through and view the surprising variety of life that thrives in the desert! Parking is free, and there is plenty of space. Also, keep an eye out for desert fauna that make their home there, too! A great place for people of all ages.

debjani singha

This place deserves a big kudos. It's a must place for any visitor to visit this place. If you have kids please make sure to bring them in. We loved it

Molly Kohrman

Attended a wedding here and it was gorgeous. Beautiful grounds with lots of cool desert plants, interspersed with glass sculptures. The hills are lit up late at night and the cacti look so cool against the night sky. I can't wait to go back!

Walter Arenstein

Excellent garden of desert plants and animals. Staff is very helpful. Had a good time even.with the 106 temperature. Bring a hat and water bottle, they have h2o filling stations.

Naptural Beauty

Very cool and family friendly. It is huge and has a lot to offer from the beautiful desert life to the gift shop, range of exhibits, food & drinks! At night the garden glows and it is the coolest light show on the planet! A must go but 1 downside some parts close kind of early, which sucks because admission is pricey!

James Smith

Absolutely recommend going here whenever of the year (avoid rainy days not surprisingly! ). I finally had reached see the Holiday Work out Show in December but it was stunning! The skills on display with how much detail in the models is actually mind boggling. Worth every penny to provide some cheer to ones own holidays!

Aric Overton

Very beautiful and great walking, also had the night low glow where they light up the ground and flowers, super pretty! Very nice spot to grab a drink and walk around in nature. Also they have a few restaurants and have some delicious food!

Brenna Bucklin

One of my favorite places to visit in Phoenix. They gave so many blooms this year and the butterfly pavilion is so amazing. I always take such fantastic photos and I feel so at ease here. You can smell the blooms of all the different plants all around the garden.

Marshall Silberstein

It does not get much better than this. Two visits needed. One, during the daytime. The second at night when they have their sight & sound experience. Both stimulating and rewarding!

Travis Simonson

absolutely stunning collection of desert plants, succulents and cactus. the gardens are extensive so plan to spend some time there if you'd like to see everything - and it is well worth your while. I go at least once a year and always find something I've never seen before. it can be hot during the summer months so plan for that.

Jamie S

A desert oasis! We loved our visit to the desert botanical garden. It was such a unique place. There are so many different types of cacti and plants. We learned so many new things about the plants that we would have never guessed. There was a good number of wildlife to see too; hummingbirds, rabbits, hawks, quail. I definitely recommend going early or late in the day to avoid the heat. There are plenty of water fountains throughout, which is nice. A nice place to visit if you’re in Phoenix.

Javier Carlos

Desert botanical gardens wonderful place to go if you were on vacation or if you’re visiting from Arizona. I am a local Arizona resident and I went for the second time today the first time I ever went was for a wedding. I’m very glad that I went today to discard it because I discovered many species of cactus from around the Americas. Cactus are my favorite species of plant. I love succulents I definitely had a wonderful morning here at the garden. Do you plan to bring a water bottle and probably an umbrella maybe some sunscreen too if you’re one of those people that get chapped pretty easily. I’m not though. My skin is darker so I don’t really get that way. Garden is good though. Pretty green too.

L. Field

Beautiful grounds and clean facilities. If you're in the area, I highly recommend visiting. The butterfly garden is a fun place to bring children as well.

James Wheeler

This could be considered a "hidden gem," we've lived in Arizona for 10 years and only just went. The walk is amazing, with plants from all over Arizona and the surrounding areas that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. If you go earlier or later in the day there are more bees and butterflies than midday. Don't forget to make a stop in the butterfly building, it is awesome... From caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, the entire life cycle on display... So educational and still fun!

Kathleen Mckenzie

An oasis in in the middle of Phoenix. I can feel my blood pressure drop just walking into this magnificent garden. An extensive amount of cactus and agaves. Be sure to relax in the herb garden. Water features, sundial, topiaries give inspiration for your own garden. Art sculptures blend with the natural landscape to give you such a unique experience. Lots of special events are scheduled throughout the year also. Love love love the Desert Botanical Garden!

Loric Harding

I love this place. It has been updated a lot. Most of the main trails are well maintained or paved with brick now. There are water fountains and restrooms enough for everyone now. My only wish is that there was more employees around to ask questions to without going on a tour.

cerasela baban

Extremely beautiful! Very clean and well maintained. You see everything new and amazing at every turn. Friendly staff. The most intriguing gardens I've seen, beauty is where you least expect it. God is so wonderful in all He does!

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