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1100 W Ruins Dr, Coolidge, AZ 85128, United States

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Where is Casa Grande Ruins National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Casa Grande Ruins National Monument IN Arizona

Diane Iverson

My favorite place in the area and a National Park. It is informative beautiful and very peaceful. Sometimes when I feel reflective there I wonder if the comforting breeze is the the breathe of the ancient people's who built it.

Missy Padilla Runyon

Great place to visit. The volunteers are very friendly, and they have a real understanding of which they speak. It has a very nice little gift shop, including some luxury licorice. No charge for the exhibit, and it's nice to be able to walk around and look on our own time. We highly recommend this as a stop for your family.

brock besser

Great spot not far from Phoenix to learn about the original inhabitants of this area. Some cool ruins, a nice visitor center with a good 20 minute film that explains how these inhabitants survived in this brutal climate. Plan on one or two hours for this monument.

Mark Lebans

If you are interested in history the story here is for you! I really appreciate the job they have done in telling the story of these ancient people. If you go please take the time to enjoy and respect the grounds.

Caleb Watson

A very interesting place. An awesome feat of the ingenuity of the indigenous people of Arizona. Lots to read on the self guided tour. Casa Grande itself is also pretty amazing. Having said all that $10 on a standard day when you basically walk yourself through it seems a bit steep, but on a day where there is more going on would definitely be worth it. Steep or not I'd say go for it anyway. Giving money to preserve this is site is and absolutely worthy cause.

Jay Bird

Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge is a nice place to bring the kids.. Thumbs up!!

Patti Gerstenberg

Beautiful place.. worth the stop

Christina Callisto

Very informative and fun. Bring a hat and sunscreen. Museum is great, small hands on station for kids and adults alike. Nice theater space for informative video.

David Coulson

This is an interesting monument and worth spending a couple hours, but not worth a special trip. As we're staying in Tuscon it was worth it. Only got in an hour and wished we'd had time for a tour. Sense access is limited to a small portion of the land. A bit disappointing on that account. Plus, the hours are limited, plan accordingly, which we didn't.

Scott Taylor

What a unique experience to step back in time to see how advanced these native peoples were. Very cool place to visit.

Zuri Mervyn

I LOVED walking around these ruins. You get a real close up view and it's just fun to try to imagine life back then.

Lauren Nelson

Nice stop along the way, great staff, good learning experience.

David Lewis

Just happened onto this great historical site by accident enroute to Tucson. This national site is now free for everyone. Take the time to do the one hour easy walking tour of this national treasure. All of the staff were very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Worth the time.

Tim Sanner

A very interesting ruin to see. There is an excellent visitors center that tells the history of the area and the main building remains. A worthwhile stop.

Lynda Domina

I loved it! What a wonderful way to learn about the history of this area!

Tony Vienonen

If you like history of the indigenous ancient peoples then stop here and take a visit. $10 gets you in (discounts available) this National Park site. Guided tours are on the hour. This site also known as Sivan Vahkih.

Tochukwu Ibe

It’s an awesome sight to behold. The weather is hot. But the Ruins have a lot history behind them

Paula Adams

People were so friendly and kind great talking to them

Daniela Espinel

Is not very amazing, but is free to get in so you can learn a bit of history, is good to go if you have it on your path but I wouldn't change my plans to go there.

Carol Shinske

Absolutely beautiful.. 93 Above...HOT

Wendy Garcia

If you have visiting friends or family the Casa Grande Ruins is a MUST! The monument now has a donation based entry fee which makes it affordable for all to enjoy! You get to hear about the heritage of the area when you take the free guided tour or you can tour the grounds at your own pace. It's great for kids young and old alike.

Elizabeth Spence

Very interesting. I love learning about the indigenous cultures and their rich history. Guided tours, movie, museum, free to public. Well worth the time to visit. Rangers great.

James Overdorff

Very interesting, not a planned stop but glad we did. If you like history of Native Americans this will show you how they survived in the desert. Very informative.

Ronnie Negley

Interesting video to start your walking tour of the grounds. More there than I expected. Easy walking, flat grounds and benches available. Impressive.


Very fascinating piece of history. Very well organized museum. Highly recommend dropping by if you are in the area.


Great part of Arizona history... must see the video to appreciate what your seeing. Great presentation of history!

Mr Mike

Quite, and easy going. The mood here is welcoming and awe inspiring. Crafts for the kids and a touch and feel section. A movie and a very small gift shop.

Bonita Thomas

Very interesting historical Ruins - well preserved. Free entry. Lots of historical facts and displays inside. Need to do some walking to tour the ruins.

Nikki Ellringer

Loved it will be back in colder season. Hard to see everything with a heat advisory in effect.

Brion McCoy

Stopped at this majestic location adter dropping off an uber passenger... Very scenic. A must see when in Coolidge/Casa Grande AZ.

Gene Siepka

Small site, but interesting nonetheless. Worth a stop if you are in the area. It's a free site to visit, National Park pass not required.

Billy Randall

This is a must stop for any traveler, especially if one can get the younger generation's nose out of their cell phones to learn history & geography before we lose everything to show what past history of our ancestors struggled to make a life, living off the land, etc.. And not bragging, but my cousin works there & very knowledgeable of history & geography.


Very interesting history, great hiking. Local Indian items available to purchase. Great spot for a picnic.


If you enjoy visiting a part of history then this is your place. It's a small and quiet location, and the ruins are fantastic. I would have like the place to be bigger, but its great for the size it is.

Melissa Dale-Pickell

It was amazing to walk around the ruins and see what the ancient people were able to build. The people were courteous and fun to talk to.

Kelly Zimmerman

Very interesting, tours available or self guided and a hands on area to learn about weaving and grinding corn by hand. It's all FREE :) A great stop on your travels

Sarah Landen

What a random but fascinating find in the desert. Really interesting info about the history of Arizona and it's native people over the last thousand years!

Debbie Constable

The tour guides and staff were knowledgeable and helpful. The exhibits are informative and well-kept. It was a wonderful, moving experience.

Della Ethington

Fascinating peak at the history of the desert peoples. We were allowed to bring our dog so that was nice. Nice indoor museum of artifacts, small but good.

James Gunter

If you haven't been you should really take the time to check it this site. It's amazing what the builders did here hundreds of years ago with such primitive tools.

Diana Franqui

Great place to take children to ,a must see to respect native American culture

Chad Reynolds

Very pleasant visit. Interesting information on the ruins...the Staff at the park were awesome and super nice. I was honestly expecting more given how many advertisements and things that I have seen but it was a nice experience and interesting.

Cliff Hernandez Sr.

I really like this place. It was interesting and informative. I only wish they would protect it more from the elements. There is less of it than when i first visited it 10 years ago. Sad. I do recommend seeing it before its gone one day.

Rhea Galati

Fascinating! This is one of those National Monuments that might be overlooked, but it is well worth the trip. The abilities of ancient people cannot be overstated. The mysterious origins and uses are interesting and thought provoking.

tanechia solomon-Jackson

It was okay, very informative and clean air conditioning inside building.

William Gudim

Amazing place to see the history of Arizona... loved the film....

William Leary

I had some time to kill and didn't know what to expect. I figured it was only ten bucks and I could add a sticker and stamp to my National Park Passport book. Was pleasantly surprised! The structure was bigger than I expected. The tour lasted about a hour and was very informative. Well worth the time an money.

Linda Hoffner

It was very interesting. They have a movie of u don't want to do the heat. It was neat to see the way the built and lived and farmed.

Kylene Thomas

Make sure you don't go in the heat of the summer. Our day was beautiful. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. The video was informative and the whole experience was great

Marc Holmes

Free compelled to disagree with other reviews. There are a lot a beautiful places in Arizona. This is not one of them. Flat square of land with a small crumbling wall dwarfed by a massive metal sunshade that destroys the feeling of history. It might be educational for kids but it’s not much to look at. Not worth a drive.

S.M.P. Newstead

Really neat tour and a fascinating experience. Also an owl lives above it

Tony Guzman

Free great family field trip which includes an awesome history lesson!

Vern Christensen

Pretty cool place. I would highly recommend going there.

Callie Russell

I spent about an hour here, and really enjoyed it. The visitors center had a movie that I found educational. I would recommend.

Katherine Lewis

Really interesting site full of history and cool artifacts. Worth a stop!

Linda Reagan

Very informative. Great place for history buffs.

Theresa Beights

Get down there and get educated about the ruins.. was a great time and learned some history..

Marcia Schindler

Beautiful place to visit with alot of information on Arizona

Martin Mumford

What a gem and a treat if you can Handel the heat, the history and struggles of these beautiful people is something to be admired. The welcome center and gift shop are well equipped so you are immersed in the culture through exhibits, movie and just walking on this sacred land was well worth the trip..

Christopher Elsberry

I've seen the signs for this for years and finally made the stop. It was a great venture to see the ruins and the lives of the people that used to live her. The national monument is easily viewable in an hour and you'll be able to see everything. You can get right up close and touch the buildings and walls. Definitely a place a good stop if you love learning about the ancestral people of this region.

Carlos Ortega

Great piece of history. Definitely a must see at least once.

Hilary Vernon

You can't spend a full day here but it's definitely worth the visit. The museum was interesting and the movie was very informative.

Melinda Carlson

This place made for an interesting afternoon with a short drive outside of the Phoenix metro area. The old buildings are impressive, and it was neat to read about the history of the area. The park rangers are nice, and I appreciated the dioramas.

Charles Stigger

Another amazing dwelling build by the ancestral Pueblo peoples of the southwest. Love seeing this type of 700 to 1100 year old architecture. Using no steel or metal instrument, these buildings continue to withstand the test of time. A must see if you are in the region.

Dale Pekar

It'd be easy for me to pass up this monument when I compare it to other National Monuments. Casa Grande is impressive but there's just not that much to the site. It might be my fault though as I only undertook to check out the grounds immediately around Casa Grande per se. Maybe there are additional interpretive features around the irrigation works or something like that?

Gretchen Littlefield

This was a very nice day trip from Mesa, AZ. Visitors could browse the grounds alone or take a guided tour. The guide I spoke with was Aaron, he was very passionate and knowledgeable. I also enjoyed walking over by the picnic area to see the ball/sports arena. There were many ways to gather information throughout the area. I recommend this scenic trip.

Todd Long

Really enjoyed seeimg these Ruins! We watched a short video before looking through the Ruins so we had a better understanding of what we were seeing. Great place to see!

connie simpson

Very interesting look at the history of this area, learned about the foods and seeds they had from the things that still grow here today. And the canal system

David Mosher

Educational, as a grounded Wiccan the energy was phenomenal. Possibly located on a lay line? Research when I am home.

Scott Humphrey

This is an interesting site, but I'm not sure I would drive more than about an hour out of my way to get to it. It really helps to see the movie, because otherwise the ruins ARE relatively unexciting.

Debra Berkey

Very nice facility. Lots of good information about the ancient people and their life style. Some hands-on experiences for kid as well as guided tours to optimize the information available.

Annie Chen

Pretty cool. It's a nice place to stop and check out between the drive from Phoenix to Tucson. No entrance fee.

Mary Spruell

We found the ruins to be a great place to learn a lot of information on the American Indians and there way of living! Loved our tour. Really worth stopping and visiting!!

Raviraj Vader

Very nice place to visit as a picnic spot. Lot of significance due to historical structure and American Indian culture study. There is not a lot of walking to do, so can take kids and seniors.

James Aderman

This small national park is worth a visit. It marks an ancient civilization (ca 1400 CE) that flourished in the desert, using irrigation for its crops. At the center of this site is what was an imposing four-story building.

jaimie french

Unique place. Not far off the freeway if you're wanting to kill some time.

Jason Randazza

Recently eliminated the entrance fee so it’s free of charge to visit. Brief film helps contextualize the ruins before seeing them in person, running every half hour though not much is known about the purpose of the main structure in the complex. Not a bad small detour if traveling between Phoenix and Tucson.

Diane Bohuszewicz

Great bit of history. Even the 7 year old liked it.

Stacey Shoecraft

It's unique as a historical place to visit at almost 700 years old. I wasn't sure what to expect and it exceeded my expectations. Definitely worth the visit and is actually free, so why not? I liked it because it wasn't something you would normally see. Perfect for the history buff, educators, and families alike.

Myra Soapes

I loved learning the history of the Casa Grande Ruins. Our guide was wonderful. And this has recently become a fee free park.

Charles Dye

This review is based on Google, not the actual monument. Google & Maps both say that it closes at 5pm. But we got there at 4:10pm on Friday, July 5th, and its gates were shut. Its sign said it closes daily at 4pm.

Kathy Emerald

Doesnt look like much from to road but have a good learning inside ....ruins are really amazing up close.

Ervin Anderson

Feb24...I found this place a profound awakening for me. Traditional teaching essentially taught us that the early natives struggled to seek out an existence in a rather isolated domain. As we are now's wrong! Tremendous Sonoran culture, using multiple products to trade with other cultures. Advanced knowledge of astronomy, building techniques and a spiritual belief. Lots to learn about here.

Christine Barajas

Interesting historical site, great for the old or young. Watch the informational video on how the monument is now be preserved. Great for both young and old.

Dan McAuliffe

Neat pla e to visit and see a part of the areas history that has been preserved for many years. Good educational experience. They have mini tours as well as allowing you to explore on your own. I happened to go when almost no one was there which allowed me one on one time with the guides and they were happy to share their knowledge with me. Went as research for a future trip with my son whom I home school. There is a lot to learn and see that helps teach history and science along with the Indian culture. Very pleasant staff and a clean facility. Sad it has to have the huge cover over it but it's worth it knowing future generations will also be able to experience this part of our areas history as well.

Christopher Doyle

Fascinating remains of a multistory building left by the Sonoran agrarian society in the Gila Valley. The site provides evidence of their impressive understanding of agriculture, construction and astronomy. Join an hourly guided tour or look around on your own. A small interpretive center puts the site in context.

Robert Saenz

Great historical evidence and archeological preservation of our native culture.

Buddha Tbay

Interesting trip into pre-history to learn about the life of the native Americans in the area. A short self guided tour available to see the ruins. Plaques provide excellent commentary. NOTE: Do be careful if walking off the path. If there has been recent rain, the ground becomes very soft and you will end up with very muddy shoes. We noticed a guide providing a talk (which we did not attend). Short video provides some of the history of the dig and the area. Small museum shows artifacts and provides information about the area and the way of life. Cost of entry into the museum and viewing of video is $10. Worth checking out.

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