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Where is Canyon de Chelly National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Canyon de Chelly National Monument IN Arizona

Yaron Yarden

Absolutely gorgeous! It's a bit out of the way but it's worth every mile of your drive. The hike down to White House Ruins is just beautiful. I've been to Canton de Chelly a few times and it amazes me every time I see it. One day I'll take a horseback ride in the canyon. Highly recommended.

john knight

This is a very low key place. There are quite a few beautiful overlooks, but don't expect any interpretive signs in fact the only signs anywhere warn you to lock your vehicle and don't let your kids play near the edge. The most scenic and spiritual is at the end of the north rim, mummy cave and massacre cave. Go early for an even better experience. The white ruin is the only hike and it is a fun one, but the very bottom is kind of disappointing with many 4x4's and chain link fences.


Beautiful, breathtaking place to go and see the sights!

Reta Brown

Our tour guide was professional, funny and so skilled driving the truck through the washes and in the canyon.

Quin Skee

Thr canyon here is very nice and the view is always beautiful, but depending on the weather will determine if it will be to your liking. When I went there it was windy and it snowed that morning late in May. So just dress accordingly so you can still enjoy the over looks. You have to see the white house trail and over look.

Amore Tennis

If you seen Meyans ruins and Grand Canyon then don't waste your time in this canyon. There are few ruins which are very small. Height of the Canyon is Max at 1000 feet. Jeep tour drive is very rough and is not recommend for anyone has back problems. Drive and hike may be best. Unfortunately I didn't had time to hike around so can't say more about it.

Russ williams

Very nice place to visit.

Lisa Kidder

It's like the Grand Canyon without the hype. Especially interesting was the history of the location by the very learned park rangers and staff. I had not heard of the Long Walk prior to visiting but just the Trail of Tears which, of course, was another Tribe from another part of the country. It is very unfortunate we still have not learned to treat others with respect.

Michaela Hasan

Spectacular! It's truly an amazing place with its beautiful scenery and rich heritage. Worth the drive.

Michael Palmer

Great place to see Navajo culture and understand their old way of life which is fast disappearing.

Marcia Irwin

Amazing place visually, historically and culturally. It's a bit off the normal path of travel most people take but SO worth the drive. AND unlike most National Parks and Monuments there was no entry fee. People have lived on the canyon floor for thousands of years. The Navajo still living there preserving their culture, history and language and it isn't to entertain tourists like a living history museum. Be respectful as if your are visiting someone's home because you are.

Brent Moser

Amazing place !!! Rangers were great! We didnt stay in campground because no hookups and it was HOT , but it was a great campground. Dont miss this one if you are in the area!

Tia MY

There are A LOT of overlook points to visit along the canyon! The scenery is amazing! You could spend a whole day driving to each one and it would be worth it. I would definitely recommend Beauty Way Jeep Tours if you wanted to actually enter the Canyon and visit some of the cool sites inside. And if you don't have all day, 2 of the most popular overlooks are the White House and Spider Rock overlooks. The White House overlook is actually located near a popular hiking trail that takes you into the canyon to the White House Ruins. Just remember to bring sunscreen and water!

Super Puncher

My family and I love going here for hiking

Tyler Samuel

Take a guided Navajo tour - definitely worth it!

Thoors World

Canyon De Chelly is for me one of the nicest canyons in the States.. I think its even much better than the Grand Canyon. So if you are close by its a must see for my opinion...

Bob Biermann

The canyon is one of the most beautiful and interesting places I have visited.

Vicky Slotterback

Mist amazing view. Totally awesome

Fredrick Andrews

Visit was a beautiful sight. However no trail description at most sights that require a little walk. Would be helpful information prior to walking to lookout points.

John von Colditz

Spectacular! Tons of history. Beautiful scenery.

Kitty KitKat

Great Place for hiking, locals are amazing. The tours are beautiful

Damon Yazzie

I leave here and I like it. And monument valley is just 1h and half way..

Michael Cassens

This was by far one of the beautiful places I have ever been. If you get a chance, go. We plan on returning so we can hike to the bottom. There are still farmers that live down there and the ruins would be fantastic to see up close.

Roshan Productions

Awesome experience

Ellen Burbank-Ryan

The best ever tour with motel package..will come back next year for the all day tour...we took the 4 hour one with a guide/driver who took us to the best sites down in the Canyon..a must see and do..we stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge that took us from the front office to and from the Canyon.

David Ball

Easily overlooked attraction in Arizona. We visited every overlook inside of a day. All easily accessible from paved roads. Some overlooks have restrooms. Currently doesn't cost anything to do this, excursions into the bottom of the canyon do cost. Many overlooks will feature old ruins, bring binoculars/zoom lens for best viewing ( from overlooks). Make sure to see Spider Rock, this is the best overlook. Many edges have no railing, be careful with children and pets. Views in and around canyon are amazing. Keep in mind people still use this land, so expect farms and some homes in Canyon bottom and some on rim. Overlooks are setup to offer best views of natural canyon as much as is possible. Be sure to stop at visitors center, lots of good information, restrooms, map, & gift shop.

Katrina Van Grouw

I went on a jeep tour with my family through the canyon and it was breathtaking, informative, and a lot of fun. I actually prefer this canyon to the Grand Canyon because of its lush greenery.

Leslie Smith

Very happy the trails around the rim were not too difficult. I have artificial knees and was able to walk back-and-forth especially up to the North West I think.

Judie Pokakaa

This national park was beautiful!! There are jeep tours to take you in the canyon. Make sure to take cash. There are Native Americans that sell beautiful pictures and other goods at some of the stops.

Orlando Towne

Its cl re an service is. Good


I had such a great time checking out the overlooks, seeing the White house was quite the experience. Will definitely be going back with friends and family for another vacation.

Rex Page

Most beautiful canyon in the US in my judgment. Lived in. Human scale, not like the Grand Canyon, which is too big.

Roembke Family

This place is amazing! I recommend anyone to take a day and be blown away by the scenery. Canyon de Chelly truly displays the beauty of God's creation!

Denise Martinez

We visited this today, my boys walked 2 miles down! I opted to stay halfway. Very beautiful.......

Nelson Simpson

It's a great day Hiking down the canyon in the hot temperature and hiking back up was even amazing if you can stand walking in the heat. Otherwise afew of my friends of all ages enjoy a wonderful day .

Mark Harris

View above White House Ruins. A very awesome place. I want to return in the Autumn. Little cooler.

James Tenser

Breathtaking views and historic ruins.

B Harris

One of the most memorable spots I've ever visited. Neither as deep nor wide as The Grand Canyon, but it's a better spot for those who like to contemplate the majesty of nature. You can find quiet spots under the shade to take a few photos. There are unique camping opportunities in the area. If you are tent camping in summer, you will not need an alarm clock. The night will be cool. By seven a.m. the rising sun will turn your tent into a toaster oven.

Troy Bigelow

I spent a couple of years in childhood living near here. The canyons were always a treat to visit. Lots to see on both north and south roads. I can't speak to tour operators in the canyons since we used our own vehicles back then but would recommend the canyon floor if you can do it. Pictographs and ruins are awesome close up.

Arlette W.

Gratitude to our First Nation elders and families for sharing their beautiful lands and traditions with us who need reverence and reform back to natural ways. Peace to all

Chris Horton

Drove the North rim from the visitor center to Massacre cave overlook stopping along the way to see the ruins. Well worth it if you like archeology or Native American history. The canyon itself is very picturesque. Dogs can walk the overlook trails on leash.

Mark Klindt

Definitely worth the trip and tour into the canyon! Percy navigated us through the canyon and its heavy flowing waters wonderfully! He provided much information, stories and even sort bursts of native songs .

Tim Joseph

Serenity and quiet was impressive.

Carolyn Sitko

Beautiful views. Interesting insights into the true history we were never taught.

James' Journeys

Beautiful place and worth the visit. I definitely recommend hiring a guide and taking your 4×4 into the canyon to see and learn things hikers can't.

Seam Begay

It's a very spiritual place for me...just being near or sitting at the edge of the breathtaking.

L. Howard Richards

Beautiful. Two campgrounds. One near entrance had lots of nice places but ant hills everywhere, run by tribe. Other one private near end of road on south rim, probably would have been better. Nice visitors center at south entrance.


Our trek at White House was AMAZING!!! The dwellings we're qsmaller and further away than anticipated, but well worth the walk back up!! Breathtaking views and sitting spots along the natural trail that cuts down into the canyon made it even more enjoyable. We will definitely be coming back with our grandson, as soon as he's old enough to hike (only 1yr old now...). Tours are available if you want/need to skip the hiking!

Lorraine Begay

Very beautiful views and nice quiet place.

Susan Alkema

Quite a nice surprise out in the middle of nowhere. Lots of access to viewpoints and some moderate trails to get closer. Beautiful! Decent places to stay in Chinle nearby.

Dennis Jim

Nice cool place to go hiking, Jeep tours, overlooks.

Tom Loos

This place is amazing. It's the small version of the Grand canyon. You have a trail there which takes you into the canyon to White House ruin. This is the only trail you can take without a guide. It's a pretty decent hike especially back up but totally worth it. Best of all the park is free!

Benjamin Boring

I love this place. Such rugged beauty and wonder. Although I didnt do any hiking, I visited White House and Spider Rock. A little off the beaten path which means less tourists. Definitely a place pictures do no justice. If plan on hiking bring water!!!!

Lenore Litwin

I hadn't heard of this incredible place until we went there - it is definitely a DO NOT MISS. Amazing!

Nicky1609 Cloud

Nice. Good looking walk. Hot. Bring water with you as you go down. Like 2 or 3 liters.

N Bert

This is so amazing, about an hour and half north of I-10 at Windslow, AZ.

Michael Marks

Astonishingly awesome. Hire a guide and see the Canyons, not just White House. If you like hiking, hire a guide and ask them to take you on one of the trails that goes down from one rim, cross the Canyon and up another trail to the opposite rim. Amazing. You can spend days here, if you like to hike. If you want to drive with minimal walking, you can drive to lookout points on both trims. Take binoculars, no matter what you do. The guided driving tours in the Canyon are phenomenal. Be advised the roads are very bumpy, unlevel, steep ups and downs; think shake and bake. But totally magical views. Go, visit, stay awhile. Thunderbird Lodge was perfect for this type adventure.

John Crosby

Very unique and beautiful place. The people are very friendly and helpful. Quite enjoyable!

Barbara Anthenat

We were only able to eat dinner and stay in the lodge. However both were pleasant. The lodging exceeded our expectations. We were fortunate to be able to sit in a talk given by Ranger Lashanna Buckman on Navajo weaving. She was knowledgeable, interesting, informative humorous and enjoyable. I hope we can return to see the canyon.

reid ward

Enjoyed tremendous views!

Dani Clinkaberry

Great day through the canyon with our guide Howard.

Keith Gatlin

Wonderful views of the canyon floor from the Rim Drive

Dan & Bri's Adventures

Wow!!!!! Amazing. This place is so so beautiful and worth the stop. Many pull offs above the canyon for pictures. The best would be to hike down to White House for a more personal experience. Easy down. The hike up is really challenging more towards the top but so worth it!

Eric Garza

Nice place to see some cliff dwellings and rock formations. Did the south rim drive which was nice with lots of overlooks. Continued on the dirt road for about 40 miles to cut across to Gallup. Nice scenic drive until we discovered one of my tires picked a nail and got a flat tire.

K Keyworth

Blessed Way tour was great. Bring your own drinking water and hat and camera and binoculars. Go early for one color of rock or late afternoon for a different perspective.

Colton Walker

Great National Monument!! Hiked down to White House Ruins and it was fantastic! The hike wasnt too bad, I'd rate it medium difficulty. The welcome center wasnt anything to write home about but the actual canyon and sites were great!

Kennex Chi

Incredible place! Hike down is about a medium level trail, and can easily done in a day. Consider hiring local guide as they have amazing knowledge of history and culture customs.

Tom Wolff

There are 2700 Indian ruins and tons of petroglyphs throughout the canyon. Great color, rivers and rock formations.

Ezequiel Nuñez

I loved this place for nature and crafts and its impressive canyon is a unique experience I recommend them

hal condon

Beautiful canyon with many picturesque overlooks! Culture, solitude, easy access to town hotels and dinning in center the Navajo Reservation. Surrounded by beautiful landscape. Don't miss the visitors center.

Toni Courtier

The ride on the South Rim was spectacular and no crowds. I went to each overview site. The Campground was very nice with shade trees. It is dry camping.

Jim Heller

Nice park quite a few overlooks. Not very well labeled about what you're looking at. On a reservation so there are lots so jewelry for sale.

Forrest LaBelle

Did the Thunderbird sunset keep tour Fernando was excellent Gift shop was fair on pricing Cottonwood campground was nice

Ben Anagal

Place to seeIt's a real nice

Lorenz Mitterwenger-Fessl

White house trail is amazing!

Daniel Hiek

Great national monument we did on the way to Petrified Forest National Park. Lots of viewpoints with well maintained roads. You can also hike into the canyon if it's not too hot out.

Meg Niiler

You should definitely get a tour and go through the park. It was the most memorable part of our trip to Arizona. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable, having grown up in the park and shared his own personal stories. It was incredibly educational for adults and kids.

Stefan Waldvogel

Great views and nice scenic drive.

Riley Bia

Because it is such a pretty place to be and plus i live here

EJYoung Young

Very scenic view from road, just have to stop and LOOK!

John Schieffer

Rich in history and a must see.

Rose B. Wack

Just a beautiful, peaceful place! You can drive on both rims, the North and South rim. There is no entrance fee. But you can go on a guided tour into the canyon.

Steven Tipton

Loved it. Wish we could have done Jeep tour. Need at least whole day to visit both rims by car to get good photos.

one love

It's a beautiful Majestic Place everyone should go see it

Shere De

The sights are beautiful every time. I've come here since childhood; still amazes me.

karen k

Learn of the Navajo(Dine) culture, as you drive along the beautiful vistas.

C Yaz

The horse ride was an experience and enjoyed it! The weather was hot, but cool breezes in the shades of the trees, near the sides of the rocks and arising from the foliage on the ground. Beautiful place!

Linda Evans

Came upon it by chance last July while on vacation. Returned again this August because we enjoy it so much.

Marcia Resler

Awesome place. Came right before sunset.

Steve Zak

Beautiful place! Every one of the overlooks look kind of the same but have different beauty. Worth going to see. Not busy in the summer. No crowds. Love it.

Melva Ferguson

Fantastic views! Ruins in spectacular canyon! A must see & dogs are allowed!

Bennie Tapaha

Nice place to visit. It's cool.

Pamela Wruck

Gorgeous overlooks on South Rim! Beautiful trail down to the "White House" in the rock.

Mandy Kirby

Beautiful park. Lots of look outs. There are a lit of locals selling their products at the sites as well. All is very pretty. If you can, take tour inside the canyon with one the tour groups

Jeremiah Paschke-Wood

A beautiful place, well-worth a visit. Just as a note, you can't go into the canyon without a guide, so your visit would consist of either visiting the small visitor center and driving around the rim or paying a guide to take you down into the canyon via horseback or jeep (or other vehicle). Nonetheless, a must-see.

Anita Latawiec

We drove the scenic south rim route through the canyon stopping at the out looks, the walk from the parking area to outlooks was doable if you are walking, not accessible by wheelchair. You have to be careful if children are on trip because there are no handrails getting to some of the outlooks. You can get down into canyon from some of the outlooks , these areas clearly marked. Stop by the visitor center for information on the canyon , sign up for ranger talks, bathrooms and souvenirs.

Allyson Jennings

The Canyon was beautiful especially at sunset as the light set across the canyon. Be sure you check out spider rock as it stands tall in all its Glory it's definitely worth the drive and small hike to see.

Wendy Begay

Great place to do some hiking. Bring plenty of water with you.

Sheryl Maxwell

This place is fantastic. It's like a mini grand canyon. So many different formations, colors, etc. You can drive around the south and north rims. There are plenty of lookout options for photos. If you want to go in the bottom however you absolutely, positively HAVE to get a Native American guide. Otherwise you cannot go down. Several options include jeep tours, horseback tours or hiking. Just know it is expensive. One company charges $240 for 2 people for 3 hours. There are no vending machines or water available so be sure to take plenty in the summer. The place is gorgeous and should be seen at least once.

Shannon Duboise

My homeland...always a blessed and always will call it my home!!

Sharon Sercombe

A must see if you are in N. Arizona. 2nd largest canyon in US. Navajo guides give history of native Americans who lived here, grew crops and tended their herds. Best guides tell a bit of their personal history and of The Long Walk. Cliffs dwellings are wonderful and massive rocks/formations are amazing

Harrison Begaye

The White House overlook is beautiful and offers a fun hiking trail.

Steven Boley

While this destination is both obscure and remote, it should nonetheless be on the bucket list of anyone who loves ancient ruins, Native American history and beautiful vistas. The canyon is loaded with both Navajo and Anasazi pictographs, petroglyphs and Anasazi ruins. The canyon itself is breathtaking. Entry into the Canyon is only allowed if accompanied by a Navajo guide, but the north and south rim roads offer beautiful views into the canyon. We hiked with a guide off the north rim and camped overnight on the canyon floor; hiking out the next day. The history here is both sad and fascinating.

Ian Quinn

I will say wow. This is a wonderful gem to visit! Once you walk in the canyon the experience is admirable! The house is built on the walls of the canyon, painted by Native American, nature, travel, handcrafted artwork showing the purchase and especially at the big The terry travis meeting at the bottom of the canyon listened to him and his flute playing his majesty. It’s a pleasure!

Diego Menegon

Wonderful colours and landscapes. And it is not crowded..

Mukul Kumar

Amazing place. Hidden gem. Better than going to the Grand Canyon. Definitely do the White house trail. Lots of overlooks.

Alexandrea Daw

Lovely place with beautiful scenery.

Rose Trujillo

Good views with lots of Information. Thank you

Lynn Franklin

This is an historic area and should be shown a bit more attention and respect. I don't know who is responsible for funding this national monument but it's frayed around the edges. Old signage and other indicators of waning attention should be corrected in order to draw more traffic. A good example of the kind of attention to detail is present at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, OK. This national monument has great natural beauty and it's easy to get to. It also has significant importance to the Navajo and other indigenous people. The cliff dwellings are inside a protected area but can be seen with binoculars or telephoto lenses.

Janette Green

Fascinating. So much history. Jeep tours are very informative (and exciting!).

Her Meowness

This is an incredibly beautiful place in the spring. The temperature was perfect for sightseeing and hiking and each day was as clear as the next. If you are into petroglyphs and history, do yourself a favor and take a jeep guided tour. We went with Antelope House Tours and spent the entire day with our guide who grew up in the canyon. We saw things we never would have found on our own or seen from the lookouts. We will be back to visit and may even camp in the canyon with his family. Amazing!!!

salvan gang

nice & fun just don't fall down the canyon

Roy Johnston

One of the few unique geological sites that remains almost totally unspoiled. You can enter only with a Navajo guide and we quickly learned that is a good thing. If tourists were allowed to run free, they would ruin it. This is a must see.


Beautiful place, we had a wonderful and knowledgeable guide that took us into the canyon into his family camp.


The beauty of God is unmistakable. However, the number of vendors and the signs explaining all the burglaries to cars did offer some concern. How vendors are allowed on a National Monument is a good question.

Harry Ohe

Best site in AZ! Terrific beauty and hiking. Lots of hidden ancient dwellings. Bring tele camera or spoting scope. Night sky is amazing. Check out the Thunderbird Lodge adjacent to park entrance, great place to stay.

Matt Miller

Words cannot express the beauty of this place. Get yourself a Navajo guide so you can experience the canyon from the floor, get the Native American stories, and support the native people while you're at it.

Romann Taylor

The part of Canyon de Chelly I and some friends ventured to was called 3 Turkey's. If you look in the pictures you can see a drawing of some sort from the natives that lived here. You can also see that the houses are really small, which in coherence with history having these natives being around 4 or so feet tall. The hike down was kind of brutal and the hike up was even worse. But, once at the bottom you can see how life could flourish.

Larry Curtis

Picturesque of course, native American dwellings to be viewed. Some short hikes required to get best of the experience. No cost for the park if you do not go on any ranger tours.

roz brit

Absolutely incredible experience. Took a jeep tour into the Canyon. There is so much history. Loved the petroglyphs. Stunning views.

HB Hasson

Not well known and so special. Be sure to take a jeep ride into the canyon with a Navajo guide.

Eric Pettingill

So beautiful and scary. It really is a sheer cliff. Watch your step and kids. There is no barrier

Lori Henderson

Amazing park, the tribal presence is alive here. This natural land held by the local 1st nation tribe is a wonder to embody!

Stephanie Love

A stunning and singular experience, Canyon de Chelly is an amazing place to visit. We went in June which was less advisable in the Arizona heat with a pre-existing sunburn and still managed to have fun camping. The campground is located right next to the park entrance. Well worth the trip, can't wait to return!


Beautiful campground. Would be good if water bibs throughout park weren't disabled to prevent campers from filling their fresh water tanks.

Steve Thomas

Unbelievably beautiful. A must see.

Tina Ritt

You can drive around the south rim or north rim with your car. You can hike down the white house trail on your own. It's a 2.5mile round trip and took me 2hrs 10min and I like to stop for pics. Switch backs down are nice and gradual thru 2 tunnels with great views. Cross river at the bottom of canyon over a neat bridge and rite up to the cliff dwellings. There were even Native American down there with tables vending their jewelry n art goods, very friendly. Or you can pay for a jeep tour which is worthy too. Only decent restaurant I Chinle is the Junction Restaurant and it was really good, friendly. Gas up before ya come, its high out here .50+ more per gallon

Chris H

We loved learning about history from our awesome tour guide Adam.


Spectacular! Did a walking trail to the White House. Awesome view. 3mile round trip.

kiryl marchuk

Loved it.. I went here with my brother who lived in fort defiance. This place is awesome. I took a tour with the locals and had an amazing time. Horse back riding was great. I had so much time I visited two more times. Definitely recommend to visit.

Jeanne Clark

Great park and amazing history. Worth visiting!

Ingo N.

This is a must do when you are in the area. Definitely take a guided tour with a Navajo guide, to get some more detailed information about the Navajo history. You cannot get into the canyon without a guide! Only exception is the hike from the south rim down to the White House Ruins. The overlooks from the north and south rim are worth doing but fit more into the big picture after you learned about the history.

Shawna Johnson

Taking in the sights and reminiscing about old times. The canyons were beautiful.

stephanie gutierrez

Great place to see. Some like it better than Grand Canyon

Juan Mendez

Beautiful monuments. You need a guide for most tours but they're is one trail you can go down on your own, that is pretty easy. Don't pass this up especially since the motel at the top is like $80 a night (in June). It's cheaper to camp but the bathrooms at the campsite aren't great - they still work though

mason morizio

This place is awesome! 4000 year old drawings and ruins plus an endless breathtaking sandstone view! Would definitely recommend visiting to anyone!

Rusty Diaz

This is one of the most amazing places to visit in all of Arizona. With stunning vistas and a rich part of our history, it was an unforgettable experience. I visited there in early winter, which is a perfect time weather wise. I recommend you plan an entire day to take in all that this incredible site has to offer. Although I didn't take a guided tour into the canyon floor, which I heard was most worthwhile, it is still an incredible experience that I highly recommend!

Tracey Benner

Great experience and visitor center staff were amazing to talk with and get advice on our visit. We were limited on time so they told us the best things to see on our time budget. The families at the lookouts were respectful and helpful and though they were selling things, they never pushed anything on us. Beautiful place to visit.

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